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Greyhound corporate office headquarters location, phone number, address and feedback

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Corporate Office Address:
Greyhound Lines, Inc.

600 Vine Street
Sutie 1400
Cincinnati, OH 45202
United States

Phone: 513-241-2200
Fax: 513-419-3394

Greyhound Corporate Office Comments

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First experience: tried to purchase a ticket from OH to MI, in person. Clerk was rude, not very helpful, and basically told me I couldn't buy a ticket until the next day because the busses had all left. next day, different person, even more rude then the last, sold me a ticket for a bus that had already left and then tried to tell me it was not refundable. Spoke to the on-site manager and got it rescheduled for free due to that clerk's incompetence. Third day I got there right when the doors were opened, and the clerk from before saw me and let me know I better stay in line because she forgot to tell me the day before that tickets are non-refundable the same day and if there were not enough seats left, I would get left behind and would have to buy another ticket. I got my seat, but sure enough, I saw 2 families 4-5 told they were going to have to buy another ticket because they had "oversold" the bus. This crap should be illegal!

second experience: 8 years later, buying a ticket for a friend from MI to NC to visit. purchased online one week after I initially priced the ticket, and the price had literally doubled. plus fees. purchased the ticket, and my friend won't be traveling now. called the office and first greyhound phone clerks who didn't tell me her name got angry, was rude, yelled at me, threatened to send me to her legal team, then hung up on me. I just asked for a freakin' refund! 2nd person, Miss Maynard she failed to call herself (her supervisor told me) was closer to polite, but basically told me the same thing over and over again stating I could only change the dates on the ticket: No refund, no changing the passengers name, no changing the start and end locations. She finally sent me on to the supervisor (who I had to ask for her to give me her name), who told me all the same things. Oh the supervisor finally told me that I could pay a $20 fee if I were there IN PERSON ONLY to change the dates on the ticket, but that I couldn't change the name on the ticket or the locations. I'm plumb out of $300 this time.

And guess what? close to 80% of those who use the busses make less than 20,000 per year. the rest of those 20% all make under 50,000 per year, with maybe a small handful of under 0.01 percent of those making between 50,000 and 200,000. Virtually nobody who makes more than 200,000 is reported to use a public bus service, be it a city bus service or greyhound. So this cruddy company policy is effecting only the 99%, and the richest of the rich ride around in their limos and jets. I make in that 0.01 percent of those who actually use busses, and I'm still freakin' pissed! I'll bet you if someone who was a CEO used a greyhound bus and was treated the way everyone else is that something would happen to change policy within days.

I will NEVER use this company again, even if they DO change their policies.

Pissed_and_Hurt 4/3/14 7:29AM

For a year now I have been taking Greyhound from Richmond Va to Washington DC every day to work and back home. I have spent hundreds of dollars commuting back and forth but today is the last straw.. The service has been durable, bus drivers flirting with young riders, being rude to others. Getting off from work one morning we were told to go wait inside and some one would come to get us because it was cold outside. When the attendant called my bus I followed him outside but my bus had left. He said he didn't see me. I tried to get my ticket changed to the next bus but was told it would cost me 20 dollars
It wasn't my fault!! That was too much. I will never travel Greyhound again. From now on it's Megabus and Amtrak. I still have tickets for the rest of the week that I'm not going to use.


bunny 3/13/14 8:05AM

I also had a very bad experience with Greyhound will never use their service again, the customer service sucks, very uncaring. July 2013 I took a trip from Chicago to California the bus broke down and we were stranded in the hot sun for 8 hour, I missed all my connections also missed the funeral I was suppose to attend in California when the time came for me to return Home I purchased an Amtrak ticket so I never used my return ticket, I contacted customer service in hope of receiving my refund was constantly given the run of today Feb 17 2014 I haven't received the refund , to some people customer service is just a job, but we should receive quality service,,,,,,which you don't get from GREYHOUND.

Anonymous 2/18/14 6:49PM

I had a horrific experience with your services while trying to get home from Thanksgiving break. My friend and I were scheduled to leave at 1:15 from the station, however we did not board the bus until about 2:30. We had a connecting bus from New york to Boston that left at 4:45, but because of the hour we were set back, the stops in New Jersey that we were scheduled to make and the typical New York traffic, we did not arrive until about 7 or 7:30. We stood in line to change our ticket to the next available bus time to Boston only to be met by the news that the next bus wouldn't be leaving until 7:15 in the morning. The teller told me that the last bus that was going out was at 1045 or so and it was full and they were using all of there buses, so there was no possible way to get there sooner. She then proceeded to take about 15 minutes to try to figure out how to print out our tickets, then print them wrong and call 2 supervisors to help print them right. At that point I called my mom and she ended up renting a car, which cost about $150, to come down a pick us up, arriving into Boston at 6:47 in the morning. I understand that delays and stuff happened, but businesses that hold high standards for themselves take care of their customers in those circumstances with the proper compensations. When I took MegaBus home one holiday and they were an hour late in boarding, I was given a full refund of my fare. I received no offer of any kind from Greyhound, no offer of hotels or refunds at all.

To anyone else who has been treated poorly by Greyhound

stranded and pissed 1/8/14 12:29PM

VERY Disappointed. My son has a ticket for the 3:30 bus from Pitts to Balto. He arrived at the station early and asked if he could pay the difference and switch to the 10:30 bus. He was RUDELY told there was no more room and he would just HAVE TO WAIT. Just before the 10:30 bus pulled away a man came to the attendant (could have been the driver, it was a lady) and said he did not have a ticket but it was urgent he get to Balto, his baby momma needs him. They took the time to repack his bagged belongings into boxes and let him on the bus!!!! All the time smirking at my son as he was not allowed to board and he had a ticket!!!! What gives!!!! I suppose if he was homeless looking, smelled and carried garbage bags maybe he would have been allowed on, but because he had a duffle, was showered and did not say "hay baby girl, you lookin' fine today!" and was not AA he was not allowed on. UNBELIEVABLE~!!!!!

D 12/23/13 9:04AM

I was a passenger on Greyhound bus 86178 on 12/5/13 departing from Atlantic City NJ going to Washington , DC. , when a passenger was stabbed on this bus that required police intervention and emergency services. The ordeal was freighten for everyone but the handling of the situation by the bus driver is very concerning. I was seated in the second row of the bus. A commotion was heard from the the rear of the bus and cries of a person. The bus driver did not stop immedialty and the physical confrontation between two males moved quickly toward the front of the bus down the isle into the stairway area. Several minutes passed and finally the bus came to a full stop . The driver stood in place. The two males continues to scoffer while one continues to yell he stabbed my girlfriend, he stabbed my girlfriend. A few minutes passed and one male stopped and returned to the rear of the bus. The driver is then heard telling the male who remianed in the stairwell area "man you got to give up the knife " while the door of the bus remained closed and the lights on the bus stayed off. The knife weilding male is asking to retreive something from the rear of the bus when the bus driver was observed grabbing the glass partition pulling it towards himself leaving the passenger on the bus expose to the male with a knife. The bus driver then returned to the drivers seat , leaving the male with the knife on the stairway and drives off. While the bus is moving the second male returns to the front and continues to yell he stab my girlfriend and the two males starts scuffling again. The driver finally stopped the bus a second time .The crowd is yelling open the door and let them out. The driver did not respond. Only after a third request did the driver reluctantly open the door and the two males exited the bus. The driver allowed the male without the knife back onto the bus. After the passenger tells the bus driver not to allow the knife weilding passenger back on the bus, the bus driver is heard telling this individual he will let him back on the bus if he gives up the knife. The passengers called the police . This incident was very dangerous and serious for everyone involved. Myself I felt caged in the small seating area without the confidence the bus driver was doing anything to protect or safeguard the passengers on the bus.

In light of this incident I hope Greyhound implement a plan to educate the drivers on how to handles incidents such as this one even if its just calling the police or consider installing cameras.

Your consideration in this matter is greatly appreciated.

Zip397 12/9/13 9:29AM

I Advised The Attendant At Nashville I Was Disabled And Advised Them. The Attendant Kept Telling Me To Go To The End Of The Line. I Told Him I Was Disabled And Had The Use Of A Scooter. Every Other Bus Driver Told Me To Go Right Up In Front Everyone And To Let Them Know I Was Disabled And Had The Use Of A Scooter. The Attendant Kept Asking Me For A Pass. The Previous Bus Driver Did Not Give Me One. So Finally He Let Me Get On After I Showed Him The Numbers That The Disability Line Had Given Me. I Pouted A Little When I Got On The Bus Mind You I Already Had Benn On The Bus From Florida,orlando And Was Very Tired Well I Was Tting Where Every Other Bus Driver Had Told Me To Sit. Thuis Bus Dr Got On The Bus Came R Up To Med Yelled You Did Not Pay For Two Seats Move Your Stuff To The Back Of The Bus. I Moved My Stuff On Top Of Me. Then I Asked Him Can I Put It Up Above Like Everybody Else. He Saides. I Put It Up Above And Moved In Another Seat. Mind You I Was Thesabled Seat First. Well Then We Came To A Stop. I Asked The Driver How Long We Would Be. He Said Did You Not Hear Me. He Never Did Tell Me. So I Got Off The Bus And Told The Employee I Needed My Scooter. He Got It Out For Me And The Bus Driver Walked Next To Me Andilled His Drink 2 Feet From Me And Some Of It Got On Me. Then He Goes Over By Secty And Gives Me Dirty Looks. I Still Went Inside And Went Up To The Desk And Asked The Lady What Gate I Should Go To For Chicago. She Said Did You Not Hear Me. She Never Did Tell Me. So I Just Looked To See Whjere Some Of The People I Was Riding With Got On. I Sat By The Gates And Someone Came Up Behnd Me And I Felt His Hands Hold The Back Of My Chair And Touching My Back. I Turned Around And It Was The Busdriver. I Then Went To Get Back On The Bus After I Called Customer Service And The Lady Told Me Not To Talk To Him Just Get On The Bus And When I Get To Chicago Fill Out A Complaint Form. I Went To Get On The Bus And The Busdriver Was With The Emp-loyee And The Mployee Told Me He Can Kick Me Off The Bus. I Said All I Want To Ds Get To Chicago And I Advised Him I Called Customer Service. Well I Finally Was Let Back On. I Did Question Him About Putting His Hands On My Scooter. He Said The Camera W Showat I Backed Into Him. I Never Back Up Unless I Look Behind Me. I Told Him I Did Not Back Up. Like I Said I Got On And Made It Home. I Call It The Bus Ride From Hell. I Have Traveled All Over The U.s. And Never In My Life Had People Act So Rude To Me. I'm Really Discusted With Greyhound And It's Employee's In Nashville, Tenn, And Louieville, Kentucky. What A Bunch Of Bigot's. The Bus # Was 86367 Schedule 1196. I Might Also Say It Was The Busdriver After Mr. Garcia That Gave Me The Trouble. Good Luck And From Now On Untill Some One E-mails Me And Tell's Me There Sorry For What Happened I Will Tell Every One I Know Not To Use Your Service.

MISTREATED. 10/5/13 12:04AM

I can remember with admiration of the professionalism and reliability of Greyhound bus service. In the 50's while in the navy, I would hitch hike home on a long weekend then take a greyhound back to San Diego so as not to miss (ships movement). A serious mistake at the least. Always well maintained buses in that day. Lately, retired in Pheonix area, I have had the necessity to take the bus from Flagstaff to Phx or vise versa, in order to drive my wife home from summer digs then come back up to bring another vehicle home as she doesn't drive much anymore. Each of the last few years the buses have had mechanical problems each and every time nearly, in this trip. Twice a year I take it. Who is running your company these days? An investment in new reliable equipment and or superior maintenance, would turn your obviously soiled reputation around quit rapidly I think. Possibly your directors could use some new leadership. Do you have an Operations Manager that needs replacing? I spent 35 years in airline maintenance and cannot understand the downward direction your once fine company is taking. Is the government running your company now?

L. Vogt 6/11/13 6:47PM

My name is Brady Mitchell and to me it seems like it doesnt matter what my story is cause Greyhound doesn't care. After reading these complaints its clear to me Greyhound are thieves who hopes you leave your luggage so they can steal it. Were being punished for not giving them 15.00, eventhough we payed good money for our seat and under the bus luggage. There cooks!!! Worse then any jucky or drug dealer up the street. Why??? Because there portray a friendly bus company for you and the family. There gonna give me my bags or pay my for what they stole. I won't just go away. If they refuse to resolve my problem i will go court. Any with the same problem feel free to contact me

use ta travel Greyhound 4/29/13 6:27PM

I think I may end up in court with them as well if they don't rectify this current situation. My disabled father was travelling from California to Ohio on a three day trip, first they lost his luggage with his medication. He has multiple problems including a seizure disorder, blind in one eye and walks with a cane. On one of their stops to get gas, he got off the bus to use the restroom and they left him behind in a city he doesn't know in the middle of the night with NOTHING! He did tell them he was using the restroom. He sat at the greyhound station thinking they would come back and the woman told him he had to leave because they were closing. It's Dec. 31st, it's freezing out, he had no money and his cell phone was going dead. I had to call the cops to pick him up and take him to a hotel which I had to pay for. We contacted them and they refused any help and said the next bus was at 6am. We scheduled a wake up call and a shuttle so he arrived on time. The station was closed and the bus didn't show. I now have to put him up again, which I cannot afford and hope the next bus comes. His cell phone died so keeping him in the hotel is the only way to check on him and it's been days since his luggage was lost and he's had his medication. If something should happen to him I'm going to take them to court for that ad well.

Angry in Ohio 1/1/13 1:41PM

I am a disable fm we everytime i take this bu$ 100lbs bags i pay gd money to travel with or shipped.this yr alone i have lost over 3000.00 thy cut my bags open this time took all thy want it wasnt lost or stolen just someobe cyr it open took my things its bn over a yr thy havent given me one dime judt a big run around this is 9/25/12 .someone had to have alot off timr to cut my baggs ooen i want to be paid back for lost i feel like betrayed by a huge company ti invade my privacy and steal from me ive called tgis number a yr left message ect now i wrote 30dayss ago no response i think im going to take thm too court sp

Triedof beingrobbed 9/25/12 11:42AM

on 5/15/2012 i departed from the little rock greyhound station about 2am.when i made to my destination chicago il i found out that my bag was not on the bus,which end up being lost.since 5/16/2012 ive been trying to locate my bag & all ive been getting was the run around.its only one person that has actually tried to help me find my bag and that is mr.paul hilbert the supervisor of the chicago il grey hound station.i was told tht my bag was lost bcus it did not have a bag tag on it which wssnt my fault.i really dont understand how can the littler rock arkansas station hve early morning service & the customer service counter isnt open so tht the customers bags can be checked in properly.that need to be fixed and asap.i filled out a claim form & was told tht the corp office never recieved it,tht it could of gotten misplaced & i need to do it over again what the ???.ive been trying to find my bag on my own...bcuz this is really ridiculous ive been patient for a very long time as well as has been 2mnths i hvnt recieved a letter of sorry or anything from greyhound & i want travel with greyhound again unless i really hve to.i have all my contact info of greyhound personel tht i hve converse with while trying to retain my bag.if i dnt hear something about my bag in a couple of months i will see my lawyer to see how i can handle this matter..i also have copies of mt tickets & other nfo....i want to hear from a manager or tired of talking to people tht arent able to help me but tell me i have to much longer do i hve to wait?? my nsme is valina gray.phn#224 805 0961

LAEDEEV 7/22/12 1:37PM

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