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Airtran corporate office headquarters location, phone number, address and feedback

Please find details for the Airtran corporate office below. We do our best to keep this information current, but if you are aware of any updates to the Airtran corporate office headquarters information we have, please feel free to submit an update.

Corporate Office Address:
AirTran Airways
1800 Phoenix Blvd
Suite 104
Atlanta, Georgia 30349
United States

Phone: 866-247-2428
Fax: 214-792-5015

Airtran Corporate Office Comments

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My wife and I fly AirTran at least 4 times a year. We are always greeted with care and understanding. Flights are fine, no problems. We like AirTran and plan to fly out of Rochester to Fort Myers ASAP.......

Larry 12/18/13 8:11AM

NEVER NEVER EVER Fly on this airline. They demolished my luggage. Not just your normal broken wheel stuff, but completely shredded it! Their attendants are bullies, long story, and most of their seats are broken w/ the pockets filled w/ previous flight trash. I have reported them to BBB and FFA THEy HAVE MUCH TO BE ASHAMED ABOUT!!!!!!!

LUVLAX 10/7/13 3:07PM

I am not normally a complainer about noise on a fact I flew for 8 hours with a baby crying all night...didn't say a word...babies do cry...however....I do NOT enjoy listening to a dog bark nonstop from the time it got on the plane until we landed....that is the craziest thing I have ever hear of. When is a dog and the person who brought it on board more important than the other 150 or so passengers onboard who have to be annoyed with listening to it...and...what about those who are alergic to warning or anything for the rest of us...very upset and very unhappy....when I called your customer service I was told that animals are some people's babies, I wanted to upchuck....yes, I know people love their animals and we have always had animals around also but to compare them with babies is carring it all a bit to there a way to find out if there will be animals onboard before buying a seat??
Because I can assure you I won't be buying one if there I know in advance. I know animals used to go on flights but on in with the rest of us...anyway, just wanted you to know that our entire flight was ruined from listening to a yipping dog and you can check with your flight attendants, they will tell you that everyone was complaining and unhappy not just me!!

Anonymous 9/17/13 1:54PM

We (my Service Dog and I) flew on a flight, November 2012 from Orlando to Chicago Midway. The flight went well and I was extremely happy with that! When I arrived at my destination and began unloading my suitcases, I noticed items missing. I reported this to AirTran and immediately met with no help. Everyone I contacted, kept referring me to different areas. When, in March, I contacted AirTran - again for assistance, I filed a BBB complaint. My complaint has been going on since early April. I made a claim for my purse and a Yankee Candle item. As of late, I have been repeatedly advised a check has been mailed. At one point, I was advised it was returned - I really want to know why they didn't contact me with this information but waited until I responded to their reaction to the BBB complaint. It is now late June, 2013 and I still haven't received anything. I'm guessing AirTran must be having financial difficulties. This really doesn't matter as I should receive my 'settlement' which is what AirTran is calling my payment. I just want my money back for items that were in my bag and one of their employees decided to help theirself to. I offered either to have the check sent via next-day-air or have it directly deposited into my checking account. To this, I have not heard back.

All I can say is this - DON'T FLY AIRTRAN especially if you have luggage.

I will say I was treated very well with my Service Dog.

Lovemybabyanns 6/21/13 7:40PM

I want to first say how grateful I am for your airline tonight ! I missed my flight due to the facts that I did not realize that US Airway closes there check in service desk in Atlanta Ga @ 7:30 pm when I asked for assistance from United Airlines I was met with the worse customer service I have ever experienced by this affiliation between US Airway an United Airlines. Your stewardess Toni an steward gentleman whose name I can't seem to recall were the kindest ppl I have come across this year. the flight was @ 9 pm arriving @ LaGuardia airport@ 11:15 pm these two persons were the perfect example of customer service and genuine care for your passengers because I am handicap an my reservation was a last minute booking leaving me no choice for a good seat (my seat would have been 30c I was given the front seat on your aircraft due to my handicapped foot. there is a God an I will do my best to book flights with your airlines. i am letting you know you have persons in your Corporation that really care about your customers you should be proud Toni deserves to be a lead in your Corporation an so Does the gentleman steward i.On the other hand the female lead on this flight needs to learn how to hide her displeasure of distaste for handicapped passengers seemingly to me as a customer I could not understand her facial expressions in regard to me being in the front of the plan due to my handicap situation none the less Toni made my experience most pleasurable even helping me with my briefcase when my wheel chair came. just because of her I would look forward to flying back to Atlanta Ga. on your airline. even though I live in NJ. thank you again Air Tran for being there when I was treated so badly by United Airlines an US Airway.!!!

Anonymous 5/17/13 10:12PM

I had a flight with my family from san antonio to Atlanta the flight was good then from San Antonio to LaGuardia that flight was really bad !! The Pilot was nice he was greeting everyone he was happy .But i ended up sick some man got on he smelled so bad it was really bad everyone got sick from it yes it was that bad my daughter holding her mouth i thought she was going to lose it.The people who set next to him moved so me and my family got stuck with the smell.This was not just a little B.O. or dog smell this was so bad

pclajg3 10/20/12 5:00PM

This air line SUCKS!!!! I recommend for NO ONE TO FLIGHT WITH AIR TRAN!!! They changed gate at last minute we ran from one side of terminal to other taking the train! We made it at 3 minutes to 3:pm the plane was still here. But they would not let us get on flight!! The people on counter very very unprofessional. After the fact we over heard the woman at front saying she didn't know how to change gate changes on screen and she really didn't gave a S#%#!!Her exact words! Never the less we have to seat here and wait on next flight for 3 more hours. Flight to Memphis. September 27- 2012

Marcia 9/27/12 12:54PM

I would like the address to the Corporate office that I can send an OFFICIAL COMPLAINT letter to. Departed Atlanta on flight # 624 and checked in my baggage at counter 2 ½ hours before my scheduled flight. Upon arriving in Houston-Hobby, my luggage was not found on Friday, August 31, 2012. Because our flight landed after 10 PM all the onsite offices were closed and I was told to go back Saturday morning, Sept 1, 2012 which I did. I was advised by the Houston team that my luggage could still not be found and they were checking around to see if it would come up. Again, I contacted the airline Saturday evening and Sunday morning to be told that 3 days later my luggage was still not found.
My return flight was scheduled to return to Atlanta on Monday, Sept 3, 2012. Again I was asked by the Houston team to arrive at the airport early so they could make a copy of the receipt for items I had to purchase to wear while I was visiting family in Houston for the labor day weekend. The team in Houston took the original receipt and gave me a copy along with a claim # HOUFL00344608. They advised me that they were submitting the information to Airtran Central Baggage and that I should receive a call on the 6th day, which was Wednesday, September 5, 2012.
As of yet, I have heard NOTHING!

At this point, I would really like for someone from Airtran's corporate office to contact me in regards to what is the next step since obviously my luggage is still not found!!! I had my daughter's medicine for her ADD and other valuable items in that suitcase and no one has yet to even give me a call.

svirola 9/6/12 9:42AM

Good Morning,
My experience with Air Tran over the past several weeks has been very frustrating. When flying to Aruba on June 17th, my husband's luggage was lost and did not show up until 5 days after we arrived. After several attempts at contacting Air Tran offices the situtation was finaly resolved. We were fairly compensated although it did impact our 35th wedding anniversary vacation.

However, last night my daughter was informed that a wedding she was in was postponed. She called airtran to cancel her flight reservation. She was told that she could receive a credit that was good for one year. But when she goes to rebook, it will cost her $75 which is 1/2 the price of the ticket. This reservation was for August 12th which is ample time to resale a seat. My daughter is a college student who could hardly afford the original ticket. Now to hold her $150 and then charge her another $75 in order to use it puts a real strain on her financial situation.

Airtran has always been our first choice when flying. PLease reconsider this situation so that it continues to be so.

Thank you for your time

COnnie Herr

Anonymous 7/3/12 3:23AM

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