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Costco corporate office headquarters location, phone number, address and feedback

Please find details for the Costco corporate office below. We do our best to keep this information current, but if you are aware of any updates to the Costco corporate office headquarters information we have, please feel free to submit an update.

Corporate Office Address:
Costco Wholesale Corporation
999 Lake Drive
Issaquah, WA 98027
United States

Phone: 425-313-8100

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I cannot believe that you are selling RoundUp in your stores. Don't you know that this product kills bees. I know that you are known for quality of product. You are also known to be an ethical company, then why are you selling Monsanto chemicals in your stores. If all your stores are carrying this and other Monsanto products, can you imagine the damage you are doing to the bees and our environment across all states. Please please reconsider your policy on this and other Monsanto products. They even have a small amount of this product (Round Up) in GMOs i.e. corn and soy beans.

Norma J. Moreno 6/17/14 7:57PM

I am very angry that Costco keeps flooding my e-mail with a scam promotion saying I have won a $100credit. WHen I open the link it takes me to a survey. After I fill out the survey it keeps asking for more. I have had 6 e-mails,all with surveys and I can't unsubscribe. This is annoying enough to cancel my membership which I have had prior to being named Costco.
PLease contact the marketing people who are turning the public off Costco.

Anonymous 5/15/14 2:05PM

I would like to make a suggestion. In stead of throwing out less than perfect fruits and veggies that have started going bad offer them at a reduced amount. I saw your workers going through the berries and tossing very good product away. He said it goes in a dumpster. I understand that donating in NJ is hard to do but you can at least offer them for less. Someone like myself would purchase some of these items that are not perfect for a 50% price.
Annette Case

Annette 1/12/14 4:58PM

Thanks for keeping your stores closed on Thanksgiving Day. You are to be commended. It's not only a day for family, but a day to thank God for His great goodness for which the holiday was begun in the first place. Just like Christmas, without Christ there would be no CHRISTmas.

JC in CO 11/21/13 8:04AM

on 11/8/13 I Ruth Singleton requested Dr. Tae Shin request several medications and they were refused because of expense, allergy and would elevate blood pressure. I contacted Costco and instructed not to fill either prescription. I called my primary physician Dr. James Caplan and requested a medication for pain (4:11 p.m.) and advised Costco pharmacy he would send prescription. At 4:30 p.m.,4:58 p.m., and 5:42 p.m I checked with Costco to see if it had arrived. Brandon (name of Black man given me today) and Beatriz there may have been one other person involved. I ws told no prescription had come from Dr. Caplan. Dr. Caplan sent the prescription at 4:52 p.m. 11/8/13 I have copy of transmittal from Costco. Their dishonesty caused me to have to go to urgent care l1/8/13 around 8:30 p.m. (I almost fell several times due to pain in leg and foot as well as the back of both thighs/lower back at urgent care cedar sinai.) I have had problems with Beatriz before and never reported it. I informed them of my situation today and told them I was treated cruelly, disrespected and I was a person not a dog - some one's mother also. Costco filled the prescription 11/8/13 and refused to tell me causing me undue hardship and pain. These employees need to be reprimanded and perhaps discharged. I refused the prescription today and had legitimate reasons to do so. PLEASE ADVISE ME OF THE REMEDY YOU APPLIED TO THIS SITUATION. THANKS IN ADVANCE FOR YOUR COOPERATION. RUTH SINGLETON

Anonymous 11/9/13 2:13PM

To say I'm irate with Costo would be the understatement of the century. I'm writing a letter, to corp., local, the Mayor of my city as well as in Washington state, both Gov., and the Better Business Bureau in my city and Seattle.
Smoke is coming out of my ears. And if I get a "form" letter, I will be even more irate!! I hate Costco, and if you gave me a free card for life and everything half price, I will NOT EVER set foot in there again!! Does that tell you how angry I am. Wait until you get the letter!

Sue McNally 10/26/13 12:32PM

You are missing the boat! Have you ever considered a cheaper membership fee for seniors? Like myself; a lot of us live alone and don't have a lot of money - we live on a fixed income.

Anonymous 10/26/13 8:13AM

I was very excited when I a new Costco close to home was opened. I am now very disappointed with Costco and I do think I will not get a membership with them. I am handicapped and learned that the new store only has 2 handicapped electric carts and that it was a corporate decision to only have 2. I even called the Costco at Polaris to find they only have 4. IS this even legal ??? I would think that is discrimination for people with handicaps !!!! I'm a member at Sam's Club and they have more than 10.. Actually what grocery store or discount warehouse only has 2 or 4 carts for the handicapped ?? I will find out who I can contact to resolve this major issue !!!

shellraemm 10/19/13 8:00AM

purchased 6 pumkin pies for Thanksgiving family reunion and 3 of us got VERY sick. some got flu like symptoms. I was throwing up all night, diareah, dizzy spells. I think it was just the one pie but hard to know, as there were 100 people there and not everyone had pie.

disappointed 10/16/13 6:39PM

Please get EQUAL back the yellow packet stuff is horrid. I bought 15 boxes to carry us for awhile until you wake up. PLEASE HURRY THE ALARM IS RINGING.

Anonymous 10/6/13 6:13PM

I have been a member for 22 years. On July 17, 2013 I took my refund check with me to the Tumwater Wa. Costco and at the check out asked the cashier to apply it to my renewal fee. Just as I do EVERY year. So I assumed it was a done deal. Not one time between July 17th and October 5th had any cashier mentioned to me that it was expired. BUT on October 5th my ill husband who has a severe heart condition and a double aortic aneurysm, shopped for things for us since I had just gotten out of the hospital myself the night before for kidney failure. NOW the cashier tells us that the card is expired and we need to pay, well it wasn't in the budget since we live on social security and get paid the second Wednesday of each month which by the way was in 4 more days. He called the floor manager over and all he did is re-swipe our card and he said we couldn't have our groceries unless we paid. My husband told him that to the best of his knowledge it was paid already, this manager never even offered to look it up and see what occurred the day that I was in on July 17th. And to add to it he was rude. We spend on average 800.00 per month with Costco how much does that add up to for 22 years. Yes, we have saved money and you have an excellent return policy, but where was the customer service for a long time customer on October 5th. When my husband got home without our needs I called the store and they looked it up and said that there had been a miscommunication on the July 17th renewal. And that was my fault? Also we live 20 miles from Costco it isn't just a hop skip and a jump for us. This was shameful. I'd like to know what Corporate thinks about this.

Anonymous 10/6/13 6:09PM

I purchased cabinets and granite counter top for my galley styled Condo kitchen through a Costco affiliate, Designer Surfaces Unlimited (DSU) in Frederick, Maryland. This company measured and designed my new kitchen, ordered the cabinets and granite counter top. The nightmare begin when they referred a contractor to complete the installations. After paying a $4,000 initial deposit to get on his schedule and signing a scope of work for $10,450.00 for installation, this gentleman show on the first day and his wife called me later in the evening informing me that he had a heart attack..the job was on hold for a week and the following Monday the gentleman showed up to continue the job. By mid-week he was demanding an additional $875.00 in cash for haul away and channeling for electrical wiring. I refused since these were included in the scope of work. The good gentleman packed up his tools and abandon the job; my Costco inspired kitchen (Displayed in Costco Stores with brochures directing customers to DSU) remains gutted and unfinished. I am living in my bedroom since my furniture is plactic covered. The is an awful experience with Designer Surfaces Unlimited (DSU) and the contractor it referred to do my kitchen. I have paid over $12,000 for the cabinets sitting in boxes in my hallway and no delivery of the granite countertop; and my kitchen is a gutted mess. I wish Costco would look into this matter since it is a major sponsor of this "Custom Cabinets and Countertops". I am living in my bedroom and paid for the products since June 2013. I am very dissatisfied with the services.

Colvanni 10/3/13 8:46AM

I am suggesting that your Facilities Dept. consider adding restrooms somewhere near the back of the store. Most stores only have one facility located at the front outside of the cashiers area. It is very difficult and inconvenient to reach if one is near the rear of the store. As we experienced today, we had to discontinue shopping in the meat dept. then had to leave the store. I noticed many people had to use the facility and had to leave their purchases away from the facilities. Most stores have water and drains in the back area, so I would think this could be accommodated at minimal cost, and would be a real improvement. The stores are large and difficult to navigate for many people.
Hope you consider this suggestion to be worthwhile.

Red Rover-La 7/26/13 6:43PM

well i love costco and i dont understand why everyone has there panties in waud, every company has there problems, and Costco is an amazing company. They provide us with great service and i have been with them for years. There has been a couple of glitches here in there but overall im great!

costco cust. 5/6/13 5:59AM

I have been a long time member, and loyal customer of Costco (back to the Price Club in San Diego) and hadn't until today looked at the interest rate on my American Express TrueEarnings Business Card... I is 27.24%!! That is WAY TOO HIGH. Isn't there something Costco could do to bring down the interest rate into the single digits? I'm sure we members do a lot of business for American Express, and generate a considerable amount of profit for them, but 27.24% is very excessive. I, and many other members, would appreciate your help in lowering the interest rate.
Thank You for your time,
Michael Magill

Anonymous 3/27/13 10:23AM

I order a 4 wheel walker on November 17, 2012 and have yet to receive it. I really need it. Dec 5, 2012. Appreciate any information on order- Stuart R. Venable,

Anonymous 12/5/12 7:45PM

item#594728, round diamond &pear shape diamond ring, Canadian price$1199.97, exact same item costco USA., $497.77 why are Canadians being charged well over 100% more, 7 enquiries not a reply

Anonymous 12/5/12 2:25PM

Thanks for the contributions to the Democrats, It's hard to find a company that understands what our country needs. However I do have a complaint about your coupon policy that really irritates me. WHY DO YOU SEND ME COUPONS THAT I CAN'T USE FOR A WEEK OR TWO? IS THIS A TEASE? TRYING TO FIND OUT IF I CAN KEEP FROM LOSING THEM? PLEASE STOP OFFENDING YOUR PATRONS, SEND COUPONS WITH EXPIRATION DATES ONLY. WHATEVER ADVANTAGES THE MUST "WAIT TO USE" COUPONS HAVE FOR COSTCO IS NEGATED BY CUSTOMER ABUSE.

Anonymous 11/19/12 7:57AM

Costco is more concerned about promoting their more expensive cards at the cash out counters than actally cashing people out. The cashier talks and talks (sells) while those of us in line stand there waiting and waiting. How stupid - Costco the corporation improves its bottom line by selling while we the shopper wait in line. Nice customer service - yes, sarcasm, sheldon....

Anonymous 11/13/12 11:33AM

the bedford park store just would not give my brother a free day card. because i forgot to renew. i have been a member for years, and have seen them give strangers day cards. i am going down to renew but they should take into account how long i have been a member... and think that kind of service is a shame....

paul 11/6/12 12:58PM

As a fellow employee I am so sadden on how the Visalia 1017 store is ran. The Employee of the month frank whom works in the meat department is a a drug dealer and user on top of that the manager meguel running the department is completely treating his other employee with unfairness because they don't kiss his but like frank does. As for deli a girl name stephenie Reos was crossed train to work in the deli which they never posted cross training they just started training her. When they already had other employees with more seniority then her crossed trained already but instead since the manager Steve is friends with stephenies mom Patty he decides to cross trains her so that she can work in deli. I guess it all about who u now and what butt to kiss. I thought working hard would get u ahead in life not who's butt u kiss.or who u sleep with or party with or drink with. Now at night when lee-Anne wants to leave early she tell's the person who's on security outside to come inside to stock. Now us employees get to walk to are vehicle at night in the dark alone. God forbid anything happens to us no help would be around just because Lee-Anne wants go home early. There's no tolerance for retaliation but how is one suppose to proof a manager, superviser, or other employee is retaliating. It's practicly impossible to proof retaliation. Costco warehouse 1017 should be under investigation and drug tested with out notice so that the manager and superviser can't hid there mess. I really hope that Costco 1017 in Visalia ca gets investigated. Never have i worked in a place so corrupted. I'm married so I'm not going to sleep with a supervisor or manager to move up. I'm not going to party with them ether and My mom or dad or uncle or aunt or sister or brother or sister-in-law or brother-in-law didn't get me my job. I earned my spot at Costco past my probation and still work hard till this day so when i see all this crap going on it makes me sick to my stomach to now that Costco has gone down hill in there ethics and morals. Someone please hear my cry and do something about this.

Visalia 1017 9/13/12 8:10PM

Hello my name is Stan McVay Costco member we have a new invention a Universal Exercise Bed could someone review please thank you.

stan 9/6/12 1:20PM

I have shopped at CostCo for 20 years, when it was the Price Club Warehouse. I did not know this franchise holds a public political view. Knowing what I just heard from your spokes person at the DNC the truth has been revealed.
Corporations should not have a political agenda.
It makes people like me not want to shop at your store.
Enjoy your profits you who is in the 1%. Do you pay your taxes here in the United States or are most of your funds, as they say, offshore?

SEE 9/5/12 7:36PM

Yesterday, August 30th, I purchased a full tank of gasoline at you Central Avenue store in Toledo, Ohio and was very upset with your gas prices. After making a delivery in East Toledo on Starr Ave. I discovered the gas station on Starr had the exact gasoline price as your company did in West Toledo. I think our Secretary of State should be notified. Your company is ripping people off just as the other stations are because of the up-coming holiday and using the storm as an excuse. For the most part your store is usually at least 20 cents cheaper which makes the extra miles driven worth while. Not so yesterday!!!!!

Anonymous 8/31/12 3:40AM

Regarding the influx of Canadians at the Washington State Costco Store... shame on those "Americans" that requested
shopping hours for Americans only..!
How obvious the blindness and the ignorance ugly faces are!
So many Canadians that are spending their money in USA, thank you. Our economy appreciates your support. Please forgive some ugly Americans.
Have you people ever seen when the Cruise ships arrive in so many ports of the world and the buses loaded with Americans overflow and invade the location??? Do they scream "shopping hours for the Americans?"
What if the Eiffel Tower had a sign "the hours for visiting Americans are..."
People, pray to God for some brain cells, being American is not excuse for ignorance and making the entire Nation look absurd and racist.
Think, people, think..!!!
I am sory and sad.

Fivebucks 8/14/12 11:03AM

Yesterday I was at the warehouse located in Fairfield, CA and had a very uncomfortable experience that I must share. While shopping for my family's needs I noticed a facial cleansing tool by the makers of Olay that caught my eye. I glanced above at the sign and it stated to have an instant discount and it was on sale for 12.49. I made the decision to get the product based on it's posted sale sign above. I went to the cashier to check out and lady in front of me had also selected the same item. After she made her purchases and I had just completed checking out as well, she advised me that she was not given the sale price and I may not have been either. I glanced at my receipt and sure enough I had been charged full price of 36.99. I got the attention of the cashier and stated that we had not been given the posted sale price, we pointed out the product and sign, it was directly across the way from the cashier station we were at. He quickly grabbed a floor manager to point out the problem and give us the price adjustment. The manager walked over to the signage and product and discovered the sign placed above the product did not belong to that Olay product but to the product next to it. The sign for the product we had just purchased was farther down and above an entirely different product. She offered to do a refund and I asked that she just perform the price adjustment because I still did want the product. She stated that she was not allowed to give me a price adjustment because the sign I read was just the wrong sign and the correct sign was there just above the wrong product and that it is the customers responsibility to read the signs and not just assume that the sign directly above the product is the correct sign. This completely disgusted me to be quite honest. All around the entirety of your warehouse, the price signs are directly above the product with the exception of the clothing area which is a bit more messy and had to upkeep I am assuming. As a retail manager myself I know that it should never be the fault of the consumer when signs are not placed in the correct position and that the store should have the courtesy to price adjust for their fault while placing signs and then move the signs quickly so that more consumers will not be caught up in confusion. While this is all happening yesterday not once was I offered an apology for the confusion but I was actually told that I was at fault for mis reading the signage. I am very frustrated with the treatment I have had at your location knowing that this situation was handled wrong. I cannot believe that your business does not mind mis representing it's products for sale which is exactly what happened to the two of us. Your business probably sold many of that same product yesterday to consumers who did not notice the full price was charged and therefore they were taken advantage of. Yesterday when I arrived home, my renewal letter was found in my mailbox and I may reconsider rejoining this year and just sign up to be a Sam's Club member instead because it is quite obvious that my relationship with Costco is not as important to you as it is to me and your policy is to lose future business rather than honor a posted price.

Crystal 8/11/12 9:33AM

Your stores are selling bad meat, and wrong 'sell by' dates. Its misleading...and unethical. Why even have a customer service department if they don't provide any 'service'?? You say you stand by your products, but its a total lie. Ill be taking my business elsewhere. lost a customer over $20. Great job! SAM's Club, HERE WE COME!

CM 8/1/12 1:07PM

Costco Hawaii Kai Management,

Recently, I visited your Hawaii Kai Store for an appointment in the Hearing Aid Center. This was not my first hearing test in fact, I have had several by different MD offices and/or audiologists. But, this exam done in your center was the most comprehensive testing and I was very pleased with the service.

I am writing to express how very fortunate Costco is to have Sheinah Gonzales as an employee. She was friendly and cheerful , she spoke distinctly and clearly which is a great advantage for hearing impaired customers. Sheinah explained the testing, your products, their care, future adjustments, and guided me through the entire process effortlessly with great attention to all details.

This was a big, expensive step on my way to better hearing, not sure I would have been so swift to purchase these instruments had I not had such fabulous session with this remarkable specialist.

Please acknowledge Sheinah for her professional and courteous performance.

Kyle 7/21/12 5:02AM

Non existent customer service at Sandy Utah Automotive center. Reading a core charge return policy to a 20 plus year member is such poor policy and service.
I will never buy any automotive services or products from Costco. Making a good customer and member mad over 9.00 is laughable. I suggest you review your lack of evaluation of customer service that requires employees to give the end of story answer (well, that's our policy, I'm sorry)

Anonymous 7/7/12 5:54PM

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