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Google corporate office headquarters location, phone number, address and feedback

Please find details for the Google corporate office below. We do our best to keep this information current, but if you are aware of any updates to the Google corporate office headquarters information we have, please feel free to submit an update.

Corporate Office Address:
Google Inc.
1600 Amphitheatre Parkway
Mountain View, CA 94043
United States

Phone: 650-253-0000
Fax: 650-253-0001

Google Corporate Office Comments

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Long story short. Had a nexus 7 tablet still under warranty that defected. Called google. November 28,2013 Ended up putting me with Asus the manufacturer to fix or replace. Got a UPS label from them. Shipped it off in original packaging. Tracked package to Asus service center. several phone calls and 2 months later of not seeing my tablet was told by supervisor it was sent back to google on December 9, 2013 gave me a RMA number for it and to contact google. Google was going to send me a replacement tablet. No one seems to know where or what happened to my tablet I sent out. Now almost 4 months later of trying to place an order through a replacement link given to me. always sorry a technical issue, a UPS issue, sorry try again, its in escalations, its a priority, we are investigating.. I have placed 3 replacement orders with no tablet still. So disgusted I sent my tablet out and never got anything back just a lot of talking and no tablet. I have faxed a letter to headquarters and might send the same letter to all the headquarters so someone can just take the time and really help me to get my son back his tablet.

Anonymous 3/25/14 8:51AM

It is apparent that my gmail account has been hacked into as of January, 2014. In August 2013, September 2013, October 2013, I saved communications in my sent mail, knowing I would need it at a later date. In January I noticed strange messages. In February, I noticed that inbox, sent mail, spam, trash were all mixed up. Last week I attempted to retrieve documents saved in September, August,October were missing. I tried to the data, but realized that the messages are at the mercy of a hacker. I would like the missing sent mail returned to my gmail.

cbragg 3/18/14 11:11AM

I have been called and threatened by a so called Google representative. I have tried to reach Google but as with others I am just placed on hold with no one answering for at least 20 minutes.

Anonymous 2/27/14 3:52PM

So far I have been on HOLD for 18 minutes waiting on a representative to pick up. This is ridiculous! You need better customer service! I have two charges made to my Discover card on Jan 20th from google that I want removed immediately. $10.33 and $10.76 should be credited back to my account.

Anonymous 2/19/14 2:48PM

I do not appreciate the ad that portrays Ellen and another female kissing. It is unnecessary since the ad is about how Cover Girl has dropped Ellen. Why do you think you must show this image in different poses over and over again. Some folks may like this, I do not. I understand it is politically correct but that does not mean it is the correct thing for you to do. What has the lesbians kissing have to do with Cover Girl? It is very offensive. I feel as if it is in my own home and I do feel that I should have uninvited guests in my private home. Just so there is no doubt, I do not like these images showing up when I am only sitting here reading my private emails and such. I would be very happy if you could do something about this ad. Thank you.

Anonymous 2/7/14 3:13PM

I am new to google and gmail and have a couple of tech spt. questions but I can't seem to get anyone on the line except for a recording. Something has to be done about your customer support. I like gmail but I would give it up if I didn't have it as part of my new Samsung Tablet. I have tried for two days in a row 45 min to over an hour trying and just getting a recording.

D 1/28/14 3:12PM

Google has somehow gotten my credit card number and charged it $9.51 or 10/29/2013 and $10.69 on 11/04/2013. I have never bought anything from Google or "Google Play", do not have a Google account, don't want one. I want to know how you got my credit card information without me knowing it. I also want the two charges totaling $20.20 credited back to my credit card. I also want all information concerning myself or my wife wiped from your databases. This is credit card fraud and I don't like it. Nobody in my household bought anything from Google and I want my money back ASAP.

Jim Romine

JimRomine 11/22/13 9:37AM

I made a stupid mistake of creating another gmail account, and I don't understand why every time on click on, my username is shown in front of me inside that box under which I have to put my password. I've tried hundreds of ways to delete my username from being shown to everyone who might want to use gmail from my computer, but this idiotic google account does not provide any way to do that. I don't want my username to be shown to everyone- strangers specifically- so, this message is to you google tech support, if there's anything like that!!!!- to send me a solution immediately, otherwise, I swear to everything dear tom, I'm so infuriated with your stupid gmail policies(duh!)that I will take this matter to another level and make this stupidity of yours public and will write articles about your invasion of people's privacy in every newspaper that I can and know, you disgraceful people.I will repeat it agian: Tell me how to prevent my gmail username being shown on my monitor every time I click on ASAP,

Anonymous 11/20/13 3:49PM

I've tried to get up with customer service,but can't for some on reason. My husband has nothing at all to do with my computer,he don't know how to operate one. But for some unknown reason Google"Google Play Google" has gotten his bank acc. & has drafted out $13.87. N0 one hasn't given them the acc. # nor permission. So someone has gotten his bank acc. # and used it get the money. They had ways of getting the bank acc. # so they have ways of using the same # and return it back to the bank. I have no idea what this google play is? I do have a 5 yrs. old great grand child that on the computer & plays games, but thats all I know. If I owe the $13.87 for playing games I'll be glad to pay it. But not the way they went about to get it, without permission, I'm not allowed to use my husbands bank acc. I have my own at a different bsnk. Please get this straighten out, and put the money back in his acc. Thank you

Anonymous 4/19/13 6:56AM

I am addressing this to the corporate office, because I could not easily find another avenue to voice consumer comments. I have long enjoyed Gmail and Google in general, but I would like to say that I dislike the new compose experience. I hope that the consumer is not forced into this change. I am also curious why the reader is being discontinued, as it is an excellent productivity tool for many of my friends and business acquaintances.

Anonymous 3/16/13 12:28PM

Do you really have any representatives on staff...I have called twice waited over an hour for machine to keep coming back saying all representatives are busy over and over. I think you should value your customers time. What has happened to customer service. I have always been a fan of google but I will try one more time if no human can talk to me I will delete my adword account
Thank you,

Anonymous 3/7/13 3:00PM

The google play card for downloading music, really is terrible way to download, Why would I will recommend to all in the social media I know not a great purchase. it was a gift to me, why should I have to provide a credit card to download music this insane. THIS INFORMATION SHOULD BE ON THE TERMS & CONDITIONS. THANKS FOR YOUR TIME I will work with I tunes from this day forward

kenneth 1/21/13 3:53PM

if you're not a living breathing being then don't expect living breathing beings for customers either talk to us direct or lose us

Anonymous 10/31/12 3:02PM

I did your google check out and have received nothing yet it cost me 550 to do this and i live on a fixed income i cant afford this what do i need my money. Who do i go to

missy 10/25/12 1:45AM

DO NOT bother calling this number for customer support - no one is there that knows what is going on with any type of questions from what I have experienced and reading other customer complaints, you would think that the largest internet company, GOOGLE, would have great customer service and in a timely manner, not over an hour hold time! This is got to be the worst customer service ever! eBay is the world largest online seller and they have excellent customer service and a few minutes in wait time... Maybe Google needs to sell and eBay take over!!!!!!! GOOGLE, get a customer service "easy" emailing service for customers, and a good customer service staff that knows what they are doing and the infromation customers need. And an easy what to contact you out in the internet world.... not for customers to have to search and search online for information! This is so ridiculous! It's like you are to high up for us little folks to contact!

Tagamedi 9/20/12 7:48AM

If somebody sends me an email, the new one goes to the previous email under the same address. That feature is confusing. It mixes up the new messages with the old ones. Also, your browser is great, but it crashes and freezes most often.

Anonymous 8/29/12 7:31AM

Please correct the name of our 2 streets in all of your records. This is creating confusion and hardship. Our NS street is "North Melrose Hill." Our EW street is "West Melrose Hill," Los Angeles, 90029. According to the Counter Assessor, these are the correct names and have been for over 90 years. They claim there is no such street of "Melrose Hill Street" in los angeles and that the redundent suffix is a "figment of google's imagination." Edward V. Hunt, President, MHN Association.

Ed Hunt 8/14/12 11:28AM

My daughter is 10 years old. I had a purchase come out of my account X 2 for $99.99. I did not make this purchase and do not want this purchase. My bank told me it was Zynga Google Receipt #989814 with authorization code #295642 and receipt #781194 with authorization code #295630. Zynga reps are of no help and they told me you would have to help me.

Anonymous 8/1/12 8:00PM

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