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Forever 21 corporate office headquarters location, phone number, address and feedback

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Corporate Office Address:
Forever 21, Inc.
2001 S. Alameda Street
Los Angeles, CA 90058
United States

Phone: 213-741-5100
Fax: 213-741-5161

Forever 21 Corporate Office Comments

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Horrible horrible online service!! Customer service reps are not given the power to anything beyond canceling an order! I purchased over $50 and qualified for free shipping but within the hour, my daughter found something else she wanted. I called, hoping I could have it added to my current order and get free shipping. I was told I would have to cancel that order and go through the whole online ordering process again! It took several minutes to do this and when I went to check out, I realized that one of my items was showing up as twice the price that inwasnchargednin the previous order. I called again and was told that I would have to go ahead a pay the higher price and then have to call back in AGAIN to get a credit issued! I asked the rep if she would please hold the line with me so that I didn't have to go through the wait process of calling in and explaining it to another person and she refused. She said that since it was an inbound calling center that she could not sit on the phone with me for more than a minute! I said , "so, it's okay if your company wastes my time but not if I waste yours? She said, im sorry but yes. That is how it works. Unbelievable!! i tried to hurry through the order process and to keep her on the line and the next thing I know, after hitting the checkout key, my entire order disappeared!! When I told her what happened she again told me that I could call back in and that she would leave notes on my account for the next rep but that she could not stay on the phone any longer. Before I could answer she had hung up on me!!
After replacing my order, I called back in a third time and tried to explain everything I had been through with the new rep on the phone. Come to find out, the last rep had not left any notes like she had promised and there was now no way to even know who she was. The only way they keep re ord of who has helped you is if they happen to leave notes! I asked to speak to a supervisor but was told that none were available and that they would have someone call me (which hasn't happened yet!) I asked the rep if she could offer any sort of discount on my order for my troubles and was told that all she could give me was a promo code for 10% off my NEXT purchase! Really??!!!? That's insulting.
Now, to make matters worse, I got an email saying that my order is placed on hold and will be cancelled unless I call within 48 hours. I called and apparently my address didn't match the credit card on file ( I recently moved) and that there was no way they could go in and change account information, so once again I am told that I have to CANCEL my order and start all over again!! This is the most ridiculous excuse for a company so large to have such horrible, anti-customer service! I ordered over $100 in merchandise, and was excited about my purchases, but at this point, I think I will walk away with a lesson learned. NEVER shop forever21 online!!!

NicoleL 3/23/13 11:09AM

I DO NOT THINK THAT I WILL EVER PURCHASE ANYTHING ON LINE FROM FOREVER 21 AGAIN! I received a HUGE ugly bag on November 14, 2012 which not the one that I ordered. Spoke to a rep that same day and was told to return the bag. Today I spoke with a rep and her supervisor and they both tried to tell me that I had received the item that I had requested. I tried to tell her that I did not! She went on and on about the warehouse said that it was the same item that I returned. She said that they sent me an email on November 28 telling me to call them. I told her that I NEVER received said email. She said that the item had been thrown away...which I DO NOT BELIEVE the company would throw away a HUGE letter-type bag! I am now in the process of writing a letter to the corporate office and if I do not get any positive response I WILL STOP ORDERING FROM FOREVER 21 and go back to Alloy. This is crazy, now I am out almost $25, including postage to return the bag and nothing to show for it.

Rosetta70 1/2/13 9:07AM


KALINA 10/4/12 2:25PM

This company in store is ok but online horrible and I continue to give forever21 chances I placed a order almost 2 weeks ago now and it was for my daughters birthday wich is Monday my order has not even been shipped I called and a women told me no later then today it would be shipped from warehouse she was very polite...but what is going on with this online branch of the company????
This is entirely unacceptable I should have at least been notified in advance by email instead of waiting then having to call and still have no result and also not have what my daughter wanted that I couldn't find in store what a waste of time!

Alanaberry 9/22/12 3:58PM

Just wanted to let u guys know how awesome Deanna made shopping at short hills for me , she was so fun and easy going, I was so happy when I reached home and realized how amazing my outfits were that she picked out, all the way down to accessories....thanks deanna see you soon!!

Anonymous 8/14/12 3:48PM

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