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Fisher and Paykel Corporate Office

Fisher and Paykel corporate office headquarters location, phone number, address and feedback

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Corporate Office Address:
Fisher & Paykel Appliances Inc.

Fisher & Paykel Appliances Holdings Limited
5900 Skylab Road
Huntington Beach, CA 92647
United States

Phone: 888-936-7872
Fax: 800-547-1971

Fisher and Paykel Corporate Office Comments

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If you purchase a Fisher & Paykel dishwasher you are out of your mind. If you don't run it like when you go on an extended vacation the pump motor freezes up because it is located in the bottom of the washer bin and stays submerged. That causes the control board to short circuit and destroy itself. Cost to repair $480. I have had to repair two pump motors and the circuit board. Very poor design.

Anonymous 6/5/14 10:48AM

After spending over $5,000 on a self-cleaning 6 burner oven, it has been over 2 months of broken promises. He left yesterday telling us he would have to saw off the entire stovetop to fix the over and could not guarantee if it would be fixed after that and it would cost a small fortune. He already charged us to replace the heating element and that did not work. When he left yesterday, he failed to put all of the screws back.

I am so angry! Customer service puts you on hold for an average of 25 minutes and tells you they are sorry. THIS COMPANY DOES NOT BACK UP THEIR PRODUCTS!

PK 12/13/13 11:02AM

After trying to get the F and P repairman out to my home for over 2 weeks, he finally showed up. Took my check for $900.00 and said he would be back. Abo 1 mon he showed on a Saturday-woked for less than 1 hour and said he had to take his kids to the beach! I now have to light my BQ with a Match, as he did not install the igniter (in his Possession! Now he will NOT return my phone calls!the check for $900.00 has been cashed.Repairer Michael

Anonymous 10/2/13 9:01AM

I wrote to Laurence Mawhinney about my unpleasant encounter with Fisher & Paykel customer service, via LinkedIn. I received NO response. Linked In "refunded one email". I guess that reveals the true corporate attitude to customers. To make an oven that cannot maintain the proper temperature as SET then to blame the user and tell me to adjust the settings to "my region" is ludicrous. If an over bakes at 380+ when set to 350.. that is a huge FAILURE in design. To NOT repair it in a timely manner or replace it is another huge FAILURE in corporate relations and reputation.

Fatboy46 9/24/13 8:46AM

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