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Corporate Office Address:
Haier America Trading LLC

Haier Group
1356 Broadway
New York, NY 10018
United States

Phone: 212-594-3330
Fax: 212-594-9667

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I bought a freezer from Haier in November and it stopped working in March. I began calling and calling and got the run around. The manufacturer directed me to an appliance repair shop near my home, they said they could not fix the unit without ever coming out to check the problem out, they directed me back to the manufacturer, who then directed me to another appliance company who is located in a different city approximately two hours drive and I was then told my them that I would have to bring the freezer in to them because they do not go to anyone's home to do the service or I would have to pay $75.00!

The unit is a piece of junk and to top it off, Haier's customer service and way of doing business is horrible. I will never purchase a Haier product again and I will tell everyone that I know to do the same.

Anonymous 7/23/14 12:28PM

I Bought A Haier Refrigerator From Hhgregg In July. It Stopped Working In Nov. After Over 30 Phone Calls, 5 Visits From A Repair Service, It Still Doesn't Work And Was Declared Broken By The Last Repairman. I Still Don't Have A Refrigerator And All I Get Is "the Engineers Are Evaluating Your Problem." Haier Sends Repairmen From A 2 Hr Drive Away So It Has Cost Them 10 Hrs Drive Time To Get Someone To Fix The Problem Which They Couldn't Do.

Jude 4/29/14 11:41AM

I don't need to add much from what I have read. I would NEVER, NEVER, EVER buy another Haier product!!! I have experienced all of the problems every person has listed for almost the last 2 years. I don't even know why I keep trying, guess I try to believe that someone would be willing to stand behind their products. Customer service is beyond HORRIBLE. At first they were so sweet I knew something was wrong. I called so often that I memorized their individual responses. Then I realized that they had a paper they were using. I was anticipating each and every response and began to speak before the person. It was driving me to the brink of madness. I finally took the summer off from the madness and began again on September 19, 2013 trying to get my washer dryer combo fixed (this is the replacement for my first one which was purchased in April, 2012). In all instances the washer/dryer combo that I purchased stopped drying. The only company in my area (near Reno, Nevada) was Basil Creek Appliance. Very nice company but they were unable to perform any service. Why??? Because Haier won't pay them, won't give them the parts they requested and won't pay them!!! Yes, I said that twice because the problem still exists. How can a company be expected to fix products when the manufacturer won't pay them or give them the required parts. Well, Hair does. Today I was told that since the warranty for my first machine (which I don't have because they took it away) expired they can no longer help me. Oh - so the second machine isn't covered??? They forgot to look at their records because their product came with a 10 year warranty. Well, I've been sent into madness again and the only recourse is with Corporate. I want my money back so I can buy another machine from a reputable company that will honor their warranty and stand by their products. I plan to sue if that doesn't happen. When did the customer stop being the customer in America? I send good thoughts for all of you other Haier purchasers having the same problem. Maybe we should start a class action proceeding. There are certainly enough of us out there!

TifsGrndma 2/19/14 5:12PM

I bought a top load washer in November of 2012 and it stop working in June 2012. As of today 14 Feb 2014, the washer still has not been fixed. I have had 3 repair people look at the machine and install parts with the machine still not working. The customer service is terrible. Had a representative tell me he did not what state the Executive office was located in. I recommend this company be disbanded and all employees sent to work at there local car washes. Customer service is the pits!

Top load Washer 2/14/14 2:26PM

Haier customer service has been absolutely HORRIBLE. Constantly sending me in circles. I had a 40" television still under warranty quit working after no more than 6 hours view time. I first report the incident on 12/30/13 and when I contact the the contractor assigned to my work order he tells me that he has yet to have any parts sent to him nor given a tracking #. I've contacted their customer service atleast 6 times and they continute to tell me they will "escalate this incident" but I never receive any follow up calls or anything. No one seems to have any authority to make any decisions in this company and customer satisfaction is DEFINITELY not their goal! I have already begun swaying customers away from Haier at retail stores and will continue to do so until satisfied.

AVaughn 2/11/14 1:55PM

Haier America is run by a bunch of crooks and con-artists. Pure and simple. They hide behind phony customer service and useless warranties. Reflective of their Chinese corrupt DNA and parents. Period.

xyz 1/17/14 8:36AM

Haier is a horrible business to purchase from, and customer service is worse!! I purchsed an office refrigerator less than 12 months ago, so it's still under warranty. It quit working so I called and took it to their contracted repairman. They could not repair it due to parts no longer being available. I then call Haier CS and they told me to call and have the technician to call Haier. I told them that's not my responsibility, that's your contracted person, seems like you would call. Then they said it has to go to Haier's engineer for review to get approval for replacement. It has been over a month since the inspection and I'm still without a refrigerator. How can it take so long to repalce the unit if there are no parts??? They simply don't stand behind their products!!!
After waiting weeks, I called back for a supervisor, who said he'd look into it and call back. Still no resolution!!! I'll never buy their product again!!!!

disappointed in Jackson 1/12/14 10:22AM

I just received my 29 inch flat screen tv. All is fine except- the closed captioning appears in the top half of the screen right on the subject faces. The manual said to go to menu to adjust. Could not adjust, so I called your customer service. After speaking to Milo and trying many different avenues, he said he will call me back. He did call back only to inform me that the closed captioning on this set is not adjustable. It is hard for me to believe that a tv would be manuf. that would have the words running through people faces. Please contact me if Milo is wrong. Thank you.

[email protected] 12/28/13 1:40PM

I agree "haier america" is a joke, the customer service dept. is certainly not in AMERICA! I have been dealing with the people since October 23, 2013 for a replacement of a chest type freezer this is December 28, 2013. The freezer cost less than all these phone calls. All I need is for these people to send an RMA to Lowes so I can get a replacement.
What kind of service is this?

Anonymous 12/28/13 1:05PM

i called to try to get a part number,i spoke to 3 people,the last one refer me to the engeneering dept.all for a small ice box cover 8"x4",for a haier 4.0 cubic foot refrigerator,i call you right back he says,i am still waiting,HAIER SUCKS,no custumer service,engeneering dept.? are you kidding me?i dont want to buy a 747 airplane

chichi25 11/21/13 3:47PM

The Haier customer service number is a joke. I bough my air conditioner I\at the end of April 2013, it stopped working mid June. I called them and told them I wanted a new one and they said it had to be looked at by a technician before they would replace it. So I actually had to take part of the day off and lose money to take this air conditioner to a technician that they referred me to, and the guy was a really shady guy, and said all that it needed was a cleaning which was weird because it was brand new, and also that the cleaning wasn't covered by Haier so it cost me $35. I got the air conditioner back and it still didn't work, I called the shady guy at Grace Appliance back in Lynwood Illinois and said it still didn't work. I called Haier again and they once again said the technician didn't rule it as defective so I had to let him try again(This cant get any more inconvenient). He took it again and this time said it just needed to be recharged and again weird because its brand new. This time he said it was fixed, and guess what, it was not. I called Haier once again and they said it still hasn't been considered un repairable yet. So I would have to have another company come and look at it(This seems so much more difficult then just giving me a new air conditioner). So at this point Haier could not be more of a unbelievably non customer comes first company it is unbelievable, but wit it gets better. The new company came in and deemed it unrepairable and finally after a month of no air conditioning in the summer because Haier doesn't care about their customers I thought I would finally be getting a new one. Nope after another two weeks the finally decided that they would send me a new one and when it got here it was the wrong one. That was three weeks ago and I have been calling them everyday to see when im getting the right one and they keep saying we are going to escalate it. Apparently this is what they are trained to say because everyone of them says it to you like that's going to make a difference. So I went through half the summer without the air conditioner I paid for because Haier does not want to compensate their customers for their defective items. I am still waiting for them to decide to send me the air conditioner I paid for. Its been over 2 months since the ordeal started and they haven't made it right. They should be ashamed of their company for that. Its absolutely ridiculous. Please people stay away from Haier they are deceptive and they do not care about their customers.

Chris 10/31/13 10:48AM

I purchased a haier a/c/ unit in september of 2011 from a wal-mart store, i had only used it one month. the following beginning of summer i went to test the unit by turning it on and low and behold, i could not get the machine to work, so i took it to a techician to discover the the electronic boards were not talking with one another. they had failed and would need to be replaced. i was under the factory warranty, so i called haier early in the summer of 2013 and reported the problem. Haier told me that they would replace it and would get back with me in a few days with a
tracking number and a date they would shipp.
this is now october 29,2013 i have not received any conformation of shipment, i call them about every month to follow up and all i get is i'm sorry, i will escalate this with my supervisor and i will get back to you in two days.

I'm going to report them to the consumer products division of our federal government, I doubt a congressman would do anything to help in a similar situation.

Ed 10/28/13 11:14AM

I bought a washer from Haier America and I called customer service and I made an appointment for someone to come and fix it. The time frame they advised me they would come was between 3:30 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. No one showed up. No one came. Around 4:45 p.m. I called again to get an estimated time of arrival, but there was no answer. I called two more times and I left messages, but no one got back to me and no one showed up to fix the washer. The next morning I called customer service again. This time I got an answer, however the representative on the phone was very rude. She told me it's the customers responsibility to call and to wait. She said there was a problem with the truck and that it's not the company's responsibility to call their clients if there is a problem and that the company doesn't have time for that. I had asked to speak to a manager after that, which is when she told me SHE WAS THE MANAGER. I asked for her name and she REFUSED to give it to me. She kept cutting me off when I was trying to talk and she refused to reschedule an appointment for someone to fix the washer.

Anonymous 10/25/13 4:03PM

I bought a washer from Haier America and I called customer service and I made an appointment for someone to come and fix it. The time frame they advised me they would come was between 3:30 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. No one showed up. No one came. Around 4:45 p.m. I called again to get an estimated time of arrival, but there was no answer. I called two more times and I left messages, but no one got back to me and no one showed up to fix the washer. The next morning I called customer service again. This time I got an answer, however the representative on the phone was very rude. She told me it's the customers responsibility to call and to wait. She said there was a problem with the truck and that it's not the company's responsibility to call their clients if there is a problem and that the company doesn't have time for that. I had asked to speak to a manager after that, which is when she told me SHE WAS THE MANAGER. I asked for her name and she REFUSED to give it to me. She kept cutting me off when I was trying to talk and she refused to reschedule an appointment for someone to fix the washer.

Anonymous 10/25/13 3:25PM

I bought a microwave in June, it preceded to break within three months. I called the warranty number, and this is how it sucked:

I called Haier service on Sept. 12, it is now Oct. 11, (a WHOLE month later), and my microwave is still not fixed. Firstly, I was transferred around several times before I got anyone that could help me. Secondly, I was called maybe twice about the status of my order in the last month, I have called you guys at least 5 or 6 times trying to get information regarding my ticket. Thirdly, I was told parts were shipped 3 different times, only to find out that they weren't, AND STILL NOT, shipped. I was again told I would be contacted by our technician, when I did not receive a call, I called back and was told he was on vacation, 2.5 weeks ago.
Also, I was told that Haier does not even have technicians that work in my area, why on EARTH would Haier sell appliances in an area with no service technicians?

I am doing my best to follow the correct warrenty instructions for fixing our microwave, but at this point, I would rather just take it back to the store we bought it at, than deal with any more of this bs.

I am NOT happy with my experience with you guys. I am not sure what you can do to fix this.

Anonymous 10/11/13 7:04AM

Sounds like the same song, second verse! We bought a window unit AC on June 25, 2013. It was dead in early August. Called the company, did all their requested paperwork. No response. Tried taking it back to Walmart, they wouldn't take it. SHAME on Walmart for carrying this brand!!! After MANY calls, they tell us a replacement had been sent on September 20th. Delivery in 7-10 days. They never sent a tracking number, like they said they would. Called again tonight (day 11), they couldn't even find a tracking number. A "supervisor" said he'll call back in 48 hours (Today is Monday, he said he'll call on Thursday... hmmm.... that's a bit more than 48 hours, Einstein!!). Based on other comments, I could pretty much guarantee we won't be getting a return call. They have TWO DAYS to give us a satisfactory answer. If not, we will be seeking help from the Better Business Bureau and/or an attorney. This is absolute B.S.!!!

Beyond Frustrated!! 10/7/13 6:55PM

Terrible Company To Ever Do Business With!!! I Will Be Contacting My Congressman On Disallowing The To Do Business In The Usa!!! I Have Been Waiting 3 Months For A Replacement Refrigerator! Me And My Family Have Been Eating Out Of A Cooler Because They Keep Promising That The Replacement Is On It Way!!

Longevity1 9/25/13 1:00PM

NEVER BUY HAIER!!!! PRODUCTS ARE DEFECTIVE! THEY DON'T RESPOND TO PHONE CALLS,THEY DENY RECIEVING FAX'S. I purchased a small freezer from them in March. There is a hole in the coils so there is no freon. It took many phone calls just to get a repairman out only to have him say it was unrepairable. I sent paperwork to Haier customer service in April. From April til August 29th they denied recieving any paperwork no matter what number I sent it from. They say you have to provide them with the exact phone line that the fax went out on in order for them to locate it. Even when I did that, they denied recieving it. Finally I emailed everything to them. That they recieved. Then I was told my information had to be forwarded to the deptartment who would review it, then to another department who would approve a replacement. I called them back again today, still no answer. I told the rep. that I no longer want a replacement but a refund,he said he would transfer me and that I would be on hold MORE than 10 minutes. He was right!It took 29 minutes for someone to answer the phone!She was verifying my information and hung up on me!!!

Mad in Houston 9/10/13 11:13AM

Never buy this product! purchased a 46' flat screen led and its hasn't been a year and they have sent 3 repair people out to repair tv! What a joke, and I am now waiting on them to send me a check because they do not have any replacement tv in stock. The problem is..... We brought the tv during last year thanksgiving Black Friday and we will not be able to replace tv for what we paid for it. Anyway this company sucks and so does their product .

Anonymous 9/9/13 5:31AM

To whom it may concern. I bought a dehumidifier from your company in 2011. At that time I was having family issues and did not use it. When it came time to plug it in it did not work. I not longer had the box or receipt. I called your company and it was still under warranty so I brought it to be fixed in June of 2013. It is now September and the company you sent me to told me the person that fixes it is out sick but I can come and pick it up. It has been two years and I have never once used this unit. Maybe you can help.

Anonymous 9/3/13 4:48PM

Haier America is NOT TRUSTWORTHY. Believe every bad thing you hear about them. I purchased a drier in February of 2013 and it broke in May of 2013. I have been hearing 48-72 hours, 7-10 business days, we will escalate your claim and more nonsense and it is now August 26th. I gave them final warning and they did not listen. I am now filing a civil suit against the Department store where the drier was purchased and against Haier.

Bob Martin 8/26/13 3:44PM

Never Buy Their Products!!!!


I Bought This On July 20th ...opened The Box Door Lock Did Not Work...callled Haier Because It Was A Hassle To Take Back To The Store,,,they Took 2weeks To Get Back To Me & When The Repair Guy Finally Came ...he Did Not Have The Part...til This Day I Have A Dryer Just Siting There Waiting For A $5.00 Part..oh Yeah & The Customer Service Reps Are All From India Not One Speaks A Lick Of English ...way To Go Should Be Called Haier India ..instead Of Haier America


Well if I had known then what I know now, I would not be surrounded by Haier products in my home. Here I though I was getting a good deal and guess what, my dilemma just began a few weeks ago and I am already disgusted. Purchased portable washer January 2013, the machine broke August 9th. Called customer service and was given a ticket number and stated it would be 48 to 72 hours before I receive a call and including weekends, that would be actually 5 days. Finally received a call August 14 and told again that it would be another 3 to 5 days before the parts are delivered and then I will receive another call when they could send a technician. Guess what, no call ever came and I decided to call the technicians myself only to be told that my ticket was cancelled because they could not get in touch with me at the same number they called me at initially. I had to call customer service again only to be told that my process would begin another 48 to 72 hour wait time for a call and possibly another 3 to 5 business days for another round of ordering parts and actual door to door service. By the time they make it to my house, the machine will have another round of problems since the water is sitting in the bottom of it and is unable to be drained. So I guess I am going to encounter another round of drama just like the other ticked off consumers who have taken the time to complain on the site. I GUESS WE WILL WAIT AND SEE! My warranty expires January 2014. I wonder if I will get the run around until then.

Very Disgusted Consumer 8/26/13 2:25PM

All these people are correct the worst customer service ever in my life....why is it that we are buying these products they need to be boycotted.......DO NOT BUY HAIER.....

Anonymous 8/19/13 11:48AM

I don't even know where to begin with my story! I have YET to receive my replacement Top load washer after less than 6 months after purchase it stopped working properly! The 5 yr warranty that I purchased also will not be effective until 1 yr after purchase. So I'm just literally left hanging without so much as a phone call or a full refund! your customer service and quality of product sucks!

Mad as Hell 8/5/13 11:06AM

Dear Corporate-
I bought a TV with you guys a year ago. It lit on fire in my apartment. Twice. I'm positive that you all remember me. That was when I should have sued you. I was on the phone with a lot of incredibly unhelpful employees for months. You all sent me a very sub par replacement that is now turning off spontaneously and regularly. Try to watch a half hour comedy as angry as me when it turns off 5+ times in this short time span. If any of you care, I have literally had the worst experience with every single one of you. I'm so happy to be working for a corporation that can satisfy customer needs. If I were you, I would stop making televisions. You should send out you TVs with apologies. What a waste of manpower. I would LOVE for you all to prove me wrong. I would revel in it.

EriD512 8/3/13 8:06AM

Bought a stand up air conditioner over $300 didn't even work for 1 yr. I'm in the process of getting an exchange after more than 20 calls and 3 months later. By the time i receive it, summer will be over. I've NEVER had so much trouble getting a replacement item that's still under warranty. Supervisors keep you on hold forever, and corporate never answers their phones. I will never ever buy from haier america again. GE you've got my business.

STILL WAITING!!!!!! 7/23/13 4:51PM

Bought the CPN12XH9 Portable AC/Heater on 6/21/2012 from CA Everyday. It arrived five days later. Once I let it settle and set it up per the instructions it did not cool. Called support and they arranged for a service group to come out in mid-July. The tech decided it was the compressor and confirmed it with a company rep over the phone. The compressor was shipped and three weeks later the service tech arrived to repair. He broke the front panel screw mounts and ordered another one. Another three weeks and he came back to repair that. The new front panel was broke but he installed it and left. One year later the unit is doing the exact same thing again. Called support and got someone in Manila on the 16th of July. They took my info and promised a call back in two hours. Been six days and no calls or anything. I called and asked to be transferred to a rep in the US. They send me back to the same menu that sends me back to Manila. Now they are now stating they cannot transfer me because they do not have capabilities to do this. They also are stating my problem as "repaired but nobody will come by". I cannot seem to get them to understand. Called corporate in NY and got transferred to Manila. Finally got a voice mail for a Michael Brown. I will never buy nor recommend Haier products ever! Worse service I ever got or should I say did not get!

Roger 7/22/13 9:37AM

My mini refrigerator broke down after a couple of months. I contacted Haier to start the replacement process in April, it took till yesterday, July 19 to get it! After 12 calls to customer service, working through the BBB and finally their corporate office I got results! But 3 months, that's ridiculous. Even if the products do work, their customer service doesn't!

MJ 7/20/13 1:02PM

Absolute worse customer service ever! I will never buy anything made from this company. Buyers beware of Haier!!

KFernandez514 7/19/13 2:58PM

So now a supervisor has informed me that I'm out of warranty REALLY I wan't when I first called. I called Corporate office guess what they don't ans either. The only ones who ans is the ones in the Philippines.Have been on phone for over an hour they are not going to rid of me today I will be there worst enemy today. Its okay since she told me she was getting me the shipping info.LOL!!!!!!

hypegrl 7/18/13 7:20AM

OMG this company I guess is known for giving the consumer the run around. I have been calling them since May 2013 for a part that warped so I can hook up my portable AIR CONDITIONER they say sorry about your frustration today I lost it because now they want me to send in my proof of purchase are you f****** kidding me after calling since May now you want this and they get paychecks to give the run around. I wished I had seen this site last year when I bought the A/C unit because it wouldn't be sitting in my house I only bought because I was diagnosed with lung cancer and it was recommended to get so I wouldn't have to have to use a window fan and have the humidity in the house.

hypegrl 7/18/13 6:53AM

I have been dealing with customer service since April 2013 trying to have my dryer repaired to no avail. It was finally determined that the unit needed to be replaced. On June 7th I was told by a Manager that I would receive my replacement within 7-10 business days and it is well over a month. Customer Service is Horrible - every time I call they give me the run around and excuse after excuse that the warehouse is backed up and they can not communicate with warehouse. They continue to tell me that they have escalated the issue and someone will call but that has yet to happen. Customer Service is the worse I have ever experienced, as a Director of Customer Care I am appalled at the lack of service, failure to follow-up and no one ever returns calls.

ntinasanchez 7/15/13 9:37AM

This has to be the worse company I have ever had anything to do with. Everyone that has bought any product should just burn your money. Because it is wasted.

eindoklahoma 7/9/13 6:15PM

Don't Waste Your Money On Haier Products. Junk, Junk, Junk. Customer Service Is Horrible To Say The Least. I Have A Television That Broke After Three Months And Six Months Later Still Trying To Get It Fixed Or Replaced Under Warranty. Customer Service Gives The Run Around, Does Not Return Calls, Mixes Communications Up, And Passes The Buck. Save Yourself Time And Money. Look For Another Product

RONDA 6/17/13 8:14AM

Everything you read about Haier is true! They are insolent and often let their "customer services reps" use fake names and fake numbers. Their products are junk, and they do not honor their warranty. No matter how bad you need a product and how little money you have, do not buy these products.

Anon 6/12/13 8:25AM

I purchased a refrigator in February and it completely stopped working in April.I have been going back and forth with customer servicefor two months with their lies and false promies.Finally they were suppose to ship me a refrigator but instead they sent a air conditioner.I talked to a rep yesterday and it felt like i was talking to my 3 year old. Still no resolution on how they gonna fix their screw up. I feel this company employs imcompient and unprofessional people to handle our business. I will NEVER purchase a product of Haier again!!!!

FED UP!!! 6/5/13 3:17PM

I purchased a Haier refrigerator on 3/17/2013. It went out in less than 3 WEEKS. I called the warranty call center who sent an absolutely unprofessional maintenance man out to my home to diagnose the problem. It took him 3 weeks to come and I took a day off work since they can only tell give you a 5 hour window of arrival. It turns out the compressor was bad. It took another 3 weeks to "order the part" and come back out to my home, which I took another day off work to accommodate. When the next man showed up, he said "Wait, this isn't the compressor... it actually can't be fixed at all". It is now going on 2 months that I have been without a fridge and have been waiting on "engineer approval" to deliver a new one. When I spoke with "Larry" (the supposed floor manager at the warranty department), he gave me a number to a "corporate office" of 508-970-2022... guess what... when I call that number, I get a recording that says the office hours are 8-8 and they are now closed. It is 5:00! I had to find this number on the damn website! I will never purchase a Haier product of any kind. I am to the point of taking legal action.

Unhappy 5/22/13 3:51PM

I purchased a refrigerator and the compressor went out only after having it 7 months. They could not find anyone who would work on this unit and when they did find someone they said the unit needed to be replaced. I am not going on 3 weeks without a refrigerator and am being told that i have to wait for a supervisor to approve a new refrigerator and that could take another 4 days and then another 7-10 days if he does authorize it to get another refrigerator out to me. So i have been without a refrigerator for almost 3 weeks now with no relief in site. The warranty department stinks. Will never buy another unit from them again!

never again 5/13/13 7:03AM

I am extremely disapointed with your Haier 8000BTU portable air conditioner. It really is quite aweful. Never goes below 78 degrees and is a big air conditioner. It operates more like a 3000 BTU. If you guys are going to sell this garb please stop lying about the BTU output! My little 5000 BTU make the room colder than your 8000 portable. I`m really disapointed with this thing.

hondo 5/3/13 8:59PM

This company is a joke. Don't waste your money on these products. I have a 5 month old washer which broke and speaking to customer is more than frustrating. They give you the run around about getting it repaired under warranty. All the servicers around me refuse to come look at it. That really shows something about a product when no one will fix it. Call Corporate and they transfer you right back to the crappy customer service that you've already spoken to. What company does not quickly get your unit fixed under warranty so that they can hope for your continued loyalty to their company?

pissed customer 3/18/13 6:51AM

You would have to be a fool to buy any Haier product. I have been trying for 6 weeks to get our Haier washer/dryer combo fixed. It didn't work from the first time I plugged it in. After 9 calls they said they would simply replace it, because no one in my city of 2 million would service Haier products. Now two weeks later, I am still trying to get a tracking number for the replacement. All I get is lies and run arounds. I am on hold right now trying to get them to give me the address and phone number for the corporate head quarters. I found this in two seconds. They have had me on hold for fifteen minutes. Hmmm? How could you not know where your paycheck has been coming from.

Anonymous 3/15/13 6:57AM

Haier is an absoulte joke!!!! This company has given my husband and I the run around for almost a year regarding our washer and dryer. They have been aware that the units are not working properly since purchased. Also the units were finally deemed unrepairable by the service department over a mth ago. No one will tell us when the units will be replaced and today I was given a corporate number to call of . No one answers at this number. Our warrently will be up in one month and I believe they are waiting for that to happen so they can keep my money and leave me with faulty products. I also called another corporate number listed on a website and if you don't choose the option that you are wanting to purchase something it disconnects you, despite saying to hold to be connected. Once I choose the option to buy something I was still just directed to a voicemail. No answers, no customer service, no refund, and no replacement.

Anonymous 2/4/13 1:15PM


VAL 12/27/12 11:46AM

I purchased a Haier built in dish washer, no cheep model. We purchased the dish washer in July 2012 had it installed in August 2012. The unit never worked right from the start, it totally stopped working after running the unit four times. Haier services repair tech show up three weeks later then we were told. I was told on Dec 4Th they would deliver a new unit within seven to ten working day. No surprise to other dissatisfied costumer, 12/17 no dishwasher.

dissatisfied costumer 12/17/12 3:56PM

I purchased a Haier Dryer in October 2012 and in November 2012 I notice that when I turned it on it made a loud noise. I contacted the Customer Service and they set up an Appointment with National Electronics in Maryland for 11/28/2012. The guy came out and took the machine apart to tell me that the lug that balanced the wheel would not screw tight(it was shredded) and he would have to get that part and bring it back on another day. I told him I would be home tomorrow afternoon for him to return. I received no call or return visit from the technician and I have not been able to use the dryer since. Now, here it is December 10, 2012 and I called Haier and spoke to Bryant who contacted the company who serviced my machine. Bryant left me a message to tell me that they stated that the machine had been fixed and the ticket was closed out. I called back and spoke to Shane to tell him that this was a lie. I turned on the machine and he said well apparently they did not fix the machine because it was so loud when you turn it on. He scheduled another company to come out and check out the problem. I will be filing a complaint with the courts about the faulty equipment I received with the documentation to show that these fixing company are a scam.

Pissed Off right now;. 12/10/12 12:58PM

I purchased a Haier television. A few month later, I noticed a slightly brighter illumination on the right and left side of the screen. I contacted Haier immediately. After the game of "run-a-round" they sent a tech out. Of course he saw the lighting issue and shared it was nothing; just the way the screen is lit. Not being satisfied with his diagnoses, I asked for another technician. Of course the new technician shared the same exact note as the prior tech.

Well, long story short and 2-years later, the picture tube is going out. Upon turning on the television, there is audio but no picture.

I am angry I wasted money purchasing a product manufacture by this boot-leg company.

In the words of a person who has been swindled, BUYER BEWARE. DO NOT PURCHASE HAIER PRODUCTS!

Anonymous 12/5/12 6:24PM

I asked for help with my Hsier television regarding the picture and the side lighting in the panel. Of course upon calling customer service, it was a figment of my imagination. They sent a tech. He clearly saw the problem but was not able to do anything. Now I do not get a picture. I have had this piece of crap for 2-years and the television is unwatchable.

Haier is a subsidiary of one of these big companies.

You all are dirt for what you do.

I would not refer a Haier to simply piss on.

Haier manufactures TV by own . technical support by Sanyo

Anonymous 12/3/12 9:30PM

Self bought a HAIER TV recently at UAE and when enquired for technical calrifications, no service centre of HAIER is able to reply. Surprising they are do not know the product. Its DISTRESSing customer service. AT India no one picks up the phone.

Selva 11/27/12 4:25AM

I have a Haier furnace and have been waiting on a part from one of your distributors for a month now and it hasn't even shipped yet! I ordered it 10/2/12. I have called numerous times to Haier and their distributors and this is just the WORST customer service ever!!! I have pages and pages of notes and names of people I have spoken with. Now my part won't get to the distributor until next Friday. Everytime I call the date gets pushed out another few days. I am complaining to the BBB. They have my $ and I have NO heat. I'm so over it. I have been on the phone daily for mulitple hours. Absolute worst customer service EVER!!!!!

Anonymous 11/2/12 12:47PM

i am uk india customer i have purchase haier geyser on dated 18/10/2012 but no any company service person are arrived my address for installation. i forward complain his main office and regional service head yash pal and service dealer but no any one attend my complain. So, i am very irritate. comapny service is very bad.

sonali 10/21/12 1:52AM

ticket number 807180 getting run around for having unit repaired since April 10 to October unit was 4 months old under warranty.Everyone is giving run around.Hotline after providing info 3 times . 3 times there was a disconnect.Time frame 10:30-11am October 1 2012.Would appreciate your assistance

Anonymous 10/1/12 8:06AM

I am a Canadian who purchased a television, to find out the speakers are blown. The customer service people in Penn. are not helping, and I have absorbed costs in sending Affidavits twice to NY. The right hand doesn't know what the left hand is doing, and they don't know what the corporate office number in New York is. I was promised a new television under the warranty, and received a refurbished unit that is also defective. I now have two televisions in my possession, because they don't want Canadian to send certain items back to the US. I keep getting "the run around" as well, and I will never purchase a Haier America product again. I finally found the corporate office number, and it appears the same thing is going to happen. No one is picking up the telephone. Sad, sad state of affairs, in the world of customer service !!

Anonymous 9/21/12 6:40AM

I too have had a horrible experience with this company and product. My 5 CF freezer chest bought 6-9-12 has broke on 9-12-12. The warranty is a joke too. I told them who keeps receipts for there food they bought over 2 weeks ago on a off chance that the freezer breaks. They told me to write down what was lost and the price on the meat and fix it in. Now they are refusing to pay for the lost meat because I have no receipt. Trying to find a number for management is damn near pulling teeth. I asked for the supervisors bosses contact information and they gave me the runaround. I WILL NEVER DO BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY AND HAVE TOLD EVERYONE ABOUT THE POOR QUALITY AND SERVICE THIS PLACE PROVIDES!

Unhappy customer 9/18/12 7:21AM

I purchased a Haier HLT71 7-inch LCD TV. I got if for power outages. When I got it the TV worked great with a great picture. I used it maybe two times for a totoal time of less then one hour. I put it away in a new case for an emergency. Well that day came when the power went out for 7 days! I told my wife, no problem, I will get the little TV. Well it did not work. It won't turn on. I called Haier and they said sorry nothing we can do. So now I have a $78.00 paper weight! I will never purchase another product form Haier ever again.

Mike 8/14/12 1:47PM

This corporation is a fraudulent company that produces a product and won't stand behind it. I bought a beverage center in August of 08 and it recently malfunctioned. When I contacted the company that had rep's that didn't know anything about that product. Today after contacting several service centers and after being told that it was everything from the door seal, to the compressor to the actual door; that is no longer produced, I would highly, highly recommend not to buy Haire products. They don't stand behind their product nor do they have good customer service. Stay clear of Haire.

Anonymous 8/3/12 12:12PM

I had never been so mad with such incompetent staff. I bought a 32 inches LCD TV five months ago and before I knew it was broken. I contact the warranty and that's when drama started. They said they will send a tecnichan to my house on day and it didn't happend. I had to call back and after four attempts he finally came to my apartment. The reality is nothing happend, he said he needed to order something. Problably he put the order in Rusia becouse it never came back to finall destination. After two months of thousand of call and waiting I steel do not have a TV. I will never recommend HAEIR TV to no one ever again.

Anonymous 7/23/12 9:15AM

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