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Burlington Coat Factory corporate office headquarters location, phone number, address and feedback

Please find details for the Burlington Coat Factory corporate office below. We do our best to keep this information current, but if you are aware of any updates to the Burlington Coat Factory corporate office headquarters information we have, please feel free to submit an update.

Corporate Office Address:
Burlington Coat Factory Warehouse Corporation

Bain Capital LLC
1830 Rte. 130 N.
Burlington, NJ 08016
United States

Phone: 609-387-7800
Fax: 609-387-7071

Burlington Coat Factory Corporate Office Comments

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After a recent visit to one of your store locations (Security Blvd.) I was approached by a security officer as I was walking to my car(not in the store or either at the door). The officer requested that I needed to open my vest. I asked if he had proof that I had did something wrong. His response was NO you did not do anything wrong. I then asked why he needed me to open my vest he stated that "It looked puffy". The officer then proceeded to turn off his walkie-talkie and verbally abused me attempting to force me to open my vest. When I refused he stated that he was going to physically put his hands on me if I did not comply. I felt violated and was not given a reasonable explanation as to why I would have been targeted and forced to be searched outside standing at my vehicle. The next day I attempted to contact a manager because this situation continues to bother me. I went to the store and spoke to the store manager Tarsha (Store 324). The Manager took down my information and stated that she would speak with the officer for the discrimination/mistreatment that occured. She never got back in contact with me. I am sending this complaint because I feel I was greatly mistreated and would like this to be handled appropriately prior to me taking legal action. I have went to the store in person and called several times and no one has bothered to respond to me. When I spoke to the Manager Tarsha I asked if the officer could apologize for his wrong actions she stated that she could not force him but would get back in contact with me to assure that the situation was addressed. This situation occurred February 18th, 2014 between the hours of 1:00pm-4:00pm.

Anonymous 2/24/14 9:07AM

To: Burlington Corporate Offices.

There Has Been A Breach In Credit Card Security Information.

The National Police Defense Foundation Erroneously Received A Fed Ex Package On Fevruary 12, 2014 That Contained Processed On-line Credit Card Merchant Receipts From Your Manhattan Store Location. I Called Your Store Twice With Promises Of A Return Call Which Failed To Occur.

I Would Recommend Customers Not To Conduct Credit Card Transactions Due To The Lack Of Security Involving Their Transactions.

Joseph Occhipinti

Anonymous 2/13/14 3:23PM

Why are there no shoe horns in BCF stores?

sdw4653 1/27/14 10:47AM

Dear Corporate Office, I would like to let you know about my experience at your Burlington store ..My mother and I were in there shopping for my Daughter's first birthday, when we found a pair of infant size 5 zebra stripped boots MARKED FOR $2.00 WHEN WE FOUND THEM. We went to the register to pay for them and one of your employees at the register AMBER (THE ONE WITH ZERO CUSTOMER SERVICE SKILLS) made a comment on how she cant believe that they were only $2.00 then she took my money for them and rudely told me she had to double check the price of them. After she checked the price she acted as if we had marked the shoes down to a lower price and called over another employee ROB who also acted as if we changed the price tag. Rob then in turn called over Manager KELLY who to our surprise ALSO acted as if we changed the price stated "this doesn't even look like a tag we use" .... Now I have worked in retail for 15 years and I know that if its not a tag for that store it will NOT ring up on that register. now clearly these people knew that and instead of nicely saying " I am sorry, but somehow these shoes are marked wrong and we cant sell them for that price" they rudely let me know that they are $11.99 I could buy them for that price. Now I understand that employees make mistakes with mark downs or customers switch tag however I did not switch the tags and I do not appreciate your employees acting as if I am a thief and I think they need some training on how to deal with and treat customers!! This is not the first time I have had a problem with your store and I do not plan on returning there ever again and I plan to let everyone know about how badly your employees treat the people that shop in their store which is the reason they even have a job!!

tldean 1/24/14 7:42PM

I went to Burlington Coat Factory in Cross County Yonkers to pick a layaway. I was told that I should return the items and than take off the items that I wanted to return (which I did) After, doing so I completed my order and watch them whisk off the items I left behind. something was telling me you'll be sorry, I asked the cashier would I be getting the monies from my returns debited back to my card. She made a sad face and said NO! Now, I left to maintain a credit at BURLINGTON in the amount of TWO hundred dollars when its Christmas time robbing me from my other obligations. I'm truly upset about this its heartbreaking to have money locked in somewhere without so much as a word. Bottom line is that if I knew that it would be in their pockets either way I would of just taking the layaway! "Shop with CONFIDENCE" yeah,right!!!!

PissedPrecious 12/22/13 2:07PM

Hello, I have been looking for a women's winter coat for two months in your stores in the Chicago area. I was given a number describing the coat from one of your employees in the Chicago downtown State street store. The number is ) the coat is a Gallery coat. The Chicago Damen and 48th street store show one in their system in an extra large which is my size. I have made numerous trips to that particular store to see if they have found the coat, or if someone have purchased it from your most convenient layaway plan which I am so thankful for. If you don't have one in any of your stores in the Chicago area, can you refer me to the distributor of this coat. Thank you.

Add a comment 12/16/13 10:37AM

Today I went into the Rohnert Park,Ca. Burlington Coat Factory.At 2:00 PM every single aisle in the store had merchandise on the floor.We are talking baby clothes,kids clothes,adult clothes and toys.It was so disgusting I left without buying something from this store.It is obvious that the store manager is not concerned and you must not have a district manager to check on this store. Do the employees wait till closing time to clean the aisles of clothing that has been stepped on all day? That store is an embarrassment and if I had my camera phone I would have taken photos to prove my point. I would love to have Undercover Boss do a show on Burlington.Please send him to Rohnert Park in the afternoon so that person can see first hand how and what management thinks of that store.

Larry 11/3/13 5:52PM

I have been shopping at Burlington for years I believe we shoppers should get together and do a petition against Burlington coat factory. Their New York stores are dirty. cluttered. in a mess. When you see an item that's defective the most they want to give is a lousy 10% off that does not even cover taxes. How dare they insult us. These stores are in our communities if we stop patronizing them we'll get better results. More respect I don't think we should deal with rudeness they apply for these and get paid to work but have an attitude daily its ridiculous. LET';S STAND OUR GROUND FIGHT FOR SMETHING NOT FALL FOR NOTHING!!!!

Anonymous 9/24/13 11:51AM

I heard that Mitt Romney is One of the stock holders in Burlington Coat Factory! If this is so then I can truly understand when he ran for Pres. why he loss.I live in Bangor Maine and there is a Burlington Coat Factory that needs an overhaul . As I'm sure there are many more as well. It's said that their pay is only 7.50 an hour and no one other then Management gets full time . So there for no one gets benefits or more then 29 hours a week. The store is dirty and needs to truly be cleaned. There are some amazing works there, who are treated horrible. The old saying goes the rich get richer and the poor get poor. The fact remains that with out these people you as stock holders or owners wouldn't have your pockets full if it wasn't for the sales women and man out there working there butts off or the receivers or the cashiers doing there jobs. A Company becomes are remarkable Company when you treat the people that work for you as you wish to be treated . And I don't see that being the case with Burlington at all. It's said that the people there bust there butts for wages that don't even cover there rent .... Do the MATH 29 hours a week at 7.50 an hour 217.50 a week after taxes your lucky if you walk away with 175. a week that comes out to 700.00 a month and 9100. a year. In a state with high rents and taxes Electric and so much more. And you can't help . So as for me Burlington is as bad as all Box stores in this Country hooray for the stock holders and to hell with the real people who want to take pride in where they work and who they work for. This Country is no different when it comes to slave labors . Get your heads out of the sand and make changes.It truly is a shame that you are clueless to your own stores . I have to say that respect is earned there truly needs to be an under cover boss in Bangor's store. And others ! You'll truly learn the truth about a lot. No one has a smile or even greets you with a pleasant tone. That's sad that they are not respected by the Company they work for. That is an outrage . You feel the need to treat them as slave labor and of no benefits or raises to show that without them you have nothing.

Outraged 8/13/13 4:46PM

The manager, Bryan at the Burlington Coat Factory Store in Hoover, Alabama is very rude and smug. He makes his own rules and goes against Burlington Coat Factory Corporate Policies. I always experience the utmost in disrespect from him and some store employees everytime I visit. Corporate needs to make this store a pleasant place in which to shop.

Anonymous 8/8/13 10:28PM

To whom it may concern: l love shopping at Burlington coat factory until today very disappointed in the way the new shoe department looks now so not appealing to the eye it looks horrible it was so much more organized before and made the store look so much more upscale now with the racks it looks like a savers why would you want the store to look so shabby not impressed with this new concept can not understand why you would want a decent store to look like a flea market....please reconcider your shoppers opinions ty

bigdog1218@verizon. net 7/25/13 2:31PM

You Really Need To Handle Your Customer Service Check Was Declined Si Call 800 Number And They Say It Was Accepted.3 Times.i Have Never Had A Problem They Tell Me After Getting Someone It Was Never Acceted Because I Havent Wrote Checks There Before.unbelievable.i Cashed Many.flat Out Called Me A The Manager There Was Pretty Thanks Bulington.i Still Have My Self Respect And Hopefully My Money Back.i Have To Check My Bank Everyday For Can Forget My Patronage And Everyone Else I Know Was A 15 Dollar Chevk..i Have Much More To Spend Elsewhere Where I Get Treated With Respect And Dont Get Treated Horribly.

Anonymous 6/21/13 7:05PM

Burlington coat factory in Lansing, IL on 1 had loss prevention following me all over the store during my shopping experience on 4/30/2013 @ 4:49pm. It was one of the worst shopping experiences I have had in a long time. It was such a terrible experience that afterwards I contacted the store manager Laura at\ to inform her of what went on. Unfortunately she said that loss prevention was in training wow I didn't know that training consisted of following customers around the store and racial profiling during their shopping experience. Shame on you Burlington I have been a loyal customer for a long time but this is just unacceptable. I will be sure to tell all of my friends not to shop at this location.

customer 4/30/13 4:06PM

First of all I am very dissapointed in cherl at corporate my Mom has been getting harassed at work for 4 months and she called corporate and spoke with chwerl which is the manager Anne's best friend so instead of helping and preventing harassment she and the employees Veronica and sandra start harassing her and made it look Look noone is bothering her Veronica watches what time she comes in what time she works what she's doing while she's working talking to other employees that have come to her to let her know and when they were brought to the office they were intimidated and not asked the right questions instead of solving the problem by calling corporate but no they pulled my layaway while I was off because Veronica told them to check it which was no problem with my layaway I put a leave of absence and they said yes March 5 was supposed to be my day for leave of absence now Feb 25 they tell me no incantations take a leave of absence why are they doing this and she bought a coat and I say two weeks later they told her they had an audit and her coat was marked wrong. She needs. To bring it back or pay the difference that's wrong its not her fault she did not price the item she's going to take it back but why would they do all of this to an employee that works hard and goes to work to work and has worked at Burlington in other state and has worked for Ross many years she's a good person and will do whatever anyone asks of her which is why I'm writting this to you because she Called and asked cherl if they can do an investigation or help her to see what's going on at her store because Veronica ��� nd Sandra harass other employees that the quit they have purposely sabotaged previous managers by purposely not doing thing by deadlines when having visits and laughing at them they make sexual remarks about gay managers which is terribly wrong and they make racial comments calling employees ni*** go arond talking about the managers that's help them harass employees saying the only reason they got the Job is because their white which is another long time friend of Anne's that's very racist and uncalled for I can't believe you guys let them harass and bully a previous burlington employee three times for seasonal if she is a bad worker why would they hire on numerous times it this store and my mother lived going to work it wasn't until Veronica started harassing her and she asked Anne for a meeting and she said now's not the time so Veronica and Sandra which also have been friends for years which doesn't give them the right to scream and scare employee harass my mom so she calls corporate and cheek which is Anne's friend bad person to talk to because instead of looking into it she told Anne and Anne got mad and nothing was fixed they made my mom look like a thief they embarrassed her and watched her every move made her feel uncomfortable to come to work they cut her hours so cause she called corporate because veronica harasses her Anne got mad and now they all gang up on her which when you call corprate you should get some help you don't call for no reason something's seriously wrong please help. Please respond on what she can do

stephanie 2/25/13 1:40PM

Your company practices false advertising tactics. I am reporting to BBB and State and federal agencies. Especially because you advertise falsely on television fca.I am sure you don't care because you have been getting away with it for years. I stayed away from your company for a long time should have known better than to give you another try

Anonymous 1/3/13 6:07PM

Ask about the associate that worked in the back who has hepatitisc who left .at cooper st store in arlington and management knew about it snd let her continue to work.

Anonymous 1/1/13 2:18AM

The store at 166 is meaning the female manager keeps changin the schedule everh day and the staff is suppose to keep with a schedule that changes everyday a.d when your off and it says your off they change there minds at the last min and you have to change yours life because they did and everyone is gettin very upset you neec to talk to the associates about whats goin in the store yOull find out alot

annomouse 12/31/12 12:33PM

You may need to talk to the associates about the store and management. at 166

Anonymous 12/28/12 3:02PM

Manager at the south side San Antonio is very unprofessional. She is out to get everyone. She is the one that is making the store not be successful. She is the main problem.

Anonymous 12/23/12 6:55PM

One as a former employee i would like to let yall know that Two managers name Brad store mgr and James asst mgr both have been steeling metal fixtuers and selling for cash at scrap yards for cash.Brad connect up with a guy that came by store at night and brad gave them metal and other items for cash.James also did it once or twice.In the recieving dept associates are steeling clothes as well as the guys whom make tickets are making tickets that is of not correct price and letting there friends buy.

roc 10/25/12 5:51PM

I believe that Burlington should expend for more locations.
Special in the Newark area. I have a friend that ownes two properties in the Ironbound section one around 30.000 sf another almost the same. There is a need in Newark special there is a need for a business like Burlinton I would be a client as well as so many people that needs to drive so far for one of their stores. It will be a very profit businesses for Burlington and a satisfactory sucess for the public

Anonymous 9/25/12 10:41AM

The Santa Ana Ca store is the worst one that I have visited the manager and the supervisor don't know how to treat people they treat you like criminals I had an issue happened there that it wasn't my fault but I'm not going to give any details you will know in it's moment because I'm going to take this people to court a suggestion you should hire professional people not this kind of employers

paola 9/24/12 10:33PM

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