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Corporate Office Address:
CVS Pharmacy, Inc.

CVS Caremark
1 Cvs Drive
Woonsocket, RI 02895
United States

Phone: 401-765-1500
Fax: 401-762-2462

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My Uncle dropped his prescription off last Friday actually the doctor who treats my Uncle had faxed over the medication request personally and taday my disabled hurt Uncle Don calls for his medication and the pharmacy didn't do anything to have my relatives pain meds ready for pick up. He had to call a week later to learn that he was going to have to deal with his horrible pain because his long time pharmacy didn't care for his medication being filled within a honorable time frame.

Patroe1503 8/21/14 11:41AM

Dear Corporate office I like to pay a very high compliment to a young lady Zakiya Procter @ CVS Store #5633 Ellenwood Ga. 30294. Ms Procter was polite,helpful,customer friendly,very very nice attitude..Bravo Zulu. On 05/31/14 @ 1:10 I went to the CVS to pickup some merchandise and a MoneyGram for 250.00. The young man that was trying to help ask Ms.Procter for her assistance.She came up front of the store and proceeded to assist .Ms. Procter called MoneyGram helpline and one of technican walked her thru numerous steps to get the MoneyGram machine to work. Now,during the mean time I ask Ms. Procter was she a manager and she response no she wasn't. A few minute later a young lady approach her said to Ms.Procter to just put an Out Of Order note and be done. Now the lady didn't know she was helping me or she didn't care ,because she responded that it didn't work on the previous day. The young lady advise Ms.Procter what was needed to be done and left the store .I asked Ms.Procter who was that person ,and she said she was the Manager On Duty for CVS #5633. Corporate I've worked in Customer Service for 32 years .I can honestly say that the Manager( didn't get her name) handle it incorrectly.Moving forward, I would like corporate to recognize Ms. Zakiya Procter on her job well done and presistance. The Manager on Duty need an Attitude,Tone ,and Customer Friendly adjustment.

Terri Mumford 6/3/14 9:29AM

before leaving for an extended Bahamian cruise on our boat I had prescription for AccuChek test strips filled at CVS store#3704 in Miami Beach FL on 2/21/14. Opened box today and kept getting error message on meter stating Lot# expired???how could this be when I just purchased recently? Pharmacy sold me test strips that expired 12/31/13 after extended conversation with pharmacist about our travel plans. So, here I sit in Staniel Cay Exumas where there is NO pharmacy on the island with no diabetic testing supplies. I consider this SERIOUS business.
I have filled out complaint form and read that it may take up to FIVE business days for CVS to contact is Tuesday, march 18, 2014 five business was days will be next Monday! Decided to call customer service international call and spent $30 phone card ON HOLDand gave up. Emailed daughter in states with explanation and pictures of box showing lot#, date and RX information giving her authorization tocontact local CVS for any help in getting new supplies sent to me via Watermaker Flight Service out of FT Lauderdale to Staniel Cay Yacht Club in Exuma, Bahama....she was told sorry, can arrange refund and have Rx transferred to your store so you can pick up and send to Bahamas to your mom but no record of authorization on file to mail meds.....wouldn't matter I'd I was in USA or abroad. I feel this is POOR customer service on part of CVS..this error occurred thru no part of my fault and CVS should do whatever has to be done to correct this issue...I have diabetes....this is MY life and health at stake. I left for cruise thinking I had done everything possible to cover myself but pharmacist in Miami Beach surely dropped ball by not checking inventory lot numbers and pulling expired supplies OFF the shelf in December...And still not in FEBRUARY!!!..I need my test strips and feel CVS has jeopardized my health and surely my well being by being neglectful and non caring. I am very upset with customer service at CVS and will arrange to change my prescriptions to other pharmacy when I get back to USA and will be sure to be very vocal to friends, family and contacts thru Facebook regarding this issue. I can be reached thru email at the address below or you can contact my daughter Amy Bryant in NC 704-877-8908 for info regarding RX and how to send supplies to me. I hope CVS does the right thing.

Phylpardee 3/18/14 5:13PM

I went into store #3163 while on a visit from Mt Rainier, MD and was greeted at the front dor by a young lady name Trina. I proceeded to go to the pharmacy to pick up a refill on my meds and when leaving the store I decided to stop and pick up deodorant that was on sale. I am from Chicago and whenever I have needed to refill meds while here I have always went into this particular store. Well, this time meeting Trina again continues to be a treat. This young lady would work well in management. I work for the Dept. of Education in DC and have trained people in customer service skills for the past 20 years and found Trina to be above level. So often this outlet is used for complaints but this time I felt the need and desire to compliment Trina on a job well done. Thanks Trina for being a people person and knowing the difference between business and personal.

Gail P 11/2/13 1:38PM

On August 8, 2012 I ordered a prescription of Zolpiden Tartrate. I was told I could have a refill of 15 pills. I questioned the amount of the refill because in the past I was supplied with a three month supply. The pharmacist, Melissa, advised me that I would be unable to receive a three month supply. She informed me that I would only be able to receive a 15 day supply. Melissa explained that due to some matter concerning my insurance, CVS would place the 75 pills on hold until my next order date. On August 22nd, I returned to the pharmacy to retrieve my order that I was previously told would be on hold. At that time Melissa told me I could not receive any more medication. She stated I had already received a ninety day supply in August. I explained to Melissa that I only received 15 pills. She insisted I was wrong. She disputed my statement by showing me a document with my signature on some sort of invoice. Melissa's actions puzzled me, as I did not know how to respond. I was distrait that a service professional in the community would treat me with such callus intent and accuse me of theft.I later called the CVS Customer Relation Line; spoke with a very nice, helpful agent named Christine. She assured me that the incident would be investigated and she would call me back. I tried to wait for Christine to contact me; however I became inpatient and decided to visit CVS. Once there I spoke to another pharmacist named Ms. Mayo.

Ms. Mayo was very helpful; all the same she also stated that I previously received at 90 day supply of my prescription. I again disputed this information and upon leaving the store I was paged back to the pharmacy counter. Ms. Mayo found my prescription in a box by the counter. My prescription was there the whole time, even when Melissa stated I had already received it. I really appreciate Ms. Mayo's through customer service and meticulousness. Her attentiveness to detail really came through for me. I am unable to say for Melissa.

Ms Chris 10/22/13 1:57PM

Store in Meridianville, Alabama. This store is about 2 yrs. old and I had my perscriptions transfered from Rite Aid cause CVS offers the drive thru window. I thought this is great as our lifes can be very busy and I have perscriptions filled twice a month. Shopping here I enjoy and the employees are very nice but the pharmacy is another issue for service. This store is very busy in the pharmacy and feel it does not employe enough employee's. I work days during the week and pick up scripts in the evening. I don't go near the place until after 6:00 pm as business slows down. I have complained to the store manager and the pharmacy about the very slow service from the drive through. I have never came and no one was in line for service. It's quicker to park and go inside for pick up. Somethings wrong with that!!! If I have to park and walk clear to the back of the store everytime the drive through is to busy I might as well go back across the street. I fill 6 perscriptions a month and sometimes more and have decided to go back to Rite Aid instead of being upset evertime I go through your drive thru. You shouldn't have to turn your car off while you are waiting in line. Last time I said something to the employee when I was mad cause again I had to come inside that the window is a drive thru for faster service and not a window to chat. I seen 2 employees and one had a item in her hand and they were going back to the window. This is the problem here cause they are doing more than a pick up window. The employee said they were accomidating a customer and I said yes while you make another customer mad, again faster to come inside.

cosmoseer 7/29/13 1:25PM

I went to the CVS in Prospect,CT with a 30% off coupon. to buy aspirin. I was told that I could not use the coupon since it was buy 1 get 1 50%off-therefore it was on sale. I only wanted one so I asked to see the manager. She appeared annoyed and took the product across the store to the coupon/price check center. She then barked across the entire store COME HERE Really now is this how you address a customer? That's the way you call a dog not a customer. I should have walked out but I needed the aspirin.

Come here 7/26/13 6:05PM

I wanted to give some much earned praise to a CVS employee I had the opportunity to work with on 7/18/13. This was at the CVS store at 11000 N Military Trail
Palm Beach Gardens, FL. Her name was Soroyal and she helped me in the photo area of the store. She was approachable, pleasant, and kind - qualities that seem all too rare in customer service these days. She was more than helpful at providing me, other employees, and additional customers with assistance. I hope you recognize employees that show exemplary customer service and provide a great face for your company.

Anonymous 7/21/13 6:23PM

I was pleased to see that you refused to stock the current issue of "Rolling Stone". I would encourage you to totally stop carrying that magazine. No magazine should glorify a terrorist against the US by putting him on the cover.

Anonymous 7/17/13 3:38PM

I have lost all respect for my local CVS in Hazard, Ky.. I've been with CVS for years and now because of what happened to me yesterday and the reponse I received. I will not be returning and as of now I am having my prescriptions move from your company. If you can't help me with a simple insurance update of service, then I am unable to send my hard earned dollars with your company.

Thank you and goodbye.

Anonymous 6/5/13 7:33AM

I tried to get a prescription filled for over a week. I was informed it had to be ordered in and it would take 2-3 days. Every time I call I am told "It isn't in" and they just hang up on me! This is totally unsatisfactory. No follow up on their orders? No informing the patient of what is going on? Including sarcasm "Well, we don't have a lab in the back to make it" is totally uncalled form, and unprofessional (and this was the head pharmacist?) Can't wait for open season to change my insurance so I never have to go to CVS ever again!!!! The pharmacy service is horrible

justwantmymeds 5/31/13 5:14AM

I have shopped CVS for years and spend hundreds there. Lately (twice weekly) I have noticed clerks following me around---management change.It just dawned on me, they must think I am shop lifting. I have never taken a thing in my life and I am truly insulted. I too was cheated out of $10.00 after giving the clerk a 20 dollar bill for a small purchase. There are always long lines and change of personnel. Maybe the management should take a closer look at customer service.

jody 5/9/13 9:32AM

I( Leonard C Johnson) just left your store at 2266 Holcomb Blvd, Houston, Texas.I Gave the cashier a$20 dollar bill on a$5 dollar purchase.I receive only$5dollar change.I inform the young lady. than the manager Charlie woods counted the drawer. That took 15 minutes.I was on a30 minute lunch. manager Woods return and said the till was correct..I know I gave the cashier a $20 dollar bill..l did not get MY $10 change.I will not do anymore business with CVS from this day forward. including.RX

Leonard C Johnson 5/6/13 11:33AM

I( Leonard C Johnson) just left your store at 2266 Holcomb Blvd, Houston, Texas.I Gave the cashier a$20 dollar bill got a$5 dollar purchase.I receive only$5dollar change.I inform the young lady. than the manner Charlie woods counted the drawer. That took 15 minutes.I was on a30 minute lunch. manner Woods return and said the till was correct..I know I gave the cashier a $20 dollar bill..l did not get MY $10 change.I will not do anymore business with CVS from this day forward. including.RX

Leonard C Johnson 5/6/13 11:29AM


I just had to write and let you know of the Fantastic Customer Service I continue to receive from Daniel at store #7219 In Altamonte Springs FL. He is also so courteous and helpful. There are many other drug stores in my area that I can shop at but I will continue to shop at CVS because of Daniel.


Tammy 1/25/13 7:37AM

I recently had a epileptic seizure at the cvs in my home town.I was next in line to receive my medication felt a seizure coming on, shooted "help Im going to have seizure, please call 911".I was told to "Hold on we'll be with you in a few minutes".None of the pharmisit came to my aid, nor reported it to manager of the store. Seizure was due to generic medication that privously sent me to the local ER. Insult to injury I was given the wrong medication during that visit as well,after my insurance approved the regular brand.

Nicole Johns 1/16/13 8:24PM

We desperately need a CVS store in lower Harlwm, nyc. I live on 113 stereet and 8th ave. and the nearest pharmacy is Right Aid. The managment there is awful; they are always packed since there are no other pharmacies nearby and the lines are ridiculous, serviced by only one or two people. Thias is a BOOMnig area and your store would do fabulous here. sheila blu

sheila tilly 1/16/13 5:41PM

I used the web to schedule a flu shot for 9am today. When I got there the drugist said they were all out. Now wouldn't you think if I had a reservation that they would have reserved a vaccine for me. Very poor customer service!

n/a 1/10/13 3:35PM

You people can complain all you wish be it real or imagined, but the fact is the people who run CVS do not care one bit. The ONLY thing that matters is money, making more than last quarter, last month, last year. Keeping the stock price high, getting that bonus regardless on who gets stepped on. It's all about the money, not people. CVS does not care about their employees or customers, hence the constant complaints that go unanswered.

average worker 12/18/12 4:39AM

My name is Lisa Allen; I experience the worst customer service I have in many years.I brought a script to CVS pharmacy as I have for years to store #6520 @ 8:15a yesterday; Shelia took my information and I handed her my driver's license and insurance card saying I didn't know if needed; but I'm under MEDCO for scripts she advise she sees Medco information but will check if insurance information is correct-OKAY. Shelia took my can be reach number and ask when to pick up, I said 5pm after work. I get to CVS at 5:15p and encounter Danni-woman; who gets meds and begin ringing and asked do I have insurance; I say yes; through MEDCO. She asks for my insurance card; I give my ANTHEM card to her but states it's through Medco (which didn't have a card to give) and explain situation that happen that morning with Shelia who saw all my information but said my insurance number was incorrect. She is gone about ten minutes (I'm watching all this from the counter) and comes back and say this card is not right, never seen a card like this; there is no MEDCO information in the system. I explain it was there this morning Shelia verified and I have been coming here for years with no incident (all year with occasional scripts from the doctor. I told Danni, I can only conclude that it was erase/deleted when Shelia did something this morning by imputing insurance information.

Danni doesn't offer any smoothing; she lacked customer service skill; the worst I have experience in years. Danni says maybe Shelia didn't know that insurance wouldn't pay for meds; I said it's been 9 hrs and Shelia took my CBR number-why didn't I receive a call if there was a problem,; then Danni says why didn't you come in earlier to pick up script, I was floored, because I was at work and what difference does that make; and she made a couple other excuses such as, an update was done; I said this late in the year; it is time for new insurance information why would they do that in December, I asked. Danni states; well I will try to get authorization do you want to wait or come back; I will wait; it's been 9 hrs since I originally brought it in; approximate ten minutes have passed now.

Thirty minutes later after another staff member told her again, you need to contact MEDCO not ANTHEM insurance company; then Danni hung up and dialed phone again. Another employee asked Maam have you been help (because she had rung up and help at least 7 people by this time); I said I assume I'm being helped; although I'm just standing here with no feedback. Ten minutes later, Danni gets off phone and slides card to me without a word and goes behind counter for meds. I notice she is talking to the head pharmacist and it seems something is not right with the meds that was done for me; not sure if wrong count, wrong dose. Finally fifty-five minutes in to my visit; Danni comes back to register where I had been standing all this time and says okay that $8.69. I begin to tell her how this was the worst service I had experience in years; lack of caring; no customer service skills; no apologies; no advising that all is taken care of with MEDCO; information is back in system NOTHING; even after that NOTHING from her BUT A SMIRK.

The head pharmacist comes over and I explain it all again and he apologies a couple times and states he didn't understand why I had been standing there all this time or what was going on; he wish he had of known what was going on; (then Danni chimes in and give a fake apology-I told her at this time it is not sincere and to keep it) and the head pharmacist takes over my transaction which was appreciated because I was LIVID with Danni and didn't want to deal with her anymore or ever again. The Head pharmacist states he would talk to Danni about her service; I wasn't quite convince; but decided I needed to share this experience; hopefully to stop it from happening to someone else. I don't complain often; but I work for the Telecommunication industry for over 15 years and that kind of behavior is not tolerated and for someone to be behind the pharmacy, handling people medicine and health in their hands and be so nasty, uncaring and just lack interpersonal skills is tragic for CVS and its customers.

Lisa 12/11/12 9:07AM

I was at your CVS in Canton, Mi. on Canton Center & Cherry Hill. Your staff was overworked & overwhelmed.Out of 3 photo machines, only one worked. One employee was helping 3 people at 1 time.She was doing a passport, getting me District's phone number & helping a lady at the only photo machine. This is not my 1st time being disappointed with this CVS. When I said I was calling District a few customers said I was right because they always go in & it's always understaffed. I went to the store at Canton Center & Warren. I got the pictures I needed & there was no line & all of their photo machines worked. You definately need a change at the Cherry Hill store, if you don't want to lose business. You've lost mine, hopefully you can gain some others back. Your district manager, Rony Foumia never returned my call & is difficult to get ahold of. Does CVS want business or not? It truly does not seem like it. It's Christmas time, Don't you think maybe someone might want to make a gift with their pictures? May God help this store.It needs it.

pt 12/5/12 2:01PM

Dear CVS Upper management Team;
I had the occasion to enter your new store located at 2350 Washington Place, NE.
Washington DC. 20002 on 10/29/2012 at approximately 2:30 PM. On my arrival I met
with my fiance Javon Dabney to give her funds to complete a hair weave project.
(she's a CVS employee). I told her I had to use the ATM. She led me thru the
store from the rear entrance to the ATM machine. As we were approaching the ATM
machine with me slightly behind her, Mr. Ken Babo , not looking at me,
approached Ms. Dabney very fast. He started to say something and then he looked
at me.He then stated Oh! what can I help you with? in a most menacing manner. I
TO SAY TO YOU AT THIS TIME. With ATM debit card in my hand I then proceeded one
step towards the ATM. Mr. Ken Babo then stepped to the side of me and yelled
'you get out of my store, you don't come in my store and yell at me. You
threaten me? who do think you are. I then and only at that time yelled back WELL
I'LL JUST CALL CORPORATE,. Mr. Ken Babo then yelled 'you call who you wan't call
JESUS I don't care. Get out of my store. I then stated well CALL THE POLICE
THEN. Well needless to say I saw that this had gotten very ugly and embarrassing
for me. I felt very vulnerable and shaken. I knew that I was within my rights
and that I did no harm to the store or fellow customers. I was STUNNED. Well
right after this exchange Mr. Ken Babo went after Ms. Dabney and told her to get
out of his store and not to come back. They had some words and both walked off
from me still discussing the issue.

Ms. Dabney is my support and after this frightening exchange with Mr. Ken Babo
she went to protect me. You see I have need of a KIDNEY and my heart is severely
damaged from congestive heart failure. I can't walk or stand for long. I am a 23
yr vet of the Metropolitan Police Dept, and as an officer I once had the role of
protector. Now I,m in need of protection. I was very scared of Mr. Babo and I
felt that I could not protect myself, and of all places a CVS in my own
community. I was scared. I have been a loyal customer since 1992 when you guys
were People Drug Store and getting my prescriptions filled since then for
Diabetes and High Blood pressure. And now I am on 11 prescriptions filled
monthly at CVS.

This man has hurt me and my family. I don't get involved in her work, I know how
work relations can be from time to time., but he has caused me personal harm
now. I could not concentrate for the last 48 hrs because of this incident. I
need for you guys to at least know that this is the type of person you have
running your store.if this issue is not addressed. Please I implore you to

I Humbly Thank You.
Ralph William Barnhardt

rwbarnhardt 10/31/12 8:52AM

My name is Eileen Morales, I been going to your pharmacy since 2001. My mother as Lung cancer and is in the advance stage of Parkinsonâ??s disease. Every month I have to pick up her medication. I always check the RX number in the bottom to see if my medication is really. I also get a courtesy call telling me my mother prescription is really to be picked up. So I went down to the pharmacy at 5:39 a.m. I spoke with Benâ??s he said that my mother prescription was not really to be pick up. I so upset that mean I would have to make another trip during the day. I hate going to the CVS pharmacy during the day because they always busy and their always long line. Later during the day I called Hospice and talked to Jocelyn the Hospice nurse telling her that the pharmacy are saying my mother prescription is not ready. She was upset because she said she called it in yesterday. She told me when she called the prescription they had her on hold over twelve minutes. I was on hold for over fifteen minutes. There is series problem with your customer services and your courtesy phone calls and RX number. I am ready to find myself another pharmacy that are more professional and knows what they are doing and better customer services at the front counter, I blame this on management. Another thing is when you call the pharmacy they right away put you on hold and they never identified themselves. I would like someone to call me back.

Eileen Morales, 210-521-1982

Lucy 9/28/12 10:11AM

I buy all my dedicine at cvs store in vega baja puerto rico an i have been yreated very well by the employee that works in 12:00 am to 8:00 am. this thursday the drug dept calle me to pick up some of my medecine which I pick up. then I remember that I needed another iterm. I went to the cashire to pay for the item and there was a long line. I notice that a sign for disable person was posted and i ask your cashire (male) regarding the sign and I showed him my disable ID and he say that it was for customer with wheelchair and that I had to make the line. I was suprise and i made the line with all my pain that I was suffering. I thought that all other store and drug store that i visit I show my ID and wait for than to finish the customer and they taker care of me. If your policy says that with wheel chair has the right to be serve without making line, then I have to your policy. I hardly use my disable ID in your store but I was in great pine. you cand look at my record in nthe farmacy area. my name is Roberto Gonzalez Medina. and I do all my shopping at cvs store in Vega Baja Puerto Rico. Remember this happenn at about 2:30 PM 9-5-2012

Anonymous 9/7/12 4:55PM


I oder picture to be put on a dvd on cvs it said that it would take 2-6 days they told me that it would be at the cvs store by monday and today is wendesdas so i go online to track my order and they shipped it ups to the post office and the post office will Delivered to the cvs store that is crazy why ship it ups to the post office thats stupid i can't understand that it don't make any sense don't you think it would be better just to ship it ups can cvs talk to there vender they have to be a better way so you only have one shipper instead one shipper shipping it to another shipper the usps and then to the store please let my know e-mail me [email protected]

wildboy196 8/22/12 2:45PM

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