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Celebrity Cruises Corporate Office

Celebrity Cruises corporate office headquarters location, phone number, address and feedback

Please find details for the Celebrity Cruises corporate office below. We do our best to keep this information current, but if you are aware of any updates to the Celebrity Cruises corporate office headquarters information we have, please feel free to submit an update.

Corporate Office Address:
Celebrity Cruises
1050 Caribbean Way
Miami, FL 33132
United States

Phone: 305-539-6000
Fax: 305-539-0562

Celebrity Cruises Corporate Office Comments

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What's the problem with these people? I tried to book a Canadian cruise on line, and their web site is full of broken links and problems. I tried to call their help line, and got a seemingly unending string of commercials until I hung up. Is this the sort of service I should expect on their ship? I'll look elsewhere for a cruise!

snewoce 6/3/14 6:25PM

I've made a dozen cruises with Celebrity and have an Elite+ ranking in their Captains Club, and I have to say their customer service interface is getting worse and worse. Their web site constantly has broken links and endless loops or just hangs. Today I tried multiple times to call to make a payment on a booked cruise and the wait times quoted were 37, 31, 34, 78 and 56 minutes. Unacceptable. Then I tried calling the Captains Club and after 20 minutes listening to commercial announcements, no one ever did answer. And no one answers their e-mails either. Memo to Celebrity HQ: Please, please, please pay attention to your customer service, it's going to kill your business.

Richard 2/28/14 9:49AM

I have been trying to get Celebrity to add to my booking confirmation of the onboard credit that was given to us, I have called three times since our booking and final payment and continue to be told that it will be taken care of. I am concerned that if it is not in writing on our contract, it won't show up once on board. Today I have been on hold for over a half hour. I am calling again, and will continue to until this is taken care of.

Anonymous 2/28/14 8:39AM

I have been trying to talk to someone at Celebrity about a cruise we have book for three days. Does not matter what time of day I have been on hold as long as 45 min. It seems not that we are booked you can't get ahold of them.

Upset22 2/10/14 12:25PM

I just got off the Celebrity cruise ,December 29th -5th January .
I was on the Silhouette.
I was disappointed this time ( this was my 5th Cruise with Celebrity ) .
The magic has gone .
The Officers did not bother to acknowledge you ,the food was OK quite often dry .
The activities during the day were non existence

Anonymous 1/8/14 4:47PM

Will be my first cruise on any cruise line, I have been treated extremely well by corporate employees, I just have one question what pier at Fort Lauderdale does my cruise depart from tomorrow January 5, 2014, due to depart at about 4:30 EST.

Anonymous 1/4/14 6:14PM

choice air is a joke. We booked thru them and got awful seats that were not next to one another on a 20 hr flight 13 in air I had to pay an extra $259 to get seats together and with a little more room because as i explained to them earlier I have a new knee that needs room for a 6 ft 4 in person. I have taken over 35 cruises with over 16 being on Celebrity. Customer loyalty is usually earned not just a Given.Wish me luck on Dec !10th.

sullyman 12/2/13 3:34PM

We were leaving for Alaska on Sep 6, 2013 and the cruise was cancelled. We are receiving a 25% future credit. What a joke called corp office no one will talk to us. We're out $2000 in RV rental, transfers, airline tickets ect. Also my vacation was schedule for two weeks what a waste. I'm a Diamond Puls member with RCL this is how you treat you customers?

If your into customer service then call me. Until then stay away from this cruise line unless your wealthy.

Daveflorida 8/22/13 9:57AM

Can you explain why the cruise I booked on 14th March and paid for with early booking $75 on board credit sailing on 14 June. is now with tour operators at With on board credit $75 plus a free excursion in Bergen.

I have been on 32 cruises with all company's and am quite used to late discount of on board credit or free parking. as sweeteners. But a 43% reduction for same cabin etc.I think my fellow guests who booked early will be getting in touch with review sights and newspapers, to hi light such injustice.This is reduction of & for me and my wife Infinity cruise booking ref. I have sailed on Equinox on 5 October 2012 which was O.K.


kenadell 5/4/13 8:38AM

Have sailed on 6 celebrity ships and have 3 cruises booked thru 2014,My june 2013 alaska with fanily is starting to sour.Celebrity's staff and amazing ships have won our loyalty and vacation dollars repeatedly but today i am questioning if celebrity is treating it's loyal,early booking passengers with equal zeal.I understand inside 75 days of sailing and with full payment made that passenger can not recieve discounts afforded new bookings(redidence discounts being newly offered).This makes me truky wonder how Celebrity values myself and the many loyal customers who book as I do.I feel policy is unfair has made me question Celebritys loyalty back to it;s repeat customers.Celebrity has nanaged to set itself apart from it's competion by offering unsurpassed service and commitment to it's passengers,it should be carefull to not slip backward from those hard won battles by not offering the same value to all it's passengers.This practice is offensive and only serves to make passengers rethink there relationship with their cruise line partner.Hard won loyalty is difficult to obtain but when earned should not be risked for an unjust booking policy.

Anonymous 4/28/13 6:48PM

Waiting to board Reflection cruise 3/16/13. Put in line for 1 3/4 hour in freezing air no restroom break, just standing in agony. Blame put on TSA & Customs work slow down. BS!

sea 3/16/13 8:56AM

A CRUISE OF TWO EXTREMES....Booking We have been on 14 cruises (4 on Celebrity) We have never experienced a crew more friendly and professional. HOWEVER...while the food at dinner was good to very good in presentation we have never had dinner food that was as tasteless, sometimes dry and usually tough on any cruise. Our first seating Table #502 of 8 and others on this cruise all felt the same way. Changes need to be made!

Anonymous 2/22/13 6:06AM

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