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CarMax corporate office headquarters location, phone number, address and feedback

Please find details for the CarMax corporate office below. We do our best to keep this information current, but if you are aware of any updates to the CarMax corporate office headquarters information we have, please feel free to submit an update.

Corporate Office Address:
CarMax, Inc.
12800 Tuckahoe Creek Parkway
Richmond, VA 23238
United States

Phone: 804-747-0422
Fax: 804-217-6819

CarMax Corporate Office Comments

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Ok so about 4 months ago i purchased a 2008 saturn aura xe i have taken it into th newport news va,carmax three + times to be fixed for the shaken while im stopped,now my passanger airbag sensor is failing which they said they had to check into before i got the care ,one of the workers told me that my car is shaken because its a v6 which is false because my cousin has one i am very unpleased and feel unsafe riding in my car ,i am going to file a report with the federal business Bua....and im getting me a lawyer ,i also have the carmax warranty and they still want me to pay outta pocket for the same promblem to be checked.i want this car fix or swapped it it only has 6100 miles on it

Chrissy6 4/28/14 4:53AM

Purchased 2005 Chevy impala 6 mths ago. Took car in to service because car began to accelerate on it's own, and then on the expressway, it wouldn't accelerate at all. So there's an acceleration problem. But carmax wrote it up as two problems so that I would be on the hook for two diagnostic fees. Took car in on a Tuesday. I get a phone call two hours later to say that I needed a part that had to be " special" ordered so my car wouldn't be available til mid of the next week. The next day, Wednesday, I get a call to say that the part may be in by Friday, but I still may not get my car til late Friday, or Monday. I thought about the situation and I called carmax back maybe 2-3hours later that SAME DAY to say that I will pick my car up and just pay the diagnostic fees. No one answered so I said this in a message. I get a call back TEN MINUTES LATER and was told my car was suddenly ready for pick up , and of course I owe the $250 deductible!

Ticked off 3/20/14 5:57AM

I bought a Ford Fiesta 2012 7 months ago and I have had problems since the day I bought it. I was never told when I bought it that it has a dual clutch / transmission. Now I know what that is and it sucks. It took people 6 months from CarMax to agree with me that there was a problem with it. I believe the problem was there when they sold it to me. But they deny that. CarMax won't touch it bc it is under manufacturer warranty from Ford. I have been to Ford 3 times now and I still have a car that sounds like a garbage disposal with a spoon in it. It is very embarrassing to drive. I have been told everything I am going thru is normal and that every time they fix it that is will happen again. Oh great. I have done everything I know to do, now I think it is time for court action.

Cnama72 2/16/14 3:03PM

We went to carmax in las vega in sahara avenue my wife and I test drove a suv we decided to buy it while we werr doung the paper work they sold the car to someone else it couple later I called corporation customer service and they had a floor manager big guy he said that for my inconvenience he will transfer a car for me at no cost this guys are a joke they put the name of Used Car Salesman very high so I went donw the street y purchase a ca from a professional dealer.

gcoronado 1/28/14 2:28PM

Purchased a E350 Mercedes in June of 2013 I have had problems with the breaks every since I have taken my car to carmax in ontario calif at least seven times they tell me the problem is solved and a few weeks later the same thing happens.
I called the corporate office and they solved the problem temporarily but the same thing happened with the breaks once again. I am getting ready to take carmax to court because they areas asking me to pay for the breaks.......don't buy from these guys...the cars are Wrecks.

Toni 1/7/14 10:17AM

3 months after purchasing a vehicle that cost over $10,000 the transmission went out. I was forced to use my extended warranty and they are giving me the run around about repairing the transmission. Car Max should have replaced the transmission at no cost to me. I have been without a vehicle for 4 days waiting on the extended warranty company (Maxcare to make a decision) about repair.

cmh 12/12/13 1:02PM

bought a truck that i thought was a decent price. after a bit i took my vehicle to a garage for an inspection. it was there i realized my vehicle was a flood vehicle. apparently there are certain time limitations as their requirement at disclosing this to the consumer. criminal organization. typical old car dogs. the only thing carmax has over any other used car dealership

ExCarSalesman 9/5/13 10:35AM

Carmax overestimated my trade-in payoff by over $600. When I pointed this out while signing in finance, I was assured I would be reimbursed all overage. Now I find out they will only apply it to my final payment in 60 months. I hope they videoed my initial concern while in finance office. I want my $613 over payment NOW. Store manager was not very responsive. San Antonio.

Anonymous 8/23/13 7:49AM

they sold us a $30,000 suv and told us it was never in an accident when we found out shortly after we purchased it that it had been in an accident and they pretty much told us (Boynton beach fl store) to get lost this company does not stand behind their products they are cheats selling damaged cars as undamaged

catisland722 8/22/13 12:48PM

I purchased a 2009 VW Beetle from CarMax the end of May of this year. Tomorrow will be my 4th. trip to CarMAx to repair a 3rd. break light from falling out. And, I mean that literally. This last trip which counts as my 3rd. trip it was taken next door to a VW dealership and those guys couldn't get it right either. So, here we go again same old song. I have unplugged the 3rd. break light housing and I will take it in Monday July 1st. to have a new 3rd. break light housing replaced. This will be trip 4. I believe on this Beetle you have to remove the inside hatch panel and two screws in order to replace the 3rd. break light housing in order to do it correctly and this op takes some time. I also have a speaker in the drivers door that's blown but at this point in the game I'll pay to take that else where. And in closing I ALWAYS put down the mileage and gas consumption. This last trip I called before I left the parking lot and left another message and ask this. Why does my car have 3.5 miles on it if it was taken next door? There is no way it should have reflected a 3.5 mile use. To date I never got a response on that. A car is brought in for repair not a small short down the street joy ride or someone taking it to lunch. All I can say is Really? I'll let you know how trip 4 and the saga of my 3rd. break light repair goes. Not happy in Indianapolis and I bet if this Beetle were driven by the CEO Thomas J. Folliard it wouldn't take 4 trips.

Anonymous 6/30/13 2:30PM

I Purchased A Lexux Sc430 2005, I Found Out Thru The Lexus Dealership, Whom I Had Paid $150.00 To Have The Car Checked Out, Which Your Company Did Not Do At The Time Of Purchased Or They Would Have Picked Up On Bad Brake Pads. So, Do Tho The Bad Experience I Have Had Before With You Maint. Dept. I Want The Lexus Dealer To Handle My Brake Pads. Plus The Brake Pads They Want To You Are Pop On Pad Which Or Inexpensive And For Domestic Cars. At Less Pay Half The Bill, Get Legal Action.

help 6/19/13 7:52AM

I purchased a 2008 Orange Challenger SRT8 first Edition as a key start. I eventually would learn that it was a push start ignition, because I found the push start button in center console. I was shocked to see that and I said to myself is this push start vehicle I bought. I immediately inserted the button and proceeded to start the car. Three attempts and it did not work. I took my car to Dodge and I had them run the vin number to see if this car was manufactured as a push start ignition and it was. Dodge inspected it and found that the components that enable the push start system to function were malfunctioning. I had Dodge repair it and also fax over copies of the diagnosis and the repair bill for purposes of reimbursement. I contacted service manager Marco at the Irvine store informed him of my issues. Long story short, Marco gave me the run around for over a week, to finally tell me that they weren't going to reimburse me for the repairs because the car was running when I purchased it. I explained again, that the vehicle had a faulty push start system and it was not working the day I drove off the lot with the car. I went on to explain that Car Max new it had a faulty push start ignition, that's why you tried to deceive me and sale the car as a key ignition start. I went on to say, that I found the push start button inside the center console, I placed it in it's proper location and made three attempts to start the vehicle and it did not turn on. I said to myself, " Car Max sold me a car that has a faulty push start system" all attempts were made to get this issue resolved, but the service manager Marco insisted that they were not going to reimburse me for a car that was faulty the day I drove off the lot. The fact that the car was driven off of the lot as if it was working doesn't support the 30 day manufacturing law. Malfunctioning parts may not get detected until after its driven off of the lot, that's why the consumer has laws to protect them of issues like these. In closing, all I'm trying to do is get Car Max to acknowledge their fault in the matter and correct it. In addition, requested that Marco put his reimbursement denial in writing and he refused my request. The repair bill is $768.13, I would like someone from corporate to contact me @ , to resolve this matter.

Tjackson 5/15/13 3:58PM

I had a sat radio installed in a truck I just bought. The sat did not work, my radio antenna was left disconnected, and someone took my truck to the burger joint for lunch, and left the trash. Attempts at resolving the issues were met with "we are busy with customers now, and we'll get back to you later". They fell all over themselves being helpfull, right up until they got my money. Never again!

Jp 4/3/13 4:33AM

I purchased a Honda accord 2009 on 3-5-13 at the 7663 location in Ellicott city MD. The sales attendants I worked with (Claudia and James) were phenomenal. There were a few items that needed service and they advised me to schedule an appointment. I scheduled an appointment for 3-12-13 in the morning. I dropped the car off at 10:08am and Finn Salmi supported me with a loaner car to back to work. Finn called me to explain the services provided and I could pick my car up anytime on or before 8pm. I arrived at CarMax at 6:30pm, the loaner was inspected and my keys were given to me. Before I left the premises I noticed that my booklet of CDS was missing. I went back into CarMax and spoke with Ashley. She asked if I took it out of my car and put it in the Loaner. I responded no. She also made mention that the servicemen would have no reason to remove anything from the vehicles that they service. By this time I am shocked, frustrated and emotional. Ashley informed me she would have someone call me back the next morning. Once I arrived home to go to the gym I opened my glove compartment and my IPOD was missing. I broke down and literally cried in shock. I called CarMax and left a voice message of what I discovered. Finn called me at 9:34 am basically stating the same thing as Ashley and he would look around in the service shop and call me back with results. I also advised him of the Missing IPOD. I got his name, his manager's name and the corporate information. I am currently awaiting a call from location 7663 center in hopes of missing items found. There are over 36 classic CD missing which of course were also downloaded to my IPOD and now I don't have either one of them. I am praying for a miracle.

New customer 3/13/13 7:18AM

You shouldn't have to pay any deductible if it's under the 5 day. I would return the car and say forget it you are not paying and get your self another car. Plus it's always good to get an extended warranty and it's ALWAYS GOOD to take your car to get service else where. Their repair isn't aways repaired and they mileage they put on your car is ridiculous. I met a lot of people that had immediate car problems within their 5 day return policy.

NoLongerCarMaxCustomer 12/31/12 12:05PM

I have been trying to contact some one from carmax on the gulf freeway in houston texas since one o'clock. Nobody answering phone in service department. Nobody can find a manager. Transfer after transfer... Nobodies home and all vecausw one pwrson KT... Is not at work today. Nobodies at rheur so called post. Three men took my name and number its 436pm now. At bout 3pm odeen walters gets my number and finally... Will... The service manager calls and tells me that the work that was supposedly done on my window is wat it is and I gotta pay the deductible to get it fixed. I had the opportuniyy to leave that car cause I was still in the grace period that fitst week of putchase but nooooo they said the fixed the issur. I trusted them.... THEY LIED.. Now


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