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24 Hour Fitness corporate office headquarters location, phone number, address and feedback

Please find details for the 24 Hour Fitness corporate office below. We do our best to keep this information current, but if you are aware of any updates to the 24 Hour Fitness corporate office headquarters information we have, please feel free to submit an update.

Corporate Office Address:
24 Hour Fitness
12647 Alcosta Blvd
Suite 500
San Ramon, CA 94583
United States

Phone: 925-543-3100
Fax: 925-543-3200

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I can't stand 24 hour fitness. I got a membership for my husband and my daughter and ever since day 1 the gym and the empolyees are rude . One of the workers tried to hit on my 14 year old daughter.
We cancel it and they still charge my credit card twice. I left several messages for the managers Lindsey and Erica to call me back . They never did . I just got off the phone with Erica who was rude to me talking to other people in the gym while i was talking to me instead of putting me on hold till she could speak to me and she refused to give me her district manager name and number. I would rather sell my soul to the devil then ever step into 24 hour fitness again

crazygirls1995 7/30/14 1:34PM

I am begging, would you please open a 24 hour fitness in Tracy, its needed real badly. Thank You.

M Joseph 6/30/14 11:49AM

I returned to 24 hour fitness when I learned that there was a super 24 in Rohnert Park (which is much closer to me than Santa Rosa where the unscoured pool tiles are chronically gray and the indoor air often stuffy. ) My main activity is aqua aerobics for 6 months of the year. Unfortunately, I have found that despite the strong turn out each time, the classes resume there is a very laid back approach to scheduling/resuming it each year and it is a struggle to have it scheduled 5 days a week. I started calling in April and was told to call each week. In May I was told it would occur sometime that month. Last week I was told someone would call me that day but it never happened. This week is call #5 and I was told that the classes should occur sometime in June. There are a lot of people recovering from injuries etc. who obviously welcome and benefit from this form of exercise so why doesn't 24 hour?

Nadinevv 6/2/14 3:24PM

After moving out of California, I came to find out that I was still being charged for my membership for four months, even though it was supposed to be terminated. After calling customer service, they refused to refund me any of my money!
Rafael Mejia

Anonymous 5/15/14 11:42AM

Property thef at club 676
On April 8/2014
Between 9:30 pm and 11:40pm

Club personal. Not cooperate people

LANDOZON 4/13/14 4:54PM

we checked with our City Prosecutor Office. Despite your policy of children SIX Years and younger allowed in same-sex locker rooms when accompanied by a parent, the City Code in our City is FIVE years old. Your policy may not supersede that Code. Your location at 3030 Bellflower Blvd, Long Beach CA is criminally allowing children 5 years and older in the locker rooms where they see adults (who may or may not have criminal restraints keeping them from children) undressed, often naked. We have seen fathers take their young daughters into the mens locker room to change, which is the most horrific; and regularly mothers WHO SHOULD KNOW BETTER take their young sons into the womens locker room. In either of these instances, girls in the mens locker room or boys in the womens locker room, these children are exposed to naked adults who never gave consent to allowing this to happen. This criminal activity occurs mostly in conjunction with the "swimming classes" on Wednesday and Friday afternoons, but occurs at other times too. There must have been other complaints, because the staff feebly and inadequately placed temporary changing tents next to the pool - HOWEVER, the staff DOES NOT ENFORCE the Policy of keeping children Six (FIVE per Law) years of age and older from entering the locker rooms, and the irresponsible and criminal parents CONTINUE to bring their children of the opposite sex into the locker rooms.
The City Prosecutor's Office recommended that we notify the police the next time we see this happen. We are informing you first before we have to take this step, so that you have a chance to correct it before we 1. go ahead and Notify the Police, 2. Report you to the Dept of Consumer Affairs, and 3. Expose you in Social Media and Local Television News Outlets.
We hope that we do not have to be subjected to this shocking situation any more. Thank you for your immediated attention to this matter.
*the enitre text of this message has been copied so that it may be forwarded to the City Prosecutor's Office, City of Long Beach, California*

Concerned Members of S.Sport LB 3/19/14 2:04PM

My family, of 5, are members of the 24 Hour at Seabridge. This is a fairly new gym, but it is filthy and there are lots of pieces of equipment that are broken(stair steppers, and treadmills, and box steps that are in such poor condition someone will get hurt)and other pieces of equipment that are missing parts (handles for cable machines, carabiners and weight pins) which renders the equipment useless. The staff does not put equipment back, and there is trash lying around everywhere, in addition to the broken mirrors and dirt and grime that never seems to get cleaned off. I contacted the manager weeks ago, who told me that there were replacement parts ordered and she was aware of the problems. She is no longer at the gym, and we have NO manager on site. NOTHING has been done, and I am not the only frustrated, disgusted member. We are all paying our membership dues, but clearly 24 Hour is not maintaining their end of the agreement. 24 Hour is liable for injuries to a member if they don't maintain their equipment. The gym is a breeding ground for staph infection, as well as other infections, if they are not conducting basic cleaning. You will be losing a lot of members from this gym if you don't start investing in your members, like you expect your members to invest in your gym.

wiggie805 2/13/14 3:29PM

I became a member in 2007. I am writing this complaint as I have been on hold with your corporate offices for 15 minutes. I find that absurd as our time is as important as yours. First of all the club I train at is in Sherman Oaks Calif at the Sherman Oaks Mall. Since I have been a member in the 7 yrs it is the filthiest gym I have ever trained in. I am 62 yrs old and have trained in over 20 gyms in 42 yrs. Secondly the gym has a different general manager almost every 2 months. I have complained to management for 6 yrs regarding the rap music that they play constantly and has filthy language. I don't appreciate listening to rappers cussing while I am trying to train. No one does anything about this and I have been complaining for 6 yrs. I have now been on hold for 21 minutes as I have been writing this complaint. Your company obviously could care less about what your company image in the publics view. I am sure at some point this will be your companies downfall......What a shame that your corporate ceos could care less about members complaints........Ronnie Ortiz....I now have been on hold for 24 minutes just to complain about the filthy rap music that I have to listen to everyday....

ronnie 2/7/14 3:14PM

Elizabeth Blair

Everyone here has indicated the same thing, customer service.
Mine complaint goes further, fraud! Yes,I know Elizabeth, you may not know what club and district managers are doing to make extra money, but you have a choice. Please contact me to learn of all illegal business dealings.
Just returned from overseas with US Gov't/Military and your people are taking money that does not belong to them, contact me,

PPicasso 2/4/14 3:28PM

I have 2 memberships since 1996 .One is for my son the other my husband.My son moved to South Dakota in November of last year,want to take him off as he will not be using it.I have mailed a letter requesting this on 12/6/2013.But they are still taking the 19.00 every month out of my checking.I can not get any phone response.So PLEASE let me know what am I to do.

Sharron Ortiz 1/29/14 3:30PM

24 hr fitness....anyone who works out at any of their clubs can relate to the following: FILTHY, FILTHY, FILTHY...everywhere. From the hot tub, to the steam room, gym floor, locker room. Everything needs to be clean. EQUIPMENT, EQUIPMENT, EQUIPMENT....broken. Not broken for a day, but broken for weeks on end. Cannot believe I go to a gym and have to wait for someone to finish on a treadmill to have my turn, because other treadmills are broken. My family and I have been members since 2006. When a new 24 hr fitness opens near our home, we start going to that one because we know everything will be working properly. Why do shower heads spray water out like they are a broken sprinkler heads? Why can't light bulbs be replaced in the bathrooms so we can see? Why can't we have soap in ALL the soap dispensers when we need to wash our hands? And lastly....why can't the equipment be maintained to a SAFETY standard in all the gyms? Really CORPORATE OFFICE.....who is lining their pockets instead of taking care of the gyms and overseeing your members dollars at work within all the gyms?

gym girl 1/4/14 9:37AM

The 24hr Fitness Chain Should Be Ashamed Of Themselves Their Gyms Are Filthy, The Equipment Isnt Maintained And Their Staff Couldn't Care Less. The 24hr In Dallas At 75 & Royal Is Nasty !! Half The Showers There Dont Work, Half The Time The Toilets Dont Work, The Steam Room Needs A Good Cleaning! The Staff Need To Do Their Job Not Hang Around On Their Cell Phones, Computers & Trying To Look Busy !!! Get Off Your Asses And Do Your Job !!! Cclean These Gyms Up Snd Maintain The Equipment !!!! Thats What Yoir Members Pay You To Do !!

Anonymous 12/29/13 11:37AM

I Called And Got Some One To Answer My Question. He Put Me On " Hold' For 10 Minutes And Disappeared From Rader. That The 24 Hour Fitness Is Fast Becomimg A "third" World Business Is Fast Becoming Very True.

Anonymous 12/19/13 2:21PM

24 Hour Fitness needs to understand Mixed Martial Arts is not a fad, it is true sports fitness that needs to be incorporated into its clubs.

I true aggressive growth strategy can be lucrative by adding the fastest growing sport, would be a key aspect for growth for any health club to boost revenue. Another way is to keep clients you already have.

For the past 10 years, I have been trying to introduce my safe and extremely effective MMA fitness program to a short sighted industry clinging to old fads and fading ancillary revenue.

I have introduced my MMA fitness program to a wide variety of clients producing outstanding results in their fitness goals. I believe its about time a progressive club to provide this level of fitness to its members.

Change is something inevitable and mixed martial arts is sweeping the planet as the fastest growing sport in the world. I believe it's high time for an innovative health club to take on the challenge of bringing my "supervised" MMA Fitness program back into the gym and health clubs of mainstream America.

Mmamaster2010 12/19/13 7:27AM

The procedure to get into a body pump class at my club is not okay
I was in class got in line to sign up for next week and myself and 3 others were at cut off and couldn't get on list
I bought a 2 year membership to take classes and now it's becoming so stressful just to try and get into a class
Totally not customer service oriented and club managers as well as inadequate desk help are not trying to add classes to help situation.

Anonymous 12/9/13 8:09PM

The "Supersport" here in Summerlin, Las Vegas is in need of some TLC & a new manager. No tissues in Mens locker room. Soap dispensers constantly empty, never see the shower floors being mopped.
Additionally the manager is useless. He keeps the lap pool at 84 degrees, which is at least 4 degrees above what it should be. When I brought this to his attention he said he had bigger things to worry about!

It might be time to join Lifetime Fitness.

Anonymous 12/2/13 6:01PM

I Am Trying To Contact Corporate - An Someone Help ? I Am Tired Of How Much Of A Dump They Are Allowing The 24 Hour Fitness To Become In Chino Hills. And, How They Treat Me When I Complain.

The Daily Maintenance Guy Keeps The Jacuzzi And Pool In Check M-f But On The Weekend It Becomes A Problem. Jacuzzi Is So Low On Water, That The Top Jets Are Blowing Air Into Air,not Water. And This Happens Continually. You Ask Them To Add Water, If You Are Lucky One Person Knows How - No One Else Admits To Knowing. So, They Blow You Off By Either Saying I Will Add Water In A Few Minutes And Never Come Or They All Say They Dont Know How Or They Are Not Allowed. The Other Day, The Woman Who Has Filled It In The Past For Me Said, "i Saw It Was Low This Morning." When I Asked Her Why Didnt She Do Anything Then, She Had No Answer. The Next Time It Happened She Said She Would Be There In Two Minutes And Starft Filling It, But Never Came. When I Asked Her Why, She Said, "i Forgot." Come On.... You Look Into The Jacuzzi Water And It Looks Like A Cesspool.

The Rail Going Into The Jacuzzi Is Constantly Loose And Sometimes Out Of The Bottom Slot. You Complain And It Takes Days To Fix.

In The Women's Shower There Are Clumps Of Hair By The Drain, All The Time, The Handicapp Shower Seldom Has Soap In It. And Is Filthy - The Shower Curtain Has Mildew.

There Is Always Gum By The Pool Edges, And Old Gum That Needs To Be Scrapped Off The Floor. There Is Broken And/or Missing Ceiling Tiles Over The Pool, Allowing Dust To Fall In. The Walls Have Major Cracks Going From Floor To Ceiling.

The Sauna's Floor Is Slippery From People Using Oils In There. Sometimes It Has Such A Heavy Odor From Eucalyptus Type Oils That It Triggers Asthma. There Is No Policing At All Of The Two Rooms, Or Staff Would Notice That People Are Abusing Them.

There Is A Problem With Using The Handicapp Shower Stall - There Needs To Be A Note Saying Something To The Effect To Try And Save This Shower For Handicap - Women Set Up In That One And Shave Legs, Put On Face Masques, Cut Toe Nails - Literally Having "spa-days" In It. I Needed It The Other Day, And The Woman Refused To Come Out And Was In There 45 Minutes Telling Me , "if You Can Wait This Long To Use It, You Can Use A Regular Shower." Which I Can't As I Cannot Stand For A Shower. I Have Asked Many Times To At Least Put A Chair Outside Of That Shower So If A Handicap Person Has To Wait They An Sit Down. No Results.

In Addition, When Are They Going To Stop Draining The Jacuzzi, Late At Night, Outside Of The Gym?

What Is Going On...i Need A Contact For Corporate And It Is Impossible (at Least For Me) To Find.

seippchick18 12/1/13 7:16PM

There is definetly a trend here. The CEO of 24 needs to go undercover and visit these locations. I belong to the Super Sport in Walnut Creek. The parking is awful. This is everyday. I drove around for 30 min. Could not find a parking gave up and came home. My time is valuable Enough is Enough. When do you stop writing memberships It's toooo big!!!! You need to be listening to your customers or this company will be a haz been!!!!!! Does anyone really read these?
Do Something!!! Your net promoter scores must be awful. I will be joining In Shape Gyms

Danette 11/20/13 8:37PM

I cannot believe the incompetent unprofessional customer service experience with Michael
a. He answers the phone without identifying himself

b. His manner of questioning poor-- "Not A Good Listener!"

c. Attitude is rude and passive (Don't bother me)

d. and the kicker: Who says mum-uh in closing?

You would think when dealing with corporate, public relations would exceed area locations.

pleshetby 11/6/13 2:47PM

Bakersfield Calif. 24 hour on Rosedale High Way has a a piece of equipment down since July, ever going to fix it?

Anonymous 10/16/13 9:03AM

I've been a member for around 6 1/2 yrs I traveled and work out in a number of facilities . I've seen some well kept facilities and some not so well kept facilities . The reason why I feel the need to contact 24hr fitness corp. office is the facilty in Compton is so poorly kept in comparison to other facilities it must be some kind of corp.conspiracy . You have broken epuipment , filthy pool and jacuzzi area , bacteria infested sauna that's gets a half done cleaning and a manager that could careless about his Compton facility . It seems to me he could use a little more training because his customer service skills are terrible . He has this I could careless attitude because he has to work in compton . Also we would like to have all of the same equipment, customer service and opportunity that the other facilities in the surrounding area such as Lakewood and Long Beach . I feel that the low self-esteem attitude of the manager reflects on the entire corporation . Please respond back as soon as possible or you might be losing a good client .Thank you for the opportunity to express myself .

Good Client 9/5/13 3:37PM

Would like to know how long it takes to fix a row machine. This refers to the Anaheim Gateway club. It's been at least since March that I have kept track in checking to see if both the row machines in the club are working. It might be longer but, that's as long as I have been keeping track. I spoke to the store club manager (Sean ?), and all he could say to me was that a work order had been put in. That was about 3 months ago. I find myself driving to the Brea club when I live about 5 minutes away from the Anaheim Gateway club. I don't understand why those row machines are still not fixed. I was just in there about 3 days ago, walked to both row machines and of course, they're still haven't been fixed. This is really frustrating. Please help!

Chris 8/21/13 1:57PM

I would like warn all members of this club. Please be careful in buying a personal training program with this 24hr fitness especially the Pleasanton, CA branch, the manager there whose name is Thomas Claycomb is so arrogant and disrespectful. I was requesting that I be refunded of the money I paid(due to medical reasons) for the remaining 6 sessions for personal training for $80 each session and he told me the most I could get back would only be $316 when I was supposed to be refunded $480 more and he would not give me a receipt and said I would get it back in two weeks. What a scam it is! He wanted to refund me less than what I was supposed to get back and he treated me like dirt. They would quickly get your money and when you want a refund they wanted to cheat you out of your money. I would never buy this personal training and pay for it right away from this club. I had to tell him I would sue if he would not refund me what was due to me before he finally refund me the money. What an arrogant and racist person he is! He thought that I was dumb enough to just defrauded of my money.

Anonymous 7/12/13 12:54PM

Puente hills 24 has gone to crap with there lazy, rude, arrogant new staff it's sickening.

Anonymous 6/19/13 7:55PM

The Apple Valley Center is dirty. I haven't been since it was new. Decided ti start summer with a new routine. Finished my workout and leaned over the water fountain...yuk. ...mold. Told the girl at the counter. She acted like she did not reallt care. Came back a week later is still nasty.

watergirl 6/17/13 10:03AM

I was very impressed with this employee Mary C. She works at the 24 hour fitness in Richmond ave Houston, tx. She's very friendly, helpful, professional, and she takes care of all members. It's always good to know your being taking care off!

Anonymous 6/12/13 12:20PM

Lakewood Ca is a new facility that is already falling apart, conditions on cleanliness and safety are horrible. There are drain flies that have been present for months and the shower hardware fell off the wall today barely missing the top of my foot...the walls in the showers are never cleaned and the pool area tiles are already turning black,, gross
Having said all this i still have to say that i enjoy the trainers there. They are dedicated, hardworking people.

fed up 5/31/13 1:16PM


I very much dislike having to inform you of facility problems but I hope it motivates someone to investigate and do something. I suspect that the inability of 24 Hour Fitness to adequately maintain their facilities is as much a corporate problem (a flawed management model) as it is a local management problem. I have been an active member of the Santa Clarita Club for several years and have noticed a substantial decline in exercise equipment and bathroom/shower facility reliability.

I will start with exercise equipment. One of my main concerns/disappointments is treadmill operation and reliability. Frequently there are treadmills that are non-operational. Either they don't work at all or somehow their various function options are impaired. I frequently see club members moving from treadmill to treadmill trying to get one that will do what they want it to do. I like the heart rate function but more often than not this function is non-operational or inaccurate. These are very popular machines and get tremendous use. It is your responsibility to keep them fully operational. If you can't fix them then replace them.

The sit-up/crunch machines often have one or two that do not have a smooth operation. They bump and clank as one uses the machine. This is very distracting.

One of the curl machines is in need of a new pad cover. It is cracking and is abrasive on one's elbows.

I have noticed exercise machines being non-operational for days and even weeks at a time. This is irresponsible and inexcusable. If a machine does not have a major structural component failure it should be repaired within 24 hours. Replacement parts such as cables, connecters, belts, pulleys, pad covers, grip stock and miscellaneous hardware should be kept on hand and at the facility for immediate repair of equipment. This equipment gets constant use and if you can't maintain it in serviceable condition then replace it.

With regards to bathroom/shower facility reliability you have been behind the curve on this one for months if not years. The cleaning and maintenance of these facilities is seriously lacking. I can't tell you what the women's facilities are like but I would be willing to bet they are not as bad as the men's facilities. As of yesterday one urinal and one toilet were non-operational and three of the seven showers were non-operational. You seem to be constantly struggling to keep the urinal/toilet facilities operational. Sometimes the stench is so bad that I can't use them. I'm not a plumber but I can tell that the repairs being made are not being made by a qualified Plumber. I suspect that you use a handyman. Believe it or not a Plumber is a highly skilled trade. If you want the repairs to last and work properly I suggest you utilize a qualified Plumber. I would also mention that several of the soap dispensers and towel hooks in the shower facility are either broken or missing.

As a retired Electrical Utility Supervisor I can appreciate the challenge see that you are behind the curve with regards to maintaining your Club's exercise equipment and facilities. Cutting back on maintenance expenses can initially look good on the bottom line but eventually it will end up costing more. Equipment that could have been repaired may need to be replaced. Equipment that does not operate properly frustrates or possible injures the user/customer. Some frustrated customers may mistreat or intentionally damage the equipment and Club facilities as a way of expressing their frustration.

In conclusion I would just add that I like using this Club and I like your current manager. I get the feeling that the issues with this Club are being compounded at the corporate level by decisions that prevent the current manager from doing what she needs to do. I have spoken with Tiffany on prior occasions and I get the sense that she knows what needs to be done. If you do not give her the authority to do her job the problem is not with her but with you.


Warren Carl

PS The new wooden grating in the sauna is fantastic.

Anonymous 5/25/13 1:18PM

I Am A Member At The Santa Monica Location On 31st St. A Week Ago I Had A Bad Experience In One Of The Classes!!! That Class Was A Pilates Classes And The Instructor Is "raghavan." This Instructor Was Instulting, Demeaning And He Humiliated Me Infront Of The Class!! It Was Towards The End Of The Class, And He Raised His Voice And Said To Me, "look At Her" Three Times (look At The Way The Other Woman Was Doing A Very Hard Exercise, I Consider Myself Fit Compared To A Lot Of The Women/slobs In That Particular Class!!!i Was Puzzled By His Attitude And Even The Way He Was Looking At Me!! I Don't Know What The Hell Got Into This Guy. I Did Not Say Anything To Him But I Have Complained To Sarah Lewis And The Instructor's Manager Who Probaly Won't Do Anything!! Anyway, No One Should Be Subjected To This Kind Of Kind Of Behavior And Attitude By An Instructor At This Facility Or Any Facility. I Believe His Attitude Is Just Toward Certain People!!! Additionally, I Caught Him Leering At Me!!!! This Should Not Happen To Anyone Trying To Exercise At Any Of Your Clubs!!! I Wish This Club Would Hire A Couple Of Other People To Teach Pilates (women Preferable). I Am Sure That There Some Nice And Respectful People Out There!!

Mag 5/16/13 6:24PM

If Your Reps Were More Interested In Actually Helping Customers Get In Physical Shape Rather Than Make Those Numbers And Forget About The Customer After, You May Actually Have A Full Gym. Don't Lose Sight, There Are Other Options Which I Am Considering. Remember That Adam At Corona Location.

Just me 4/24/13 2:54PM

You run a lousy operation. I am in Irvine. Someone at corporate decided to not use the air conditioning at any of your gyms. Consequently, you practically pass out from the heat. The answer at the front desk is to open the doors! The machines are old. The gym smells like a jock strap. Someone needs to actually give a rip about customers. LA Fitness has two new facilities going in and i will leave 24, after I call the health department. This is why a hedge fund should not own anything. Some guy figured he could make the year end IRR go up by cutting back on utility CAM charges and capital improvements. You may want to look at the reviews that you have on line. Not pretty and for good reason

Scott 4/8/13 7:10PM

24Hour Fitness Corporate is there to screw you. Try contacting ANYONE there by phone. It's a machine runaround, and you will never speak to anyone. They are an information gathering, control mechanism instilled by the Government to FORCE you to do whatever they say, as blind as they can have you be. SIGN NOTHING iwth these people until you have read an agreement, if you can get one without being FORCED (yes, I'm using the word again, because they WILL control how you get screwed) to go into a club and obtain one. I am contacting BBB now, and whoever else I can about these idiots....

Hate 24 Hour 2/21/13 12:40PM

I have purchased 100 hours of personal training during my 1 1/2 years with the club. I have 13 sessions left of a 30 pack that I purchased in 2012. Due to a serious surgery, I was advised by my doctor to avoid lifting more than 20 pounds and to avoid straining, lifting, etc. I asked the club at Parker & Arapahoe in Centennial, CO to refund the remaining 13 sessions. They will not respond to my phone calls. I spoke with the District Manager and he is now not returning my phone calls, even though he promised to call me at the latest 3 days ago. I hate this club - I feel that I have been ripped off. If this is how they treat people who spend lots of money in their club, I recommend going elsewhere as I plan to do. I will continue my quest for a refund with the Regional Manager, but I'm not expecting much based on my experience over the last month. Really pathetic.

Helen Sheeren 2/15/13 7:17PM

The Sandy Ut. location needs newer equipment. Been a member for 10 years. There are lots of gyms competing for my business. Several times I have been on a treadmill to have it fail, moved to another one and then had to move to another one. Sever machines have out of order signs on them. You need to fix this!!!

Can do better 2/4/13 9:11PM

November 2012 contacted manager at Torrance Gym
January 07. 2013 calles manager Bryan
January 22, 2013 08:47 PM send e-mail
January 25, 2013 send another e-mail

Email: [email protected]

Dear administrator M y name is Ivette Santamaria Ortiz, I my husband and our five children have been members of 24hrs since 1993. I have always paid my membership on time. There were some payment after the due date 10/6/--, but made by 01/06 of the following year.

When I received my bill 10/2012, it was only showing a balance for three members, Roberto, Antonio Jr, and myself Ivette. I immediately called the main office spoke with Mathew, explain all in detail, he advise to call the Torrance, California Gym. That week Bryan was not their, the facility was been re3novate. I left all the paper work with the receptionist and she will tell Bryan to call me. After many days of waiting for Bryan call, I called him.He told me that he was very busy and will call me when he hears from the main office.

Thanksgiving came around and no calls, Christmas came around and nothing. I spoke with him last week finely, he told me that he can not do anything for me. I actually think he never did get around to call anyone.

I urge with him that the payment was for Antonio Ortiz Sr. not Junior, I am overwelbm with this problem, how can an associate post a payment to Antonio Jr, when I made the payment I inform the associate that it was for Ivette and Antonio Sr. What if the payment was posted to another member, what then, this is devastating.

My children have their own infomation, address and phone number on your system. I have my bank statement as my proof that the payment was taken out of my bank account not Antonio Ortiz Jr. I do not understand who or where was the mistake.

My other concern is, why were my children cancel before the grace period was over, could someone had call us or send us an email to notify that we were going to be cancel, my son Roberto goes to the gym practically every day.

How can you just cancel 4 members of my family after 18 years of memership with 24hrs, this is unfair.

Please help us!!!! my kids are so disappointed about this matter.

When I call the 1-800 number they tell me to contact office via e-mail, please help me, I contac via email and I was told to call, I am getting so much run around,I am stress.

soycostar 1/25/13 10:19PM

Please explain why it has taken more than three months so far in replacing a broken glass door for the Racquetball court at the Mansfield location. No status update has been posted letting the members know when it will be replace/repair! I pay good money for my membership! I was tolded more than six weeks ago that it was waiting for quotes on installing cameras. It does not take more than six weeks to get quotes on getting cameras install! The other glass door took more than six months to replaced! This is unacceptable!

euscadyt 1/22/13 9:34PM

Newpark Mall location . As a customer almost all machines are broken and outdated to the point members are going to get hurt . I trip 3 times from the machines and I filled complaints, but no response. Replacing machines seems cheaper than a lawsuit . The machines are so old they do not accommodate obese clients and that's discrematory !This gym is completely unsafe ! Please do something to fix this !

APXY 1/4/13 12:47PM

Want Fox News Channel removed out of all 24 Hr Gyms. It is a single political party view of Rupert Murdoch(Republican) lies/propaganda and doesn't belong in a public forum anymore than a singular religion/religious channel. Being a pumping iron, white, senior, grandmother, I have personally approached women, black members, minorities and apologized for 24 Hr Fitness allowing these lies/discrimination being broadcasted. We are there for positive reasons physically & therefore mentally.

Tons of books, DVD's to back me up. Please, get informed.

Donna W 12/6/12 1:18PM

When I first joined I was very happy with your facility. However in the last 2 months I have seen huge decline in maintenance and upkeep. which serves hundreds o of people at at a time, it is beyond incompetent to have 1 working shower. As a plumber I checked the problem with the best functioning shower that was missing handle. 1 screw 10 minutes and a five minute walk to the Dixieline lumber supply 130 feet away door to door, would fix the best of the 5 showers. any competent plumber could fixed in an any competent plumber could fix quickly and easily not requiring more than 1 days work. Also 4 * in 5 and a half weeks your to koozie has been not functioning do to chemical imbalance. My only question is, is this managerial incompetence, or a reflection of your excellence as a business.

Anonymous 12/1/12 8:28PM

I would really like to thatnk Abby(T1744) for helping me beyond her duity as a coustomer service rep. I have been going through a very rough 3 years things are starting to get better in my life due to some very big lifestyle changes (for the better). She just gave me the best gift anyone has ever given me by reinstating my membership. Thank you Abby for helping me on my journey to having a better life.

SM7/9/83 10/22/12 10:54AM

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