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Cricket Wireless corporate office headquarters location, phone number, address and feedback

Please find details for the Cricket Wireless corporate office below. We do our best to keep this information current, but if you are aware of any updates to the Cricket Wireless corporate office headquarters information we have, please feel free to submit an update.

Corporate Office Address:
Cricket Communications, Inc.

Leap Wireless International, Inc.
5887 Copley Drive
San Diego, CA 92111
United States

Phone: 858-882-6000
Fax: 858-882-6010

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I paid my bill via automated service. After my transaction, the voice said there was a problem and to hold for live person. Then it said call back during normal buisnesz hours, and hung up. I called back and it said: fyi.. snd said i owed x amt. However, when i called to check my card balance, the $40. Has been deducted, and their saying I didnt pay. Im sooo frickn mad!!!

feather 8/1/14 12:29AM

Dont Do It
.i Thought Metro Pcs Was Bad..this Company Down Right Sucks
.been With Them 6 Days And Om Taking Eberything Back Tomorrow...if I Had The Choice Of Cricket Or Mo Phone...i Woulg Go With No Phone...

Anonymous 6/26/14 6:26PM

"i Went To Pay A Bill On June 4, 2014 At Approximately 5:43 P.m. The Salesperson Name Was Brandon Joseph Nesbitt. The Stores Location Is 2921 Pat Booker Road, Suite 134 B. Universal City Tx. United States I Payed My Bill Of 68.00 Dollars And Was Called A 'NGGR' Upon Exiting The Store.

ROBERT 6/4/14 4:11PM

charging 4 hours waiting for customer service they me they can't do not 30 days all I want was a new phone been customer over ,ten years lines going to disconnect one line today service is horrible I

Anonymous 5/28/14 12:01PM

My Phone Was Stolen Nov 2013. I Went To Cricket Dec 3rd 2013 To Buy A New Phone. I Was Sold A Samsung Galaxey. I Still Have The Box And Bag That Came With It. The Phone Has Given Me Fits Since I Got It. It Drops Calls. It Doesn't Send Or Ge Texts All The Time. It Does Things On Its On. I Can Tilt It And Get A Screen If I Just Barely Move My Hand The Screen Goes Black. The Same With Calls. It Went Into A Safe Mode And I Was Trying To Figure Out What Was Wrong When I Came Across Saved Pages I Did Not Know What Safe Mode Was Nor Saved Saved Pages Was 7 Pages Of Porn! I Was Sold A 'new' Phone With Porn In It. So It Is Not A 'new' Phone But Refurbished As I Believied All Along.i Have Been In Person To Main Store Where I Bought It 9 Times.they Talk To Me Like I Am A Retarded Child.'there Is Nothing Wrong With Phone You Must Have Been Has Nothing Wrong Witth It' There Are Wires Loose Inside The It Is Discon B'cuz I Did Not Pay Bill.i Am Not Paying For Service I Do Not Receive. I Am Helpless! I Am Livid! Please Help Me. My Email Is Lovely Blue Iris At G Ma Il Dot C Om Please Write Me And Tell Me What My Options Are I Have No Money For Attorney I Am Elderly And Disabled And I Need A Phone For Doctors And My Own Safety As I Live Alone Out In Bare Countryside.

Anonymous 3/28/14 1:36PM

Sad, to say ,I called and was transfered to a rep overseas who had no idea what I was trying to say and it sounded like he was reading from a script. Americans need jobs here in the US. I pay a lot for the service we have and I expect customer service to be on point.

Hojolynda 3/21/14 9:59AM

thanks for people on the job who know what they are doing . I just spoke with JOVIE from corporate who resolved my problem!!!!

ex cust serv rep 11/5/13 2:30PM

I am writing to express my sincere thanks and appreciation for a young woman Daronda Harris at the Chicago Cricket store on 116th & Halsted, store #4196875. After having a problem with my andriod phone and two attempts at two other locations, I was finally able to get the assistance I needed from Ms. Harris. The other two locations provided me incorrect information indicating that I needed to buy another phone and with my husband out of work this expense would have been too much for me. Additionally, I was considering changing my service to another carrier. However, Daronda was very professional and provided me with correct information regarding my phone which did not require me to purchase another phone and she also introduced me to features on my phone that I had not used. Her patience, assistance and professionalism had me so very grateful that I purchased two accessories in her store. I hope that this notice will prompt management to acknowledge this beautiful woman in some way.

Ms. Abner 9/25/13 2:41PM

I have been a cricket customer for over 7 years. I have been dealing with your store located on Hwy 29 in concord, nc. I have to say the people there have no customer service. I have gone through 5 phones and have purchased your "insurance" and by using that it cost me more in the long run. I have recently just paid my bill for the month, when yet again my phone crashed. I went up there and was told I had to buy yet another phone, pay for activation and to have contacts transferred and well maybe they will take $10 off my next bill. Well, I told them that there will not be a next bill, that I was going to have to leave them and go to another company unless there was something else they could do. I feel that after so many years as a good paying customer that they should have replaced the phone free of charge. They just laughed and said it was nice having you as a customer. Well good-by cricket Can't say its been fun

Anonymous 8/20/13 6:34AM

Excellent Customer Service from Karina R. at the Cricket location at 9480 S. Eastern Ave., Henderson, NV. Karina is friendly, professional and knowledgeable and handled my purchase and sign-up (as well as other walk-ins' transactions)with poise, patience and speed. Kudos for Karina! Cricket would scream to the top with more people like Karina and by pulling the product from Radio Shack.

cligh71819 8/18/13 7:51AM

To whom it may concern, I have been a valued consumer of Cricket consumer for a decade. May bill has been paid on time. often on occasions I have made paid double payments. Two months ago my screen froze. I was told I had to go to the nearest Cricket store, to resolve my situation. The North Shore location on the East Ohio. They could not help me. I lost 650 contacts. All my business representatives, family, friends etc. I am chronic patient. Arrangements had to be made, then told they could not assist me. Once returning home, I called cricket. They stated I had to purchase a new cell. I brought a ZTE. People, I had to return the cell phone back to cricket 5x. Two months without a phone. Still paying my monthly bill of $59.61. My warranty covered each item. I was told by consumer representative, that I would be upgraded to a HUAWEI. Attempts to contact several Cricket repres, supervisors. in the area were unsuccessful. Calls were automatically switched to the individuals I spoke with already. On July 29, 2013, I asked to be reimbursed for 2 months non service or 2 free months. The supervisor wanted me to have $20.00. I said NO!!!. This coming month I have to pay $37.61. My cell will be terminated. My plan is to call my State repres. All the news stations in the area.

God fights my Battles 7/31/13 10:32PM

Two days ago I went to my local cricket store in Audubon NJ. My phone was broken and they told me in order to get a phone same day I had to go to the one on upper Darby pa. First of all at the Audubon store they sexually harassed me. Telling me to give the Guy a hug that didn't do anything but tellme. To go somewhere else innapropropriate. Then when I asked them if my pictures would still b on my phone they showed me great but then proceeded to say let me look at your pictures after I told them NO! they continued to go through my pictures for two minutes while the security guard looked too. I asked the female manager to have them stop who ignored me and they continued to look and laugh! When I asked if the upper Darby one was a big cricket or a different place they responded by telling me I have a BIG CRICKET FOR U INNAPROPRIATE! I could only get them to stop looking at my picture by saying I hope.u see tht male penis.instead of the naked pictures of me.ur.looking for which was replied to.saying how bout a big white penis from the white man helping me. I got my phone back finally and left I drove courtyard minutes to upper Darby store and paid seventy dollars for a brand new phone. The staff was very pleasant and helpful but they sold me a broken phone wouldn't stay on at all. The next day I go to the pennsauken cricket hoping for help and not to be violated or told I have to drive fourty miles away again. Of course they told me they couldn't help me o had to go back to upper Darby. When I asked for corporates number they proceeded to ask me why and tell me the Darby store was corporate which I no was untrue I drove all the way back to Darby n finally got a working phone after two damn days of hell. So I'm writing go tell u guys I will be suing Audubon store for sexual harrasment and what they did to me.

mariah rose 7/14/13 2:36PM

I have been a customer for couple of years now, and I really like my service compared to most I have used. I like not being in a 2 year commitment. I have not had a lot of issues that most people complain about.

I do however think that it would be nice if you as a company could improve your insurance plan. With all the new phones that there are these days it is not worth buying a smartphone and your insurance that you offer. I really was looking forward to upgrading my phone, but I plan on leaving your company because of the insurance. I will not spend hundreds of dollars on a smartphone because if something happens to it you will only give me a refurbished phone or a little money back to buy a new phone. I wish I owned stock in your company so I could send this feedback to you through the company. You would probably gain me back as a customer if you change this policy.

Not wanting to leave,

Riverwater151 6/2/13 5:38PM

I downloaded my billing from the computer and it showed my bill as $56.90, when I went to pay it showed $58.90. What the billing showed should be the only legal amount, I believe. This is not right to have show one amount then say you must pay a higher amount for the same billing period.

mad 5/3/13 5:12PM

I have been using cricket since i got to the country. This my phone number . Last week i bought blackberry charger at the rate of $42 at a cricket store four days ago (April 24th 2013) in state street Murray at .The Cricket Staff who sold the blackberry charger to me told i could returned it with the packaged and receipt if i dont like it. When i got home i noticed it was not working the way i wanted it , so i went back to the office and asked him to refund my money but i was suprised when he replyed me rudely that there is nothing he can do about it,that he can not refund my money.i need to get my money back, i have been to the office twice now but they still doesnt want to refund my money. i do believe this salesman needs more training in customer service.i am really piss off and am going to stop cricket network and i will make sure i stop my family from using it too.So Sad right now.

Henry 5/1/13 12:30AM

My name is T. Walker and I live in Charlotte NC. I have had one of the modems with cricket since 2009 and it was an excellent service. About 2 months ago my modem stopped connecting so I contacted customer service. I was not able to speak to anyone I just kept going around in circles with an automated system. I then went into the store where they gave me a direct number and told me to act like a new customer and I will get a representative. I think the customer service is very poor if you have to lie to speak to a live person. After speaking to the rep and goin through several technical fixes she realized that the modem was not working. She then stated that the modem doent work with with wndows 8, so I tried a computer with windows 7 and windows xp and it still didnt work. The rep then stated that it was a defect with the modem and that there was nothing they could do. I asked if a credit could be given since the modem couldn't be used and I was never informed that it would not wor with windows 8 and I was told no. I am really upset with this company for taking money out of my account and bot refunding anything knowing the services hadn't been used. I will never do business with cricket and I am very glad people get over on them.....THEY DESERVE IT.

Concerned X Customer 4/25/13 9:06AM

To whom it may concern:

My name is Rosalie Maez. I have been a Cricket customer for many many years. I have NEVER had a problem with Cricket in the past until about a month ago, including this month as well.

I live in Tucson, Arizona. I pay my bill, on time, every month, at the Cricket office located at 2002 E. Irvington Rd. 85714. I am VERY upset with how the people at this office are treating me. I pay alot of money, including insurance, just to have the employees of Cricket continue to provide me with refurbished phones only to have it break that same day. I have gone through 6 phones in a month because the employees continue to give me used, pieces of crap phones that DO NOT work. I have gone into that office many times to discuss this problem but all they do is continually provide me with another useless phone. I am getting very tired of this. I started off with a new phone and had that one for years until it finally gave out. Now that I need another one, I am given used phones that are not worthy. I cannot even make a phone call on most of them because the battery life dies within 30 minutes, the chargers they give me with the phone don't take a charge, most of them come with static, loose signal within a minute of an outgoing call, mute themselves, and so many other problems.

This poor excuse for customer service is unbelievable. I have requested a new phone and they continue to deny me and give me a used one. This is un called for. I deserve to be treated with respect. I need a new phone. Not a refurbished or used phone, a brand NEW, working phone, NOW!!!

I need help and no one seems to want to help me. Thank you for your time and I look forward to hearing from you.

-Rosalie Maez

Anonymous 4/23/13 11:06AM

Well here I go again. Cricket sent another phone in the mail. I told customer service I was cancelling and was sent to several representative instead of their cancellation department. Called from the house phone, a different cell phone trying to activate it and still got the automated service again and again and again. Tried to activate the new phone by the site, by the phone number on the screen 228 or 611 still nothing. The 800# on the site does not work, the chatline to nowhere does not get you to anyone. I'm sending everything back. Im done with Cricket

mike 3/2/13 7:02AM

I was reading through these posts yesterday as I was having much difficulties with Cricket customer service. I ultimately dound headquarters email wo which I emailed and told them of the issues I was having with customer service and that I live quite far from a corporate store. I received a response from Cricket corporate and said he forwarded to the customer support management team as well as local level (I received this messagethis morning). I was soon contacted by a local store manager (Josh) who went far above and beyond with his customer service, willingness to provide a great customer experience and even drove to my town to personally deliver a working phone (brand new and upgraded). I too was very unpleased with the customer service I received until getting in contact with coprorate who immediately took action and the local manager who went dar above and beyond.

Shawn 1/24/13 2:26PM


SMCASEY 12/24/12 2:00PM

After paying for the monthly plan on schedule, they are trying to get more charges from me without explanation. The frustration is that I have been unable to get in touch with customer service starting last Friday, December 21st. No customer service agents available. Attempts to call several official Cricket dealers in my area were unsuccessful - calls are automatically switched to the main customer service number I already tried. The online bill pay option keeps increasing the total I owe for some unknown reason. This phone is one that my daughter uses and is now not in service because of these unexplained extra charges. I do not want to pay them funds they are not entitled to. Most likely it would be very difficult to get a refund from them. Not sure how a company can go without responding to customers for days at a time and expect them to not go elsewhere for phone services.

Anonymous 12/23/12 4:54PM

We have been Cricket customers for years. I have been through several phones because of them not working properly. My husband has had three. We just bought him a new one couple months ago only because the one he had just wore out. He ended up with the phone that had the slide out keyboard. Now he is one that doesn't like change and not technically knowledgeable. But he really started to like the phone especially the slide out keyboard. Anyway a week ago phone was in his pocket and when he got it out to make a call the screen was cracked (on the inside). Took it to store on Mall Rd in Florence, KY. Was told that he had to pay the $85 for "claim" and then was told that he wouldn't get the same phone back. Was told it had been discontinued for a while. So apparently when we bought his phone it was already discontinued? Why wouldn't they tell us. Well this is his business phone so we had no choice but to pay $85 and also had to pay $15 to have a temporary phone activated (that we already owned). But they put in a $15 credit and said that when phone came it to tell them to bill the and activation fee and it would use the credit.So get phone back, They said there was no charge for activation that that was part of the $85. They sent a Vitality and the dam thing is NOT a new phone it is a refurbished phone and the thing wont charge! Took back to Cricket and they said looks like the port is loose. If it happens again bring back. He said so I have to pay another $85? They said no "it SHOULD be under warranty". Took home still wont charge keeps going in and out of charging. Then get up this morning to find out our phones are shut off because we didn't pay the $15 activation fee! Seriously! You guys are messing around causing him to lose phone calls and potential business. And my phone which we just bought a couple weeks ago keeps freezing up and I asked about it and was told it was a problem with the software and the guy I spoke with has same phone and same problem. So I pay hundreds of dollars for a phone that doesn't work properly, pay for insurance on a phone that is a discontinued model when I purchased, have phones shut off because I didn't pay an activation fee that was suppose to be part of $85, have a phone that just randomly cracks the inside screen, and receives a broken refurbished phone to replace my NEW phone. And it's harder than hell to contact you all. So unless you can make us a happy customer in the next week you will be losing our business! We have referred quite a few people to you all and I guarantee you that at least my immediate family if not more will be leave you also.

piperfms 12/19/12 8:57AM

I ordered my Cricket phone and service online on November 30, 2012. It was shipped and I got it on Friday, December 1, 2012. I woke up on Thursday, December 6, 2012 and my phone is not working. I call Cricket on the phone and was bounced around from person to person. The first person I spoke with after hearing everything he had to say I asked him over 15 times to speak with a supervisor and he refused. I then only answered him with "May I speak to your supervisor please", for about another 3-5 minutes. I then go to a corporate store and the manager, Jesus, just looks at the phone and says it is a software issue and to pay $85 to have it fixed or replaced. I tell him that I have not had the service/phone for a week and it should be covered. I was told it does not - I WAS NOT TOLD THIS WHEN I PURCHASED THE PHONE. So I spent 40 minutes in the store, 1 hour on the phone and I: lost a day of work, missed client calls because the phone is not working, burned gas, stood in line, waited on the phone, paid Cricket $167 and NOW I HAVE NO PHONE!

P. Brown 12/6/12 12:23PM

The corporate store on North Ave. & Kimball really sucks! I had no choice I had to go there because I lost my phone. The store had about 4 customers when I got there all of the employees were standing around joking and talking on there cell phones like they didn't have customers. I finally got someone to help me after 30 minutes of me waiting! I tell the sales girl my problem of loosing my phone and all I wanted was to replacement I had the Mercury phone they said they could replace it but no store carried my phone and I had to take whatever they had she screamed in my face her manager just looked at her and walked away like its ok! The corporate store at the Bricktown is all awful there rude!!! Now the store on Fullerton by Trip there really nice and helpful except for one girl that has no clue what's she doing. The store on Diversey & Harlem the girl there was very sweet she saved me over 60 bucks on my phone bill!

Nena 38 11/18/12 9:48AM

In-Store employees are the eptiome of rudeness!!! Regardless of the location, all employee are unfriendly and not very helpful. You get the feeling "they are doing you a favor" when they interact with you, not that customers are the reason they receive a paycheck. Major attitudes!!! Specific locations with the ultimate "terrible customer experience": Lansing, IL and Richton Park, IL.

LaWanda 11/8/12 3:27PM

Per tv advertisement I bought a apple iPhone4 & thought I was going to have 4G. I paid $400.00 for my phone. I have talked to everyone & no one knows when it will be in my area. The phone is great but I paid big $ & did not get what I thought I was getting . Cricket lies just to get your money. When I tried to call the corp. headquarters the phone number on the web page has been disconnected .

Anonymous 10/17/12 6:33AM

I went to my local cricket store located at archer and central,chicago,Il. BECAUSE THE PHONE I PURCHASED ONLINE CRICKETS SAID THIS WAS SUCH A GREAT DEAL.I have been with this company over three years they take $5.00 every month for insurance never filed a claim in 3yrs. That equals $180.00 now they want me to pay $50.00 deductable which that equals $230.00 total. The (2) phones I have do not cost that much.Did not recieve any respect from any of there employees I spoke with everyone just wants to pass the buck to the next even the escalating agent(Casey) from Salt Lake city Utah I spoke to hung the phone up.They just want your money they do not give any HELP. Thought they were a good company now I know they SUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous 10/12/12 3:43PM

It just blows me away that it's so difficult to contact any Cricket customer service representative for any reason. There is something weird going on with their 39th Street store in Vancouver, Washington, but can I find anyone in the company who wants to hear about it? No.
Seriously, I've been a customer for four years now, and I have no complaints about the service, and my biggest concern about the 39th Street store is that the employees there might be harming the company if not actually stealing from it. I had to make an adjustment to my account, and even after calling someone on the phone, the clerk gave me really bad information that I just couldn't accept (I was certain it wasn't true, and it turns out I was right), so I went home and got back on the phone to call customer service. Took an inordinately long time to get through to a real person, but I stuck with it and was finally able to talk with someone who knew what he was doing. The guy was very nice, very respectful, and more than helpful. Why the heck was it so hard for me to find him???
As for the 39th Street store: Of the many people I've recommended to check out what Cricket has to offer (because I am pleased with the service), one went to the 39th Street store, and she was told by the clerk that the basic $35/mo plans were no longer available, and that she'd have to upgrade to an expensive 'smart phone'. Of course that was an out-and-out lie, and my friend is smart enough to have seen through it. Sadly, that's one less customer for Cricket; she went with another phone company.
Totally my own fault that I went to that same store today; I've gotten good service elsewhere, but the people at the 39th Street store have never been helpful. I went today anyway just because it's close to my house.
Wow. Big mistake.
I think it's very suspicious that the customer service at that location is so very untrustworthy, and it bothers me a lot, as a customer, that I have been unable to find a way to contact the company about my concerns other than by sending snail mail to the corporate office. What's up with that?
I've also wanted several times to offer some positive feedback, but couldn't find anywhere to do so. When I asked the guy I spoke with today - the one who was so helpful - if there was anyone I could talk with to let them know how pleased I was with his help, he said the call had been recorded, and the only way the company would know that he'd done such a good job was if they listened to the recording.
Well. That explains why so many of the customer service reps are so awful at their jobs. With the company so disinterested in customer feedback of any kind, it's obvious the employees are not being given any incentive to do a good job. What a terrible way to run a business. I'm sorry to have to say it, but I will not be recommending Cricket to anyone else. The lack of customer service isn't worth it.

four year customer 10/11/12 3:29PM

Its upsetting how rude the customer service is and the employees at the stores are. My phones been messed up since the day i bought it and ive been to a cricket store n talked to the customer support and they still wont return my phone because i dont have a box!! Unreal how rude can u be to a customer before they just stop completly useing your service!

haNNah_2012 9/13/12 8:14PM


Dale C 9/7/12 7:41PM

I had a dispute over a bill where I was being charged a full month for about 2 weeks of service. After many attempts to try to talk to a human being failed, I finally got a person on the phone where I set my account up. That was a huge mistake! They were so rude to me that I decided that they didn't care to have my business, that they probably already got their commission from the sale. After being treated like that I wasn't giving up. I searched on line for their corporate contact information. As soon as a human answered and I expressed my concern they transferred me immediately to someone who actually seemed liked they cared. The matter was handled professionally and it ended with a feeling of satisfaction. If all their store employees could take a lesson from the Rep I had on the phone, their CSI would grow tremendously! I wish I had a day with each one of the stores to show them the importance of customer satisfaction. That used to be my job and these store employees don't have a clue. To the employee at the corporate level I spoke with, "kudos! Excellent job buddy"!

Steve 8/10/12 11:19AM

I had a dispute over a bill where I was being charged a full month for about 2 weeks of service. After many attempts to try to talk to a human being failed, I finally got a person on the phone where I set my account up. That was a huge mistake! They were so rude to me that I decided that they didn't care to have my business, that they probably already got their commission from the sale. After being treated like that I wasn't giving up. I searched on line for their corporate contact information. As soon as a human answered and I expressed my concern they transferred me immediately to someone who actually seemed liked they cared. The matter was handled professionally and it ended with a feeling of satisfaction. If all their store employees could take a lesson from the Rep I had on the phone, their CSI would grow tremendously! I wish I had a day with each one of the stores to show them the importance of customer satisfaction. That used to be my job and these store employees don't have a clue. To the employee at the corporate level I spoke with, "kudos! Excellent job buddy"!

Steve 8/10/12 11:18AM

I paid my monthly plan 5/23/12 for my daughter's monthly plan, on about 5/26/12 she lost her phone at a dance, I am of course paying $5 extra for insurance, well they told me I had to pay $20 to get a replacement phone,keep in mind I just paid the bill, will I did not go to get another phone until July 3rd, of course I paid the bill on line before I went to get the replacement phone, I went to the corporate office and after minutes (oh I couldn't remember my pin) they told they were going to reset it, then I was told my replacement phone was $50 which was even more that I had originally paid for the phone, so I refused to get the replacement, so they did not let me reset my password, so I called the corporate office and requested a refund, and they told me they could not refund me because I could not remember my pin, etc. So I paid for 2 months without any service! I have notified all my friends and family and they are switching. Cricket is a joke!!

Anonymous 7/9/12 11:42AM

I paid my cricket bill of 55.00 to get my phone on ,after 1 week of service it was suspended so I called the full service office they put me on hold for 25min.I called them back another 25.min. so I called again they hung up on me without explanation so the next day I went in there and they said I need the receipt didn't have it,then on the upside they said I still owe 25.00.. they have access to my account on their PC on my phone it says balance due next payment 7/25/12 she then made several phone calls I heard her tell them "she is having financial difficulties" suddenly the bill was waived and the phone was back you tell me what is going on? I would like to know thank YOU

Anonymous 6/30/12 10:05PM

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