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Cuisinart corporate office headquarters location, phone number, address and feedback

Please find details for the Cuisinart corporate office below. We do our best to keep this information current, but if you are aware of any updates to the Cuisinart corporate office headquarters information we have, please feel free to submit an update.

Corporate Office Address:

Conair Corporation
1 Cummings Point Rd.
Stamford, CT 06902
United States

Phone: 203-351-9000

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I purchased a Cuisinart blender approximately 1 yr ago. In May I needed to use it and it was not working. I pressed on button and none of other buttons worked. In some cases t came on a few seconds and cut off.
I called customer service and was told it had to be returned with $10 check to cover return shipping. He was not at all concerned with my issue, I got the impression he wasn't listening to what I was telling him. I also had to pay to ship it back for repair. When I received the blender back, the pulse was not working. Needless to say, I refuse to spend anymore money to return etc. I will never buy any Cuisinart product aqain, the customer service is terrible, and the product below par.

Anonymous 7/5/14 10:59PM

Dear Sirs ,
I purchased a coffee on demand machine Dcc3000. It came with a cord that was only 5" long; too short to reach the wall outlet. The machine works well with an extension cord, but unless you change the cord issue, I will never buy a Cuisinart machine again. I was very disappointed.

Anonymous 6/19/14 5:24AM

I purchased one of your soft ice cream products. I received it in a timely manner but it did not work properly. The ice cream would not get firm and yes I put the bowl in the freezer department inside a container for over 24 hours. When I contacted the customer service department they were very rude and not willing to listen to me at all. I wanted to return this item to receive another one but now because of your customer service department I just want a REFUND.

Charcoal 6/10/14 11:31AM

Recently had trouble with my ss-700 coffee maker (at least 4-5 years old) which my wife and I love. Looked online and tried everything but no luck. Even though it's well out of warranty I sent an email to customer service as a last ditch effort not expecting much.

The next day (while purchasing a replacement) I received an email from Rachel with clear and detailed steps and a contact phone number in case it didn't work. Fifteen minutes after arriving home my coffee maker was working perfectly. I would like to thank you for a great product and great customer service. Rachel made my day.

Below is a copy of the email exchange :

Valued Customer,

Thank you for your inquiry. Below are some steps that are not listed in the instructional manual to get the unit working. We ask that you follow the steps in the order listed, whether you have done them before separately or not, in order to get the unit working. The procedure below is designed to resolve the issue you are having with the unit.

1. Power off and Unplug Unit till step 6

2. Remove Water filter.

3. With the reservoir filled to max fill line, lift 1 inch off of base and then release, allowing it to drop back in place

4. With a paper clip we need to clean the TOP piercing needle, not the bottom one in the K-cup holder.

5. On that needle are three grooves that lead to the water pipe that needs to be cleaned.

6. Once cleaned, plug back in and hit BREW without any coffee so we can flush it.

If the problem persists after cleaning the unit, please respond back to this e-mail, with history, ensuring that you have provided your model, serial number (the serial number is not the C7 # it is five numbers followed by a letter etched into the plastic either above or below the C7 #), the color of the unit and complete shipping address.

We invite you to call our Customer Service Department at 1-800-726-0190. Our hours of operation are 7:00 am - 11:00 pm EST, Monday through Friday and 9:00 am - 5:30 pm on Saturdays and Sundays, excluding major holidays. Please keep in mind the Customer Service Agent will not have access to your e-mail information.



Cuisinart Customer Service Representative

Larrymartin 6/5/14 8:08PM

I wish I would have read all these comments before buying another food processor from this company. TERRIBLE customer service I agree....6 month old food processor and a piece of the blade came off in my food and got into my mouth. Luckily, I wasn't injured but this is the SECOND time this particular thing happened. Very dangerous....this is a lawsuit waiting to happen. Someone will get hurt. I have tried over a week to talk with someone of authority but no one will call me back or talk to me. I will tell everyone I know about this and about this blade on their processors. First time, it was an older one so I bought a new blade. BUT this one is only SIX months old! Scared to death to use this product again!

SS 6/3/14 2:01PM

I purchased a toaster model CPT-122 in late January, 2014, approximately four months ago. The lift carriage control lever no longer stays down every time the toaster is used even after cleaning out the crumb tray and slots. It also emits blue sparks inside the toaster's carriage slot. I called customer care and they will wave the $10 handling fee but not the shipping it will cost me to return the product. Since this is a defective product and a potential fire hazard, I feel Cuisinart should reimburse me for any shipping cost I incur. I will not buy any more Cuisinart products.

Camarosa 6/2/14 8:54AM

I am a UK customer and a product was delivered "Dead On Arrival" from the USA. Both the seller and Cusinart have stated there is nothing they can do. I am now out of pocket and there three year warranty is worthless. STAY CLEAR of this company and purchase from an honest manufactuer.

RayLynMax 5/30/14 1:01AM

Worst company ever. My last comment was on 3/13/14 when I was already disgusted. It is now May 12 and nothing has been done on an exchange of a 6 week old coffeemaker. Personally, I have never encountered such ridiculous/non-existent customer service.
I regret the thousands of dollars I have spent on Cuisinart appliances over the years.

Shelley B 5/12/14 5:36AM

Jan.31st2014 I purchased a refurbished
Cuisinart. Today the third cuisinart was delivered to me and it does not work, Same problem I have had with everyone of the cuisinarts.The water does not run completely threw.I poured 10 cups of water in and only 6 cups come back.I really think they keep sending me the same one . Very very poor customer service.I do not want another coffee pot. I want a refund. I will never recommend Cuisinart to anyone

Jean Gerber 4/28/14 6:11PM

Horrendous customer service and warranty enforcement. Purchased a DTC-975BKN that was used for 6 weeks and overflowed several times and burned my son's face while trying to get the mess to the sink requiring a trip to Urgent Care. All I wanted was a replacement coffeemaker of a different, safer style. Morgan's response was how I should clean it. Are you kidding me. Would any of you keep using this pot? Turn it on, stand there and watch it and if overflows-stop, risk getting burned again, clean it for an hour and try again. Ridiculous. What if one of his small children walked by when it over the counter. If Cuisinart does not agree to a safe replacement, this will be my last Cuisinart purchase. I am shocked, now angry and very disappointed.

Shelley B 3/13/14 4:01PM

Products don't work. Customer Service is the worst! Been dealing with a crap 12 cup coffee maker for 11 weeks! Emails don't get answered, the east Indian lady on the phone says 'if the light is on it's working', Customer Service Manage says he'll have a new one mailed to me, but the request to have it sent is sitting in the shipping department for 2 weeks. I WILL NEVER BUY ANOTHER PRODUCT MADE BY THIS COMPANY!

Gail 3/10/14 10:47AM

I am very disappointed in the return policy that you have. I received a slow cooker for Christmas and it didn't work after a month. I called and they sent me a new one, but I had to pay $30 to ship the old one back. That is so WRONG!!! What kind of crap are you putting out these days? Genuine junk from CHINA I guess. I will never buy another Cuisinart item again. Your return policy SUCKS!!!! I will be replacing all the cuisinart items in my kitchen to a company that treats there customers better.

Anonymous 2/26/14 4:42PM

I am a very 9disappointed cuisinart customer. I received a very expensive cuisinart slow cooker for my birthday. It was defective and cuisinart said they would replace it for $10. I did as they instructed - however I had to pay 1/3 of the cost of the unit to ship the unit back. Our UPS charge was $32.50. What a rip off...The company sells a defective product and the co sumer has to pay to ship back their mistake. My husband and I will begin to shop for higher end products from manufacturers that stand behind their warranty. I am going to file a complaint with the consumer protection agency. I now want to get rid of every cuisinart product in my kitchen so I don't have to advertise for them anymore. is my next stop.

debsteph 2/17/14 10:59AM

Having bad experience with Cuisinart toaster ovens...the first one had an element failure early on, and now the replacement has a spring problem, and door won't close. Cuisinart tells me it's "out of (cumulative) warranty"...
Used to be Cuisinart made the best quality products...not any more..the brand has been cheapened and it shows.
What ever happened to pride of workmanship??

bsg463 2/13/14 1:45PM

We (husband and I) bought a Cuisinart 10 cup programmable. Very disappointed in it! The coffee doesn't stay warm (grr)and there is absolutely no way this a 10 cup coffee maker!! It is just a little over 8 CUPS!!! Please respond..we are coffee lovers.

Anonymous 2/3/14 9:30AM

I been buying your Cuisinart coffee maker with the thermeal café and grinder on the machine. The coffee wasn't staying hot so I switch to a keuirg maker and then I decided to give you guys another chance so I purchase a another coffee maker of yours and you can't even pour the water into it without spilling all over and the lid on the pot is hard to take off to fill it Very disappointed in you brand I spent way to much money on your product and its not even worth it. This last one is a piece of junk all the way I can't believe you would sell a product like . I don't think you guys would purchase this coffee maker at all. I will not buy any thing else with your brand. I will tell every one not to purchase your products. just remember your products are expensive and not worth a dime.......

Anonymous 1/23/14 5:39PM

My initial contact with your customer service department centered around a defective Cuisinart SS-700 coffee brewer (water pump failure). I first spoke with Peter who maintained that the product I was inquiring about -- the Cuisinart SS-700 coffee brewer and its' defective water pump system -- could be easily remedied if I spend 8 hours filling and refilling with hot water and vinegar. I express to Peter that we had done this procedure before (along with several other remedies)...all of which did not fix the water pump problem (or air bubble). I then spoke with Erik (floor manager) who also suggested the laborious vinegar/hot water remedy, to which I had informed him that this procedure has already been completed and did not solve the problem. Erik then offered to have me ship the unit to your maintenance department where -- if it was a manufacturer defect -- would be fixed free of charge. However, I would be without a brewer for an undetermined amount of time and no guarantee that the unit would be fixed.
I am completely and totally frustrated with Cuisinart. This is our THIRD SS-700 brewer and all THREE have had the same problem. I have gladly spent more money on a Cuisinart product because I believed I was paying for quality. This has not been the case with this particular product. In addition, your customer service department used scripted information to quell my exasperation after impressing upon them that this problem has persisted each time I replace my Cuisinart SS-700 coffee brewer. I am now extremely disillusioned with Cuisinart.
I am quite sure I will receive a standard form letter or email from Cuisinart taking no responsibility for the quality of your product(s) or making any real attempt to keep me as a customer. Then, again, you may just have me run vinegar through this email...turn off my computer for 8 hours or flip my computer upside down. For a $300 product, I expected much more.

teamjules28 1/20/14 8:42AM

I recently purchased the Cuisinart 66-14 cookware set. The very first time I used 10" skillet I cooked two fried eggs, put the eggs on a plate and returned the skillet to the stove. Seconds later there was a very loud "pop" noise as the lid to the skillet shattered just feet from my 11yr old daughter. After taking pictures of the lid, I called the Cuisinart customer service. Wow is all I can really say.... I was informed that they were very sorry for the inconvenience, that they had never heard of a lid just shattering while a pan was just setting on the stove, and that they would gladly assist me in the process of "purchasing" a new lid for my skillet. When I asked about any kind of warranty, I was informed that the pan lids were not covered...What??? It was at point I asked if I could speak with a supervisor and get a little better clarification of exactly what I could do. I was told that it would be no problem and a supervisor would contact me the following day. Two days later and still no call. Needless to say, this entire ordeal has been very disappointing from start to finish. I really would have liked to see Cuisinart stand behind their product and put a little bit of customer service above making a dollar.

Todd 1/7/14 11:37PM

I made the call to your customer service and was advised to go back to the store where purchased I went to store and they had no pan replacement and said that your company would not ship just a single pan out. In your email you suggested that I ship the pan to you and I pay the shipping cost. I will not do that since the shipping was already paid for the set. This is clearly a factory defect and I would expect you to pay for the shipping bit only fir the defective pan but, the replacement. I am going to send an email along with a copy of your email to someone higher then you.

Sent from my iPhone

Begin forwarded message:

Valued Customer,

We apologize for any inconvenience you may have experienced regarding your cookware. Based on the information you have provided, your cookware can be set up for evaluation and the Cookware Coordinator will be in contact with you. Based on the information you have provided, your shipping and processing fees for us returning your cookware will be $7 (1 or 2 pieces). We also ask that you cover the cost of shipping the defective unit to Cuisinart. We recommend that you use a traceable insured delivery service. Once we have received your approval, a Service Notification number will be created and an e-mail will be sent back to you with instruction on how to proceed on returning your defective unit. If you prefer, we welcome you to call our Customer Service Department with this information. Please keep in mind the Customer Service Agent will not have access to your e-mail information. The hours of operation are 7 AM -11 PM EST Monday through Friday and 9 AM - 5:30 PM on Saturdays and Sundays, excluding major holidays.



Cuisinart Customer Service Representative


Sent from my iPhone

On Dec 27, 2013, at 9:00 AM, wrote:


Thank you for your inquiry. In order to properly assist you, we are in need of the model number from the bottom of the unit. Please reply, with all previous correspondences attached, to this email, along with the color of the unit. We invite you to call our Customer Service Department at 1-800-726-0190. Please keep in mind the Customer Service Agent will not have access to your e-mail information. The hours of operation are 7 AM -11 PM EST Monday through Friday and 9 AM - 5:30 PM on Saturdays and Sundays, excluding major holidays.



Cuisinart Customer Service Representative

------------ Original Message -------------------

I just opened a new pan set. Contour hard anodized set I first pan I removed from the box is chipped and it is very sharp. What do I do to get it replaced

Jackie Lutizetti

Begin forwarded message:


Date: January 1, 2014 at 9:05:28 AM PST


Subject: Chipped pan

Valued Customer,

Thank you for the picture. In order for us to properly assist you, we are in need of the model number from the bottom of the pot. Please reply, with all previous correspondences attached, to this email. We invite you to call our Customer Service Department at 1-800-726-0190. Please keep in mind the Customer Service Agent will not have access to your e-mail information. The hours of operation are 7 AM -11 PM EST Monday through Friday and 9 AM - 5:30 PM on Saturdays and Sundays, excluding major holidays.



Cuisinart Customer Service Representative

------------ Original Message -------------------

Thought I would send picture of pan

Jackielut 1/3/14 5:31PM

I purchased the stainless steel cookware, it cost $159.99 from Kohls. I am a good customer there and used my Kohl's cash and a discount coupon to purchase this set. It also advertised to receive a 3 piece bowl set and a 2 piece slicing/paring prep set. I called cuisinarts customer service to make sure what to send. I was told that I would not qualify for the bowl set, I used the $10 Kohls cash and the coupon to purchase this. I would only qualify for the slicing/paring prep set. What a know, I guess it doesn't pay to be a good customer of Kohls and use there discounts. It never said anything about this, just another way of a big company taking advantage of people with their so called bonuses...yeah right! That was another reason why I purchased this set. It seemed like a great deal...but turned out to be just another scam. What is wrong with big this the only way they can make money by scamming the customers? Must be, because that is what they are doing. Probably will be my last purchase of any kind this this company. Burned in California

Anonymous 12/31/13 12:44PM

Good afternoon,

I am very disappointed in the performance of your Cruisinart coffee maker, DCC 1200 serial#10729. In the last 3 years, this is my third one. The first two quit working after having them about a year each. They both had the same problem. The water would not work. You would fill up the reservoir and turn it on and nothing would happen. Now, by third one will make coffee, but the hot plate as stopped working.

I have looked on line and have seen that these are two common problems. For what we pay for that item, we should be getting more than a year out of them. I have always loved your products, but, I doubt I will ever buy another one since I have had so much problems with this one. I pay more for your products because I thought they were better quality. Sad to say, I could get a cheap one from Wal-mart and it would last for years.

I can assure you I will not be recommending your products in the future.


Patricia Yancey

pdyancey 12/16/13 10:36AM

To Whom it May Concern:

I recently purchased the Cuisinart thermal 10-cup programmable coffeemaker from the Bed Bath and Beyond store in Westbury, NY. I paid $89.99 for the product plus tax, in cash, and I cannot locate the receipt.

Having purchased several Cuisinart products in the past, I had every reason to trust that this would be a fabulous product. I was wrong. The coffee is not hot, nor does the part called the "heating plate" in the instruction manual actually keep the lukewarm coffee hot. I never heard of a coffee pot that doesn't have an operable heating element. Naturally, I threw the box away and couldn't retrieve it from the trash before it was picked up - so I could return this piece of garbage. I am furious because I phoned your customer service number today and was told there's nothing they can do. I would have been happy with an exchange for another model that actually brews coffee at the right temperature and keeps it hot for even a short while. This product is subpar, and I feel I was ripped off by paying nearly $100 for it.

I will never purchase another Cuisinart product if I don't receive some assistance with this matter. I will also be sure to write honest reviews about this horribly made product (I wouldn't be the first person to do so, if you check the Bed Bath and Beyond website - there are many, many awful reviews which I wish I'd seen before making this purchasing decision).

I'd welcome any opportunity to discuss how this matter could be rectified to reaffirm my confidence in your company.

Anonymous 12/3/13 1:43PM

I purchased a Cuisinart MSC -600 Slow cooker in April. There is a heavy tray/pot where you put the food that has handles so you can pick up the pot and place it on a table. The other night my daughter while eating soup ended up with a small screw in her mouth that feel out of the handles on the tray/pot. When I looked at the handles they were very loose and I attempted to tighten the remaining screws several of which were stripped. To make matters worse there are little metal washers or nuts that hold these screws that can also work themselves out of the handle. I am afraid the handles will fall off when some unsuspecting person lifts it and the hot contents might hurt someone. My unit can't be the only one this is happening to as it appears to be a design/manufacturing defect

William G 11/21/13 6:41AM

I bought a Cuisinart in 1976 or 1977 at The Greenhouse in Bellingham, WA. It still works perfectly now as the day I first brought it home. It had a 30 year guarantee. But a product, (that was expensive at the time) about $300, is well worth it if it lasts 36 or 37 years. I have had to replace absolutely nothing on it. I bought all the blades that were available. I am a gourmet cook and use it frequently. I'm absolutely amazed. So are my kids who are now 40 and 46. They comment on its long life every time they come home. I see all the negative comments here and maybe I'm not on the correct website to give kudos to your product. It absolutely the best thing I ever bought for my home. I more than got my moneys worth on this product. I took a photo of it today turning cookies into crumbs but didn't know how to get it on this site. Thanks for a great product.

CarlottaJ 11/18/13 9:31PM

We received a Cuisinart rice cooker for our wedding and used it 3 or 4 times over a few month period. The last time it was used, it burned a hole in the center of the plastic base and melted the aluminum disk which heats the rice pot. We called the warranty service line, and after explaining the situation, they refused to cover the shipping of the defective unit. We also purchased a Cuisinart stainless steel knife set around the same time. It rusted within two weeks and the scissors fell apart soon after. We have contacted Bed Bath and Beyond where these came from and have been offered replacements at no cost. Sadly, Cuisinart was not willing to make right on their own defects, one of which could have burned down our home.

J&K 11/13/13 6:10PM

i have purchased my second cuisnart coffee pot and the last one shuts off by its self. has there be a defect in the product. i am very unsatisfied. and would like a replacement thanks u the one i have is cuisinart coffee maker DCC12 thank you looking forward to hearing from u > thank you sherri michael

Anonymous 11/7/13 3:50PM

I recently sent a letter of concern to Cuisinart regarding a food processor of theirs which I had bought about 1 1/2 - 2 years ago and which broke in a very dangerous way. A small wedge of the stainless steel from underneath the blade broke off and ended up in the dish that I was preparing. This piece was extremely sharp, and could have caused serious injury had it been ingested. As I then examined the underside of the blade, I noticed there to be cracks in the stainless steel at each of the screw locations. Since I have only used this processor under normal circumstances (for pureéing pestos, hummus and soups) I am shocked as to why the stainless steel would have cracked and broken as it did. The most astounding thing to me however, is that the Cuisinart company did not reply to my emailed letter of concern at all. I had sent my letter via their online customer support access form, so I am certain that it was received. I consider it very fortunate that no one was injured due to the malfunction of this food processor, and I would strongly recommend that anyone in the market for buying a new food processor look to another company in the best interests of their own safety.

pangia 10/17/13 9:24AM

i ordered a slow cooker and got it today. It is not useable due to it is to have 4 rubber feet on the bottom and it only has 3. It would be unsafe to use it this way. How can I get one more of these rubber feet? Susan Ainsworth

Anonymous 10/15/13 5:38PM

There seems to be a pattern to Cuisinart's handling of "repairs." It took a while before they gave me the correct information to send the Stand Mixer back, but after $93 in charges it was returned to me with the motor working, but the base was broken during repair. Cuisinart sent UPS to pick unit up and now it is "unrepairable," but I can get a 25% discount on a refurbished model. I won't pay for another worthless mixer, so now I don't even get the old broken one back. Three months, $100, and nothing!

Maine Roadie 10/7/13 12:15PM

Janice Alexander

Brian Vaughn


Dear Cuisinart,

We purchased a Cuisinart coffeemaker and have been very dissatisfied with the performance of our coffeemaker. It is dripping fast for the first couple of minutes and then drips very slowly and the water pools up in the coffee ground section of the maker causing a mess. Also, the brew is warm, but not hot the way that we like it. It is not brand-new and I no longer have the receipt or remember the exact price that I paid for it. I can send you the coffeemaker back, which is not a problem. What I am dissatisfied with mostly is that I purchased this coffee maker more for the brand of Cuisinart than anything else because I rely on the fact that Cuisinart means the highest of quality. The serial number on the bottom of this "Filter Brew" Cuisinart coffeemaker is: 80723C.

We are requesting a new coffeemaker that we can enjoy along with our friends. We are not particular about model or cost - we only want a Cuisinart coffeemaker that works properly and brews the hottest cup of coffee possible. We do not enjoy warm coffee and that was also another reason that we purchased a Cuisinart coffeemaker. We assumed that the other brands would not function in the superior way that Cusinart appliances and products do and that the other brands brew would not be as hot. We were wrong with this coffeemaker - the brew is insufficient in temperature. Our family has dealt with this coffeemaker and our disappointment in it as long as we care to.

We truly appreciate your allowing us to share our experiences with you and for considering our request. We have not complained to the BBB or posted any negative feedback on other consumer review websites and do not intend to if our complaint is processed to our satisfaction. We intend to continue to praise the Cuisinart name because we also believe in your customer satisfaction. Thank you.

Sincerely yours,

Janice Alexander and Brian Vaughn

JaniceAndBrian 9/29/13 10:19AM

I own a Cuisinart DLC7 Pro food processor. The tab on the cover that engages the safety switch broke. I called Cuisinart to purchase a new cover. I spoke to a young lady in "customer service" who gave me such a difficult time. I put customer service in quotes because the title of the department is a misnomer. This young told me I didn't know where the tab was that worked the safety switch, that I needed to purchase a new cover, bowl, and feed tube assembly. This person definitely needs training because she knows nothing about the products the company sells. According to Cuisinart's web site in 1985 the cover was changed, the way the safety switch is engaged was changed. I own the new style of cover. Then try to find a replacement part on the web site.I did a search for the part number and got 1201 items returned, but no pictures, just page numbers, all 120 pages. How do you find what you are seeking? Worst web site I ever saw. Then this young lady has the nerve to tell me the part is no longer available, the machine is too old. Well I found at least 4 web sites that sell the part plus Amazon. I ordered the part via Amazon, and the heck with Cuisinart.

RandiRN 9/4/13 5:20AM

My Name is Gina Brubaker I am disappointed in my wedding gift of Cuisinart pots and pans and I never received my $50.00 rebate. I emailed customer service and I am irritated with the run around and having to call or contact yet another department. My pots and pans are not even 2 years old and look like they have been outside for 5 years. I wash my pots and pans by hand, and yes I cook on my stove. (which customer service replied I should not cook on high heat) Are you kidding me, I am cooking on my stove. I have never been so disappointed in a product and lack of interest if you keep a customer or not. All I want is a nice set of pots and pans and my stupid $50.00 rebate, I am not asking for millions of dollars and lots of free pots and pans. This is my rebate info: Here is my UPC number I wrote it down when I had sent off the paperwork-

I am sure this still will not matter but I am trying one last time. I can tell you I will not purchase another Cuisinart product or recommend one with the blow off the customer with the standard try this number or try this department brush off.

Gina Brubaker

GinaB 9/3/13 4:15PM

I just got off the phone with "Customer Service", what a joke, after having jumped through Cuisinart hoops for the last 100 days. I have had to prove everything, from taking a picture of the Serial Number and emailing it to "Customer Service" to having to pay Macy's to retrieve the original sales receipt. I then had to pay a professional packing and shipping company to ship the defective mixer to Arizona for repair, at a cost of $38.00 AND include a check for $10.00 for "Customer Service" to send it back to me. Well, this whole process started on April 27, 2013 and I received the mixer yesterday, August 5, 2013.....100 days to repair the mixer, which, incidentally only worked six times before it just quit, cold turkey, would not start at all. The mixer was received with a broken top, which will not go back in place due to a large crack in the top cover. It had black grease all over it and some paperwork stuck with numerous layers of tape to the broken top. When I called "Customer Service", the only thing they could suggest was to send it back again for repair. Really??? Where is the "Customer Service"??? I buy the mixer, suffer the misfortune of having bought a rather expensive lemon, and I have paid for all the leg work and end up with a very unattractive broken piece of equipment and I'm further asked to be even more inconvenienced??? This company is a joke. I will never purchase a Cuisinart anything again!!!

Tx-Gmom 8/6/13 10:21AM

I quit already to many complaints will buy another brand alls I need is the lid that goes on top of the coffee filter for a dbg 550model

zimermd@yahoo .com 7/20/13 5:11PM

I have been going back and forth with a warranty issue for an EM-100 since late February. I finally gave up. Cuisinart is not a company that will standing behind its products, nor its customers. Their idea of customer service is responding to emails with more emails that solve nothing. Do yourself a favor - buy a different brand. It's just not worth it.

Anonymous 7/18/13 12:31PM

I bought a pot set at Sam's Club and am not at all happy with it. It has permanent white spots that don't come out .Who do I speak to . My name is Emmy Pena and my

Emmy 7/12/13 8:53PM

Getting the run around here on a coffee pot PRC-12. I emailed only to get replies from asking about a serial number. There is no serial number stamped into the plastic on the bottom of the unit. Did I purchase a knock off product from China thru JCPenny? Who knows but the unit is defective as the bottom seat where the pump tube rest is almost corroded away, and that's not from cleaning it with vinegar and water. Quisinart please make good on your 3 year warranty and use a customer service that knows something about the product, not someone form CONAIR. et al

Anonymous 5/31/13 2:52AM

I am extremely disappointed with the service I received from the product return dept.. I talked with Angelique and she was extremely rude! She told me to call her back when I had the serial# of my coffee pot. This after i held for someone 10 minutes. REALLY?
I bought my coffee maker on Jan. 10th of this year and started having problems with it just at the 90 day mark. It completely shut off and I have to unplug it for an hour and then it will work for one pot of coffee and shut down again. I totally disagree that I have to pay 10.00 to have a new appliance mailed to me and then I have to pay 10.00 to ship a bad one back?
I do not understand why I as a customer with a warranty that just started would have to pay 20.00 to make a warranty good. That is absurd and not very Customer oriented if you ask me. I could see having to pay if it has been a year but, not because it is just barely over the 90 days that I could carry it back to the store.
I have always been a Bunn customer but, everybody gave such great reviews about Cuisinart that I had no problem buying your product. NOT SO SURE NOW!!! I still have the bad coffee maker as I received the new one yesterday. Please let me know how I am to send this back to you without having to pay shipping as it is not my fault your appliance has failed.

Helenk 5/30/13 7:58AM

I purchased a Cuisinart for almost $100.00 in orange. They sent me purple but I kept it. The coffee is always lukewarm. I notified them and was told like a lot of you to clean it with vinegar etc. blah, blah, blah. Still didn't stay hot. After 20 emails back and forth, they told me to return the coffee pot and pay the postage. They told me on the 30th of april that they sent another one and it would arrive in 10 to 14 days. This is the 18th and still didn't receive it. Worst company in the world and nothing we can do about it. Never saw a website with this many complaints. Is corporate going to do anything about this. I am calling a local news station in Las Vegas, NV called Channel 13 Investigates and see if I can do something about this.

rittergirl44 5/18/13 11:23AM

In January 2013 I purchased a Cuisinart CHW-12 Cofee Brewing System. They are not cheap. 3 months later it would not stay on after brewing. I called Cuisinart and was told to do a heavy cleaning with vinegar. I did and it was still not working. I called again and was told I had to pay $10 for them to ship me a new one and I had to pay to ship the old one back. I tried to argue that this was only 3 months old but talked to 2 different people, they kept referring to "corporate policy". The unit weighs approximately 19 pounds - cost to ship was estimated at $34. Do not waste your money on Cuisinart products. Evidently there is no customer service and they obviously do not care about their customers. Just sell the products and then they are done. This will work for awhile, but in the long run customer word of mouth will get out. What a shame as they have been around for so long.

QuincyB 4/26/13 9:36AM

Purchased a blender for 5X the cost of an average one for sale at Target...hardly ever used...lasted 4-5 years and the spinner at the base broke. Called customer service and they said it would be $20 to ship one out to me. Spoke to a manager to try to get one for free since it should have lasted longer considering the cost of the machine and manager said "no" to sending us one for free.
BEWARE of cheaply made products that are "packaged" to look better. Save the money and buy the least costly will last just as long as a Cuisinart. Their customer service/support team learned nothing in college business school.....NEVER EVER lose the then lose potential future sales of ALL your other products over a $3 smart is that..??????

Mike 3/11/13 6:17PM

Purchased a coffe maker SS-700FR it did not work, descaled as instructed and again did not work. Sent unit back to cuisinart had to pay cuisinart $ 10.00 plus shipping it took 3 weeks for them to send me a box with a water resovoir only. Called service #, they said they had to contact corporate, 3 weeks later I called to check status and the rep stated the box weighed 16 lbs and showed a coffee maker was in it. There was no coffee maker in box. He states he would have to contact corporate. This is a scam, you buy the coffe maker, you pay money to have them send a new one and your left with no coffe maker period.
Do not buy the ss-700FR it does not work properly and you will not get quality customer service. I will not buy any cuisinart products again, the run around is absurd.

Anonymous 3/11/13 2:18PM

About 18 months ago I purchased two Grind and Brew coffee makers. One for myself, the other for a friend. Did a fairly decent job even though the funnel had to be cleared more often than suggested. Recently my unit had a funny odor and the water stopped pumping rendering the unit useless. My bad as I didn't realize I had a 3 year warranty. I tossed the unit.

The next week my friend called having had the same experience. Same odor and not usable.

I don't know the safety implications but beware of this unit.

Bob 2/27/13 1:19PM

I purchased a new Cuisinart Coffee Plus at Dillard's yesterday for $100. This morning my husband and I were unpacking the new coffee pot and it is in horrible shape! It is dented and the stamps for inside reservoirs have been stamped wiped off and re-stamped. When I called Cuisinart Customer Service at 1-800-726-0190 Nick told me that it is not a new item and has to be a re-boxed item raised is his voice then told me when I countered with a raised voice that I was being insolent! Michele, Nick's supervisor told me that there is no way this item got thru the quality checks & that the store it was purchased from must have repackaged the item for sale!! I called Dillard's and gave them the information that Cuisinart Customer service supervisor Michelle has suggested that the high end store chain Dillard's is perpetrating a fraud on the American public!! What Gaul!! I then called the store manager where I purchased the coffee maker and spoke to the manager of the household dept. and told her about Cuisinart and their "customer service"! She has offered to take this issue to the Buyers for Dillard's!!! Cuisinart is and always has been a horrible product and company! I have purchased their items in the past and have not purchased any until now and can assure you I will not make the mistake of purchasing them again!!!

Anonymous 1/20/13 11:33AM

Hi!! I have a suggestion for cuisinart. I love the idea of the coffe maker that brews a pot of coffee and has a seperate hot water for tea and cocoa, but i think you should develop one that has a pot to brew coffee and a single serve attached instead of or in adition to the hot water,then u can make a pot on the weekend or for a crowd and have a single serve for during the week...please please consider this! I thinl it would be a hit!

Anonymous 1/7/13 5:22PM

This is my first, and believe me last, experience with Cuisinart. The BRAND NEW food processor which I received as a Christmas present has a big chunk of plastic missing out of one of the parts. I noticed it after unpacking and washing all of the components. I immediately called the "customer service" (HA-HA) number and was told by "Felicia" that it would be twenty dollars for the part plus shipping. I explained it was a brand new unit which is defective and I'm not paying anything. She then said she would ship me the part, but I would have to pay to return the defective piece. I asked to speak to a Manager and was given "Mae, the Floor Supervisor" who basically said "corporate policy". REALLY!!? So, now, I have to repack it, try to get the receipt from my relative who gifted it to me, and return it to the store for a new food processor. Fine Cuisinart. However, be certain the food processor I'll be leaving the store with WILL NOT BE A CUISINART.

Linda 1/6/13 1:00PM

I had my cuisinart classic for 7months and the motor quit. I have been jacked around now for 3 months. I returned it as requested and paid $40+ to ship to Ariz. It was returned unworking. Called and they sent a UPS truck to pick it up Nov 1, 2012 and I cannot locate it. When I call they say call back in a week to no avail. Today they told me to call corporate and speak to Libby. The number they gave was a fax # so I called back and Cynthia said to try again and hit number 1 twice and ext 415 which is impossible because it's a fax number. So then I speak to another person and then a supervisor which is a joke. She said that's the number to call. I told her to try it and she says they can't call out. What if they need 911. What a bunch of liars. Customer service is a joke and so typical of American companies. I will never ever ever buy anything Cuisinart. What a rip and I will let my many professional chef friends know not to waste their money.I'm sure I will never see my motor workin again. RIP OFF RIP OFF RIP OFF. ALSO, THEY WILL NOT GIVE YOU A DIRECT NUMBER TO CORPORATE. THEY ARE LIARS AND CHEATS. DON'T BUY CUISINART!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ANONYMOUS 12/7/12 10:11AM

I'm not sure if this will find its way to the appropriate people/department, but I have several complaints and design suggestions... To qualify myself other than being a very informed consumer. I am a mechanical/biomedical engineer with many years of experience also in human factors engineering.

I purchased the above subject coffee maker to replace an older Model DCC-2600 - Brew Central® 14-Cup Coffeemaker because the hinges on the lid broke.

The new Extreme Brew™ 12-Cup Programmable Coffeemaker Model DCC-2650 is not as good as the older Model DCC-2600 because of the following reasons:

1. The filter basket holder/housing design is IMHO completely wrong. The bottom of the filter basket holder is "flat" where the filter basket holder in Model DCC-2600 was tapered to more or less match the same angle of the filter basket itself. Whoever designed this didn't know what they were doing...
2. Therefore the filter basket holder housing of the coffee maker itself, for the most part, is "flat". This flat bottom subsequently causes water to collect and when you pull the carafe out of the coffee maker hot water drains down onto the "hot" plate causing a mess.
3. Also, I would suggest changing the design of the carafe handle, as the plastic rim around the top collects water, and this could be avoided if the design were different... I have some suggestions on this too.

So I ask... why would you change the design of these parts to something that does not make sense? The design of the Model DCC-2600 was "right-on".

I hope someone realizes this and changes the filter holder and coffee maker filter holder housing back to the Model DCC-2600 design.

Because of this I am now looking for an different coffee maker manufacturer...

drbarney2 11/30/12 8:20AM

I purchased a Cuisinart Ovenware Roaster from Sam's last year, 2011. I opened the box and used the roaster for the first time Thanksgiving Day, 2012. I roasted the turkey in it. After dinner, my sister wiped the pan drippings out of the roaster with a paper towel. After washing it, she dried it with a paper towel. The "non-stick" surface came off in three places. I called Cuisinart, 1.800.726. 0190 today, Saturday, November 24, 2012 at 12:30 pm EST and initially spoke with Gabrielle. She unsuccessfully attempted to inform me that the product that I had purchased had a "Limited" Lifetime Warranty. Even though the box and the Use and Care Guide both read "Lifetime Warranty", Gabrielle continued to attempt to convince me that the product that had been advertised as having a "Lifetime Warranty", a feature that persuaded me to purchase the defective product in the first place, did indeed have a "Limited" Lifetime Warranty. A fact that I would have known had I gone to the website. If this poorly handled situation does not convince you of Cuisinart's terrible customer service and inadequate product knowledge, maybe the fact that cuisinart does not offer refunds will!! In this poor economy every dollar, dime, penny spent counts. Their remedy is to have customers pay $7.00 for shipplig and handling. According to the Use and Care Guide, "If your ovenware should prove to be defective within your lifetime (see Gabrielle), we will repair it or replace it...without charge to you, except for shipping and handling." Answer me a few questions. If your first roaster was defective, what makes me trust that the next roaster will not be equally defective? Why does cuisinart think that I would want to spend any more money on their products? Who does not take pride in their products and company name and realize that in any business customer loyalty is crucial? I will NEVER purchase a cuisinart product again.

happybaker22 11/24/12 11:46AM

Approximately 4 months ago I purchased 2 Refurbished SS-700 Single Serve Brewing Systems.‏ These coffee systems were purchased as gifts. About 3 weeks ago I gave one of these to my son as a gift and I worked long enough to make 1 cup of coffee and then quit working. He did everything the manual said to do under the troubleshooting suggestions and again it made one cup and quit. The other machine is being given as a Christmas present, so I do not know how it works. My son and I have both sent numerous emails to your customer service with no satisfaction. All they tell me is if it is more than 90 days since purchase they can do nothing, even though these were purchased as gifts that were or will be given after the 90 days. I am surprised that a company the size of Cuisinart will not back their products and will just throw their customers to the side without tryiing to satisfy them and make them a happy customer rather than a dissatisfied customer. I do hope that you will contact me conerning this problem and let me again have confidence in Cuisinart caring about their customers.

Don S 11/12/12 7:39AM

I have just taken the three Cuisinart food processors that I own to Goodwill.
The 20 cup bowl cracked. After three unsuccessful attempts to get the proper replacement from web store, I gave up and paid for the return of wrong part myself after waiting 2 weeks for the call tag to be issued. Customer service is a joke!
The Prep Plus 11 black plastic covers over the on/off/pulse buttons cracked and peeled off, the bowl handle no longer engages the motor due to plastic piece in the handle breaking apart within the handle itself. And the Classic just gets to live at Goodwill store because I'm finished buying Cuisinart products. My Cuisinart knives are just a cheaply made....they are at Goodwill store too.
From now own I'll buy Breville products.

EK in Santa Fe 10/22/12 12:46PM

I have just taken the three Cuisinart food processors that I own to Goodwill.
The 20 cup bowl cracked. After three unsuccessful attempts to get the proper replacement from web store, I gave up and paid for the return of wrong part myself after waiting 2 weeks for the call tag to be issued. Customer service is a joke!
The Prep Plus 11 black plastic covers over the on/off/pulse buttons cracked and peeled off, the bowl handle no longer engages the motor due to plastic piece in the handle breaking apart within the handle itself. And the Classic just gets to live at Goodwill store because I'm finished buying Cuisinart products. My Cuisinart knives are just a cheaply made....they are at Goodwill store too.
From now own I'll buy Breville products.

EK in Santa Fe 10/22/12 12:46PM

We bought a several crusinarts as christmas gifts, my mothers might have been use, maybe 10 times the most, I decided to use it to chopped up plain white soft bread, the safty latch broke and flew at me. You can plainly see, that it is a straight seamed line that came apart. Grant it we dont use it much, but we thought we purchased a well brand name, Not Cheap. I would like the bowel replaced. Crusinart can you replace it, times are not easy for my mother and me, the plastic is still shiney, I will be more than happy to send you the piece for replacement, so you can fix the problem. I dont need a whole unit, just the piece that attacked me. thank you. Please contact me.

jonsmom44 10/17/12 7:49AM

I have purchase a Cuisinart Toaster in Hong Kong. It has not worked after the first six weeks. Looking for quality. What a joke.

Cuisinart has no customer service what so ever in Hong Kong. It is my last purchase in Asia.

Dennis Bishop

Dennis Bishop 10/16/12 2:30AM

Please stop putting stickers on the surface of your non-stick pans..they're a pain to get off..thank you!

Anonymous 10/5/12 2:29AM

I purchased an 11 cup Cuisinart food processor (Model DLC-2011CHB) in March 2012. It began smoking when blending soft foods such as tomatoes. At my expense, I shipped it to the service center and received it back as defective as it was initially. Even now, the "customer service" reps refuse to guarantee they will replace the product with a working product that is not defective! I will never purchase another Cuisinart/Conair product.
I've just thrown away my 2-1/2 year old Cuisinart coffeemaker. I will not, however, discard a 5-month old food processor that cost $143. I may need to litigate to get a new product.

Mrif 9/1/12 10:39AM

RE: Cuisinart Classic Series 14-Cup Food Processor
Model DFP-14BCN (Type 33)
U IB-5370

I HAVE BEEN A LOYAL CUISINART USER FOR 35+ years a(this is my third Cuisinart food processor). However, a small piece of white plastic has broken off the cover and I need a replacement cover with extra large feed tube. I have called the parts department and was sent the wrong cover. I have searched MANY websites that claim to have replacement Cuisinart parts but this part is ALWAYS BACK-ORDERED and no one has any idea when or if it might be available.

This is the first time anything has ever broken and it is VERY ANNOYING that I am unable to find this part. Will this part ever be available? Is this indicative that breakage on the cover (the small white plastic piece) is common and that people have had to replace that often?

If I have to replace my food processor because of the breakage of a tiny piece of plastic and if the company cannot stand behind their products with replacement parts, it makes me question whether I want to buy another Cuisinart product.

Please let me know if this part is EVER going to be available again so I can start shopping for another food processor (perhaps NOT a CUISINART THIS TIME).

I look forward to a response from you. I really need my food processor!

Anonymous 8/11/12 9:37AM

I have purchassed Cusinart products in the past and have been satisfied on the quality of the products. My purpose is not to bash your company, but to alert you to a situation I find is against your corporate goal of providing quality products at a fair price and protect your trademark.
I recieved a set of knives purchased at Macys and they are the poorest quality knives I have ever tried to use. Fundamentally, they do not stay sharp and will not hold an edge. I noticed they were made in China and by far this is not worth the wooden holder they came in. I have been using Henckle for years with a steel and know how to sharpen knives. Additionally, they tend to quickly stain, start to rust and are of a very poor quality.
My reason is to let you know this is a reason your sales are probably declining as you need a different source.
regards, Dan Nalipinski

dano 7/21/12 9:43AM

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