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ADT corporate office headquarters location, phone number, address and feedback

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Corporate Office Address:
ADT Security Services

Tyco International
1 Town Center Rd.
Boca Raton, FL 33486
United States

Phone: 561-988-3600
Fax: 561-988-3601

ADT Corporate Office Comments

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I am a recent customer with ADT and had a system installed on 10/09/2013, the installer came three hours late and hurriedly installed the system and gave us generic instructions and left stating he would return within three days. I have spoken to Secure Automation about the lack of complete installation and have partial fulfillment of the contract, and was told that they have six months to completely finish the install, yard signs, window stickers, keypad operations. Yeah right, I have NO intentions on paying for a contract violated by the vendor. ADT, your better than this, if not see you...

Anonymous 11/19/13 12:26PM

This company violates all privacy information acts and steals from people!!! The got my information from AT & T, We thought the installation and free products were part of AT & T package. Turns out that is how ADT got my information. Anyway, a representative
showed up at our home, telling my husband that I ordered new security service. I attend school at night, so I usually sleep in. My husband let the guy in, he installed service, the asked for a check for $423. By this time, I'm up, asking questions. Still thinking it was part of AT & T, I paid the amount requested and signed the contract. When AT & T showed up on Wednesday 11/13, this person says the ADT is not part of AT & T.I asked how ADT got my information, he said thought the marketing compamy. I was furious. I immediately called ADT & AT&T and cancelled all services. ADT said I need to fax the cancellation contract. I attempted to fax it, however, my telephone line was turned off. Upon learing the lines would not be reestablished for several days, I went to the local office supply store and faxed the cancellation. I am now being told that ADT did not recieve the cancellation notice in time and they will not allow me to cancel the contract. In addition to the $425 check, ADT also deducted $170 from my checking accout without authorization. They have told my husband in order to release us fromthis contract (after 5 days) it will cost us 75% of a three year agreement. This is absolutely in sane!!!

kat 11/19/13 9:05AM

Ever notice that in all ADT TV commercials the criminal is always white (caucasion). Never hispanic, never black or asian. Always white. Does ADT believe that only white people committ crimes or is this political correctness gone wrong. Is ADT okay with offending white people and afraid of offending others. Enough is enough.

Proud 11/6/13 2:05PM

To Whom It May Concern:
I would like to say that I have been recommended to ADT from my cousin who works for you and other people. I thought I was getting an excellent security service and have not been a happy customer so far!! I've had problems with the security service since the installation in March, with my panel box more than 5 times and the door security twice. I understand and know how to follow instructions (per manuel). I've called tech support and spoke with 3 different people in one day to be able to change my code. The box has given me false alert systems after I've added my code. Wth all do respect how many times do I have to go through this berfore my problem is resolved? This will be the 4th time someone has been to my house to prepare my system! I'm not an exspert but I believe my system is faulty! I would appreciate it if you would give me a system that works.

I also would like to add that my bill has gone up from $38.69 to $41.01. I have been with ADT since March and ADT has gone up on me since August, why?

I spoke with Mr. Detriek today from the Corporate Office today who is a very nice Gentleman. He is aware of my concerns and offered a $77.38 credit to my account for my troubles.
I would like to thank you for taking the time to read my comments.
I believe that ADT is an excellent Company and will do the right thing.

Anonymous 9/11/13 2:39PM

My husband and I own a rental property at 1Columbus, Ohio, Our current tenant has lived at this address for over 7 years; he has never signed up for ADT service nor does he pay for ADT service.

A prior tenant of 1915 Minnisota Ave. had a contract with ADT over 7 years ago. When she vacated 1915 Minnisota Ave., she cancelled ADT service. Until this week, there has been no indication this ADT cancellation was not completed.

This week, the Columbus Fire department has responded to 3 false fire alarms generated from ADT service for 1915 Minnisota Ave. The fire department has advised there will be a charge if they respond to another ADT false alarm generated for 1915 Minnisota Ave.

My husband called ADT to try to get this issue resolved since neither our current tenant nor we have requested or are paying for ADT service at 1915 Minnisota Ave. After talking with 3 different ADT departments and requesting a supervisor, my husband was advised nothing could be done to cancel service as we did not have a contract with ADT. I called back to talk with a supervisor,Kirk, who advised an order would be placed to send this issue to the Cancellation Dept. to review but this process would take 3 to 5 days. I asked if ADT would be responsible for any Columbus Fire dept. charges resulting from false ADT alarms; he stated, "No, you would."

ADT seemed unconcerned and was not willing to make any effort to expidite a resolution for this problem. I do not understand why ADT could not call Miss Kathy Bricker who is supposedly paying for this service to verify her correct address. Then ADT could cover

Miss Kathy Bricker's address and correctly cancell service at 1915 Minnisota Ave. which is generating false alarms. If Miss Kathy Bricker has been paying ADT service for where she lives, ADT does not have her correct address as she does not reside at 1915 Minnisota Ave. None of the five ADT staff were concerned about our problem nor interested in taking steps to resolve our problem.

ADT should take responsibility for not completing the original cancellation of ADT service at 1915 Minnisota Ave. ADT should expidite cancellation of all unwanted ADT service at 1915 Minnisota Ave. immediately.

If ADT discharges a false alarm for 1915 Minnisota Ave.,I want ADT to pay any charges from Columbus Fire Department.

Finally, ADT owes an apology to us for their utter disregard and lack of concern resulting in tying up over four hours of our time in an attempt of resolution.

terry 3/14/13 8:31PM

My name is Deidra Stephens

I've been an ADT customer for almost 15 years. I called the office lately to inform them that one of my keypads had began to stick and that upon entering my home, I would have to run upstairs to turn my alarm off. I also told them that one of my sensors was not working. Having been with ADT for some time I thought that they would take care of these issues free of charge or at least a reasonable rate. I was wrong.

I have spoken with three representatives from ADT, who've all informed me that in order to fix these problems (keypad,sensor) it would cost on or around three hundred dollars plus, they said because I did not have a protection plan I have to pay for each item seperately. They also stated there would be a service charge, and however long it took the technician to fix the problem I would be charged at every fifteen minute increment.

All I want a system that operates properly without costing me the price of a new system. I Hope there is someone that can help me with this problem. My account number is under my phone number

very unhappy customer 3/5/13 10:18AM

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