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Dell corporate office headquarters location, phone number, address and feedback

Please find details for the Dell corporate office below. We do our best to keep this information current, but if you are aware of any updates to the Dell corporate office headquarters information we have, please feel free to submit an update.

Corporate Office Address:
Dell, Inc.
1 Dell Way
Round Rock, TX 78682
United States

Phone: 512-338-4400

Dell Corporate Office Comments

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Well after reading the posting of 3/14/2014, I guess I am not the only one who got a XP8700 that does not work correctly. my problem started in January,and it is still going on today with no resolution in site. I have had two new mother boards, two new hard drives and three operating systems installed. Guess what the computer does not work. Heck it will not even turn on. plus it also has two bad usb ports. So ,
on February 20th it was agreed that I would receive a replacement computer. The warranty states that is has to come from used/refurnished parts since I am past my 21days. I was told that I would get my computer in 7 to 10 business days. Well, here it is 20 business days later and I am being to that they are still waiting for parts. How long is someone to wait for a replacement computer that they paid good money for. Is it my fault that they do not have parts? Is it my fault that they can not rebuild the computer? I think that I have waited a fair amount of time for a replacement. I feel that they should just send me a new one but after talking with India numerous times I am told that this is not an option. I just have to sit and wait. By the way Dell does not have a customer service office in America to handle and concerns or complaints. You either deal with India or the Philippines. I guess I just need to contact the Ohio Attorney Generals office and a lawyer.

Done with Dell 3/19/14 3:27PM

Purchased a Dell XPS 8700 computer from Dell. Shipped to my door and that is all they got correct. Turned computer on and could not create a admin account or upgrade to win 8.1. Called Dell and they screwed the OS up so bad they had to do a complete reinstall of the OS. I was told they would call me back in 10 hours (after we had a sleep as we spent many hours trying to trouble shoot). Received a call back 2 1/2 days later. Well, nothing worked so they did another reinstall of the OS. I was given nothing but excuses and they would continually tell us to hang up and then they would call back. I'm thinking these calls can only last so long or someone gets ??. Now, here I'm with nothing working still so the computer is being sent back to them and will receive another one in 112

Thank you for Shopping at Dell, 3/15/14 8:31PM

I Bought a new Dell 8700 XPS from Fry's in Las Vegas on 9/14/2013 . 3 days in use it crashes , call Dell tech support , use Dell connect 5 hours later Dell tech starts Dell recovery DVD's and then stops Dell connect phone call & internet screen sharing . Then I reinstall all Dell updates / Microsoft updates for windows 8 ... PC runs 4 days then same problems , same tech support same results .
Runs a few days and fails again ,and on it goes ....
Dell always closes support cases after each problem
Problems continue call Dell again , they can not do a factory restore as now hard drive partition is corrupted and errors that not enough free space on partition and I am stuck with just a partial restore of latest Dell system image. The Dell techs run a software test call PC Doctor , it finds no problems in each and every instance of failure during Dell Connect support events. Well , its now had hard drive errors needing repairs , and finally on December 321, 2013 I started up my PC and it fails to boot to desktop, but rather no only comes up with a black screen notice of catastrophic failure error and instruction that says press any key to repair . Pressing any key to start repair, fails and PC returns to same black screen repeatedly . Cold shut down is necessary to turn off PC. Cold start to try to restart pc results in same failure. I have repeatedly as for a RMA to return the defective PC and to have Dell simply send ne a new PC that works . MY PC was purchased on September14, 2013 and it is now January 2nd 2014 and I am stuck with a Dell XPS 8700 Windows 8 PC that is not working, that I paid
$1286.38 for it and it is good for nothing but a boat anchor ! I have owned several High End Dells XPS PC's in the past and never had a issue with Dell replacing one that was defective ( A XPS 710 that cost me $3.4000 at time of purchase from Dell online ) This time so far my pleas and requests for replacement have been denied by Dell Tech support ! MY Dell Service tag is G6D5HX!
I will be in contact with Dell tech support again today , if they refuse to remedy this problem satisfactorily I will have to call my attorney and file a law suit here in Kingman, Arizona to recover my purchase price, or get a new Dell PC replacement including court cost etc. etc.

I am totally disgusted with Dell , and will file the law suite under charges of failure of honoring , new factory warranty under contract .

Bob 1/2/14 11:36AM

I Hsve Been A Dell Customer For Many Years. That Is Going To Change. I Sick And Tired Of Talking With People You Can't Under Stand. My Last Contanct Was Around December 14th. They Took Control Of My Computer, Worked On It For An Hour Or So.then They Came Up With The Conclusion They Couldn't Fix It, And I Should Delete The Files.i Have Recently Paid Two Hundred And Forty-nine Dollars For A 1 Year Waranty., And I Get Told To Delete The Files, Files Tha I Need, I Don't Think So. I Hope I Get The Answer I Am Looking For!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

RUNT 12/20/13 10:18AM

Does anyone know if Dell is still outsourcing their tech support to India. Make a statement, dont buy Dell until they bring it to the US, espeically now since they just passed new discriminatory laws.

JP 12/12/13 12:25PM

Dell does not honor it's warranty. Tech,s can't,t figure out what is wrong. Took my computer to its original factory setting, which took 7 hours. Than I had to reinstall all my software. Now the want to Send me new software to install. I again will have to reinstall all of my software. This is only to try t,o figure out what is wrong with my computer. The will no send anyone to my home. They are not sure this will correct the problem.

Lindaszee 10/26/13 1:50PM

I Purchased A Dell Xps Desk Top For $1,300. Told It Was A Great Computer. I Was Having Issues With It Shutting Down On Me And Freezing So Of Course I Called Dell For Help. Because I Called On Day 33 After Getting The Computer Of Course 3 Days Past The 30 Day Warranty, All They Would Do Is Fix. Well, What They Call Fix. A Tech Takes Over My Computer And Installs A New Driver Because I Was Told That Was The Issue. Problems Still Going On So A 2nd Tech Tries To Fix And Says I Have A Trojan Virus. Yet I Told Him I Have Yet To Download Anything Or Do Anything On This Computer Yet Since I Just Got It And He Says All I Have To Do Is Have It On Idle And I Can Get A Virus. Oh, And It Came Set Up With Virus Protection...from Dell. Now, Still Having Issues Dell Decides To Send Me Recovery Discs And They Will Call To Help Me Install. They Never Call Back When They Say And Why Couldnt The First Tech Fix It And Most Of All, Why Does A Brand New $1,300. Computer Have Najor Issues After Owning It For A Month???? Im Seriously Thinking Of Contacting A Lawyer At This Point And Just Get The Cost Of It Off My Dell Account And They Can Come Get This Piece Of Garbage!

CAT 10/25/13 10:05AM

I agree about the class action suit. Dell should change it's name to Hell. They have ripped me off over $200, cleaned everything off my computer and I can't get them to help put the drivers or anything back on. They are arrogant, the Indian tech support cannot tell time, they can't write or read correct notes and walk off the job in the middle of the tech support if they have done their 8 hours. I will never, ever buy another Dell as long as I live. I would rather go back to the 1930's typewriter rather than do business with this rip off company again.

Marti 10/22/13 4:06PM

instead of posting why don't we bring a class action Law suite. Dell walks all over there customers but its never there fault. After you get passed around 10 times you still get no were. The only way you make People and company's to stop abusing there customers is hit them in the wallet

Belinda 8/23/13 11:24AM

Dell needs to ship all its computers to India.
I ordered a 6 dollar part and 9 dollar shipping. The people in India of course sent the part I told I did not want. I own about 4 Dell computers. I will never buy another one. I am going to scrap the one that needs a 6 dollar part because I dont deal with people in India and shouldnt have to.

Anonymous 2/8/13 12:04PM

This is a youtube message about Dell Password Hack. My Administrative privileges over my own Dell Inspiron 573 is not me, it is Dell. I am giving a warning to anyone else who has had a Dell computer to make sure you don't ever buy one again unless you want all of your information, your pictures, driver's license, birth certificate and any and everything else taken away. This morning I found that someone had checked on my sister's death from 2008. I had to scan all of my informatiion for my taxes, and had no idea they could send through Windows Live Messenger all my information. If there are any breaches or any credit cards, or identification stolen, I am holding Dell responsible. They wanted money from me to fix their own problem and would never give consent for me to have someone come in and check my computer. I do believe this is a breach of Internet Security laws.

116546481 12/14/12 10:51AM

I purchased a new computer - NOT A CHEAP ONE - it CRASHED within 3 weeks of purchase - they sent someone out to fix it with REFURBISHED PARTS - didnt work - have to wait some more time .....


MARSP816 10/29/12 9:37AM

When is Dell corporate going to get it's head out of its ass and get out of India for customer service. They are destroying what used to be a good company. I placed 3 orders and had to cancel due to lack of meeting the delivery date - Your Indian folks do not speak the language, give a rats ass about you, just collect a paycheck. Wake up people. Your competition has better pricing, customer service, etc. Please forward this to your CEO, if he is not too busy

former customer 10/8/12 6:24PM

Hi, i purchased a new dell computer for my mother, i own a real computer, i own an hp,anyway not long after the computer stopped working, a tec from dell came to her home and fixed it, not long after it stopped working again, they came and fixed it agian, not long after it stopped working again, this time on 03/17/11 they sent a replacement by ups.This time to be safe we purchased a three year warranty which dell says does`nt exist, so on 09/18/12 i purchased my mother a real computer from hp.I will never buy another dell in fact they can not even give me one.What i want is a refund on the dell computer that i purchased, thats what a responsable company does when they sell you a defective product or they replace it , but dell allready replaced it and it was a dud also, so i want a refund ,my dell case no. is 864040019 if anyone at dell decides to do the honorable thing give me a call to resolve this issue or do the honorable thing and tell michael dell to do the honorable thing, close the company and stop robbing people or call the ceo of hp and ask him how he makes good computers and how they take care of thier cutomers. This war will continue until dell does the right thing. Next i will go to my hometown news paper. Death before dishonor, i will continue fighting this bloodless war by writing reviews on how bad i was treated and telling anyone who will listen not to waste thier money on dell, buy hp instead.

Anonymous 9/21/12 8:12AM

I purchased $1000 egift card for my son for his graduation for him to purchase a computer. Dell currently has a promotion for free $50 gift cards for every $300 in egift cards purchased! I received 2 and should have received 3! I called dell to resolve this issue and after 45 minutes on the phone and being transferred 5 times I was told I needed to speak to the gift card department who by this time was closed! This is the worst customer service I have ever received and I am in customer service! I would not have a job if this is the service I provided. I will be asking fell to refund my $1000 in gift cards due to this experience! This is why I begged my son to buy a Mac!!

Carlen77 8/16/12 5:38PM

Iam 74yrs.old & a long time Dell customer 15 years. I have referred 7 people to Dell and they have become owners of Dell products as well.I do not read email message as I had eye surgery in Feb. Dell has always taken my payment out of my checking account and they have decided the amount needed to cover expenses.The early part of this year they said they needed to take out more and that was perfectly ok with me.

Last week I spoke to someone regarding a battery I wished to order, he said there was a tag on my account, he spoke to billing and they noted Dell had taken $229.00 from my account as it was in arrears as my monthly payment was not sufficient and as soon as this amount was noted the tag would be removed.(never knew anything about this, no sent message.)In fact I ordered the battery with his help. I believe the confirmation #156534097. He said not to expect the delivery until 8/14.

yesterday I called billing as I wanted to be sure I ordered a 9 cell. This person was so rude, told me my accont was closed & could not be used. Also that I received notices stating this,I tried to tell him what took place a couple days previous and he hung up on me. Please reopen my account, I am sick over this! my dagtr is writing this for me.

Anonymous 8/11/12 11:40AM

My name is Deledtia Wyngaert. I bought a Dell lap top computer in 2005. It never worked. I spent countless hours on the phone with tech's I couldn't understand. I cried, begged, screamed, swore and had mental melt downs with this phone transferring system that must have been put in place just to warp your mind. It was painful and ended with nothing being resolved. I begged them to honor their warranty, I pleaded for a new computer. I was ripped off, cheated, and treated as if I were the least important thing on earth.. I stopped paying on the computer because I had to buy another one for my daughter who was already behind in school due to the first computer crashing and crashing with her school work in it. Six years later my charged off debt was sold to a bottom feeding collection agency,(MIDLAND CREDIT), They have run this debt up to $3,000. I can't pay it, they keep tacking on interest every month, my credit score keeps going down. I just found out they can wipe out my bank account at will. They won't work with me. They lie to me. My life is Hell. Thank you very much Dell. Any one reading this please look up all the Dell complaints on the web. Even now when I try to talk to Dell all they have to say is, "If you can't understand the tech's, you can go online for tech support). HOW CAN YOU GO ONLINE IF YOUR COMPUTER DOES NOT WORK????? WHY DELL WHY?????? I know I am a nobody and you a a great big company, but heaven help you for destroying peoples lives. It will turn on you one day....

didiw45 7/6/12 11:39AM

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