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Please find details for the Coby corporate office below. We do our best to keep this information current, but if you are aware of any updates to the Coby corporate office headquarters information we have, please feel free to submit an update.

Corporate Office Address:
Coby Electronics Corporation
1991 Marcus Avenue
New Hyde Park, NY 11042
United States

Phone: 718-416-3300
Fax: 718-416-3305

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Trying to order a remote for my tv but I see I probably won't be he's r ing from Coby reps after reading other people and their comments. I have tried 20 times to call and it doesn't ring...just disconnects you. Better Business Bureau call I suppose.

Jay 6/11/14 3:25PM

I bought a 32in coby less than a year ago and it stays on for about 30seconds and then just cuts off....all the phone numbers they list are not getting me to coby to a customer service rep. What is going on?!I have called 4 numbers already......shady company? yep!

dissatified customer 4/15/14 9:54AM

I have been trying to contact someone from Coby about an issue with my TV. No one responds, the number is always busy, and when I sent an email, I get a reply that there is a delay in delievery. Sounds real funny to me, and then I read all of the comments on their web sited, it appears that they don't do very well in supporting thier products and responding to the comsumer.

Coby 32 inch TV 2/18/14 10:24AM

I am still waiting for my tablet !!! I mailed my coby tablet for repairs and I have not recieved until now I had complain to BBB I spoke to a rep ..once.. which told me my tablet would be retruned in 15 days and they never send it !! phone number is disconncet I just want my tablet back .. we should do something about it !! where is our proteccion as a consumer ?? please someone help ..

Tato 2/11/14 2:26PM

Sent from my iPad
I bought a Coby 10.2 inch under cabinet tv last year. It just quit receiving tv signals a while ago. I have sent numerous messages to you but have not seen a reply. What can you do to remedy this?
Thank you,

petite5feet 1/23/14 8:06AM

I sent my tablet to coby last year in June 2013, along with 45.00 I have not heard from them since . This not they way to treat someone that purchased your product. This is totally ridiculous .

Not Happy 1/22/14 9:25AM

I also have a kyro 7120 tablet, it does not work at all. I tried calling customer service, and it does not work...saying the number has been disconnected

Phelicia leal 1/19/14 5:17PM

I called the number listed. get a recording that the number is inactive.

Don 1/16/14 9:24AM

I was just told by a Nebraska Furniture Mart associate that Coby has filed bankruptcy and that my warranty is now Null and Void so I am out of luck on getting my non-functioning tablet taken care of.

Anonymous 12/27/13 10:27AM

Ok Coby I See That You Have Another Angry Customer Just Go Ahead And Contact Me Via Mail With My Money Order/or Check For My Refund The Same That I Sent To You Twice To Get My Daughters Tablet(s) Fixed. At This Point The Numbers That Are On The Websites Are Telling Me "were Sorry Your Call Cannot Be Comepleted As Dialed" Well I Am Tired Of Playing The Cat And Mouse Game With You People. Its Unforunate That This Was Given To My Daughter As A Gift For Christmas Last Year And Had To Be Taken Away From Her Twice And The Second Time Never Returned. Well Just Give Me Back My Money That I Gave You People And We Will Call It Truce, So I Can Buy Her Something Else That Wont Quit Working. And I Have All Receipts And All Contact Time And Dates Up Until

ANDREA 12/9/13 6:44AM

The company dodged me for 6 months and my warranty is due to expire this week! We should all come together and file a class action suit against them for not abiding to their warranty agreement and in some cases.....theft. Coby has misrepresented their company to consumers and there are laws in place to punish them and protect us from their unfair practice! They don't even have a working number for us to contact them. Let them explain that to our government! Everyone should contact their state's General Attorney to move forward not the Better Business Bureau!

Ms Thomas 12/3/13 1:34PM

I sent in my tablet in May, and have not received it back this was the third time I had to send it in and again was told that it would take six weeks and now it has been six months. It's sad that your company would sell products that don't work but even sadder that they get your products and don't return them to you or offer you a refund I have phoned, faxed, emailed and written letters to the company to find out what's going on with no answers; they I find out that the company went out of business as I stated before I am beyond PISSED I haven't worked in over six years and have no income to purchase another tablet, and it's sad that the company that bought out Coby isn't returning our products you trust that when you buy a product that it is going to work and if it doesn't the company would make it right but I guess not, all I want is whats mine or a refund to purchase another one.

Margaret 11/25/13 7:06PM

I sent my tablet in back in May along with my 15.00 money an haven't heard anything from them just took my tablet I paid for an nothing the better business beaurea needs to know about this from everybody an save ur receipts from ur money order

phonedaddy6200 11/11/13 8:46PM

I to have sent in my Coby Tablet for replacement with a 15.00 money order, and no response from them. At first I you could talk to someone and now you get a recording.

jt 10/30/13 11:42AM

I too returned my tablet and sent the 15.00 return fee. I want a new tablet or refund of my 157.00 and 15.00 return fee.

oldeschool 10/28/13 8:23AM

I sent my coby tablet and 15 dollar money order back in May of 2013 they told me 8 to 10 weeks I would get it back. it is now almost November and I still haven't received it. I also will never buy or recommend anything coby again. I guess it was cheap for a reason. that reason being that they don't know how to take care of customers, or build electronics, or run a business. I've emailed them and called them and got no reply. it's not worth it to sue by yourself but I do agree with a class action. I I'm going to report them to the Better Business Bureau today.

Wendy 10/23/13 11:45AM

sent my tablet in A Daniels at Coby Electronics sign for it. Sent the package out on 4/25/13 was received at Coby on 4/30/13 with a money order attached included in the package of $15.00 to return my tablet back to me. I included the tracking number to them with this letter. I then called and received a claim number is was told to call back in three weeks for it to put into the system. I did that, I called back on 6/17/13 was told it would be replaced not fixed, but would have to wait until order of new tablets come in, was told once again to call back in two more weeks. I gave it three weeks to call back to get the same response that there were no tablets to replace mines I sent in for repair. I spoke with Mike a manager over the department which I called He told me the same thing that the computer was down and was not able to tell me when another shipment would come in to call back in two more weeks. I then asked for the number to the main department someone higher up. He then gave me the number. I in turn called the number given and got a recording from the operator that the hours of operation is as follows 9-5 to leave a message and someone will call me back. Which it was after 9:00 am when I called. I wasn't able to leave a message on the voice mail dated for 7/24/13 because the mail box is full couldn't leave a message. I have tried so hard to get a response from this company. Now lets fill a class action lawsuit against this company.

Kimberly Johnson 10/9/13 2:40PM

I was surprised to read so many of the same issues Iam having seem to be the "norm" for coby product waranty. They have had my tablet for three weeks and I am unable to get thru to anyone that can give me a sensible response as to (1) where it is, (2) or when or how I will be compensated. I am going to contact the Attorney General's office (consumer protection). If there are enough complaints-we should get some positive response. Contact the office for your state-or there's. Good luck!

cazz 10/9/13 9:37AM

i mailed my coby tablet for repairs on april,2013 and i hav'nt recieved it yet i spoke to a rep which told me my tablet would be retruned in june and its now october the 1-877 number is disconncet i just want my tablet back please someone help me !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

drew 9/30/13 8:36AM

Just called Gordon Brothers and once i told them i had a question about Coby she put me on hold and then a recording came on say they were not going to be responsible for any warranty problems... so i emailed them amd said that means you have stolen my item since you now own everything that belonged to Coby and that i wanted my broke item returned... I'm sure it wont matter, but it seems we are still screwed...

darinsbengals 9/19/13 9:55AM

I sent 3 tablets back to Coby plus 45.00 return fee and also paid to ship them there with confirmation. That was in May... Have not heard anything and can't get no answers on the phone or via e-mail. I have contacted the better business bureau in New York. Hopefully I can get some answers that way. Everybody please file a complaint with BBB maybe we can get some sort of class action suit going against these thieves.

mrsdeejae 9/16/13 7:32AM

They have had my tablet since Apr 15 2013.They have not answered emails or phone calls. When they did answer the phone it was nothing but lies...

tr 9/16/13 6:39AM

I also sent in my tablet to be repaired in june 2013 with the $15.00 money order They got the tablet on the 21st cause I also paided for tracking .I tried calling after 2 mths and it said the number was no longer in service , after 2 weeks I called again this time the number just ran no one picked up ..It's been 3 mths and No One has emailed oR even TRIED to let me know what is going on! I WILL NEVER PURCHASE OR REFFER COBY TO ANYONE ! THIS BOGUS COMPANY IS STEALING FROM SO MANY PEOPLE THEY NOW HAVE MY TABLET, 15.00, SHIPPING AND CONFERMATION FEE, AND NO ONE CARES !

anrivera 9/16/13 5:26AM

Coby has done the same to me also. I sent my tablet in for repairs and $15.00 money order and now I can't email or call them. This tablet was for my child school work. I have no respect for this company and will never buy any with Coby name again.

coby tablet 9/8/13 6:02PM

Thank You for that info. I have also just sent a email to Gordon Brothers. Hopefully we can start getting some answers...

crstnaervin 9/4/13 5:23PM

Coby has been bought by the mergers and aquisitions company Gordon Brothers. I have sent them an email....if everyone else does the same, perhaps we will see a change or get our refunds.

cobyiscrap 9/3/13 7:31PM Am Writting To Inform You That On May 5th I Sent My Coby Tablet To Be Repaired And I Have Not Yet Received My Tablet,its Now Sept. And I Dont Want To Get My Lawyer Involved Due To Something As Such ,but Im Really Getting Ready To Take Action If I Dont Hear From Coby Asap .i Also Have Been Very Patience But That Has Worn Off So If By All Means Corporate Needs To Contact Me Asap.for Further Deatails . Ms Andrea Stanton (703)370-5679 Thank You Ms Stanton

Anonymous 9/1/13 6:08AM

wow i sent my tablet in for repair on june 9 2013 insured and with the 15 for shipping and handling i calle about one month after they received it and they said it was at the ware house and it would be 8 weeks to repair now it is aug 24 2013 it is impossable to contact them. i even called there corporate number dead head i payed 120 for it this is some kind of scam if lets start a class action to stop this from happening this is so wrong

newtonbbrown 8/26/13 7:36AM

I will definitely never buy any more products from Coby. What a terrible mistake. I had sent my tablet to be fixed. It's been over 2 months and have not even received an email acknowledging if the items was arrived at their company. I do not know if it has been fixed or what are they doing with this tablet. I know they got it because I had to insure the package and pay for tracking method.

Anonymous 8/22/13 12:21PM

I have had the round from your company since May. You received my tv May 14th. You were to send me a new tv in 4-6 weeks. Today is August 21. I have called every phone given to me. Either it's a non working # or I get a full mailbox for leaving a message. I have contacted HHGreg, Better Business Bur, and a local tv trouble shooter for assistance. I need help!!!

Anonymous 8/21/13 10:32AM

I too sent my tablet in and 15.00$ for repair or replacement back in april2013 and now this has been 4 almost 5 months and still nothing I was able to get ahold of someone at first. they told me it was being replaced but did not know when. now I can't get ahold of them at all. this makes me madder because the thing was a Christmas present to my girls now they don't have it. absoulutly no more products will be bought from coby I will pay the extra 20 for the next guy.

Anonymous 8/21/13 8:06AM

This is the worst company in all my years. I can't get anyone to talk me. I even email consumer services NO! response. It is like this company (Coby) has drop off the face of the earth. I wrote a letter to the main office in NY and even address it to the company president. What is the deal?

Anonymous 8/20/13 9:04AM

It was very depressing reading all of the comments re customers experiences with coby customer service and I can agree with all of you because I'm in the same boat. I sent my new tablet for repair/replacement as directed by their customer service tech support on May 30,2013. After about 8 weeks I called to get status as to when it would be returned... It appears that the Coby Corp fell off the face of the earth as I was not able to reach a "warm body" anywhere in the USA. In doing a search on "bing" it looks as though coby is in bankrupcy and closing much (if not all) of it's US repair shops. As a result, I've pretty much given up of ever seeing my beloved tablet again. The sad part of it is... this company did not have the decency to tell me to get loss or so I can move on with my life.

rntb 8/15/13 1:21PM

I have the same problem. I returned a Coby Tablet for repair on June5th to the company in Carson,Ca. I have tried to contact the coby via email and telephone which were all dead ends. They have my $100 tablet plus my $15 money order to ship it back. This is ridiculous. I have never seen such poor customer service. Does anyone have any ideas how to get in contact with this company?

angela 8/15/13 7:45AM

I have contacted customer service on 7/23 due to a malfunction tablet. I was advised and sent an email with all the information needed to send it back along with a $15 money order. Two weeks after I send the tablet I receive it back with a sticker that the business has "REFUSED" to accept the tablet. I have tried to contact them again through phone at but is states to go to the website. No one answer the phones anymore?

Martin 8/13/13 11:00AM

On April 15,2013 i mailed my Coby Kyros MID8127 tablet to the Savannah Ga location along with a $15.00 cashier check. i was told that it will be about 8 weeks to turn around and send me a new one. it has been almost 18 weeks and i have not received anything. i called the savannah number for weeks and kept getting the run around about when my tablet would be sent to me. Every time they told me to call on a certain day i did it and kept getting the same answer, "its not showing that it has left the warehouse and it is was in process of sending. "this is unprofessional to the point where i had to research to see if the company still going and come to find u have closed the Savannah warehouse in June and we as customers was never informed about that. you have a lot of unsatisfied customers mainly me. The tablet was gift to me from my wife and kids and i was so happy to have tablet. I would really like to know what will u do to resolve this issue. im still waiting on My New Tablet. And if you dont mind may i get a tablet a step up or that has the Android google play app market.

Thank you

NOT HAPPY AT ALL 8/13/13 10:53AM

I dont know if any of you live on Long Island, but I do. I have a TV I purchased less than a year ago and am now having problems with it, and like everyone else I get no human from customer service. I left a message on the CEO VM and let him know I will be contacting every local news station and newspaper until I get satisfaction. If I get no results I will be taking the 25 min drive to the HQ and stay there until I get some customer service.

Anonymous 8/12/13 8:13AM

has anyone heard any new news????? im still trying to get through, no luck!!!! B.B.B will not do anything if they dont get a reply back from the company. so thats a lost cause to contact them also.. I dont know what esle to do, something needs to be done to this company...

christina 8/11/13 8:17PM

I understand what everyone is saying about this company I sent my tablet along with a 15.00 money order back on June the 15th now I have been trying to get someone on the phone. too see when I will get my tablet back I was told 4 to 6 weeks that's a joke I am tried of waiting. I am on broad to start a class act lawsuit they need to know that they just cann't take people money and get aways with it we work to hard for how money for some company to play games with us, I know I work to hard and I don't have money to give aways.

Draine 8/8/13 4:52PM

I returned a malfunctioning portable dvd player in April, 2013. I was told it would be a 6-8 week turn around. I have called several times and was told the following: We cannot locate it. I sent the returned item UPS and have the tracking number. They did say that yes, they do see that it arrived...but do not know what to do about it and cannot find it. What kind of business is this! I want a total refund. I paid over $200 for this item and now find that it's being advertised for $50. What a racket. I have left voice messages for someone in the corporate office and not once did I receive any response. Now the number for customer service directs callers to the website. I just want this settled.

Upset in Arizona 8/8/13 2:02PM

I have had a colby since Christmas. Actually, this is the second one that was sent to me. I still don't know how to use it and I am an educated person. I wish someone would call me since I can't get anyone on the line. I am very mad today about this whole situation. I am going to e-mail my phone # just to see if anyone calls me.

Anonymous 8/7/13 10:58AM

What is wrong with that Colby Company anyway? I bought my granddaughter a tablet for Christmas last year & bought the insurance plan. Quit working in June, sent it in along with the money order for processing they said had to be sent along. now here I set waiting & waiting for it. who ever said they need to start a law suit I am with you. We all need to do something to get them on the move to getour product back to us.

mamajmheenan 8/6/13 6:11AM

I am willing to file a class action lawsuit also.Coby has had my tablet since April.They owe me a 100.00 .They gave me the same run around with when replace would be shipped out also.

tr 8/6/13 5:55AM

I am having the same problem as everyone else. Coby received my tablet the first week of May 2013. I was told it would be 4 to 6 weeks. I've called numerous times and got the run around. The first week of July I was told my product was replaced with a 9 in tablet and due to be shipped out but no shipping date was available. I called the next week and was told the spreadsheet hadn't been updated since the first week of July.

I asked for a manager just to be given a name with no last name and a corporate number. Corporate number doesn't give you a real person and now the coby warranty number just refers you to the website.

Coby owes me $200 plus the $15 money order I mailed them. I am looking for people that want to come together to file a class action lawsuit against Coby. This company needs to be stopped.

Please contact me at

amurray0010 8/5/13 8:30AM

You got my tablet and my money . I was told 4-6 weeks now it has been 8 weeks what is going on .

vonn 8/3/13 5:24AM

Christine I sent my tablet back April 11th and I was told the samething that the order was going to be shipped July 8th.Still no tablet and no answers of where it is.I have a very upset little girl because it was her Christmas gift and she has no tablet :(

tr 8/1/13 3:41PM

i also have been trying to get in contact with coby. i sent a defective tablet in may and last i was told it was going to be shipped out on the 8th of july, but something happen to thier shipment.. after that no one answers the phones replys to emails nothing.. i have contacted B.B.B. i have left messages at every extension number i could get through to.. i am outraged. i dont know what else to do. if anyone hears anything will you please post. I know of the warehouses being moved, and the company downsizing but this is absurd!!!

christina 8/1/13 3:04PM

I have been waiting for my replacement tablet since April.No tracking # or answeres of where it is.This is a bunch of bull.

tr 8/1/13 12:22PM

I have been trying to get a replacement remote for my LED TV since the middle of June - send a money order as I was told and to date I have no replacement remote - you can not get through to a live person anymore - you get busy signals when you try different phone numbers or a recorded message that tells you to go to the website - the website can not track an order. This is the worst Customer Service and I would never buy another Coby product - you should be reported the to the Better Business Bureau and be shut down.

Donna - 8/1/2013

donna desimone 8/1/13 11:12AM

I have no words to describe this company. I have been trying to reach them by phone and email for weeks and no response at all. They delived to me a tablet that never worked right out of the box. I have now left a voice mail message for Mr. Young and advised if no response by tomorrow I will be notifying my CC comany of fraud, and the BBB. This company is terrible and i will never buy another Coby product. I suggest we all find every site available for them to post these reviews...

Anonymous 8/1/13 10:23AM

Maybe if everyone bombards Young Lee's voice mail he may do something about his company. Young Dong Lee is the CEO. If you call and press star then type in youn.. you will get the extension number of 122. When asked if you would like to call this individual opt for yes then leave a voice mail. Maybe he will get the hint his company is lacking in so many areas that they will be closing as soon as consumers are made aware of their lack of concern for their customers. Best of luck to us all on getting working merchandise returned to us.

concerned consumer 7/29/13 8:48AM

I have the same problem as the rest. The only difference is, there is no # to call now. All numbers are either busy or not in service. I think this company should be disbarred from doing business in the US. The main company is in China. They opened a main office in N.Y. but they will not answer their phone. I have been waiting for my tablet for 3 months.

Frustrated beyond means 7/26/13 2:57PM

Coby has the WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE I have ever dealt with. Retailers should be ashamed to sell their product. Coby products are garbage, I got the same song and dance about the 4 to 6 week shipping process at which I have to pay to ship it to them and pay to ship it back to my residence. What kind of business is this. Coby just so you know your company is the horrible. Also trying to get in touch with someone at corporate office is nearly impossible and they won't even return customers calls. GREAT PROFESSIONALISM

Chris 7/24/13 1:50PM

I returned two tablets on May 13, 2013 I was told it would take 4 weeks to call for a tracking #. It has been 10 weeks and still no new information have left voice mail messages at corporate and one persons cell phone. This should be illegal to accept a money order for shipping replacements and never shipping them. I am calling a consumer advocate for assistance.

Brian 7/24/13 5:09AM

I have been having the exact same problem as everyone else here. I sent in my tablet back in April and it was only to take 6-8 weeks for my new one. It has now been over 3 months! Every time I call Tech Support they know nothing. They tell me it looks like they have a tablet being sent out but don't have any of my info (name, address, ph # nothing)??? I recomend everyone contact the BBB.ORG and file a complaint with them. I have even sent an email to I have even tried contacting Coby Corp office and no one answers and you can't even leave a message. This company sounds a little fishy!!! The BBB.ORG has them listed as an F on their rating.

Mark 7/22/13 7:38AM

I purchased a 55" LED in January 2013 from
I had it for ten weeks before it failed to power up. I called on March 10th and spoke to someone about it at which time they assured me that I would be sent a replacement TV along with return labels and that I needed to put the broken TV in the box and return it using the label that was sent. After two weeks I had no TV so I called back and was informed that a new TV could not be sent until the broken one was returned. After searching for a box unsuccessfully for three days, I couldn't find a box large enough to return it. I then called corporate Coby and spoke to a miss Kate and explained that this was not in fact what I was first instructed and that I couldn't find a box to return the TV. Finally they agreed to send a new TV as first agreed upon. I finally received the new TV on April 26th after having to make two additional follow up calls. On April 29th, the replacement TV failed very similar to the first one. It would not power on.
I then called once again and was told yet again that I have to send the TV back first and then a replacement would be shipped. After explaining the entire process of my first experience, they agreed to send me a new TV first and that I should then send back the broken one as before. Two weeks passed and still no TV so I called, yet again. I spoke to the supervisor (Mike) and was told that the TV hasn't been shipped but it would be shipped ASAP.
On 6-10-13 still no TV. After a very lengthy conversation with Mike, i was once again assured me that my replacement TV would be shipped on the next shipping day. It is now July 1st, still no TV. I called back today and spoke to Dolly and was told that all she could do is send an email to Mike and see what he could do. I am a very patient man but this is beyond absurd!
I had a functional TV for short of seven weeks since my January purchase and have been without it over 3 months which is a good bit longer than I've used it. This is the only TV in my house so therefore, I haven't been able to enjoy watching TV for most of the year already! I demand an answer as to when I can expect a NEW, not a refurbished, TV will be sent to me. If I don't get an answer within 24 hours, I will call the better business Burro,
Corporate Wal Mart, and the local Consumer Reporter, Clark Howard here in Atlanta and tell them how horrible my experience has been with your company!!
Please contact me ASAP!!!

brrowell 7/1/13 11:05AM

It has been 8 weeks an I have not received my merchandise back from Coby every time I call they tell it is still in processing it states on the return that it only takes 6 to 8 weeks an I feel that the company should honor there would I see here there are a bunch of pissed off people with there company because of the same problem

emg 4/29/13 8:08AM

I puchased a 40 in Coby TV 2 years ago through HSN. It stopped working and I took it to the repairman. He advised me that the main board needed replacing. After trying to find the part we contacted Coby and was told to return the TV because they had no replacement parts either. I spent $60.00 UPS to send the TV back to Savannah GA 3 weeks ago and $50.00 with the TV for return postage. Needless to say I haven't heard one one word back from Coby. I called HSN and asked them to call Coby. Guess what Coby hasn't called them back either. I will be placing a complaint with the BBB.

Annoyed customer 2/22/13 11:15AM

I recently returned our Coby TV because of a defect. The company sent me a prepaid FEDEX return postage for the TV.
When I tried to mail it back to Coby from FEDEX I was informed that the return postage was not valid. I ended up paying $83.51 for the return postage to Coby. When I informed Coby about it, they said that they were aware of the problem with the prepaid postage and they were in the process of correcting it. I was told that I would be reimbursed for the shipping charges. I have NOT been reimbused to date. I was told that someone would get back to me and no one has yet to return my call.

Pissed off customer 2/21/13 2:48PM

I purchased a Coby/Android Tablet Septmber,2012

Had the item for three months and it quit. I obtained the address to return the time. Sent the item back with the

$15.00 money order payable to Coby. Item was shipped by UPS and was signed for at the Coby Company on 1-17-2012 and signed for by a party named Jones.

I called Coby Customer Service 01-25-2013 and spoke with Jeff, no last name given and he acknowledged that the Coby had been received. He stated that it was in the process of being checked out and if it can be reprogramed it will be and if not a new replacement would be sent out. He gave no deadline as to when this process would be done.

When asked about the warranty he said that the warranty would be from the date of purchase., I questioned this as

the item was being reworked or replaced and that the warranty should be from the time that I received the item

back in my possession and not from the purchase date.

Jeff said that it was the Coby policy and I asked for the corporate office number, he said that he could not give that to me, only his supervisor could. His superisor Miguel was off today and I was given his voice mail.

I left a message for Miguel and looking back on my conversation with Jeff, I find it odd and a bit suspicious that the Corporate Office number is not available to customer as I am now sending this email and have the corporate office number.

I wish to have upper management at the corporate level contact me via phone or preferably email to let me know when my item will be either replaced or reworked and

all questions posed in this correspondence answered.

IE: Why Corporate Office Number of your company cannot be given out, unless approved by a supervisor.

When my item will be reprogramed/replaced?

Why warranty would be from date of purchase when the item is either reprogramed or replaced after being with your technical personel?

I look forward to hearing from Management in the Corporate level of your company in the nearest future.

Thank You

Patricia Palmer

Ppalmer 1/25/13 11:44AM

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