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Avis corporate office headquarters location, phone number, address and feedback

Please find details for the Avis corporate office below. We do our best to keep this information current, but if you are aware of any updates to the Avis corporate office headquarters information we have, please feel free to submit an update.

Corporate Office Address:
Avis Rent a Car System, LLC

Avis Budget Group
6 Sylvan Way
Parsippany, NJ 07054
United States

Phone: 973-496-3500

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I rented a car for a two week period and when I got in and started driving from Albuquerque to Santa Fe, I turned on the air and the car is now reeking with smoke. I called the AVIS at the Santa Fe airport and they have nothing and I called the AVIS in town - and they hung up on me.
I am paying a lot of money for the two week period while I am here and there has to be something that can be done.

I am so disappointed in AVIS and I don't know if I will be using them in the future.

Now I am stuck driving around in a car smelling of smoke for two weeks...Something needs to be done.

Tracy 5/30/14 8:55AM

I was scammed at the Kansas City International Avis. They upgraded my $44.00 rental to $76.00, which I never requested. I was told that since I signed the contract there was nothing that can be done. This was my first and last time using AVIS!!

Scammed By Avis 3/18/14 8:36AM

I have tried to contact Berlyn Blair @ Avis,

. He pays the bills for alarm monitoring for Avis in Durango, CO. There are outstanding bills from 9/1/13 forward. He never returns my calls. I am frustrated and cannot deal with him any longer. I hope you can help!!!

Anonymous 12/23/13 2:41PM

I'm have n a. Problem with Avis car rental in Oakland ca they over charged me I need help please

Vonita roberson 11/7/13 8:28PM

I'm have n a. Problem with Avis car rental in Oakland ca they over charged me I need help

Vonita roberson 11/7/13 8:26PM


I wish to place an official complaint to AVIS regarding the way my rental was executed.

I rented a car via my travel agent as I usually do.

I was pleased when AVIS was chosen.

The rental period was September 17th-24th 2013 in Palermo, Italy at 250 Francisco Crispi, the AVIS downtown rental location. rental number

Previous to my arrival, I was assured by my travel agent that all charges were included, and that no further collision, damage, medical, theft or otherwise was necessary. As a supplement I am covered by Visa travel, and I phoned my personal car insurance to make sure they covered my rental.

On my arrival in Palermo, I was greeted by Dario who immediately informed me that I could not take possession of the car because I did not have in my possession the international driving permit.

Despite my arguments that I had previously rented my cars on numerous occasions throughout Europe including Italy and this particular requirement was never mentioned nor required. This was not informed in any way nor document prior to my rental.

Because of time differential between Italy and Canada, it was impossible for me to obtain this document at that time.

After two hours of pleading, he acquiesced in the rental, but only if I paid an extra 30 euros per day of rental.

This constitutes coercion in its finest execution.

I am convinced that this does not represent Avis policy nor philosophical ideal.

I shall pursue my objections and make sure the factual account is exposed through all forms of media should this sort of behavior not be reprimanded. I expect compensation of the amount that was extracted by forceful and intimidating conduct.

I shall also remit my international permit if this absolves me from the associated charges.

Yours truly,

Jean-Louis Bourque

Anonymous 9/29/13 3:43AM

Recently we relied on Avis for our car rental needs.
Unfortunatley Avis doesn't care about their business pracitises as our rental needs were totoally negelected.

While on vacation, my family of six rented 2 cars only to find when we went to pick up the vehicles Avis totally negated our rental needs and had no vehicles avialable for us

A case has been opened Res# 42446563US5
Case# 12464404

We were hung up on by the Avis rep and no regard was given to resolve the issue.

Beware, Avis's best business practises terrible, no customer consideration.

Darren 8/25/13 4:06PM

I rented a car in Maui from Avis as it was part of a "deal" with the Westin = BIG MISTAKE.

Use the car = no issues
Return the car = no issues

Two weeks later I get a notice stating that my credit card has been charged for $250.00 for smoking in the vehicle. Thing is I don't smoke, my wife does not smoke!! They are running a scam operation here, call to customer service they refuse to remove charges. Call to site manager = no return call. They send me some "stock photos" of ashing in car = that couldnt have been the car I rented or was there from prior use (I will forever double check) ... absolute BS, will NEVER EVER rent from Avis again

Pissed Off Avis Customer 8/23/13 11:47AM

Recently had the misfortune of renting three vehicles from Avis. Prepaid. Upon arriving in San Diego we were bused to your location from airport. Took over one hour and forty five minutes to get cars while wives and 7 kids waited at airport. Twice we were sent out to get a car that was not there and had to return to your office to get different car. I truly feel I should be compensated for all the trouble and lost time on our family vacation. The cars were also less then clean when received. When we returned them it went better, but still had issue of one of your employes grabbing one of the cars and driving off with it before the guy checking us in could get mileage and gas level causing another delay. Care to comment.

Karl 7/31/13 10:04AM

I have been an Avis First / preferred member for two years now as my company unfortunately switched to Avis from Hertz. My experiance with Avis heretofore has been very dissapointing. The vehicles are often not readily available even though reservations are made through the Preferred program (MPLS./St. Paul airport is the worst). When I do receive the car they are often dirty. The Avis and Avis First websites are a joke and hard to deal with - why require a customer to utilize both websites when they could be so easily combined for a better end customer experiance. The Avis Rewards program is really bad when compared to other rental companies reward programs. With Avis we have to manage these stupid reward coupons rather than just utilizing a miles/rentals point type system other car rental companies use - this burns valuable time and also nickles and dimes it's most profitable customers. FINALLY, THE EXECUTIVE MANAGEMENT TEAM DOES NOT SEEM TO BE ACCOUNTABLE TO THE CUSTOMERS. IT IS VERY DIFFICULT, IF NOT IMPOSSIBLE, TO SEND A CUSTOMER FEEDBACK NOTE LIKE THIS ON EITHER THE AVIS OR AVIS FIRST WEBSITES. IN TOTAL IT FEELS AS THOUGH THE EXECUTIVE MANAGEMENT DOES NOT WANT CUSTOMER FEEDBACK.

Chris 7/1/13 3:17PM

I left my handicap hang tag in a rental car I returned to the Columbus, Ohio airport location. I have made a total of 9 phone calls so far and still have not spoken to someone at the rental location. No one at all the other numbers have been able to help me. I went on line to fill out the lost item form and it will not let me enter the pickup or return location site- it will only take the state. When I try to submit, the form says I have to complete the rental and return locations. So I went to fill out a form on the website for customer service issues and it keeps asking for some global number and will not let me submit that form either. You need someone in your IT department to corredt these issues.

Orcaview 6/25/13 2:24PM

Yesterday (6/23/13)my cell phone was stolen from my rental car. When I realized this, I went back to the Avis location at the ATL airport and your employee Alex worked feverishly to locate it. He brought me back to my car, but it was not there. I was standing at the counter crying my eyes out because my life is on my cell phone. I travel to South FL weekly for work and return to ATL on the weekends. Poor Chad who was working the counter was probably stuned to see this 61 year old woman bawling like a baby. He pulled out a chair and gave me a glass of water to help calm down. Please comment these two fine gentlemen for their kind service. They truly are an asset for Avis Rentals.


Anonymous 6/24/13 9:18AM

I have been a monthly customer of Avis for the last year. I have been renting cars out of the 43rd East Street location and have been able to establish good points of contact. Stephanie the counter rep and Rosie the manager.

The quality and maintance of the cars have been very poor lately.

This past Friday the 31st of May I had a problem with the above referenced reservation and the car died out. The message on the car said drive train malfunction and auto start/stop deactivated. I called roadside assistance around 5:45pm NY time. I got a text confirmation @ 5:52pm that the ETA from the towing company would be 8:02 pm. They where picking up a car @ LaQuadia Airport and brining it to me as a replacement. Calls went back and until around 12:18 they finally showed up with a car. I was told different excuses every time I called and they called back to make sure it was completed. I was told they where stuck on the bridge at an accident. Rosie at the 43rd St location stayed later than her scheduled time to make sure I got a car. I was in Queens NY and live in PA. I was on a residential block that had no Stores, Gas Stations, ATM's or bathrooms. Rosie confirmed the car was not picked up at LaGuardia airport until after 11:00 pm. And when the tow truck operator finally called me he had an attitude because he was at the wrong location.

My contract is with Avis. I am paying over $ 2,000.00 a month for a car under your corporate logo. The 24-hour roadside assistance is horrible. And I am very disappointed with the lack of support your workers get at the locations

to help customers. I thank Rosie for being a dedicated employee and a TRUE friend because she went beyond the call of duty.

I did not get home until 3:00 Saturday morning. The tow company was Kimberly towing. I don't know what arrangements you have with AAA or the towing company but there are a lot of towing companies thru out New York,

I don't think the greediness of the towing company should compromise my safety as a consumer. I was lucky I didn't have a health condition or a small child with me. It was one of the hottest days in New York, and what is a real insult within 15 minutes of the tow truck showing up another truck showed up to help him with getting the car on the flat bead.

My contract on this car doesn't expire until the 8th of June. I definitely am feeling very doubtful about a new rental. I feel violated as a customer of Avis that there was nothing done to try harder to get me a loaner. Because Avis trust the roadside assistance which is a Third Party Vendor.

I have been in the professional service industry for over 29 years. This is a bad reflection on you as the decision maker to trust your customers in someone else hands.

Anonymous 6/3/13 1:15PM

We have been a corporate account with Avis for 15 years. Recently their location did not have the car we rented for our employee and they gave him another, however, never advised him it was an added $30 per day. The fee was increased to $277 more. Calling customer service to explain their error just resulted in more frustration as they made it our employees fault and not theirs. Looks like this long relationship is not going through a divorce. There are many other car rental companies so Avis/and Budget are not in our employee manual any longer.

carol 5/28/13 12:02PM

I have used Avis since 1998. I used to get Preferred service, my wizard number is During the last two years I have NOT received preferred service ... I make my reservation ( I was a Cendamt employee and now am with Realogy RFG.)

It's the same thing over and over now .. Reservation is booked, I show up to preferred area to pick up my car, and no preferred treatment, I then have to wait, and make others wait while the the preferred staff tries unsuccessfully to find me, then scramble for a car.

I like Avis cars ... Avis is our (Realogy ) preferred company ... I take the surveys after my rental and tell this story over and over again.

I'll copy this for my CFO as explanation of why I want to use Enterprize or Dollar, no one does anything about my concerns, it is too bad.

I teach customer service for Century 21 LLC (28 years). Your customer service is very bad.

Just thought you would like to know why I am switching rental companies.


Paul Sweeney

Anonymous 5/26/13 10:09AM

Some how my sons cell phone number was linked to Avis and he currently receives about 50 calls a day. I now have a $1200.00 phone bill and my minor child is now being harassed by frustrated customers. I tried to contact Avis customer service on several occasions and left several messages with no reply. They should list this as non customer service it would be a more accurate description. I am in the process of contacting an attorney. If anyone has recently left messages for avis you may not be responsible for charges as they aren't taking your calls

Suzette 5/22/13 6:03PM

Rented a car from Avis in Ponce P.R.....I gave them my debit/ credit card .... was charged $209.00.....was never told when I signed that I was going to get charge an addional fee of $ insurance a total of $384.33 because I had a debit card.....I went back to speak to the manger the next day, only to be told the he was off come tomorrow, when I did, I was told he was now on vacation.....It's been almost 3wks going back an forth with them still NO REFUND on the deposit.....I must say the way you do business is shameful....I took another trip and this time I rented from Budget guess what No FEES for using your debit...Rate for the week was 136.00.. I have a copy of that bill more than happy to send it to you.....They had the best customer service ever any concerns they listen and responded.. Shame on you guys your way of business STINKS BIG TIME.....I work hard for my money my vacation on what I had too spent was taken by you guys....Tell me are you willing to get my money back or steal it from a guy who works his butt off.... Shame on you guys for the run around.....If anyone is reading this do not rent from Avis not to be trusted....

bobv2twin 4/9/13 3:21PM

I am looking for Corporate rates. We presently use Enterprise, but are looking at other companies. Can someone help me? It's been a nightmare over the phone, no one and I mean no one can help me over the phone.

Anonymous 3/6/13 11:57AM

I have rented with Avis numerous times. I am a wizard member and usually get good rates and the customer service in the 2 agencies I have delat with is professional and courteous. The reps go out of their way to empathize and input the oh so important human connection that is the benchmark of extraordinary customer service. Unfortunately, this week and my dealings with a chat rep, a salesrep at the branch I usually deal with (someone new maybe) and 2 customer service reps at the 800# have been the worst customer service experiences I have had from any company in a long time. There is 0 empathy and 0 human connection. They were 1 step away from being outright rude. It offered the same experience as talking to my computer except my computer is faster and offers more information than your representatives. I have a reservation but do not feel like I was given the best rate available nor am I even sure the dates, times or location for pick up and return are accurate until I get the email I assume. I am very disappointed and came over to you from being an Enterprise member for many years. I only left them because while there rates are better than yours there deposits are higher and there customer service was horrible and I got tired of dealing with breathing computers. Up till this week I thought I made the right switch but am right now looking at Enterprise to see if they can give me a better deal to return and am considering using them from now on.

FYI I am a Sprint Supervisor and speak with a lot of people who travel in a normal weeks I speak with hundreds I have been touting AVIS as the company to deal with I am after this week withdrawing my aces for AVIS and will recommend Hertz for Customer Service and Enterprise for their rates!!!!

ldg121 12/20/12 12:24PM

WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER!! Will do anything to get more money than they should.

jennifercbrooks 12/10/12 5:19PM

Dear Avis,
I was informed by my brother,James E.Sheahan that Avis is charging his credit card an additional $3,300.00 USC on top of the original $800.00 charge for the Avis vehicle we rented in Dublin,Ireland.
We are aware that the time we rented your vehicle (August 26 to September 7th 2012) was the largest influx of tourist that Ireland ever experienced. So when we arrived in Dublin, the car we agreed upon was rented and replaced with another vehicle.We observed that the Avis car inventory was almost completely depleted, so your replacement vehicle was from the bottom of the barrel.
We drove the original vehicle to Limerick City.We subsequently smelled the odor of something burning, and decided to call Avis to replace the vehicle,which was still operable, with an automatic transmission.The second vehicle was also a manual transmission and delivered by a POLISH Speaking tow truck driver. When we attempted to ask him several question he simply stated in broken English,"No speak English".He then got back into his tow truck and quickly drove away.
The next day, I drove the second vehicle back toward Dublin and noticed that the clutch was very mushy. We exited the Highway at Porteloise and shortly after the clutch gave out.
I am an active member of Local #150 of the IBOE for over 25 years. I have Operated Heavy Equipment for more then 25 years. I and my brother also learned to drive on a manual transmission vehicle.The simple fact is that the two(2)vehicles we rent were mechanically damaged in the first place.I am shocked that a reputable Company like Avis would do this to loyal Avis customers. 10/15/12 5:39PM

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