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Hamilton Beach corporate office headquarters location, phone number, address and feedback

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Corporate Office Address:
Hamilton Beach Brands, Inc.

NACCO Industries
4421 Waterfront Dr.
Glen Allen, VA 23060
United States

Phone: 804-273-9777
Fax: 804-527-7142

Hamilton Beach Corporate Office Comments

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I bought a hamilton Beach Microwave oven on May 16, 2013. On July 1, 2014 it stopped working. I called Hamilton Beach and they set up a phone appointment with tech representative four days later. They did not call me at the appointed time. They called the next day when I wasn't home. I called again and they set up another appointment 5 days later. Again, they did not call at the appointed time. I called again and was told they would have to set up another appointment. This is Customer Service? I threw the microwave in the trash. I will never buy another Hamilton Beach product.

Judy 7/10/14 8:47AM

Bought toaster oven about 2 months and already it has quit, I thought that they should last longer than that 6/10/14 7:28AM

Our Durathon Electronic Iron Stopped Working After 7 Weeks..spoke To Jeremy Sent You People The Cord As I Was Directed To Do,,,still No Answer!

JUDY 5/8/14 6:12PM

Hi dear Hamilton Beach I bought your Hamilton Beach half pint soft serve ice cream maker 3 months we used it very well and then winter came and I put it away I just got in the cabinet and pulled it out and the bowls are full of white stuff around the top So I called to have them replaced but I did not save the receipt so the only thing they could offer me was a half price of excuse me I did nothing wrong there is no reason why I should have to pay half price even for these bowls they should be replace with no questions asked and if I get sick off of this liquid or whatever it is that came out of these bowls then Hamilton Beach is at fault

deedee 3/21/14 10:27AM

I'm Just Going To Share My Thoughts On Those Comments I've Read, And I Have To Say, I Have A Hb Microwave, And It Still Works Since It Was Given To My Husband And I, Over 2 Yrs Ago. With That Said, ( And I Hope I'm Not Just Wasting The Energy In My Hands For Typing This) But, My Dear Hamilton Beach And Comment Posters, I'm Just Saying, If I Read Correctly, The Hb Products That Do Work Very Well, Are The Ones That Are Older Than At Least 2-10 Yrs Older Showing That The Quality In The Hb Products Has Rolled Down Hill, And They Don't Seem To Care. They Now Just Care About The Money, And Don't Care About The People That Make The Products, Causing Those People To Quit Caring About Their Job Performance, They Just Show Up And Get Their Paycheck. Anyway, The Best Way To Get The Attention Of Hamilton Beach, Is To Just Quit Buying Their Products If They Don't Work For You, And Especially If They Have Poor Customer Service. Until They Actually Respond To Your Complaints In The Proper (put The Customer First) Way, I'd Say Stop Buying Their Brands, And Hope Their Sales Drop Enough For Them To Realize, They Need To Step Up Their Quality In Their Products, Read And Learn From All The Comments Positive And Negative And Use Other Ways To Find Out How They Can Uphold The Quality The Products Should Have And Make It Better To Keep The Customers Happy, And Keep Them Comming. Hamilton Beach Needs To Be Reminded That It's The People Who Make The Products That Make The Company, And Not The Products. Start Treating Those People Better And Encourage And Motivate Them To Do Their Job Better, So You Can Sell Better Products. Pardon Me For Saying This Hamilton Beach But, At Some Point Customers Do Get Fed Up With Buying Loads Of Crap!!!

Anonymous 2/3/14 12:46AM

we bought a microwavw oven in 2012 it started smelling like plastic and ever since then it stoped working nothing works on it. it was bought November 2012 we called and the person said we can get it fixed around at our expence. well we had one from sears and it is at our other house still works and it well over 20 years old. i think this one should lasted more them 14 Monthes can or will you help me out thanks.

wilma 1/29/14 10:18AM

we received a Hamilton Beach Brew station as a gift, but when filled for 12 cups,which you are supposed to brew, it runs water all over everything and in doing so, it has buckled my new counter top. It really makes only 10 cups - it is the noisiest coffee pot we have ever had, and it takes a half hour to make coffee - needless to say, we are disappointed and will not buy another one Model 49150

Anonymous 1/18/14 2:20PM

My family and I had a house fire due to an hamilton beach microwave...The fire chief said that it was the control panel in the back, we've had that microwave s whole year and has not had one problem...but my family and I lost everything due to that microwave....

Anonymous 1/2/14 11:22AM

Bought new blender last year and there is a leak on the bottom contacted nHB Customer service and wanted to send entire 11 month old blender back. They said no just cut the cord put in padded envelope and mail. Meanwhile I just paid 3.oofor envelope and I insured it with a signature so I make sure you get it and insult to injury I was asked to send 8.65 to cover shipping for a replacement. Talk about cheap that took the cake, big company does not care about keeping loyal customers. Ill send 8.65 cause I need a working blender and hope my 8.65 adds to your profit margin. No one anserwed my emails in 2 days I get them back as undeliverable ReVamp customer service practices please

mamamiamary 11/19/13 6:55PM

Just purchased a HB microwave. It looks sharp and works well Finally, an instruction manual that is reader friendly. What a treat!


Anonymous 11/9/13 3:55AM

I have purchased the Hamilton Brew Station Coffeemaker and love it. Also bought several as gifts. I recently replaced one for the office and within a month it no longer worked. I returned to store and they gave me a new one. Now after a month the replacement one only brews half a pot and then stops working. I'm not sure if I want to purchase another one or go to another brand. I'm not sure if I'll want to replace mine at home since I have encountered all these problems. I don't have time to return a coffeemaker every month due to malfunctions. Please advise.

Ingrid 11/6/13 9:38AM

Fri. 10-25-13

Dear Hamilton Beach, recently I purchased your 51101B Personal Blender with Travel Lid. Great little personal mixer for smoothies, etc.

However I do have a complaint about the travel lid.

When attempting to remove the lid it is very painful to the finger tips because there's really no place on the lid extending out to assist with removing the lid.

There should be some kind of small lip somewhere on the lid extending out to support the fingers when removing the travel lid. The way it's currently designed you have to use your finger nails and the finger tips to get a grip on the lid to flip it off.

Thank you

David Null

Marion, Illinois

David Null 10/25/13 8:54AM

I purchased three (3) "Walk-N-Cut can openers; Model 76501/Type CA25. I want $50 back from HB since noone sells the Nickel Cadmium Rechargeable battery packs. That is, these can openers are relatively new BUT useless.

Anonymous 10/3/13 5:33PM

I have a very old but still working great, Hamilton Beach 12 cup coffee perculator.
Have lost the lid to the basket, and would like to replace. Where can obtain?

cbaber 8/7/13 12:19PM

Hi! I purchased a HB microwave as a present for a Hurricane Sandy victim in November at a local Wal-Mart. They could not set it up until they had electricty in their house, which was in May, 2013. They took it out of the box and it would not start. We have since replaced it with another brand. I have this dud of a microwave now sitting in my garage and I am waiting for a supervisor to call me back...she was on vacation. If no response this week I will send the sucker to Corporate headquarters with a letter to your HB CEO.

BKB 6/29/13 9:37AM

Hello, my name is Tanya McMullen and I am writing to let you know that about 28 years ago, my Dad purchased a 4-cup coffee maker (Proctor Silex - Type A10, Model A8004)I just want to tell you that 3 generations later, my Grandson (12 yrs)is making coffee in the same pot. I have not replaced any parts, and it works GREAT!!! Amidst the many complaints you may receive, I just wanted to share what a great product you made...Looking forward to 28 more years!!!

Tanya McMullen 5/21/13 8:46AM

Unfortunately I have purchased three HB brew station coffee brewing stations. and after 6-7 months they all started to leak underneath. The last one I bought, I took back today because it quit brewing even though the red 'ready' light was on.
I couldn't get a refund from Walmart and will not under any circumstances that I can think of will purchase another HB product. I always thought that your products were quality. Possibly they are unless you make a cheaper model for Walmart

FUZZ 4/22/13 11:37AM

My husband and I were married on June 22, 1963. This year we will celebrate our 50th anniversary and with that my Hamilton Beach Scovill Solid State stainless mixer. I have taken pictures of this reliable appliance, that has made thousands of cookies and cakes over the years. Especially birthday and wedding cakes. I could not have received a more valuable wedding gift 50 years ago. I think Hamilton Beach should be proud of a product that has served them so well.

dms 3/7/13 2:19PM

Purchased a slow cooker and used for a while and yesturday
we put a pot of beans with all the goodies and after a couple of hours went to check and the cover shatter, glass went everywhere and inside the pot so we had despose of everything. Sure did not expect to do that, very disappointed in your product . I will send a picture at your request. The model is 33162RZ - Series B4301DJ
Looking forward to your response.

Anonymous 1/17/13 3:16PM

I love Hamilton Beach Products but recently I purchased a deep fryer and it had NO instruction manual in the box. You have always been great to replace any product I have bought that was Hamilton Beach the customer service has bee great. I am really disapointed that I paid a lot for this deep fryer and no manual in the box. Model 35030


gail 11/11/12 12:15PM

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