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Big Fish Games corporate office headquarters location, phone number, address and feedback

Please find details for the Big Fish Games corporate office below. We do our best to keep this information current, but if you are aware of any updates to the Big Fish Games corporate office headquarters information we have, please feel free to submit an update.

Corporate Office Address:
Big Fish Games
333 Elliott Avenue West
Suite 200
Seattle, AZ 98119
United States

Phone: 206-213-5753
Fax: 206-213-3696

Big Fish Games Corporate Office Comments

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On June 28, 2014 I purchased 2 of the $49.99 packs of chips during a 3X sale. After a few days Big Fish finally reimbursed my account with $2,000,000 chips. Quite a difference from the $6,000,000 that I purchased. Plus due to the amount of time it took to take care of this issue in their shoddy way I also missed out on the VIP bonus! WOW!!!! Big Fish this is not very good customer service! I then try to call the number I found for customer service and keep getting hung up on? I either want the $6M chips that I purchased as well as the VIP bonus or I want my entire amount of money reimbursed! VERY UNHAPPY!!!!!

FishinBud 7/2/14 8:26AM

for months now you have charged $6.99 to my master card & I have received NOTHING for it.
why do you keep charging me for NOTHING??
I am reporting this to the b.b.b AND the disrict attorneys office!!! all I did was purchase one game on line with your company & I received NOTHING but a monthly bill on my charge card. this has been going on for many months now.

Anonymous 5/24/14 11:29AM

I have purchased a game and its not letting me activate it on my mac.

Anonymous 4/10/14 4:57PM

I have not been able to play the full version of Fairway Solitaire since March 12. I even uninstalled and repurchased and it still does not work. I have it downloaded to my Android tablet. Please advise if it will be fixed.

Anonymous 3/19/14 12:55PM

I Have Not Been Able To Get My Game "scrabble" For Several Days Now. Says The Game Is Down. Can You Help Me? I Like Your Games, But Like To Play Them When I Want To.
Appreciate Your Help. Thank You, Carol Whelchel


Big Fish Games used to be a great company; now, IT APPEARS, they are all out for fleecing $$$$ from anyone who ventures into their murky 'waters'. I've paid a monthly membership for years and had been happy... I bought games regularly and I receive a "credit" for the monthly membership toward a new game YET NOW they are offering more and more games like CASINO... you have to PAY to KEEP PLAYING!! THEY SAY "FREE" BUT IT WILL COST YOU LOTS OF $$$$ TO PLAY!!! It is a COMPLETE & UTTER RIP OFF. I've invested in hundreds of their "normal", pay once and "own" games and now am worried if the games will become obsolete and all that money I spent on virtual games will disappear into the cloud!! NOW THERE IS NO WAY TO CONTACT THEM VIA PHONE ANYMORE! STAY AWAY FROM BIG FISH THEY WILL EAT YOU ALIVE!!

Meeme 12/13/13 12:51PM

This site has been billing me monthly for over a YEAR!!!! I did not sign up for a membership and I am demanding a complete and full REFUND!

Can't get a live person on the damn phone, just tells me more about this rip off company!

nutineter 12/9/13 8:50AM

Has any one managed to get through to Big Fish Games??????
Money has been taken from my Bank accouont and I cannot find anyway of contacting them direct to stop these transactions. My bank is brilliant shame about BFG, am I being THICK ???

Sue Pitches 11/19/13 4:43AM

2 of my credit cards & my debit card has been hacked into! I believe this has happened because I use all 3 cards on purchasing chips on Facebook! This is the only way someone could of gotten ahold of all 3 accounts! I could of been in serious trouble because of this! The total hacked was $2500.00! I expect big fish to screen the people who handle our accounts to be more accountable! This has caused me a great deal of stress! Now I hate to be a big fish user!

Janice 10/24/13 1:23PM

Playing pumpkin game & the game is not working lost most of my chip balance as did other players & pumpkin never burst! We all had tons of chips in the
Ot! This is not right & I want to get some chips from you now! I am a big spender on this game need you to give back please!!!

Janice 10/24/13 1:18PM

I recently played big fishs new game Secret booty I had got all 5 of the treasures and another scatter.. It had popped up I had won 8.6m ( I was playing max) and it never gave me any of my chips I had won.. I had already played almost 5m trying to get the scatters needed to win.. This was not the first time big fish done this to me. I do understand it's a new game and it will have prob but I'm hoping bf can resolve these prob.. I spend a lot of $ weekly buying chips.. Untill I receive what I won I will not be buying anymore... I been a faithful player for a long time..

Pixxxie 10/2/13 8:46PM

i just got debited $266.98 from my bank and i did not buy the game casino ruby or casino basic!!! how do i get in contact with them? i sent 2 emails and nothing!!! i want my money back!!!

melina 9/26/13 12:20AM

For months I have been getting charged for their membership even though on my account it says that I have canceled my membership.I have sent them emails and still nothing.I am SOOO sick of these people.NOTHING BUT A BUNCH OF RIP OFFS!!!

indyAnna 9/7/13 8:06AM

I've been amember of BigfishGames for some years now. Any time I have had any issue, I have received resolution with one exception (technical issue) which I am sure will be resolved also. As far as monthly charges, no you are not paying monthly for one (1) game. Your payment is for a game credit. If you do not want to participate in the membership, you can cancel your membership. BigFish will gladly reimburse you if you contact them within a reasonable amount of time. I am not a BigFish employee. I do understand how you can misread, misinterpet, or just not read the agreement which asks for your credit card information once you create an account. Hope this helps. If I am wrong, then there has definitely been a change in customer service and there willingness to accommodate their customers.

mikki37 5/14/13 3:23PM

I could not get my games to load to my new computer, kept getting error message. I went back and forth with support via email for weeks and nothing was done to correct the problem. I finally requested a refund for my monthly fees and for games purchased that could not be used. I then received a phone number for assistance, , choose option 1 even though you are being sent to the account payment center. They corrected my problem the same day.

vettelady 3/15/13 6:13AM

Big fish bought Ace casino. Ace casino was a great game app. that cared about fair play and there customers. Since Big Fish took over its all about squeezing every dime out of there users they have sales but on those occasions they the. Stack the odds. I myself hit a jackpot then the program glitched and took it back I contacted Big Fish and they did nothing so I contacted them again and they would not respond to my emails I had even sent screen shots of what had happened and still nothing. From people I've met on the game this is very common others have said beware of saying anything because they'll ban you and keep the chips that you've payed for this app use to be great but it's no longer people are leaving everyday dont waste your time or your hard earned money.

Rusty 3/14/13 12:51AM

cannot get this company to any of my requests.charges are being made to my account.want them to was easy to join the club, why can't it just as easy to cancel?

Anonymous 3/13/13 11:40AM

please help me understand..I purchased nutcracker Christmas Storie.Do I pay for this @ month or was it a one time pay?I sent my computor to HP for a complete cleanup,I no longer have this or any of my big fish games on here,or any games.....Do I still have to pay? I had great ones on here from your co. too. Also will you be releasing some of
these offered games for sale at Walmart or a competitive store?

Anonymous 3/8/13 2:32PM

I am paying for a game every month that I don't want anymore. First of all, I thought you just pay one time, not every month. You can have the game back. I will not be paying for it anymore so credit my visa for the month of January.

Thank you.

bobbiecarol 2/17/13 3:39PM

Why is there not an e-mail address to contact this company? I have bought 5 games, and just bought a new modem, and I have reinstalled 2 games, but am not able to reinstall the others, I can either try them, or have to buy them..How do I get help with this?

angry 12/8/12 6:36AM

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