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Dewalt corporate office headquarters location, phone number, address and feedback

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Corporate Office Address:
DEWALT Industrial Tool Co.

Stanley Black & Decker
701 E. Joppa Road
Baltimore, MD 21286
United States

Phone: 800-433-9258

Dewalt Corporate Office Comments

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I own several DeWalt electric hand tools: screw guns; saws, one plain miter, two compound beveling miter saws, a screamin' router that works all day; my Planer is a sweetheart; the new 18v reciprocating saw is great but some workers expect too much from it; they treat battery-powered saws as if it is corded. I like my DeWalt move-around table saw; it is very accurate. And I like my two air compressors, especially the movable (on wheels) big-air model D55146. bUT YOU GOT TO MAKE THE OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS IN LARGER TYPE so the workers can't miss knowing what to do to care for the tool. That was a smart move, buying Emglow.

My favorite is My Model DC618 Finish Nailer: it worked flawlessly for a long time but then it developed problems that I resolved at the Anchorage DeWalt Service Center after a few trips. I don't mind having to take the tool to the service center because I am confident it will get fixed, if not the first time, it will the 2nd time, or the 3rd time. These tools can be complicated and sometimes require extra time to fix. I did not get any gripes from the service center about bringing a tool back for another examination and final repair. I placed the Nailer and its 18 v battery in its case about last year after I picked it up from the Center. Tonight (4/25/14) I had to use it. I opened the case, took out the Nailer, slapped in the battery, the light came on and the Nailer again worked like new, with a "cling", chunking those 2.5" nails through that heavy plywood into a 3/4"x4" fir slat. It is Serial No. 002625.
Another favorite was my first DeWalt worm drive 7.5" saw. When it came on, it always sounded like a powerful, but quiet, commercial sewing machine motor; it worked all day, slicing 2" x 6" studs; of course it got stolen. I bought another later model worm drive but the thumb hole doesn't like gloves. It also does work really great. I really like my 20 v and 36v screw guns so much I use them only for my personal projects. Otherwise, in the field, I use my 18v guns. I really liked the cordless jig saw but changing the blade was a drag; too many little things to push, pull, snap and twist. There is much to be said about a single (non-falling out) proprietary screw to lock the blade. Another Sweetheart is my 24v concrete cordless/corded drill motor that drilled a thousand holes in the concrete floor at the Sports Authority; it still looks and operates like new. My next DeWalt purchase will be the new Oscillating cutter. When that type of cutter is screaming, the customer knows you are working and he never complains.
I never lay my tools in the dirt or on the grass. I always try to lay them on a piece of 2" x 8" wood and I tell the employees not to set the screw guns on the battery lest the gun tips over. "Lay the gun flat on the wood." I say. I was taught to take good care of my tools.
Thanks for the great tools that turn out great work.
Tony Cozz

Tony Cozz 4/25/14 4:57AM

As a contractor i have used your products for year dris. Until lately your 18 volt cordless drills were my choice until you went to slime line batteries these are the worst batteries ever i have gone through to many of them and the price of your batteries are almost as expensive as the dll now i have six useless drills you used to stand behind your product.

Donny 4/23/14 1:20PM

Dont Buy A Dewalt Pressure Washer
Thats All I Have To Say--bad Pump!!

ASHPAINT1 4/14/14 11:27AM

I use to think DDewalt tools were the best untill I bought a 788 Scroll Saw. this saw is a $500 pice of junk. Blades are hard to get into the saw. Then it is hard to Cut a strate line or even a curved line ,the blade semes to go where it wants to IM THINKING OF GOING BACK TO CRAFTSMAN.

kesskensoot 3/15/14 11:41AM

I have owned Dewalt tools for a good few years and supplied my staff with dewalt drills etc with 18v nicad batteries which are coming to the end of there life I have bought new bateries in the past but am fed up having to get new batteries that dont last like lith batteries do.
Surely your company must be able to do a convertion to these as there must b millions of people in my predicament.
surely in this environment you should be thinking about not throwing good tools away when there's noting wrong with them apart from the batteries

Kev 3/11/14 4:29PM

I have owned or used four different Dewalt DC385 18v cordless recipricating saws. I have had to fix everyone of them. The contacts on the switch that engage the battery always break. Why can't you make them better. I have one right now that needs a new switch because of broken contacts. The saw is good except for that but it isn't worth a thing if the battery contacts are no good!

disappointed contractor 2/13/14 8:10PM

Guy you really have to give it a break with those crappy contactor bags. We love our tools and want them in cases. Please listen, I don t know any contactors that like there tool tresures stuffed and getting beat up in bags.

[email protected] 2/4/14 8:35AM

Attended woodworking show in Indianapolis the weekend of January 18th 2014. Dewalt/Porter Cable represented there. Having been a fan of Dewalt for several years and owning several Dewalt or Porter Cable tools, I was interested in an any show specials. I was directed to a wire bin where I could purchase a bare impact driver (DC825) for the special price of $99.00. Bought it (as is, no box, no warranty card, nothing) without checking the Internet for competitive pricing as I usually do. Subsequently learned that my local Lowes was offering the same bare model on clearance for $99.00 with box, warranty card, user manual, etc. Also learned after the fact that I could have bought the same tool on Amazon for as low as $59.00.
Duped by Dewalt. Disappointed and angry. Would have been nice if the folks representing Dewalt would have been up front with me in explaining that these were discontinued 18V units and could be found for the same price at my local big box store.

Dissed By Dewalt 1/21/14 10:53AM

Bought a new "DeWalt" Pressure washer from Home Depot in March of 2013. the pump froze up the 2nd time I used it. After calling Home Depot they told me "don't bring it here- take it to the DeWalt Service Center." So I drove to Phoenix to the DeWalt Serv ice center on Broadway and 40th Street. They said "we don't work on those" But it says "DeWalt" on it! "No, that isn't a DeWalt product- we'll need to send it off to some other company and they will determine if they are going to warranty it, and if they will decide to fix it." The 'other company' turns out to be the FNA group. Well I'm still making payments to Home Depot for the "DeWalt" pressure washer I bought in March and used twice before it broke and it has been 2 months and nobody at the DeWalt Service Center OR at the FNA Group can tell me anything. The service center removed the pump but aren't sure where they sent it. Home Depot and DeWalt corp offices both were in a hurry to give me a telephone number and hang up. 6 phone calls later and I still don't know where the pump is, when (if) it will be repaired, and when (if) I will be getting it back, and whether or not they will decide to repair it if they do, under warranty. what a Mongollian Cluster

scooby done 11/21/13 4:15PM

I bought 2 DeWALT 18 volt drills and 3 of the batteries are already dead, I tried to buy some but they want $99 each at HD or Lowes, that is too much money considering I only paid $99 for a DW cordless drill, 2 batteries, a charger and a hard case. I had a Craftsman drill 19.2 volt that I bought long before I bought the DW drills and both of the batteries are still good.Batteries for the DeWalt 18volt are hard to find and they are extremely expensive, I love the 2 drills that I have but I only have one battery left and it looks like is not going to last very long. It doesn't make sense to pay $300 for 3 batteries or $200 to buy 2 more drills when I already have 2 of them. Can you help?

Robert 9/3/13 12:52PM

I Have been involved with doing Dewalt surveys, I also had entered a sweepstakes for Dewalt, The sweepstakes was called Dewalt Radar Scanner Sweepstakes-- At three different times I ended up with three matching PVC pipes, from my understanding three of a kind was an instant winner, but a message came up Sorry that I did not win, and I was unable to get a screen shot of the matching PVC pipes before the message came up. I looked in the rules for a contact number but was unable to find one- also I did a survey for Dewalt and in the comment section I stated what had been my experience with the sweepstakes, I never received a reply back positive or negative

JohnDa8115 8/25/13 5:22PM

need to bring back the 71/4 inch DW378G I like that saw better then any saw out cuts smoother and better. Bring it back to the market

Anonymous 8/20/13 6:55AM

Sirs. While shopping around for a new power miter saw, i noticed that yours and several other manufactures have paid little attention to design detail. Almost all the saws I looked at had the same problem. Having slightly larger hands and fingers, on almost every saw my thumb when on the outside of the grip handle that moves the saw blade downward was hit or pinched between the grip and the retracting blade guard. A potential for injury. It seems to me that moving the grip an inch or so further from the blade guard would allow sufficient clearance for your thumb when in a more natural position on the outside of the grip handle. Granted you could keep your thumb within the circumference of the actuating grip handle but, reaching for it doesn't alway have your thumb ending up in the inside position. A slight flaw but one that has kept me from purchasing your product. The only power miter saw I found that took care in providing confortable safe clearance was Makita. Hence my product choice was made clear. Over the years I've been quite satisfied with The Dewalt products I've owned. Hopefuly, in the future you'll be more coscious of how the end user will be engaging your equipment and take the nessary steps to insure their safety and comfort of use.
Ron Novak

Ronsolo 8/3/13 1:39PM

I have a DW716 compound miter saw that I purchased about five years ago. It is now in Dewalt service center again for the fourth maybe the fifth time for replacement of field due to wire breaking. This saw is not used heavily and not on extension cords. so why is this continuing to break?

frustrated owner 5/29/13 2:57PM

hello ,
I have spent thousands of dollars on your products. 2011 my wife purchased a dcd970 hammer drill from home depot in somerville ma. i just purchased 20v cordless set and love it... Anyway this drill has had very little use and it now spudders and smokes . it is totally useless to me . I purchased new brushes and when it was opened up the brushes were fine . i swear by your tools but feel i got a lemon on this one and im really disappointed i feel truthfully like dewalt should take this one back and replace it new . it has cost me money by letting me down ...

mark 1/28/13 11:18PM

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