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Cablevision Corporate Office

Cablevision corporate office headquarters location, phone number, address and feedback

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Corporate Office Address:
Cablevision Systems Corporation
1111 Stewart Avenue
Bethpage, NY 11714
United States

Phone: 516-803-2300
Fax: 516-803-3134

Cablevision Corporate Office Comments

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I have a serious complaint, a $4000.00 complaint, It has to do with your disabling of my ALLIO, a device that has a full function PC housed inside a 42" TV. It seems that you have rendered all its functions, ncluding the PC, inoprable for no valid reason. Clearly some background is requred for you to resolve this issue.
My name is William Fisher and I've lived at 104 Yorlsjire Drive in Suffern, NY for 40 years. I have always received my elevision signal atop the 4 unit condo buildng in which I live. I have often been solicited to upgrade to cable, satellite, or fiber optics but have always refused, content with the broadcast channels. I also declined these services when the condo board asked to let first cable and lately FIOS to pre-wire the building. They've wired my unit, but I have not signed for the services.
A few years ago my neighbor across the hall, Mrs.Betty Daniels, signed up for your service and left me with the keys while she went to work. The installer had to climb a step ladder, go through a trap door and across the raftrs of our unfinished attic to access the point where the various wires entered our building. I helped him by watching the picture as he made various adjustments and describing the effect. This saved taking sever trips to the attic.
Being a salesman, he asked if I'dlike to sign up for the service but I declined saying I was content with the broadcast channels. He suggested that he could iprove the picture for those channels if I would like. I, of course, said "fine". He dropped a cable into my unit and I connected it to my TV and it did improve the piture qality. I thanked him and that was that until last Friday, the 20th when things went haywire.
I now cannot access my ALLIO in any way because something has disabled all functions including the "input select" and PC. So no computer, DVD, VHS, oor any of the other connections I have to the has been rendered an expensive piece of furniture. At first I thought the device or the remotes were to blame but that proved not to be the case. The only other explanation appears to be that your people have, without warning, sent a disabling signal down the line on the assumption that I was stealing the signal. As shown above, I was not, our own installer dropped me the cable for broadcast cannels only (here that is 2,4,5,7,9,11,13,21).
I ask you to verify this account if you have doubts and then reenable my device. I will then disconnect the cable and dcide to go with your service, FIOS, atellite, or do without TV service entirely. Your reply would be greatly appreciated. Respectfully, William Fisher

Anonymous 9/24/13 3:51PM

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