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Dairy Queen corporate office headquarters location, phone number, address and feedback

Please find details for the Dairy Queen corporate office below. We do our best to keep this information current, but if you are aware of any updates to the Dairy Queen corporate office headquarters information we have, please feel free to submit an update.

Corporate Office Address:
International Dairy Queen, Inc

Berkshire Hathaway, Inc.
7505 Metro Blvd.
Minneapolis, MN 55439
United States

Phone: 952-830-0200

Dairy Queen Corporate Office Comments

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I frequent dq on tunnel rd asheville nc often and love it

Went to dq 25/70
chicken cold and dry

Fries undercooked and cold

Sundae "ice cream" lumpy ( curdled?) and melting

All of this less than 2 minutes after put in box

Very disappointed with inconsistency

Gib gibson

Gibgibson 2/5/14 10:19AM

Zach and the morning crew helped a elder women who does not have but a few days to live and the one thing she ask for was a hamburger, considering the time in the morning I had no easy task.. I finally ended up going to the DQ on Eisenhower and Hodgson Memorial drive in savannah ga. They were not prepared for what I came in for but that did not stop them they jumped to give her the one last thing she wanted, a hamburger. Zach also paid out of his own pocket for her. I broke into tears to see that this kind of kindness is still present. I will notify all CEO employees... Singed Kim cone

[email protected] 12/31/13 9:01AM

I have spent years teaching table manners to my children and other young people around us. Then you put one commercial on TV about your chicken fingers with a man not only chewing with his mouth open but talking with food in his mouth. Is that the best you can do as a corporation and shouldn't the public have a right to expect better representation from you

[email protected] 12/16/13 5:51PM

I think someone from your office needs to investigate your dairy queen in scottsville they curse all the time in front of the customers they spit in customer drinks if they don't like them they eat the ice cream all the time and they treat your employees like crap and are very mean to them this is your managers that are doing this stuff i will never go in there again and i will tell everyone i know not to go in there if they ask me won't lie to them as i think that store is rude and they don't know how to act around their customers or the other employees thought mangers should show more respect

Anonymous 12/12/13 2:31PM

My son whom has autism requested dairy queen, so I told him if he wanted white ice cream he had to go into the store. Well he was perfect, so I got his ice cream and got a chicken strip basket for him to share with my daughter. Well we got home I divided it up and to my surpise he didn't eat much of the chicken he had pulled it apart. I looked at it and it was RAW, but it looked like he may have eatin a bite or two of some meat next to the raw, which was most of the chicken. I took the food back to dq told them I wanted the # for corporate office wanted the cook fired a refund and if my son got seminella I would file a law suit. I was told the cook was new and they were sorry. I said that I wish sorry was good enough but when it comes to my kids I couldn't do sorry. I will not get food there again. I turned to facebook to ask my fellow christian friends to join me in prayer that God would protect my son from the bacteria.

Anonymous 11/9/13 10:32PM

We used to eat at Dairy Queen all the time until they changed their menu. But our grandkids wanted to go there so we took them I really am disappointed not only have you changed the way you made hamburgers but the whole menu all together, there is no regular hamburger only cheeseburgers. I for one do not like cheese on my burgers. When I tryed to order it that way they could not get my order right after explaining it to them 3 times it still came to me wrong. Who ever told you change was good for you was so wrong!!!!!

Anonymous 11/9/13 9:37PM

I frequent many Dairy Queen stores throughout the area I live and have pleasant experiences. Our local DQ is just a mile from home and when the urge strikes I'll go there.
Now I'm certain it is a privately owned DQ as I would expect most are, but why is it, I ALWAYS need to ask for a bag or carrier for our take-outs and many times when going through the drive-through, I'll get home with no spoons for the sundae ?
There's always seems to be different young people working there and they ALL do the same thing.... must be the TRAINING. How much can that save the owner ? by not offering a bag or carrier and not including spoons ?
My most recent visit compelled me to write this complaint. After needing to request a bag at the drive through for our usual treats....medium strawberry sundae for my wife and medium butterfinger blizzard for myself, upon returning home, as usual, no spoon for her and when I took the lid off my blizzard it was as though someone already ate an inch off the top ! and my wifes' sundae had exactly three strawberries in it ! This DQ owner is such a cheapskate.
Any other DQ I visit my blizzard nearly doesn't allow for a lid it's so full and the strawberries are very plentiful in the cup.
So, if you're ever in LORDSTOWN, OHIO and want to feel like getting ripped off by the local DQ, feel free to see what I mean.
Really hoping that corporate headquarters sees this and forwards it to the lowly DQ owner,, not that it will probably change anything though.

tman 11/2/13 5:47PM

My sister and I stopped at the Dairy Queen in Bridgewater,Va. 10/26/13, and ordered two bananna splits. We got to the table and saw that one split had been made with a rotten bananna. Took it back to complain and was handed another bananna that looked worse than the one we had. Decided to remove the bananna, as we were eating found that we had not been given any pineapple syrup and noticed there was very little strawberry and chocolate syrup. So my sister went back again to complain and was given a cup with the pineapple and strawberry syrup to add to our splits. Both looked like they had been watered down. Needless to say it was the worst bananna split we have ever had and will not stop at another Dairy Queen!

Pat 10/27/13 4:44PM

On October 6, 2013 my husband I stopped at the Dairy Queen in Pineville, Ky. We both ordered the reese's blizzard in a waffle cone. It was horrible. the cone was not brown like a waffle cone should be, it tasted stale. When you bit into the cone the cone just bent over like a stale uncooked cone. Plus there was very little ice cream in the cone. The cone was like it was smashed. I usually love the blizzards, but I will never order one of these again and I am not sure I will eat there again. Plus you all are so expensive compared to other fast foods.

Anonymous 10/7/13 1:24PM

I frequently the Dairy Queen weekly in Rockport TX. It is so difficult to keep clean cut employees. In years past it was one of the cleanest and friendliest DQ's around. It is the hub of social gatherings in our community.

However, when our manager, Scott, left our location things started going down hill. One employee even wore a rubber bracelet with the "F" word in big block letters. I told him that was very offensive to many of his customers. He apologized profusely....and quit his job shortly thereafter.

At the present time the American flag was ordered to half staff out of respect for those that lost their lives at the Washington Naval Yard. Our DQ has not honored those orders in the past and still is not today. I was told that a maintenance person had to lower it....other employees were not allowed. PLEASE contact DQ Rockport, TX and respectfully ask someone to comply with lowering the flag to half staff in memory of those we lost last Monday.

Thank you for letting me know that you have received this message.

Anonymous 9/19/13 5:39PM

hi I, a very upset customer of dairy queen in Hereford tx I have been a faithful customer there for a long time and when I went Saturday 8/31/13 I was shocked to see the manger smoking weed with another co worker I smelled it and I seen then in the back of the store they didn't notice me because I was on the other side of the fence I was eating on the last bench table by the fence I was upset because my kids were wit me and we were having dinner the next day I called and told the manger I think her name was monica or Melissa not sure but not show if it was taken serious but I did thought of calling the cops right there and then but I didn't want to ruin dairy queens rep but not there fault that they smoke just need to know who they hire but this is my last request if I have to i will call the cops next time I pray and hope yall take me serious because the manger there isn't upset customer....o I have also called head quarters

upset customer 9/4/13 8:37PM

I'd like to comment on the Dairy Queen in Frankfort, Ky located on the East side of town. I am a "morning" customer and I have sat in line only to find out, "we don't have any bacon today, we're out of eggs, we don't have large cups, the grill doesn't work, pull to the curb and wait on your order, the excuses go on and on. The service is awful!

Disgruntled employees wanting to reach out to the customer telling them what's going on in the resturant and I'm on my way to work! Sitting at the drive-thru WAITING and WAITING for someone to take your order is ridiculous! Seems the resturant owner can't seem to get the air conditioning fixed because the doors are always propped open in the back. I've even been told by employees that the owner doesn't care about fixing things or the resturant itself. My office building sits right across the interstate from this franchise and we all take bets as to how long it will remain open. It's a shame.

Please have someone from corporate do a "surprise" visit to this Dairy Queen. We love having it on our side of town but get a manager or someone in there to make the resturant be a hit not a miss!

Anonymous 8/9/13 6:23AM

We recently visited the Dairy Queen in Cherokee, NC. It has to be the nastiest one I have ever been in, the bathroom floors were wet with urine, the tables were nasty and we went outside to sit and eat our ice cream. I really think it was a disgrace. I will never go into this one again. I love Dairy Queen and I will in the future go to the one in Sylva, NC. I wonder how they get a good score on their cleanliness.

Anonymous 8/8/13 5:18PM

Hi. I recently went to the Dairy Queen on Williams and I35 in Georgetown tx. I am not a Dairy Queen regular so I can't really comment on the food however, I frequently dine out. I would just like to say that the attention I received from the staff, their friendliness and what appeared to be genuine concern for my satisfaction was outstanding. I was particularly impressed by Juan. He seemed to do it all. As a result, I will probably dine there again.

Mary 8/8/13 2:44PM

My family and I visited the Dairy Queen in Custer, South Dakota last week. As a fan of Dairy Queen for many years, I was appalled at the condition of this store. The place was crawling with flies. Booths and tables were sticky with dirt, floor filthy. The young man making drinks had a large open sore or burn on his arm which was not covered. Do you have any oversight on your franchises? This was an unpleasant experience.

Anonymous 7/28/13 12:02PM

I went to DQ in Green Valley, AZ...I was in the drive thru and I had to wait ten minutes before they even acknowledged me. I ordered 4 bannans Splits and 1 chili dog. when I go to the window to pay the cashier told me that they did not have NO bannanas so I paid her and I did tell her that they should have some kind of notice to let customers know so we do not wait. When I got home I opened the chili dog and I was so mad because it did not even have one tablespoon of the chili dog sauce. I live in the out skirts of town and I am 17 miles from there and since I was in the area I stopped there. I did call the manager to tell him what had happened and he said that he was putting two bannanas in the books for the next time I gave him my name and phone#. My husband just told me that that DQ was closed..I am pretty upset because he manager did not even notified me.

Anonymous 7/22/13 2:55PM

Your new tv ad with the red-headed guy deciding on the food he received as far as which deal came first: the dessert and then the food or the food then the dessert.

After he is done talking he proceeds to "eat" his food, but with his mouth "OPEN". Please, you need to have him close his mouth when eating his food. Mothers tell their children everyday to "eat with your mouth closed" and your tv ad defies all that training but especially good manners when eating!

maggie 7/13/13 10:50AM

I went to one of you stores today at Chicago, IL to get some lunch. But first I had to use the rest room before I ordered. One of your employees told me that they had no rest room and I should go over to McDonald's to use it. I replied, If I go over there to use it, then I'll buy my lunch there as well!

Which I did, and upon finishing my lunch at McDonald's, I came back to your store and asked for their information to write to you. I suggest that if you want people to come to your stores,you should have somewhere they can use the restroom!

Very dissatisfied with the service that I received, or not, today.

Ms Stealth 6/26/13 11:40AM

My Name is Arlene, and I have visited the Dairy Queen kiosk at Trincity Mall in Trinidad on 3 separate occasions and have never been able to walk away with what I had intentions of purchasing. I have experience with the brand from many years back when I was a child and the branch was located in Port of Spain. I also travel quite a bit for my job to the United States and always purchase ice cream from DQ. My brother lives 5 minutes away from Coral Square Mall - where I always have DQ. My recent experience here however has been very disappointing. On my first visit with my 11 year old daughter, there were no small cones and the electronic payment system was not working. I had to purchase 1 medium cone and share that with my daughter as that's all the cash that I had in my purse at the time. 2 weeks later on my second visit, they informed all of the potential customers that we would have to come back in 30 minutes as they had no product ready for sale. The third time, I actually paid for a small dipped cone and a DQ Oreo Blizzard. After waiting 20 minutes for my ice cream, the manager came out to the more than 20 waiting customers and announced that they could not fill certain orders as the ice cream was too soft. I am so disappointed in the service and preparedness of the management and staff at this branch. It's even more disappointing because I am so familiar with the DQ brand.

Arlene 6/20/13 12:01PM

Ientered your store in Asland Va. Upon entering I slipped and fell landing on my left knee and left wrist face down. My friend helped me up and asked me if I was alright and at the time of course I said I was fine because I was embarrassed, but my knee was hurting and throbing. No one in the store ran to me. As we were eating I ask a fellow sitting at the table in back of us was he the manager and he said yes. At that time he put two yellow caution signs at the door after the fact. I told him I wanted to document the incident because there might be some reprecussions later. He went to the back and was gone for a good while when he came back he gave me a piece of paper with a girls name and phone number on it and told ME to call her. HE DID NOT ASK ME FOR MY INFORMATON AT ALL. I DID WRITE IT DOWN AND PROVIDED IT FPR HIM.WHAT A DUMMY.
When I called back to the number on the paper muck to my surprise it was to the store I has just left I ask to speak to Ashley and the lady said they were not sure when she would be in and she did not give out her cell number. I told her the nature of my call and I thought I needed this to be taken care of today. This lady who was Angie said she would call another local store and try to get me in touch with someone. She told me to call back in fifteen minutes. I called back and the gentlemen that said he was the manager earlier said to me " You said you were all right" I said to him " Thats when I asked you to document the incident in case there was anything that would happen tomy knee or arm or leg later." The guy was disagreeing with me telling me I did not fall telling me I was alright it was my falt I fell. To mewhen he put the Yellow caution signs up afterwards that says something. I wish I I taken pictures. I ask for the gentlemens name at that point over the phone and he REFUSED to give me his name. I am just trying to file an incident report. I would appreciate someone contacting me as soon as possible.I have been in retail my self for forty years the customer is always right. I have always encouraged my employees to run to any of my customers that fall in my store to check on them and file a report.

Barbie Doll 6/11/13 6:15AM

Last night i went to my DQ and ordered a banana split and a med strawberry sunday. It used to be that a sunday came with whip cream and nuts with a cherry, but now the girl said that it is all extra if you want it, i don't run the company, if you don't like it you can call "CORPORATE". So corporate I am calling you.

Busdrivnmama 6/3/13 5:05AM

I saw on the internet that Dairy Queen does offer Senior Citizen discounts. Why does my Dairy Queen in Fredericksburg, VA not comply with this? Is this Dairy Queen a francise? Disappointing at best.

Elaine 5/23/13 1:31PM

I have been along time customer of dairy queen for well over 40 years,But its come to an end. I clipped a coupon out of our local newspaper for dairy queen. I drove there and went thru the drive up placed an order and was then told " we don't take coupons". They were dairy queen coupons, and its unexceptable that your company does not honor them. This is a business in Springfield, Oregon. You have lost a customer forever unless this is corrected and I am compensated for my gas, time and frustration I spent going to this dairy queen.

Nancy Threatt

Nanthreatt 5/3/13 7:03PM

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