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Corporate Office Address:
Frigidaire Appliance Company
S:T Göransgatan 143
Stockholm, S 105 45

Phone: +46 8-738-60-00
Fax: +46 8-656-7461

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25 days and no one still has come out to fix my dryer. They will not let you talk to a manager. They state he can not come to the phone and will call you back. Very poor customer service to the point being rude. They try to talk over me to control the conversation. Even if they find somebody tomorrow to fix my dryer it will still take them a couple of days to order the parts and so I'll be waiting a month.

Anonymous 8/11/14 6:49PM

I purchased a beautiful black Frigidaire Gallery refrg. 8/2012
What a lemon! I also purchased ins. through Frigidaire. I have a broken handle and can not get approval for a new one. I keep tape on it to try and open the refrig. Everyone that comes to my home knows what a poor product and even worse ins. coverage. It has been a lemon from day 1.I should have returned it but had faith you would take care of your product. I have lost food had ice maker problems and crooked shelves, refrg. not keeping cool.
I have a 20 yr. old whirlpool in my basement never a repair.

Ami 8/5/14 5:04PM

I purchased a Frigidaire stove, refrigerator and dish washer in May of 2014....we built our home in 1973 and the stove is right next to the refrigerator and has been all this time.......We never had a problem with the refrigerator until we purchased a Frigidaire appliance the whole side of my refrigerator is buckled from the heat of the stove.....they say it is to close to the stove well it has been like that for years and never any damage......check it out all of FRIGIDAIRE APPLIANCES ARE MAKE CHEAP ......I AM STARTING A FACEBOOK PAGE TO TELL EVERYONE HOW CHEAP THEY ARE MADE......PLEASE DO NOT BUY ANY OF THERE PRODUCTS....I HAVE PICTURES FROM MY OLD REFRIGERATOR AND ALSO THE DAMAGE FROM MY SO CALLED NEW ONE.....WILL POST LATER

Anonymous 7/25/14 8:59AM

I purchased a Frigidaire dishwasher in October, 2011. Yesterday the unit started to leak and after investigating the problem I have found the heating element for the drying cycle has burned a hole in the tub's floor. Today I contacted Frigidaire's customer service to inquire about an extension to the original warranty. This is obviously a manufacturer defect not misuse by the owner. I am dismayed by the fact that a company would not be willing to extend a warranty for a product that could be a potential fire hazard. Thank God I was home when the leak started, only he knows hjow much water damage I might have incurred otherwise. I will never buy another Frigidaire appliance and I will be contacting the Attorney General in North Carolina, Georgia and Illinois for their support.

DJoZ 2/17/14 10:08AM

From your website...

"About Us

At Frigidaire®, we know your time is valuable. That's why we're committed to designing high-performing, time-saving, easy-to-use appliances that help you get the job done right. So you're freed up to enjoy the things you love."

How are your service problems measuring up to the above statement?

On January 27, 2014, I first contacted Totem Appliance & Refrigeration in Calgary to report a problem with my Frigidaire Electrolux refrigerator. They could not send a service technician to my residence until February 3, 2014. Subsequent to that visit, parts were ordered which appear to have been received by Totem as of February 10, 2014. Totem gave me a date for a service technician of Tuesday, February 18. That is 3 weeks without a refrigerator! I have two questions. 1. Why should I purchase another Frigidaire Electrolux product of ANY kind in the future? 2. Why do you have only one authorized service center in Calgary, a city of over 1,000,000 people, when they appear to be unable to handle the customer service in a timely manner?

BrianYYC 2/10/14 12:21PM

Wish I would have come to your site prior to buying your products it's a shame how your company is run. I bought all frigidaire gallery products for our kitchen. I have had nothing but trouble with the refrigerator since we purchased it. The icemaker, the lighting device melting into the back, and now the mother board. After reading all the complaints everywhere I am sure related to ice maker leaking.After reading all the complaints about the same product and problem it's obvious your company does not care about their consumers. It's obvious I will never again purchase one of your products or stock, cause I'm sure the company will go out of business.

Anonymous 1/31/14 5:28PM

I bought a fridge that was delivered 10.5.2013. It died on 12.28.2013 not even 90 days later. I have now gone almost 2 weeks without one and still don't know when it will be fixed. I have been told it would have to be rebuilt and all sealed systems replaced. I called on 12.30 and one of the serivce companies was called and sent. I was told the next day they would call and tell me what needed to be done. I had to call because no one called me. I called again on 1.3.2014 and the service rep called the appliance service and said they had ordered parts. It is now 1.8.2014 and still have not heard when it will be fixed. Why not replace an appliance this new if it has to be rebuilt? I lost all the food that was in it, time from work, and continue to have to buy ice to keep a little food.

Anonymous 1/8/14 8:16AM

I Purchased A Refrigerator In July And 4 Months Later, The Freezer Would Not Work. I Lost All My Meat And 50 Bags Of Peaches I Froze Myself Over The Summer. I Cannot Get Any Help With This At All. This Is Bull!! I Could Not Even Get Help On The Phone; I Stayed On Hold 6 Times For Over 30 Minutes Every Time - Even When Trying To Order The Part That I Did Not Know To Purchase When I Bought The Refrigerator!!!

Leslie NC 1/3/14 10:18AM

I bought 3 kitchen products 3 yrs ago. The ice machine in the frig. had repairs 1 yr after purchase....It worked for about 1 yr then just quit making ice. Then all of a sudden it made ice for about 2 months. It quit again and I have been buying ice since. I paid over $2,000 for this product and am very unhappy with your product!
I'm 75 yrs old and have never had so many problems with a kitchen product. A couple of times the freezer has warmed up which caused frost. Both times all doors were shut. I will not recommend your products and am so disappointed and am mad. My sales r,eceipt describes product as 299459573; Bin-FF02 Vend part-FPHB2899LF. My children refer to it as a piece of junk. I cannot afford another comparable appliance. I always bought another brand of appliances bot liked the looks and battled myself when buying your brand. I liked the looks of this piece and bought it. BAD DECISION!

Ms. Jerry Cooper 1/2/14 10:43AM

can not receive any help from your customer service regards to our payment for our extended contract.please if possible contact me at home asap i'm gloria dickerson my husband is richard dickerson,

gloria 1/2/14 6:12AM

Your wall oven warranty is worthless. Service personnel have been here twice and the unit is still silent.

Anonymous 11/20/13 12:31PM

I bought two stoves from you, both are gas/electric combo.
I paid over $ 2,000. for each. Parts are no longer available. What is the sense of buying quality stoves when they don't last any longer than the cheap ones. About 7 years old. I bought them with the idea I was getting quality. The clock/timer went and guess what? I can't get the parts!!

Bev 11/17/13 5:26AM

I purchased a full package of Frigidaire Professional appliances for my new home in Aug of 2010. Three years later, the stainless steel finish on the stem of the handle for both the warming drawer (which has never been used) and the dishwasher are blistering. Now we are getting an error message (EO-14) on our range. I tried contacting customer service via e-mail and got no reply. I contacted them via phone and was repeatedly told to call another number. I actually got a person to answer a phone regarding the handles and they told me I would have to pay $200 for replacements, this is not covered. I have yet to contact anyone re: the error messages on stove. After 8 phone calls, I have resorted to writing this review. I would NEVER buy another Frigidaire appliance. I thought buying the more expensive Professional series would ensure higher quality, but NO! We are a household of two adults in our 50's and our appliances are mildly used (we eat out a lot and run the dishwasher 3x per week) and they broke down after three years. Pitiful! I am not sure what is worse, Frigidaire appliances or Frigidaire customer service! Worst customer service ever and a company that will not stand behind it's defective products!

Nancy & Jay 10/14/13 10:34AM

I bought a brand new double door Frigidaire Refrigerator at end of 2010 and have had unending problems with this unit - model FPHC2398LF - paid extra because it was a counter depth unit. It started with the ice maker which has now been repaired/replaced a couple times. Then water would not dispense from door due to "frozen water line". And now it just quit - doesn't cool at all. I've continued to buy the extended warranty on this lemon from Electrolux and they lost my last payment because I made it thru online banking and they are not set up for that! Not sure what they are going to do - I'm waiting for authorization number to get it repaired. Meanwhile food is spoiling.... And I will never buy another Frigidaire again!

Had it with Frigidaire 10/8/13 7:20AM

I bought a dishwasher and a stove and my dishwasher had to get repaired after 13 months the motor broke Frigidaire did cover the cost of the part but I still had to pay to get it fixed. My stove heating element broke after 17 months and Frigidaire paid for the part and once again I had to pay a service person to fix it. A month later I did the self clean for the first time and my inside of my oven got burned up and once again my oven stopped working. Also one of the burners do not work on top. I wrote Frigidaire and they said they would pay 10 percent for the part that I needed because I don't have a warranty on my stove they can't do anything else. Well I think I got a bad stove and as much money as I already put into getting a service person to come and fix it and as much money I will spend to get the part and to get a person to fix it again and I minds well get a new stove. I will make sure everyone that I know will never purchase anything from Frigidaire. The products look nice but as with my experience they do not last. I had a stove that worked for over 10 years never had a problem I thought I was getting a upgrade wow was I wrong I now have to go buy another stove and it wont be Frigidaire because I am scared I may have the same problems.I wont fix the stove that I have because it already had the same problem once before why would I chance putting all that money in to a bad stove that was sold to me?

Mikter99 10/3/13 12:07AM

I will be advising everyone I can speak to, not to buy ANY Frigidaire product. We bought a new washer, dryer, refrigerator and stove 4yrs ago. We are two seniors, do not abuse the products. The washer has been repaired 5 times, the frig does not dispense ice, the rails that holds the basket in the freezer is broke. the bottom tray on the frig door is broke, the oven on the stove is 50 degrees off, one burner has to be lit with a match. These are not the bottom of the line products, I paid good money for them. When I call customer support, I am basically told "tough luck"! There is no excuse for products that are not even 4 yrs old to be in this condition, EXCPT THEY ARE JUNK!! And Frigidaire will not stand behind them.

Anonymous 8/26/13 7:59AM

I bought a Crosley laundry pair, which was made by Frigidaire. I have had it less than 2 yrs. There is just two of us and the transmission is out. We have waited 7 weeks and still no part. I will not buy another appliance with the name of Crosley, Frigidaire, or Electrolux. I am telling people at church, stores, family, hairdresser, etc.

boycotting 8/2/13 10:06AM

In May of 2012 we purchased a Upright freezer. A year later the freezer is not working. Contacted the Frigidaire Service Contract and was told that they were not going to replace the freezer becasue it could be fixed. The way the feeezer could befixed by bypassing the condenser inside of the wall and putting a condenser on the back of the units which there is no space. The representatives were very rude and uncaring. Lost food and no compensation for the lost of the food. Never again will I purchase a Frigidaire appliance. The appliances are a piece of junk.

Anonymous 6/26/13 8:28AM

In May of 2012 we purchased a 36" five burner cook top. About two months ago the bottom unit separated from the top and all but one burner was rendered useless. We were told that the cook top could not be fixed.Our extended warranty from Lowe's (another story)sent us an in store credit for the purchase price for what we paid in 2010. Now the same cook top is approximately $150 higher, and is identical to the one we purchased in 2010. We also lost two years of what we paid for the extended warranty and will have to purchase another extended warranty with the purchase of a new cook top.
We emailed a complaint to Frigidaire where it said "contact us" and here is the reply from John Filiatrauh, Electrolux Major Appliance North and Latin America..."Please contact the Customer Care Center in order to get assistance on this China manufactured cook top.." Customer services basically told us we are "SOL"
Judge for your self about the reliability of this Frigidaire product, and the responses when complaints are made.
We report, you decide.

Anonymous 5/3/13 8:18AM

We purchased our house November in 2006 adding the Frigidaire Professional Stove, dish washer and Fridge. Within the first year the dish washers reservoir went out, a 100.00 fix. A year later 2008 the right main burner on the glass top stove went out as well as the electrical numbers that displays how high the burner is on. I called Frigidaire for a year asking for answers. Frigidaires customer service was willing to send out a repair man at my exspense. Come to find out in the middle of 2009 we had the 5 year warrenty plan. The stove was then fixed. NOW here it is the end of 2012 the dishwashers motor is going out, very loud, leaks, the water blades have popped apart and it never cleaned the dishes well. What are these appliances made of aluminum foil? Nice on the outside but pure junk. I wish I had found this site prior to purchase..

Anonymous 3/14/13 6:52PM

I purchased an $1700 stove in October 2012; it was installed in December 2012. The digital panel broke in early November, 11 months after I started using it. By February the digital panel broke 2 more times. I had no oven for Thanksgiving when the stove first broke, and my first holiday with the new stove, as the service person was booked up. Now I am $300 dollars into repairs and still no stove. The worst part was my experience with customer service. The service agent, supposedly a supervisor, was extremely rude, unprofessional, uncaring and seemed happy to tell me that the company did not have to repair the stove as it was over 12 months.

Seaveyd2 3/3/13 9:08AM

I bought all Kitchen appliances in September 2012. They were delivered in October 2012. After 8 warranty visits from the authorized repair company I still don't have a working refrigerator. Every time I called customer service I got the same canned line " Sorry for your inconvenience " or " I understand ". I told them I don't think they do understand I was told my box was fixede four times and 4 times I've had to throw the contents out Service department just reminds me that they are not responsible for lost food. They have pulled my box out on the floor 4 times and I asked them about scratches on my new hardwood . They say not responsible for scratched floors. I said why won't they give me a new box they say Warranty is repair only and only after the deem it irreparable will they replace it. Well it's been 5 months of no refrigerator and I'm still waiting. I'll tell you I have not missed a payment on all 4 of these Frigidaire appliances, but I sure have thought about it. When ever I asked the customer service people about talking to a manager I would only be given a supervisor who would start to recite the canned speech again. I do have about 6 pages of conversations with different tech people documented with dates and times. I was raised on Frigidaire and had a lot of respect for the product until now. Oh I forgot they did offer to extend my warranty another 6 months but what goods a warranty on a broken refrigerator other than guaranteeing it will be broke another 6 months. SOMEBODY PLEASE SHOW ME I DID NOT BUY FROM THE WRONG MANUFACTURER and make things right.

jim 2/8/13 2:56PM

I purchased a Frigidaire Dishwasher on 5/20/12 from Lowe's in Hammond, Louisiana. The dishwasher was doing great until about a month ago, on the normal cycle it will not even attempt to clean the dishes. So, I began using the pots and pans cycle for everything. That is the only way that my dishes will get clean. Now, in order for the dishwasher to go through a cycle, it take 4 hours or longer not counting the drying cycle. This is ridiculious. In 1994 we had a house fire and it was discovered that there was a malfunction in the dishwasher that caused us to lose everything that we owned.

I have called Frigidaire as we have the years warranty on it. They give me lists of repair companies. S & L came out and the guy actually didn't know what had previously come out of his mouth, as the next thing contradicted everything that he HAD said. He basically did nothing and left. Useless. Then Gorman Appliance came out. Couldn't find anything wrong with the item, just said it was a piece of junk. However, when he wrote up the report, he put that he exchanged several parts so that he could get paid.

I called Frigidaire back and they said since there was nothing that could be found wrong with the appliance that due to the age there would be no exchange. I was asking for the THING to be fixed, now I just want IT out of my house. The call center tells me that I am not running hot water enough before I turn it on, or go and turn my hot water temperature up. Bull!!!

When you give a warranty,you should be good at your word and honor it, especially when people pay so much money out for CRAP!

If ANYONE has the number to the CORPORATE OFFICE, please let me know. You can e-mail me at
Thanks for taking the time to "listen" to my griping. Frigidare surely didn't and don't care. They don't deserve to be in business!

Lynn 1/28/13 2:32PM

From my own recent experience and reading the comments here, it is safe to say that Figidaire can give a rats a-- about their customers. In April of 2012, my wife and I purchased a refrigerator, dishwasher, oven range and microwave, all Frigidaire appliances. Four weeks ago now my microwave took a dump. We called frigidaire and they sent a repair company out. It took them 5 days to come out. The technician could not figure out what was wrong so he unattached it from my wall and took it to his shop. Two weeks later and we still have not got it back. I called 3 times this week (1/21/2013)and have received the run around. I called Frigidaire and they assured me that my microwave would be repaired and delivered to us next week. That is four weeks without our brand new microwave. UNACCEPTABEL FRIGIDAIRE! YOU DO NOT CARE ABOUT YOUR CUSTOMERS AND IT SHOWS. My mom WAS going to purchase the same microwave, not any more. As I will tell everyone I know not to.
Roy Garcia

Anonymous 1/25/13 1:30PM

I purchased a Frigidaire refrigerator Sept. 9, 2011. In April 2012 the ice maker quit working. I contacted HH Gregg where I purchased it and they sent me a list of authorized service agents. 6 months and 3 ice makers later it still does not work. I contacted Frigidaire about replacing the refrigerator since all of this was within the one year warranty period. They informed me that the warranty had expired 2 days prior and they would not honor it even though all repairs were done in the year timeline. I contacted the extended warranty company who informed me that I now have to have an additional 3 service calls for the same problem and then they will decide if they want to replace my refrigerator or not even though their warranty states they will. The ice maker was replaced on November 11 and again on January 18. I still have no ice. I contacted the warranty company yesterday and told them this is the third call...same problem...they can't seem to fix it. She informed me that this was still considered one service call (all part of the November service call) because they had not fixed it. After 5 ice makers, new valves and heaven only knows what else they've replaced I obviously have a defective piece of equipment. Since Frigidaire doesn't seem to have enough confidence in their workmanship to make the product good I have to say that I have purchased my last Frigidaire appliance!

RDGPSG 1/23/13 11:27AM

their dish washers are NO GOOD they dont close correctly they take too long to wash ANDS the best thing is YOU CANT GET ANYONE TO YOUR HOME TO FIX THE PIECE OF JUNK

David 12/27/12 8:38AM

November 29th, 2012

Yesterday was the 5th time in three months that a local repair agent came to our home to repair our new Frigidaire Affinity dryer. We purchased this machine less than 6 months ago.

On each visit by the same technician he examined the issue, reported that he would need to order the thermostat-type part or panel computer, and would return at another time. As a bi-lateral amputee who works from my home, this repeated problem is very challenging - with 2 teenage kids who are active in sports and dirty lots of clothes.

However, given the frequency that this malfunction occurs, it is reasonable to assume this dryer is not actually repairable because it performs effectively for only a short period of time before more part replacement occurs.

In this last visit I asked the technician if he would write a letter of support to your office, requesting replacement of the defective machine. At the 4th visit and again yesterday he said he would write, and was aware of similar models having similar malfunctions. However yesterday he also said that in writing the letter his company would "lose the account" - presumably indicating Frigidaire corporate office would be displeased with his work. I
We want our dryer replaced immediately, as defective. There is no reason to think this problem will be resolved with this last repair. It will likely break again, and soon.

JC 11/29/12 8:15AM

Buy my appliances in May 2010, spent 4.000 on Nov/21/2012 one day before Thanksgiving put self clean, this was the second time he did, and after 20 or 30 min., Began to burn the part of back of the buttons, the oven was not dirty and there was nothing inside the oven, I called the company and they say I have no guarantee that I have to pay for a system defect or design that the company is responsible not me, they did not check the problem. The company needs to have criteria where they can identify problems of designs they make. NO MORE BUY FRIGIDAIRE
Model No. FPEF3081KFC
Serial No. VF01260233
And people who have the same situation, call
Better Business Bureau
Consumer Reports
And let him know all your family and friends not to buy FRIGIDAIRE
I hope that if you are interested Coorporación this comment and can contact Ana Marin (954) 496-5093

Ana Marin 11/26/12 12:00PM

I bought a frigidaire refrigerator 10/28/2011 and now 11/20/2012 has stop working. The temperature display is not functioning and has a constant beeping sound. Once your one year warranty is up, your S.O.L. It's hard to get a direct phone number to get any help and once you do get a representative, they give you a phone number to call to a third party. Customer service sucks as well as the brand!!! Parts dont last long and may be an ongoing issue. Your probably better off purchasing a new refrigerator before spending hundreds of dollars for parts and labor fixing your old refrigerator or in my case, my one year old refrigerator. Never again will I purchase a FRIGIDAIRE BRAND and will definately share my horrible experience with people before they suffer like me.

Anonymous 11/20/12 7:44PM

We purchased our Frigidaire Professional Model # FPHB2899LF3 Serial #4A04000047 on 4-30-2011 and spent $2084.12. In Feburary of 2011 the Ice maker quit. I called and they gave me a local serviceman H & J repair out of Norton, Ks. We called and after about the 5th call he called us back and said he could not fix it we would have to purchase a new Frig. I then spend several months calling Frigidaire and they kept saying they would have someone call me. No one did. Finally about 2 weeks before the warranty ran out I was told that they would not be able to have anyone out before the warranty was up and we would have to pay for everything our selves. I told them no way. I would fight them on this. Know not only does my Ice maker not work I have ice building up behind the draws that I have to remove every 2 days in order for the draws to close. I have spent almost a year trying to get my frig fixed. Finally the place we purchaed it from said they would take a look at it but that is not a option because we would have to to load Rent a trail load it and drive 4 hours round trip, leave it for about a week for them to look at it. Rent a trail again and haul it 4 hours home if it can be fixed. Everyone at customer says they will have someone call me or they will call back.I have never had anyone call me back and I always have to call them and I get the same answer. I will look into it and call you back. I WANT MY MONEY BACK SO I CAN BUY A FRIG THAT WORKS. Please do something.

tc 11/16/12 10:51AM

We bought a Frigidair Ref. Model FGUI2149L and Serial # 4A22410539 end of May 2012. It was delivered some times in June 2012. From day one I noticed that doors would make noice when open and close. There were some scraches on the doors and the Ref. looked used to me. Then the freezer area would have a lots of steam and some ice. I called Pacific Sales where we bought it and they sent a tech person. He touched up the scraches and told me that the steaming was normal. Then after 2 weeks we noticed that Ref. is not cooling and we end up throwning some food out. The feezer was full of ice due to not defrosting. I called the sale person and he directed me to the Frigidair customer service and they directed me to local appliance service for Frigidair. It took almost one month for them to show up and meanwhile we had to throw all of food due to defective Ref. The service person put some ceiling around the doors and clean the ice behind the freezer walls and he told us there was lick. It worked for one week and then the same story all over again. We called Frigider customer service and requested to replace this defective Ref. and we were told that we have repair warranty. They told us if we had 3 major repair may be they will replace (3 major repair on a new Ref.? very much ripoff). We requested the same service person since we thought he is familiar with what is going on. It took another 3 weeks for him to show up becuase the manufacturing tech told him he need to order the Diice kit and some other parts and he had to wait for the order. We had no Ref. again for almost a month. After a month the service person came and made the changes per what the Frigidair Tech told him. The Service person told us that this Ref. is not fixable and that we will have the same problem and he is not returning since he has done every thing possible to fix it. I contacted Pacific Sale and Frigidair and requested a refund so that we can buy another Ref. They are not willing to do so because we have repair warrenty! The warrenty make sence if we had this Ref. for a while but we had issues from the day one and we are asking to take it back. I will fight for our right no matter if I take this to court. This was our first Frigidair and first Pacific Sales buy and never again. Please help us to resolve the issue. Thank you.

Roobina 11/8/12 4:24PM

I need cold storage similar to a root cellar. I have in floor heat in my basement. I need a place to store apples, carrots, potatoes, onions, etc. My refrigerator does not accommodate the temps. or space can you develop something to accommodate my needs?

Anonymous 9/25/12 6:40PM

PLEASE? make the draws of your fridge, vacuum option, so we save on food bills!
ALSO make a seperate unit the size of a dishwasher,we can keep bread/chips.ect.. in- under counter- ALSO to save with spoilage.

new age 8/30/12 9:58AM

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