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Chrysler corporate office headquarters location, phone number, address and feedback

Please find details for the Chrysler corporate office below. We do our best to keep this information current, but if you are aware of any updates to the Chrysler corporate office headquarters information we have, please feel free to submit an update.

Corporate Office Address:
Chrysler Group LLC

Fiat S.p.A.
1000 Chrysler Drive
Auburn Hills, MI 48326
United States

Phone: 248-576-5741

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I Called Chrysler Regarding A Payment On My 2014 New Dodge Ram Truck. I Was Told To Push 1 For English Excuse Me I Am 70 Years Old And Lived Here 50 Yrs And Last Time I Looked Out The Window I Was In The Us Of A. I Pay With Us A Greenback Not Pesos. Shame On Chrysler. Perhaps I Should Buy A Japanese Car Their # Does Not Require You To Push A Button To Speak English. Shame On You

Anonymous 4/24/14 3:55PM

I have a 2006 Chrysler 300-low mileage. several months ago the battery was bad(they said. they replace the battery. Ever since then for the first 50-60 miles after a fill up the car dies constantly. it does not matter if we are sopped at a signal light or traveling down the highway at 70 mph. it starts up right away. it has been in for repair three times at two different Chrysler dealerships and one independent repair shop. To no avail. No warning lights appear. I NEED HELP!!!!!!!!

KEN 4/18/14 9:38PM


Mr Morgan,

I brought a 2005, 2007, 2009, dodge/Chrysler vehicles new and now own a

2012 Dodge Journey.

I have 12,000 miles and my radio started to freeze at times and would

not allow me to switch from CD to radio plus some other program

problems with the radio. Even though I am under my warranty, I am concerned for future problems.

Route 18 Dodge in East Brunswick, NJ serviced my radio by ordering a

upgrading software Disc after finding a TSB#08-030-12 Rev.B, which corrected the problems after they updated the radio system with this program disc.

When I brought the car no one informed me about my responsibility of radio upgrades possible in the future. I did not see anything about it in the warranty information either. Most people who buy a new car would not know about upgrades to the radio or any cost the dealer might charge after 3 years/36,000 miles. If I knew about this possibility I would have negotiated a different price.

When people buy a computer with Microsoft , the program is

automatically updated without charge , even after the warranty period.

Why should one worry about extra charges for program updates in a car radio?? I am not talking about a part replacement but rather a program update.

I am thinking of buying another car but I hope you can make my decision to be Dodge/Chrysler...

I would like any future program updates for my radio to be free of charge as long as it does not involve a radio part but rather just a program update.

I hope you can help me in this matter......Maybe a recall is in order???

ASAP response to

Christian J Fabiano

[email protected] 3/26/14 12:15AM

having issues with getting my jeep to crank and at times it stalls as if it is about to shut off while in motion. took back to be service to try and fix the issues. nothing has been done to try and resolve the issue. notified the salesman service dept, and dealership, need serious help as far as switching out of this vehicle. at times i fear i maybe in danger while in this car.

afraid 3/25/14 8:11PM

Dear Chrysler,
I certainly hope given the recent bad press of GM that you will finally do something about the issues with numerous production years of the PT Cruiser. Mine is a 2009 and my complaint is about SAFETY and preventing DEATH due to the car's issue of gauges suddenly going on/off and up/down and then car stalls WHILE DRIVING. Please look at the complaints filed on the NHTSA website as well as vast online complaints/discussions where PT owners are greatly concerned about their SAFETY because this car keeps stalling while driving and the electrical system shuts down. Owners have spent large amounts of money to fix the problem and it still continues! The dealerships cannot fix this problem and this is happening all over the world. Over and over, PT Cruiser owners are told by the dealership that Chrysler is unaware of this problem. I strongly encourage your company to address this safety issue with the PT Cruisers before someone is killed if it hasn't happened to date. I was driving across railroad tracks one time when my vehicle did this and stalled. Thankfully, a train was not approaching. Again, given the terrible issues GM is now facing, I believe it would be in Chrysler's best interest to finally acknowledge this safety issue with PT Cruisers. I am a college professor and have the knowledge to go to the press about your company's denial reported over and over via complaints with this safety problem.

Anonymous 3/18/14 10:46AM

i have purchased a suv from chrysler and have been having issues with it. took back to dealer on 3 or more occasions and problem still not resolved. need help as to what my rights are as far as switching the car out for another one.

Anonymous 3/12/14 5:10PM

We are extremely disappointed in the level and manner of service we recently received at the service department of Vero Beach Chrysler. We were appalled by the lack of knowledge and apparent incompetence of the service department as well as the often confrontational tone in our personal and phone conversations with John Wilson, the service advisor and Lumenda Lutz, the service director.

On November 2, 2013 we brought our 2005 Chrysler Crossfire in for service. We recently bought it used and we noticed a couple of problems plus we wanted the roof replaced as it was still under warranty and had the issue of the roof window detaching. When we brought it in, there was a noticeable shimmy at highway speed, the antenna needed to be replaced, and the horn, rear spoiler and remote control power door locks did not work but the roof went up and down. The only roof issue was that one of the metal flaps of the rear compartment where the roof went in did not extend properly. John Wilson, the service advisor, stated that there was a place nearby that could manufacture the cables needed to make those flaps work correctly.

After many weeks at the dealership, numerous issues surfaced regarding the wheels delaying the completion of the repairs. We had to purchase two new tires and a wheel adapter broke. Finally, the shimmy was corrected, the electronic issues that caused the horn and the spoilers to malfunction were corrected and the roof was replaced. The issue with the power door locks was never fixed in spite of us purchasing a new key and a new antenna was ordered but never delivered or installed.

We came to pick up the car on December 17th. We paid the invoice #CHCS234457 for $3,653.03, which included the full amount stated in the estimate (including the $27.90 for the mast antenna 8060022 that we never received) plus the cost of the new tires. At that time, John Wilson, the service advisor, claimed that the air bag light was permanently on. This was not included in the diagnostics or in the original estimate of November 2nd nor had we been informed before 12/17. When my wife, son-in-law and I drove the car, we never saw the air bag light on. Then on December 17, we were informed that we would have to spend an additional $2000+ to replace the ORC module to fix it.

In addition, they could not get the roof to open. Mr. Wilson agreed that it had opened and closed on November 2nd when I brought it in and that it opened and closed when they replaced it. Mr. Wilson and Lumenda, the service director, stated that I would have to pay nearly $5000 additional to replace the roof motor to fix the problem. I refused. They kept the car for three more days and said that they fixed the roof problem, which was corrosion on one of the contact switches.

On December 20th, I went to pick up the car. I asked to see the roof go down before I paid the additional bill of $106.50. Mr. Wilson could not get it to go down even though he claimed that it worked that morning. Greg Dublin, another service person, came over and try to make it work and he ended up pushing the switch through the console. Mr. Wilson keeps on telling me to pay the $106.50 and take my car. I tell him that I won't do that unless the roof works, that that was the bottom line. The roof worked when I brought it in (Mr. Wilson put the roof up in our presence) and it should work now. He became confrontational and told me that he would have to start charging me a storage fee for the car even though the car was not fixed. And there is still the issue of the missing new antenna which he claims is on back order, thus the car is not yet fixed even though we have already paid for the antenna. Mr. Wilson left the dealership and I stood in the parking lot waiting 30 minutes for my wife to drive up from Port Saint Lucie (where Mr. Wilson also resides) and pick me up.

We came back on December 23rd and insisted that they lower the roof before we would take the car. We told them to lower it manually. Lumenda told us to look in the owner's manual and read the directions for lowering it manually. One of the technicians came over and managed to lower it electronically. Apparently, the roof motor did work. We took our car despite the antenna not being replaced; the door locks not working, and having a very unpleasant experience at your service department of the Vero Beach Chrysler dealership.

I have been a licensed driver for forty years and have owned cars for the past thirty-five years and I have never experienced as unprofessional, confrontational, and discourteous service experience as I did at the Vero Beach Chrysler dealership service department.

Anonymous 3/9/14 10:00AM

Dear Sir: I bought a 2012,300,. I can not read the kilometer part of the speedometer. I have requested for it to be repaired to no success. I have the car serviced at Stockton Dodge who have bought Stockton Chase Chrysler. The service writer is William Bray, who has attempted to help me. Their address I would appreciate your attention, because we go to Canada for a month every year, and it is confusing with just the miles.

GHUX 3/5/14 11:31PM

I purchased a Chrysler 200, 2013 at Airport Chrysler, Jeep, and Dodge, in Orlando, Florida. I went for a routine oil change at the service department at Airport Chrysler, and was informed by the service department that I needed to rotate my tires. I proceeded to have my oil change and my tires rotated. Upon me leaving Airport Chrysler, Jeep, and Dodge I noticed my cars wheel alignment was rearing to the right. I called Airport Chrysler, Jeep, and Dodge service department and spoke to the service department manager(who was very rude). The service manager would not allow me to finish speaking, and allow me to explain the situation. Service manager stated that he has been in this industry a very long time and it is "impossible" for a tire rotation to affect the wheel alignment. After speaking to service manager, and dealing with his disrespect, he stated that he would give my brand new Chrysler 200, that I worked very hard to obtain a wheel alignment. Upon leaving Airport Chrysler with the "so called wheel alignment" the car was still rearing to one side. And upon washing my car I noticed that all four rims on my brand new car were damaged my deep (imbedded) scratches, destroyed by the clamps of the wheel alignment machine. Once again I called and brought my brand new car back to the service department at Airport Chrysler, and stated by frustration and anger that my brand new car was rearing to one side and of the imbedded scratches on my rims. Dealing with the extreme disrespect of the service manager (tone in voice and facial expression to convey that "I did not know what I was speaking about"). If I did not know what I was talking about, if any service was done on my brand new car the service department did not ask for the tire lock key, which was in my pocket. Service manager stated not to worry about the tire lock key, they would handle it. I informed the service manager that this issue needs to be resolved, and ask what Chrysler can do to resolve this issue, service manager stated their was no resolution. I informed the service manager that Chrysler needs to replace all four of my rims. Throughout my whole interaction with the service department no paperwork was provided, in regards to the "so called services" provided on my car, I needed to request paperwork for my own records. It is amazing that a multibillion dollar company/organization employees associates that treat their customers with rudeness and disrespect, that walk away from their clients when discussing the issue at hand, when the client being spoken too made such an expensive purchase. I want Chrysler to replace all four rims on my car. I will never return to Airport Chrysler in Orlando , Florida for any work/maintenance preformed on my car.

Concerned Buyer 2/17/14 9:06AM

I was recently looking for a Chrysler Town and Country to purchase on 2/9/14. My 2011 model was totaled, and I needed to buy a car. I was very happy with the one I had purchased 2 years ago. I went to the same dealer, and to my surprise they had very poor customer service. I am very angry with ALL the salesman and the manager on that day on how I was treated. This was the Town and Country in Levittown, NY. I will never return there again.

Anonymous 2/11/14 9:49AM

I traded my 2008 300 LX plain Jane in on a 2011 300C HEMI about 7 months ago. The car is loaded and was a demo with only 6,000 miles on it. It now has just a little over 12,000 miles and is at the dealership because yesterday it dropped a valve. The whole reason I was attracted to this car and deal was because of the low miles which made me think I would not have any major issues to worry about for awhile. I had to bring it back to the dealer once before because the sunroof leaked and now it is having major engine work done (all at only 12,000 miles. Even though it is under warranty I am leery that it will never run the same or will it continue to have problems. I like the car very much but could enjoy it much better without worrying what's going to happen next. Since the car was like new I did not pay for any other options which I was told that meant that I did not have a loaner car option and needed to pay extra for that. I guess I can blame myself for being naive because I always thought that if your car was still under the factory warranty and had to have repairs done that required the car to be in the shop for several days that a loaner car was automatic, I guess that I was wrong !!! Sorry, I have to go know because I have to find other transportation! Didn't see this coming !

Dependability in Question? 1/10/14 11:52AM

I have a chrysler pt cruiser 2007 4D wagon and only had it for 4 months its not under warranty I have already replaced the tire rod ends on the vehicle. I was driving home from work on I-70 and the engine stalled . Luckily the semi that was behind me didn't run me over while I tried to pull to the side of the road. I have read numerous complaints and problems with this vehicle and I am sure your corporation doesn't want a bad name is there something your company can do to help I love my pt cruiser but the problems are just to much

Problem car 11/8/13 7:50AM

Since I was laid-off from my government job for the second time in one year I decided that I have six years before I can retire so I decided that I can not take anymore layoffs. So I've started my own business in transportation, I have no start up capitol and no credit to go out and buy a special car for this job so I'm using my 2009 Chrysler 300 and the clients I've pickup are loving the Chrysler so I've decided that when I increase financially I will invest in all Chrysler vehicles. When I started this business I was riding at 62000 miles, but my 300 now have 121000 miles and with continue servicing its riding great! Thank you for making a wonderful car.

Anonymous 11/2/13 5:20PM

own a chrysler voyager in Australia you need a bank accounrt like a swiz bank, instance return high pressure hose from the compressor to the condensor here quoted $350 usa price after a check on the net $50 who is ripping who off ,always the same with any part purchased in Australia the price a complete rip off service what service,
Never again will i purchase a vehicle from the Chrysler group, be what ever brand they happen to be flogging that year,
No wonder the wrecking yards are full of chrysler voyagers NO one can afford to repair them a good vehicle no complaints but spare parts wow move over Ned Kelly Chrysler just took your place

Talleyrand 10/21/13 8:07PM

I'm just trying to point out a bad looking dealership. Plattner Chrysler in FLorida has the most dirtiest place and unattractive place to by a car. I drove by and continued past. I looks like a junk yard. I just wanted to bring this to your attention because I could not believe that Chrysler would have a dealership looking like this.

Anonymous 9/14/13 2:52PM

My Daugter purchased a Jeep Wrangler Sport ! The hard to has leaked all over seats , electricals ect , smells like 100 year old car . Crysler Gold Coast Australia have had car for 6 weeks and now say cant fix! And get a lawyet to fight them over it ! The car is still under warranty can you help please !! Elizabeth Armstrong ( Mother for. Mia Kathleen Stack .. Owner of Jeep

Elizabeth 8/27/13 4:43PM

I've been searching for a new vehicle that has all- or 4-wheel drive and can tow at least 7000 LB. After doing some test drives, I was leaning towards the RAM 1500 with a Hemi. I really wasn't happy with the claimed fuel mileage 13/19 mpg) and the transmission gear selector on the new 8-speed transmissions (really? a twist knob? Is PlaySchool getting a kickback/royalties for this?)
I started to look elsewhere as I also discovered the quad cab I favored was too long for the parking garage at where I work. There's the Chevy Avalanche that was shorter and had the market's only fold down rear seats and mid-gate to accept longer loads. It fell short in mileage and it at the end if its production. I really liked the Durango, but mileage was only 13/20 mpg in AWD with the Hemi. Then I got word that there's a EcoDiesel for the Grand Cherokee and the RAM 1500 for 2014. 21/29 mpg. Same towing capability as the Hemi. Awesome! Not available in the Durango. What??
As the Durango is my preference over the Grand Cherokee (more capacity, better styling), seems quite easy to share the EcoDiesel as almost everything else is shared between these SUV's. As for the 8-speed transmission with a knob selector- twist this!
Let me know when/if the EcoDiesel will be in the 2014 Durango- I'll be a buyer in spite of not having a proper console lever shifter!

Twist This 8/9/13 10:30AM

I find it hard to believe that the crossfire is the only car without a recall. I have a 2006 crossfire and the convertible and the back window just fell out the glue is not holding up. but yet I am told I can pay a co-pay to get it fixed or replaced. this is a scam to keep it out of the recall category. this is a manufacture defect and should be treated as such. the dealer said right off the top I am not the only one with this problem and sure enough there was another 2006 crossfire in the shop with the same issue. I was told by the repair people that they have done 25 already this year. the 2005 had a problem so they extended the warranty to cover it so that there was no recall. it is time that Chrysler deal with the problem and start the recall. when I pick up my car the first thing I will look at is if the top has been changed to prevent this from happening again if this is so then I know that Chrysler is doing their best to avoid the recall and not putting their customers first. I am not happy that I am paying to get my top fixed due to a manufacture defect. Not only that but the first thing out of the employee was this is what they have been doing charging a co-pay of $500.00 before it was even summited for review. I also called back this number and talked with them again today and expressed my complaint.not sure where this will go but i can hope that it will help get the right thing done on this issue.

mark 8/1/13 9:33AM

My name is Michael Friese. I live in Lizella Ga. In September of this year I traded a 2003 Town & Country Van in on a 2013 Town & Country. Had all service work done at 5 Star Dodge & Chrysler in Warner Robins Ga where we purchased the Van. I took the Van in on the 23rd of July because the check engine light was on. Before I got there the light went out. I told the service man that it just went out. He said it could be 500 things. I told him I was going to Sea World Friday the 26th. Could he check it real fast He said he didn t have time to do it that day. When I got to Orlando the engine quit. They towed it to the dealership there. Rented me a Van. They said it was my resonibility to pick it up. % star in warner robins is picking it up or us They said we shouldn t have to do that.I appreciate 5 Stars attitude about it but not Chrysler attitude to it. My wife said she won t buy another one. Just wanted you to know how she feels

Michael 7/31/13 9:57AM

My Name is Denise. I purchased my 2013-Chrysler-200 v6 in December of 2012. I had a Toyota Yaris 2007 with some heavy miles on it, but in the 5.6 years of ownership, I only had to do the basic oil change, tire-rotation and "battery replacement twice".
WOW am I sorry that I bought a Chrysler! In less then 3000 miles got a recall notice (June 2013) for the gas valve in gas tank, has had 4 engine lights that I am told are not to be of concern (really! ) Its the flipping Engine light!
by the service tech's (its in the programming???) well I am a bit of a programmer and when there is a bug in a program, that means something is not working right. The transmission started to do thump/off shift of gears at slow rate of speed and the techs tell me that its normal and its the new technology, but they had to added a solution "adative" to the transmission - " to help it stop the thumping" it continues to do that same thing at random and slow rates of speed, and as the gears are shifting. I have for the second time visit the dealer about the recall notice (June 2013) and still the part is not in?? Why does the dealer not have the parts??? its a recall for concerns of engine stopping/pausing suddenly??. The cookie of all stories is the mechanic that recommended that I needed to rotate and balance my tires (July 20th 2013). Fair enough - right - ONLY I had that done the previous WEEK. And when I asked what determines the need for a tire rotation and balance, I am told - "the miles on the car" Well what about asking the customer, "When was the last time you had the tire rotated and balanced" or even looking at the damn tires to see if they need rotation (we went on a test drive to prove that the tires does not need rotation and balancing)?? - then the oil change for this problem of a new car. Denise - You should only let the dealer change the oil - fair enough, but I ask why? and am told- cause we only use Chrysler products - Right the Pennzoil that Jiffy Lube uses is different from the Pennzoil that Chrysler uses. OK,now lets see, its the oil filter - Chrysler uses MoPar - well the oil filter that I used in the Toyota Yaris was from Jiffy Lube and I NEVER had so much as ONE - UNO - NADA of an issue. WTF I should have kept my purchase in the Toyota family side of auto buying. Know I am screwed by a this engine light Chrysler (that no one has an answer for)- an American Car Dealer (Chrysler) that I and you tax payers helped BALE OUT with our tax dollars. W-T-Flip ! and the car is only seven months old, with a bit over 8 thousand in miles?? DAMN am I up the creek with no paddles. No do not buy the Chrysler, and I am not saying buy Toyota, but do your homework and consider all facts before you get into this with the darn Chrysler line of cars. They have issues. They look nice but engineered poorly - LOTS of issues!

dcovnton 7/22/13 8:34AM

I own a 2006 jeep commender and all the inside door handles have broken off. This is a safety issue and Chrysler should be ashamed of themselves for not having a recall after numerous complaints. I bet the CEO would not have his family driving one of these and the cost to repair is outrageous So disappointed I will never purchase theirs cars and I tell everyone I can not to. If anyone from Chrysler cares please email.

Michelle 7/22/13 5:40AM

I have a dodge 3500 5.9 Cummings I have spent over $3000 on transmission and it is still NOT fixed, and they are wanting me to pay money for stuff they should have fixed the first time. When I get it fixed I will never own another dodge. Mechanics are horrible. Power stroke here I come.

Anonymous 6/18/13 10:56AM

I don't have a comment rather a statement for you guys! My name is Dewey James; I live in Fayetteville, NC.

I was really surprised at your gift to Tavis Smiley on his birthday a year or so ago from the company; several of my colleagues and I had a water break conversation about why this occurred. This may not even be true information but I had to check on it. I know from all the commercials on TV know one really use the real people who buy and use the product being advertised.

What gets me is why you guys don't reward normal people with these positions to sell the product and show the normal guys and women accepting these gifts form your company, we who do many things in our communities that you don't ever hear about in the news and/or radio.

My friends feel it's only a promotional thing, that the big companies uses the celebrate people to enhance the company's name rewarding the name not the people.

I find this hard to believe; but it appears to be true I've sent this same letter out to several other companies and I have not had a responds as of yet and you to may not respond; but I'm emailing you because I'm a Chrysler man your cars are good and I also want to prove to my friends that some times for good company to survive the bottom line is not always the dollar!!!!

Again my name is Dewey James, 6592 Applewhite Rd Fayetteville, NC 28304 (surprise me)

Anonymous 6/3/13 11:51AM

Im in Australia & bought a second hand 2006 300c 5.7L that had 118k on the clock. In the 2 yrs ive owned it, the alternator went, then the shifter mechanism went costing me $1000 as not a part covered by warranty.
My motor has now packed up. Its only done 126k & they say a lifter has dropped & its done major damage. It is going to cost me $10000 AUD to rebuil the motor. Not a happy customer. I would expect a lot more from a V8.
Could this be a manufacturing fault & is it a common occurance? I love my car but sadly, cant afford to repair it at that cost.

heartbroken 5/15/13 1:59AM

I am sorry to say that am not happy with the Chrysler 200 as last thursday 4/18/13 The engine shut down on me and with only 19,900 miles. Had to tow it in to Dealership here in Cleveland, Tn They said the #1 Valve dropped and
caused the engine to lock up. I purchased the car July
2012 Need to know what will be done. Cannot reccomend
products like this to anyone.

Billy 4/22/13 6:56PM

Hello I will try and make this as short as possible. My son has a 2007 Chrysler Pacifica it would not start so I told him lets take it somewhere where they know how to fix newer Chryslar's so we decided on where he bought the car which is Go Chrylser on Broadway. We took his car on Wednesday to get it to get the diagnostic's checked on his vehicle. We were they didn't know what the problem was and sent the vehicle back home. The next day he went to start it and it did not start again so this time we had to have it towed (I paid for) to the Dealership again. Well this was back and form to dealership when they finally said that it needed a ignigtion switch we said good so ahead and fix it. Then we received another call that the back Kasting was cracked another couple of hundred dollars. We paid 550 dollars and was happy it was finally done. Well when we went to pick it up on Tuesday night my son was driving it home and said something is wrong with the car when he was trying to drive it home. It was rush hour and the car kept dying out at every intersection not only was this unsafe but it was terrifying. My son and I got home and called dealership immediately Jim answered and toally apologized for everything he said "Don't worry we will have it towed and and fixed" that was last night well I called three times today and finally received a call at 3:30 from Justin who said it is now the Connecter PCM (the brain of the computer in the car) which is what we originally took it to get checked for. Now he said they want another 439 dollars to fix. I told Justin you put my son's life in jeopardy sending it home when you knew it was not safe and he said "Your son's car is totally unsafe. We asked Family and friends to help pay for the 550 dollars my son is a single parent of two and barely makes enought to make his 520 car payment. PLEASE PLEASE HELP US WE DO NOT HAVE ANOTHER 500 dollars to get his car back. They said they will not even give us a rental while the car is being fixed i asked if we could some how make payments and they said "no". What happen to customer service it is just not the same anymore.


After seeing Chrysler involvement in the community nI am determined that Chrysler is the car for me. It sustained my family when we were children and Chrysler remains a big part of the lives of those who live in Detroit. My father was a welder and many days we ate because of chrysler thank you

Anonymous 1/7/13 9:31AM

After watching employees smoke pot and drink on the job on the news tonight we changed our mind about the new truck we intend to buy before year end. We're going Ford! What are you thinking?

Kirby 12/11/12 6:58PM

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