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GameStop corporate office headquarters location, phone number, address and feedback

Please find details for the GameStop corporate office below. We do our best to keep this information current, but if you are aware of any updates to the GameStop corporate office headquarters information we have, please feel free to submit an update.

Corporate Office Address:
GameStop Corporation
625 Westport Pkwy.
Grapevine, TX 76051
United States

Phone: 817-424-2000
Fax: 817-424-2002

GameStop Corporate Office Comments

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I went to buy a game at your store in mattydale NY. which I am a steady customer at this Game Stop. When I had a question about a game ( I believe the manager) Kevin Paris just walked into the back room and did not return to answer my questions. Kevin Paris was rude, not helpful and just walked away. I have never had service by anyone at your Mattydale NY store before. Well to say the least I will start buying games at another store who have respectful staff. Northern Lights not for me. I am sorry to say that Mr. Paris has a bad attitude. Good-bye forever.

Lost a customer 7/24/14 9:40PM

My sons just visited a local gamestop in Las Vegas NV. Upon entering no employee greeted or even spoke to them without them speaking first and then to find out that both employees were discussing their personal lives but to use profanity on several occasions with other customers and children in the store is extremely unprofessional and both employees should be fired for it. The employees were arguing with each other and not taking care of the customers in the store. After several attempts to get their attention to trade in a game, they gave him a hard time and didnt want to do it. Finally to get him to leave the store they finally did their job. Im looking for another location to send my sons too. Very unprofessional. I hope as a corporate professional you will respond to this in a timely manner.

Anonymous 6/15/14 12:12PM

I recently spoke to the now manager of my local Game Stop in Palestine, Texas and was told that due to the actions of Frank de Luna, the long time manager, Bill is no longer with Game Stop. I must say Bill was perhaps your most valuable employee. He was very customer oriented, friendly, kind, informative, polite. It was because of him that I shopped at your store. I do have another choice and I will not be frequenting the Game Stop here. I read on line that you have lost a lot of customers due to poor customer service. That is not the case here as long as Bill was manager. All his employees feel the same.

tee 2/28/14 3:34PM

I had a coupon buy 2 used games and get one free. Most of the games said new on them even tho the covers looked used or they were older games. I could not find any games that said used that we liked and purchased 2 games for my son anyway that said new. Got home peeled off the sticker on the one game and it said used under it. Please explain this to me. If that is not false advertisement I don't know what is.

Anonymous 1/23/14 1:11PM

You gotta be very careful if you download a game fro game stop ,I did and everytime i open the game up i get a virus in my computer

Robert Blanscet 12/23/13 7:16AM

GameStop sucks. I'm honestly not sure how you are in business anymore. The worst customer service i have ever seen. How about hiring pepole who actually give a crap about the products and can handle talking to customers. I souls be able to walk into a store 10 minutes before close(yes i know it was almost closing time but they were still open) and buy 1 game without the employee freaking out. Good luck game stop. I dont for see you being in business too much longer with such crappy employees.

Ihategamestop 12/19/13 12:42PM

i went to a Game stop store here in Columbus Ohio. you have an employee named Sean w and i'm not sure but the other boys name was zack. so very unprofessional. talking about sex and who the hit last night. one of them talked about hitting on a girl who was just 15. the Sean boy said he got her number and if her mom didn't find out she was next. sad but i will make sure i tell all my girl friends with daughters to stay clear from that store.

Crystal 11/30/13 2:48PM

i went to game stop last night on 11-9-13 an purchase call of duty ghost the store closed at 9 pm so it was 849pm when i cam in so an employee stood behind me an my family the time we were in there making it very uneasy so i bought the game an headed out the door that was at 858 right when i walk out the door i notice i needed head phones but right when the door close they lock it behind me so i tell the employee that i for got somthing an he says to late where closed and close the shutters in me an my kids face so thats a ten year guest they just lost

shawn501 11/10/13 2:25PM

my twelve year old son took a game to our local gamestop to be buffed, its been three mmonths, we go there today and the employees tell us we are lying, accuse my child of lying to get a free a game, and the guy who my son handed the game over to denied all this, we have proof, we have a receipt they said that meant nothing. I will never spend a red gent in that awful, thieving store again

jc 10/8/13 1:47PM

I called and had them hold on to the hard to find ninjini skylander and they said they would hold it. but when we drove the 40 minutes they had sold it. never shopping here again!!! so angry!!! I have been a long time shopper but now I'm done with this company!

angrycustomer 3/7/13 4:37PM

Are you serious? We have the biggest snow storm ever!(In Rockford, Illinois) When the courthouse closes and all government offices, even the funeral homes postponed for the day,you would think you would close for the day too! It's putting your employee's in danger and no one is going to get out in this to purchase any game! Is selling one game (maybe) if you're lucky today worth peoples lives. A concerned customer.

Anonymous 3/5/13 9:28AM

how do you say false of duty black ops 2..... i just found out today after spending over 100 dollars on the game and season pass that nuketown 2025 is only playable online and on select weekends. when i was researching this game i was told by store employees that nuketown 2025 was going to be included in the game so i didnt need my code. i bought this game because of the hopes of nuketown 2025 and nuketown zombies we dont play online we play multiplayer in our own home against each other so i guess we will never see nuketown 2025 thanks to gamestop false advertising i am stuck without the main reason i purchased it. the first thing we wanted to play was nuketown but its not there. i think some in store credit should be applied here you tell your employees to advertise this game and tell the people that nuketown will be on the game when it comes out then try to blame the game manufacturer for your false adds and need to put nuketown availabe as downloadable content and quit screwing your customers

bengalphil 12/27/12 5:41PM

While talking to a younger sales associate at game stop the manager pulled him away from helping me as i had every intention on buying 3 ipod touches for my kids to run the cas register, note it was only 3 people in line and i am a customer as well. Once I got to the front of line I told him that that was totally rude and he said oh well, thats life so i told him that was a poor remark and i would not purchase anything from game stop ever again. The manager continued to roll his eyes and smirk. I have 4 gamers in my house and have spent over $1000 in 2012, never again.

jeremiah 12/17/12 9:10AM

My daughter works for game stop and we can not seem to get paid. We call coporate offices and only talk to voice mails. Not only do they have crapy treatment of customers, but employees too. We have tried to straighten out this problem for 3 weeks.

ldaniels 12/10/12 2:10PM

Add me to the list of folks livid at GameStop's crappy treatment of its customers. If you buy from GameStop, expect to be treated with rude, condescending disrespect. Worse, do not expect your problem handled at all. They will go out of their way not to help you, even to the point of making up lies about what you said or did.

Anonymous 12/3/12 6:33PM


D BO 12/3/12 4:26PM

What a rip off company they will not replace a gift card I bought my
12 yr old grandson I have both receipts and they won't replace them
This is the last I will ever spend and believe me I've spent lots here
Very poor customer service for such a Big Company $25.00 to them is nothing

[email protected] 11/21/12 10:20AM

this is the worst place ihave ever bought something from.order no.4120819171734194. you sent me nintendo ds lite that was missing parts,broken,wrong color.sent it back and still cannot get you to send a replcement. call 18008838895 and get constant runaround.

Anonymous 10/6/12 10:22AM

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