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Corporate Office Address:
Hertz Global Holdings Inc
225 Brae Blvd.
Park Ridge, NJ 07656
United States

Phone: 201-307-2000
Fax: 201-307-2644

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I rented a car on August 13 from Hertz in Atlanta, GA. When I checked in I was told that they were over booked and I could not get a car for at least 1 hour. I was not the only one waiting there for car there was apprx 12 other customers waiting for a car. I prepaid/reserved my car 3 weeks prior to my arrival. I returned the car to Hertz on 8/18 at 4:16 pm the young lady that checked us scanned our license plate number & called our name out welcoming us back Hertz. I realized 10 minutes later that I left my camera in the car & immediately ran back to Hertz to get it. I went to the customer service counter they said they would go locate the car after an 1 1/2 hr wait they told me they couldn't find the car, but that it had not been rented out and the vehicle had a hold on it put stickers on the license plates. The manager came out and told me that they could no longer look for the car and that I needed to go online to file missing item report. He was not very professional at all. This Hertz in Atlanta is ran very poorly. I would never rent a car from Hertz again.

Anonymous 8/19/14 8:44AM

We booked a package (flight/hotel/car) via Travelocity and went to the counter to get the mid-size car which I upgraded from an economy car upon booking. Agent Ramesh was the ONLY agent working and we waited in line for nearly 30 minutes. He said we would need to pay for an extra day because we were picking up at 4:00 on Thursday and not departing until 8:00 pm on Sunday. We would either need to have the car back by 4:00 or pay for extra. He said only a Versa was available and I questioned if that was a mid-size. He said we would have to wait for a mid-size because none were available. He had a Ford Fusion but that would cost more. In the past, when the car we reserved and paid for in advance was not available, the next size up is always given complimentary. He said he would lower the price for the extra day and give me the Fusion because the price would be the same either way.
There was no supervisor to speak with, the only other person around appeared to be a trainee who was sitting behind him observing. I told him I would dispute the charges once I got a copy of my Travelocity itinerary and verified the car rental was for the entire trip. I should have been able to walk to the counter and get the keys, nothing more owed, and quick transaction. Instead, we waited in line and spent several minutes being beaten with "hard sales tactics" by a man with a heavy accent and there was no supervisor available. Wasted time and running late for our event, we took the only available car and immediately phoned the 800 customer service number when we got on the road. We were advised on the phone to speak to a Manager upon returning the car on Sunday. Franklin was able to deduct the extra time since I had my itinerary but said he could not adjust the $80 for larger car because it had been over 24 hours! Bait and switch tactic!

judith stanton 4/21/14 8:30AM

What a nightmare! Heartz is getting away with robbery. I cannot believe no one can stop them. I want to launch a CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT AGAINST Hertz. I paid for the rental car through, when I picked up the car, they asked me for a credit card, then they proceed to ask me if I wanted insurance, which I declined but because I was dealing with a phone booth operator, she said just click yes and we are done assuming that no insurance was going to be paid. Well HERTZ took $220.00 from my credit card and when I called to get an answer, there is no customer service here, I keep getting phone numbers that are disconnected, getting the run around, very nasty unprofessional people answering the phones. I have disputed this with my Discover card. I am so angry and I want to find an attorney to help me with this issue...this is an issue of more than $220....this is stealing.

Laura C 2/3/14 12:23PM

I was placed in a Hertz rental car Thursday afternoon through State Farm while my vehicle is being repaired. On Saturday the "check engine light" came on, so I called Hertz, who advised me to bring the vehicle in to the New Orleans Airport and there would be a replacement vehicle and it would be waiting for us. The first clerk we met with, told us that the people we spoke with at the 1-800 Hertz number "lies" to customers and should not have sent us to the airport. I found this statement to be pretty unprofessional to say the least, but would soon learn that this is unfortunately how Hertz employees speak about each other. She then said to go to the first floor and "Denise" would be able to get our replacement car. "Denise" said she couldn't help us, but the manager, "Corey" would be able to get the replacement car. I told Denise and Corey how the first clerk I spoke with had stated the Hertz PHONE personnel "lied" to customers and Corey said, "Well, she's right." " I've been fighting with them to not get customers sent here because they're always upset and it's a big stink." Is EVERYONE at Hertz this unprofessional? Corey told us we would need to get the vehicle (we came in with) and basically be on our way because there was nothing more he could do. In the meantime, the vehicle had been driven by the airport staff, who wrote in white marker on the rear passenger window "CHECK ENGINE LIGHT." We are driving around a Hertz rent a car (at this writing!) with a "CHECK ENGINE LIGHT" written on the rear passenger window. Is this not the EPITOME of pathetic customer service?! What a statement that makes! Not to mention, when a customer is sent by Hertz Rent a Car employees phone staff to a Hertz Rent a Car location and then told by the Hertz Rent a Car Staff at said location that the "phone" staff are "LIARS"; my trust in Hertz Rent a Car is non- existent at this point. We are in the SAME vehicle with the check engine light on and told by Dale in Roadside Assistance that Corey, the airport manager, could've traded the cars out but didn't want to do some manual paperwork. Sounds like Hertz likes to point fingers at one another, and even resorts to name calling rather than help the customer which at this point I'm shocked they have any of! They definitely are losing this one. My husband and I phone Hertz at 2:13pm and it took an hour and a half at the airport and we are in the same faulty vehicle.

Ursula Seghers 1/25/14 7:58PM

I was placed in a Hertz rental car due to a non fault accident. It began on 10/31/2013. The gentleman was a well mannered young man who assisted me. He asked me do I have insurance and I replied yes, and the name of the company. He insisted that I due a three day trial with their insurance just to get the feel of the car, so I agreed, a trial. He said that He would contact me to find out if I wanted to keep the additional insurance. I did not hear from him, I believed that the trial was over after checking my bank statements regularly.Now after the contract is over, they have decided have taken over 800.00 from my bank account in one lump sum. The manager stated that he had tried to reach me several times, no answer, yet I went in there to return the first vehicle because it ran poorly, the guy instead of doing a new contract changed vehicles and asked me to sign, remember there was no activity going on in my bank account, so all was well. I was not asked the insurance question on the vehicle change. The manager called the young man in question about the trial issue and was told and I quote "he did say that it was suppose to be a three day trial period, but that you were suppose to call and cancel. The insurance agency renewed the rental several times yet, no bank redrawals for additonal insurance, if they would have done this I would have known what their intentions were.Question, if was suppose to call them, why were they trying to call me? and why did these charges not be applied each time the renewal started again? They not only have overdrafted my bank account but my work checks and other checks have been seized to undue the mess they created. They have taken my grandchildren's Christmas away, and any chance of dinner. Is there a lawyer out there that can help me!

neldady02 12/26/13 9:34AM

Nov 22,2013 I rented a car in scottsdale, arizona. Prepaid. I might add only benifits them.They punish you if you return early due to emergy. My wife became ill & is on oxygen & couldn't make the trip at this time. Nov 26,2013 I Return car only to find out that the office personal said I would get my voucher of 235.00 credited to my account. Wrong information from them. Called customer service & talked to DeLuno who was a smart a?? All his answers put me down for not reading all of their rules.Their customer service chart explains exactly what kind of company they are. How can a President or VP be happy with that. Customer service is high priority for most company or it should be on their list. A 32.1 out of 200 is unexceptable. 1.8 unanswered reachable 2.4 & Friendiness a 3.1 heard that for my own. All these scores to be a wake up call for the President to demand better of his employee.All scores are under 3 out of 10 really Hertz u need to do better if for any pride the oldest reason all.Do it for the Name & that it is the right thing to do. WHAT HAPPEN TO DOING THE RIGHT THING & PRIDE n WHAt U DO.

Renegade 12/9/13 12:08PM

On May 15 I rented a car from your contract office in Pella, Ia. The rental was for 3 days The car was delivered to my hotel at 2:45 PM and I returned the car on May 18 at approx 7:00 AM drop off My flight took off at 9:30 AM I filled the gas tank in Pella on May 17 drove it to my Hotel and back to the agency on May 18 AM I was overcharged and have been attempting to get my refund ever since. Your agent Brice told me that he has contacted Hertz numerous times but can't get finance to correct this and refund me $69.85 Please help to get this matter resolved.

Anonymous 9/5/13 1:16PM

I was on official travel orders through forest service, even shared stories with hertz agent about helping out during fire season, at time of reservation at pick up, i was unaware of the GAR (government rate insurance, that should have been offered)instead of regular insurance. Agent knew through conversation that i was a government employee, I even paid with a GSA Government issued credit card. Since I booked the reservations myself and not through an agent, no (CDP code) was referenced or even asked of me by agent. I am now stuck with a $759.23 bill that will not be reimbursed by the government and will have to be paid by me, because I was not given the government rate insurance by HERTZ at redmond airport, or. I think it is rediculous that I cannot be reimbursed for these fees even though I can produce official travel orders. When I called to see if anyone could help me clear this up, the Hertz manager told me all of his employees know about the government rate insurance, so im not understanding why I was not given this rate to avoid this really expensive non-reimbursable fee. I have given notice to my organization to avoid this rental company for this deception and to prevent this from happening to any other forest service employees. To improve this would be to reimburse a customer for the mistake, if they can prove they are or were on official government travel.

spotts 8/26/13 11:05AM

Hertz is a very irresponsible company, accusing me and my husband of not returning a rental car that we never rented in the first place. A call was made to our phone number saying that legal action was going to be taken against us for something we never did. When I tried to call them back to fix the matter I was put on hold for over an hour, and noone got back to me. With identity theft the way it is in this country I was very concerned about this, and no one in customer service was willing to help. Horrible company.

Anonymous 6/14/13 11:44AM

Hertz is absolutely horrible! I will never rent nor refer someone to rent a car from them. First off, they don't tell you about the deposit for the vehicle. Then they are very ill-informed about things such as when you get the deposit back and the fact that you can purchase an option for fuel where you don't have to fill the tank up upon returning the vehicle. The corporate office doesn't help either because they're just as rude, if not more than the in store people. DON'T RENT FROM HERTZ.

Dray 6/6/13 7:52AM

We had a very unfortunate experience with Hertz. Five months after we rented a car we received a phone call from a billing and collection agency saying Hertz filed a claim against us for $1,000 worth of damages to a vehicle we rented. Our options were to pay the claim or negotiate with the company to split the cost. We did not damage the car so neither of these options were acceptable. It was inspected upon check in and we had a receipt. A Hertz employee drove us to the airport in that car and the damage must have happened when he was returning but they needed someone to blame. After spending the week making calls, finding receipts, etc. to prove we did not do it, I finally got a hold of the claims manager and after a short explanation on my part he simply said we would not be responsible for damage as "it says the damage was done after you turned the car in". This was so frustrating! I felt they were trying to see if they could get money from us. We have been Gold member Customers for years and after this experience we won't be any more. Also, I will always be sure to get inspection and receipt and keep on file.

Anonymous 5/3/13 1:28PM

My experience at the Hertz off of Gulf freeway in Houston, Tx. was horrible. First I waited one hour at the mechanic's shop to be picked up by the shuttle, which was the same little Mazda that they rented to me. The outside of the vehicle was extremely filthy and had a lil odor on the inside. I had to go and buy a air freshner when I left. I had to wait another 25 min. while they took the vehicle to go and get it washed. The lady actually asked me IF I wanted it washed when she seen how I was looking at it as we did our walk around.(STRAIGHT UP JUST DIRTY) And to top it all off, she never told me a price. She just swiped my card and gave it back with my paper work. I opened it to see a charge of $304.00. When I asked why so much then she explained to cost of the rental and a certain is a hold on my card that I would get back when I turned the vehicle back in. You think she would have explained all that before swiping my card. And I did not have a choice on where to rent from because this is the only place that the persons insurance used. I pray that I never have to see a hertz again. ENTERPRISE IS AWESOME, I have never had any problems with Enterprise.

BrotherMike 4/29/13 7:14PM

These people are idiots RUN, RUN VERY FAST AWAY FROM THEM. There are so many other options available. NEVER RENT FROM HERTZ EVER!!! Overcharge, no gas in car when picked up, tried to charge for gas when dropped off. Quoted one price, charged another

HERTZ SUCKS - Go Elsewhere 2/19/13 6:09PM

Rented from Hertz months in advance in Hilo, Hawaii. On arrival we witnessed physical fights among people trying to get shuttle service from port to airport rental pick up. Upon arrival at Hertz and waithing for 15 minuits, the line of renters was informend that there were no more vehicles available and to move on up to Dollar. There the wait was for an other hour plus. Hertz may be big but it is incapable of providing even reasonable service. My advice; avoid Hertz if at all possible because it's not just the Hilo venue.

Don 1/21/13 12:31PM

To make a long story short I personally had a horrible experience with Hertz Panama City,FL area.
I made a reservation with one of Hertz's employees. After calling 4 times to confirm my reservation with the same employee I get a call from the Manager confirming my rental and they got it wronggggggg. How can you get a reservation wrong after calling 5 times.....really.
I couldn't handle any of the rental issues until I got to the rental office later in the week.
I was traveling up North during the winter season to see family and the car I rented needed to have esspecially 4WD. An SUV with 4WD was given to me but the ventilation system had big problems. The A/C's warm air kept shutting off, I personally had to click on the heat each time. This process lasted for 17hrs on the road. I turned the car in after the damage had been done. My two sons picked up a respiratory virus and one of them had to be taken to the emergency room.
I had to turn the car in but received an incapable vehicle due to weather conditions(snow storms). I asked the clerk at the desk could I have a 4WD SUV vehicle due to the snow conditions. They explained that they had no compatible vehicle of what I asked for. I then explained, could I turn in until what I asked becomes available, they explained if I did that it would be ruled as a one way rental and it would cost more money to turn the car in than to take the vehicle offered but now although I have a vehicle I can't use it.
My Total Rental days were 10 days. I had the incompatible vehicle for 6 1/2 days(including day return). I had a vehicle that I couldn't use in the snow for 5 days.
When I got back to the Panama, Fl office I explained to them everything that happened. All they did was take $70 off the bill due to the fact that I didn't receive a compatible vehicle. I had the incompatible vehicle for 5 days (not including return day). Hertz said they couldn't do anything about the days of no used of the vehicle.
I was given a vehicle that was not compatible to my specific orders, had to take my son the ER on Christmas Day, and billed for a car that I could not use in the snow.
I asked for at least 3days rental fee to be taken off my bill but Hertz only took off $70. I called the district manager he said that He'd be willing to send a $100 coupon for my troubles. I don't want a coupon I wanted money taken off my bill for a car that I was not able to use more than half the time I was up there.
Horrible, Horrible, Horrible, Horrible Service.

Lion5 1/2/13 1:25PM

This is the most unprofessinal buisness i have ever had to deal with there is no sense in urgency to take care of there customers. As far as i can tell the customer makes the company and if there customers are not satisfied there is no company.

Disappointed 11/27/12 12:51PM

I rented a car in Lakeland, Florida. The car had some issues but Hertz changed it out during my travels to NC with a newer car. The very well dressed black lady who originally was my rental agent with Hertz was very professional. Very sharp dresser as well. Makes an impression on people. And while waiting I saw she treated all customers with the same friendliness and respect and professionalism. She took the car I was renting, had it washed and vacumed before I took posession of it. I noticed she had been listening to christian radio when she drove it to be washed. Very nice that she left it on that station. I listened to christian music the rest of the day and will again rent from Hertz.

David5215 11/1/12 9:03AM

i have been overcharged 750.00 hertz says they towed and stored the rental i used that is a lie never happened car was returned to place it was rented from. they are liars and rip offs.
thats alot of money and hertz needs to be held accountable customer service is non existant.

22pbella 9/8/12 10:23AM

Call the coroporate office number and ask to speak to customer relations. All other numbers/websites/links are worthless.

Anonymous 9/5/12 10:11AM

I rented a car in May spent over $800.00 on this rental from the Wilmington, Delaware location at the Train Station. I have spoken with every employee at that location. I filed a complaint on the web site for hertz I have spoken with the customer service department.I have been told that I would get a refund 4 different times it is now August and I am yet to receive my refund. The manager Luke says he will call and he does not call, there is no way that I should still be dealing with this issue now August 23rd. Especially when I spoke to the wilmington Amtrack loction on Friday the 17th and Jake one of the employees said Luke would call me back in 10 -15 mins later. No call from the Manager of the location that friday, saturday, sunday. I had to call Luke back myself he said that he would call me back tuesday and it is now thrusday and I have not heard back from Luke the manager of the location. I feel at this time I should get a full refund for all the trouble that I have had to deal with from this location from rude nasty employees to managers who do not follow thru with what they say they are going to do. I am sure they know who I am but for your information my name is Georgia Scott my email is [email protected] my phone number is 302-465-6624. The company that I work for is a large gym chain and our corp office was in the habit of renting cars from your company. After this expereince that will come to a hault. Your customer service department from your online site still has yet to even reply to my complaint on the site. Customer Service is what makes or breaks companies like BlockBuster Video, red box was started because of a angery customer was upset because of the customer service of Block Buster Video

Mad At Wimington Location 8/23/12 1:42PM

I'm a Hertz employee, I transport cars in Atlanta. A co-worker had an accident in a Hertz car and did serious damage. She was not in route to an HLE.She is still driving Hertz cars. has not been drug tested and not held responsible. Is this Hertz policy? What is your Policy on employee damaged cars.

Her last name is Embry. the car is an Nissan Altima.It is at Hapeville maintance in Georgia.

and did

Anonymous 8/21/12 6:31PM


Anonymous 8/18/12 3:02PM

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