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Delta Airlines corporate office headquarters location, phone number, address and feedback

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Corporate Office Address:
Delta Air Lines, Inc.
1030 Delta Blvd.
Atlanta, GA 30320
United States

Phone: 404-715-2600
Fax: 404-715-5042

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Many of the complaints----including mine--is that customer care is a farce. My recent telephone experience ending up with "Joyce" who wouldn't give me her last name, her supervisors name, the name of the person in charge of customer care.

What is going on? Delta has had a wonderful reputation in my opinion, but when a customer has a complaing, the airline is DEAF!!!

I intend to fly a lawsuit against them.
I mean it

Anonymous 2/4/14 3:32PM

I just received an email from a friend of mine forwarding a film clip of Delta Honor Guard that pays respect to our deceased veterans. I am a retired Air Force Senior Master Sergeant and was moved to tears which this film. On behalf of my brothers and sister veterans THANK YOU.

Air Force Veterans 1/7/14 5:20PM

I understand Delta has responsibility for customer service (in the USA) for KLM Airlines. My wife recently completed a flight-from-hell from Amsterdam with Delta, after being 'dumped' from her Schipol/LAX KLM flight. She paid extra for upgraded seats, both ways, but they were re-assigned without warning. KLM treated my wife like a leper, and sold her seat to a standby passenger and re-routed her with Delta through Chicago. She suffered a breakdown after arriving home and spent two days in intensive care undergoing heart tests. Delta's "customer care" folks wrote a nice note and magnamimously offered a $50 gift certificate (to be used to buy Delta items) to compensate my wife!!! No refunds for the upgraded seat costs, and zero recourse for the shabby treatment she received in Schipol! If this is an example of Delta's "customer service", I can only wonder how long they'll remain in business!

Anonymous 1/7/14 4:30PM

Delays due to necessary repairs on delta aircraft are becoming frequent. In the past month I have encountered two four hour delays . One was in Detroit where we were reimbursed 50 credit for the long delay which got us to Vegas at midnight rather than the 7 pm estimate.. A friend who flew Southwest had a direct flight and arrived 12 hours earlier . On 12/17/13 we were told that our airplane was unavailable...pilots and attendants news from 2 pm boarding to 5 when it was announced the plane was in hangar for unspecified repair. Every Half hour our departure time was changed...finally to 7 when we were advised to switch to another plane if we wanted to be sure to get out...but we had to forego assurance that our luggage would get there. This time no compensation ...rather than landing at 3 pm to shovel out our vehicle,,,,we had to do so at 11 pm....the stress of the long delays and consequences to all involved should be compensated

Grammajan 12/19/13 8:20PM

This is really not a complaint but a suggestion and there is no place for suggestions. I have been flying United recently due to more non-stops between my home city of Jacksonville, Florida and places where I work. They have an option that you can upgrade to first class guaranteed seat for a fee based on your class of ticket. It is such a nice service. I have paid up to 295.00 to upgrade to first guaranteed when I have to work long shifts after flying long flights, just for the comfort. I hate flying what I call CATTLE CLASS. With this service I don't have to rely on being complimentary upgraded for my frequent flyer status and I am happy to pay. Also the airline is making money instead of giving the seats away for free to frequent flyers. There is no loyalty program anymore where you can get your upgrades unless you fly every day and long trips.
This would be a Win Win for the Airline. United has found a way to make money from flyers who want the comfort like myself.

Anonymous 11/12/13 9:21AM

I have applied to several positions with Delta Airline. Each time I am told I am not considered for a position. I meet all the qualifications, especailly having an MBA in Business Admiistration. The recruiting process is very long, and sometimes there is no update. I have met others who were hired to work for Delta Airlines, after all the extensive training, they quit. I think more consideration should be extended to applicants who have a higher level of education, simply because it shows dedication. I have applied to Delta for employment opportunities 5 or 6 times.

Anonymous 10/31/13 9:19AM

I want to write this "goodletter" for the flight attendants working the front cabin on flight 130 ATL to MUC on 8/28/13. One of the best services' for a long time. The crews' names are as follows. Pam Wall..Brigitte Thompson..Audrey Barow..Phyllis Foster..and Linda Hindner..These ladies worked their butts off and deserve all the accolades you can give them. Please pass this on to the proper department. Fly Delta

Anonymous 9/7/13 8:36AM

I spoke to a Rep early this morning to confirm a flight for my Dad and inquire about baggage restrictions and was treated by a sarcastic, rude and obviously not qualified for his job employee. When Delta Airlines hires customer service representatives to deal with customers, does Delta train them to be sarcastic and rude? Or does DELTA hire and keep unhappy employees to lash out on their customers about how miserable they are with their job? What an EXPERIENCE with Delta! The kind of service before that we had with Delta is the same with every passenger now? Or is it for selected few who had just used DELTA? I believe you either need to fire or reprimand your employee for not having the proper customer service skills. I have been in the public service for so many years and even with non-customers, I do not treat people the same way your employee had treated me. Customer Service is the forefront of a business and as with any airlines who nickel and dime their passengers, the least you can do is for your customers to have a pleasing and well-mannered conversation with your employees who think that just because they can do something with their passengers, they have the permission to be rude, uneducated and treat their passengers like they know better. I wasn't deaf nor stupid, as I have on my face my laptop and DELTA's website open. To tell me that since my Dad had traveled initially that he should know already how much baggage he is allowed and had to apologize for the inconvenience of asking and clarifying the restrictions is just absurd!!! And to be told that I am not listening and understanding what I was being told is more disgusting!!! I had asked for his name and he told me his name is Rey and asked if there is a confirmation number for the conversation, he told me there's none and asked what I need it for because I do not need it. I told him I need it to file a complaint about how he handled our conversation and I felt that he was rude. He told well that's just great I don't need to and hanged up on me. Not even any apologies or Thank you for calling, or sorry for the misunderstanding? I am so pissed off and fear that my father will be treated unwell when he takes his flight back to Manila. I�m sure that your employees, when they take it personal and hold grudges, they take it out on passengers and concoct either defamatory or malicious acts towards your passengers that ruin their life to damages beyond extent including causing emotional and body harm. I demand excellent service not only for my Dad, or my family when we use Delta Airlines, but I demand it for passengers that use your airlines!

Anonymous 8/8/13 7:53AM

On July 18th I flew Delta from Jacksonville, NC to Atlanta, GA on flight DL 5941. My flight was to leave at 6 am which means that we had to be at the airport at 5 am. The flight was delayed until 7:45 am because they announced that the flight crew's flight got in late the previous night.
First, why were the passangers not notified of the almost two hour time delay when it was known the night before?
Next, the morning flight can never leave on time because flights from the previous nights arrival time is 10:53. This does not give the flight crew the 8 hours of required down time, which means they will always have to delay the morning flight.
Because of the delayed take off our connecting flight had to be rescheduled to a later flight which meant we did not get to Nassau until three hours late. This was not acceptable to us especially since this was our honeymoon that we already had to put off for three years because my husband is in the Marine Corps and has been deployed multiple times fighting for our freedom since we married and this was the first time he has been able to get time off. This was not a good start to our honeymoon.
Another factor, I called twice and went to the airport to ask what the cost, if any, on suitcases to Nassau would be. One time it was $50, another time it was $60 for the first bag and $40 for the second bag and when I went to the airport a few days prior to leaving I was told it was said to be free because we were going out of the country. We did not pay the baggage fee from Jacksonville but on our return flight they charged us $50.
One last item- both of our brand new suitcases were damaged. The zippers were broken off.
In the future when flying out of Jacksonville, I will be flying on USAirways even if it is more expensive.
I would appreciate a response to my complaints.

amber1121 8/3/13 9:37AM

Due to my husband's medical condition, we had to book a quick trip to Mayo Clinic. We finished his testing early, so I changed my ticket online and paid the $150 change fee. When I got to the airport, the ticket agent told me the payment hadn't gone through and charged another $150. I now have two charges on my credit card for the change and Delta REFUSES to refund one of them.

Thanks so much Delta for making a stressful trip even more stressful...

julesak 8/1/13 2:32PM

Unbelievable. My daughter left her nintendo DS in the seat pocket on a flight from Albuquerque to Atlanta. She realized it while switching planes in Atlanta so we went up to the desk and the woman called the other plane and confirmed to me that they found the DS and that they would try to get it to us before the plane took off. Well they didn't get it to us and now no one can help me find the item. Numerous phone calls, claims, e-mails and I just get the stock crappy answer and no help. Thieves.

leslief 3/25/13 11:27AM

Either you, Delta or American Express have a "glitch in your skymiles program that led me to cancel my Delta credit card yesterday... I received a card on the assurance that there were 30,000 frequent flyer miles associated with getting the Delta credit card. However, it did NOT say that I was required to activate the card by any given time in order to receive the miles(subsequent to a 500 purchase).

I have other credit cards i use regularly as well, so I waited until this last weekend to activate the card, when I wanted to use the skymiles toward an extended trip I am planning. However, I did not receive the miles.. After SEVERAL hours of attempting to - with online and telephone help- decipher the problem, I was told that the $500 purchase needed to be made within three months of receiving the card - NOT - as I had assumed - within 3 months of card activation.

I therefore cancelled the Delta Skymiles card, and am using other airlines and cards for this extended, multiple -stop trip.

I was also advised that, even tho I did not get my Skymiles credits as pledged, if I applied for/received a new Skymiles card, I would STILL not be eligible to receive the Skymiles 30,000 signup bonus, unless I waited for an additional year. Again, unfortunate... I'm not clear who failed to clarify the appropriate way to accommodate/clarify this sort of situation- it could either Delta, or American Express- or both.. But it strikes me as one of those "falling through the cracks" oversights that no one intended, but that are procedurally almost impossible for consumers or "lower-echelons" to redress. Maybe you, or one of your superiors, could gain some positive notice by getting someone higher up the food-chain to take this type of situation on, and get helpful changes made? Thank you, from Clayton McDowall, Skymiles member.

Anonymous 3/4/13 12:13PM

i flew Delta from Anchorage to Minneapolis/St. Paul then on to D.C. when I was collecting my baggage in D.C. my co-worker mentioned that he had seen my case fall off of the conveyer belt while it was being loaded onto the plane in MSP, I picked it up and took a taxi to my residence. When I got home and lifted the case onto the bed to unpack it I noticed that there was a huge crack in the bottom of the case as it was a Heys hard case. I called the baggage claim and they said normally I should have shown the luggage at the airport but could do an online report. 5 days later I finally get a response advising me to take my bag to a luggage repair shop and if they cannot repair it get a letter from them stating that plus send a copy of the original receipt. In my emails I had explained that it was cracked and that although it was normally a very expensive suitcase I had got a bargain at Ross and only paid $59.99 for it. I have emailed the airlines asking them if I take the case to the delta representative at the airport will I still have to go to the luggage repair place (do they even exist anymore) I have sent photos of the damage and I still have the ross sticker price on the inside of the bag. I have offered to have my co-worker write a signed letter. We will see what their response is to this.

Wiley c 2/6/13 1:56PM

I have finally realized that Delta representatives will do or tell you anything to sell you a ticket on their airline. I recently purchased a ticket for my mentally retarded brother and I specifically asked if Delta would provide an escort to ensure my brother gets to his destination and they told me that Delta does provide that service and that he would be in good hands. I just recieved a call from Delta telling me that they do not provide that service and my only option is to buy another ticket so that I could escort him back to Orlando Florida. This is unacceptable because I am a current military member and I just cannot leave the state anytime that I wished. Is this the treatment that Delta provides to military members?

quilesed 1/9/13 6:51PM

I lost my luggage 3 MONTHS AGO in 2012. Tomorrow it will be 2013 and still I have NO RESOLUTION for my claim. Delta lost my luggage on a DIRECT FLIGHT, how does that happen??

If I had $100 for each time a Delta rep has said "I'm sorry for that, ma'am" I would have money left over after replacing the contents of my bag TWICE.

They apologize in a monotone voice (because they are taught and do not care) and promise to email or call.

and you cant even get a second handful of peanuts free on the flights.

Delta is no Dick Tracy 12/31/12 9:41AM

I think it was an absolute disgrace of the treatment given to Marine Lance CPL Christian Brown, a double amputee who had served in Afghanistan. He was humiliated and almost brought to tears. This man has given his all in sacrifice for our country. My daughter is a flight attendant on another airlines and if she had treated this Hero as this Delta crew did, she would have been fired! I expect that the members of this crew who treated this man in this way should be FIRED!!!!!! A very angry American who is proud of their veterans and proud of my country!!!!!

Bookmouse 12/16/12 4:06AM

you ought to be put out of business, for the beyond contemptable way your people treated our fine serviceman. i wouldnt use your airline if it was the only one. hang your heads in shame, you shouldnt even look a serviceman or woman in the eye. you dont deserve the service we give. you had better hope you dont need our help, because if it was up to me you wouls rot.

navy veteran 12/15/12 9:28PM

they are the worst airlines, I have ever, ever delta with! Want to charge you for everything... I had a death, and unforgettably had to change ,y flight three, times, and they said , it will be 150.00 more added to an increase also because they had already waived it for me twice. And they were all RUDE and had no empathy!

micka 11/13/12 3:03PM

To whom it may consern I have been waiting for an answer from a letter I wrote you back in August 2012.
To which I still have not recieved a reply so I'm gonna try resending this through this site And hopefully i will recieve an answer this time.
I started out in shreveport La. headed for Mich for a family reunion.. the plane was messed up so they had us unboard .
I being a seasoned flier knew to go make another set of reservationsinstead of going through memphis they rerouted me through Atlanta.
the proublem is the connecting flight was so friggin close I thought I would have another heart attack just getting to the connecting flight.
as it was I was getting there as they were closing the plane doors, but made it reguardless of the inconviencence you all put me through.
The thing was the woman working at the gate was pissed that everyone got mad and she had to go the extra mile .
I asked her three time will my bag be on the next plane. she then got nasty telling me to go sit down she'd look into it.
which she never did. although others had recieved their bags I did not mine again I asked she tolod me it would be on my connecting flight.
Wrong not in Alanta not in Mich .... no one had any Idea where it was . Thank God I thought to tag my bag before loading even though it was a carry on.
2 days later it was finally caught up to me but not before messing up all our vacation plans....
not only were we late for family reunion everyone one had already left but a few of my brothers kids who lived close by.
I had no extra spending money as It took what little cash I had for more clothes. but wasnt repaid untill weeks later. I am single and work very had to
plan and take a trip and am dang mad that Delta totally screwed it up In the future I will find a cheaper more dependabe airline.
As I am tire of all these big coporations making stupid cuts that interfer with good customer service . what has our country become....
we use to take pride in our business now we just worry about how many bonuses the CEO's and higher up can make . while the little man pays.
my original flight number was DL896 on August 1st 2012 which never took off. Suprise suprise my returning flight was also an hour late.....
what the hell. in the past delta had given me the best service but no more... One Very very unhappy customer in Shreveport La.
Donna M Zilska
2601 Airline Dr Apt 314
Bossier city La 71111
[email protected]

Dizzydona 10/5/12 9:17AM

I was flying first class on flight 1259 from Atlanta to OKC. A service man got on our flight carrying an American Flag in full dress uniform wearing a purple heart. Two Delta employees were sitting in first class. Seats they did not pay for. The stewardess tried to get one of them to get up to give him their seat. Both ignored her. So I volunteered my first class seat. This young man has risk his life for our country. Your employees were rude and disrespectful. They even deplaned before this young man. I am ashamed of their total disrespect. I paid for my seat. You should be ashamed of these two men. If you can call them men. Shame on Delta.
Taylor Mullaly

Taylor Mullaly 9/17/12 8:43PM


Anonymous 9/13/12 7:33PM

I am very disappointed with Delta! They lost my luggage for 11 Days! Can you believe it! They was no help to me at all! I will never fly them again! They are very rude too! I also was delayed three times,for mechanical problems with three planes! WOW! Not good! Delta..... Boo...

Anonymous 8/26/12 4:10PM

Booked a flight today for wife to visit 92 yr old father on birthday. Signed up for Delta Skymiles Credit Card partially in order to get waiver of baggage fees - on receipt is printed that we are responsible for baggage fees because I was not traveling with wife. She would have fees waived ONLY if I accompanied her...unless we had separate card for her, not a 'companion card'.

upset in florida 8/18/12 5:45PM

today services are BAD , passangers from mia891, to atlanta -2251 to Charlotte has 2 hours late on MIA, and no time of arrivel to charlotte, they stay on Atlanta wihtout confirmation to fly. Passangers name ELVI GUEVARA and ELVI ARTEAGA Agt.10/2o12

Luis Guevara Sr. 8/10/12 7:38AM

I would like to submit a good letter for great service from Flight Attendent Theresa Thompson on Aug 4th Flight #2161 from ATL to PHL. Theresa was very professional, friendly and helpful in every way.

Anonymous 8/9/12 6:58AM

I was so dissapointed with my travel last weekend that I will never fly Delta again. My flight was delayed both to and from my destination, our luggage was/is lost. I have been trying to contact customer service now for the past four days and has been given the run around. I and my husband both missed work because we were put on a flight Tuesday morning instead of Monday evening as scheduled. To accomadate us, Delta gave us each a $6.00 meal voucher, and a free stay at Best Western, which is by no means compensation for our lost wages, or missed time. Delta recieves a thumbs down symbol from us for our trouble... By the way their staff, needs training in customer service, they too were rude and very vulgar towards us because their airlines messed up, not us...Boo Delta....

Anonymous 8/3/12 1:59PM

I'm a companion member of the of Delta airlines, apparently some investigation is going on with selling of passes or companion, the employee is Thomas Edie out of CVG, I received message to call "Delta security" name he gave me is Greg Koon, not sure of the spelling, he asked me normal questions for few minutes which I was happy to help any way I can, at the end, he asked me "what country I was from?' obviously this question begs to be investigated, could it be that Thomas is white and I'm foreign born who's been here in US since late 70's? Is there inference that some wrongdoing "must of occurred?' doesn't take elementary education to figure this out? Had he determined I was born in Cincinnati and spoke with his tone, "I know you wont tell me the truth on this next question" then he proceeds to ask me if I paid money to employee, I told him NO.. never.. this wasn't explained to me, it was done with someone else that I didn't know. So I told him what I was told, then he asks that dreadful question.. Its really bothering me, I'm from Midwest, haven't heard that question since I've moved to DC, people here are shocked at the question and the underlying purpose for such question.. needless to say, I told him 100% truth, I directed him on his voice mail to contact my lawyers with full info how to reach them, this type of questions and innuendo. I even told him I used to fly 15-20 times a year, since companion pass now year and half, I used it 4-5 times most.. Does this make any sense to pay someone to fly less? His demeanor was that of someone who wants to prove himself versus find facts, he can do that by checking accounts, wiring services that are available to all of us.. I urge him to do that before asking people's nationality and predetermining answer before question asked, he could easily be asked the same question, why are you asking to question that you already know? If so, having aggressive tone wont just do it, especially with people like me who are self employed and create jobs, I treat people fairly, its best to find the truth, somehow his version has to fit somehow.. I've never been asked that question, plainly put... its racist.

jt 7/30/12 9:16AM

I will never fly Delta airlines again,and I have not flown yet.
They changed our flight 3x since we made the original Jan. reservations. This last time they added an add'l stopover and had us arrive 3 hrs. later. No one seemed to care what this
did to our plans especially Steven Kasten Manager I spoke with
who was of absolutely no help.I had to figure out that there was another flight w/two stop overs as well that would get us there @ our original time of 12:19. Then I am told there are only middle seats nothing together.Again not a problem for Mr.Kasten-who could care less,would not upgrade any of our seats for our inconvenience. Finally I had to figure out what about a different airport like JFK,which means a longer trip to the airport and more money, once again not a problem for Mr. Kasten. He felt since he changed my flight he was doing me a favor. I didn't book this trip in Jan. to have Delta just change everything and not care about their customers,paying customers. Have no fear if Delta is the only airline going on my next trip I will stay home before I ever use them again. I work w/ 7,500 people and I am going to inform all about Delta's incompetence and NON-CUSTOMER SERVICE ATTITUDE. Also I have asked Mr. Kasten to have his boss Judy Booth call or e-mail me which has not happened. I will get in touch w/ her one way or another if Mr. Kasten has informed her of what I have asked. This airline should not be in business, at least not one that deals with people,since they could care less.
Virginia Valenza Associate Director of SIUH. I would like someone to contact me.

VValenza 7/4/12 10:11AM

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