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Boost Mobile corporate office headquarters location, phone number, address and feedback

Please find details for the Boost Mobile corporate office below. We do our best to keep this information current, but if you are aware of any updates to the Boost Mobile corporate office headquarters information we have, please feel free to submit an update.

Corporate Office Address:
Boost Mobile
9060 Irvine Center Drive
Irvine, CA 92618
United States

Phone: 949-748-3200
Fax: 949-748-3272

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I am a Virgin Mobil customer. I went to return a battery, I bought from the store at 120 east 35th street, Chicago, Il. on 7/28/14. I payed $21.85 with tax. I just wanted an exchange, I did not want a refund. I just needed my phone to work. My present battery no longer works. My old battery I have worked for 2 years. So, why did this battery stop working 1 1/2 weeks later. I went to the store last week, to return the battery the hispanic woman I spoke to, said she would replace my battery if I had the receipt. At that time, I didn't have the receipt. So the woman checked the battery, by way of her charger. She told me, it was charging with her charger. She suggested to me, to charge the battery over night. So, I went home; charged the battery over night. That next day, the battery only lasted about 3 hours. That is not satisfactory for a new battery, that is fully charged. I decided to try to charge the battery several times after that. It still did not fully charge. So, when I used the battery in my phone, the battery would die quicker and quicker. I decided enough was enough. I took the battery back, again, to try to exchange it. I went into the store, the same woman and a hispanic man was working. The man took my battery looked at it, and told me the battery had water damage. He told me that is why it wasn't working, anymore. The woman looked at the battery and agreed. The woman told me, I couldn't exchange it. It wasn't anything she could do about it. I asked for the number to the corporate office. She wasn't cooperative at ALL. I told her, the battery had not been dropped in water. Now, last week, was a different story. I could have returned it then, I just didn't have the receipt with me at that time. Now, this wasn't the problem last week. Now the problem is water damage. The battery didn't have water damage last week, when it originally stopped working; matter-a-fact, it wasn't even mentioned. Now, all of a sudden, the battery has water damage. What's the problem. This isn't fair. I don't appreciate the customer service I received. NOW, I want a refund. I do not want to do business with these people again. This doesn't make sense. It's ONLY a phone battery. I would like to know if someone could contact me, PLEASE.

unsatisfied/angry customer 8/14/14 5:32PM

Boost Mobile And Everyone Who Represents It. Are Lieing Deciving Thieves. Your Company Rob People From Their Money. And Should Be Shut
Down. Your Representives And Supervisors Robbed Me Of My 50$. Your Company Should Be Put Down And Taken To Court For Taking Advantage Of The Poor. Your Customer Serivce Is Horrible And As Well As Cowards. Your Own Employess Made A Mistake By Entering The Wrong Account. So I Had To Pay An Extra 50$ To Activate It. I Have Called Your Corperate Office To Credit Back Or Transfer The 50$ From The Wrong Account To Mine. Just Because I Dont Have A Receipt. Im Lost Of My Hard Earned Money. Your Empolyee Tried To Assist Me By Contacting Your Main Office And Sending Emails To Show Proof Of The Mistake. But Your Representives And Supervisor Refuse To Co Operate And Refund Me My Money. Your Representives Confirmed The Email And Replayed Back Saying They Will Transfer The Money In 24 Hours. A Week Gone By And Now Your Representives Are Telling Me Different Saying Their Nothing They Could Do. This Businesses Is Fraud And The Ceo Should Be Shunned. I Am Telling Everyone I Meet Or Anyone That Asks About Boost That You Guys Are Horrible And Your Corperate Lies To People. And Give Off False Information.

anonymous 7/28/14 5:09PM

Dear Sir
I have been a loyal customer of Boost Mobile for nearly 6 years with no complaints until now. You all suspended my phone without notice which I understand per your terms and conditions you all could do this with good reasons but to suspend my phone no reason per your terms and conditions that each sale representative all said different reasons from 1).Fraud, 2)being on chat line 3).on a conference call 4). abuse of unlimited minutes It has been 2 days with no phone which is important to me because I have a 10 year child that is out of the state and has no way of reaching me and all they can tell a loyal customer it is under investigation not even putting a rush on the situation telling me it can take months who does this to a loyal customer of 6 years I need help to rectify this situation as soon as possible. I need you all to be loyal to me as I have been to you.Turn my phone on! Even going to a Boost location having them look up the terms conditions/clause and they could find nothing pertaining to what your representatives told me. HELP!!!

Anonymous 6/30/14 2:16PM

Have Boost Mobile for about 4 years. Moved to another
state and changed my # to corresponding area code. I have
called over 4 times and they have still to change my caller
id name. A totally different person. Frustated to say the least. Am looking for into this.

maryic 6/4/14 9:12PM

Boost mobile I've been with for 7years I took my number off boost went to straight talk because the phone service is weak not good I've dealt with it for 7years I finally got new phone with different service so I can talk on phone in side my house and in my yard with boost I had to drive up the road just to call 911 that's bad I swap my number and. They took my money that was left on my phone all I wanted to do was add new number to my account but I was told by boost that when I took my phone number from that account they cancelled it there took my money that's just like stealing that's low down as hell

Smith s 6/4/14 12:59PM

Why cant your employees be at their store on time? Every month when i go pay my bill i have to wait 15-20 min before your employee arrives when the hours of operation clearly states that store opens at 10am not 10:15 or 10:30. Punctuality is very important in the business world. If i were a new customer wanting to get your service i would NOT wait to many other providers out there.

Betygirl 6/2/14 10:41AM

I called Boost about a reception issue. The customer care rep stated her name and proceeded to help. She said she was going to send a signal to my phone. At that very moment a call came through from a number I didn't recognize so, I asked her if she was calling me. She said no, that she was only sending a signal. I chose not to answer the phone, she continued and we ended the call. A couple of hours later I checked that mystery call in my downloaded caller id software. It was the same
first name as the customer care rep. I was also provided with the person's last name, location and her wireless provider which wasn't Boost Mobile ironically. What are the chances of me getting a strange call from someone with the same name as the care rep at the exact same time I was on the phone with her? Slim to none I say. I reported the issue to Boost and of course they swore vehemently that it wouldn't happen again and that they would talk to the agent.

This is not the first time I've had issues with customer care. Previously I've had someone get into my account on numerous occasions and reset my voicemail password. Boost would swear their agents wouldn't do such a thing. I was never able to prove it. This time I have solid proof that their agents do not take the security of our accounts or our privacy seriously. How else would I know their agents full name, personal cell number and city of residence? Way to go Boost. Thanks for looking out for the customers whose hard to come by money lines your pockets from month to month.

Anon 5/21/14 6:00AM

I went to another carrier because I wasn't getting any service in my general area. The girl at the Boot store updated my phone and put in a power saving battery app, but it didn't do any good. Now they won't refund my $51.00 that I had in my account to pay my next bill. They told me I should have paid for another month of service and kept my account open. I let them know I couldn't put up with another month of their non service. I think BOOST MOBILE is a big ripoff and I wouldn't recommend anyone to go to their service. So I guess they just made $51.00 off of me for nothing. I even called the corporate headquarters phone number and it said they no longer take calls at that number.

Kathleen 5/12/14 8:39AM

I paid my daughter's phone bill in cash, and they still cut off her phone for non-payment. i was informed that the boost mobile rep paid the wrong phone bill. it was off one number, and this has happened 8 days ago. i was instructed to fax in all receipts, and I did. they still won't credit her phone with payment. I will be done with boost mobile. They removed the payment from the wrong account, but still have not credited my account!!!

Paul 4/29/14 5:24AM

I went to a boost affiliated store to purchase a boost phone, so I could take advantage of the $35.00/month promotion, and get $50.00 off for having my phone ported from another Company (Metro PCS).

The phone I wanted was sold out there, so they called another store to have it delivered. Then they called boost, to let them know so I could talke advantage of the promotion. Boost, told them I had to wait till I had the phone, so they could get the info on that phone.

Went to store the next day. Phone there - store tried to activate phone for $35.00 promo - never went through - store called boost - boost said there was a problem, and they (boost) would have to put it in for the $35.00 promo, and the $50.00, credit, for porting from other Company, and would not have to pay the nrxth because of credit.

When I left store, my phone was on but I had to wait for the port to be completed.


1st call - Rep ....will have it escalated for an answer less than 72 hrs.

2nd call - Supervcisor.....GO TO STORE AND HAVE THEM CALL TO VERIFY IT WAS ACTIVATED IN STORE by having salesperson call boost


I CALLED THE NEXT DAY (aPRIL 27TH, AND WAS TOLD BY Supervisor (Ray), that there is a specisl number that the store should have called if he could not put the promo in, and asked me what number did he call. WHAT IS WRONG WITH THEM? OH....HE COULDN'T TELL ME IF THEY LISTENED TO THE TAPE.





cheated 4/27/14 8:40AM

my boost mobile phone should have been off 02 02 2014 still on some one else paying the bill i just found out i didnot know it was on until it ringed ihave another phone some one need that phone on.

Anonymous 3/29/14 6:22AM

my boost mobile phone should have been off 02 02 2014 still on some one else paying the bill i just found out i didnot know it was on until it ringed ihave another phone some one need that phone on.

Anonymous 3/29/14 6:19AM

Good day I would like to know the possibilities of introducing your telephony to Mexico because the costs are very high here I tube her servico in U.S. and I love and service costs

Maribella 3/10/14 12:33PM

They have a promotion on their website that offers $35 for new activation of 4G LTE phones plus $30 credit. I activated LG Optimus F7, and ported my 4 year old number from AT&T Wireless. I logged onto my account did not see a credit or option to pay only the $35. So I paid the full $55. I called and they said the only way to get the credit now was for them to create a new account and get new number. Not cool. So the rep canceled my other account with my old number WITHOUT MY PERMISSION and now I do not have my number any longer. What jerks they are. I need to contact corporate to file a complaint and get my number back,

Kena Johnson 2/24/14 4:03PM

been tryiny 2 days to talk to someone to buy phone

larry 2/19/14 2:07PM

They stole my account balance of $71 dollars when I switched to Verizon even after telling me I would get it back!

Eaton57 2/18/14 7:38PM

I am in the process of finding an attorney to file a class action lawsuit on behalf of Boost customers such as us. I've had enough!!! I pay for UNLIMITED data yet every single month they drastically decrease my data speeds. They are rude and hangup when you call to complain. IF you seriously are interested in participating in this, please email me at Do not contact me if you dont intend to seriously pursue this. I have had enough of Boost and their crap and I hope others feel the same and are willing to do something about it other than just words. Respectfully, R.H.

countrydove 2/16/14 10:19AM

Boost mobile is diabolical, they disable shut down my firends number for making to company free conference call they said that is not the purpose of the phone. They are telling their customer what ccalls they should make. She had her number for over 10 years and they confiscated it.

We need a class action law suite. Starting a blg to find those that have similar experience.

jmax00 2/10/14 9:08AM

Purchased a new three hundred dollar phone, They offered me the promotion, get a new number with the new phone and receive a month free service. Ok I took the free service for one month with my new phone. Well the support/cusmtomer service person, said the phone will go off on the next payment date. Well it did not and they debited my account for the old phone. So now I have two phones with two different numbers!! Call Boost over and over, nothing they can do. Its my fault they told me for not cancelling my old service!! The CS did not inform me to do that, I thought he did that in process of changing my service over. Boost does not give refunds they told me period! Jerks!

Anonymous 2/7/14 9:33AM

I have spoken to several people at boost mobile, payment specialists, customer service representatives, and the credit card/debit card department. This issue has been on going for two months. I am a current customer of boost mobile but this issue and the lack of response and resolution is making me rethink that. I am missing money. That Boost mobile is telling me is misplaced. I have my bank statement that says otherwise. I don't understand why this issue has yet to be resolved.

SamuelJ 2/6/14 6:55PM

My don't expect a response several times my phone drops calls even while taking to tech services they don't call back when they know you have problems I wish I could do a commercial about your services I wish I never messed with you and I do intend to put online my experiences cause if it was up to me close you down I have a illness thanks to your service my family went nuts cause I didn't answer the phone the thought the worse why bill paid but phone has no service we(family) well I think nobody could be worst then you. Going online to alert everyone I know hope others find out before they go thru same situation time to spread the word I'm only telling my case and your responses

Anonymous 1/27/14 3:22PM

Boost mobile is a lying company they trick you into giving your phone number to them saying that they will provide you with a free phone and a free month of service however they give you a free garbage phone and then don't give you the free months of service they tell you that you need a 14 digit pen that was never given to you in order to receive the free month of service and ask for $60 to turn your phone on I am taking them to court if they do not turn my phone on within 48 hours boost if I went through your customer service ID number cj 598558 everything was noted and recorded I am requesting that you review and research this allegation which is not an allegation it's more like a fact and I pretty do the right thing because I will be taking you to court it will cost you a lot more money I will be taking a small claims court will wear it will force you to hire lawyers to going to represent this case

Anonymous 1/24/14 12:30PM

I Am A New Customers To Boost Mobile They Did False Advertising To Just Get Customers To Sign Up With Them And You Don't Get What They Told You They Advise Me That I Will Get A Free Month Never Received It And They Told Me That Since I Was Referral Also Just Provide Referral Code But When I Call Back With The Code They Wouldn't Accept It I Also Port Over A Number It Didn't Get Ported Till A Week Or Two Weeks Later It Just Bad Business All The Way And I'm Current A Customer # 9016904036 And Fina Leave And Go Back To My Previous Carrier If Nothing Gonna Be Done About This Situation Cause I'm Not Satisfied At All With The Way Boost Treat They Customers.

D SPENCER 1/17/14 4:36PM

I Am A New Customers To Boost Mobile They Did False Advertising To Just Get Customers To Sign Up With Them And You Don't Get What They Told You They Advise Me That I Will Get A Free Month Never Received It And They Told Me That Since I Was Referral Also Just Provide Referral Code But When I Call Back With The Code They Wouldn't Accept It I Also Port Over A Number It Didn't Get Ported Till A Week Or Two Weeks Later It Just Bad Business All The Way And I'm Current A Customer And Fina Leave Them And Go Back To My Previous Carrier If Nothing Gonna Be Done About This Situation Cause I'm Not Satisfied At All With The Way Boost Treat They Customers.

D SPENCER 1/17/14 4:33PM

I bought a pre-owned phone from Boostmobile that I just found out was already active in someone else's name. It has been over the 30 day return policy. I want a new phone. What can I do? This was not my fought. If I had found out in time why it could not have been activated in my name, I would have been able to return it within the 30 day time frame. Please help!! So this phone is useless at this point. Might I add a supervisor hung up on me yesterday.After speaking with several reps and Sprint and several at Boost he hung up on me. No apology or anything for my phone being useless. Being that this was not my fault. I don't see why Boost Mobile will hold this against me. The phone worked properly had no issues until I was trying to activate it. I love the phone but hate what has happened to me. Please help.I never should have received a phone that was still active in someone else's name in the first place.

Anonymous 1/10/14 2:31PM

I contacted Boost customer service December 4, 2013 regarding the caller ID on my phone,3057945290, the name on my phone is N. Meneses, I was given an ticket # spoke with over 9 customer service members and a supervisor who stated she the supervisor would call me back Sunday 15th of December, which she lied and never called me back, however, CS did call me back and promise the problem would be fixed in 72 hours which as of January 10, 2014, the caller id still have Meneses, I have emailed and phoned Boost the entire month of December 2013 to get someone to change my caller id.**No one CARES

305-794-5290 1/10/14 1:57PM

I tried to pay my phone bill over the phone after boost customer service people sent me to stores that were closed down. Only to find out they wanted to charge me a fee I was not paying a fee, I asked them are you going to pay me for the gas I wasted? They of course told me no. I told them I would be transferring phone service that I was tired of the service I receive from them this has gotten worse and worse each year. When I changed over my phone number apparently my account on boosts side went POOF!!!! and also my money left on the account. I was told that everything was transferred over because I chose to change phone companies witch is BS they kept my $45.00. that is theft you did not provide me with services I paid for and my money went POOF!!! you stole from me I am letting the whole world your company stole from me and calling the better business bureau.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous 1/9/14 8:11AM

Boost Mobile has the worst customer service of any Corporation I have ever dealt with. No one knows what they are doing to fix a problem !! They forward you to someone else who isn't any help either. I spent 2hrs. on the phone with 4 different associates and never got a refund or my phone fixed. BOOST MOBILE IS A TERRIBLE COMMUNICATION NETWORK. CDMA/(JUNK) phones drop every other word and you can't have a conversation. BOOST and their service is a waste of $$$$ !!!

Anonymous 1/8/14 11:08AM

its a sad shame I been with boost damn near 5 years and been on the $35 shrinkage plan for over 2years, I pay my bill before its due every month and they want to change my plan to $40. they have lost their mind ill go with at&t.

no name 1/7/14 8:51AM

This company is a joke when it comes to security, all someone has to do is have your pin sent to your stolen phone, and the company send it and have your phone turned off and reconnect to another number, and no one can tell you who has your phone. I had just came upon my 6 months with Boost Mobile, paid my bill on Wednesday, and someone stole my phone on Thursday and changed my number. And the company tells me that there's nothing that can do anything about it. But you tell me who in their right mind would pay up to the 6 months, where the bill would be less and then cancel the number. But it is unreal to me that all they need is my number to change it. UNREAL.

neveragain 1/3/14 3:56PM

Hello to all happy holidays. Now with that out of the way i want to warn everyone to dont even waste there time in getting anything from BOOST MOBILE..... They are the WORST cell phone company in the world. They like to lie to the people who pay there wages (like myself who buys there product and airtime) I started with them on 11/13/2013 and the first time my service stopped working was on 11/25/2013. It was restarted on the 27th of november. Then i added a new card to my phone on 12/10/2013. When i applied the payment to my service the phone stopped working. Then the stories started from BOOST MOBILE. First it was my phone.. Went to BOOST MOBILE store and thats right it was not my phone it was the towers. Or that is what i was told.. Then went home tried to call customer care and of course my phone does not work. Have to use a different phone to call customer service( we all own two cell phones right..) They say everything is ok dont know why phone not working ( second lie ) I go again to another BOOST MOBILE store they say that it is the towers and it will be fixed by the 24th of December. In the meantime i have no phone and they wont reimberse me for no service i have lost. So now it is Christmas Day with no phone so i am not able to wish my family and friends a happy holiday (THANKS ALOT BOOST MOBILE) So i went again to the BOOST MOBILE STORE and was told the towers were fixed( another lie) I even called customer care and they prommised that it would be fixed on 12/31/2013 by 2:30 pm pst. you guessed it another lie..SO PLEASE DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME OR YOUR MONEY ON THIS COMPANY. I WILL BE SEEKING FURTHER ACTIONS TO GET MY MONIES REFUNDED BACK TO ME.. MY NAME IS DANE E. WEED # 509 368 0248 So boost mobile you need to step up and make this right.....

Anonymous 12/31/13 6:22PM

Boost mobile sucks and the employees at the melbourne Florida are rude. I just got into a screaming match with the daughter if the owners. Then i have to email my information for somwone to call me back. Whatever. This is not how you run a business.

Anonymous 12/30/13 8:23AM

Just went to a former Revol store and I've been a loyal customer of Revol for 3 yrs. We preloaded my boyfriends Obama phone and the code number to activate was already used. Went to get refunded and the associate at the Morse Rd & Maize Rd in Columbus, OH was completely unhelpful and unprofessional. Didn't get refunded. The line behind us left because he would not give his or a managers name. Save yourself Dont use Boost.

Boost Sucks 12/28/13 3:30PM

this company is worse than walmart and that says a lot. when I do get to talk to some one I get transferred or disconnected. I purchased a phone activated it and payed for a months service. the phone worked for 2 hours, so sent it back got credit for the phone but now no one will help about the 70.00 I payed for a month service that lasted 2 hours. no one should chance it with this company save yourself, I would go to walmart first and I cant stand dealing with them I will fight this and tell every living soul to stay away from boost mobile

scottr 11/25/13 4:32PM

for the last 2-3 weeks i have no signal in orlando florida. thus i can't pay or when i go to website to get into my account it freezes up. I've been trying every day 5 to 6 times a day this is my only phone.

ANABOMB25 11/25/13 8:14AM

My phone was stolen by a relative, she was able to go to another office and get my pin number changed and now I can turn off the service. Your local office personnel was of no help when I reported it. Refused to turn off my service and by the next day the pin was changed and "THEY Can't Do Anything About It". Great service,Why wasn't proper identification asked for when changing a pin number. Or better yet why doesn't my knowledge of the original pin and address the bill has been sent to help. Even the second associate knew me, from paying my bill, but without the current pin unable to do anything. THANKS!!!

Anonymous 11/13/13 8:11AM

I am a boost customer and very dissatisfied. I would like some information about the class action lawsuit

cmalice 11/11/13 3:08PM

Well 2 things are going to happen a Class action law suit and on DEC 25 we will give boost a X mas present they will never forget for such less then POOR service and for 2 morons named Matt And Andre we will do a hostel take over and Run them out of the company and freeze there bank accounts because they do not give a crap about customers and now that the Philippines have been hot and devastated that is where your customer service came from ! If they do not fix there towers and service we will do what we say THE NWO NEW World OUTLAWS and we mean bizzness BROTHERS n Sisters of AMERICA !

NWO 11/10/13 1:15AM

When I call customer care please stop hanging up on me!! Very poor customer service. Even the "manager" hung up on me...

RosaLee08 10/26/13 6:56AM

avoid Boost Mobile at all costs, constant dropped calls, no service or signal at my home any longer... worked fine for years and they refuse to fix it when the tower failed. no customer service, just idiots that give you the run around. I'm going back to Verizon...

eman2349 10/18/13 7:30AM

My name is Darrell Parson.I went into one of your stores in Fortwalton Beach,Florida.I purchased a phone there called the Kyocera Milano.When I downloaded 3 apps and sent a few messages,it ran out of memory space.The associate there recommened this phone.Why,I dont know.Anyways,I was told there was no returns.I feel tricked by buying this phone.So,I came in numerous times for questions about this phone.Courtney was polite but,the short mexican girl told me "Maybe You Should Just Go Somewhere Else".I thought that was rude.So,I did.I had to go back to Boost mobile again and she "Rolled" her eyes and refused to me her name.

Brian 10/12/13 11:47AM

Hi I need a printout of the call record from 6/7/2013. It has to be with a corporation letter head. This is going to proof that I was not talking on the phone by 12:43pm. The judge is asking me for that proof please see what can you do help me thanks a lot Jose M Rodriguez

chauffeurj 9/29/13 9:34AM

Boost mobile is THE WORST!!!

I have been dealing with their "customer sevice reps" for

weeks now. Not one of them out of about 25 knew what they were talking about. I just got the same "out of the manual"

lines that did not even pertain to my problems.

I asked numerous times for their corporate headquarters and was told they dont have any! WHAT A JOKE

Myself and my entire family will NEVER use boost again.

Lying absolutely no customer service!!!

X boost forever 9/6/13 9:29AM

Boost charges sales tax when mobile prepay phones are only required to pay the 911 tax of 50 to 75 cents depending on the state.
By doing this Boost is collecting MILLIONS of dollars from its pre-paid customers for sales tax when they should not and MUST refund these amounts to customers.

Anonymous 8/26/13 6:38AM

my name is Tyra Broaden, i have been a customer of boost mobile for over four years within that time i have purchased 6 phones all which have went out within a year, as i read the comments i notice many of your customers state that the representatives dont know what they are doing or talking about, i purchased a kyocera phone in february 2013, two days later i was unable to use my phone, took it back same thing happened went back to the store, he tried about three kyocera phones and they were all having network problems, so he told me to give hiome an extra 40 dollars and he sold me the samsung galaxy rise, here it is 6 months later and my phone is going out again haven't been able to use it in three days, so after offering me a 30% discount on another phone which i refused they transferred me to your resolution department an i spoke with someone named "roy" after i refused to take the 30% off he was rude i asked him his name he told me "roy" i asked if he had an employee I.D number he told me no he didnt just roy i proceeded to ask him so there is noone else their named "roy" how would they find him without an employee number he then hung up in my face. i did end up speaking with someone and they said they would send me a phone in 48 hours - 5 days called back this morning and they told me i wouldnt receive my phone for 10 business days and if i could borrow another phone from a friend until mines come. i no longer want to be a customer they have no customer service experience at all, they have no interest at keeping they're customers its just sad....

tyrabroaden 8/25/13 1:19PM

I switched to Boost Mobile in Late January of this year (2013) and it was the biggest mistake ever. I have been trying for several days to reach someone who would take the time to assist me because I kept getting bounced from one number to the next to no avail )the same way the phone I have (Kyocera hydo) is doing when I make calls--horrible phone I might add. I finally spoke with a man today in San Diego, CA by the name of Dave and he assured me the process he was going to perform would not erase my contact info--Guess what? It did. I had spoken with a man named Joe at same location and he had given me a number for someone who could help me at and when I dialed that number it was no longer in service so that is why I called back and reached Dave and told him I had spoke with someone named joe in San Diego and what he told me. This is the worst mess I have ever experienced and I would not recommend Boost Mobile to anyone. To make the matter worse; the phone is still under warranty and I purchased an extended warranty and still this is the manner in which Boost is handling the matter. Not good. I would not suggest anyone get this service but if you do enter it at your own risk like I did. I am going back to AT&T quick fast and in a hurry.

Anonymous 8/19/13 8:12AM

A few months ago I switched from Cricket to Boost Mobile as it turns out that was a big mistakes. I did so because they theoretically go down in price. However I shortly thereafter encountered false advertising and it it impossible to speak to a real person for customer service. First lie they provide coverage everywhere. I told them I would be going to Montana and asked if there would be coverage there. I was told yes. As it turned out there was no coverage there. I bought the HTC One phone based on it having beat audio since I have hearing issues. They advertised this feature of beats audio. The audio quality on the phone was horrible. I went into the setting and found that beats audio button was grayed and off. Meaning this feature was disabled. I paid extra for a feature to be able to read and playback voice mail. They did not forewarn me that this feature would not work once I enabled voice mail with a personal message. I then wanted this feature turned off and the company's local San Diego vendor office refused to use there live customer service person access to help me. Instead they gave me a horrible option of resetting my p[hone by removing everything back to the original configurations. As an IT professional I knew that was an extreme answer intended to force me to leave the store dissatisfied. Additionally the phone is having performance problems and it needs to be fixed. I pay the extra $5/ month only to find out after the fact the horrible repair process means send your phone to them and eventually you get it back. They do not loan you a phone for the duration of repair and shipment. I am dependent on my telephone and they should have a warning sign about this process so that we are not forced to invest $400 - $500 to get your cell phone, accessories, and activate. I want to talk to a real person but cannot get that help. Only help provided for customers is calling Boost's automated robotic help line that only cares about getting your money and even that it does do well.

Reasonable Expectations 8/18/13 1:55PM

Old is the worst company for communications ever. had my service since May 20122012... still paying 55 dollars a month. the first 6 months my voicemail didn't work.. and I haven't been able to receive a text from my other boost phone sent May. they offered me $10 in monetary compensation one time only... their company in the United States of America yet none of them can speak English. it's really hard to communicate with communications company when the people do not speak clearly or annunciate your words properly. Im going to do a press release.

asshat vietnam vet 8/15/13 2:32PM

I think its terrible! I bought a new phone in Oct of 2012 and moved to a 3G area in Jan. 2013 and for 7 months am told the tower's are down and that's why my phone don't work at my home. And tonight the tower's supposedly fixed and my phone still don't work at my home. But they tell me my down time is only worth 14.95? That's CRAP! I cant receive calls and cant call out and cant send a text or receive Text~! But yet they cant give me but 14.95 compensation for my down time? That's a disgrace to the human race. I been a customer for year's and so has my whole family and I cant get one strieght person to tell me the truth in this company! Tomorrow I will be with another company and I will be reporting this company to the better business bereau and also the FCC and anyone else I find. But I quarentee Boost Mobile won't get another red cent of my money as of tomorrow! Unless someone in Corporate calls me and fixes the problem. Their customer services Reps are deplorable. Can't speak English and don't know crap about the product their working on! Let alone their good at hanging up on the customers!

Chris 7/29/13 8:14PM

I agree with many of the customers listed on these 3 pages of complaints, the facts are, does corporate executives such as Matt Carter, CEO/President,and Andre Smith, VP ( who does brand loyalty and customer service) look and read the dissatisfied customers, maybe they do not think it is important, but Quality Best Practices should always be revised. I found another address listed for Corporate Headquarters: Boost Mobile's Corporate Office is locate in Irvine, California. The address is below.

Boost Mobile Corporate Office Headquarters
51 Discovery, Suite 250
Irvine, CA 92618 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-949-336-4000 maybe this can help. Remember to send all letters to the CEO/President and Certify. Maybe if he gets so many letters he will understand the frustration of the high price phones, that work for only 6 months, and state they are under warranty, but will not replace. I know I am sending this letter, and cc: the BBB, and FTC, of all the problems, especially the call centers.. not communicating with each other..

kiana 7/23/13 9:10AM

My Name Is Shellise Geter Ok I Have A Big Problem Ok I Bought A Phone Six Months Ago And Had To Buy Another One Ok Well It Had Issues Ok I Kept Getting The Run Around Ok Now I Was Told I Would Get A New Phone And The Manger Got Put In Jail And I Also Hot Put In Jail Ok They Said I Said Icwas Going To Blast Them With My Bb Gun Its Not True And They Just Dont Like The Fact That The Manger Liked Me Please Get Back To Me Asap Because Of This I Have To Go To Court My Phone Number Is

shellise geter 7/21/13 8:44AM

Boostmobile is not advanced enough with technology. My phones been down for four days. So they say its due to network enhancement.Estimated time is 26th of July and today is the 20th.Damn Hurricane Sandy came through New York and they had phones up and running in no time then what Boostmobile is giving me. Sometimes its better to be on a contract then to be dealing with foolery. This company should be called bootmobile cause all their good for is kicking up bull to their customers. Metro PCS has better phones and service to be no contract.

Autumnb 7/20/13 8:28PM

How did you even talk to anyone. I bought a new phone and it will not allow me to set up my voice mail. You call boost and you get all these stupid prompts but not a one to talk to anyone. This is too much work for me. Glad I only have a few days left and I will be going with another carrier. At least when you call Metro someone answers the phone.

Ladybug 7/16/13 2:48PM

The idiots at boost mobile keep telling me I have service at my residence, I have not had tower service since July 5th 2013. I am dumping them on Friday July 12, 2013

silveradojo 7/10/13 3:22PM

WOW, how do I begin my fustrations w/Boost Mobile,but I'll let the BBB and FTC begin my process of fighting my battle. EVERYONE w/complaints should start there,enough companints against their company's profile,they'll CHANGE the idiots working&offering a$4 credit of NOT having service for 5days,nldn weekrnd,right..I won't waste my time staying on hold and speakin with the feet any longer,I speaking STRAIGHT TO THE HEAD!! me they'll LISTEN,or loose

jg 7/8/13 9:10AM

customer service has absolutely no idea what they are doing or talking about. there is no training involved at all when it comes to equipment or network service, network went down in my area and it took 4 phone calls and educating them on how calls work before i got someone to tell me there was a tower down, im sorry but its really sad when the customer is educating the rep, they would not let me talk to a manager when i asked to speak with one, the answer is always "he's busy" its like they are coached on how to avoid customer issues, software in phones is a joke, my phone will not save any pictures i take, pictures have to be sent via mms to email in order for me to keep the ones i take, if you pay your bill and its .10 short you have to add 10.10 to the account in order for it to accept the pmt and restore svc. this company is a joke, definately a scam, a complete load and if anyone is thinking about switching to save money, take a second to think about the hassle you will have to endure with the network, customer service, and equipment. there is absolutely nothing good about this company i am surprised they are still in business!!!! BOOST MOBILE I HATE YOU!!!!!!!!!!

regret that i am a customer 5/6/13 6:09PM

Gives you a recording saying this number and voice mailbox are no longer monitored.

Anonymous 5/6/13 9:10AM

Boost Mobile customer service is unprofessional and rude. After 5 days and 24 phone calls, I still cannot access my voice mail, internet or email. When I call, I get put on hold for a half hour or more, I get hung up on, or get a run-around and switched back and forth from customer service to tech support. I should have known that the woman who was giggly who recommended that I wipe my device to restore it (thus losing all contacts) was either incompetent or passive aggressive. These people don't deserve their jobs. There are people who will work harder and be more professional. The customer service is poor.

Angry Customer 3/1/13 5:42AM

My name is John Elliott of Niceville, Florida and I am a very recent convert to Boost Mobile. After 25 years of ATT cell service, their charges had escalated to the point where I felt switching was prudent.I was incredibly blind to the realities that, at least Boost Mobile, is no more than a scam. Their service is horendious, their customer relations are akin to dealing with a pathologicaly lying con-man, inept management, Customer service representatives with a Pit Bull mentality. All in all a poor excuse for a COMPANY. No matter what the cost to myself, it is my intention tp destroy the business sharade that is Boost of Niceville.

chase 2/13/13 3:56PM

I have been using this companies services going on a year now. I have tried to be patient about the inconsistencies this company seems to have. One the service is below, below average. My first unpleasant experience came the day i paid for my new cellphone. I was sold a phone in an area that had no service. Meaning, i could not receive calls or make them. Customer service number went threw like a charm. 30 days later. My phone works a little better. Now that i live here in ST. Croix, US Virgin Islands. The service is even worse. I'm not one for complaining much. But i spend my hard earned money on this company. The least this company could do is monitor their towers better. Dropped calls should have been a relic by now. But noooooo. We still have money hungry companies who charge too much for less service. Half the time you can't even get threw to speak to someone. I'm feeling this company is headed for a Verizon style lawsuit. I know business, and i know that this company is not representing the view points that customers see. If this company does not fix their service. They need to go out of business and let the grown ups do their job. I mean, come on. Billion dollar company can't even keep their service in tip top shape. But i bet you that new commercial is really spiffy. I think that we need some big company service police. Someone who will make sure the complaints are seen and heard by the big companies owners. Not the employee who figured a way to ignore customers without fault. That will change. Mess with someones money long enough. Some one will come along and help them get it back and then some. Plus, don't you think that it is peculiar that a major company would go to so much lenght to keep from hearing customers complaints?

Pissed of about my money 2/11/13 3:53PM

The above number for corporate doesn't work. They don't answer it...dummy line. Had too many complaints and don't want to hear from their customers directly. That's why they have a run-around 888 phone system. Well, after 45 miniutes and several phone tries to the 888-266-7848 Boost number, I finally was able to reach a LIVE human rep. The reps keep telling me that they are going to change the automated system to be able to get a Live person soon, but nothing definate.

HappyMom88 1/25/13 5:54AM

Boost mobile has the worst customer care service the people they employ can not speak or understand english the corporte office will not respond to any message sent and their phone numbers do not work so we are just singing to the chour no one is listening or care its best we all just find other providers for cell phone services its too many out there to be used once people start taking there business else where than maybe they will go out of business so pass the word to friends and families via facebook twitter and anyway you can to say do not get boost mobile regardless of the plans they offer

B 1/22/13 6:11AM

Drug test your management, get a corporate contact number. I walked in and the manager had just smoked marijuana. My son and i were overtaken by the smoke despite him having the backdoor open with a fan blowing outward. When i arrived it took me a minute to get my son out of the car. I was parked directly in front of the door. Nobody came out or went it. When i confronted the manager about the cloud of smoke he suggested it must have been from all the drug dealers he sells phones to. Nobody else was in the store. Next time since there is no contact number i will simply call the police. Not worth exposing my soon to drugs for a phone cover. What a sorry excuse for management. I am completely infuriated about it and unfortunately it is the only location in my area. Should have called police and closed your location. I won't hesitate next time.

Debbie 12/27/12 6:32AM

Hi, i went to a Boost Moble store yesterday and not knowing much about what they had to offer i asked the customer rep. for some info. Well...after not being able to answer a few questions he then contacted the customer service dept.I wanted to find out if i would be able to make unlimited calls to Trinidad under any of their plan. A customer Rep. by the name of Mia told me YES i can with the $60. plan. after switching my phone from my company i was with and BUYING two of their phones so i could have two phones with the feature of calling to Trinidad I WAS UNABLE to make ANY CALLS to Trinidad. I was LIED to, I WAS MISINFORMED by the customer who obviously DO NOT know her job thus misinforming me. I then spoke to a Supervisor who said they coud do nothing for me except refund me a one time fee but i had to KEEP THE PHONE which is HORRIBLE for texting . At this point i had given up my plan with another company, given up my phone and now I AM LEFT WITH A HORRIBLE PLAN and and even more HORRIBLE PHONE...I was shocked with all of that took place. I was set up, i was lied too and now left with a phone company who refused to give me back my refund to my credit card or cash but rather said he can only refund it back to my BOOST account so now i am FORCED to stay with them for TWO months. I am telling you be very careful when you are dealing with BOOST. Their staff does not know anything about their service and you can very well be set up and misguided like i have bee.....I am so so upset about my phone and the plan i got from them.

crying 12/25/12 6:52AM

Boost mobile has the worst customer care service the people they employ can not speak or understand english the corporte office will not respond to any message sent and their phone numbers do not work so we are just singing to the chour no one is listening or care its best we all just find other providers for cell phone services its too many out there to be used once people start taking there business else where than maybe they will go out of business so pass the word to friends and families via facebook twitter and anyway you can to say do not get boost mobile regardless of the plans they offer

dharding 12/24/12 9:18AM


bg2011 12/20/12 9:39PM

I ordered a SAMSUNG GALAXY PREVAIL for 49.99 online 12/14/12 (Total: $59.99); I was told by Customer service Phone Rep/tech that the 50% off online sale would last until the end of 12/2012; logged back onto boost mobile this monday 12/17/12 the PRVAIL was listed at $99.99; I ordered this via Debit card & was told by a SUPERVISOR; that BOOST POLICY only allows ordered phones to be shipped to the Address on the customers Credit or debit card [I wanted the phone shipped to my jobs address, because i'm their often & my home mail box is unsecure & the phone maybe stolen] they said: IT COULDNT BE DONE [I explained that i just ordered a pair of $70 Boots from EASTBAY & they sent them to my work adress] but Boost still would not comply; FYI: So if you have a KID in college or a Kid in the Millitary, & you purchase them a PHONE from boost, they will only ship the phone to your Adress & you will have to pay extra at the POST OFFICE or UPS/FED EX etc.. & ship it out to your desired destination as a GIFT. BAD COMPANY POLICY & POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE AT BOOST MOBILE!!!!

Anonymous 12/17/12 3:13PM

Hey Im am writing here as a last attempt to get some assistance from boost mobile. I have had a portion of your service since November the 8th. It is now December the 17th 2012 and the issues with my new phone have NOT been resolved and now you want more money from me for another month of service????. I feel like I have been ripped off by your company and will do what ever necessary to get my money back and to warn people about these issues. Here is the problem that I have tried to get help with for over a month. I have kept records of these phone calls and now I am very happy I did.

On November the 6th I ordered a Kyocera Hydro phone. I received that phone on Thursday November the 8th. When I received that phone I went online, my number *** *** 5520 was ported from ATT. I used that phone with that phone number for a total of 5 days. I also ordered another phone, a Samsung Galaxy Rush. On November 13th that phone came. I went online and switched my account from the Kyocera Hydro to the Samsung Galaxy Rush. I called in to have my mothers number, *** *** 6560 ported in to be used on the Kyocera Hydro which I had just switched from. I was told to let my phones come back on and her number would be working on the hydro. Later after turning my phones on I realized that the 6560 number was on the Galaxy Rush and not the Hydro. The Hydro did not work and my number was gone. I called in again had the 6560 number switched to the right phone but the other did not work. I was given a temporary number which didn't not work at that time for my 5520 number. My mothers number was switched to the correct phone but while on the phone with customer service there was a problem with her line and she was without service for days but is not currently fixed. I still do not have my *** *** 5520 number, I still have the temporary number *** *** 9801. I am only able to make calls and access the web. I can not text, I can not set up my voicemail and I do not have my number I have had for years.

I continued to get transferred repeatedly with people I had trouble understanding and each time I had to explain my situation over and over again. Ive spent hours on the phone with boost mobile with customer reps who have been rude to me, who have transferred me to wrong departments, given me numbers that did not work. One of the rude reps would not allow me to speak to her team leader or supervisor even after I asked her several times. I was on the phone with her for almost 2 hours, there were communication problems and she would ask me why I wanted to speak to her supervisor and I simply told her because you're not able to help me with the issue I need someone who can. She ignored my requests and transferred me again. I feel like I have been getting the run around. Every time I call I hear something new. I was told that the 6560 number was showing up on both phones and I needed a third handset to fix it. I was told they could no longer find the 5520 number in the system and asking me repeatedly if Im sure it was ported over. I AM sure. I used my ATT number for 5 days with boost mobile. I was also told I couldn't text because they were switching over to new towers and the problem would be resolved automatically on the 20th of November and I could call in and be refunded after it was fixed. It was never fixed and I was told by another rep that theres nothing going on in the area... .again a run around.

I was also told by the engineering department after waiting over 72 hours for them to phone that the 5520 should be working. The reps wanted me to accept their word that every thing was fixed but when I asked them to call both numbers they would see that the 5520 number says disconnected and the 9801 number would ring to my phone although it should have been the reverse. I do not want a different number I want the number I had. I chose your company because I could keep my number and pay 55 dollars for a months service. I have paid my 55 dollars, and I am not getting the promised service of unlimited text talk and web. I cant text, I cant set up voicemail I don't have my number. Noones helping me.

I went through the same steps and processes with over 10 customer service reps, restarting, rebooting, and restoring my phone to factory settings and nothing came out of it. A ticket was created and sent to the engineering department. They called me back a few days later only to end up telling me they have done all they can they are sending me to another department who can better assist me. They never called back. I end up calling the engineering department back and was transferred. I was told by several people they would fix it. The last guy said he understood the problem but none of your other workers did and he was trying to explain through chat and phone calls the issue. He said he understood my issue and would put my files in his bin for the next day and he would take care of it and call me back and make sure it was resolved. I waited and have not received a call.

I am in the middle of job searching, Ive just graduated a private University and have sent out resumes with my *** *** 5520 number that says it has been disconnected. Boost mobile is preventing me from job opportunities and I am very dissatisfied with your company. As stated earlier something needs to be done about this. I need to be refunded for the services I have paid for an am not getting, for this phone I paid for that is not benefiting me and allowing me to get the services that I paid for. I paid 55 dollars to boost mobile on the 8th of November and as of December the 117th I have not received those services paid for. I was told this morning while asking for a credit because I dont want to keep paying if Im not getting what I paid for that I had NEVER made a payment to boost mobile at all even though I have bank records showing I did. Apparently she think some customer service rep gave me 55 dollars for a free month of service. Yeah right. I will take other actions if necessary.

S Poteat 12/17/12 8:39AM

phone number is not good

Anonymous 12/12/12 6:26PM

I have been attempting to set up a new service with Boost Mobil. I purchased a phone via the internet on sale by 50$ off (1/3 off the original price) on black Friday Nov 23 2012. I was told I would have it in 3 days. I received their confirmation email on Monday the 25th. Today is December 4th and still no phone. I have written twice and called the Fake Costumer service number on their web page. It now belongs to a hotel and has for 2 (TWO) years. The man who answered said that he is fed up with Boost Mobil himself,as people call all the time. I called by credit card company and there was a record that they had put in a request for funds, however, for an unknown reason the request was not completed. She tole me that if fund had been denied (which they had NOT) they would have contacted me. Something unknown just went wrong and I guess it was too much trouble for them to complete the sale.
And that is before they have ANY of my money. Now that is u8nbelievably bad customer service when you can't even become a customer. Perhaps I just been lucky this time.

BellaVita 12/4/12 11:19PM

So....crazy story today.....

I have been looking to upgrade my phone for a while. I like the prepaid plans cause they are cheaper. For example....with Virgin Mobile I can get unlimited EVERYTHING for $55 a month.

So...My wife has had boost for a while, and I have had Virgin. Only reason I didn't switch was the cost of the phone.

Step in Cyber Monday. Boost had a sale on the EVO V Design for $187 and I had a coupon for $50 $137...great deal, so I decide to pull the trigger. Boost also has Shrinkage...for every 6 months you pay on time, your bill goes down $5 till your are down to $40 (Android). My wife is at $45 right now.

So I go on their site and order the phone. When I hit Confirm Order, I get an error screen. Go to check my bank account to see if it went through and IT DID....THREE TIMES....with tax, is holding $145.74 x 3.

I call Boost....they say my card was declined because IP address did not match the area of the cardholder address....but I am like....well you are HOLDING my money. They said automatic reversals go through immediately.

So I call PNC....they say that the reversal will match up with the holds during overnight processing and I will not see that charge tomorrow.

All good.....

So armed with this info....I decide to CALL boost to make sure their are no problems placing the order. Figure I will try one more time since the money will come back tomorrow and I have enough to cover it. SO I place the order....and the chick comes back and says I was declined....I am like WTF! I go to PNC online banking....and sure enough....$145.74 AGAIN!!!! If anyone is doing the math....we are up to almost $600 on hold in my account. Again, call boost, they issue a reversal....PNC says it will clear ALL $600 will come back tomorrow.

So....all these ****ing issues...and I just so happen to be holding some cash. SO my wife says....go get a prepaid VISA....if they are not working well with can bypass it getting a prepaid VISA and put it in HER name so I have nothing to do with the order.

Mind you...only jumping through hoops to save $120 on the phone which is a CYBER MONDAY deal so has to be done today.

So...I go to Walmart. I get the prepaid card for $160....I come home, we order it online, put it in my WIFES name.....voila....****ING ERROR on the website again, and go to the prepaid site...and...guess what? Charge $145.74....

Keeping up with the math?

Boost now has a hold on a total of almost $750 dollars of mine for a $137 ****ing phone.

I started this fiasco at 2:30PM it is now became a matter of **** YOU I want my phone. They won this battle.

I give up....short of giving me a free phone for this cluster ****, boost will never get my business. EVER.

They have a hold on $750 and I still have no phone.

Anonymous 12/3/12 7:48PM

WARNING TO BOOST MOBILE!!!! We the customers can put you out of business. How dare you ask me for more money for the next month's service when you haven't rectified me not having service for the previous month.

You should never underestimate the power of the people!

sickofvegas 12/3/12 1:54PM

They forced me to buy a new phone because I had an iDen one...I bought one of the phones they recommeded from THEIR I can't get anyone to help me with using the phone!!!!!!!!! I can't even get them to answer emails or to call me back with a live person

letigre 11/29/12 8:23AM

All of your advertising is just a lot of hype. You have the worst service of any phone co. I can not reach a actual person on the phone, all I can get is menues. I am trying to stop the constant commercial messages on my phone.

Anonymous 11/24/12 9:13AM

I dont know if the savings is worth it. It is impossible to reach a live representative. My phone service has been interrupted srter my payment and even before it was due. Now I live in far Rockaway NY. We were hit bi hutticane sandy on10/29 Monday. The power went out and stayedorr until 11/11. Allduring this time, I had NO phone service at all including texting. I could not call my job,my children,someone to come and help me. No one knew where I was or even if I made it. My bill was due today 11/12. My service is now interrupted. Dont I even get a break for at least one day. What the hell is this. New York has been declared a disaster area.

the1gman 11/13/12 3:07AM

It is time to put the word out - boycott boost mobile. Since we can't reach them to clear up problems, or have our concerns heard, then it's time for them not reach us either. The service is poor, customer service is even worst.

We are spending our hard earned money on this super poor service. Time to got to Cricket. Thanks for nothing Boost Mobile.

yousuckboost 11/9/12 6:43PM

i have had the same problems they tried to fix my phone when they had a outage and broke it completly ! so then i sent in to zte what i was told to do ! first told by boost that i had insurance then told by zte that i didnt so i had to pay 100 bucks for the ragly phone ! so fed up !!!!!

Anonymous 11/5/12 8:48AM


gretchent 11/1/12 7:19PM


Ridiculous...I have the same complaint as the ones below me. All of the complaints. The most thing that has shrunk in my shrinkage plan is my service. For the first month I was good. All of the other proceeding months its been the same story and I have even bought a new phone thinking it would remedy the problem and it only got worst. If you haven not swithched to Boost Mobile Don't

Boost customer 11/1/12 2:18PM

You can no longer reach boostmobile thru the number posted on this site for cooperate offices. They out source all of their customer services. I have been all over the world thru the c s. Half of the time the reps speak very little english. I have been to china, malaysia, caracas, venezuela, china, japan, caribbean and they finally plano, tx. My cell service towers has stopped working in august of 2912. When i call they keep giving me an estimated time of repair and when the date comes the repair has not been completed...

Deniseferry1 11/1/12 7:32AM

I bought your phone believing your ads.You ripped me off by having me buy your unlimited plan which was $55.00. Your sorry ass service couldn't put any bars on my phone at all.Your whole network is a rip off. anyone buying one of your phones is getting ripped off. You're nothing but a bunch of thieves.You're not getting my e-mail address you bunch of pussies,you don't plan on contacting me anyway.

Anonymous 10/31/12 9:25PM

when i first got my boost mobil phone it worked just fine probably 4 the first 2 mounths after that i couldnt recieve pictures that were sent 2 me. now when i talk on the phone it is so choppy that i cant talk on it. i dont know what is going on but i am going 2 have 2 have better service than this.i pay 50.00 a month and i dont plan on wasting another 50.00 unless u can fix the problem.

marabell8 10/26/12 8:37AM

What is going on with the coverage for my phone. I am not able to get any coverage in my area and I was getting coverage here before. I call the customer service line and can not get through. I am not happy with my service right now. What are you going to do about this problem, can't get calls through my phone every call goes to voice mail and I have important call that I need to recieved. This problem need to be fix.

marilynd54 10/24/12 7:38AM

You guys are not the only ones scammed over by these piece of crap people! Rest assured ur not alone we shall boycott this company and have any one who uses it join tmobile or some other companies! I started by having my entire family and there family with phones go to tmobile they lost 200 or more customers now

dont mess witht he customer 10/22/12 5:04PM

Boost Mobile ripped off my phone, gave me a crappy replacement and refuses to do the right thing. Boost- i am not gonna lay down and take it. you started this and i will continue to smear the boost name till i can no longer type.

Anonymous 10/16/12 5:42PM

I have been calling and writing for days now, and not getting the response I am looking for! I want a yes or no about if Boost Mobile is getting the iphone. If yes we shall wait if no then were going somewhere else. I keep getting "well maybe, and if we do we will send you a message to your phone" sorry that's not good enough right now, the rumors have been out since the summer months and I'm not going to wait to much longer.

Fustrated 10/13/12 4:40AM

I am beyond disappointed with boost. I heard good things and i switched from Verizon to boost. Since receiving my phone about six months ago i get horrible service even in places that other people with boost get great service i do not receive phone calls or text messages on a regular basis no matter how much service i do have. I have the zte warp. Not only do i have the problem with not receiving calls my phone freezes constantly, it shuts off whenever it wants, and it does random things whenever it wants. I have never been so disappointed with a phone or the service before i switched to boost. I had the insurance for it but when i called i had to pay a deductible, i feel that since it's not my fault the phone is malfunctioning i should get a free replacement phone if i don't get a free replacement i will be switching service to another company where i won't have these problems.

Anonymous 10/10/12 10:32AM

New CUSTOMER!!! This is not what I expected... I joined your company in June got insurance in July. Since then, it has been the worst. I've been shifted around the company by many different customer service reps and I have called numerous of time waiting on a phone for almost 2 months. Finally the phone was delivered to an Fed Ex nearby location. The phone Boost mobile sent to me was the smallest phone in the warehouse with no capablities near what I had on my Android. For me to be new to this company, it has been a major disappointment. I switched over from MetroPCS, which was a company where I received good or should I say excellent customer service. I have spoken to more than 15 people from your company and I can count on one hand who were professional and respectful. I have NEVER experienced this with any other company. I am a very disappointed customer who has been thrown under the bus by your company. If you could take the time out to give this any attention, you will see exactly what I am referring to... The coverage and service I received were o.k. but I will be switching companies soon and just wanted to let you guys at Boost Mobile that I am very shocked to find out that a million dollar cell phone company go around treating their customers like gum stuck to the bottom of a heal... I will also let my family and others who I know with the company about my terrible experience. By the way I am still waiting on a Blackberry replacement phone if it's going to take almost two months for me to get that one you all can keep it... I just got off the phone with Boost once again and they lied numerous of times and I am sick of this I am switching my service and none of my family member or friends will ever..never.. go with your company. Thanks for nothing!!!
Upset and Disappointed
Sonia Renita Tyus
[email protected]

styus 9/19/12 2:27PM


[email protected] 9/4/12 12:17PM

I am dissatisfied with the service i received at one of your stores. I am a new customer who purchased an account through a free promotional phone. The sales lady purposely allowed me to get a phone that was not compatible to my memory card. I advised her that i liked to watch videos and asked her to see if my sd card would work in the new phone. Needless to say the memory card fitted, but i could not play my videos.I tried to return the phone two hours later to get the phone i needed to be able to watch videos/smart phone. I offered to pay any additional charges to disconnect and reconnect to the phone i needed. I was told because it was a promotional offer i would have to pay another additional $50 like before. This was the sales person mistake. Therefore, i should not get stuck with a phone that i was given the impression that it was a smart phone.

Highly Disappointed 9/1/12 1:18PM

ive called 611 to talk to someone about how do i put a ringtone to each one of my contact'i have a samsumg galaxy prevail an i can not get to no one,so i can i get to talk to a live person please help me!!!!!!!!

sexyblack 8/12/12 9:52AM

I recently have been having a texting problem with the Samsung Transform Ultra. On 7-25-12 in the evening I experienced the problem with my phone not notifying me when I receive a texts. A spoke with many c/s reps and technitions taking me through all the steps like: taking the battery out, updating my PRL, Profile and factory resetting my handset with the tech provisioning it also. (Problem not resolved) After numerous phone calls finally a ticket number was issued to me #192 005 30 120 727. also my fiance having the same exact problem #192 008 77 120 728. I was told that in 72 hours I was to receive a phone call regarding the fix to my problem. (NO CALL) again I call your c/s reps. and no information is told. I recently worked for a wireless company and knowing the customer service I have been given is UNEXCEPTABLE. I did find out that three towers are having problems in my area and that the problem will HOPEFULLY be resolved by 8-2-12. After all this aggreviation from your service I AM hesitate to stay with Boost Mobile. I'm thinking Cricket is sounding better and better and maybe I will give them a try if my problem is not fixed. When your company tells a consumer they will CALL you and then doesn't just tells me Boost Mobile only cares about the money not their customers!!!!!!!!!!!!!

[email protected] 8/1/12 3:32PM

I recently bought me a new motorola theory, and i love this phone. for a week and a half. I have had no help from boost,BCGZ and now I cant use the phone because there is a hash match error and requesting usb programming. why isnt boost helping us????? Ive gone through all of the channels three or four times and I am either hung up on or my malfunctioning phone drops the call. can some one please shoot me an email with a contact person or a good lawyer. 5303708348

tech1otr 7/8/12 10:20PM

Please call. I have lost my number after years of ads. Truck lettering, Letterhead and Boost will not give up my phone number that I had before Boost.
I've called the TV station wsb and asked for trouble shooting advice. Do I need to call the Fcc or public service commission.
Do I need an Attorney. And how about all those no service dropped calls. Please call me 678-705-7610

Kim Dowda 7/6/12 11:44AM

Dear Sir or Madam,
I am very disappointed for the service I've received in having my question not answered. I was supposed to have 24/7 service but up until this day, I canâ??t make or receive any calls because my service has been restricted and know one knows for how long I'll be with out a phone. Iâ??ve been trying to contact your customer support representatives to help me regarding this issue, but it seems that my complaint continue to be unresolved.
To resolve this issue, I ask that someone tell me how long will said cell be deactivate? Iâ??ve been a loyal customer and I look forward to hearing from you regarding a resolution to this problem. Please contact me at (404)949-5065.

Rudolph Rivers III
Refund & Recovery Specialist
Quality Assurance, Appeals and Audits Department
Kaiser Permanente Georgia Region
(404)949-5065 (office)
(404)949-5002 (fax)
[email protected]

Rudy 7/3/12 6:12AM

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