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Family Dollar corporate office headquarters location, phone number, address and feedback

Please find details for the Family Dollar corporate office below. We do our best to keep this information current, but if you are aware of any updates to the Family Dollar corporate office headquarters information we have, please feel free to submit an update.

Corporate Office Address:
Family Dollar Stores, Inc.
10401 Monroe Rd.
Matthews, NC 28105
United States

Phone: 704-847-6961
Fax: 704-847-0189

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I would just like to say that I have always been a customer at the Family Dollar Store in my area and I would put the store number but the store manager gave me two different numbers so I do not know which one is correct. There is a new manager there at the store and I we have had some problems nothing to serious until today 5/21/12 because I just take what she says and walk away. Now, I will admit I did get loud with her because she was trying to belittle my intelligence by the way she spoke to me. She was speaking in away that was nice but smug at the same time if anyone can understand what I am trying to say. It started because I had purchased a item and had opened it and realized that I was not going to need it, I did not have a receipt I just wanted to exchange the item out for something else and she refused because it was open. I believe she thought I had stolen the item and as a matter of fact she did state she did not know if I even purchased the item. Then, I ask where is the return policy and read it and have now saved it on my computer where it says nothing about a unused open item not being able to be returned and I have returned open unused items to that store before. When I repeatedly keep asking her about the return policy she got bothered because she could not answer the question. Now, she saying she can not take it back because its open but told me if I came back with my receipt she would give me back my money. The situation is still the same with or without my receipt, how is having it going to help you sell the item if it is open, I will tell they are going to tape the item up and resell it. It was not tore open to the point some tape would not fix. On top of all of that she calls the police on me telling them I was getting loud in the store and yes I was because she was not trying to satisfy me as a costumer.Then tells them she does not want me back in her store are you serious. Now, can someone tell me what or who I can speak to. I have called the corporate office and was able to leave a message the last time I called but that took a hour or more to do that. One more thing then she goes back and gets me the same exact item that I did not need and says that is all she can do but then when I say well I will just bring that back she snatches it back and was not going to give it to me I do not know how I got it I think I snatched it out of her hand. It was a horrible embracing feeling and yes I may should have walked away but I am the costumer who shops there often but now can not because she told the police she did not want me back in the store and that is fine because after that humiliation I do no want to go back. I know I maybe jumping around but I am so upset by this.

dmladydva43 5/21/14 8:21AM

On April 29 at store 6671 when asking Manager name Rich why a certain product I always purchased there and had not been in stock and how could we get it in stock he was disrespectful rude in front of a store full of people and employees
The store has changed since he has been in charge not stocked not neat and he was so rude to me. Pull you store tape to see the events of the day. He needs to Apologize to me and be removed from this store and your organization
I am hoping someone will contact me about this matter ASAP as I will be letting the community know of this by social media also poll the employees of that store and ask how he treats them. Thank you

Anonymous 4/29/14 11:40AM

I must say I am shocked at all that I have read about Family Dollar. The last thing I just read about the lady that was accused of stealing is a very similar situation that happened to my Daughter-In-Law yesterday at the Family Dollar in Jefferson, GA.. The Manager in that store did not bother to take her aside and speak with her. She Stood right there at the check out counter and accused her of Stealing a Silver Bra right there infront of all the other customers. My Daughter-In-Law was so humiliated and embarrassed she couldn't even think straight. She pulled her shirt up right there and showed them that she had nothing and that her Bra was OLD and BLACK. I was going to call Corporate Office and file a complaint but from all that I have read it doesn't sound like it does any good to talk to corporate. We all just need to Boy Cote the stores and get them SHUT DOWN or Find an ATTORNEY that can SUE The Bagebies out of Them. My Husband and I Both are Furious at how our Daughter-In-Law was treated. Don't know for sure what we are going to do now that I have read all the comments but SOMETHING WILL BE DONE!!!!!!!

Anonymous 2/20/14 3:39PM

The Store In Rensselaer, Indiana Is A Joke! The Manager Is Rude And Hateful And Will Not Help Anybody. She Screams From Across The Room Where Something Is That You Are Looking For. She Is Always On Her Personal Phone Talking About Personal Business. How She Ever Got This Posistion Is Totally Unreal To Me.

lynn from goodland, ind. 2/7/14 11:55AM

I live in Quartzsite, Arizona during the winter. Each year thousands of winter visitors come here, and have for years. Today at your store here, we were told that the products we were looking for were OUT. Normally this would not be a problem, but today is Monday morning, their shipment came in on SATURDAY and they do not expect anything before NEXT FRIDAY!! All the shelves were bare throughout the store. Whomever hired the manager, needs to be repositioned. People come here in droves during the winter, and ordering enough to last for possible day and a half is just unimaginable. I am a devout customer of Family Dollar, but am thinking about changing my allegiance to another store also located in this town. It's a shame that this happens, as people are very dependent on this store for supplies here. Any assistance with this problem would certainly be more than appreciated, and a matter of survival for many folks here who depend on you.

Ky 1/20/14 9:04AM

Heads up people if you go to the family dollar on barataria and lafitte larose hwy and you have alot of bags and heavy things you are required to leave your id to use a basket to bring your purchases to your car!! Thats crazy i go in there all the time and they know me!! and whats bad is when i said i was not leaving my id one of the workers shook her shoulders and raised her hands and said oh well so i said oh well and left all my stuff on the counter as she was still ringing me up

dana 11/25/13 2:07PM

I have a comment about procedure at a store which my daughter works at. She has been informed time and again that she is prohibited from dialing 911 or a local number for the police when there is a disturbance or strange acting person hanging around the store. I know that customers are what makes the world go around for retail stores but to allow them to cause disturbances and disrespect the store and it's employees is very poor management. If this is current Family Dollar proceedure it is time to change it. With the economy and rampant drug use it is only a matter of time before someone is injured or worse. I wonder is this was the case in Michigan where the store was robbed and appears that two young people lost their lives due to insane policy like this. Someone needs to be checking on idiotic direction like this being given to the employees of this company while there is still a company left.

Anonymous 7/18/13 10:35AM

Hi guys I work for family dollar I have been there so far now five years.i want to praise one hard working lady in dillon sc.she has been working for familydollar for 41 years and still loves it.shes a great person to work under.i think she should be congrated on.her name is Linda herring.i want to be with the company that long or longer.we take very good care of our customers.and treat everyone with respect.our customers are always our first priority .thank you so much.

Cam71770 6/20/13 5:36AM

Centerpoint, Al, Carson Rd location..worst customer service experience lazy and rude.amateur individuals running the register and leaving it unattended to go to the back still don't know that explanation to that mystery while the young man is on the phone as he quote tells me on he's on break I was just left to with output. .and put my merchandise back and left the the not to mention the lady who was just totally rude as she tossed the macaroni and cheese boxes in a buggy breaking the of noodles like I said sorry excuse for a store and customer service I'll take my business to Dollar General and Fred's...

unhappy 6/19/13 11:15PM

I contacted the manager on duty tonight of store # 7469. I asked her if she could put chains on the dumpsters behind the store. Homeless people are always going through it. Trash is always falling out and accumulates in front of our garage and into our back yard. She informed me there are chains, and someone cleans around the dumpsters every day. I assured her there aren't and to take a look. She proceeded to not listen, raise her voice and hang up on me. I thought I would give this business the courtesy of contacting them first. I've now filed complaints with the city, health department, and alderman. I've lived behind this store for 4 years and am finally fed up with the trash. I also own a business in the neighborhood and actually keep chains on our dumpsters and keep the surrounding area clean.

Neighbor 5/1/13 5:13PM

my family went into Family Dollar in Boaz,AL. The assistant manager was very rude and she was talking about people, I will not shopping where me and my family does not feel like we are being treated nice. I will shop at another family dollar but not the boaz store

Anonymous 4/26/13 7:34PM

My name is Angela Kelly I was an assistant manager at a family dollar in Chalmette,La.I feel I was wrongly terminated for an iussue that should have ben handled when we contacted corporate about it the first time. I was accused of a 140 dollars that was missing from my register. Another assistant that worked that night was caught using my register. I really feel that it was a set up, because a couple days before I was fired I over heard the store manager on the phone telling one of her former co worker that she was planning to get rid of the crew that was there which included me. This store needs to be investigated again and I feel I would have never been fired if corporate would have responded when they were called about the issue the first time. The store number is 8554.Never had this issue with any of my former managers before.

Mz. Kelly32 4/17/13 10:30AM

I generally shop a family dollar store atleast once a week. Just last week in my purchase was a 12 count box of poptarts for my 4 yo child. I had already opened one of the wrapped poptarts for his consumption. Friday i went to give him another but noticed that the wrapped package was already opened with hardened and unedible contents inside. Although i threw out the reciept (didnt think i would have to return food items) i made an attempt to take it back to the store today sunday 4/7/13 because i was wanting to purchase other items. Contrary to my race and attire on today i will say that i work hard for my money and dont have a state issued ebt card to purchase food*
I entered store number 254 and was asked by a young lady of i had a refund or exchange. I told her exchange and she allowed me to get a replacement item and to shop. As i had completed my shoppng i was headed to the register and overheard a conversation about my item between the young lady and male employee (Mark) as he was ringing up a customer. Mark asked the young lady what i was trying to do because they cant take food back that was eaten. I said no..its mines and the wrapped items inside were already opened. Mark tells me in front of the customer and young lady that it was my responsibility to check inside the box. At this point i am growing furious! Who in their right minds inspects an entire content of poptarts upon purchase? I was both insulted and humiliated! I told Mark that that doesnt sound right or make sense! Mark says if you will just not talk and listen to what i would have to say...i cut him off and told him that i heard him and for him to tell me to check all the packages inside the box after i brought it is stupid. Mark tells the young lady...just go and ring her out! Mark tells me next time i need to shut my mouth next time somebody tries to tell me something. I asked Mark who the hell he thinks he is talking to and that i am no child! I told Mark that he could keep the items. I got my son from out of the shopping cart and left the other items at the register. I asked his name and told him that i would be calling corporate on him. Marks behavior was unnecessary,humiliating and disrespectful!! He did nothing to calm the problem. He only esculated it! In fact if i were perhaps a male customer Mark would have caused a serious altercation!
I purchased a BAD family gourmet box of poptarts that doesnt even honor the
gaurantee! For starters i came out of my way after having spent my money on an useless product to patronize(spend more money) just to be insulted. I will never shop family dollar again! Their are too many dollar generals etc that will welcome my money, honor their product and respect me. I did return into the
store ro retrieve the poptarts and forward them to the dept of health and evironmental services

Anonymous 4/7/13 2:56PM

I am very disappointed in the service I've received since calling to register a complaint. My problem was that I purchased an electric heater back in September, 2012. I've since lost the receipt. I went to use it for the first time on 03/02/13 when I had relatives visiting. The problem is that the heater did not work. I repacked it in it's original packaging. I went to the store were I purchased the heater. I understood that it could not be returned after 30 days w/out a receipt. I only wanted to exchange the heater, not a refund. I was not offered either. I am a senior citizen on a fixed income and cannot take a lost like this. The clerk even acknowledged it was their product. On three different occasions, I contacted a # provided to me from another store. A District Manager was supposed to contact me. My calls were made on 03/04/13, 03/08/13 and today 03/14/13. I worked in retail before and know that inferior equipment can be returned and sent back to the manufacturer. This is no lost to the store because they will be credited. This was a simple solution that has become a major concern needlessly. This store is located at West Side Shopping Center Baltimore, MD I wish to receive an acknowledgement from someone. The person I spoke to at this number was Jan. Telephone #

Anonymous 3/14/13 6:29PM

I don't know how many times i need to complain about your store in Dayton, Tx. before you do something about that nasty store. you can not shop for all the aisle that are full of product that need to be put on the shelves. no one will help you when you ask a questions.. they are outside smoking and talking insteaD OF putting stuff on the shelves. and when you do ckeck out you wait in line about 20 minutes. there is only 1 check out person. and when she does ask if you found everything and you say no she just looks at you. telling you how busy they are. thats a bunch of bull. do i need to write every day before you do anything. I WOUL LIKE SOME ONE TO CALL ME

max 3/6/13 1:27PM

Happy New Year!!!!

I was absolutely amazed by dumping of merchandise at Family Dollar, Store #4099, 1525 NW 23rd St. I had just been to same store that evening after I left work, was amazed at 90% off Christmas candy, stockings anything that was Christmas. I stocked up on stocking stuffers, candy canes etc for Christmas 2013. Told clerk I will be back tomorrow to do some more shoping. A co-worker and myself went to the store noticed basket that was full of candy canes was no longer there, did not find any Christams Inventory. Ask clerk did they sale all the christmas last night or maybe early this morning, Clerk really was trying not to say because another family dollar employee was standing behind her with a box cutter, I thought nothing of it. After young lady left behing her clerk says, "all that christmas inventory that was left is being put in dumpster out back". I said are you serious, christmas is just over why dump it, sale it or donate it. We drove around back and sure enough, young lady had a basket full of inventory she was dumping. Asked her once it hit dumpster is it free? She replied it is damaged, not any good and store is on private property you cannot remove anything from the dumpster. I asked her why would Family dollar destroy inventory instead of donating to a charitable organization, boys club, girls clubs, nursing center, churchs, school, some place instead of destroying it. She said she do not know it is Family Dollar policy not to donate.

I hope this is not a policy because giving back to our community, the less fortunate, etc is sometimes all it takes to make a difference.

Cannot Believe It 1/14/13 2:16PM

All I have to say is that Family Dollar corporate employees are extremely rude and have no respect. I spent hours on the phone with these people because they wrongfully terminated me from my job. Family Dollar is the worst, overly high priced, backstabbing place in this entire world. Thanks for being shady.

Anonymous 1/7/13 3:05PM


redd516 10/11/12 5:50PM

My name is Tonya Roberts and I am visiting Richmond Indiana from Texas. My daughter in law works in your 1718 National Road store number 1229. her manager BREANNA GAMEZ was moved to this store from another due to her un professional conduct. she immediatly tried to fire an elderly woman who worked there 13 yrs. because she smoked. they are now trying to run my daughter in law off because BREANNA doesnt LIKE her. after a years service.the store had a 60,000 dollar loss due to fake cameras in the store and all the employees were brought in by a man named RALPH from corprate. my daughter in law was questioned for two hrs straight and was not allowed to go to the restroom. she was bleeding heavily from being on here period. he made her sit there with blood all over herself. when she returned home her clothing was bloody and VISABLE!!!!!!! Breanna also told her she couldnt have time off long enough to go check on me at the hospital as I had a lite stroke and had no family but her with a vehicle to come check on me. Breaana also told my DIL that she DIL had to pay HER a manager gas to come and cover for her THEN texted her CONTINUOUSLY while she was in the ER with me...telling her to get back. This is a disgrace and I promise you everyone I know...and I know a LOT of folks will be seeing this same message via internet and Facebook. Family Dollar IS NOT FAMILY OREIENTED in any way. I will NEVER give you people another dime. neither will any one in my family and buddy.....I have a large family. now she sits here for two days waiting to see if she has a job. due to the 60,0000 dollar can find me on Facebook with a brand new page....FAMMILY DOLLAR STORE HATES IT,S FAMILY...LOOK ME UP!!!!!!

Tonya S, Dwyer 9/22/12 6:27AM

i am an ex employee that was wrongfully terminated .After 3 years of abuse favortism, and hipocrisy I hope ceo JOhnny,examines who makes family dollar but our plain and unrecognized casheirs!!!!

Anonymous 9/12/12 12:33PM

We need a family dollar in floresville tx

Anonymous 8/21/12 8:13PM

We need a family dollar in floresville tx

lizard 8/21/12 8:13PM

We need a family dollar in floresville tx

lizard 8/21/12 8:12PM

My name is Mrs. Judy Lester, I am 67 years old. I have a complaint about the Family Dollar Store on 79th & Vernon, Chicago, Il. 60619. I live in the area and I was shopping and someone that works at that store came up to me and accused me of stealing something. He said I put something in my purse, which was a lie. I was so shocked and my husband was shocked and upset. I opened my purse and said if you find something in my purse, you put it there. We always shopped at that store, but not anymore. I couldn't believe my ears. That was crazy. That really upset me.

Judy 7/26/12 12:21PM

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