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Facebook corporate office headquarters location, phone number, address and feedback

Please find details for the Facebook corporate office below. We do our best to keep this information current, but if you are aware of any updates to the Facebook corporate office headquarters information we have, please feel free to submit an update.

Corporate Office Address:
Facebook Inc.
1601 Willow Rd.
Menlo Park, CA 94025
United States

Phone: 650-308-7300

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I have sent the requested documents to unlock my son's account & we received a message today that we CANNOT HAVE ACCESS because our names are fake....REALLY????? I wish Facebook would spend more time dealing with hacked/hijacked accounts & the THOUSANDS OF FACEBOOK USERS WHO USE THE SITE TO HARASS AND TORMENT OTHERS AND LESS TIME BEING PART OF THEIR BULLYING!! I SENT A DETAILED E-MAIL TO FACEBOOK EMPLOYEE,TIAGO WITH ALL OF MY CONTACT INFO. Please contact me!!

Mommy 80906 7/21/14 11:00AM

I cannot get this company to stop texting me. no matter how many times I try they keep sending me mssages of people I don't knw. and don't care to know. it serves a way to stop them from doing this please let me know. befor.e I sue them

do not have one 7/5/14 4:07PM

i was contacted by a katherine Vanessa about winning $250.000,dollars she wanted info and i ask address sje this [email protected] if true.tjamks if.not lets put this petson in jail please contact me back asap SfC M L JONES

mike jones 7/3/14 5:41PM

So im not the only one!!! Was logged out now would like to reconnect with family and friends...very fustrated..i just want to get on my FB page....please

sonja bury 7/3/14 6:28AM

I have tried to reset my password by facebook instructions but I don't receive any e-mail from facebook with a six digit code that tells me to reset my password. What a joke!
The help center is no help at all. Would like to get information on what to do if possible.

Mary Siciliano-Annerino 7/2/14 8:26PM

Worse security, and customer support provided for social networking today. Must have toll free number, since ID's R stolen daily.

Elba 6/23/14 12:26PM

I have tried to reset my password by facebook instructions but I don't receive any e-mail from facebook with a six digit code that tells me to reset my password. What a joke!
The help center is no help at all. Would like to get information on what to do if possible.

Nancy Webb 6/21/14 10:10AM

I have a facebook account that I deleted.But my security and private information was not.There is a person using my account that isn't his.How do I stop him from using my information,and stalking my grand children.I can't get back into my account,because he has taken it over.I need this account closed permantly so this hacker stops using my profile'He is using my name and profile.Could you help me with this problem.

F.Templeton 6/17/14 1:49PM

My name appears on another face book which now my husband thinks I have a second account I'm hiding. I have tried reporting it and requesting it be removed lots and lots of times to face book and still fighting and getting accused of stuff from my husband. I even went on detail about the issues it's causing in my life. STILL ON THERE. NO REPLY OR RESPONSE FROM FACEBOOK. CUSTOMER SERVICE? IF HAVE MILLIONS OF ACCOUNTS, WHY NOT HAVE ANY LIVE CUSTOMER SERVICE REPS TO DEAL WITH PROBLEMS?

Anonymous 5/31/14 5:40PM

I am a 57 year old homebound disabled veteran. I signed up with Facebook to spend time in the forums discussing politics and other things. After only a few hours I received an email saying I am not who I say I am and they want a government issued ID. Even though I don't like sending things like that I did it and got a reply that it had been an error and my account had been unlocked. When I went back to log on I was still locked out. I have sent numerous emails but to no avail. This company seems to be completely fine with making millions of dollars of dollars off of their users but truly cares nothing about them. They should be required to give customer support when they make money off of their users. I am now unable to get on to Facebook with no explanation and no recourse. It should be illegal what they are doing.

Imdocinusa 5/23/14 2:30PM

I have enjoyed being on FB
I currently received a notice that said that FB would b unavailable for 2hours/try again later. I have tried to get into my account for over two weeks ti no avail.
Codes after codes/new passwords after new passwords n nothing has accessed my account. I'm receiving confirmations of friend requests which is ludicrous. Please how can I get this straightened out?
This is my IPhone that I use. Thank U/sincerely,frustrated.

Calene 5/8/14 5:45PM

yes,I need help from Facebook tech-supporters,
I had when got a new facebookpage for safety reasons,
in that process of doing so, all my facebook-data was lock-out to me or spacedumped as I call it. OR SO I COIN IT -I BEEN SPIT-FACED BY FACEBOOK WITH YOU LOCKING OR SPACING OUT MY PAGE AND MY E-MAIL ACOUNT ARE ALL GOIN TOO ! SO CAN YOU FIX THIS FACE-SPITTING PROBLEM ? I lost all my family photo's of my family my friends ,gone into deep-space -9 of the internate-warning Will-Robinson! warning !! down-load a back-up plan for your family pictures ! please, e-mail back! oh, this is very impotant to me. I may think about going on national-foxnews to tell my story !

freedomquest 4/30/14 1:45PM

my account with f/b has been blocked saying that they did not verify my nane and to send id well i tried and still nothing because i go by my nickname that is how people know me recently i changed my profile picture 1 of me when i was a little girl and my screen-name has been the same since i opend the account what is really going on i was a victim of fraud and ths sounds like a new scam for peopls information because i have seen some very bad screen-names with curs words and nothing has happen to their account this how i keeep in touch with people and i also like to play the games i am very unhappy with this and the fact there is no customer support to help just makes it that much worst

mrsladyteevann 4/28/14 12:33PM

I am a new facebook user but I cannot access my account

because a verification is required. I do not have a mobile

phone and I will not enter my ss# which is my gov`t id.

What is the alternative?

Eileen Martin

Anonymous 4/24/14 2:20PM

My husbands account was locked out for No reason what so ever a week ago. "Oscar" from FB security said to unlock it they would need a government issued ID. We sent a copy of His drivers license. "Oscar" said that wasnt good enough. He said His birthday wasnt on it and they couldnt varify that was really Him. is picture is right on the ID and on His profile, His date of birth is on His drivers License. This is total BS. Someone working for FB is trying to scam people.

Steve Davis 4/24/14 9:20AM

My account has been blocked for awhile now for what reason I have no idea. I cannot send messages either. My account should not be blocked because someone on the other end clicks a message they don't know me or whatever. I send most of my requests to my family but other go to people I have worked with. It is funny how we are not blocked to spend money on your apps though. Facebook is how I maintain contact with my kids and grandchildren in Florida because I live in NY. Maybe I should go elsewhere???

Riccarda 4/23/14 10:07PM

Login to facebook continues to not work. I have been automatically login until yesterday. I changed my password at leat six times now and that allows me access and then when I shut down computer it goes through the entire process again telling me that password is invalid. Only way to get in is to change my password everytime. Could you please help me with this...running out of new passwords. And it is very annoying.

SUE HINKLE 4/14/14 6:00AM

Someone Has Hacked Into My Account And I've Forgotten The Password And Email. I Would Like This Page Shut Down Because It Is Causing Major Problems In My Home. I Have Started A New Page. The One To Close Is "rudy Cruz". I Can Be Reached At For Further Details. Thank You In Advance For Your Cooperation.

Rudy Cruz 4/10/14 1:24PM

I cannot log into my FB account. I opened account with a yahoo email, but that email is no longer active, I believe that is why I can no longer log into FB.

I gave FB my new google email, did what FB asked me to do, but my account is now locked. They said the photo of my license is blurry. I WANT MY ACCOUNT UNLOCKED, AND RE-ACTIVATED, PLEASE. I am not very happy right now. I NEED MY FB ACC"T> PLEASE!!!!!!

don't remember 4/8/14 6:19PM

No customer support!! BUT HAS A LAW ENCORMENT LINE ON THE FACEBOOK SO CALLED CUSTOMER SUPPORT NUMBER!! What a joke!!! I am going to file a Better Business report !!!! The help center doesn't even load for me!!! I hate you Facebook !!!

Traci 4/8/14 6:44AM

I recently received a message in regards to some friends I tried to befriend these are people that I do know and grew up with lots of people only know me by my nickname so this is the reason why they are not answering to my friend requests at the same time my account was compromised because I forgot my password they reset itva few times andvi still can not sign in please help me

lehayoung 4/7/14 7:22AM

I was unfairly blocked from posting and tried for over 2 hours to find a way to file a grievence. Couldnt find one on the site even though there was something stating contact grievence officer it went no where.
I also foumd there is no phone support. This is extremely frustrating. So far I have found that there is no customer service and that makes me wonder about the integretity of facebook as a company.
Everyone should have the right to a way to discuss their side of a situation.
I was blocked from posting because somone who didnt like my political opinions complained. I said nothing profane. I made no threats. I simply said that someone was a funny idiot. This got me blocked after I had been called stupid and retarded as well as other things. I went back to that same post. No less than 10 other people used the term idiot and they were not using it playfully, as a matter a fact I was called an idiot by 2 different people. I see they are still posting. Also comments were made about people should be dead or somone wished them dead. I said nothing like this, yet they are still posting and I was blocked.
I have freedom of speech and I did not violate facebooks rules. Someome just didnt like my opinion. Yet the rules were violated numerous times by others who were not blocked.
I have seen so much vulgar, profane and offenvive commets on facebook that I am furious that I was blocked for something so minor.
I would like an explanation of this asap!!

Terry Turner Joyce 4/4/14 11:07PM

My brother has passed away in oct and we where want to shut down his facebook account and all memorials page that have been set upoand his email address is leytonbigman@facebook .com and we just don't have his password for it thank you sarahsteward would be very grateful if you could contact me on

sarah steward 4/4/14 10:00AM

Don't waste your time ringing Facebook Corporate office,all you get is a recorded message telling you to use the online services.
I am getting really annoyed with the FACEBOOK POLICE Blocking me sending friend request to people in the WHO DAT PACK as I only send request to people with the same interests,& as I live in Australia,it makes it very difficult for me to add new friends who are as passionate as I am when it comes to the New Orleans SAINTS.
I have sent many complaints to facebook regarding this very matter & each & everytime they have FAILED to respond.
I find their attitude RUDE,DISRESPCTFUL & ARROGENT.

tony dawson 3/13/14 3:08PM

Please Help!! I cannot access my Facebook account! I just changed jobs and I did not update my new email address and phone # in facebook settings. I went in changed my password and went back to sign in and forgot it. I keep trying to do the friend code process but it keeps coming up WE CANNOT SEND IT TO YOUR EMAIL AT THIS TIME TRY A DIFFERENT EMAIL. What do I do now??? :( The email address the account is under right now I cannot access Thank,You!!

Mike P. 2/28/14 10:15PM

my account in facebook was been hacked by someone and when I recover my email account I was to surprise that another email was added but I never know that email address I try to delete it but still its appear when you want to recover I was shock when I found that I have almost 3,800 from topface badoo but I never use it before ... can you please give me assistant to recover my email again and my facebook account thanks.

glecy 2/22/14 3:58AM

yes i have been informed that charges been taken out of my card amount of &67.08 from july 2014 to feb 2014 I have read reports of this happing a lot I did not make them and not happy about it and if someone don't get ahold of me I will take further action on this matter I want my money put back on my card as soon as possible if no one can answer phones then why is facebook ripping off people and no one can get ahold of anyone on facebook I want a phone call back today as soon as possible then I will give my card number out so you can fix the problem thank you Brenda

CherokeeBiker 2/21/14 9:45AM

i forgot my password and i cant remeber what it is i tried everything people at facebook i kno you kno everyones password so can you tell me mines.the email for the lost password

dman 2/20/14 7:38PM

Dear FB, although I have not made friend requests of anyone I don't know, and I have monitored my own page for any pending friend requests, of which there have been none, and even though I continue to change my password and ensure that no one has access to my account (because I have not given my password to my two cats), you have continued to ban me from making friend requests repeatedly, for months now.

You have failed to respond to my requests under the FOIA for proof of these alleged friend requests. You have also failed to lift the bans or respond to my correspondence in a timely manner.

Your actions also limit my existing conversations and group conversations with people I know, work with, work for, raise money with or for, to include support groups and veterans groups.

In short, your actions are not only discriminatory, but also negligent and malicious.

As there have been no unwanted friend requests made (because everyone requested has accepted) and because you have provided zero proof and zero response, the only real, existing basis for your actions are discriminatory retaliation against my outspoken views on Constitutional Rights, Veterans Affairs, Washington corruption, White House Corruption, and for sharing the firsthand accounts from the special forces veterans on the ground in Benghazi.

You cannot have "too many complaints" from people you don't know, when you're not making any friend requests to people you don't know... especially when you're barely making any friend requests at all!!

As promised, my complaints are in the process of being filed with a whole litany of agencies, including, but not limited to, the FCC, the Texas State Attorney General's Office, the California State Attorney General's Office, the Offices of the Governor for the states of Texas and California, the United States Attorney General, and other state and federal law enforcement agencies to investigate complaints of censure, discrimination, violation of freedom of speech, harassment, cyber bullying, interference with national and international communications, and a few other issues.

I was nice and polite many months ago when asked "What is this all about" What the heck are you talking about?"

Now I'm well beyond the "WTF is your problem?" stage.

I am a well-known, easy-going, disabled Army combat veteran who spends time raising money for veterans and survivor families. I put the freedom of the people of this nation first... and unlike press secretary Jay Carney, Freedom is not a "buzzword" for me.

You have failed to operate in good faith or respond to requests in a timely manner.

Knowing the system by which the networks develop leads for stories, I am utilizing my writing skills and experience as a journalist, to make sure that my story about FB and how it's either a bully or it's being hacked daily, is out there on every public forum from Facebook to RipOff dot com.

The last thing I need is to be using a product that is either run by idiots or is being hacked on a regular basis... because it most certainly is one of the two, and I'm done with trying to be nice and work with an unresponsive cyber entity that is nothing more than some rich child's play toy with no more thought about the user than how much ad space can be sold on each sidebar.

No worries though, I'm due to be in California in a few weeks and time allowing, I can pay a visit to the HQ and settle this in person... since you've simply avoided me and my inquiries-turn-demands.


Tex 2/9/14 8:46PM

I think that fb don't do enough to protect their customers identities and information.I'v tried to log on to my fb,and when they send me the code to my phone I never get it or I will reset it and try it with the new password and it said invalid code..Just recently I got a text from my daughter,and I text her back.She thought I was some body else that she was texting on fb.. well this kid has been useing my cell nummber for his fb..YES he can get all my personal information..I also can't log onto my fb anymore... You can't even contact Facebook to have the problem solved your email never hear back from them....samething with my gmail acount jow can you fix it?

Anonymous 2/8/14 9:26PM

Facebook is pocketing billion of dollars by big money investors and while the end-users by the million go without any security safeguard. The FCC or the Federal Government should hold hearings on the lack of security and quality of service provided to its customer. There is not any software controls in place to confront the hacking and scamming with their product. Facebook has centrally linked itself to all communciation spheres. Facebook customers need to call their congressmen or women on these consumer issues.

Anonymous 2/3/14 6:36PM

Facebook,,,,, please please please help me!!!! I recently dropped my phone and cracked the screen. Went to the us cellular store and they got me into a new phone. when the representative downloaded the facebook app and tried to put in my info she messed it up somehow. I cannot get into my account. I have tried everything possible. A new password and it won't send the email with the sms link, the help screens are no help to me. all I get is a not valid comment. I have a beauty shop and need my account. I have clients who private message me about appointments. please help me with this!! I have tried the phone numbers and they just give me a message and hang up. I have sent emails and I get a note that I should just go to the help screen... am running in circles and getting nowhere...

Michelle Krause Hurst 2/3/14 2:02PM

I believe my fb account has been hacked. I don't want to log onto my account as to avoid any further intrusions. I just want to contact them and tell them to disable my account. No way to call them REALLY????? Very disappointing Mark Z! many posts about accounts being hacked and what is the word from Facebook? How would we know, we cant' speak to them. WPW

Anonymous 1/26/14 2:10PM

URGENT: Please help...I had a stalker situation that led me to report the man to the local police at the end of November. It has now been reported to me that this man is now spying on me via mutual friends' fb pages. Since I unfriended and blocked him, I can no longer see who our mutual friends are, which means I can't contact them to let them know I'm being stalked. Short of posting it to my timeline, I don't know what else to do. I believe it is FaceBook's responsibility to keep site members safe from stalkers and it is time that someone there figured out how to allow all communications with and all mutual friends I share with someone that I have blocked to remain viewable to me. I have gone out of my way not to react as far as contacting the stalker goes...I just want him out of my life and out of my business. I believe that is FaceBooks responsibility.

Enough Is Enough 1/26/14 12:56PM

There are MULTIPLE/SERIOUS issues going on with Facebook right now! Things are getting moved around again, deleted, things being posted by possible hackers/spammers that WE OURSELVES DID NOT POST, and a couple of hours ago, my account went down completely. I can still log in, but the last time took OVER 1 `1/2 HOURS! And the ONLY thing visible at the present time is the search bar @ the top of what is SUPPOSED TO BE my home page, & everything to the right of that, i.e., Home, Find Friends, Post (w/pencil icons). I have started, re~started, scanned, re~scanned & have done EVERYTHING until I'm about ready to freakin' SCREAM! At one point, I COULDN'T EVEN LOG OUT! And NOW, when I DO get to log back in, I have to change my damn password...EACH & EVERY TIME! And going to the "Help Page" is a joke! THIS TIME, I'm STILL waiting on the Help Page to come completely up, and it's been 2 hours! I did get through all the B.S. one time & was ACTUALLY, BELIEVE IT OR NOT able to report my account as COMPROMISED! You know...where you report it as such & if it's deemed "compromised," then Facebook recovers it for you! HA, yeah like THAT really worked! It logged me back in alright...but STILL CAN'T DO friends' list visibile, can't bring up my new notifications, etc. The ONLY thing that was visible this LAST TIME, was a couple of posts on the Home Page! And that's it! Things are getting SERIOUS & people are losing VALUABLE information, etc. because of this! And the ONLY help we get is a reporting system that takes FOREVER to access, and then after we go through the process...IF WE CAN GET IT TO EVEN WORK...of reporting, then we get that automated msg. that Facebook DOESN'T respond to every message! WELL, THEY NEED TO! THINGS ARE BAD! I AM IN THE MIDDLE OF SOMETHING ON FACEBOOK THAT I HAVE TO BE ABLE TO MONITOR & I CANNOT DO SO, BUT EVERY SINGLE DAY MORE & MORE PEOPLE ARE REPORTING BEING HACKED, & AT TIMES, LOSING EVERYTHING ON THEIR ACCOUNTS! As I said, I've done EVERYTHING, including contact 2 people with IT degrees who do this for a living! HOW CAN WE REPORT ANYTHING/HAVE ANYTHING FIXED IF WE CAN'T GET ANY ANSWERS? I can't afford to start over/lose time like this! And believe me when I tell you, there are THOUSANDS+ OF US GOING THROUGH THIS RIGHT NOW! And MANY of us are NOT in the financial position to PAY for help that we SHOULD get for free!

Tammy Shaw 1/24/14 11:01AM

I received message from Facebook on Jan. 13 stating I won their random Monday drawing for $1 million a year for life. It said to click 'claim cash ' button which I did. Then whole message disappeared. It probably is a scam and is very upsetting. On the off chance it is legit how can I claim prize? Called tech support who said it probably is legit and msg. should reappear if we had computer cleaned up. We did that but again no msg. reappeared. Please investigate this-if not legit I think it borders on fraud. Please help me!!!!

Kathy Huth 1/14/14 10:08AM

Please help!! I have a stalker that's trying every name in the book to get on my page- I have reported this years ago with nothing being done - and I also reported it again last year- it's been going on for years - the only thing FB got going is block - well blocking DO NOT WORK!!!! She only use another fake name using my friends as mutual ....

Londa Allen 1/13/14 11:56PM

A few years ago I reported a person that have been sending me fake friend request over 20 times using different names- and I also reported last year the same problem from the same person- Every time I caught her she come with another fake profile - this had been going on for years- no one never did nothing to make this person stop - blocking does not work- they just try another name- FB is becoming a big joke and this is how people get hurt because the FB team look don't care- to them it's your problem you fix it with blocking- WELL THAT DON'T WORK!!!!!!

Londa Allen 1/13/14 11:49PM

For weeks now, been trying to reactivate my facebook acct, but it's impossible to confirm my email. When I hit Help, it stays on page where it won't let me enter the confirmation code it FINALLY sent me, after a dozen attempts to get THAT! When I manually enter their main address, I get the very same useless page! I didn't even want to reactivate, but people with whom I want to connect've asked me if I'm w/fb. So frustrating!! Oh, & their Corp #s? Can't get a human. They just refer me to their extremely user-UNfriendly site!:(

marcie castello 1/2/14 4:53PM

Someome has hacked into my fb account and send all my contacts hate mail and using my profile and leaving a fake number can you please help me me

Ebejackson-Hayes 12/31/13 4:34PM

facebook will suspended your accouont for no apparent reason then when u try to find out why they direct u in all different directions and still not finding what u need.

donna reardon 12/17/13 7:34AM

I tried to call the head office today and only got a recording run around. Every time I TRY to log into facebook you makes me change my password using codes because you will NOT except the password I used from the last time logging in. This caused me to stop using my other facebook (which caused me to loose friends). I would like for someone, anyone to call me via my cell to fix this issue PLEASE. The only reason my family & I even do facebook is so we can ALL stay in touch as we live so far away from each other. If I can't do this they say there is no reason for any of us to use facebook.

daddysfrogie1959 12/16/13 8:49AM

I deactivated my Facebook and went to go reactivate it and even tried presenting my password but I log in and it logs back out. I want it reactivated and be able to long into the app. Thank you. Theresa Paynter

theresa paynter 11/30/13 3:33PM

I am being poked on Facebook constantly. I have no idea who it is, how to see it, and how to stop it. I have posted several times on Facebook regarding this issue to no avail. I am trying to find a way to contact Facebook regarding this issue as there is no answer on the site. Very frustrating.

Anonymous 11/17/13 4:19PM

Last friday for no apparent reason face book put a two day block on my account. It stated that my IP address has been blocked for up to two days for going to fast and misusing a feature. It has been eight days now and I am still blocked. I have tried the help center repeatedly to no avail. I understand that somehow I violated some rule I wasn't aware of, by no means was it intentional.I have no way of contacting them, they are totally unavailable to the user.

debbiepopp 11/2/13 8:19PM

Hi facebook we live in austraila qld my 14yr old son had his fbk hacked as did his email and xbox live we done the new forms but he sent no emails to anyone. and he couldent really think what he filled out on his sign up to facebook when he first joined it. every time we had been hacked into we asked for new codes the hackers got that then changed our emails and facebook passwords . can someone help us everything on his fbk like his family photos/all his football/awards photos which is so dear to him are blocked out to him his last

Anonymous 11/1/13 1:15AM

I thought Facebook was for everybody to become friends and meet people??? when I first got on Facebook I got blocked right away from having too many friend request and now I'm completely block because they say that I am NOT who I say I am.. I have never pretend to be anybody but who I say I am.. I never got time to let the other people that I friend requested to send a request back I guess everybody's not welcome on Facebook huh???? I'll talk to a lot of people and they said they've never heard anything like that before they request anybody they want and nothing ever happens what makes me so different if there is a difference please let me know

James long 10/16/13 1:49PM

You say on your terms of service that you don't tolerate misleading comment! But you do tolerate them, and though I pointed it out to you, some robot in the office just typed in the usual automatic blather.

I am extremely offended by comments on Preserve Our Paradise last week when they accused my husband of being "fraudulent!!!!"

Finally someone called you and got thru and you took it DOWN!

But now they're posting a "projected budget", but they left out the "projected" part and are misleading--misleading--misleading people by putting it in there and intimating that my husband spent all that money...when the money isn't even there!!!!...cuz it's PROJECTED!!!! They're telling this as a half-truth, the way Rush Limbaugh says crap. How would you like someone to do this to you??? This is HORRIBLE AND BULLYING AND NASTY AND WRONG AND YOU JUST DON'T DO ANYTHING! I certainly feel bullied and this has never happened to me in my life, but now that some coo-koo is mad, YOU ARE LETTING HER ADVERTISE IT TO THE WORLD.!!!! tHIS IS HORRIBLE AND AWFUL AND IT IS WRONG!!!

TAKE SOME RESPONSIBILITY YOURSELF! Misleading is #10 in your rules of "Safety" in comments. Use it. Read it!!!

jane carroll 10/14/13 5:37PM

My account keeps getting hacked by estranged son, Susanne Spell McCormick, is there anyway to help? I got the help of friends, the codes, and they did not work.You need to make it fixed by allowing the call to my cell phone ONLY, maybe security questions too-only! No back up passwords like Google=BAD!

Anonymous 9/26/13 9:54AM

Why does Facebook want you to connect with people but when you send to many friends request you get blocked it doesnt make any sense.

cedarridgefarm 9/19/13 12:00PM

SO FB ARE THE ONES DISCRIMINATING AGAINST CHRISTIAN VIEWERS? So fb is doing the same thing to other targeted individuals as it has done to me for the LAST 9 HOURS? And theese collective acts, equal to TORTURE & HATE CRIMES?

ladyNred402 9/17/13 7:22PM

I no longer have an account with facebook for almost a year. I keep getting unsolicited text messages on my phone even as late as 11:30 pm. I am keeping a log of this and will now find an over priced lawyer for advice on suing you for harassment. These text messages are borderline stalking and they better stop.

Anonymous 9/9/13 9:57PM

I heard that Facebook has postings were adoptive parents can find people to give away their children to if the adoption 'doesn't work out'. I think Facebook should shut this down, just as Yahoo did, when they found websites were this was happening. Adoptive children are not disposable children, and should not be given away at all, but especially to strangers that haven't been cleared by social services as passing a background check. For all these parents know, they could be giving their children away to child abusers. Facebook, please shut these sites down!!!

Laurice 9/9/13 7:33AM

My chat feature keeps disappearing and I am unable to use it to communicate. This problem has been going on for over a week. Please HELP!! I have logged in on other computers and the problem still exists which indicates to me that it is a problem with FB and not my computer.

Claudia Schaffer Spiniolas 8/28/13 11:24AM

I have also tried to call the number listed on this page. If it is not intended for communication to Face Book Corp. Please remove it. It only serves to irritate your valued customers.

My complaint: my sister Debi Hershner passed away over a year ago but sam is using her Face Book account to send diet messaging to her family and friends. The message appears to come from her. IMAGINE how shook up we were with the first one- which I reported. It just does not get any better. I love and miss her. We do not want to shut down her page because we use it as a memorial and write on it when we feel the need. The message has a Fox News emblem on it sometimes.

Sue Bell 8/19/13 6:27AM

You just but 1 855 number up for password help was up for.second. Could not get it please send

Sadie Beth Acker 8/12/13 1:49PM

Been trying to get on all day. You keep sending me codes I put them in and keeps telling me I put in wrong code. It's the code you sent. Then says I tried to many codes for the day. Also says I am getting on from an unknown device.same one I always use

Sadie Beth Acker 8/12/13 1:45PM

I am a Facebook member, and I saw a webpage with some cheap sneakers so I re-posted it and all of a sudden my page is shutdown as a spammer? I am a State Employee and have no intentention of being a damned spammer, and the way you folks have to reverify my account is frustratingly impossible. Look at the history of my account and see if I have ever been responsible for any spam before. I work in PUBLIC SAFETY!!!

Conrad M, Shaw 8/11/13 4:19PM

I've been harassed and wrongly spammed by another user... yet when I complained to face book, I never got a reply!!! Now my page that I've had since 2008 has been blocked from commenting, posting etc... I've done NOTHING wrong yet my privileges have been revoked... and I am blocked from creating another page.. how do I rectify this situation as there are no phone numbers, or addresses to contact... UHG! this is so frustrating... Facebook WAS the place to be online.. and now it seems face book has run it's course and we need a new public forum... it seems that only the rude - nude - vulgar - and money scamers are allowed there...

Laurin Suffern 8/11/13 4:35AM

Hi, I msg you guys a couple of days ago about me not being able to Like, Share, e-mail or even being able to write a Post. The problem was fixed ONLY for a couple of hours and now I can't Like, Share, e-mail or Write a Post again. Can someone please fix this problem for me?

Anonymous 8/4/13 9:51AM

Dear Sir,
Could you please comment as to why you block Christians on Facebook? Are there questions you have about this faith and because of your ignorance you view Christianity as abusive, unsafe and spammy,such as your view of Unstoppable?
I do not have Facebook but my kids do. Perhaps we should tell fellow friends and family to get out of Facebook because it is unsafe and abusive to Christians. Do you consider my view of you as wrong? Please let me know ASAP.

Anonymous 7/20/13 6:17AM

I called this number. No voicemail No answer. Lousy customer service

Anonymous 6/29/13 11:12AM

---------------------------------------------------------- Just so everyone on my friends list knows that I completed this and I am done! Facebook has changed their privacy settings once more!! Due to the new "graph app" anyone on facebook (including other countries ) can see your pictures, likes & comments. The next 2 weeks I will be posting this, and please once you have done it please post DONE!!! Those of you who do not keep my information from going... out to the public, I will have to DELETE YOU! I want to stay PRIVATELY connected with you. I post shots of family that I don't want strangers to have access to! This happens when friends click "like" or "comment"....automatically, their friends would see our posts, too. Unfortunately, we cannot change this setting by ourselves because Facebook configured it that way. PLEASE place your mouse over my name above (DO NOT CLICK), a window will appear,now move the mouse on "FRIENDS" (also without clicking), then down to "settings", click here and a list will appear. REMOVE the CHECK on "LIFE EVENTS and "COMMENTS & LIKES". By doing this, my activity among my friends and family will no longer become public. Now, copy & paste this on your wall. Once i see this posted on your page, I will do the same. Thank
you. done

LITTLEMESA2 6/16/13 12:11AM

Someone has created a fake profile on Facebook under my name, not only this thatpperson has also edited a photo of a girl wearing a bikini and pasted my face on it and make it the profile picture of that profile. It's really depressing for me. I'm under depression at the moment & wish Facebook cud help me. I had also reported that profile on Facebook but didn't get a positive feedback. Moreover that person is sending friend requests to my family & trying to spoil my image & my life. plz help me if u can. I can provide documentation & picture to prove that it's my name & face on the fake profile pic. Plz help me

miss kaur 6/6/13 2:43AM

The above account is of a dead person Late barun datta.He is no more. but somebody who is operating his account with the pass word is mischief terrific. we are shocked with the matter, even till today the reason of his death is unknown but suspected some one may have provoked him for some thing ,but all his close friends are shocked with this. please check the detail to forward with positive answer from your department ,if you need, we may provide all necessary supporting document to your department. I am her elder sister.

srabani basu 5/16/13 11:38PM

I wish Facebook would not "interrogate" me every time I want to hide a posting on my page. Let me delete it for heaven's sake and go on with my life. I hate those damned questions. The questions you ask about why I am hiding a post are so unnecessary. My page gets cluttered; I don't need to keep posts on it forever. That's it-no one needs to know why I want to delete an article or post. The world does not care.

susan harrison 5/12/13 8:54PM

Facebook blocked me for 7 days from messaging beacause I used my email address to request friends. I di not request any further friends and I am now blocked for an additional 14 days now for taking no activity whatsoever (no friend requests.hen doe sit end. I want to remove all friend requests that were made at the beginning. The policy is unfair because it does not allow the requester to hear his/he rsid eof anything. So anyone can halt activity of another even if they are acquanited with that person.

patrick oswald 5/8/13 11:06PM

I need to delete album at one time in groups. There used to be an edit button but now it is gone. The suggestions you give are invalid. Also in the forum many are complaining of the the same issue for weeks!!!!!!!!!!

m 5/8/13 4:01PM

You block people for doing what Facebook is all about. Marie new friends, but then when we do you block us. That has to be the absolute stupidest think imaginable. Yes, I've sent off friend requests to people that I don't know, but would like to get to know. Be it for business or just for friends. What is the matter with that? That's why we are all here. TO MAKE FRIENDS !!!!!!! You act as if you all are kings, queens or're none of them, you're just plain human just like everyone who uses Facebook. Just because you work for Facebook doesn't give you the right to make these decisions, never giving us a chance to say anything. You all need to change your stupid policy, and let people do just what this site was designed for!!

Santabear 5/7/13 3:23PM

I was relieved to see I was not the only one who is in cyber purgatory with Facebook. I have been LOCKED OUT of my account AND sending e-mails to Facebook. As this sight says the help support line is no longer supporting. I too have tried all their on-line help with no results. I don't have a phone with text, so they want my ID. Cannot figure out how to transfer what I scanned to my files into my e-mail, I have Windows8 w/Internet Explorer. My e-mail to Facebook are being returned to sender. Do not know if Facebook has a fax. They even had the nerve to send ME an E-mail telling me I have missed important notifications & reports from my friends. It showed their profile photos & what type of post, but only a link to my page which I can't access. UNREAL! One of the posts was a status report from my niece who is expecting and I can't access what is probably a photo. I'M SO UPSET! This has been going on for a week. Is there any other help that doesn't involve payments, trials, contracts or subscriptions?

Frantic in FL 5/7/13 2:30PM

I went to log on. When I see where I was accused of sending friends request to people I don't know and to check the box saying I did it. I have never sent anyone I didn't know a friends request. I only accepted friends request. I think it was wrong for face book to accuse me of things I didn't do. There is many many names on my page asking to accept or ignore friends. If I wanted to have friends I didn't know I would click that. I have not clicked that box yet because I did nothing wrong for face book to accuse me of. If they think I have they should be able to show me who or some proof. Because I have not done that and am sick with cancer and taking radiation treatments. I am sixty six years old I have no time or feel like playing games with people on facebook. I only wanted to talk to family and friends. My family is all out of state. It takes to long to call everyone being sick and doing radiation every day. How does people I don't know message me saying nasty things. I did not invite them at all. I just ignore them, but how was they able to do it. I messaged back and told them not to message me any more. That is the only person I didn't know. I hope face book can show me how they arrived at this when I didn't do anything. I have no intentions of talking to anyone who doesn't want to talk to me. I would appreciate an answer please.

threebooksback 5/1/13 8:12PM

I have emailed Facebook four times about a continuing problem with pictures disappearing and items posted under books, movies etc with no results - BOTTOM LINE is Facebook has gotten two big and does give a crap about the LITTLE GUYS that made them millions of dollars - They follow the same business plan as eBay - Let the public build their business and then screw them - I bet Facebook NEVER reads any of these comments - If they do they should be embarrassed

Need Help 4/30/13 5:59AM

What are our rights here on facebook, I have tried many times to get in touch with a live person to talk about something and I keep getting told that I need to pay for this help or question I have. I lost my job because some one hacked a account and cut and pasted information they had no right to do. The person is on here and makes it there mission in life to spend many hours on here looking informatin up on others, she is a very mean and vendictive person, she had no right to do what she did, who caan I talk to about this...

Anonymous 4/22/13 6:00AM

im sick of always being told my password is wrong,i have had to change my password to meany times. I get on for one day but when I try to get on again im told that its not the right pass word ive had a friend to try to post and let friends and family that I will not be returning to face again because im tired of changing pass words.facebook is sad.

sorry 4/12/13 11:42AM

I am very disappointed with the treatment of myself as a Facebook user. After three day effort I have not received any support for accessing my account I have been using for two years!!
After changing my privacy setting on ,my account, sign-on screen declares that "Someone May Have Accessed Your Account".
That someone was myself and despite sending 6 copies of my passport as proof of identity, there was no reaction from the company support team. CAN SOMEONE BE PROACTIVE AND RESOLVE MY ISSUE ??

Anonymous 4/3/13 11:34PM

Your personnel continuously and consistantly block me from my Facebook account, while letting others post atrocious, malignant, repulsive comments and posts to my account. Plus, they send me photos and comments from people I don't even know nor ever heard of. They, plague me with comments about other peoples new comments, or updates, or requests to find friends. Furthermore, they can never find my account nor my passcode. Therefore, I am being told to create a new account. Now, I am finding out that I am being blocked from my account because of opening new accounts.

It is no wonder that you don't have technical assistance nor a developer to contact. You have too much egg on your faces!

Mamasita43; ie, 007Charlie; ie, 3/31/13 10:15PM

I have friends on here and all my messages are gone and they are not on my friends lists messages say it has been reported as spam or abusive and there was none of that now i can not contact or find them and cant retrieve my messages

Anonymous 3/26/13 10:32PM

My name is Bernadette Kenney Costello. Yesterday, I went ,on Facebook and people I didn't even know were congradulating me on my weight loss. This AD went to my friends and family and their friends (who I didn't know).
I reported this problem on Help (Facebook). I didn't hear back from anyone. This caused me a lot of embarrassement. Plus, I didn't give anyone permission to send out that AD or virus.
Please get back to me as soon as possible.

Bernadette Kenney Costello 3/26/13 6:58PM

I have been unable to log in to my account for several weeks. I set up a security code to protect the account so that when Logging in from an unrecognized device it would send a text message to me. The text messages stopped coming so I can't log in. I have tried using a recognized device and it still doesn't work. The idea that a company as large as Facebook not having ANY form of Customer Service is disgusting. It isn't just enough to get people to use the product the idea is to keep them and with type, or lack of, service; I will make everyone I know aware that Facebook is okay as long as you don't have issues that your can't use the HELP area for. It is disheartening that you care so little. I have to say the WORST experience I have every had with any company. Ever heard of the Better Business Bureau? I'm going there next.

Miranda 3/26/13 5:34AM

My little sister has been missing for 2 days..and there is no way I can get into her facebook nor get help from facebook to see if I can get any information from her messages..

kimmw2 3/25/13 10:21AM

I can't believe that facebook doesn't have any other way than this for its customers to settle their grievances. From what I just read and from what I have heard from others you're doing a terrible job at customer service. I would give you an F, write it in red ink and circle it for good measure, like teachers do in school. You need to set up a 1-800 number where customers can speak to a live person.

And now to MY grievance! I am the family genealogist. Do you know what that means? For over 43 years I have been tracing my family's ancestors. I started on my paternal side, but have branched out to include my maternal side, my husband's family and now my daughter-in-law's family.

Because I have worked for so long(and so hard)I have managed to bring the family history forward and have found lots of cousins thanks to sites like I then have looked on facebook and found these same cousins and reached out to them, wanting to share our family history with them. Some of them(I'm not going to name names)are actually cousins I have met in the past. Their parent and my parent were first cousins. We have been in each other's homes. And I am very tired of being blocked for harassment for a month and unable to make any new friends on facebook. It is absolutely galling to me that you would threaten me with permanently blocking me from being able to make new friends or send messages, etc. These people are my FAMILY! I have spent all but 14 years of my life doing this! If my son, daughter-in-law and 17-month-old granddaughter were not on facebook I'd tell you to take a flying leap. But, they(my FAMILY)are the only reason I'm not deleting my account. But, you can bet your booties that I will never play a game or buy ANYTHING from facebook. I want all of the ads removed from my pages. And I want OFF schoolfeed. I have tried to delete that stupid thing so many times. And I want ALL of the GAMES taken off. I'm here to connect with family and friends. NOT to do stupid pet tricks!!!


Ann Mills Percha 3/17/13 6:34AM

yesterday my facebook account was locked up stating it has been flagged as a fake account i cant get back in to it i have had the account for many years its my real account with my real name i don't know why this was done to me or who did this to me but its not fair all i know is i want my account back i don't understand why the captchas isn't enough i don't pay that much attention to everyone of my friends pictures so i am failing at the guess the picture tests and this just isn't fair i don't want to lose the account i have had for years and all the progress i have made on the games because some jealous inconsiderate person out to make my life a living hell :(

hellsangel33 3/11/13 7:40AM

I do not know how my facebook account was placed from my every day chatting/gaming account to an account for advertising. I do not have anything to advertise in the first place. I just want my account back the way it was.

SailorScoutsUnite 3/10/13 2:47PM

We are trying to delete our Facebook accounts because me and my fiancée don't feel safe anymore we both feel harrassed with the situations so can u please allow us to be removed

Ben Williams of Atlanta GA. Email address and my name is Annetta Patten. Email address please pay immediately attention to thank u very much

Ben Williams/Annetta Patten 3/3/13 2:18PM

I havnt used my facebook account in a year and a half, it was never deleted. When I returned to facebook recently to try to delete it, I used their "forgot your password" option only to find out my email has been tied to a different facebook account! some spanish person, and I dont even speak spanish!

I get emails in spanish from facebook referring to me as this other person, and my real facebook account is just sitting there in limbo! But thats not even why im mad, I JUST WANT CUSTOMER SERVICE to solve this problem! where are they, I dont want cold unhelpful forms, ive already filled too many with no results!

FRUSTRATED 2/9/13 9:26AM

I had my FB account hackett over and over again! I hate it and I had my closes friends tell me why did you say mean things to me what did I do?? I said when? And they said today! This was in Dec at the time and they said I said I wanted something really really bad to some one on a page? I said what page let me see?? It scared me and I was ready to cry when I saw it!!cause it was bad and people were saying bad things about me and I deleted it Asap and I started freaking out thinking OMG!!! I don't ever or would ever hurt or wish harm on anyone!!! I need your help cause now I don't want to be the blame for it please help!!!!!! I can't eat or sleep cause I'm super scared and nervous and I wish I wasnt! I'm despreet please help!! And thank you for your time!!!

BipolerBear23@Facebook 2/1/13 12:49AM

Hi about a week and a half it showed that i needed to verify my contact information then i needed to upload a copy of my license, which i did but covered up everything, now i can't sign on and my friends say my page comes up network error. I would love to be able to enjoy facebook again but any ideas what to do now?

Anonymous 1/31/13 1:06PM

I have been unable to log on to FB for several days now. I've changed passwords, and done everything humanly possible on my end to log on.
I keep getting a page that says I need to download a government issued ID.
I did this with EXTREME hesitation - And blocked out most of the information. however, I still am unable to log on. at this point I'd like to log on to delete my account. I do not want my information on this site any further. WHAT IS GOING ON THAT I CAN NOT LOG ON! I'm not the only person this is happening to either. Google...FB asking for ID and you'll see the number of people this is happening to

beatrice 1/23/13 10:46AM

Everything works on our desktop computer except Facebook. I was told by a computer service (geek squad) to call Facebook. However, when I call 650-543-4800 the recording says they don't take calls and to click on help on your facebook page. I CAN'T DO THIS BECAUSE I CAN'T GET INTO FACEBOOK! Now What?????

Babs 1/13/13 8:49PM

I have not used my FB account nor accessed my FB page for nearly a year due to an employment move that I won't go into here. I now tried to access my FB account/page with a new computer and immediately got the message that FB does not recognized my new "device" and would not open my FB page. As a result, FB has "temporarily locked" my account. As with every other FB user on this blog/post, I cannot talk with anyone in FB customer service leaving me completely helpless to resolve the issue and access my FB account/page. I have never in my 40 plus years of buying any product or joining any electronic consumer service of any kind been treated so poorly with complete disregard to help with questions and/or problems with using said service. The instructions above warn about using profanity. In my attempt to state my complete disgust with FB on this post/blog, I have obviously declined to use profanity in narrative herein; however, the warning notwithstanding, I would have used every profane and socially discusting word from my considerable vocabulary to underscore my anger and frustration with this company that is so arrogant as to completely ignore the needs of their subscribers.

XLAggieFan 1/9/13 6:31PM

I have been a facebook user for 3 years and yesterday I clicked on a link on a friends page and quickly realized it was not a valid link (something from Zodio)the next thing I know I am locked out of my account. No matter how many times I follow the directions and change my password and answer the security questions I cannot log back in. I want now to be able to at least deactivate my account so the pictures of my kids and my information is no longer out there. I can see my page through my daughters FB but cannot log in myself. This is horrible and your HELP site is not helpful. I have done everything it has said and I cannot log in and there is no one to talk with to get help. I keep getting a message that says my browser may have been infected with malware but my antivirus says otherwise. I have reported all this through proper channels with FB still no help. I had no idea that when you had problems with FB that it would not be there to help. SO Please is there someone who can help me at least figure out how to log in so I can at least deactivate my account if FB no longer wants me to be a customer.
Sheree Stoothoff

Sheree (McCall) Stoothoff 1/2/13 7:09PM

I received four or five security notifications where I was required to type in specific passwords before I could share or even make a post. Then I received a message saying that my posting privileges on Facebook are suspended for two days because I was doing too much sharing. I have been doing absolutely nothing different from what I have done on Facebook for years and I have not violated any of Facebook's rules or regulations. I think there is a bug or virus in your system. I can log-in to Facebook BUT can no longer make posts on Facebook. I can't even make this report to you using regular Facebook channels because your system has blocked me from using any Facebook systems. I would appreciate your immediate attention to this problem.

fredscholl 1/2/13 6:53PM

Hello, I am just trying to send messages to my friends but it says that im temporarily blocked from features. my facebook option comments and like option are not response and no add friend ...........comments ,like ,and friend request option are blocked..........please check and improve. I have been having this issue for like a week and Im just paranoid because I cant send messages to my friends. Please facebook help me solve this

thank you

Manuel Zitle 12/31/12 6:28PM

I signed up for fun but never really used the sight, somehow some unknown person charged $200. towards facebook games on my credit card, how does that happen on this sight... I am a senior citizen and have no idea how this happened, if you have an idea let me know thank you....think I might be closing and opening a new accountF

Anonymous 12/28/12 4:33AM

I just read my e-mail and it says i am blocked becase of spam or something like that i am new to the computer all i do is read my e-mails and do my homework for school I this is a mistake

johmil10 12/20/12 9:48PM

One of the biggest and best companies? Any other I know have customer service support. I guess you are too good for us your customers. I will be deleting my accounts, selling my stock and removing my adds from your site. Thanks for all your help and support.

Anonymous 12/17/12 9:53AM

facebook wont load n get a error saying facebook taking longer to respond or timed out an same thing for my iphone n hubbys droid an yet i can go to any browser n load any thing n boom just in a second it loads right away only issue is facebook

Robyn yarbrough 12/17/12 6:08AM

I use frontier for my internet provider and these last couple days, logging into facebook account has not been possible. My wife Christina got in touch with Frontier to ask why facebook was the only thing we were not able to bring up. Frontier says it's something that facebook is doing. Around 9pm last night (12-13-12) I was able to log in and play the games and chat with others but the games kept freezing up. I restarted my computer, I also performed a cleaning of all my cookies and stuff to help speed up my computer. When I attempted to log back into my account, Facebook was again un-reachable. This morning at 9am and at this very moment I still can not log in and to be truthful, I get an error message when I type in I even tried google search to try to log in and I get nowhere. We keep up with our family members this way. I have recently been placing job opening that are here in Richmond Indiana to kinda help those that are unemployed. How soon will Frontier users be able to use their Facebook account.

Benny Rodriquez 12/14/12 7:59AM

Ok the page said 17 folks online to help from FB where are they at my post is days old i still need help !!

diamond sun 12/13/12 10:04AM

Hope this reaches the right person you have some date sites that are not real that are sponsored by facebook hate to think that facebook is hurting for money that you have to take advantage of people thank for making me feel like a fool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

richard hodge 12/11/12 6:22PM

Hi there my account password would not work ,went though the maze to have it reset,got it opened up and back up the day before i went in for surgery got back on it a couple days later and

pass word would not work. Assuming my acct was hacked into i am guessing i was going for a one of a kind for sure password.Well not only could i not get into my yahoo acct but after about 3 times going though the reset page i finally got the page were it asked for your friends names to send the codes to hey that's fine but the choices were all gamers i really do not know i had only one person offered that KNOWS me and knows that is my page.If i had the offer to choose my friends that know me that would not be a problem .But i went along with it and the gamers Im me back saying they got nothing from face book about a code number.The one person that did know me called right away to give me the code.If my acct was got into then for sure my yahoo inflo was hacked to .My page is Diamond Sun and it is up and going as i can view it from a friends computer ,I would really like to get this mess right and back on my page Please!! is my contact email and my second one that WAS on my page that Is still working but i did change that password right away.any help would be great thanks!

diamond sun 12/11/12 5:04PM

my account is temporary lock for 2 days.pls do something.i could not identify the tags. Pls unlock my account...

eshita rod 12/10/12 7:28PM

all of a sudden when i try to sign into facebook there askin fo all personal info including my credit card number including the three diget security coge on back iv'e never seen or heard of this befor

pat 12/10/12 4:42PM

I keep getting a warning for sending spam, the thing is I don't send spam people send it to me. I had asked them to stop. I only talk to family and check on my cab service e. I don't understand there are things I am signed up for that I didn't sign up. Please fix Facebook. It is really bad when i can't speak to my only family when someone somewhere screwed up. Do I need to get my lawyer involved and sue Facebook? I am prepared if this isn't fixed. This is the only way I can talk to my family.

angelbaby97420 12/8/12 9:52AM

i did nothing wrong on my fact i did everything right according to everyone i talked to.....the problem is this...someone spammed my page with a link/virus so i not only reported it asap to facebook but also posted on my page for my friends to delete it from their pages and also report it....then i changed my password for better security. Next day i see that i have a " temporary lock" on my account until i send in my person info to my passbook id or drivers license....obviously they have never heard of Identity thief at facebook... i mean if someone already got onto my account why would i want then to have even more info about fact i did not have to send them that much personal info when i first got my account so what would that even prove to them in the first place??? So now because i did the "right" thing but alerting everyone on my list and their office and changing my password i have now been further punished by losing my account and access to many photos i have taken with my phone and sent right onto page thinking they would be safe.....facebook just sucks..and god forbid you try to get a human to help you....they only offer online help but when you cant log onto an account your 110% screwed and no one picks up any of the phone calls to office.......

Mpbowler1 11/13/12 8:20AM

My name is Kevin J Davis. I am definitely having some "security issues" with my Google accounts - but for the opposite reason that you would normally encounter. I believe I have been seriously "mis-tagged". I got new Dell with an I-3 core, then a Galaxy Tab (with phone number but no phone) and then a Galaxy Stratosphere - which I had to open a New Gmail Address Account, Facebook wanted one for my Stratosphere's Phone Number...THEN I started completely over again due to Google's numerous passwords, and not being able to recognize the same account and password from my other device...finally getting it straight; but as I said: 58, Disabled, and did not grow up in Tech. Age. Then in addition I recently purchased a new domain thru Google for a patent I am working on ( Doing my best, with my Disability, to keep ell

OK, being 58, not really growing up with this whole social networking thing; I figure that if GOOGLE suggests that I may know some people and says that I have "X amount of mutual friends" in common...who may no longer be children, faces/names I may or not recognize (PLEASE DON'T DISCRIMINATE-I AM ON DISABILITY FOR ADHD! - proof easily provided upon request.) So, possibly the fact that my face-recognition is very poor - especially when it comes to kids (in my old church) - is probably a major factor. I do have, and have had several friends on there from IBEW (International Brotherhood of [UNION] Electrical Workers - that are in cities all across the US and Canada...which I have never seen, met, nor even talked to! Yet we are all considered "Brothers and Sisters" in that organization - as we do in church as well.

Now, I have been away from my home-town/home-church in Mo. Valley, IA, since Hurricane Katrina, when I came down to help with Electrical Restoration, and decided to stay. I originally signed up for Facebook to stay in touch with my son who served two terms in Afghanistan with the National Guard.

Recently, I have filled in a bit more of my profile, had to get a second Gmail address - then a third because of basic passwords, application passwords, etc. I, with my disability, am doing my best to learn your fairly complimented system on my own... and as I did Facebook offered suggestions of people I might know. That went great for a few quite a few people that I had lost touch with - both people my age as well as some of the young people which I had worked in the church on Mo. Valley, IA.

Conclusion: unfortunate situation, Disability Accommodation. If this h2o2el patent goes through, Facebook and Google will be esential. Don't know solution - that is not mine to work out - but, what is now a known discrimination issue by Facebook. I don't need the money from a law suite; I just need my access back, please! ADHD and 131 IQ...very smart in some things, very stupid in others.

Kevin J Davis 11/13/12 7:42AM

Hello - I so hope you can help me. I just worked a 14 hour day (I work for the airlines and we are swamped with people who are still stuck on the east coast because of hurricane Sady) - anyways, when I get home I say hi to my kids, play with the ferrets, cats and dog - take a few minutes to unwind and then get stuff done around my house. One of my unwinding things to do is to play the games on facebook. I catch up with the friends and family. Well I go onto my page to day and decide to play a game that I have on my facebook page on my computer, my phone and my ipod. I am jazzed to see that I have reached another level and unlocked another game, cant wait to play it. While waiting for the page to open I check my checking account and there I see a couple of charges for things I have not purchased. The listing in my account says "*" in the amount $40.00 - then when I thought things couldnt get any worse, there is a second charge "* that one in the amount of $100.00. im a single mom working to support 3 kids without the help of their 'donor'. I work and have a great job working for the airlines in reservations - I love me job but I cant afford to buy whatever these charges are for. I cant even afford propane in my tank for heat and its snowing outside. I need this money returned to my checking account. Please I live day to day and I barely am able to do that. Infact without someone stepping in to help us for christmas, we arent going to be able to have christmas. My youngest is 13 and says he understands but I know its hurts him, I really need you to please put this money back into my checking acct. please contact me for that info as soon as possible. please. I was off work for 14 months due to a spinal injury and am just getting back to my job - I cant afford to have this money taken out of my account for things I didnt buy - I dont know what these charges are for. I know I only have a limited amount of money in my account so there I have not been spending any money on any thing. pelase help me.

Iridirina 11/9/12 8:50PM

My facebook has been suspended due to what was referred to as phishing. Please could you do me the favor of sending into my Gmail account the date of birth used in signing up the account in.

Ikayfezzas 11/9/12 5:03AM

MymFacebook account won't show any of my pages. What can I do ?

diddy2 11/8/12 8:32PM

facebook has blocked me due to someone reporting my image....the image is still my avatar which goes to show that facebook isnt even looking into the matter...they just automatically suspend you if someone reports you...which makes facebook a place for bullies....before this they blocked me saying that I was using a fake name....PLEASE UNBLOCK ME! I would really hate to have to get legal on this

Lynne Dee 11/5/12 10:22PM

Your decision to censor free speech WIL NOT BE TOLERATED. I cannot wait until a new social network is set up to compete for your client base.

Larry 10/31/12 11:00AM

I cannot post, like or share anything. Facebook says they have limited my account for security reasons. are they kidding. I support some causes on FB and like pictures and friends comments. How does anyone get resolution. I called the number support and was redirected to a number they say is not a working number

susan appel schneider 10/25/12 1:43PM


Anonymous 10/14/12 10:14AM

I have been trying to get into my Facebook account for a couple days now and it Will not let me, it keeps saying wrong email address but it's the same number I have always used my cell number. my name Is Lisa Dolin and my profile picture I have a green t-shirt on and I would really appreciate it if someone would help me..

Lisa Dolin 10/11/12 6:05AM

my account has been temparory locked, i also submited my ID. Bt stil i am unable to regain my account. Plz active my account as soon as posible. My facebook account and yahoo complitely secure... Kindly look into the mater and solve my problem asap.

meraj 10/10/12 8:30AM

face security has robbed my privacy and protectoin by suspending my account.I do not blieve and rely them. I want to delete my account permanetly any how but after vetifiction process they say,your account is suspended temperorily.what a hell, if was the answer why you verified the account? Pleasr help me if you can. Thanks

Mohammed Hassan Sarwan 10/9/12 9:28PM

My facebook has been suspended saying phishing /scam "suspended temperorily "They have made me changed passward,download software what they said I did. I am a respectable and responsible citizen.They have disconnected me from my friends and family and caused me loss of reputation and waste of time. So I am compelled to delete my my facebook permanently,but they are not providing me a chance for this. I am too much grieved and pained. Please help Pl.. waiting your kind help and co-operation.Thanks.

H.sarwan 10/4/12 9:18PM

My deceased 26 year old son posted on Facebook tonight. It was a link to 21Questions. You are actually giving out user information to feign promoting apps and websites? How incredibly underhanded. Without going into all the details, the loss of my son was very devasting to his family and friends. And now we are seeing a post from him? You don't want me to use foul language? Okay. How about this. I'm going to sue you for harassment and misusing the database that you have solicitated without making it clear that you will use our names and accounts to promote programs, applications that we know nothing about. It is impossible to talk with anyone at your company. How insensitive of you to have my dead child post on Facebook. You are nuts to think that the public will tolerate this indifference. Good bye Facebook. So heart wrenching to see his post. Really creepy company.

Na 9/27/12 8:53PM

im to through with facebook , on sevevral occassions i have tried to reactivate my facebook account as it was compromised and taking over by someone in the uk, i have recieved no support from facebook in aiding me to re-establish my account , i cannot even use my registerd email to re-reigister as facebook is rejecting each attempt to log in what do i do ?

dekmusic 9/24/12 5:48AM

somebody use my photo and info and make the id on the facebook how can i deactivate it plz give me answer as soon as possible the id is akanksha.sinha [email protected]

aakanksha sinha 9/18/12 10:26AM

My Facebook account was hacked and I was bumped off Facebook then Facebook would not let me back on unless I could identify photos of people that I don't even know I have a lot of photos on my wall the spam has been very bad the last few days also there are people I keep getting friend request accepted from people I don't even know and I didn't send a friend request to ? and so Facebook wants me to identity theses photos in order to let me back on Facebook.

lespaulmark 9/17/12 5:38PM

Ever since adding a business page to my personal account - NOBODY can see my updates anymore!! How do I resolve this?

NikkiT531 9/15/12 11:09PM

Watch out if you quit facebook you will recieve an overload of advertisement targeted at your email address.

Anonymous 9/12/12 12:56PM

I have had an ongoing problem for some time now. It started off with someone hacking my fb account under the name jamie lynn bivens. It ruined my brand new iphone, which verizon would not replace and we had to buy a brand new one (not happy). I have had problems with being reported nonstop on the Bold and The Beautiful page on fb that shouldn't even fall under violation, which caused me to need to create a new account on fb under the name jamie bivens, because I didn't feel safe with my other account anymore. In turn to that, the problem has kept occuring on my new account under jamie bivens. I have nonstop been reported for things said that should not fall under violation on the bold and beautiful page, such as saying, "Hope would make a good mom" "Hope would be pregnant from her honeymoon and was not on anxiety pills" or saying, "the character steffy cooper spencer's leather outfit reminded me of alice coopers outfit, and I nick named the character steffy alice cooper spencer." Those are just a few of the things I have been turned in for that I feel did not violate fb. I do not appreciate that I am banned on both of my accounts for non violations that fb has said is violations. The comments were strictly about fictional characters on the bold and the beautiful show. I feel that my old and new account should not be down at all and I am very upset about it. I have been keeping my old account open to move my family photos to my new account before closing it down. The even larger issue I have is about the hacking. I have had several reports sent to my phone telling me someone is trying to access my account even when I use your new tool settings to make it harder for hackers. Please do something about this asap. My husband has called your office with the same complaint.

Sincerely, unhappy fb camper

jamie bivens 9/8/12 5:07PM

I like your iPhoto interface to post groups of photos on Facebook. However, I can't access it because it won't take my password. I asked for a link which I never received via email. I did check SPAM and do all the other things suggested on your help page to no avail. I am still able to access FB as I have it set to be on always. You have my email set to instead of my ISP. Perhaps that is the problem but it won't allow me to change that without the password either. Please send me another email link to reset my password. Thank you, Diane

Diane Sawczyn 9/6/12 5:16PM

My pictures have been hacked by a known poser using a fictitious name. Numerous complaints have been filed and Facebook refuses to remove my pictures from this persons pages. The pictures have derogatory comments on them and two of them involve children below the age of 13. Facebook is refusing to support it's own guidelines.....

Glen C. Saunders 9/5/12 1:31PM

I have been trying to send an email re permission for Brand use. I was given this site
but unable to enter with my facebook username and password. I need to send an email describing our project. Can someone please contact us. We are a film production company
Our email is [email protected]

mquandour 9/1/12 10:11AM

Hackers have hacked my fb account too many times and I cannot get anyone to really do anything about it except tell me what question to go to. There are so many fb accounts that are being hacked it is unbelieveable. What the heck is the SECURITY DEPT. DOING?????? GET WITH IT SECURITY!!!!! I can't play my games, my info is be redirected by these hackers who find it more appeasing to hack into someone else account then to get their own, hey hackers fb is "FREE" at least it was the last time I looked. It was so bad I had to terminate one account and found out that the hackers had opened an account in my name, what the heck!! I opened a new fb account and it has been hacked by someone using ballshirley513 or something like that. I used to enjoy fb but now it a job just to play my games. What the heck is Zynga SECURITY DOING????? SOMEBODY DO SOMETHING TO STOP THE HACKING.

HACKMENOT 8/26/12 3:16PM

I have been locked out of my original Facebook page for two weeks due to a phone # verification message that I then could'nt respond to. Facebook has the worst customer service I have ever seen. Instead of solving the simple problem and allowing me back onto my original page, they seemingly are "O.K" with a customer losing two years worth of contacts and photos.The tech support is non-existent, and I can't talk to a live human! No wonder their stock is plummeting. This company is truly incompetent

kevinstrayer 8/26/12 12:36PM

I have been block out of my facebook by the owner of facebook given false info. By facebook support help and ask to send my id online to I don't where I'm ask for help police detective law enforce person to check into. Finding out why the owner of facebook send me a email asking me to send pic of my id birth certificate on some false fake website I have no clue what to do or how to do what there asking I just want to get all my pics because I don't have orginal pic because someone burn my house down all I have is my pics from facebook help me plz anybody

tiela moses 8/26/12 11:30AM

Can not log in and Facebook has the wrong number on my account
In order for me to get the code to reset. Help me
Please I don't want to lose al my photos
My email address
[email protected]
Soshe Mayes
Phone number 337-794-0776

Soshe Mayes 8/23/12 9:43AM

Imment and possible Legal Issue

Yesterday I tried to set up or relocate and set up a facebook account. I ran into all types of trouble and in trying to get help, someone posing as a technician told me that my computer had been infected and taken over by someone trying to get my credit information and that both my computers were at risk.

I became so upset that I let a person from something called techarya techical support talk me into spending $310 on my American express card to clean up my computers. Only one computer was worked with and someone was suppose to call back and fix my laptop.

Please help I want to know if Facebook has any type setup from this company with authorization to take over my computer and clear it or have I been spamed.

I think I need legal advice and help because I have lots of information on both my computers and I am very concerned about identify thief .

I tried call a Corporate number this morning at Facebook, but could not get anyone.

Please help immediately.

I can be reached at 334-474-3655 or 313-330-1408.

Lonia.cookcogborn 8/22/12 10:47AM

I just recently noticed that you are taking money from my bank account without my permission. I have tried to contact someone and amazingly to my surprise there is NO way of contacting you directly..No worries FB I have contacted my bank and have filed charges against you for theft by deception. I have NEVER entered my banking information on the website, I DID until today however have your app on my cell phone which I DO use to check my bank sneaky bastards have it all figured out huh?? Don't BANK on it, cause I'm gonna fight this tooth and nail. You embarked on the wrong account...and I'm swinging!!

Theresa Coleman Shareef 8/17/12 4:33AM

yes every so offten i have to set up a new password .it says i have two accounts ,but i dont and it is doing the same to my wife .what can i do to stop this ?thank you very much ANY IDEAS?

[email protected] 8/7/12 7:01PM

HI. I am emailing from New ZEaland as my facebook page seems to be not able to work. I am getting a message to say I have been sending spam, but I have not, I do not know what spam is. I have also been asked for my details and credit card numbers to get my facebook back on-line. AS facebook is a free service I wondered why you want my details. AS there is no facebook number in NZ. I hope you can sort it at your end. I have been in touch with Telecom NZ to ask for there help. They have showed me how to delete againse spam and now I can still not access my Facebook. My email is [email protected] and my facebook account is in my name of carl newman, queenstown. or phoine my mobile +64 021 236 3176

carl 8/7/12 5:55PM

I have had my account temporarily suspended due to suspected phising. This started in the end of May 2012 and still persists.I have tried everything in the help center and am getting no where fast. I have called the help desk numbers several times and each time they want to charge me to fix the problem The charges vary from $200.00 to $99.00. I believe this is outrageous and refuse to pay. I wanted them to cancel the account but had a lot of trouble getting them to understand what I wanted. I will never use Facebook again. It is the worst site going.

Anonymous 7/31/12 1:50PM

I have an old acct. that I created yrs ago & cannot get acct. That I have not been on in a yr....i no longer can access the acct. But somone is USING IT!! I have reported out several times to facebook but nothing is being done about it...someone is playing on this old profile that I have no way to get into the damn acct & when I try to find the acct to try to reset the password the acct is no where to be found but someone is using the acct. & now my boyfriend is saying that I'm messing around on it...something needs to be done to fix this before I go to the gov. About it or someone that can do something about it...pls help me!!!!!!

Bambi.guidry.1 7/28/12 1:57PM

I have been trying to get Facebook to fix a problem for about 6 weeks and nothing has been done. When playing Island Bingo I cannot receive anything I win or give on Popularity or Generosity. I must have tried and spent a million coins trying to advance myself. Please answer my questions about what I should do.

grannycat32 7/25/12 7:57AM

I have a delima im trying to get into my old facebook account. I have changed carriers and even passwords and it still wont let me in it. So could you plz help me. I have serched and followed all directions all codes and still cant log into my original fbook account [email protected] any help will be greatly appreciated.

jane upton 7/24/12 3:51PM

I received a two day block from friending because someond said I sent a griend request without knowing them. So from that point I only sent to people who I personally know, or those who liked my post and those who liked my post were friends of friends! Is that against the rules to send a request to people who click like on my post someone please contact and tell me.

Anonymous 7/20/12 8:02AM

I agree I deleted facebook and went to return to fetch things I forgot when I say resend they say my email address and number is not recognised by the system? How is that possible I even changed my new number into that profile and confirmed the email when I changed it. I think your not making money out of the apps but out of us. So please delete my profile permanently as I cannot use it anymore. And I also did contact you for assistance last weekend and still no response.

Anonymous 7/19/12 9:15AM

FB will not let me in. I have tried for two days. Changed my password 3 times. Gave my cell # and they will not text me so I can get in. I keep trying and they said I tried too many times and try later (which I have). They don't seem to think it is me trying to get in but it is. I'm about to go crazy trying to get in touch with someone. Very discouraging.

JW 7/16/12 2:44PM

I haven't been able to use Facebook since Friday, July 13, 2012. I can log in and I can log out, but nothing else works. I can't even click "help." I'm getting absolutely NO response to anything I click.

Ireneispeace 7/16/12 6:49AM

please assist customer whose number is at 0274686804 from NZ to delete or close her facebook account. We are trying to find a contact number for facebook hence there is no information showing on your website.

kristine 7/14/12 5:55PM

It's impossible to report any problem to FB. It's like a big corporate black hole. When someone complains about the people you friend and FB tells me that I could lose my account if I don't stop friending people. So I did cancel the friend requests, but I never spammed or harrassed anyone. A person can always deny the request. That's simple to do. I would like to have someone at FB hear my side of the story. But NO! No way! No customer service. Well I'm on my way to Pinterest!!

Going to Pinterest 7/12/12 1:29AM

I am Sandra K Unkel and My Facebook account is gone because you people didn't like my email change from [email protected] to [email protected] Tonight I didn't understand what you wanted. I had the account fixed through the profile to change email address and make [email protected] my primary fb email account. I had verified by My Son in Law Jerry Ginder. I want my FB back. I created this new one but I don't want a blank FB Acct. Nobody knows the new email address yet and I want my FB profile back with the original email address was [email protected] changed to [email protected] It is only one account never had two accounts as you think I do Please Help. My new internet provider is Eagle and that is why I have a third email account which I tried to get my FB Acct back but it is all blank. I don't want that. Please Help

Sandra 7/10/12 11:24PM

anyone reading this I encourage you to report Facebook to your local news channal. It is impossible to report bully on Facebook and resolve any issues. We are being used AMERICA! Facebook is making a ton of money off us and they offer no customer service, it is like they have a loaded gun sitting on the table and ask 11 year olds not to touch the loaded gun then leave the room. shame on facebook and shame on America for not reporting you! I warn facebook, if a serious outcome happens from the bullying I am witnessing I am holding Facebbok accountable and hereby give you notice of this. I will also be reporting you to local TV news. SHAME ON YOU!

Anonymous 7/9/12 10:41AM


Don't know what a sc but here's 7/5/12 7:26PM

I think you make it impossible for your customers to contact you. You help page is useless, unless you have generic questions. I have been trying to get my password reset for 2 days now. I followed the process and called the three friends- put in the codes, waited the 24 hours only to get a text noticifaction that it failed..... Then try to find a customer service number and it doesn't exsist. If this is how you treat your customers I can tell you it just cost you one. I dont have the time or energy to waste trying to do a sinple password rest.

Anonymous 7/4/12 1:02PM

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