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Dodge corporate office headquarters location, phone number, address and feedback

Please find details for the Dodge corporate office below. We do our best to keep this information current, but if you are aware of any updates to the Dodge corporate office headquarters information we have, please feel free to submit an update.

Corporate Office Address:

Fiat S.p.A.
1000 Chrysler Drive
Auburn Hills, MI 48326
United States

Phone: 248-576-5741

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Have been looking for a Dodge Ram good used truck for a couple months located one in Lansing Kansas Speedway Dodge set up an appointment to look at this truck my son and I arrived looking over the truck we noticed mice had chewed up the wiring harness under the hood exposing wires took the truck for a test drive noticed there was a shimmy in the front end when I got it up to 65 mph get back to the dealers and told them you have 2 safety concerns with this truck that I could fix if the price of the truck was right went inside sales person was pushing to finance through them I told him I would be going through my bank I said besides if you check my credit and it comes back bad you will probably kick me out the door he said your right he went and got the manager the manager was very unprofessional telling me if I don't finance through them the price of the truck would go up considerably the manager rudely told me this is all we can do I told him that's all I need to know then and left humiliated with this said I am still looking for a good used truck but do to this I WILL NOT GO THROUGH ANOTHER DODGE DEALER ever to be treated like this is wrong it shouldn't matter were the money is coming from and pretty much refuse to sell me a truck and not have concerns about the 2 safety issues we found wrong with the truck I got NO RESPECT from this dealership at all the 2 people I dealt with would never work on a team of mine

HUMILIATED 7/14/14 8:30AM

It's amazing that you never receive a response from Dodge regarding any complanints

Anonymous 6/11/14 2:01PM

I bought a Dodge Ram there last month and it was nothing but a pain in the butt. I have never been treated so poorly and disrespected. First I bought the truck which had just been traded in so I had to wait for a detail and inspection, no problem. Bought it on a Saturday, by Wednesday no one had called me. I called Dodge to see what the problem was and the response I received was that our sales rep was out sick. They told me over the phone the truck was ready, to come get it. I took two hours off work to show up and the truck was never detailed, they cracked the muffler doing maintenance, tires barley passed inspection, two tires on the left side have broken bands which has caused knots in the tires, which I know would not pass inspection, never cleaned the air filter and then gave us another loaner and we didn't leave until after 7pm, I got their at 3pm. A day later they fixed the muffler at Ken's Muffler shop. I called Dodge to see if the truck was ready and they told me no. I knew they probably didn't even care so I called Ken's myself, sure enough it was ready and they were waiting for Dodge to come pick it up, no surprise there. Then driving it a few days later the brakes were grinding and making a funny noise. I called Dodge again and they told me to bring it in the next day or they would send someone to get it. I was not having that again, since they were still open, we drove down their ourselves and come to find out they left off a bolt, again during maintenance. The manager gave me a nasty attitude like I had done something wrong when all I wanted was for someone to put the bolt on, no more than ten minutes, we were out before they even closed. Now today driving my husband stops at the light and the truck completely shuts off, started it back up. Took it to Dodge and again bring it in tomorrow at 9am and we will give you another loaner. The service is completely unacceptable at Dodge. The tires should have been replaced, but no I will have to do that as well, just like I had to detail it myself and get all the food off the doors and dog hair out. I will never by another vehicle from Crown Dodge of Fayetteville. Tomorrow they will be rude, unprofessional, and act like the problem is us and not their maintenance. We will have to call multiple times just to get a status because no will call us back. So I just called Dodge before I wanted to send this and I sat on hold for 10 minutes for Johnny to hang up on me before I could even speak, called again sat on hold, hung up on me again, called the third time to speak with some lady for her to tell me there is no owner and the general manager is gone for the day, go figure. I will never purchase another vehicle from Dodge. I will stick with Lafayette Ford like I have been and keep my maintenance with them. I want someone higher up to respond to this, I have talked to too many manager through this process and have received poor service. I feel like I purchased a dud and who cares. I thought Dodge stood by their vehicles. I guess I was wrong.

kduverge 6/2/14 2:59PM

I bought a brand new 2014 Dodge at Kernersville Dodge in Kernersville, North Carolina. I want every body to know how sorry these folks and Dodge really are! I looked and looked and the salesman of course called until I bought the truck, I paid cash(wiping out my savings btw) but the minute you notice something wrong they run from you! My truck has a manufacture defect all down one side you can see these dents! I noticed it the very next day after purchasing the truck. The salesman Trip Amos avoided all my calls and never returned one! Apparently Dodge spends so much on its ads they must teach these under handed business practices to their associates because they are afraid they will lose a buck! You have lost the respect of my boyfriend that's for sure! I told him we should have stuck with the hummer - it rode better any way!

Jennifer Ball 5/13/14 8:00AM

yes i have a chrysler 200 and they had to do my paperwork twice since ive had the car. Anyways my 30 days is almost up and i havent recieved no license plate info for my car and im jus a little worried cause i dont wanna have a temp tag over my due date

miniamor 5/8/14 10:10AM


I purchase a Dodge Journey form Waldorf/Chevrolet/Cadillac
on November 23, 2013 two weeks later I was having problems with it they put in the shop in stated wasnt a problem the nexy day I contacted dealer they said nothing they can do about it. I also had the manager test drive it with me he said he felt the truck not driving good he said nothing he can do about becaused it don always happen Im very unhappy. I really thinging about posting this on better busness and also seven on our side. please help me

sngrant 4/29/14 3:26PM

I too am appalled that you would continue to air commercials with Joan Rivers as your spokesperson. Her recent comments re those poor women in Cleveland who endured a decade of torture at the hands of a mad man are unforgivable. When she had the opportunity to apologize she only made things worse with her insensitive remarks. I used to be a big fan. I have lost all respect for her and any of her supporters.

Fashflash 4/28/14 5:09PM

Can't believe Dodge has Joan Rivers on your tv ads! She is a over the hill big mouth who has always insulted people and think's she is funny. I bought a new Dodge van in 2012 and it will be my last purchase if you keep Rivers. Please remove her ASAP!

Fonzie 4/27/14 5:47PM

I am appalled over the comments recently made by Joan Rivers regarding the women held captive for ten years! Her unapologetic attitude towards her statements emphasizes her unsuitability toward creating a positive feeling for the products she pitches. This commercial gives me negative feelings and I would think Dodge would rethink using her as a spokesperson!

Anonymous 4/24/14 4:20PM

I was just going to write a letter of complaint about Joan Rivers doing Dodge commercials and found someone else had beat me to it. I haven't liked her for years because she is a classless, horrible, mean woman. How does she lend any class to Dodge products? It brings them way down! But, the thing that pushed me over the edge was what she did the other day, insulting the two girls that were held hostage for 10 years in Ohio. She made jokes about and told them to lighten up. Are you kidding me? Get Joan off the Dodge commercials. Whoever had the idea of casting her in them should be fired! Get her off of there!!

cherfan52 4/24/14 6:53AM

What was Dodge thinking in enlisting Joan Rivers to promote their products? Joan was a star in the comedy circuit in her time but her TV ad gives me the message that Dodge and its products are out of touch with their consumers. Please rethink your marketing strategies. It appears that your marketing budget was limited. Thank you.

Anonymous 4/10/14 3:34PM

I bought a 2012 dodge ram 3500 crew cab D.R.W with a cummins engine in it that had 2,200 miles on it in march of 2013. The truck now has 15,900 miles on it. And is still under factory warranty. And I noticed the other day that the truck had orange rust like dots all over the truck. So I took it to the dodge dealership that I bought it from and they didn't know what it was. So they told me too buff the truck and it would go away. So I did and wouldn't you know the rust spots was still there. Next step I called dodge customer service and they told me to go to a local dealership and have the auto body consultant take pictures and summit it to warranty. So next I went to a local dodge dealership and the auto body manager said that it was railroad dust. And I asked him what that was and how did it get railroad dust on my $40,000.00 truck that was still under warranty. He said that they ship those trucks up from Mexico the sparks come off of the train and the tracks and basically burn the clear coat off. And wouldn't you know customer service said dodge warranty declined my request for a new paint job. And they didn't even offer to buy the truck back or do anything!!!!! I also own a 2011 dodge challenger that I bought brand new at a dodge dealership. I have also owned a 1999 dodge 1500 sport and a 2006 dodge crew cab 3500 D.R.W with a 5.9 cummins in it and it had 86,000 miles on it when I traded it in march of 2013, and it didn't have any rust on it.. And I am only 30 years old. So dodge just think all the business you will loose out on. Not to mention I was looking at a 2014 dodge 1500. So dodge make it right and own up to your mistakes and fix them you cowards. And I ask that you remove all your ads about supporting the farmers. Because I am a farmer and the only thing you are supporting is the money in your wallet.

John Deere 4/2/14 9:05PM

I bought a 2006 dodge Charger. I took it to the Jacksonville Dodge Dealership on Baymeadows and 295 to get every thing serviced. It had the Oil light coming on and the Check engine light was on. They got the Check engine light off for a while. But i kept having problems with my oil light coming on They said it was a lack of pressure in the oil. Well i paid them 2,450 dollars for 4 brand new tires that was not worth buying after i requested Michalen tires they gave me Continentle tires. 2 of them kept going flat 1 day after i bought them. I took my car up to the Dealership 10 times before they would even look at my car again. Then they had my car a week, and still did not get the oil light off, They put 30w-50 oil in my car and it only calls for 5w-30. Well it messed my whole car up. They also failed to tell me that they broke bolts off in the head of the car, they stripped my oil drain plug bolt. They damaged my engine coolant lines, Broke the Dip stick you use to check the oil. I was driving my car and my whole motor went all to crap cause of the Dodge Dealership on 295/ Baymeadows here in Jacksonville Florida Did not do there job right, That i paid for them to do. Even There Mechanic said the job was only 1 quarter of the way finished.
So I had to go buy a BRAND NEW motor, and have another shop put it in and fix all the DAMAGES that were caused by the Dodge Dealership in Jacksonville Florida. I had to spend 3,370.58 for a new motor, 1,450 for someone to install it, and 678.58 for all he parts that they damaged. Not counting the New battery 188.12 that i had to go pay for again after i paid the Dodge Dealership on 295/Baymeadows for a new battery. I had to go buy the new battery at Pep Boys. I had to go buy New Radiator fluid again and a oil filter that was not the Right one for a 2006 dodge charger that the Dodge dealership swore up and down saying it was the right oil filter. Now i am out 5,687.28 dollars cause of the Dodge Dealership that was supposed to have fixed my car and failed to do so. So i have been with out my car for a month because of them. An have to walk 18 miles to work every day because i dont have my car.
So i would like for my money to be returned to me if at all possibly for all the damages, new motor, and the money i spent to get my car fixed at the Dealership that they failed to fix properly. Now i am out all this money cause of someone that is supposed to have a 10 star rating.
Thanks to Eddie Wieson, Mitchell Mcnife, for your POOR skills of being shop mangers, and Service managers.

Anonymous 4/2/14 12:09PM

Hi Mopar, What kind of Action do you take against one of your Dealership when you find out they Rip ed someone off , I have been Keeping this problem to my self for some time now ,one of your Dealership Charged me over 4 Thousand Dollars for something i did not get. Bob

Bob 3/10/14 7:20AM

DON'T BY A DODGE PICKUP TRUCK!! I bought a 2008 Dodge Ram Pick-up and suddenly the area above both back tires is rusting from the inside with the paint bubbling up from the inside. I have gone to two dealerships, both telling me that they cannot do anything about it because it was out of warranty. I tried Dodge Customer Service who also told me that they could not do anything about it an that I would need to fit it myself. I have been driving for well over 30 years and have never had a vehicle rust like this. It is obviously a manufacture defect, but Chrysler is not owning up to it. The interesting thing is that I was going to buy another, but not now. I will go to one of the other truck manufactures like Chevy or some other Foreign Company.

Anonymous 2/7/14 2:55PM

I went into Negherbon Dodge , Oakland, CA, on AUG 1st 2000 , to purchase a Dodge Grand Caravan SE,I had checked out online. Without seeing the car I was purchasing , I handed them a check for over $25000 .
We were kept waiting as I realized they were waiting for the check to clear my account , did not know that at the time. I was excited to get a minivan that would allow myself and my family to travel more. Noticed on the drive home , that the car shook at regular highway speed. Brought the car back on several occasions over the next year, each time being told there was nothing wrong with my car. I explained that when I drove above 65 mph the car shuddered . I was told by the service manager and the secretary for the CEO of Dodge America, that if it occurred at these speeds , then I should drive at the speed limit . Eventually I discovered that this car was in fact involved in an accident prior to our purchasing it . I have kept this car for all these years and have put an exorbitant amount of money into keeping it running. I think the attitude of Dodge and the dealership in dealing with problems I had with this car was appalling . And I would certainly be less inclined to buy a Dodge in the future

Irish 1/21/14 1:50PM

On Monday January 6, 2014, I took my Dodge Durango to Performance Dodge at 555 Mantua Ave, Woodbury, NJ because the light on the command center said "CK 4wheel dr." The diagnosis called for a transfer case module and motor. They installed the part, but I was told that some power wires where making bad connection and needed to be repaired, if not, they will burn the new transfer case module. So, they manually put it to work and define the "bad" wire. On January 7, 2014, I went to pick up my Durango, the service rep. explained the changes, cost, and told me that the truck was ready. So, I went ahead and made the payment. Climbed onto my truck and to my surprised !!! THE LIGHT "CK 4WHEEL DR" WAS ON STILL!! I immediately, got off the truck and went back to the service rep. To say the less, my Durango, had to go back into the shop. The service rep. find me a rental, but that is not the solution. The solution will be when the Dodge mechanics find or pinpoint the correct damage part..!! Today is January 7, 2014 at 11:47am, I just called the service rep. and still no clue of what's going on with my truck. This is getting out of hand.....

Knieves 1/8/14 9:50AM

I was pressured into buying a Dodge Ram 1500 from an Arizona Dealership when the truck I wanted was sold at the local Cathedral City Crystal Chrysler Dealership. I was told that the truck coming from Arizona had everything I wanted on it just like the one that was sold. Well, the biggest problem was no cabin air filter. Can you imagine any car dealership not putting in an air filter with all of the dust and dirt in the desert.

Paul 1/3/14 1:22PM

12-28-2013 called HADDAD DODGE bakersfield,ca with the intention of leasing the advertised vehicle. this advertisement is appearing in almost every internet inquiry on dodge purchases. Ad as follows: Lease a 2014 Ram 1500 express quad cab 4x2 6'4" box for $259.00 per month for 39 months. Total due at signing:$999. No security deposit required.spoke to a sales person by name of Victor who consulted his mgr about ad.
victor advised me his mgr said " Haddad does not have that program.why was the national add not honored??

EVADE 12/30/13 11:02AM

I bought a used 2007 Dodge Caliber a few years back. I only have close to 78 thousand miles on it, but my problem is, My car fills up with dirt when i go down any dirty road. The dust really comes into my vehicle. My husband looked at the seals and they look good.But there is a large gap on each side of the back opening. The door is also mounted wrong as there is a large gap on one side and very little on the other. I think Dodge should fix this problem for me. You can't breath in the car if you live on a dirt road like i do. I live in the country so most roads are dirt.

wayne 12/16/13 9:18AM

Bought a brand new 2013 Dodge 2500 Ram and had to bring it back the very next day because of a puddle of water found under the driver's side passenger seat. Supposedly repaired. Haven't driven this truck since the attempted repair and guess what, Yep water is again pooling under the same seat. I HAVEN'T EVEN HAD THE TRUCK LONG ENOUGH TO PAY THE FIRST NOTE ON IT. My biggest concern is how long has it been leaking, what is the condition of the truck under the carpet and what is going to be done about this problem. Not a happy Ram owner!!!! Apparently this truck has had this problem from day one of production and should never have been sold.

Joanie 12/8/13 5:08PM

I bought my 2012 Journey on June 10, 2012 and all I have had with purchase has been issues, it had been in the dealer more that 6 times for manufacture issues, now I have an engine noise and it clicks when I do the shift change from P to D or any other functions, the dealer where I purchase it from have an outstanding customer service , however the manufacture of this car, has done nothing but a lousy job on the paint, accessories, and it seem to have use clips to hold the car together and engine. I am not happy with this purchase at all, I have waited this long because I am not the type to make complaints to the public or agencies but this manufacture should compensate not only me but anyone who is have the same issues as I have.

Wanda 10/30/13 11:27AM

I purchased a 2014 Dodge Journey on 10-23-2013 the dealer was Rick Hendrick Dodge of South Carolina. My sale consultant was Nick Long. I was looking for a car with more room I had a 2008 Dodge Charger it was paid off. We look at a Dodge Journey that I like when he told me the price I told Nick Long the price for the base unit I online was 5,510 cheaper he insure that the price online was not correct. When I return home with my Journey I see that it said that's the dealer price Rickhendrick Dodge. I call to see where the price different was told extra 3,000 was for changes made. I asked where did the other 2,510 went know one knew. Keep in mind I have the base journey. My sale price was up because my trade in was worth 9,000 and they had to get that back from me and the next person that buy my trade in. I want a Journey and was taking for a Journey. Thanks Nick Long at Rickhendrick Dodge of South Carolina for being a sneaky sale consultant.

Upset Customer 10/26/13 11:36AM

In 2010 I purchased my very first suv which happens to be a dodge nitro 2007 model. So far up until a month ago no problems. I like it and I just wanted to be treated fairly I am in the military and I have to travel alot. So when the problem started I thought it was the starter. When I put the key in the ignition and it keeps startiing I was like ok. So off to Greenbrier Dodge in chesapeake Va I went. They replaced the manifold for $1000.00 becaues the machine they used said it was sticking and then it kept doing the same thing. Ok took it back a few weeks later got the fuel pump replaced and now it's doing the same thing management is working with me but it's costing me more for every visit. I am just so ready to call it quits with this vehicle. I am so tired of paying for something and the problem still isn't fixed. I will be honest with my Honda accord I never had any problems and I still have my Honda. I don't think I will but an American made vehicle again. Don't purchase a Dodge Nitro worst vehicle ever!!!!!!!!!!

Taa 10/13/13 6:09AM

I bought a 2012 Challenger R/T new. Since this past June about every third or fourth time I drive it, it goes into what the mechanics call "limp mode". I have now had it in the shop for this issue three times and I am being told once again there are no codes showing up on the computer as to what is wrong, therefore it cannot be fixed. It defies logic that if they know it is going into limp mode and it is being caused by some type of computer malfunction, then why can't we put a new computer in it and be done with it. It is still under full warranty. I have owned primarily Dodge automobiles most of my life but will soon be going with another brand if something is not done. I am not going to continue making payments on a vehicle that "cannot be fixed".

Anonymous 10/7/13 11:54AM

Do not do any business with Holt Dodge in Arlington, Tx. I took my 2005 Dodge Ram 2500 there for repair & the vehicle now runs 10 times worse than it did when I brought it in...they had my vehicle for a week & I thought I was going to pick up a repaired vehicle to find out they had done nothing & the management was NO HELP at all. I was VERY VERY unhappy with that dealer. The last 4 new vehicle that we have bought has been dodges & I am not sure I will ever recommend them again. VERY VERY UNHAPPY CUSTOMER.

Anonymous 10/4/13 7:14PM

My husband purchased a 2004 Ram 1500 crew cab.The truck runs very good,low miles.When we got it there where bubbles around the rear fenders.No big deal,we thought.I have noticed every truck of our year and model have the same problem.

I look at other trucks of other model,also diff.year rams and see no issues.Would you call this a manufacturing defect because it seems to be isolate to our year.

Please respond,the repair the 2 sides is close to 4,000!
Love dodge but if this is how they roll we will not revoked or purchase another.

Anonymous 9/22/13 8:05AM

Bought a car from Allen Samuels Dodge in Katy, Tx and was RIPPED OFF! Salesman Eddie Bartlett knowingly put me in a 4 cylinder knowing I wanted a V6! He took advantage of a 70 year old woman! I went to purchase a new vehicle and took a test drive in a Jeep. I asked Eddie if it was a V6 he said no and we returned to the lot to search for one. He showed me a 2013 Dodge Journey. At the end of the day I bought it! A few weeks, by accident, I find out I am in a 4 cylinder!!! How can that be? Eddie KNEW I wanted a V6! I trusted my salesman and I am now paying for it. I tried to go back to Allen Samuels as soon as I found out and Eddie talked to me once and I never heard from him again. Management either!!! So from car lot to car lot I go. Finally, on Friday Sept. 13, 2013 I go to KIA and they said go back Allen Samuels, they need to fix this!! I did so and it has been a nightmare! John Vaughn was the first person I came into contact with. BIG MISTAKE. He has anger issues and is a LIER! He told me he would fix the mistake one way or another. NOPE, HE LIED!!! He came into the office said I could call him 3 hours. I did so. HE WOULD NOT ANSWER! I was told a story and told call back on Monday. I did so. JOHN VAUGHN said I needed to be more patient and that was the last I heard from him for the next few days. I get a call to bring in some paperwork. I did so. JOHN VAUGHN, ignoring me, sat at his desk eating from his 2 bags of McDonalds food, refusing to come out. Another salesman TONY says he's busy! Doing what? EATING!!! So, I hunt down the owner, a Mr. Lowry. He does NOTHING but send me back to Allen Samuels and directed me to speak to BRIAN JOHNSON, MANAGER. Hmm..he gives me nothing but the run around. He lies just as much as JOHN VAUGHN. When I told him about Eddie Bartlett, JOHN VAUGHN and Kay, the financial director behavior. He basically calls me a liar and says he doesn't believe it. BUT I HAVE PROOF!!! So Brian Johnson tells me he's going to take care of it. NOPE, HE DID NOT. I get a hold of Kay, financial director. Not only does she hang up on me for asking for proof of what she did, she refuses to speak to me yet. I get back ahold of Brian Johnson, he says he's going to look into it. Guess what? I still haven't heard from him. I haven't heard from any of them. I have no paperwork! I am in the wrong car! I am out of over $4400.00 and been through the flint mill because of them. They see a 70 year old woman and nothing more. Eddie got his commission because of fraudulent sales practices. Allen Samuels got their money because of fraudulent sales practices. They eat on company time and ignore the customers. And I am the one suffering over this. Simple solution...give me what I thought I bought in the first place. Fix your MISTAKE ALLEN SAMUELS! Shame on you for not doing so in the first place.

madone70 9/21/13 12:58PM

I purchased a 2011 dodge durango new, my second vehicle from dodge, which runs pretty good. Two weeks ago my vehicle was brought into the dodge service center and analyzed with a bad module. The service dept advised me that there was over 2000 of these modules which were on back order and thay had no ETA on delivery. My auto is under 6 year warranty yet I have to get a rental from enterprise every five days. This means I have to call the Dodge office and get a approval every 5 days for a new rental car. This is a hardship for me because I work and have to wait until someone calls me back to let me know that rental is approved. I really can't understand why it takes so long to receive 1 part for my car and this should be investigated.

luckie 9/17/13 8:13AM

I purchased a 2010 Grand Caravan and have had to have the front brakes replaced with only 22000 miles. The MASS Dodge service center told me it would cost me a $100 deductible, but it is covered under warranty? Now, the back brakes are squealing with only 25000 miles. I am very happy with my van, but I don't understand if the brakes are covered under warranty, why did I have to pay a $100 for the front and now $500 for the backs?

DeeDee03 9/16/13 11:47AM

We ordered a 2012 Dodge 3500 from Wayland Chrysler the best dealership ever very professional an courteous just down home small town. That being said we are very pleased with our truck for which it is for our business. We recently went to Denver Colorado to see our daughter graduate from college when after the ceremony headin out for dinner to celebrate our check engine light came on. We then went to Cherry Creek Dodge to get it checked out for we had to leave the next morning to get home (michigan) for our business. We explained to the service person our situation they said it would be just a minute! Wrong 20 minutes later someone asked us if we needed help which she had already walked by us twice so we know she felt sorry for us. Lisa the other service advisor preceeded to roll her eyes at us!! That's when I told my husband it was time to leave they obviously didn't want to help us... My husband then asked for a manager which was no were to be found they said she or he wasn't there but not without a shouting match from the other two service department adviser which asked us to leave which we said gladly. All that being said this is definitely by far the worst Service Department we have ever came across. They should definitely take some lessons from Wayland Chrysler and be a bit more professional and courteous. We would not recommend this service department to anyone if your stranded in Denver and need service your better off getting your vehicle towed to another dealership!!!! Very disappointed Chysler you should definitely address this dealership Cherry Creek Dodge... the Worst Ever

Very Dissatisfied 9/10/13 8:20AM

I recently bought a brand new dart rally. It has been in and out of the shop 5 times now fir the same problem and nothing has been done. I had yet another appoinment today and showed up only to be told yet again there is nothing they can do. Wow new car and warranty an yet nothing can be done? This is the worst experience I have ever had and I sure wish you guys stood by your product and made things right. I have all calls from corporate on file along it these so called appointments. I hate the fact I bought a new car only to get ripped and to be given a lemon.

Hate this company! 8/19/13 8:18AM

I've been looking for a new vehicle for months. As ability to tow at least 7000 LB was one of my requirements as well as All or 4-wheel drive, I started looking at trucks. As I've mainly been sold on Fords, I researched and drove the F150. As I was progressing to go ahead and order one, I just wandered into a local Chrysler-Jeep dealer. I test drove a Ram 1500 (with and without the air-ride suspension), and found the ride to be better in those than the Ford. Build quality and features seemed quite good also. The Hemi is what I would option for, but it is short on fuel mileage, as it would be used for commuting more than towing. Then, there's the issue of parking at work. I found out that there was a limit on length for vehicles for the garage at work, I started looking at other options. The Chevy Avalanche was a bit shorter, had an excellent ride and is well equipped with the final year's special edition. But, the choices are what's left on the lot and the 5.3 V8 didn't seem to have the power that the Hemi had - and it was also short on mileage.
Next on the list to fit the garage at work and still have tow capabilities was the Dodge Durango. We drove a used 2011 Citadel, and returned to drive a new one later. It isn't the truck I was initially searching for, but still allows me to carry at least 4 people total and tow. The biggest thing stopping me was again the mileage when equipped with the preferred Hemi. While at the dealer, I also looked at the Grand Cherokee. It's a little more money and doesn't have as much volume inside, but I got wind of a new engine for 2014 - 3.0 EcoDiesel which gives it 21/29 mpg in 4-wheel drive option.
This takes me back to the Durango. As I prefer the Durango (likely in Citadel trim) over the Grand Cherokee, I've also found out that the EcoDiesel will only be offered in the Ram 1500 and Grand Cherokees. Is there a possibility of having the EcoDiesel offered in the Durango for the 2014 model year still or should I keep searching for other options elsewhere?

I would like to test-drive an EcoDiesel, but would likely be ordering a Durango Citadel with EcoDiesel tomorrow if it was available!


Wanna EcoDiesel Durango

Wanna EcoDiesel Durango 8/9/13 7:09AM

Well now that I have filled out the JD Power survey sent it in gave you credit for the absolute best Truck out there. I wish I would have seen the 2009, 2010, 2011,2012 rodeo videos that your a huge sponsor of. ok its a rodeo. held in Wyoming ware animals suffer horrible life taking injuries every year. a horse brakes a couple legs and is left to lay 45min suffering. then forced to get up and run onto the trailer that is where he died. really DODGE is OK with this. try giving a sponsorship to a group of people that really care like HUSA. that I and many other could swallow. I do hope you read this and react. change is a must. SHAME on that chyenne rodeo.

Anonymous 8/3/13 5:47AM

I don't know if this is the best place to say this? I have owned a 1964 Dodge Dart GT (50th yr anniversary) convertible since 1966; and,still starts right up. I LOVE this car and have never had a bit of trouble, except for the three times it was stolen. It needs a little work, new paint and a new top, but runs good. This was my 16th birthday present, will have owned the car for 48 years; and, 2014 it will be 50 yrs old (Chrysler will have a 100 yr anniversary). Restored it could be worth $30,000 but is worth much more to me. This would be a good ad to show how long they last, and, still be in good condition. It's a great car!

Happy 7/9/13 8:59PM

In January 2013 my 2004 truck broke down in Waco had it brought to you shop for repairs. You said it need an engine overhaul and it was done 12 thousand plus. I have filed a claim with my insurance company and this is what they have come up with. The truck did not need and overhaul it was the wrong fuel that was the problem. A new fuel system is what was needed not and engine overhaul you guy's really missed this one and cost me alot of time and wasted my money on something that did not need to be done. Very disappointed customer

broke 6/11/13 8:59AM

I got my car Nov. 2012 and start Dec 27th my car has been in and out of service for the same problems. No is doing anything. The keep telling me to bring my car in to get fixed. I can only do this so much. I am paying for something that's doesn't work right. i want a buy back asap.

Anonymous 6/7/13 1:52PM

Cumberland Chrysler in Cookeville,TN is horrible. We have purchased 3 vehicles from them two wich were brand new. The first one broke down with less than 40000 miles on it. They took it back. The second one we purchased 2 days later new also it broke down at 2500 miles. We traded it in back in March of this year for a Dodge Nitro and it has transmission problems. Its got less than 40000 miles. A loyal customer gets screwed. I bought it less than 36000 miles and they wont honor anything they moreless called me a lier. Thanks Cumberland Chrysler

afterhours 6/5/13 1:31PM

i have owneda Jeep and two dodge trucks the most recent one. i purchesed brand new a 2008 Dodge 1500 well two years ago it started leaking water through the two front windsheild side colums. this bull and will never buy a dodge truck again. i live in Florida just at least tell me what the defect is????

Anonymous 6/4/13 5:30PM

I purchased a 2013 dodge avenger black top addition on January 31, 2013. Right from the showroom with no miles. Last week I took my car to the dodge dealer for an oil change. They had my car over an hour. When they were finished I drove home, approximately 10 miles away, just to find out they forgot to put oil in my car. I called them and they argued it with me and actually asked me to drive the car back to them. WITH NO OIL!! They sent a tech to my house with oil and to confirm it was in fact never put in. I was leaving to go out of town the same day. I want them to replace my car and they want to just monitor the oil and then give me 1/2 off future oil changes. I am not happy with dodge and I am considering getting an attorney to have my car replaced. This is a dodge dealer in Inverness Florida

Brandiec32 5/29/13 7:01AM

I served in the Active Army for 11 years, I was discharged from the Army with a medical discharge, I am 60% disabled, I came to an agreement with a salesman at a dealership in NJ for $32,000 & my wife and I pay for the tax a& tags. Prior to spending another half a day at the dealership I was asked if I was a USAA member? I answered yes, then I was asked if I was in the military (I knew he meant currently)? I emailed the salesman back stating that I was in the Army for over 11 yrs. but do to permanent injuries I was medically discharged and that I am now a disabled Veteran,I had already test driven the car, talked to my USAA insurance company and had the new Dodge Charger put onto my insurance policy, called USAA (from the dealership)and they walked through on what and how to fill everything out so I could print out the blank check and the dealership could fill it out and fax it back. Just as my wife (who has been in great pain and due a surgery in several weeks) were going to start signing more papers the salesman introduced us to someone else, this man told us that Dodge would NOT honor my 11 yrs of service in the Active Army or accept my 60% disability fro Veterans Affairs because I am not currently in the service and that I am not 100% disabled!!!! This means at literally the last few minutes of the deal I am told that if I wanted the car it is going to cost me $500.00 more !!!!! This dealership said that they would have eaten it but they already went as low as they could, we'll guess what??? I didn't make the deal just to end up paying more for the vehicle at the last minute. Dodge should be stepping up to the plate and help me out on this situation. I am not threatening anyone , however I do want to give Dodge a chance to make things right with this very unhappy customer before I go to the Local News Channels and see if they want to do a spot on how this disabled veteran was done wrong and how someone could be in the service now and never deployed but would get the rebate of $500.00 but a disabled veteran that has been to combat and served his country proudly for over 11 yrs can not. What kind of message is this sending to our disabled veterans?

1 upset and disappointed Veteran 5/11/13 8:22PM

The worse experience ever was going into the dodge dealership on Feb 28 2013 . They promised me a brand new car with no miles other than a gas fill yp no one had even driven it. I've been in the car now for 5 weeks and o get a call advising me the finance company had not finished financing and i may have to return the car. Sur enough I had to return it. I had sold my car and had no transportion and almost lost my job... What makes it so bad is I referred my friend and never even received my referral check. Beware!

disgusted 4/18/13 2:54PM

My 2006 2500 4 x 4 desiel water pump went out so i replaced it. 2 days later trans (auto)wasnt shifting right. was 4 quarts low. filled fluid to full and lasted about 2 weeks, this time no oil on stick and stick at top was rusting and had white milky film on end of stick. had no leaks under truck now my radiator is all milky/foaming. i found the engine mounted cooler on driver side that i didnt know was there. so at this point this is the only place water can get into trans. ive heard many other people with same problem. my question is why was this disigned so when it faults (or leaks) it contaminates trans and radiator and without any indacation of a problem. O H and now, u guessed it (or knew) its a DEALER ITEM ONLY AT OVER $ 900.00 . THIS says volumes for what to look for in a new truck (different) been in a chevy all my life and never had any of the problems ive had with dodge.(ac never works more than a year or so and thats on both of my dodge 06 trucks...

Anonymous 4/8/13 5:30PM

Was planning on purchasing a 2013 ram 3500,on reviewing the new colors,I see that the deep molten red is not a color this year,is that the case? If it is I'll pass. The copper head is not a pretty color! Why not offer a candy Apple red,grape,etc? Bad decision on paint,sorry!

stormy 3/21/13 5:24AM

To Who it may concerne sorry if my english is not so perfect i am wrything this letter to complain about the quality of your cars i have a DODGE CHARGER 2006 RT whit HEMI engin vin number : \MILAGE / 91.943 KM and today i have two pistons that are no good and a short block to chage i juste want to precise i live in a island call SAINT MAARTEN located in the caribean we do not have any road to race and no racing track i realy had in mind when i purchase that car that it was good and tough mecanic builted i realy like my car and spicificly that model but today i am realy deceved because first of all my care in down after spindind more than 4000USD on front end and shocks an now i have to spend a next 8000USD for the engin but that is not my mean concerne my concerne is that on thais day no won is capleble to tel me when i will get a short block because no won know juste a reminder we are in 2013 do i have to wayte untel 1;2;3;4;5;6 months or years and if its the case is it normal for such a prestigious car shamefull my car is actualy at MARSHALL MOTORS COMPAGNY in saint maarten dutch antilles is ther any one that can help me or give me more infos or is it normal?????? it realy deceved of the quality of dodge wy put so much money in such a car that in final you can't get parts in a corect timeframe or even corect aswers !!!!!

ERIC 3/20/13 11:44AM

I just wanted to thank you for all the safety features that your vehicles offer. About 8 months ago I bought a brand new Dodge Journey and 4 days ago I was involved in an accident that totaled my vehicle. Thanks to all the safety features I walked away with a sprained ankle and a few bumps and bruises. Your vehicle did everything that we were told it would do.

MontgomeryChick1 2/28/13 9:51AM

Just to let you know your Phillips Chrysler dealership in Ocala, Fl runs a sham of a service department. It is the worst run I have ever experienced. I will no longer use Dodge for my service of my truck.

mac088 2/26/13 3:21PM

I don't know if you consider this about Dodge, but I just wanted to thank you for the made a farmer ad you made for the super bowl. I just found out about it because I'm in a third world country and I didn't see the super-bowl.
Thank you for recognizing the majority of Americans who do believe in God with an ad that doesn't deride those beliefs.

just one believer 2/22/13 3:56PM

I want to comment on the wonderful commercial that aired during the Super Bowl on Sunday. I am a farmer's wife, actually a farmer's widow, he passed away tragically this past summer. The commercial hit real close to home for me, it definitely hit the nail on the head. Farmers are a hard-working bunch and I just wanted to let you know that I, for one, appreciate it when they are recognized for their hard work. Thank you and kudos to you for that acknowledgement!

Anonymous 2/8/13 10:09AM

It's amazing! Never in my life have I seen a commercial that has GUTS! The Super Bowl commercial about the farmer and let's not forget God. I usually buy Chevy but I promise next time I buy a truck it will be a Red Dodge Ram! I live in a farm area outside of Fort Wayne and we always need a truck. You did a great job. I'm sure you will be blessed for it. Thank you so much for your integrity, and great outlook.

God Bless,

Addie Jackson

Slick 2/4/13 11:01AM

I just purchased a Dodge avenger 2011, the first week the car was making a loud noise, and I am very unhappy. I constantly return it to Bill Luke Arizona dealership the service center states nothing is wrong but there is something wrong.

I have recorded the noise on several occassions and they have dad my car at the service center 4 times already. I am seeking a civil lawsuit against them information name, email and type of vehicle purchased and problem.

Thank you

Lets fight back.

I hate dodge 1/29/13 12:28PM

I will never purchase another dodge/jeep/chrysler vehicle again. My wife and I purchased 5 vehicles from MALL OF GEORGIA CHRYSLER/DODGE/JEEP/EAGLE...Will never do business with them again. Slowest dealership ever at getting the deal together and packaged up for signing. Back in February 2012 decided to by a new Dodge Ram. I always buy 4x4 trucks however they sold me some story about this TRACTION SCAM. This truck has a hard time pulling a small landscape trailer up a gravel road to the point i started slipping downwards. To avoid going down and over the small cliff I had to get on it and brake and get on it again and brake etc...finally got up the hill only to see the cheap goodyear tires were chewed up like they were at the end of their life...Traction system sucks, very disapointed went back to them to get into a 4x4 to find only 6 months later they dropped the prices on the 4x4 to what i had paid for my 2 wheel drive model with the sucky traction crap. They of course after buying so many vehicles in the past 4 years were happy to see me, they came back after nearly three weeks with some sky high price, no special treatment for being a loyal customer and no break at all in pricing. I drive for work a lot and had 30k on it 7 months however vehicle is cleaner than clean inside and out. They put me down for the tires being chewed up, and really couldnt help me in anyway. They didnt return my calls didnt get any additional information to me about even replacing the tires and they call me a VIP customer!! In the end they were rude, and did not care about their salesman selling me on this traction control bs..I sold my other truck which was a 2006 Chevy Silverado 1500HD which was probably the biggest mistake I ever made. That Chevy was by far A lot more truck than this Ram could ever be. PLEASE DO NOT EVER BUY FROM THESE PEOPLE, DISHONEST AND REALLY ONLY CARE ABOUT MAKING A SALE, THEY DONT CARE ABOUT YOU, YOUR LOYALTY, THE AMOUNT OF PURCHASES YOU HAVE MADE FROM THEM IN THE PAST 4 YEARS, OR ANY OF THE CIRCUMSTANCES YOU ARE NOW FACING WITH THEIR PRODUCT...THE SERVICE DEPARTMENT IS THE WORST EVER...THE DEALERSHIP REALLY COULD HAVE DONE BETTER BY US, AND THEY DIDNT EVEN TRY. THEY SUCK, THEIR PRODUCTS SUCK, THEIR SERVICE SUCKS, AND THEIR SALES TEAM IS ALWAYS IN THE DARK...5 STAR DEALERSHIP??? REALLY!!! DO YOURSELF RIGHT AND BUY SOMEWHERE ELSE. THE SALESMAN THAT WE HAVE DEALT WITH FOR FOUR YEARS TURNED HIS BACK ON US AND STOPPED RETURNING OUR CALLS.I WOULD HAVE NEVER BOUGHT A 2 WHEEL DRIVE IF HE DIDNT PURSUADE US OF THIS SO CALLED NEW TRACTION SYSTEM STaTING AND I QUOTE " YOU WILL NEVER GET STUCK IN THIS" BS!!! COULDNT EVEN GET UP A HILL...BUY A CHEVY..IM DONE WITH DODGE, THAT DEALERSHIP, AND THAT SALESMAN.THE GENERAL MANAGER SHOULD HAVE CALLED US AND SPOKE WITH US AND TRIED HARDER TO MAKE US HAPPY KNOWING WE ALWAYS BUY FROM THEM...NOT A PEEP...THEN OF COURSE THEIR FINANCE OFFICE KNOWING WE ALWAYS DEAL WITH THE SAME BANK EVERY PURCHASE RUNS OUR CREDIT THROUGH LIKE 20 BANKS KNOCKING OUR CREDIT DOWN BECAUE OF THE NEG EQUITY ETC....

TONY G 10/22/12 12:55AM

TONY G 10/22/12 1:02AM

Dodge Jouney,,, Owned for one one week this brand new car's door handle on passanger side comes off in my hand. Took it in for replacement, waited over a week, finally called them and they forgot to call me when part came in, so I had the darn thing repaired..One week later I get a call telling me the part for replacement is in????? Now I own the car a little over 2 months guess what .... the handle has once again come off the passenger side door. One more time after this It's the Lemon Law here in Arizona.. Took the car the first time to Superstition Springs Dodge, Now I am going to try where I bought the car in Temple AZ, Elliot Rd. Maybe they can fix it right... I will also be calling the corporate office on Monday,, for God Sake this is a brand new car and this is happening, I am wondering what is next.. Not great quality very very dissapointed, this is my first Chrysler product,, could be my last.

clyde 10/6/12 9:53PM


WHAT A JOKE! 9/20/12 6:44AM

Good afternoon!

February 14, 2011, my wife and me purchased a 2010 Chrysler Seebring. We have enjoyed the vehicle, but decided to trade it in for a larger vehicle since we now have 4 grandchildren.
Yesterday, Sep. 12, 2012, we purchased a 2011 Dodge Durango and traded in our Seebring. This vehicle is in perfect condition. But upon taking possesion of the vehicle we were given only "one" ignition key. I asked for a second one, but the salesman said they had only the one key. I'm 68 years old and have purchased up to 12 cars in my life. Even the private sales, the owner alway's had two keys. The dealer we bought the seebring from gave us two keys. We paid $30,000.00 for the Durango. We purchased the Seebring from the same dealer and were give two keys. I believe that this dealer-ship, Sterling Heights Dodge located in Sterling Heights, Michigan, should give us a second key. The price to purchase a new one is approximately $240.00.

Robert J. Salas
3161 Otter
Troy, Michigan 48083

Robert 9/13/12 1:35PM

500 hp hemi but not a turn signal kit???Yet seems Mustang and JC Whitney had no problems.......even years before now. Totally sucks......think I'd get new engineers.

troglodyte 7/18/12 5:38PM

I recently had a huge problem with my 2006 Dodge Charger with only 29,500 miles. No recall on this vehicle but overwhelming problems found on internet social reports same problem car stuck in park! DCH Dodge Temecula good with recommending additional coolant and transmission scheduled work. I also have a 300 2008 Chrysler 300 wanted replacement key entry when picking up the Charger was told no car wash with service. THE inside of my car where the work was done was filthy from repairs told my wife dont get the key at this dealer. RIGHT now not feeling good a out Chrysler product and will sell all the ones I have.HORRIBLE Customer SERVICE HORRIBLE after spending 500 + dollars They kept the car for 3.days but refused a lousey 5 dollarcar wash that they trashed.

Ron 7/10/12 11:50AM

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