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Please find details for the AAA corporate office below. We do our best to keep this information current, but if you are aware of any updates to the AAA corporate office headquarters information we have, please feel free to submit an update.

Corporate Office Address:
1000 Aaa Dr.
Heathrow, FL 32746

Phone: 407-444-7000
Fax: 407-444-7380

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Not thrilled AT ALL with aaa.. got a high level membership and have yet to see any benefits as far as travel say there is no charge to exchange currancy but what the banks and internet say the exchange rate is quotes an exchange rate of 10 cents higher..say what it is..why lie about it?... I recently purchased 750 in euros for $1080...I recieved the euros in 1 day turnaround...due to my travel partners moms death we were unable to travel..I returned the euros expecting to get $1080 back for them...not so...even though I called before I went to office to see what the exchange rate for euros was when I got to office I was told the rate for euros to dollars was 20 cents I would only recieve $918 us dollars back and if that wasnt enough of an insult I would have to wait for a check to be printed from ridiculous is that??? Didnt have a problem taking my cash but you cant return my money in cash in 1 day...I am very disappointed in the service provided. Its been 7 days and im still waiting for the check

beckerbriggs 7/16/14 5:48PM

Past AAA road side service
member for years. Sent a
promotional mailing decided to
re-join this February, being
disabled it made sense.
Gimmick only. $49. I got
surcharges above that amount
and never received membership

In March Office Manager Pam
Gladu promised to have the
surcharges refunded and the
membership cards issued. We
believed her. In June called
Pam again, hearing the District
Office in Maine is going to call
you to resolve the problems,
have the surcharges refunded
and the membership cards

It is now July 6 months later, no
results. No contact person or
phone number was ever
provided to a District Office.

We are extremely sad, feeling
we have been definitely taken.
We lost our money and still
have no membership cards
when the need arose.

Our suggestion, be careful. This
is still unresolved. No one has
accepted responsibility. Was a
good service back then.

Stress for no reason 7/1/14 8:56PM

I have been with your company since 1991. A nice long time and I might be a fool I thought since I've been with your company that long I would be treated with some form of respect. Well, I was totally wrong! No respect and lie after lie after lie by your service representatives and supervisors. I received my bill as normal a month prior to due date along with my cards. Mine which is prime customer and my husband added on 2 years later is add on. My card stated expiration date as 8/1/2015 and my husband is 7/1/2015. I called to request a new card same as my husband. I was told it was a bonus to me since I've been with the company so long. I told them I did not want any bonus. I wanted the same treatment as before nothing different and no changes. Again continued with same response. It took me 3 phone calls to have an agent tell me its due to a class action law suit. I said this is the first time I've heard about this even thou I called 3 called prior. I said I don't want to be involve with the law suit. Sharon 800-291-8022 stated she would send me out one right away with the same ending date at my husband. So now its two weeks since first call and still no cards. I call again today and spoke to Nicole 401-868-2000 x2757. she stated Sharon did nothing and had nothing for me stating I will get a new card. Now 2 weeks and still nothing is happening except for lies. I left message on Sharon's phone thanks for lying to me and you never planned on doing anything for me except lie! Is this how you treat your good members and keep on lying. When I spoke to Nicole she said I have to send in the payment and then get the cards. So now for my card I have to pay in advance and for my husband I don't need to pay in advance for his. Wait now since 1991 I got cards along with bill and didn't have to pay in advance. I paid when it was due prior to ending date. I want my card just like my husband. Same ending date 7/1/2015. Not a month later of 8/1/2015. My right to choose was taken away from me and doing the same thing since 1991. Now my rights are being taken away and treated like a moron. I want to have the right to be in the lawsuit or not. I have a right to have the same dates as my husband and for of respect for being a valued customer since 1991.

Anonymous 6/24/14 3:42PM

I had my vehicle towed to the AAA Car Care Facility in Clifton Heights, Pennsylvania in December 2013. The vehicle was diagnosed and repaired in eleven days. During that time I had to rent a car. The rental car caost me $1041.60 woth a member discount. The repair total was $716.42. I do not think it should have taken eleven days to get the car running normally. When I picked up the car it was running very well. The repair work is guaranteed for 2 years/24,000 miles. In January 2014, the vehicle had to be towed back to the Car Care Facility (Clifton GHeights, PA) for the same conditions as it wasa towed there in December 2013. The Service Manager informed me that the work they did in December 2013 was not the problem. He indicated thatr the csr needs $400.00 wiring harness to get all signals working to get the vehicle to start and stay runing. The car has been at this facility since January 2014. The warranty and gauarantee has not and is not being honored. I have been a AAA member since 1972. Until this experience I have been exttremely satisfied with the level of service. The Service Manager indicated tghat I could get the car diagnosed at another repair shop. If I do that it could void the existing warranty and guarantee. I informed the Better Business Bureau about this experiance and there has been no resolution. Extremely dissatisofed in Pennsylvania.

Extremely dissatisfied in Pensyl 6/7/14 3:33AM

I've been a member of AAA for 26 years and have been completely satisfied until now. I am elderly and disabled and because of health issues I don't drive for weeks at a time which usually results in a dead battery. I've had to call AAA 3 times since my membership renewed in 2013 and when I called the 4th time, I was told I no longer could use your services without paying. I will NOT renew my membership for Year 27! In 1988 I don't recall being informed that service calls were limited. I was surprised and disappointed when I was told. I think you guys are just too big for your britches and don't care about the little guy anymore. What a shame!

Anonymous 6/5/14 3:24PM

Why does a husband and wife have two AAA cars, which the husband uses them on alternate days. Both have baby seats in the car and the wife uses the company car to transport their child, while the husband uses the other car for business. Does not make sense.

Anonymous 5/31/14 3:42PM

I purchased tickets for legoland on line and had difficulty printingthem. I contacted the tech dept that was listed on my receipt. They were unable to assist me. They told me to go to the park and they could print them. I go to the park with my family visiting from out of town and was told they could not print the tickets. I was forced to purchase a one day pass for all of us which cost an addtional $141 and whem I contacted AAA to tell them my concerns I got alot of run around from 3 different people. When I called corporate they put me on hold until I got a recording ending my call. Guess it's time this AAA customer of more then 15 years should cancel his account.

Anonymous 4/15/14 11:37AM

I would like to share my resent experienxe it wa terrible I called triple a at 5:00 for a tow and to my surprice i sat there with my two toddler kids for 6hrs finally some one came and got the kids for me and i still had to wait and hour this matter will ne tookin up with. corporate because this was not a top priority.

mad ass 4/14/14 10:39PM

I would like to share my recent experience (just this morning) with your location in Sandy Springs / Buckhead (Roswell Rd) area.
I wanted to give your auto repair shop a try. I took my car to get a second opinion. I was told my can most likely has a punctured vacuum hose, which this type of Ford engines are known to develop over time, and was given and estimate.
I was upfront with your staff and told them exactly that. Your representative ran a diagnostic (just as the other shop did) and suggested they needed to run a smoke diagnostic in order to tell me exactly where the leak is coming from at a cost of $89.00.
I asked a simple question: If the result of the smoke diagnostic was the same as what my other mechanics had mentioned (the vacuum hose that is known to develop holes over time); how much would it cost to fix it? He told me without the smoke test, he could not answer this question.
Therefore, it is obvious to me your operation is just as any other large mechanic shop.
I will be sharing this experience with everyone I know, and I will not be returning or recommending your shop.

Celeste 4/10/14 7:54AM

I'm very dissapointed with the Road Service in Pompano Beach directed by Gene Ziobro w/AAA Auto Club Group.On January 21,2014 I had a flat tire and called the AAA 800 #on the front of the membership card and after telling them that the spare tire has never been used before to make sure the person they sent knows how to changed a tire frm a. 2008 Chrysler Town & Country Ltd . They sent me somebody that didn't know where the spare tire was . He finally figured out but broke the mechanism that lowers and rises the spare tire , and Gene Ziobro didn't want to pay $275.00 cost of the repair. My husband and I are members from longtime but that car has never being service by AAA before.

I can 't understand how AAA sent people without training

I sued and waiting for the Judgement to be paid .

VSilva 3/31/14 2:51PM

My name is Rob. I called on Saturday March 15, 2014 to inquire on the status of my account with AAA. I was told that my membership expires that day. I was having an issue with one of our vehicles so I kept asking the rep if that would cover me till midnight. I could not get a straight answer. Instead the rep just kept repeating the same statement that it would cancel today and kept insisting that I renew my account. At this point I told him that I didn't need it anymore because I have a new vehicle with roadside assistance. My only concern was that my other vehicle was stuck in Neutral at a parking lot across town. I told the rep that I would consider creating an account for my girlfriend since she has an older vehicle.
I went ahead and agreed to sign her up thinking if my girlfriend didn't need it, I would just cancel it before it becomes active.
I was told it would take 72 hours for the plan to start, but that I could use it right away at the basic package level where there would be charges for miles. To make a long story short, I never ended up using the new plan and I tried to call back to cancel it, but I was never able to get anyone to answer due to your "experiencing a large number of calls" message. On Tuesday I call in and finally get to speak with customer service to discuss this situation with a rep and I am told that once you purchase a plan, there is no way of reversing it. I feel this should have been explained to me at the time of setting this up. It has not even been 72 hours since I activated it and now I am told there is nothing anyone can do. Also there was never any verbal disclosure made of the auto-renewal policy and there is no non-cancelation disclosure on the email that you sent to my girlfriend which has an incorrect spelling of her name.

At this point I requested to speak with a supervisor. Enrique Sanchez stated he was a supervisor and told me there is no way they can cancel a plan even though I have not even received any account membership information. Since he states that I should have received an email. I did receive an email by the way, in which my girlfriends name was misspelled, even though it is a common English name. So obviously there was no attention to detail, as getting the sale to meet his quota is first priority. Your reps behavior is completely unprofessional and ridiculous.

My problem with that is that there is no disclosure or even verbal communication of this so called policy which is obviously just a shameless sales tactic.

There was no disclosure made at the time of my signing up for this account that there was no way to cancel this during a grace period. I called in to get information about my account and was being pressured to renew. Every customer service rep I have spoken with only tells me that the only thing they can do is stop it from renewing next year. I feel that this should have been an important disclosure that should have been made, which if you listen to the call, will be very obvious that it wasn't. Instead there is plenty of move forwards on closing the sale for the renewal and no consideration for explaining any policy or checking for understanding. This is terrible customer service and sales tactics. Coming from an extensive background in sales and retention, I can say with confidence that your staff lacks in proper training. I am very disgusted with this behavior from AAA after being a member for so many years. I do not wish to keep this plan and if I am forced to keep it, this will be the last time I or anyone in my family or circle of friends will use AAA. This is a situation that could have been avoided if your sales reps were honest and less concerned with closing a sale. Maybe your company needs a quality control practice in place to deter your reps from this irresponsible behavior.

Since they can't even get the data entry process correct, technically this account is not ours. There is no empathy or relating to customers and a use of deception and sneaky sales tactics in place. Your company practices are not honorable and I will make sure to spread the word so no one else ends up feeling the way I do.

If your department is not capable of handling this type of escalation, please forward or let me know the correct department to send this letter to. If I do not get a response I will take further action.


Rob Herrera

RobHerrera 3/18/14 10:36AM

I am writing this letter to express my disappointment in how my situation was handled by your agents. My father had his renewal due, I attempted to make a payment the day before it was due via pay by phone. I got a confirmation number and everything. It was two weeks before I received a letter stating his insurance was CANCELLED. Why no one bothered to reach me to tell me there was a problem with the payment I will never know. Before you CANCEL any insurance you should have members to call to see if there was a mistake made. I could have had this fixed the very next day. When I called your 800 number I was spoken to very rudely and pretty much accused of giving a fake bank number. Again, had I would have been notified there was a issue the mistake could have been taken care of right away. One number was off.. that was the problem, I had pushed a wrong number.. I then called my local office in Oshkosh Wisconsin, and spoke to a man named Dave, I did not get his last name and I wish I would have, again I was treated like I was trying to pass a worthless check, and give a fake bank, He never let me try to explain that a wrong number was pushed when I called in that payment. He did not seem to want to help me see what happened or offer any help. My dad was cancelled the 6th and I did not get any letter or notification till the 17th. Dave then pretty much said he could not contact anyone till the next day due to the time and that if I wanted him to call me back to see what we need to do to get my dad reinstated or he said LOOK SOME WHERE ELSE.. are you kidding me??? What kind of agent would tell a loyal customer to look some place else instead of trying to help? A unprofessional one, and rude and not good at his job... By the way he never called me back. I was forced to look for other insurance. I will tell everyone I know to cancel AAA and look elsewhere for insurance.

Maria Curi

estellamcstar 2/20/14 5:59PM

February 16th AAA...thanks so much for taking a couple houndred a year from me for nothing!My wife was involved in a minor accident. AAA dispatched a tow truck from a local company called Knapp industries They are the real major player in this horrible experience my wife had after an accident,they didnt send a tow truck to move a 4X4 which was described when called.Gary Knapp of Cleveland moved the truck with a regular truck not a flatbed to move my wife off the highway... The shop from the tow company was only miles up the road but could'nt do the tow to the destination needed. Because his excuse was I intervened and insisted the tow truck that could move her to safety could also take her to the towing company instead of dumping her on the road take the truck and she home wife with the truck the driver moved my wife to an exit ramp and dropped the truck putting her in real danger of traffic!So he then left the truck and wife stranded!Next my wife called AAA and explained the problem to dispatch again and was warned to be nice,because I was rude to previous driver.When my wife explained I was'nt rude she heard my conversation as it was by speaker phone, but was not ok with hooking up and moving the truck was a waste of time and a way to the Knapp towing to demand a payment from AAa.She the dispatcher decided to side with the driver not AAA customers and hung up on my wife!23 years of loyal service on my part not AAA's.We are done with your bullying and I can never forgive putting my wife in danger after a traumatic experience of an accident and this is how a so callled a valued customer is treated! Apparently it is ok to hang up and route and contract companies with the same complaint level Gary Knapp towing of Cleveland and AAA deserve each other and we the trusting public are subject to these acceptable practices of BAD BUSINESS!!!

Sucker 2/16/14 3:33PM

I sent the following letter to my Regional Headquarters President (Mr. James J. McGrath) in St Louis MO in early January and NEVER received a response other than a letter today indicating my account had expired on 02/01/2014. HA!

Dear Mr. McGrath,
I am writing this letter because I received my Membership Renewal notification in the mail and, quite frankly, I am having second thoughts about renewing my membership. My concern is: I planned a trip to Mexico City, Mexico, in November 2012 and wanted to get a 'TRIP TIK' package for my journey. I started calling the number listed on the back of my AAA Card (1-800-222-7623) in early October 2012. I called three (3) times and kept reaching an automated message indicating 'all agents are busy, please leave your membership number, phone number and a brief description of what was needed, and an agent would return my call.' Please note that on each call there was no 'option' to be placed in a queue to wait for the next available agent but instead I was 'disconnected' after leaving my information. Believe me when I say being 'disconnected' was pretty frustrating in itself! I left messages each time I called and never received a call back. I ended up buying a Garmin Navigation system for my trip.
I have been a member of AAA since 1981 (approximately 33 years) and if you look at my account history you will see I don't use the services very often. As a matter a fact, I can't remember the last time I did use AAA services. In regard to contacting my local agent, in Poplar Bluff Missouri, I don't call him because every time I do all he wants to do is sell me something, i.e.: upgrade my membership, buy auto insurance, etc.., and I really don't appreciate being 'pressured' to buy something when all I want is services I already pay for. I previously identified this to the St Louis office.
In the past I have always 'bragged' on the service I received from AAA and even convinced several of my friends to become members over the years. But now, with the non-response to my calls and the 'pressure' to buy something I get from my local agent, I wonder if I should just purchase the 'towing' option from my automobile insurance company at a much lower rate. I pay AAA approximately $10.00 a month ($112.00 annually) for the AAA PLUS Membership and it would only cost me $10.00 every 6 months ($20.00 annually) to add towing to my automobile insurance policies. Please put yourself in my shoes and consider what you would do...
I have always been a member of AAA for the 'peace of mind' of knowing that if I needed help it was a phone call away...My concern now is if I need help, will AAA be there??

Don't know what else to do other than find another company for roadside assistance....

Anonymous 2/14/14 11:37AM

Tuesday 2/4 I was on my way to Tubac in Arizona , sits between Tuscon and Nogales .Mexico my truck developed a problem, thought it might be the battery altho it was fairly new. So called AAA and asked to be towed to the Ford dealership in Tuscon finally the tow arrived, an hour wait,by the time we got the dealership it was almost 7pm, left it there with key and a note, had to get friends to meet me and unload all the product taking to Tubac for the show , a 5 day affair.
This morning got a call from the dealership with an astronomical fee to repair, so called my mechanic in Phoenix who said he would drive down on Thursday and do it for less than 1/2 the dealership price, I was stuck at the show till 5pm couldn't leave, so called the dealership and spoke with the service manager, who said he would release the truck to the AAA driver, gave him all the info, called AAA explained the situation to the person on the ends of the phone, apparently they only have first names, no way could I get the last name out of anyone I spoke to, was told that AAA has rules and unless I was there they wouldn't pick up the truck, wanted to get it out of the dealership before they closed at 7pm rules are rules and ment to be broken at certain times, there was no way I could make it back to Tuscon before 7pm and I was going to be on the road again in the morning by 7.30, before they, the dealership opened, I wanted it towed to my friends house where I was staying so that my mechanic when he drove down could go to the house and work on it and have it ready for me by the rime I got back to the house on Thursday night, I gave AAA the name of the Service manager, his phone number, my card number the address that it had to go to, and with a bit of luck by the time the driver arrived at my friends house I would be back from Tubac to meet him, NO, AAA couldn't pick up my truck without my being there at the dealership, spoke to the Supervisor Devasha who was useless, and she said it was all to do with the dispatch manager Chuck.asked for his full name apparently they don't have any just a first name, BUT Robert Darbeluet the CEO will get an earful from me tomorrow Thursday, now I probably won't be able to get to the dealership before I am ready to leave Tucson on Sunday night, if I can get someone to run my booth for a few hours, then maybe I can make it to the dealership to get my truck when AAA comes by, have never heard anything so awful in my life, where is all the love gone, someone couldn't make a decision to help out, call he had to do was call the dealerahip, CHECK ALL THE INFO I HAD GIVEN HIM, BUT I GUESS IT WAS TOO MICH TROUBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pissed Off Granny 2/5/14 7:45PM

I have been a loyal AAA member since 2008. I received my renewal notice at the beginning of January stating that because I was on auto renewal my renewal rate was going to be $29.00, a discounted price from the $54.00 standard rate. So since I thought that was a great discount I called up and added by boyfriend on for an additional $30.00 for a gift. I confirmed with the representative that the charge would appear as $29.00 for myself and $30.00 for the additional membership. I received my credit card statement and saw I was billed $54.00 plus the $30.00, so I called member services and was told that I was quoted incorrectly and that the $29.00 was the fee to upgrade my membership??? No one ever discussed upgrading the membership, and I stated I wanted what was quoted to me. They refused to credit the difference. What a scam. You can bet that next year there will be no renewal for either of us. So much for companies wanting to keep good customers. At this point I will be spreading the word to everyone I know who will be up for renewal to drop their memberships. Why do business with a company who doesn't stand by their offerings?

Keeshond818 2/4/14 5:36PM

Outrageous! Terrible Service! My son has a 2006 Chevy 1500 extended cab - NOT A DULLY Work truck.. it does have a factory lift, but it was delivered to the dealership on a flatbed.. so there shouldn't have been any issues! My son called at 2pm, on a Tuesday, he was 25 miles away from his home/work. He was told it would be 2 hour wait.. he waited. He finally talked with someone again, they stated the driver went by and decided the vehicle was too big for his tow truck and refused the service. They told my son he needed a "commercial tow" - for a 1500??!!! He ended up having to drive it no more than 20 mph home - in the process he damaged the axel, the break, the wheel bearing. It cost over $500 in damage! AAA states they stand by their decision.. I DON"T GET IT. IT WAS DELIVERED ON A FLATBED - WHY CAN"T A FLATBED TOW IT AGAIN?

Rosemary1108 1/28/14 2:11PM

I have just completed one of the most satisfying associations with AAA that anyone could expect, which obviously appears to be much different from those complaints I have read on line. It is my intent to send a personal letter to the Corporate Hdqts as special recognition to this outstanding employee I will identify on line only as Lori Philadelphia customer serices.

Anonymous 1/25/14 11:12AM

I had a flat tire on the highway on Jan 4, 2014. I tried calling AAA from the road. I was on hold for over 30 minutes, no one ever answered the phone. While I was on hold, my husband and son arrived, changed my flat tire and got me on my way. What good is the AAA service if you cannot get through to them. I canceled my account years ago due to a similar situation. I waited on the side of the road for AAA to send help, when a person finally stopped to help me. I was stranded on interstate 75 with 2 small children that time. AAA never showed up or called to see where I was. I sent an email to their customer service team and 3 weeks later still have not heard back. Don't waste your money on AAA.

Lisa 1/23/14 10:14AM

I have been a AAA member for 8 years and have purchased memberships for my father and 2 adult children. My son recently had his Mercedes slide backwards off the road during bad weather in VA recently. When he calls the toll free number they keep sending out the same tow truck driver who is refusing to winch his car back onto the road. The driver also told him that he will have to bring 3 other individuals with him to help at how much an hour per person. this has been going on for 2 days. I told the operator there is a local tow company in his area that is familiar with the roads where he lives and is able to get his car out. I told the operator the name and phone number of the company and they are still sending the same man. I am very disappointed and dissatisfied with this type of customer service. The bad thing is it doesn't even appear the car has much damage and that it is driveable. This just is unbelievable and when my 4 contracts are up next year I am going to pick up a plan with my auto insurance.

patwind 1/22/14 5:56PM

I have been a AAA member for over 30 years am 62 years old and they actually stuck me in a snow storm would not bring me home even though I pay extra for AAA plus...This is the second time I had a problem with them and this time I had to rent a car to get home and leave my car in a strange city. I am trying to reach corporate to settle this.....I am so mad and have a fractured toe on top of it all.

PDF 1/22/14 2:48PM

My name is Chris Everett and have been a AAA member since 2003. I have had Homeowners insurance through AAA for a number of years as well and like many Florida homeowners, was placed under Citizens. As an opt out option I was placed under Bankers Ins Gp. This was not my decision and did not OK any transfer and was not notified by a courtesy phone call from AAA about any changes. I did receive a letter from Bankers In Gp stating that as of Feb. 1, 2014, they would be my homeowner insurance carrier and my premium will be $5,200 per year! That is $2,200 more than my Citizens policy. That is more than a 40% increase. When I caught my breath, I called AAA Pompano Office and talked to Glenn Laufer. I tried to explain my dilemma to him only to be rudely cut off several times as if he did not want to hear anymore. I realize that he probably is dealing with many customers in the same position I found myself in, however being rude to a customer is not the proper way to handle a customer that is frustrated and feeling like AAA is not caring about the difficult situation I feel I am in... Mr. Laufer said he would call me back on Jan. 9, 2014 (approx 10 days after our conversation). I did not get a call back and after approx 14 days after our conversation, I called Mr. Laufer and left a voice message leaving my name and number and the fact we talked earlier. Several days later I called Mr. Laufer again and again left my name and number and the fact that this is the second voice message I have left in several days and it is important to contact me. One day later I contacted the AAA customer service number and spoke with a representative and was told to contact my Insurance representative (who is Glenn Laufer). At this point I am beside myself. My homeowners is almost doubling and I can't get in touch with my agent. I did what I felt was appropriate! I obtained homeowners insurance and automobile insurance from other companies and they were at a greatly reduced rate for the same coverage. I have two more properties insured through AAA which will be cancelled very soon. I hope you gain a little insight to the customer's frustration level that can be reached when customer's situations are rudely and improperly handled!

Thank You for your time and consideration!

Chris Everett

fplchris 1/20/14 2:01PM

, Yes I agree 100%.

I have been with them for about 20 years, and I was overcharged

on my premium about $400. extra this year, for no reasons at all!

I found Ameriprise who's tied in with Costco & got insured for 1/2 of the amount they were charging me! No wonder every time you turn your head around, you'll see a huge modern looking building

under their name! Don't get ripped off by this blood sucking insurance company. They're bunch of thieves. When I cancelled my insurance ( 2-3 cars ) with them, which I had paid for the whole year, they owed me about $ 400. and all I received was about $ 130. without any explanation! All they sent me was this misleading form showing the liabilities on it!

Yes, They do suck, I agree 100%

Davood 1/10/14 1:14PM

My car broke down out of state in we. The driver showed up with his girlfriend and told us we can not ride with him but he can tow my car. He left my whole family stranded and just pulled off. That was a slap in my face

Anonymous 1/6/14 7:52AM

AAA sucks! I purchased a battery from them two years ago and THEY REFUSE TO REPLACE IT. WHEN MY CAR WAS INSPECTED NOV 2013 they gave me a printout the battery was low then I called AAA showed them the test and because they do their own test? Battery was fine. BS They don't want to replace their damn battery at no cost to me or a nominal cost. This is the THIRD TIME I HAVE HAD TO CALL IN 3 days! Brian ext 6008 is an a hole supervisor and Mike in dispatch is yet another pencil pusher and b.s. Talker I will find another road service to use cause they suck! DONT USE THEM manny moe and jack would service you better

MAW 1/4/14 8:14AM

Wanted to let you know about the excellent customer service that one of your customer service associates provided our family on New Year's Day (01/01/14). On our trip from South Dakota to Wisconsin, our 2003 GMC 3/4 ton pickup truck's serpentine belt failed while approaching Minnetonka, Minnesota. Your customer service associate did an outstanding job in getting a tow truck to our location in a short time and also took the time to locate a service facility that was open on a Holiday! This was very much appreciated and allowed our family to return to Wisconsin yet that evening! Outstanding customer service!

Byron Goetsch 1/2/14 10:56AM

Following My Displeasure In Ocnj... Spoke With Jackie...
Customer Support...passing On My Sincere Appreciation As To Her Professionlism As Well As Her Skill At Listening... Which Suprvisor Gail May Want To Pay Attention To... Regarding My #531.00 98 Mile Tow...seems My Trip Was 91...
Seems The Tow Driver Did Not Know Of Any How Gail
Should I Know...i Did Ask As You Repeatedly Suggested I Should Have Done...long Time Member...first Complaint... Just Waiting 72 Hours To See What Aaa Can Do...always Relied
On Aaa...not Sure Anymore...but Thanks Jackie...hope This Gets Back To You..bc In Ocnj

BCAL 12/30/13 6:58PM

just had my car towed by aaa sub contractor 91 miles from Trenton nj to ocnj... ohh wait the car just arrived... so happy to get a $531,00 bill... pay me now or we keep your
car... called aaa...supervisor said we told you it was a cash tow... I should have known... quite frankly that was never confirmed...despite what the supervisor insisted happened... tried. vain to reach a compromise... sorry we can't help... that means won't... much to my dismay they
repeated the same sorry line over and over...nothing we can do... been members for many years... have to rethink that
most business people are responsible for sub contractors...
can't tell you how disappointed I am... too bad corporate is closed... can't even leave a msg... great business savy..
I want corporate to be made aware... until I get some reasonable conversation I will pursue this to be sure...
not my way for sure...but you have to do what you have to do
... thanks... great service...hope corporate folks respond
more professionally...

bcal 12/30/13 5:33PM

How can you justify a married couple having a company car for each. One stays parked on the street for days. Both have baby seats in in the car. I have been a member since 1955 and resent seeing how someone is taking advantage of AAA, and the fact my dues are helping pay for a waste of one car and one salary to stay home. Please advise. The location is Anaheim Hills, California. Thank you

Anonymous 12/27/13 5:31PM

To the Corporate Office and all others reading these posts:

I was told by a VERY RUDE Customer Service Representative "you are unable to get a refund", despite what I had told her. She replied, " I will mark down that your status is Inactive, but you will not get your money back." I asked to speak to a Supervisor, I was once again told that "she will tell you the same thing", hence, I insisted. The Supervisor sure enough, did tell me the same exact thing, verbatim, and continued to say ," you will not get your money back, it was written on your renewal, I will mark down why you would like your Policy cancelled and you can continue to use the perks of using the Card ."
I insisted that I am given the Corperate Office telephone number, I then was told that there wasn't a Corperate Office number; I would have to write in...I was given a Delaware Address and told "you can try and ask for a refund however,they will not do anything either ." I then found this site,which someone named "L" received their refund. If anyone knows how I can contact "L"(11/24/13) OR if "L" will contact me, I'd like to know how they obtained their Money back please!
Since than, I called the Corporate office number, however, they are closed, therefore, I will try again tomorrow and hopefully get my Money back! This is absolutely absurd that I am demanding a partial refund and told that I can't get it!
AAA, I no longer require your services,nor have I ever received a renewal letter which stated no refund. Furthermore, when I called to say, that I would like triple A policy, I was NEVER informed, that once I pay (over the phone), that a refund would not be possible.
A policy which I have had for approximately 3months and furthermore, I have not used their services within this time...FYI, many Insurance Companies offer this service, free of change, and, there is not a FIVE TIME MAXIMUM call per year. Extremely

Extremely Dissapointed & Annoyed 12/27/13 10:52AM

So I went online to make a payment and it stated "No payment Due at This time" The following week I get a call AT WORK from AAA kid asking for my payment. I told him it stated no payment due online & he just chuckled and kept asking for a payment. When I tried to contact my agent to find out what was going on, he wouldn't take my calls. I left a message at his office & finally called an entirely other branch to make my payment since it wouldn't allow an online payment. Then I email my agent & he responds that he never got messages & is CONFUSED? This is after a couple of other dirty things he has done to my policy. AAA agents are RUDE, LAZY & have no cencept of customer service.I am going INSURANCE SHOPPING!

What Customer SERVICE?? 12/23/13 11:05AM

This company needs to focus on costumer service. My husband was told today by driver "I don't care if you cancel AAA".
One suggestion "Undercover Boss"

not happy 12/6/13 9:18PM

On October 20, 2013 my axle broke on my car so i call AAA to come an remove my car out of the road back into my driveway in the process of during that they damanaged my finnder and floor board from improper towing. I have been going in circles with them about getting my car fix. They say my body shop cost to much and they was not going to pay for my damanages. They offerded me 150.00 for my damanges which came up to 1500.00 something need to be done about AAA damanaging people property and not paying for it. So iam about to take AAA to court.

VERY MAD 12/6/13 6:34AM

This is my first claim with AAA. The incident happened on 11-13-13- no results from AAA. Contacting the corporate office at the end of this week. Paying to have the damage repaired myself. Preparing for small claims court against AAA.

Please put add your complaints to Rip Off Reports. com and all of the other consumer sites.

I would not have had AAA if I had the benefit of these complaints.

Bebe 12/4/13 6:12PM

This company is unresponsive & lied about coverage. Repr. Paul in St. Louis on N Forty Dr. doesn't even have the courtesy to respond to my calls. He quite simply lied to get my business. No excuses, this service stinks. They owe me money after a lie bout roadside service & homeowners insurance. I am more than disappointed with your service and professionalism. Should have stayed with my former trusted agent, to whom I will return immediately.

suemac 12/1/13 1:38PM

I purchased a battery guaranteed for three years. A year and a half later it died. Got towed to my local reputable garage.Because he had removed battery to try to charge it it invalidated contract. Beware! I will never buy a battery from them again. This to me is unfair. Do they realy think a reputable garage is so dishonest?It does say it on back of purchase slip but never explained to me . I am a 76 year old caregiver on modest income. I tell every one I know not to buy battery from AAA!

Anonymous 11/30/13 6:05AM

AAA has been nothing but problems!! My husband signed us up with AAA for Roadside assistance. I had already signed up with Verizon's program. I would highly reccommend Verizon Roadside. They are prompt and couteous. AAA has yet to give us our $57 back. It's been over a month now. I don't reccommend AAA to anyone. Like the other comments, they don't care about the cusomer at all. They just want your money and do nothing but lie. Every time we call we get a different story and our credit card company is having no luck either. Good luck and buyer beware!!

L 11/24/13 11:08AM

I Am Sitting Here Reading All Of Our Complaints! I Would Be Willing To Bet My Life That Not One Of These Complaints Have Even Been Looked At. Aaa Really Does Not Care! I Would Bet Money If Any Of These People Who Work For Aaa Need Something No Matter What. Aaa Would Be There! This Is Really Sad That A Company Who Claims To Help Just Gives Everyone The Hand. They Don't Care And Will Not Do Anything To Help! Oh Just Wait Renewal Will Be Coming Up! They Will Promise You Everything And Do Nothing To Back It Up. Wonder How The President Or Ceo Of This Company Feel About All These Complaints. Oh Yes He Get A Fat Check To Sit On These Complaints. They Do Nothing To Help The People Who Pay Their Salaries. Really Don't Know Why I Am Even Putting This Out Here. No One Cares!

Anonymous 11/13/13 4:41PM

I Have Had A Really Bad Experience With Aaa. We Have Had Them Out At My Home 3 Or 4 Times To Start A Small Ranger Truck. I Bought A Battery From Aaa; That After The Truck Sits For A Couple Of Days The Battery Dies Again!!!!!. I Just Got Out Of The Hospital Today And My Husband Has Had A Stroke. They Have Him Driving All Over The Place To Jump The Battery. They Will Not Replace The Battery. I Thought Aaa Was A Really Good Company. Well I Was Wrong!! They Treat People Like Dirt. They Don't Care As Long As You Renew And They Get Their Money.too Bad For Honest People Like Us. So Now My Husband Is Out Driving Around All Upset He Can't Find The Place They Told Him To Go. God Help Me Get My Husband Home Safe. Really Who Would Do Business With A Company Like This. Oh Yes If You Get A Supervisor Named Dora You Are Really In Trouble. She Has More Concern For A Fly Than Clients.

Anonymous 11/13/13 4:19PM

I just had a HORRIBLE experience with AAA. They sub-contracted the job to tow my vehicle t to AllWays towing who damaged my oil pan. My dealer called me indicating that the tow company had damaged my vehicle confirming he and seen this kind of damage from a tow truck before. AAA told me I had to work with AllWays and did nothing for 3 days. The cost for the repair caused by the tow company was $1200. All Ways Towing (rep. Lenton) apologized to me and said they would pay for it, and then decided it was too expensive - telling the dealer that they were not going to pay trying to imply the leaking transmission oil was in fact oil from the oil pan. Again, I called AAA. After a ridiculous delay rep.Kevin Miller- said that it would be inspected but that it would not happen for a week from when I informed AAA of the issue and I incurred additional rental car costs of $350. Kevin Miller from AAA was advised that I was incurring rental car costs. - not that it mattered to him. I was advised by another rep that these rental car costs should be taken care of as part of the claim. Kevin Miller was also advised that I had supplemental information regarding proof that the car did not have oil pan damage before the tow that he declined to hear/receive, telling me to just keep it. Kevin Miller never attempted to gather any additional information. He never called me back as he promised. I only found out my claim was denied when I called to complain about the poor service I was receiving. I sent my car to the shop for a $500 repair because of leaking transmission oils, and it wound up costing me $2000 because of towing damages and an improper investigation. AAA would not give me the supervisor's name for Kevin Miller nor would Kevin give me his supervisor (No surprise there!) Customer Service was horrible/Investigation was shoddy and incomplete and follow-through was non-existent. I will need to pursue a legal claim against Kevin Miller, AAA and AllWays Towing. Stay away from AllWays Towing and AAA. In my experience, Investigators are incompetent and their Customer Service is REALLY BAD!

Extremely Dissatisfied 11/6/13 12:03PM

I contacted AAA as I was unable to get my car key into the ignition. Having explained this to the customer service person, I was asked to attempt various movements of steering wheel and gear shift. Having established the problem, a tow truck was dispatched with the understanding that if the driver was unsuccessful, the car would be towed. I requested the car be towed to my home it being the weekend and not having any other recourse. I rented a car to get to work the following day. It was explained by a co worker that this happened to them a locksmith cover is included for up to $50. When I called AAA again to find out why a locksmith was never sent or suggested, the customerservice person asked what did I wish done and i answered that i need a locksmith. A tow truck was dispacthed again. I called again expressing what was required and expected and a locksmith was referred. after the locksmith arrived and repaired the ignition, i was told that I would not be reimbursed the $50 as it is only for access related issues.

My complaint is that this is very deceitive as the benefits clearly reflect Locksmith Services. Secondly knowing what my issue was, if a locksmith was dispatched or referred, I woud not have expended $155 for a rental car nor would two tow trucks have been dispatched. I would like to be reimbursed $50 for locksmith services and $50 for a portion of the car rental.

Anonymous 10/23/13 5:40AM

Called AAA for a simple tow from my home to a nearby AAA approved repair facility. This is a garage that has been in operation for about 30 yrs. They are dependable and I have used them for repaired vehicles for years. The driver I handed the keys to and he drove off with my car. Then I get a call from the garage that he never handed them the keys. I called AAA and got the run around for a week now. They created a case number but of course the drive is unreachable. Meanwhile I have no car and will have to call a locksmith to get a new ignition just to have a new set of keys. I cannot drive around knowing that someone has my car and house key. Basically AAA has done nothing to correct this and I will be taking them to court.

kritter2013 10/15/13 5:15AM

placed a call to AAA on Saturday Oct 05. At 10:15 I asked for a tow, and was told it would take up to 45 min before someone could come, at 11pm a AAA truck pulled up but he had no tow equipment on his truck asked his why he was there he said that he was told it was just for a jump, I was upset because that is not what I had asked for and I had small children with me, So I called back ask for a supervisor and Carol Mauer got on and told me that she will put it in ask an emergency for someone to come out quick she had said the was sorry that the first person mixed it up, I asked her how long it would take she said that the driver was only 9 miles away and that was at 11:12pm, so I said ok, I called back at 11:38pm, to see what's taking so long, and I was told that my tow service was cancel and that I would have to wait another hour for a tow, At this point I was Livet , asked for a manager Bill Jamerson got on the phone and said that he could get someone out quickly, I express to him how bad for business this was, how I never received such bad customer service for this company before and that I am really consisting canceling my service with this company due to the fact that I was left in a dark vacant lot with small children for 3 hours, I then asked him what time will the driver be there he seem to me like he was just trying to get me off the phone refuse to give me a time I had to ask several times before he said 10min, I then asked for the person name that cancel my service call he refuse to give me the name, so I then ask can you please give me all the names of the reps that I talked to tonight he refused and I stated what is your name he gave it to me, so I asked how is it when I call in they say there name first and last , and you cant give it to me, his response was they are not supposed to give there names out, and I told him that he was lying, and I was to file a complaint, so I hung up and called back to make sure that he did put the request in to have my car towed, and the young man that answered the call said that he had put it in and someone should be there soon, and as he answer the phone he stated his first and last name, so I asked him could he give me the names of everyone I talked to tonight, he said he does not know that names of the people excerpt the supervisor because it only come up as numbers, so that's how I got the lady supervisor name, and then the driver pulled up at 12am midnight. I would like for someone to call me regarding this matter because the way I was treated was very unprofessional , and I had never had such bad customer service and all my years in being with this company I am really consisting canceling my acct due to this matter, I made to think that this company does not care about it people, during all of this my kids were sitting in a cold car, I was in tears because I could not believe that AAA do people like this are better yet done me like this I'm still hurt, but I would love for someone to contact me ASAP please regarding the customer service issues. Marlana Seddens

Anonymous 10/6/13 11:52PM

I had the most unpleasurable experience dealing with AAA Auto Insurance regarding someone who hit my car that carried this insurance. He backed into it and was completely combative not wanting to take accountability for his wrongdoing. I got his policy number and info and called the customer service line. The woman who took the claim initially seemed okay and told me I would hear back from an adjuster in 1 business day. After 2 business days, no response. I called in to see what was going on to be smart-mouthed by someone on the other end of the line being rude to me in California. I called back the following day (3rd day after incident) to inquire as to why I wasn't hearing from anyone. The person on the line told me they tried to reach their insured to get a statement, and he's not responding to them. I then said to him I need to get my car fixed, and we need to move on with this. The rep said they won't do anything until their insured responds. THAT IS RIDICULOUS!!! You can't hold an innocent person hostage like that for someone they insure that is being defiant and not responding who caused an accident and damage to someone else's car. The rep then told me to contact my insurance company to see what they can do. THIS IS INSANE!! My insurance company is NOT going to pay for something I didn't cause because their insured wants to dig his heels in and not respond like a child. Needless to say, I am furious and will be taking them to small claims court to get this addressed. Again, the innocent person who is doing the right thing (myself) has to be dragged through a court of law to get my vehicle fixed for a shoddy business and its customer.

Monica 9/28/13 5:18PM

Have been members for over 20 years and will not renew next year. Booked an European tour through Knoxville TN office (which went through Avanti Destinations). Travel agent did not tell us a lot of things. Such as, all of our hotel rooms faced the street - would cost extra for a quiet, non-street side room. Did not tell us that one of the restaurants was 3 miles (one way) walking distance and the taxis would be over 50 Euros - ONE WAY. Wrote a letter of complaint when we returned wanting a partial refund, but have only received the run around since April 2013. VERY, VERY, VERY disappointed in AAA's travel service.

Germany 9/18/13 5:10AM

Just received excellent service from the New Haven, CT, AAA. Couldn't have asked for faster or better service.

Anonymous 9/8/13 12:53PM

My name is Michelle and on sept 5 I called aaa for roadside tow services.I ask them can I get my car tow to the dealer that needs to work on my car to get my car fix and smog.When the tow truck guy arrive name Apollo , he tell me sense my reg expired 4 days that I can't get towed . This was crazy. Here I am trying to fix the problem and pay for this membership 90 dollars a year for tow services to tell me no , I can't take your car. So call aaa and talk to a supervisor name Jeriahm and he said that there nothing he can do.Sense my tags expired 4 days ago. I was told that you have a grace period for 30 days.All I am asking is someone can call me back to tell me what do I suppose to do. I never heard of this reg tag expired , mind you I paid my reg so this didn't make any sense at all. I am Furious at aaa. This is not how u treat a loyal customer.

Please have a manger to call me or email about solving this problem.

Michelle 9/6/13 8:52AM

I stayed at one of your reccomendations of a RoadWay Inn in Martinez, Calif on Aug 19, 2013. You have a 2 star rating on the motel. Air Conditioner worked part time, missing buttons on air conditioner, made a horrible racket during night. Had to turn it off. No hair dryer or iron in room. 1 hand and 1 face towel for 2 nights. Advertised a breakfast, but got only a sweet roll and coffee. No contentinal breakfast but a breakfast. Disappointed in this. You need to drop this motel from AAA

troy carlile 9/3/13 11:58AM

I've come to the conclusion that Triple A and I must part ways after 21 years on continual membership. It is no longer worth the aggravation, and frankly, I no longer trust them or whomever they use. I no longer feel safe.
Yesterday: 4.5 hours being told they would be there in 10 - 20 minutes and I could not leave my car. In a parking garage, in SW Florida, in summer, sweltering heat and car fumes.
1.5 hours being towed to a nightmare, then finally, FINALLY getting my car to a trustworthy place where I originally wanted it to go.
6 (SIX) HOURS later finally walking into home from time of call.
Triple A has either grown so large they can not keep track, or they just don't care.
Either way, the outcome is the same - very poor customer service and now, very unsafe practices and environment.
And that is the most inexcusable.

LeavingTripleA 8/23/13 12:03PM

Direct TV is running a fraudulent Ad via AAA. The company states, "Direct TV's high powered satellites deliver 99% worry free signal reliability." This is not true. I had numerous black outs. I called the company so many times. Finally I said, "You give me no other chose, I am not receiving what I pay for, therefore I must (2010) cancel. I went to Times Warner. In August (2013), I received a collection notice, informing me, Direct TV wants $459 for early cancellation. I called and spoke to a Mr. Spencer in order to solve the problem. All he could say was, "You cancel early!" I would counter, "Because I'm paying for a service I'm not receiving. What am I suppose to do, keep going and receive shabby service? You have not kept your end of the contract." I think AAA should stop advertising Direct TV, since they do not deliver, what they claim.

sparrow 8/20/13 5:35PM

Been a loyal customer for 30+ years and just had to cancel my AAA. Just tried to renew my membership using their installment plan and was told I do not quailify for it anymore. AAA stated as of this year a customer's bill now has to be more than $150.00 to qualify & my bill is $115.00. I never received any letters regarding this policy change. I am a senior citizen & disabled veteran on a very limited fixed income so I cannot afford such a large payment without any prior notice. Had I known about the change I could have put aside a little each month over the past year to save for the onetime payment. SHAME ON YOU AAA! NEVER RECOMMENDING YOUR COMPANY AGAIN!

Anonymous 8/1/13 8:32AM

on July 3, 2013 I went in to the AAA Ofiice in Fort Pierce spoke with Paige to book a cruise with The Carvinal Dream, I paid for the cruise with my debit card she ask for my card# a second time I assume to verify the transaction was all set or it was not successful the first time. She stated to me everything was all set, about 3 days later I received a call that my debit card was cancelled so I called my bank to verify my card was active in which it was, I asked for my balance and I knew the amount was not correct so I called AAA to make sure my cruise had been booked they had no record of a cruise being booked in which my husband and myself are past guests of carnival cruise line, I spoke with Paige and explained to her about the ordeal she stated she would call me back I in return stated to her no, you need to place me on hold & call the cruise line in which she did that was on a Friday afternoon, after speaking with the cruise line she came back on the phone and stated the cabin that was originally booked was no longer availiable and it would be $30,00 more per person and my reply to her "quote on quote" no it will not be because that was not my mistake but theirs but she never actually said that they debited and additional $60.00 more out of my account which in my terms are fraud because I never authorized her or Carnival to take that out of my account so I called the bank to check my acct to see how much was debited the amount was $1986.44 on Monday I went in to speak with Paige and I also asked to speak with the supervisor she along with Paige stated my card was declined my response was I do not understand why she stated I need to call my bank to find out why so I called my bank while in the office and the customer service rep stated their was no transaction done by AAA on July 3, 2013 so the "supervisor called Carnival cruise line to check to see if a transaction was done and Carnival stated the same thing their was never no transaction done how can a card or transaction be declined if no transaction was never done so the dishonesty had to have come from AAA because that is where the reservation was made. In which I do have the original reservation conformation that was $1926.44. I went back to the office on today July 22, 2013 because Paige herself stated I could come back the week I was going to set sail and they would give me a refund. I am still getting the run around I was told by the supervisor that I could not be compensated until I return back from the cruise because I have a penalty because it is to close to the sail date which is July 27, 2013 is that your rules or is that her way of being dishonest once again, what if I am not able to get a refund after the trip. My response to her was I did not have to wait for you to withdraw my monies I understand we all make mistakes but at least acknowledge your mistake and fix the problem I feel as though I should get a refund for my monies. I am a premier member and I feel as though I should be treated as a human being and respect as any one else does I will be calling consumer fraud to see if their is anything can be done about this AAA is a up standing company and I do not want any problems I feel as though I was treated less than a human being and I would hope race did not play a part in this. Please answer my complaint ASAP.

Thank You Kindly,

Sharon Johnson-Walcott

Anonymous 7/22/13 7:02PM

I Had Your Ins For 57 Years And You Sock It To Me Iv Not Had Over 8 Wreak In The Years Plus You Have My Home Ins To Plus Life Ins You Raise My Ins To 700 Hundred Amonth Which Washaif Of His Ss Check Icancell It Got It For Less Money With Gmac If Ican Get On National Tv Iwill You Are Abunch Of Crook Im Telling Every One About You Im Planning To Cancellmy Home Ins To Im Verry Mad Long Time Customer

AAA 7/21/13 5:25PM

This was an unbelievable experience with
AAA Roadside Asst. Program.
Totally Unacceptable Service

Sunday 7/14/13 approx. 5:30pm
Our so called issued Call#4915
My wife and I were riding all afternoon my
2007 Harley Davidson Road King - Full size touring bike - My rear tire picked up a nail or glass and we attempted to put air in it to get home at Cumberland Farms Gas in Dudley, MA -tire would not hold any air.
My wife is a member of AAA for the past 7-10 yrs. or more, she called the AAA office looking for a tow of the bike - her policy did not cover motorcycles - she was told she needed to upgrade policy to RV-ATV etc. for an added cost -she did over the phone with a credit card.
The customer service transferred her to another operator after receiving upgrade and sale of upgraded policy.
The next person on the line asked the following - and I quote," Don't you have a spare with the bike and can't you use it?" Let us all stop an think about that question for one minute. Whom are the people at the other end of the phone representing AAA - do they have a brain to think?
The last time I checked motorcycles don't come with spares. What the heck.
Then customer service said - we don't tow bikes - my wife asked - why did you ask me to upgrade if you don't tow bikes? We then were turned over to the supervisor who said we are all set will have somebody out to you in an hour. We were happy-not -we planned that this was promised to be 7pm arrival time.
7pm came and went -we called back at 7:15pm - was told oh we cannot find anybody to tow the bike that has straps.
What was that excuse - a towing business without straps is like a ice cream truck with no cups, cones or spoons.
Un-freakin believable!!!
We were then promised arrival by 8:15-8:30pm
We waited and waited - called back again at 8:45pm
was told tow truck was stuck in traffic will be there soon
"they are right around the corner" and "we will call you back when they (the towing guy) get close".
Called back again at 9pm - was told this time that the tow guy was stuck in traffic behind an accident on the highway.
They should arrive by 10pm was told by AAA.
Called back again at 10:15pm - was told still in traffic -
we will call you when he gets close to your area.
The tow guy showed up at approx. 11pm at our location -
we thanked him, Dan Small - he advised us he was from Millbury,MA - a ways away and his shift started at
(get this)10:15PM - unreal - I cannot make this sh-t up.
The tow guy hooked us up and we were home and unloaded by approx. 11:30pm and oh yes - never a call from the AAA office to tell us that the tow guy is close to our location - we are still waiting for that call.
So the bottom line is 6 hours waiting time in 90 degrees
to get towed 12 miles - I wonder if a AAA executive would accept this type of service. NO WAY!!!
I will be a great reference for future business -
please use my letter to get new customers.

Garrison159 7/17/13 9:52AM

Where does AAA specify how many service calls you get a year in the plan comparison? BEST I CAN TELL, YOU ARE LIMITED TO 5 SERVICE CALLS PER YEAR ON EVERY PLAN. Please clarify AAA! Why not SHARE this information freely?

waywillopen7 6/21/13 6:30AM

On 6-20-2013 at around 10pm I called for a roadside assistance tow and was told I would get a call back from a driver within 20 minutes, after 30 minutes I call back in and the dispatcher tells me the wait is 2 hours so I advised the dispatcher I was alone in a bad neighborhood and could not sit there for 2 hours, the dispatcher advised me there was a lot of traffic and an accident on the GW bridge that was causing this delay so I said ok and would call back. I tried to turn my vehicle on and drive it a few blocks away because there was a fight in front of the building I was at and I did not feel safe there, I then made it to an address right off the highway 2124 cross bronx expy in which I called into AAA again and informed them my change of location so they placed me on hold and called their tow company to inform them of the address change, when the dispatcher came on the phone they told me my wait time was going to be 12:16am in which I accepted. Come 12:30am still no tow so I call into AAA and questioned where was their tow truck and they said they will call their driver and find out so I patiently waited on the phone and when the dispatcher came back on the line they stated my wait was going to be another hour in which I asked why haven't I received one call back and the dispatcher said they could not answer that. I've been with AAA a long time and loved their service until now, I think it was ridiculous how I waited for a tow almost 5 hours and a tow truck driver never came plus I only got one call and that was at the end of the night almost 3:00am telling me I would have to wait an hour for a tow. I am extremely dissatisfied and will not recommend anyone to your company. My husband, friend and father was going to sign up but that will not happen now because of this. I ended up cancelling the tow once the lady told me @ 3am I would need to wait another hour for a tow. Almost 5 hours for a tow, no tow and the customer service dispatchers were rude and not helping the situation by being very sarcastic, the last lady I spoke with was the nicest and most courteous and told me the truth that she was unable to get a tow and explained to me she had never seen this before and apologized on behalf of AAA. If I would have been told the truth in the beginning or been made aware of the situation from the start I would not have waited for a tow for 5 hours knowing I myself had to be at work @ 7am. VERY DISAPPOINTED IN AAA.

Prowlin989 6/21/13 5:55AM

We previously allowed our AAA membership to expire. We have tried for several years to have an exception made to the AAA geographic map which puts us in the Chicago, IL area even though we are only 25 miles from Muncie, IN and probably at least 250 miles from the Chicago area. We are not interested in events and specials in the Chicago are, but are interested in the Muncie/Indianapolis area. Is there any way that we could rejoin in the Muncie area? Thank you.

Ann 6/14/13 3:32AM

I dealt with an AAA insurance agent, and until the policy was in effect, he was very punctual and responsive, the day policy went into effect. The agent stopped responding, left multiple voice mails. He called after almost a week, and said, his emails were messed up. Tone completely changed.

I requested to change the agent on my policy, and AAA refused to change the agent. Spoke to agent's supervisor, she refused to change the agent too.

I don't like that, I went to AAA because of its name, I don't want to stick just a agent.

I pay 5k premium to AAA insurance per year, and have started looking for quotes from other insurance carriers to take my business away.

AAA doesn't care about customer, period.

VM 6/12/13 7:38AM

It is 6/6/13at 7:55 AM and I just wasted about 45 Min talking with rude AAA service employee's. The last was with a supposed supervisor in AAA Nashville Office by the name Darcey. I would hate to talk with Her as all she wanted to do was talk over me , very unprofessional to say the least.

I finally could take no more and pointed out to her that I have pity for her husband if she is married. Even as I was talking all she kept doing was just talking right over me.

There is no way that AAA trains people as if they were , talking while your customer is trying to talk would be on the top of the "don't do it" list.

I am going to replace AAA !

HATEAAA 6/6/13 5:03AM

We are AAA National Member Relations. We would appreciate if you could share any customer concerns you have with us. Please email us at the address listed below.
Thank you.
AAA National Member Relations

AAA 6/3/13 10:25AM

AAA's Parent Taught Drivers Ed Coarse gets a FAILING GRADE. Every parent wants their child to be well equipped before getting behind the wheel; HOWEVER, AAA's testing procedures are ridiculous! First your kid takes what they call a Pre-Test, then, they're able to get a driver's permit.

The State, as they should, requires the student to take a driver's test, great! Your kid is getting that behind the wheel experience that they so crucially need. With other programs you would, at this point, go to the DMV and take the driver's test for their official license . . . not so, with AAA. You must then have your child take ANOTHER final test! Overkill, overkill, overkill!

The test score that they've taken with the state should be able to be submitted to AAA and then a certificate of completion issued.

Come on AAA, you have got the ingredients of a great parent taught program, but it has way too much salt!!!

Would not recommend this course to anyone.

more is not always best 5/29/13 9:57AM

We are very disappointed to find out that our AAA Plus membership does not give us the security we thought we had. We were basically left stranded on the side of a busy four lane highway near Cincinnati OH with a flat tire on our RV. We were informed by AAA that they could not find anyone to come out and there was nothing they could do to help us. After paying for membership for all these years it would have been nice to at least gotten a SORRY or something for the trouble. AAA does not seem too reliable to us now. VERY DISAPPOINTED!!!

Mustang 5/18/13 7:13PM

Last Night My Daughter,husband And Their 4 Kids Were On Route To Ma For A Family Funeral,from Pa,when Their Car Broke Down In Ct. They Called Aaa For Assistance.. They Responded By Towing Vehicle To Local Gararge And Offering Cab Phone Numbers.. Mind You This At 11pm... The Cab Was 25.oo And Did Not Accept Credit Cards. They Didn't Offer Any Assistance To Get The Kids Off The Highway Or To Safety.. They Dropped Them At Mcdonalds At A Mall Where They Were Closing In Hour With All Their Luggage... It Took Us 2 To Rescue Them .today
We Called Office In York Pa Spoke With Andrew, They Refused To Provide Rental Reimbursment Even Tho It Is Advertised On Their Website As A Covered Benefit For Plus Membership. Representative Offered No Other Assistance But Told Us To File A Complaint.. He Told Us That The Website Was Wrong But Could Not Show Us Where We Could Find The Policy Definition For Disabled Vehicles.we Have Been Long Time Aaa Members For Greater Than 15 Years And Find This Very Appalling. I Am Grateful That We Could Get To Our Family ,otherwise Aaa Would Have Abandoned Them...false Advertisement Is Against The Law And Aaa Should Be Held Accountable...


It was in late December when I called AAA because of a flat tire. I waited over 2 hours for a driver to come out. Once the driver came out, he quickly changed my tire. He took the flat tire and threw it in my truck. I heard a snap. I immediately confronted the driver on what I witnessed. I asked him if he broke the board in the back of my trunk. He proceeded to tell me the purpose of the piece. I explained, that was not my question. He then told me no. After the New Years, and after I saved enough money to purchase a new spare, my mechanic bought to my attention, what I had known that night. The contract driver broke the board in my car. Now, it is the beginning of May, five months after my initial complaint about the part destroyed by the driver. I recently received a letter marked May 2, 2011 stating that my claim has been closed. After repeated calls and complaint to the company bout my frustration regarding this unresolved issue. They closed my case? I am the one, not AAA who initiated any time for the driver to come out to fix this issue. I conceded that because of my shift work, there is an obvious conflict scheduling a time for this issue to be resolved. Repeatedly, I asked for a set day. The answer I received was of the company repair driver would place a call out to me after 10:00 am. Several, times this call never happened, and serval times I had to initiate a call asking about the driver's whereabouts. I took this matter over the claims adjusters, head and spoke only once to her boss. I made repeated calls to him and left messages, but I never ever received calls back. Now, here I am, five months later, with an unresolved issue and filled with disgust and frustration due to this company. I called the national number in order to place a complaint with the company, about my local AAA office on May 2,2013. May 2,2013, was the day the driver was supposed to come out to fix the broken board. Instead, I had to call the local office at 12:30 and inquire where he was. The driver, finally called me after 2:00 pm , while I went out to pick up lunch. I promptly, returned his call and , yes, I received no call back. This day i wasn't due to work until 3:00. Perhaps, I didn't mention that in March when I was doing a weeks long day shift, I was told the driver could fix the part while I was at work? Yes, I was told that the driver would come, the following day ( a Wednesday) to my job to take care of the matter. The driver never came, nor did he call to reschedule. Now, it's May and I have received a letter about my case being closed.

Please advise,

Ohplease 5/4/13 5:58PM

I Used Aaa A Month Ago, My Car Broke Down Around 8:30pm, Called Aaa To Pick Me They Never Showed Up, Called 4 Times And Spoke To A Manager They Never Called To See If I Got Home Safely, All Said They Never Showed Up, I Called Back The Next Morning, And Made A Complaint Until This Day They Have Not Called Me Back, They Left Me In A Strip Club Parking Lot.... I Am Still Very Upset....

HOT AND MAD 5/1/13 6:10PM

Terrible, terrible, terrible motorcycle policy. Motorcycle assistance sold in Florida, Georgia and parts of Tennessee is accepted nowhere else in the country! You're on your own if you need help. AAA says that if you send them the invoices that result from the problem they will "consider" repaying you. The corporate explanation is that all AAA state chapters are independently owned and free to make their own decisions. So they apparently choose NOT to honor motorcycle coverage. I thought AAA was a nationwide outfit, but it is not! Goodbye AAA. Hello Allstate.

Pessimist 4/27/13 6:50AM

Greenville, South Carolina
My car had rolled into a retention Pond and the scheduled recovery time was scheduled for 4.5 hours later. They told me I could have another company come out and I would have to pay the bill and submit for reimbursement. They would not even call another company for me. WHAT CUSTOMER SERVICE.

EAH 4/23/13 6:49AM

Hey folks,

Does anyone have any of the corporate folks E-mail address? I am having a lot of problems getting through to the "Customer Service" folks.

I figure I am sort of an instigator and if I can't get anything out of the canned answers from customer service then I will take it to the top.

Have a great one folks.


miltonlane 4/9/13 2:55PM

My accident was on October 26th, 2012. Today is March 6th 2013 and I still don't have me car. It is now getting a "Safety Check" at the dealership, because the shop they sent me to (even when I requested it go to the AAA approved Dealership shop) didn't know what he was doing and complained to me about the make and model of my car being a "B--ch" to repair! For 5 months, I've been making payments on this car and insurance premiums as well, while it was sitting in a shop "waiting for parts"(That a dealership would have had!) They are now telling me that I still have to pay the shop my $500.00 deductable!!!! Also, the office I was working with, seemed more friendly with the shop owner telling him about my complaints, when I specifically asked them to keep confidential.

Mare 3/6/13 10:28AM

I live in Long Beach, CA. I recently had a faulty battery in the jeep that I purchased. I called AAA and they came and replaced it for me. Joe Morris was who replaced mine. He was very friendly, knowledgeable, and professional. I would recommend AAA to anyone. I have never had anything other than outstanding performance from them. People like Joe deserve a raise in my opinion.

Anonymous 2/23/13 8:13PM

All I can say is don't waste your money on their membership. We have now been burnt 3 times by AAA.

grannylinda 2/11/13 3:36PM

On Friday night (2/8/13) I had a horrible encounter with AAA. I had a sudden flat tire that occurred (luckily following my exit off a the 495 Beltway). I saw my tire light come on and questioned what could be happening. My Nissan Rogue had just been in the dealership the day before. It wasn't until I was about to pull into a Costco gas station that I felt my vehicle tilt to the right and heard that awful noice of the weight of the car falling to the rim. I immediately called AAA+ It was extremely cold and windy (the beginning winds of the northeaster storm) - low on gas, but kept my car running for heat. AAA informed me after a wait on the phone that my card was being rejected. I was shocked - I have been a member for more than 35+ years. What I learned was that AAA had gone into my account as I had approved for a payment in October 2012. It was during that time that my USAA Mastercard had been compromised and a new card was reissued to me within 24hours. I had no correspondence from AAA or calls informing me of the issue with payment. So I was completely shocked when I placed the emergency call for help. I have renewed my membership only because of the situation that night - I was very tired, cold and hungry - I had an extremely long week of late nights at the office. I plan NOT to renew my membership following this event. I think it was very poor handling of a long-time member. I found it interesting that I had numerous calls regarding re-enrolling earlier in the year, however, no acknowledgements of the inability to charge my bank account. If I had been notified properly this could have been handled immediately. Thank goodness for the AAA technician who was very kind and considerate about my well-being having to wait in the extreme conditions of that night. There were (2) Costco gas station attendants who were constantly checking on me as well. These 3 gentlemen reassured me that there are people that do CARE.

AAA Corporate - you need to enhance your Customer Service or you may find that you will lose even more long-time customers. I did not know that my USSA insurance will provide me the same coverage for a very small fraction of the cost that I am have been charged by AAA. I will be adding that to my policy following the last day of my membership with AAA!

Anonymous 2/10/13 7:34AM

Highly disappointed with the service today over the phone from the Waterford,CT office. Not only was the agent rude with the response to the question I asked of simply obtaining directions to the W.Hartford office, but the tone set me off completely. I then spoke with the agents supervisor who made me feel as if it were my fault for the incident. I am just in awe at the service provided from their office staff. Yes I admit using profanity at the end of the conversation with the agent because I was truly pissed at the way she could brush off the fact of explaining to her I was not happy and if she could maybe use another method in assisting her customers. She continued to talk over me saying "uh huh," "yeah..." Unbelievable... And no apology from her part at all. Although her supervisor insisted she had (never) received a complaint about the agent, there was no reason that I deserved the treatment I received from both employees today. I cannot believe that her supervisor made it seem as if it were my fault. The only F-bomb used was at the end of the agent brushing me off as if she did not care... Really...?! Appalled!!

Angie 2/4/13 10:03AM

I hereby nominate AAA as worst company in the United States. Not only was i left stranded tonight b/c my car broke down but after waiting two hours for the tow truck to arrive I was told they would not tow it without a release from Sears because it happened to be sitting in the parking lot of a local shopping mall near a Sears Automotive Center. I explained to everyone--dispatch supervisor, his manager, AAA call center employee, his supervisor, etc.--that Sears didn't do any work on the car so I had no paperwork to give them. By the time they arrived 2 hours after my call, Sears was closed so no way they could verify. Now I'm told I have to wait until Sears opens in the morning so they can verify with Sears that they didn't do any work to the car which means to add insult to injury I have to now miss time from work. I pay $110/year for AAA Roadside Assistance and the first time I call them in a year they refuse service. Needless to say I will be cancelling my membership as soon as I get my car towed not to mention filing a complaint with the Better Business Bureau, Attorney General's office, etc and if my car is stolen or vandalized AAA will be held responsible. TAKE YOUR BUSINESS ELSEWHERE--AAA IS THE WORST!

tdeak 1/28/13 7:12PM

Once again I am disappointed in AAA service. I have a F250 crew cab with a dog box on it. It is a big truck. I have broken down and need a tow 3 times, and each time I have told the AAA operator that I need a LARGE flatbed. And each time, they send a small flatbed. It happened again this morning. The worst service I had was when I had my truck and a trailer with 6 dogs on it and I asked the operator to make sure that the flatbed had the ability to tow the trailer. She said she couldn't be sure of it????? There was no way I was going to let any of the 13 dogs out of my sight. How about if she had answered, "I will do the best I can"! People broken down on the highway need to feel like they are being helped.

When AAA called this morning to make sure I had been towed, I explained to the operator that AAA has a communication/procedure issue, she was apologetic and polite. I told her it wasn't her fault, but that somewhere in their procedures there is a breakdown in communication of the broken down drivers needs and that she should bring it up to her boss or bosses boss.

The other complaint I have is that when you call for roadside assitance, you should be able to quickly get a person. This morning I had to go thru 3 menus before I got a human.

I have lodged these complaints before, nothing will happen. Time to find a replacedment for AAA

Buck 1/25/13 10:10AM

To the person belly aching about her son in law working Christmas Eve, I'd think she should be grateful he has a job at all. I work every Christmas Eve and most Christmas days. She needs to reflect back on life and what it really means to be alive and healthy and happy.

IceKter 12/19/12 5:00PM

My son-in-law works for AAA and I couldn't believe it when he said that he HAS to work on Christmas Eve. Does "Bah Humbug" ring a bell to you AAA? What an absolutely sad thing to do to make your employees work on Christmas Eve, which is "mandatory". You sure put a lot of families in a situation where they had to cancel their visit to their family out-of-town since you require employees to work which limits their traveling time to almost nothing. I can only imagine how many of your employees, their friends and family feel about AAA now. Their travel time could have started on Saturday and they would then have, Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. What a shameful thing and absolutely wrong policy you are enforcing this year.
I have AAA auto (2), home and an umbrella policy. Almost wants me want to cancel all of them.

Anonymous 12/17/12 11:53AM

On July 28 I had a flat tire in Myrtle Beach. I called AAA and a tow truck came from DeFalco's garage and changed my tire on a 1998 Chrysler Town and Country van at about 9 pm. Sunday July 30 we loaded the van and started to head back to Cincinnati, OH. We began driving and when we reach North Carolina the car had a thumping noise and shacking slightly we stopped and looked at the car and tires. We did not notice anything so we continued driving. As we headed into the mountains the car began to get worse and I had to drop my speed to no more than 30 mph and the car was shaking so bad and the rear end would sway to the left when we went around bends and swerve into the other lane.

I took the first exist once the car began driving really bad. As I pulled into the abandoned truck stop my car swayed so bad I could barely steer and scraped the front tire along curb. I then called AAA in Tennessee and we had to be towed and then stay in a hotel. The car was towed to a garage in Newport TN and repaired so we could drive home on the 30th. the repair shop in Tennessee stated that the cause of the tire is because the lug nuts were not tightened.

I have tried to work with Sean Remp at DeFalco's garage in myrtle beach and he has been rude and now he is not returning my calls at all. I provided them with pictures, receipts and estimates. DeFalco's has since provided AAA with a falsified document that when I signed it did not state the information it does noe 2 months later.

This whole matter was a nightmare. The DeFalco repair shop lied and are frauds, AAA in SC are useless and I am out 1000.00 in repairs a terified Autistic son that when we get in the car says mom are we going to be safe and Noone in AAA willing to stand up to the tow company that changed my tire with a fullsize tire spare but didnot tighten lug nuts.

I would not use AAA ever again if my life depended on it and I am telling all my friends not to use them.

Unprofessional and do not stand behind their word.

I am thankful that we were not injured, it was very dangerous and scary situation.

Courteney 11-19-12

Courteney 11/19/12 11:20AM

I purchased 6 members about one year ago . I Robert Stenzel took a trip from Ca. to Fl. in my 2004 cadillac D.T.S. While traveling through Texas on interstate 10 east mile marker 706 near Columbus Tx. I had a breakdown, so i called AAA gave them all my info. Type of car yr. make and model,the dispatcher gave me a service order # 6434 . About one hour later a regular pick-up tow truck showed up . The first thing i told the driver is that my car has never been on anything but a flatbed . he assured me it would be ok( in the hour waiting i had already found a repair shop about 13 to 15 miles west of were i broke down they agreed to look at it)the driver proceeded to hook up my car he was a young man told me he would get me there no problem, but did not know my car was a front wheel drive once i convinced him it was, he hooked up my front wheels and lifted it up.I had to ask him to be careful not to scrape my mufflers once again told me not to worry .When we arrived at the repair shop he needed my help to back my car into the spot where the repair shop asked him to put it , he told me he did not have much experiance backing up ? When my car was fixed (it was the tensioner pulley )they picked me up from the hotel,i paid the bill and was on my way , about half a mile from the shop my service suspension light came on and a warning do not drive over 90 miles an hour , i turned around went back to shop went inside told them about the light . they came out to look the light did not come on they said my computer was probably resetting it self . so i went on my way to Florida. The light went on and off 3 or 4 times . When i arrived at my sons house his birthday was the next day.! a couple of days later i took my car in to mienike auto care in Spring Hill Fl. for a regular oil change (before i left TO FLORIDA i had a diagnostics test done they replaced my radiator belts so i would have a safe trip!1500.00 $ )they did a diagnostics test free when they saw the service suspension light on. the results of the test was my rear struts were ruined . I told the manager about the breakdown and the tow, he told me that any car with air ride suspension should only be towed on a flatbed tow truck.So to make a long story short , about 34days 15 to 20 phone calls and 3 complaints later to AAA, I had to file a claim through my insurance took them 6 days to fix my car so i could get home safely. I just cannot understand why this matter was not handled by AAA they sent me the tow truck AAA approved.This is why i purchased 6 of my family members roadside assistance.
P.S. Andys Wreckers in Texas has a rude and unprofessional owner !!! you cannot refuse to give your insurance information when you have damaged a customers vehicle. This is not over .
P.S. I have left 5 messages to Jessica at corpoate not one reply ????

PAPA 11/1/12 12:19PM


TOOKIEE 10/28/12 7:32AM

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