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HEB corporate office headquarters location, phone number, address and feedback

Please find details for the HEB corporate office below. We do our best to keep this information current, but if you are aware of any updates to the HEB corporate office headquarters information we have, please feel free to submit an update.

Corporate Office Address:
HEB Grocery Company, LP
646 S. Main Ave.
San Antonio, TX 78204
United States

Phone: 210-932-8000

HEB Corporate Office Comments

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I Really Don't Care For Buddy Bucks. Mainly Because When My Three Girls Are Given More Than One, It Takes A While To Use The Machine. During Busy Hours We Have Children Who Crowd In To Use The Machine As Well. I Really Started To Like When I Was Asked If I Wanted Them Given, I Could Just Say No.
Today The Cashier Handed My Girls A Couple Each To Be Nice. The Machine Already Had Children So We Left. On The Way Out I Looked Back To Find My 5 & 7 Year Old Gone! The Buddy Bucks Had Blown Out Of One Of Their Hands And They Both Had Run After It Without Saying A Word To Me. Needless To Say, If You Are A Parent You Will Understand How Much I Really Don't Care For Buddy Bucks To Put That Kind Of Fear In You For The Seconds They Disappeared. What If They Had Blown In Front Of A Car? We Have Saved About 600 Points But Still Haven't Turned Them In, I Guess, I Just Really Don't Care For The Program. Seems Small But It Does Affect My World Everytime My Girls Come With Me To The Store.

Anonymous 5/22/14 4:28PM

I am a former employee Of HEB. I left the job On my own accord. I witnessed employees who do not work with one another. Following a worklist that seperates hot side employees from cold side employees does not work.When one side gets done they do not help the other. There is no team work everyone is out for them self.There are serious sanitation issues too many to complain about. I grew up in the supermarket industry, Im happy it wasn't HEB.The knowledge that I have far exceeds the simple minded people that run your company! You have employees(night crew) pull pallets out onto sales floor blocking customer's ,not to mention what an accedent that could cause.Your"6 wheeler" I call them "U Boats" the ones that are one sided they are so easy to trip over if you don't watch.Your shadow boxes at the end of an isle for instance frozen, the end cap where I worked had tea bags and cookies?? I would have cherries, cones,sprinkles and chocolate syrup for cones makes sense right?Partners with 17 years experience had no idea how to chunck a specialty cheese for a customer.How does that happen? I've been in the business for 25 years I learned every aspect of the job and successfully a deli mng. for 18 of that 25 years. I was very dissapointed with my employment at HEB.If you are scheduled 40 hours and then your department manager schedules a meeting you should also get paid for that extra hour instead you are required to make up the time so there is no over time If it's not scheduled within your work week it should be paid. Now let's get to the United Way Meetings: I don't feel that you should be pressured into giving, It should be anonymous for the individual. I've seen where the employees who were unable to donate were posted that's just wrong.No one has that right. Most emploees barely make a living on their pay rate.I had 25 years experience and recived $10.00 hourly. Then there is picking partner of the month,why is that nominated by store employees and not dept. manager and store directers therfore I feel obligated to say the wrong people are given their" thinking caps" to make decisions on anyone's work performan's. Although I am no longer working for HEB: I reamain concerned for those who are that's the type of person I am In Closing Things are not handled in a professional manner. Caroline Traganos

carrietraganos 3/9/14 5:03PM

I haved had my credit card fraudulently used 3 times in the last year. Each time it was after I shopped at HEB

Anonymous 2/12/14 2:01PM

WE NEED A H.E.B. Close to us..... Elroy Tx... Austin is growing and it's a lot of traffic ....we really need a new store close to us...please

Ale 2/4/14 2:29PM

Why would a employee should be sent home for days just by finding a phone while been a coustermer ..He was not on working ours isn't that invading his personal has been 9 hours after clocking out and that person returned it when owner went back ..The cash register told that person that the person after him must have seen it because that person worked there ..
Again invading that person life..I think she should of just told their manger to ask ..and not the that lady. A employees life..and she was working when talking about some coworker. .on break she told coworkers what happend too.i think she should have been sent home..for talking about other people buisness

anonymous 1/28/14 9:57PM

first of all I like shopping at this store until I found out that they do not care about their customer's safety.Last sunday 01/05/2014 at about 5:25pm as I was leaving the store,I was waiting for traffic to clear on Fairmont by where the gas station is when I was rear ended and then the man just ran off I lost him when I tried to get his plate number.So I went back to HEB on Monday evening to see if they had camera \'s of the parking lot and manger said no just the one pointed at the gas station.You know I go in there some time late at night but not any more knowing that they do not have any security for customers.They want business but could care less if I was safe leaving their store..I'm very disappointed at the manger their because he didn't seem to care when I told him about what happen.I;ve come close to getting run over in that parking lot before idiots drive way to fast threw there.I go their as much as 3 or more times a week ... The store is HEB on Fairmont in Pasadena,Tx any one witness the hit and run

PS I think the manger needs to have more concern for the customers that shop there...

Anonymous 1/10/14 11:07AM

I have lived in San Antonio for over ten years and moved to Greenville, Texas just 45 minutes outside of Dallas a couple of months ago. I MISS H-E-B. Please build one out here! There is plenty of land for sell out this way. We have a Walmart out here and as there prices are good its just not up to H-E-B quality. Their produce stinks and the meat selection just is not the same! Why are there not H-E-B's out this way? The last one I noticed is in Waco, Texas. I LOVE H-E-B. Please think about expanding. The people out here would love and appreciate a nice place like H-E-B to shop at.

Anonymous 1/5/14 3:08PM

Oh my gosh after reading all those complaints of yalls I know I won't get any help with my situation No wonder HEB Ms Cecelia Brooks is not answering my calls. I fell out of a electric cart last year around this time. I was going to my sis SUV after shopping inside and just wanted to go sit in truck.. Just brought little some thing then I headed to truck to wait for my sister to come. I lifted up out of the electric chaircart when the bottom part wasn't stationary on the cart moved. Which caused me to slip and Fall. Landed on my stomach side slid a little. and seems like I slid some scraping my left fingers and my
And my left knee were skinned up slightly.My mistake was not going to hospital right then but had been in hospital for long time; just didn't wanna go back then thinking I wd be sore but not all that sore. So when the Security Guard, he saw me fall that nite asked if I wanted to go to hospital I told him No. Sell I got really sore and went to see doctor. Called HEB
: to give report to an HEB employee Ms Cecelia Brooks. she gave me a Case # and guess what She never calls me back. I did not believe it until.I read these other complaints that HEB that towards their own customers. My case is about to end in few more days and I can't get anybody. Maybe I need an Atty. The reason I waited to last minute is because HEB told me I could wait that long and I waited because I had two transplants
Therefore I was weak still is weak but I trusted in HEB to be better than this. HEB Ms Cecelia Brooks won't even return my calls making it where it will be too late for me to settle this case. Wonder what can I can do. I'm not going to stop me from telling others how they treat us after getting hurt on their premises and its their.fault-her waiting until my time to do something is too late. I am 66 years old had double transplant and if I get nothing out of this I'm still going to let it be known what kind of business HEB really is. Which is a shocked to me HEB was my family and my friends including myself a place to shop at.

Transplant 12/10/13 3:57AM

I slipped and fell on my knee July 25th, 2013 in a water spill on the can veg. aisle. This was at the HEB on Aldine Westfield in Spring, TX the assistant mgr's, Roberto & Anna knew the spill was there, I heard them say there wee spills on aisles and they called for clean up. Well I past the guy w/the mop at the front of the aisle, he was talking to some other guy and holding the mop. He saw me go down the aisle and did not warn me. No caution markers or wet floor signs.
I have been dealing w/the so called Risk Solution guy, Jesse who told me they were not liable!!!!! I had an MRI have a fractured knee, torn minicus in my left knee and will have to have surgery, also tore the rotator cuff of my right shoulder trying to catch myself on the shelve to keep from falling, did not help. Can anybody tell me why these people do not think it was their responsibility to provide me as a customer a safe environment? I have shopped at this store 19 yrs. why would I choose to slip down now and cause pain and suffering to myself? If Jesse talked to "HIS" people at the store, they lied, they knew the spill was there and did not mop it in a timely manner. Will not give them any more of my money and will probably have to get an attorney. I find this incompetent and irresponsible of HEB the Great company, LOL

Anonymous 10/18/13 7:53AM

customer service is totally absent from this company. I have been complaining for months and as yet over many issues and as yet I have not been contacted by the management. Examples bought a bag of chicken thighs and it had 3 backs in it, roast was 14.78 and rang up as 47.93, they had to call the store manager the meat market manager and do their jobs before they would fix the problem and let me leave.

mutant 8/20/13 7:55PM

My wife has been with HEB for 5 yrs now, I got another job and we have moved to Krum, Tx area, which is near Denton, Tx.
I know how much my wife LOVED working for HEB and wonder of y'all could build atless one HEB in Denton, Tx so she can be happy again?
Her name is Helen (Maddux) Sponsler, maybe y'all will since I don't see any HEBs in this area, just think of all the customs that be happy if y'all did, and my wife to.

UN-happy husband 7/5/13 6:46AM

The corporate phone number listed will get you Time Warner,but not HEB--Should I have been Surprised?

What's a screen??? 6/23/13 11:50AM

While in San Antonio we were looking for 2 products we cannot find in the Dallas area at any store. Several HEB staff helped us by ordering the items so we could stock up and bring back home with us. Paul in particular at store #141487 on Bandara Road went out of his way two different days !!! While excellent assistance is not unique we wanted to be certain HEB knew about this.
We currently drive 45 minutes to our nearest HEB, which is why we stock up on items when in the SA area!!

Cedar Creek 4/28/13 1:16PM

HEB does not want to be contacted directly , hiding behind message systems . The name suggest that everything in this store is better than anywhere else and this is not true. HEB management does not care about customers . They want only profit. They can downscale selection in smaller town assuming that people living there eat just tortillas and beans and forgetting about more refined customers. Wal-mart is doing much better job than your store. If I have to go to San Antonio to buy grocery I will not go to HEB ,I will go to Costco with much fresher produce . Wake-up! You are loosing customers.

Margo 3/22/13 6:07AM

Why does HEB find it necessary to have sale's table's after the check out area before exits?

I was approached just before the exit, by a young lady trying to get people to change their electrical service to Green Mountain Entergy.
What is next, time shares!

Anonymous 2/28/13 1:13PM

I rent a Rug Doctor I kept it longer than the time got charged a late fee totaling 179 dollars and some change I ask the manager since I frequent the store and I go through there at least once every other day for some type of discount seeing as how I also spent well over 100 dollars in Rug Doctor p roducts he wouldn't hearof it. he proceeded to tell me that I didn't have to get an attitude in front of customers and numerous employees. I did go to customer service quite often to cash checks out of my personal account to myself and he will not allow me to do this anymore until I've paid the remaining balance. he's made a payment plan for me, if I don't hear to that payment plan I can't cash check or anything else of the nature up there. so he's like the Rug Doctor police. I mean seriously I know that there's only so much a manager can do but he could have helped,he worsened situation. I feel like I can't go back into the stor,

windymerrell 2/17/13 12:17PM

I entered HEB on 12-22-12 and was assisted by unit director. I ask for wall hangers and he didnt want to assit in helping me look. THat was very strange. THis is my next visit on 12-23-12. I parked in a handicapped parking, using my handicapp tag. I was approached by this unit director (his face seemed fimiliar and I figured him out). This unit director stopped me as I exited my car and made these statements towards me, (do you just drive aroung with a handicapp tag for the fun of it,you are a loser, you are a ignorant black man. I stole his country and blace men doesn't belong here. On the same day 12-23-12 I reentered the store seeking my suspicion of this person. I turned out he is the unit director of the store. I received a business card from witness and I know of two(2) other witnesses whom witness him following me out of the store statin he will always stay in my ear. I have the address, date, time and witnesses. What should I do?

corbitt62 12/23/12 2:13PM

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