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i brought in a compound mitre saw to your customer service department in edmonton slberta at the Southgate location. After being directed upstairs from your pickup department i was then told by a lady that she "could not help me" and to return back "in 30 minutes or so". after i returned i was re directed to another area all together where i read a sign that said "on break be back soon". i then tracked down a gentleman who i gave my information to and he said someone will call me once he arrives. i left the mall after over an hour and received a call later on saying that he couldn't help me out since my saw was too old.
I was very disappointed in Sears that day and am still out a saw. I brought it in because the handle broke while i was cutting some lumber, it literally cracked right off and i almost cut my hand off. The saw is a few years old and i do not have a receipt for it.

chris 4/11/14 12:51PM

I own several thousands of dollars in craftsman tools and have always prided myself by owning all american made tools. But I have now learned that the majority of your tools are made over seas like china. I just wanted to tell u how extremely disappointed I am and that you will no longer have my business, and I know I'm not the only one that feels this way.

CRB 2/19/14 5:26PM

We recently had a barn fire and had many craftsman handtools ( wrenches, sockets etc.) most tools are tarnished from the heat. We have approx. 1500 pieces and have been a loyal costumer for many many years. Can these be taken to the store and be replaced?

Nknk6612 1/29/14 12:28PM

I bought some scroll saw blades and out of 3 packs only 5 of them did not break or just slide out of the saw. yes they don't cost a lot but when you add $20 for gas to go get them it adds up. I bought a craftsman saw for $400 and I own a lot of craftsman tools,lathe,drill press,belt sander,drum sender,power hand tools and all kinds of hand tool.I have bought craftsman tools for about 40 yrs even told the snap on dealer his sucked and I would buy craftsman over his any day over his tools.I had to buy some blades from the hardware store in town so I could finish the job I was doing they didn't last a long time but they did work much better then the craftsman ones I bought this last time I have used your blades before and never had a problem with them. if your having them made cheaper then stop or i will need to buy some where else and if i get my blades some wheres else i might just as well get everything else there to. I can not believe that $12 worth of blades is what will make me dislike craftsman tools but I bought them to do a job and if I can't do it then there is no need in buying it.

sawed off 12/7/13 12:53PM

Trying to order a replacement part for my """CRAFTSMAN""" floor jack. When i called sears and spoke to 5 different people
i was told that craftsman does not have a direct contact number to order the replacement part i need. Even more strange was the fact that i gave them the model number and they said that they could not find my floor jack anywhere in the system.
Funny thing is that when looked under CRAFTSMAN 950136 i found
the user guide with parts number and everything. But they cant seem to do it. My point is why in the hell would somebody want to buy tools from a company that does not have anyone to talk to about issues such as mine.

ron 10/18/13 7:44PM

Craftsman makes the worst lawnmowers ever I will never buy anything with the name CRAFTSMAN on it.Repair service is terrible

not happy 9/23/13 10:50AM

Craftman Repair Sucks...i Will Never Buy Anything Else From Craftman, Also They Are Not The Best People Have The Nerve To Give A Warrenty And Not Fix The Tool. I Ask For The Number For Corporate Office 4 X's No One Gave It To Me Yet. I Want To File A Complaint Against The Garland, Tex Repair Shop...for Blaming Me For The Malfunchion Of Your Sorry Product.

EERRX 9/21/13 8:47PM

I bought a Craftsman 5 piece 19.2v cordless set (standard batteries) about 9-10 years ago, my 19.2v cordless drill, the standard drill which is still being made toady has seen it ALL, I'm a contractor for the county schools and also did home renovations for investors, I worked on metal doors & frames, drilled thru 18ga, 16ga, 14ga steel with hole saws, drill bits, large bits!! I mounted frames into block/concrete and drilled concrete even though it's not a hammer drill but with a new mason bit it has done it's job. I used the clutch quite often for using for self tappers, drywall screws and many others. This drill got me through many jobs over the last 8 years but the last 3-4 years i really started to beat on this drill, drilling my metal doors/frames and concrete. I used this drill everyday, changing out battery after battery the entire day, day after day. Drilling some of the toughest things cordless drills can handle and doing this straight for almost 4 years and....Its still going, has never broke down!!! Today, i put a battery in it and still can crank down on a long screw through a 4x4! Craftsman has done a great job on their cordless drills and compared to others that cost $250.00 like Dewalt that i burned up, there's no comparison to Craftsman. The standard drill last i seen sells for $60 without the battery. I got my $ worth and then some. A true note for you other contractors with your Ryobe, Dewalt, Makita...etc $500 -$600 sets, next for me will be the Craftsman lithium compact drill. If you just really knew what a beating I have put on this drill (and still going) you'll know why I'm sticking to my Craftsman cordless tools!

Thank you Craftsman,

Mark Miller

Tampa, Fl. - Brandon, Fl.

Mr. Miller 9/10/13 12:38AM

I bought a craftsman weed trimmer from sears may 21 2011 ...used it 11 times in the last two years fro 20 minutes each time ... read the manual ... used sears products in it ... had a sales person help me to know the proper way to use it ... June of this year it died ...the motor has seized up and it is toast ... took it to sears where a representative just kept repeating ..."it will cost you $45.00 to send it in to have it looked at and that will go towards the final repair cost" ... there was no other help ... just "sorry, that's all we can do" ... I had spent over 1500 dollars and purchased a riding mower, push mower, and weed eater and their supplies... I will never ever shop at sears again ... also talked with my neighbor who said he had purchased a skill saw at sears and it died ... he took it back and got the same BS ... he went to home depot and bought his new saw there ... response ... talked to the man who works at the local gas station and he said he had purchased a riding mower at sears had it delivered the next day ... went to use it the next day and the mower deck and plastic parts shattered ... he called sears and they said a representative would be out within the next ten days ... to write up an estimate for parts and it would be up to five to seven weeks for parts to arrive and then someone would come out and repair the mower ... the man said other words ... and then told sears to just come and get the one day old broken down mower and bring a check for full reimbursement ... he went and bought a john deere and says it's running just fine ... sears USED to sell quality items and stand behind their products ... now they just suck at everything ... junk products, no care to the consumer, no standing behind anything ... just the brainwashing repeating response "I'm sorry" well, sorry just lost you a lot of future customers ...

eithelweston 8/28/13 12:42PM

I have a customer that bought a tool storage. When she got it home it was missing all the screws, nuts, washer, and bolts. I've tried to order them for her, but I have had no luck.

Anonymous 7/15/13 4:01PM

Just watched the ABC World News article about the "Bionic Wrench". Shame on you and Sears. You stole the idea for your wrench from that man, then as a slap in the face I guess, you out sourced to China. You coust 30+ jobs from the USA. Not mentioning the econimic impact. I am no longer a Craftsman Man.

psandulli 6/14/13 3:59PM

craftsman grass shears are worthless with the design they break after one use this is the third pair in 3 days the so called lock nut falls off {poor design} where can I get a good quality shears that will last more than 24 hours I know this is a disposable society lets get Real paying $17.00 and use once and than throwing it away

Anonymous 5/1/13 9:58AM

Sears and craftman sold America out. Theyre tools are all chinese crap. Had wire cutters (pro series) break when cutting wire. Somehow my finger got in there and it broke. Mashed my fingernail so hard I had to drill it to relieve the throbbing. Never will I spend money on chinese crap. Yes I will file a lawsuit against these morons.

madeinusa 3/18/13 12:49PM

Sears is terrible. How can they schedule you for an appointment and then cancel it, reschedule it and have never called you to tell you differently. This is the worst service I think I have ever had. Sears is not the place to shop unless you like frustration!!! This has been going on for 2 weeks.

Anonymous 11/30/12 8:26AM

Sears has hit the bottom as of service. They are not reliable and honest. I have waited 3 times for a service tech to show up and they never appear. When I call about it there is always a song and dance about them not coming to honor their service agreements. I will continue to shop at Sears as much as I shop at Montgomery Ward or Goldblatts. Oh that's right they are closed. Can Sears be far behind?

Anonymous 11/29/12 6:05PM

not a big fan of craftsman right now..a small problem is turning into quite a issue , a $40 flashlight purchased with cash at sears at the galleria mall on rt 211 in middletown ny stopped working after 6 months of use..contacted [via website] on line chat...[via 1 hour phone call to customer service] was told on both occasions to bring it back for a free replacment ..ok..was told by sales associate because i paid cash ,no record of transaction exists therefore on replacment...REALLY...oh come on now .. so much for customer satisfaction !!!..i currently own a snowblower riding lawnmower 3 weedwackers and assorted small hand tools all craftsman and until now i swore by them ..please turn my faith back in the right direction and resolve this cluster [you know what]

JOSEPH BULA 11/26/12 11:36AM

The Craftsman snowblowers and gas blowers are TERRIBLE. I have had both in for repaids and they are only 1.5 and 2 years old. In my opinion Craftsman makes junk and I will never purchase another Craftsman-period.

Anonymous 11/25/12 3:42PM



Anonymous 11/21/12 11:06AM

I am a victim of Sandy in nj. My home was swept away,just a few things remained. My crab traps some dishes and my Craftsmam saw sal. The saw was in the bay for a week when my friend pulled it out. Just for kicks the next day I plugged it in,the darn thing works fine,I cannot believe it

Jeffschneidt 11/10/12 12:46PM


I am a big fan of your tools. As a former auto mechanic, I have tons of your tools, all of which I am very happy with.

I have moved to Czech Republic, Europe a few years ago. Needless to say, I took my Craftsman tools with me. My question is, do you have a location in Europe where I can turn to in case of warranty claims? All my tools are in perfect condition and I dont need to claim any warranty issues. This is simply for my information.

Also, if you do not a representative in Europe, would you like to have one? As a big fan of your tools, I would like to become your distributor in Europe or just in the Czech Republic.

Best regards,

Rene Stafl
tel: + 420 724 522 542
e-mail: [email protected]

Rene 7/31/12 11:55PM

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