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General Motors corporate office headquarters location, phone number, address and feedback

Please find details for the General Motors corporate office below. We do our best to keep this information current, but if you are aware of any updates to the General Motors corporate office headquarters information we have, please feel free to submit an update.

Corporate Office Address:
General Motors Company
300 Renaissance Center
Detroit, MI 48265
United States

Phone: 313-556-5000

General Motors Corporate Office Comments

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I have a 2012 Lacrosse my background screen's color went out during late summer. It will come back every so often for a day or an hour then go out again. Buick said it's xm's problem they haven't had any complaints the radio works, xm said it's the equipment they haven't had any complaints regarding this issue tell gm to check the software to see if it is up to date. I can't believe other owners are not having an issue, so it would seem to me this would be an equipment/possible software issue since I'm the only one having a problem. Why hasn't Buick offered to replace the system that came with xm radio/software with one that's known to work well with sirus/xm or try uninstalling/reinstalling the software in the vehicle which I would try but can't gm has to do that and see if that helps rather then just saying the software for xm is up to date. Since November Buick is suppose to be working with xm since the service dept found another vehicle like mine on their lot with the same issue. Buick now said it's xm's problem and xm is looking into it. Still no fix/solution. Emailed regional office hoping something would be done and all they did was speak with the service dept. where I took my vehicle and was told this is xm's problem not Buick - No Help from Regional Office. I'm sure xm won't do anything unless others are having the same issue with the equipment/software. Others need to come forward and complain if there are any. Thanks for nothing GM! Fed up with GM's service! and love the car miss my background color!! Hoping CORPORATE WILL DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS ISSUE. You pay a lot for your car you just want everything to work right.

donnal 1/17/14 11:05AM

I bought a Chevy 2012 Silverado 1500 EX and right from the start the Radio display was making a high pitched noise. The problem was recognized by Chevy in General Motors Bulletin High Pitched sound from Radio Display To make a really long story very short my dealer replaced the radio which did not fix the problem but they felt it was fixed. After the big Run around I had to fix the problem myself which cost me $1025.00 for a replacement radio (Advent OGM-1 NAV Radio) which did fix the problem. To date I have received no compensation for my wasted time and $ spent. Vey disappointing.

dangevine 1/6/14 6:45PM

I just want to say thank you and all your workers for making a fine vechile , I have a 1995 gmc safari m 4.3 ltr by Christmas 2013 I will have over 500,000. miles with a original motor and transmission I just changed my rear at 480,115 miles my vechile does not use or burn oil rides like a dream my mechanic wants to know when I will buy a new vechile I say maybe after 650,000 miles but I think it willo be longer than that again thank you

Anonymous 12/10/13 2:26PM

I purchased a 2012 Camaro and it now has 20,000 miles on it. I receive a coupon for an oil change and on my way there the car died. My Camaro showed 94% oil life left, but Koon's chevolet in Maryland is saying that I did not have proper maintance on the Camaro and I did but I got family and friends to do oil changes to cut down on cost. Now GM will not honor the warrenty unless I can find the receipts for the oil that I purchased. I am trying to find them now but I normally do not save these things. Please help I cannot afford to repair this car. I am 62 years old and living on a fixed income.

violet 11/6/13 8:37AM

Bought a 2008 GMC seirra 1500 with maybe 39,000 miles on it. It has been in the shop more than I've had it. I was told by the sales manager to blow the motor up so they can put a new one in. Now at 68,000 miles 100 repairs later the transmission has to be rebuilt. Ok that's done now its leaking oil. Called there corp customer service and the basically told me off. I've had cooling problems, electric problems, drive train problems. Now my warrenty is about to run out and I know am screwed. Can I please get some help from GMC!!!!

Jay 4/9/13 5:55PM

I have a 2006 Chevy HHR.For the most part it's a good vehicle.Dec31,2012.The rear window shattered.Am looking into why??Have not heard of this before.I now have to pay 250.00 deductable,for something which I know is not my fault.Repair will be done at Speedy Auto glass,In Fredericton N.B. Northside location on January 2 2013.Yes the rear window defroster was on, as it would be in most vehicles this time of the year.Thank You for your time.Not a happy customer

Anonymous 1/1/13 10:15PM

Have had my 2006 chevy equinox I month. Heat quit, blows cold. I read reviews
Mostly bad ones on the equinox. I just hope no more problems when I,get fixed.
Only 87.000 when bought and its cold.

cold 12/21/12 6:20AM

I just want to thank Gm for making an affordable safe auto,On 12-6-2012 I got a green light,proceeded thru an intersection and got T-boned at 50 miles an wife's 2007 equinox was hit on the passenger side causing the car to flip in mid air 3 times before landing on the roof.luckily my family was not in the car at the time and I crawled out the broken window with no broken bones although I am really really sore and swollen in places,I feel lucky to be alive.note that no air bags deployed due to side impact, all that saved me was the seat belt.

Lucky 12/8/12 10:06PM

To whom do I need to contact about ah $750000 New 2012 Corvette I purchase? An Onstar unit was not working correctly. The unit was giving wrong direction on a per program trip. Onstar was unable to corect my problem after 4,5,6,? Times. Could not turn the unit off. Taped the Onstar unit broke the screen. Can't I get a little help fron GM. No!

Corrick 10/26/12 10:33PM

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