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Corporate Office Address:
Holiday Inn Hotels

InterContinental Hotels Group plc
Broadwater Park
Denham, Buckinghamshire UB9 5HR
United Kingdom

Phone: +44 1895-512-000
Fax: +44 1895-512-001

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Dear Holiday Inn Corporate:

I am writing to let you know of the lack of hospitality offered at one of your newest hotels in Decatur, Georgia. This hotel on Decatur Rd. Has mostly a very nice staff who extend warm service. Especially I would like to say that "Nikki" was alwAys courteous and warm during each of my conversations with her. However there is one desk clerk, a young African-American who works in the evenings who does not seem to care for her work or her customers. I came in one afternoon to speak to someone regarding an upcoming extended stay reservation. She seemed to have no interest in speaking with me, and so I asked when a good time to return would be. She rudely replied, "Well, you sure need to come in before 5 p .m.". I really wanted to make arrangements with your hotel, since it was close by for me, and so returned the following day at 4:11 p.m. I hoped she was just having a bad day the day prior, and so I took pains to be especially kind and patient with her. When I did not insist she take care of my requests ahead of later patrons, she chose to ignore me, or made me wait, as she took care of other customers on the phone or arriving well after me. At one point, she took me to see a room, and left me upstairs waiting without any return for over 15 minutes. I went downstairs and waited for her to address my needs again. When she eventually spoke to me she asked if I could wait a little longer. I replied I could, but would need to leave very shortly to attend to my family member in the hospital. She further ignored me until I left at 5:07 p.m. I having real difficulty also in receiving a return call from Renee Williams, whom I have been told is general manager.

I really wanted to stay at your hotel, as in travels for years, Holiday Inn Express has been our preferred place to stay, and we are priority members. I would have stayed for over a month, but will not do so now. If hospitality is important to thus location, they have severely neglected to extend even common courtesy. The young clerk would smile at customers through gritted teeth, and complained to me about being overworked, and tired because in her own words, "This is not my ONLY job..." I wish I could sympathize, but I have held multiple jobs, myself, and never treated a person in this manner. Please check into the operation of this hotel...many of the staff are genuine and helpful, but several have now cost the location an optimistic many more have been far from pleased?

Wanted a room...for many days 1/7/14 12:43PM

We decided to stay at the Holiday Inn in Totowa, NJ after celebrating a birthday on 12/21/2013 at the lounge downstairs. The whole purpose of staying at the hotel was so no one would be drinking and driving. Not only did we have problems checking in because the front desk clerk would NOT LISTEN to me. After the lounge,we went up to our room with a few friends. The second time we got a knock on the door, it was a hotel security guard along with two police officers!!! In all honesty, we were not being disruptive in anyway. How much volume can you possibly get from a laptop?! At 3 a.m., we were escorted out by police into a cab, which dropped us off at this cheesy motel nearby. Encountered a lot of unnecessary expenses! The staff was very unprofessional and obviously not well trained in how to handle a lil' bump in the night!!!

MayAinNJ 12/25/13 8:15PM

Megan Watts (Catering Manager) told me that I could get a refund of my $500 for booking space almost a year out. We both understood the contract, but she said she would see if the manager (at the time, someone named Scooter ... then Tammy Witeck [current gm]) would approve it. I was thankful to her trying. She called me to follow up (after I had called and left message several times) and stated that she was glad to know that they would cut me a check the following week (Scooter was still mgr, I THINK ... the gm's have changed 3 times in 3-4 months ... and the way the receptionist's speak and complain about their printer not working AGAIN over and over again in front of the client [me] is highly unprofessional and just how they carry themselves in general). I was elated to be getting the $500 back since my car is broken, utilities bills are due, and the head of the household is out of work at this time due to the economy and cut backs. After Meghan told me this good news, a week and half later, I called to see if the check was in the mail yet. She never returned my email or voicemails (3 of them) up to that point. So I called the gm which is Tammy Witeck at this time. She told me that it was not authorized and shared with me countless times the term of the contract even though I told her I am well aware of what the contract reads ... but the point is your employee stated to me that I was going to be granted a refund due to extenuating circumstances. Also the fact that the date of the event was so far out and they have had countless Expo events in the same rooms, so certainly have enough $500 deposits over the last couple of months. I personally know one of the women that use the Bordeaux repeatedly for expo's over the past two months. I was not argumentative on the phone. I simply stated with a calm voice that a representative of the Holiday Inn shared something that I acted on (the order of importance of utility bills to pay). To find out that she spoke out of turn is not my fault. Tammy should dock Megan's wages in order to fulfill the promise made to a client (now former). Or simply give me a refund to fulfill their promise to me and simply reprimand Megan so that it doesn't happen again. Tammy refused to honor what her rep said. I asked to have the number and name of her superior. She FLATLY REFUSED. I told her that since she is not the owner, but the manager of someone else's business, she has to have a superior to report to. I would like the number and name, please. Again, she refused. She told me that she could not give out that information and that I should email my complaint to her and she would forward it. I told her that at this point the complaint is about her rudeness and lack of following through of what a Holiday Inn employee told a client. Tammy then stated very rudely, "I am not going to argue about this with you any further," and HUNG UP! Does she really think I don't know that their's a Holiday Inn Corporate office? Uncalled for and unfortunate. I will be taking this through several channels to ensure that the right person is contacted about her behavior and her poor judgement to not honor what was promised by her employee and deal with the employee that may have spoken out of turn accordingly.

Shocked at Tammy Witeck's Behavi 12/23/13 10:22AM

I would like to say that it really is unbelievable how I went into the Holiday Inn Express in Stroudsburg Pa and when I arrived the person that checked me in was drunk. I didn't think anything of it because I was tired but I told management and they assured me that they would fix it and it wouldn't happen again. But the very next week I saw that employees once again but this time he was a little better in holding his alcohol. But it really doesn't seem like anything is being done by management. I do have to say that the room was fine and it was clean. But i will not be returning because i do not appreciate being lied to.

MO 11/21/13 9:42PM

I would like to ask you to pick who is more stupid. My husband has stayed at the Holiday Inn Vanderbilt twice a week for five years (he works close by)he forgot to cancel his room in September and they charged him $76.00. he called and after much fit throwing they returned his money. Ok stupid part he forgot again Oct 31st. They charged him $90.00. Ok I understand he was in the wrong,they refused to refund his money. So here is the really stupid part. Vanderbilt has made $76.80 a week for the last five years coming to $44,236.80 and he will NEVER stay there again. So who is more stupid?

Jerry 11/3/13 6:39AM

To whom it may concern,

I wish for you to know about several of your employees, named Ivan(asst manager whom I have become lax in remembering name)as she introduced herself this is on holiday inn express south padre island Texas. They went above and beyond to make our stay happy and safe, as I am handicap. I wish for you to know how satisfied we were.the room , lobby , was immaculate. Breakfast excellent ,served with a smile. We will be back, and will shout loud and clear for everyone to hear. It was my husband s 60 reunion.

A satisfied customer!carlyne. Medina texas

Anonymous 10/24/13 10:59AM

I recently stayed in Holiday Inn in Mexia Texas and was hurt by the way the owner of the hotel was treating and talking to his employees calling them names he was very unprofessional I stay at the hotel a lot and have notice that the employees are always been treated like that I'm really talking to my boss about us not going there as were experiencing some very rude comment by the owner I think his name is (Kam)he is so rude and it gives your chain a bad name please check into the issue down in Texas..

CONCERN PERSON 10/23/13 6:40AM

Being a platinum member in IHG, I have stayed in many
Holiday Inn's throughout the Northeast. One thing they all have in common is the wanton waste of energy when it comes to lighting. I am currently staying in the Boston/Waltham HIE and find that in a stairwell/ramp area the average foot candle level is 70fc (With some areas exceeding 100 foot candles). These areas only call for between 10-20 foot candles. Existing is 5 - 4' 4L T8 32w NP wrap fixtures. These should/could be replaced with 5- 4' 1L 32w T8 NP BI-Level High Efficiency Stairwell fixtures. These would drop to 30% normal light output during times of no occupancy. Effectively saving approximately 75% of energy consumption 8760 hours annually (24x7).I noticed that HI is aggressivly pursuing a compact fluorescent screw in campaign and I applaud this effort. But many dollars are being squandered in exterior lighting also. There are many longer lasting and cost effective alternatives to the existing metal halide and high pressure sodium exterior lighting systems. You need to kick your energy manager in the butt and have him pursue the latest lighting technology and controls.

Dr. Watts 10/16/13 6:02PM

I would like to say i stayed at your property located in Ocean City, Md and the customer service there was excellent the Manager on duty (Michelle) was so patience and caring, we had a long drive & just wanted to rest however after getting such great hospitality from Michelle we (party of 4/ 2rooms) ended up staying 2, i enjoyed my stay the rooms were cozy nice and clean with a wonderful view of the ocean, cant wait to go back and stay there again

cherrylo 10/16/13 7:05AM

We made reservations at a Holiday Inn Express in Athens, TN for a period of December 1st-December 3rd. The reservation was for a suite with two Queen beds. When we received the e-mail confirmation it was noticed they had us staying in Athens, Texas. Called to point this out and the lady said she would correct the problem and send us another e-mail to confirm it had been taken care of. The next e-mail, showed another problem. This one showed us as staying in a regular room with two Queen beds and not, a suite with too Queen beds. Again I called and this time they tried to reach the hotel in Athens, TN and after fifteen minuets they couldn't. At this point, I had enough run around and told them to cancel all reservations. She agreed and sent me another e-mail confirming the cancelation had been made and included the confirmation number for my records. All in all this attempt to make reservations was a failure from the start and we shouldn't have been put through the frustration. It's bad enough that they make it impossible to contact hotels directly but to go through this, it just make things worse. They ended up missing out on nearly $400 in business.

lonewolf 10/13/13 3:40PM

This note is to advise you of the excellent experience I had with the General Manager of the Holiday Inn in Roissy France.
My wife and I checked into the Holiday Inn in Roissy France on 17 Sept 2013 and checked out and returned to the USA on 18 Sept. When we checked in we advised the General Manager Ms. Berengere Niemann that we had lost some luggage on the train. Ms. Niemann took over our problem in locating the luggage and arranging for the return of our luggage to us in the USA. All of the actions were accomplished by her after we had checked out and returned to the USA.
When we first talked to her she assured us that she would continue to work to have our luggage returned to us which happened today Oct 1 2013. She emailed us several times along the way to keep us appraised of her progress. I have never experienced this level of customer service in any dealings I have ever had.
Ms. Niemann is a credit to the Holiday Inn establishment and deserving of some kind of recognition for her efforts.
I thank the Holiday Inn for the level of training in customer service you must provide your General Managers and I sincerely thank Ms. Niemann for what she did for us.
Joe Sampugnaro

AnnapolisJoe26 10/1/13 11:52AM

Hotel Location: Hoilday Inn Express Birmingham

Comment: I booked this Hotel on 21.7.13 and recieved confirmation of payment the same day. When i arrived at the Hotel and checked in, i asked to settle the bill.The total cost was £133.30p. I booked and paid hotwire for a 1 night stay in a hotel for 6 people. When i arrived with my party i was asked to pay for the accommodation as the Hoilday INN had not recieved payment from Hotwire. I argued my case and proved by my Email print out that confirmation of prepaid had been complete.I also explained to the receptionist that i had also contacted the Hoilday Inn after confirmation of my booking on the same day. I spoke to a man, who informed me my booking and payment had been recieved. I then arrange to have single beds in the 3rooms. He informed me of the check-in and check-out times.I explained this to the manager or the supervisor in charge. I found her rude and very direct she had poor English dilogue which affected communication, also all my conversation could be heard by other customer's who were present booking Inn. I felt that my confidentality had been breech. I then informed her i would not be paying again and she agreed and myself and my party booked in. This left me feeling embrasssed and upset as it was a Birthday surprize for my 78yrs old mother. I then went to check out in the morning and was again confronted about payment by another receptionist in front of other guess's. I explained to her that i had alreay spoken with the supervisor or manager.The supervisor or manager appeared and began about the payment i asked her what she wanted me to do 3 times. In the end she said nothing and that the issue was with Hotwire. I then asked her why was i being harsashed again on checkout and why did she not informed the reception staff or place the information she recieved from me on the computer so staff could access the information toknow what was going on. This experience was totally spoilt and i was left feeling totally ashamed and embrassed and i tearful.

di 8/28/13 3:48PM

Lafayette is this how you treat your visitors @ Holiday Inn Express. Warning to Purdue parents visiting . . . so we thought we were staying over on the 10th of Aug. for the "Tears in our Beers" party. Then party turned out to be early enough to drive home.

Reservation for August 10th, made 5/18 and cancelled on 6/9.

Holiday Inn charged our card and said it was a special rate agreed to and was not refundable. Holiday Inn has over 2 months to rent the room again - apparently that multi-million dollar corporation needs my $160. fyi - be informed - It was not clear on the website that this was the case

And, Um, Holiday Inn, would you please cancel my "Priority Club Rewards?"

Like · · Follow Post · 3 hours ago

Luanne Eastman Kleiman We've just been booking hotels for something else (not the Lafayette area) and most all hotels now have this lower rate that is non-refundable. You really have to read the fine print.

2 hours ago · Like..

Shannon Tompkins Gast Bad news!

2 hours ago · Like..

Lynn Kemp Ah, yes

2 hours ago · Like..

Shannon Tompkins Gast Lynn Kemp- I like your cover photo. We have 2 Eagle scouts in our family.

2 hours ago · Like · 1..

Lynn Kemp Congratulations to them Shannon. John & John Sr. are actually at Philmont Scout Ranch now. Today is their first day.

2 hours ago · Like · 2..

Tom Legare My son entering Purdue just made Eagle a couple months ago What you should do Lynn is just keep the room for the night and stay at this point. You'll be able to really enjoy your beer then at our little gathering

2 hours ago · Like · 3..

Lynn Kemp lol - I may start drinking now

2 hours ago · Like · 5..

Betty Mammen Thomas Thanks for the heads-up, Lynn!

2 hours ago via mobile · Like · 1..

Shannon Tompkins Gast Nice to know there are other Eagle Scouts attending Purdue!

2 hours ago · Like · 2..

Ann Kitchen Hi Lynn, I booked the Holiday Inn in Lafayette for parent's weekend. I re-read our reservation and noted that we have to cancel for that weekend a month in advance, or we will lose our deposit. In the fine print, it also says that for that special (outrageous) rate we have to stay 2 nights. We are booked, but may cancel and just go down for the game on Saturday. Your note was a good heads up reminding me to double check that! Sorry this happened to you. Maybe do what Tom suggested! Thanks for posting

2 hours ago · Like · 1..

Jennifer Robertson Morris We had the same thing on vacation in Macon, Georgia. I was so angry!

2 hours ago via mobile · Like · 1..

Diana Pereira Dobosiewicz I just booked rooms for the weekends of each home game and there are diff room rates listed. The least expensive usually has a non refundable note attached and that is an advanced purchase rate. I was sure to read all the rules as I'm not definite on all the weekends. I went thru the diff rate options and specifically looked for the ones I could cancel like the AAA rates. You might want to try calling the hotel directly and asking for the manager. Explain that you are a new Purdue parent and while you had to cancel THIS reservation, you will be planning to attend other events and hoping to stay at their hotel. The online service people don't care, but usually the local managers work with you. Good luck.

2 hours ago via mobile · Like · 1..

Shirley Ho May I ask you both of you booked directly from the hotel or internet rep sites? Yes, make sure to read small prints, most hotels have 24 or 48 hours cancellation policy, but those from on-line booking may be different especially internet only advanced purchase rate! I tend of book the room directly with the hotel and get the cancellation flexibility just in case!

2 hours ago · Like..

Joe Samagond Shannon, Lynn and Tom -Congratulations! 2 Eagle scouts here as well - me and my son, who is going to attend Purdue starting this fall.

2 hours ago · Edited · Like · 3..

Kay Harless Stephens Well I don't think it has anything to do with how Lafayette treats people . Clearly a big company's rules.

2 hours ago via mobile · Like · 2..

Lynn Kemp Hi Scouting Parents - Nice to meet you all. Son / John is FYE - Shreve. I hope they will take time to meet with each other. John received his Eagle Rank in December 2010.

2 hours ago · Like · 2..

Lynn Kemp Hi Kay, for sure - why my comment is to Holiday Inn Express, Lafayette.

2 hours ago · Like..

Lynn Kemp Website for our Troop (at Phimont)

2 hours ago · Like · 1..

Julie Fisher Booth Lyn, call and talk to the manager and request a credit for another time. I've had luck doing this for some of my clients (I'm a travel agent). Had a couple that did not give the whole amount but gave credit for most of it. The new lower rates discou...See More

about an hour ago · Like · 1..

Valerie Bruno Bloodworth Lynn Kemp, I think that's an omen to stay and enjoy!

about an hour ago · Like · 2..

Robyn Sumney Clark That happened to me in WL last year and I got no where with the Supervisor. She would NOT budge. I was wanting to change where I was staying while at a job fair. Couldn't do it. Very frustrating!!

about an hour ago · Like · 1..

Michelle Thallemer Quinn Ummm wait a minute....tears in beers party???????

about an hour ago via mobile · Like..

Lynn Kemp Yes, at Jake's Roadhouse, West Lafayette - Tom Johnson is our host for more info.

about an hour ago · Like · 2..

Valerie Bruno Bloodworth Michelle Thallemer Quinn, go to just below the banner, next to "Families of New Purdue Students". Click on the tab that says "Events" and you will see a page for "Tears in our Beers" gathering.

45 minutes ago · Like..

Edward Benson Did you reserve the room with pre-pay rate? If so, the discount is based on the that fact-most people don't catch that when the reserve the room-it shows as the best rate

34 minutes ago via mobile · Like..

Paula Bookbinder Did you book with American Express? if so, they may be able to assist.

19 minutes ago · Like

Anonymous 7/2/13 5:45PM

This is in regard to the Holiday Inn Express in Findlay Ohio. We stayed on June 9th 2013 for a funeral. We always stay at Holiday Inn Express because we feel it's the best-except this time. First of all they have always accepted AAA-this one didn't. The bathtub was dirty along with the bedskirts. The continental breakfast was good until my husband took a drink of his SPOILED milk!! We tried to enjoy the pool but the water was like ice and the hot tub was broken. Now we will think twice before thinking they are the best. The 118.00 charge was outrageous concidering there were only a few quests there. Needless to say the stay didn't help our funeral trip.

missesT 6/11/13 9:58AM

I am sending this email about my families recent stay at your Holiday Inn Express at 7784 Wolf Trail Cove, Germantown, Tn. 38138 the weekend of May 25th & 26th for a baseball tournament. I had originally reserved our room for me and my 14 year old son with the team and had our confirmation number for it and the room was for a KC Suite with pull out sofa, since there was just 2 of us. But plans changed, because my 12 year old daughters travel softball teams tournament got cancelled 2 weeks before we were going to be coming there to stay. So, my daughter and wife decided they would like to go, only if we could get our room changed to 2 Queen beds instead of the KC suite with pull out sofa. My wife said if we can not get it changed then they would not be coming to the tournament. The reason for that is, because my wife has a really bad neck from a car wreck and surgery years ago and I have a very bad back due to the wreck as well and my son and daughter will not sleep on a pull out sofa, because the pull outs are always so small and always very uncomfortable. They are very tall big kids and my wife and I can not sleep on pull out due to our back and neck injuries and we sure and the heck can not all sleep in King size bed.. So, I told my wife I would call and check to see if I could get the room changed to a room with 2 Queen beds instead and if I could not, then no big deal they would not travel the 4 to 5 hour trip with us and just stay home, Which would have been fine. So, I called your hotel and gave the lady my confirmation number and she said yes we have you for that weekend and a KC Suite with pull out sofa. I explained my situation about my wife and daughter along with our injuries as well. She told me to hold and she would look for me. She came back and said yes we do have 1 room with 2 Queen beds for those same 2 days. I said great then can we change it and she said yes sir no problem at all. Then before I got off the phone, I Know I sounded anal about it, but I double checked everything she had told me previously. I said so we know have 1 room with 2 Queen beds and reserved for the 25th & 26th? Your positive this is all good to go? because like I told you before I just do not want to get down there with my wife and daughter coming and not have this room, because like I said they will not come if that is the case. She said no problem sir, it is taken care of for that weekend and the room reserved is for 2 Queens for sure. I said ok thank you, but just wanted to make total sure that is the case before they come with me and my son. Again, sir no problem we got it changed and reserved with your confirmation number. So I hung up happy and told my wife it was all good and of course she says are you for sure? because if we get down there and it is not changed right, we are going to be in bad situation as well as being very pissed off. I assured her everything was handled and I had confirmation on it, no problem. So that was 2 weeks before we were to arrive. Well, we drive for 4 to 5 hours and get there to check in that evening around 7:00. I go to front desk and a dark skinned young man takes my name and confirmation number and says yes sir Mr. Hampton we have your room. We have you checking into a KC Suite with pull out Sofa. I looked at him with disbelief on my face and said no sir we have a room with 2 Queen beds now, not a KC Suite. He said no sir, the system shows KC Suite. I said I spoke to young lady 2 weeks ago and she assured me that she changed everything for me and reserved the room under the confirmation number I had. Then he gets very smart with me and tells me that there is no way anyone would have told me that, because the hotel had been booked up for the last 2 months, so that would not have never happen. So, he was basically calling me a liar and that is what I asked him, so your calling me a liar now. I told him, sounds like I was the one that was lied to now!! It really offend me big time!!!! He wanted to know exactly what day I had spoke to her and time and that was the only way he could check on it. I told him I thought that is what confirmation numbers were for? So, here I am now 5 hours from home and now with my wife and daughter with us now and now we are stuck with 1 bed and a pull out which does us absolutely no good at all. At this moment I am extremely upset and my wife is soooo upset about it she is really ready to go postal. Like I said, that is why I took care of it 2 weeks earlier and double checked with the girl that changed our rooms, so this would not happen and it happened anyway. That is what I call total incompetence on a Hotels part. So, now we are stuck in this room for 2 days and no where for my kids to sleep but the damm floor now. So, I take the room with no other choice, but to do so at this point and time. So, I step to the side to let the next couple behind me check in while I try to calm my wife down. So, while standing there talking to my wife I over hear the couple that is trying to check in now, say that they were suppose to have a room with 2 Queen beds as well and they are having the same problem I was having with our room, but I over hear them being told that their room was giving to someone else earlier today, because they were not here to check in at 3:30 and so they gave their room to some one else that was checking in at that time. What Kind of place gives a damm room away, because you did not check in at the check in time. I have never had that happen or ever heard of that kind of crap happening. When you have a room reserved and confirmation number as long as you check in that day it does not matter what time you check in there and you should never lose your room because of that. So, now I am figuring that is what happened to my room now. Just guessing at this time?? I could not believe what I was hearing. So, now we go up to our room and put away our stuff and pull out the sofa bed to see what it is like. Well it is just like I figured, mattress about 1inch and half thick and all you can feel when you lay down on it is the hard damm bars. Very uncomfortable and not sleep able at all!!!!! So, my wife suggest that we try to put some pillows under the mattress to make it sleep able some how. Which is what we did, but we needed 2 more pillows and couple of blankets, because there was not any for it, just a sheet only. So, I then go down stairs to get 2 pillows and 2 blankets. The same guy I dealt with earlier is there and I asked for the 2 pillows and 2 blankets and he very rudely says we do not have any extra pillows or blankets available. I said you mean to tell me in a Hotel this size you do not have 2 pillows and not even 1 blanket for us to cover up with? What the heck are we suppose to use for cover. All I get is, I do know what to tell you sir, but you will just have to make do I can not help you. Again, very rude and no apologies for any inconveniences for this or the fact that you already messed up my room to begin with and now you do not even act like you give a crap what we do. At this time I am ready to reach out and squeeze this guys head off!! I am losing all patience's now as you can tell by reliving this, I am already getting upset again. It even gets better then this. So, the next morning we put the sign on our door not to bother us and do not worry about cleaning room til we check out, which should make the maids happy that there is one less room to worry bout cleaning right now. We also put our old used wet towels outside to be picked up while we are gone the next morning to a ball game, which the maids did pick up and I just figured we could pick up 4 more fresh ones on our way back up after we get back from playing our baseball game. We come back from our game and knowing that they already picked up our used towels. I stop at front desk on the way by and ask for 4 fresh towels and I am then told I need to bring my old ones back first before I can get any fresh towels. I explained to him that we set our towels out to be picked up since we were not having our room cleaned and the maids already picked them up for us. I was told sorry can not give you towels until they are returned. I told him, did you not hear what I just told you, they picked them up already, can you not check with the maids that picked them up. I was told no sir, you have to have those towels in order to get 4 more and that there was no way to see if they really picked them up for you. I said you have got to be kidding me with this.? Your really think I would want to steal these cheap towels.?? Freaking unbelievable!!!

At this point you are lucking that I have not pulled this jerk outside to the parking lot and giving him a beat down that he so deserves at this time. So, now I can not get any towels to use to shower with so ,on my way up I see the maids cart and asked for 4 towels and she gives me 4 fresh towels to use, no problem. So, overall this is by far the worst place I have ever stayed at and I will never be back to stay there again, which I will make sure that the team never stays there again next year or the next 3 years that we will be coming back to Germantown, along with anyone else that I know that comes there for tournaments, which is several folks. You just cost yourself a lot of $$$ over the next 3 years that we come back to your area. You will definitely not get any more of our business or $$$. This is by far the Worst experience ever and we travel year round for baseball and softball, so your loss now. So recap, lets see, I got lied to about my room, could not get any pillows or blankets as well as towels and was treated like a piece of crap!!! I just thought you should know what goes on in you hotel, You might want to think about making some staff changes in the near future or it will cost you more $$ then what it just cost you with the teams that will no longer come stay there in the near future. I have stayed at several Holiday Inn Express's and had very enjoyable stays and never any problems like this and that is why we were staying at this Holiday Inn Express.

I have never had this kind of experienced before in my life. I feel like I should have been giving all of my money back for all the inconveniences I was put through. Never be back here again. Terrible place to stay!!

Thanks for absolutely nothing, but the worst experience I have ever had!!!!!


Bilybob 5/29/13 10:28AM

I stayed in the chessington holiday inn with my daughter and grandson it was on his birthdaywe had the birthday package he was given a badge to wear while we were in the zoo it had birthday boy on it but it was so heavy it tore his tee shirt it was new that day a present for his 7th birthday it was aanimal one and he was very upset it was expensive the badges need changing to something lighter before another child ends up crying on his or her birthday

FNRV 5/8/13 9:31AM

I HAVE BEEN AT THIS HOLIDAY INN EXPRESS FOR A YR .NEVER HAD PROBLEMS WITH MY GUESSES .TILL THIS NEW GM CAME ALONG .THERE JUST BEEN HELL .WE ALL WORK LIKE SLAVE AND TREATED VERY DERESPECTFULL BY THIS NEW .GM THERE HAVE BEEN 3GIRL LEFT I MAKE 4 I WORK VERY HARD .NOT ONLY THAT THE HOTEL IS NOT IN ORDER AT ALL THE LAUNDRY ROOM NASTY THE ELEVATOR ON THE RIGHT HAND SIDE BEEN BROKE FOR MONTH .SHE SAY PPL WORK THE CLOCK BUT SOME OF THE GIRLS HAVE NOTHING TO WORK.UPSET ME cause I end up have to work late 26 rooms toshut down sometime I did not get out til 8 tryin to get linings to do my rooms. I got feed up and lift causee not only this new GM Daphne month is out of place where talk not only that them girls that left realy need work but the left .I seen enough !!!! I do not see how that HOTAL still open with all that broken things in the I not if they no or just do not care very unhealthy there a girl there now sickfrom all that dust and mold in the storages where we keep are carts the laundry lady is workin alone when we have heavy days the laundry room is just not to gether at there stain linings all inbags in her way really will not be going back to work that GM is not got that place togther .
Her first day there it have been a verydown fall .....

Mizell 4/1/13 4:52PM

I recently quit my job at the HOLIDAY INN EXPRESS in Hixson, Tn. Well when I was originally hired I had to wear my own shirt until the last girl brought her shirt back. When I received it, it had a bleach stain on the collar, and was also an extra large and I am a very small woman. Well my boss the "Breakfast Manager" decided to say it was a new shirt and that they are keeping my last pay check to pay for the shirt. Nice company to work for, full of a bunch of back biting liars. I would NEVER waste a penny of my money staying at a Holiday Inn after the experience I had working for one.Now my ex boss is texting me trying to say if I bring her double what the shirt cost in cash then I can have my check.Well she knows I live 45 min away and that check was only for one shift. She knows that would cost me more to come get the check than it's worth. Despicable... that Hotel is not managed by very good people at all.Makes me think all Holiday Inn's are the same.

Screwedover 3/8/13 10:31AM

12 31 12 I parked near holiday inn muskegon mi. Dumpster. I went in the bar next door to pick up two friends from a new years party. I was the sober driver for them that night. Took a little over 15 min to gather them up. Well, my truck was already towed!!! Geez, i was in front of the garbage can, not the front door!!! So the 50.00 cab ride along with the 255.00 tow bill equils me never ever staying at a holiday inn in the future..... Front desk girl laughed when i asked if they towed my truck. Told her i was only trying to keep people safe and she said u can't park by our garbage.....omg!! Well holiday inn, i will never use u again. That was cold!!!

dupont 1/4/13 10:48AM

Holiday Inn express Amarillo West charged me $145 for a room which I didn't use. My wife called from the road late at night to check on room availability. Unfortunately she gave her Credit Card number to reserved the room and forgot to tell the representative that we had a dog. Big mistake, An hour later I went to check in and found that the dog was not allowed. I tried to cancel and was told the cancellation charge was the full room rate. The person at the desk was extremely rude and obnoxious and at that point I told him I would dispute it with my credit card company. He later told me we could have the dog in our room for $50 which would have made the room $195 for 6hours since it was 1:00AM and we would be leaving at 7:00AM I was so upset at that point I just left and found another room at a Best Western. I will never stay at a Holiday Inn again as long as I live.

jrflyboyVP2 12/31/12 3:58PM

We booked our reservations for the N. Padre Island Holiday Inn with and requested a room with a balcony and view of the water because we were celebrating our 25th wedding anniversary. Upon check-in we informed them that it was our 25th anniversary (no "Happy Anniversary or Thank you for choosing us to spend it with") and we were given a room with NO view. After about 20 minutes and looking at 3 different rooms, we were given a room facing the parking lot (but if you looked to the left, you could see the beach). We were also informed that we could upgrade to a beach view room (M - W nights but would have to check out Thursday a.m. due to previous reservation) but we'd have to pay an additional $120.00 per night. Also during our stay, the restaurant and inside bar was closed from 12 p.m. to 5 p.m, the outside Tiki bar was not open and beach chairs were not available due to it being "Off Season". Jody (General Manger) was extremely nice and informed us if we wanted anything from the bar, simply ask the front desk and somebody would get the bar keys and accommodate us. My husband also questioned the front desk and they gave him the manager on duty's card and suggested I give her a call. I called Lori Edwards and left a message simply asking why the hotel didn't have more ammenities as it seemed to be pretty well booked. Ms. Edwards called me back and proceded to inform me that it was off season, the hotel was only 40% booked and continued to be extremely nasty and rude. I asked if she ever had a managerial class where she was taught to lister to her customers and she replied back (like a 10 year old) have you ever taken a customer class where you listen to a manager? I told her it was our 25th anniversary and had I known the hotel was going to be so limited we might have chosen another hotel. She replied "I'll be glad to give you names of other hotels so you can leave". I was appauled!! I told her that we at least expected a bottle of champange and she said "Oh, well let me get that right up to you" and I told her not to exert herself. I then told her I hope she goes home tonight and will get to spend a nice Thanksgiving dinner with her family, because it sounds like she needed it. Jody - the manager called me shortly after my conversation with Lori. I don't believe she knew exactly how Lori treated me and Jody was extremely apologetic - she did comp our Thanksgiving dinners. The kicker to this story was when I went to check out, the clerk said that she hoped we enjoyed our stay and asked if there was anything that could have been done to make it better. There were 3 girls at the Front Desk. I replied "yes, you could rewind back to my conversation with Lori Edwards and delete that whole mess!". The one girl behind the counter turned and huffed off into the back. I said was that Lori Edwards? They both shook their heads yes. I apologized and they said no need. Then I thought. . . that would have been the perfect time for Ms. Lori Edwards to introduce herself and apologize to me for being so rude, but instead, she took off in a huff. I will NOT refer anybody to that hotel as long as that rude Assistant Manager is employed there. I could NOT believe she told me and my family we could check out and she'd be glad to give us names of other hotels we could go to - - - - is this a policy you practice?? Shauna, Kay, Sue, Brince and Jody (manager) were very nice and cordial. Lori Edwards needs additonal training on how to treat customers. I worked for Grossinger's Hotel, so I do have experience in the hotel industry. Shame on you, Holiday Inn for allowing such actions from your employees!!!

oxfordgirl 11/28/12 9:51PM

Paid with cash to stay three nights only stay 2 checked out a day early .They had no cash to paid me back for the night I did't stay.said they would mail it to me . I put up 100.00 deposit for room plus paid for room in advance Room was dirty como seat broke shower tub nasty people ran up and down hall until 12;30 They gave me my deposit back but not for 1 night stay

no more hoilday inn 11/23/12 11:07AM

Stayed at the holiday inn Washington DC. Not very friendly or helpful but after 28 yrs in the military all over this world that doesn't bother me. Even the cold shower and the run down hotel was far superior to places I have had to stay in. It was the double charge for a nights stay and the ignored emails and the rude responses that bothered me. I could not resolve the issue with the hotel and now am left trying to surf the net looking for a way of getting satisfaction.

Veteran 11/22/12 4:19AM

Unprofessional, terrible service & discourteous plus overpriced. The front desk people were slovenly & the rooms run down & pillows the worst on par with motel ^. Never stay in one of these slipshod "hotels" they are scam artists toom trained to gouge any extra money they can, the worst.

neptune24 10/25/12 11:34PM

Never use Holiday Inn Express online reservations, it is not safe. I did and I now have $700. in charges on my credit card that came from someone optaining my information off their website. How do I know? During my stay I got a call directly to my hotel room from a guy stating he was from Holiday Inn Corporate and that their computers had crashed and he needed my information; I declined. Telling him I would go to the front desk..he quickly hung up. Needless to say when I went to the front desk no problems had occured and she was sorry for directing the call to my room. I was never offered an new room for safety either. Unbelievable how such a huge corporatation can have such poor and terrible online protection of their customers accounts. :(

A upset customer 10/22/12 1:01PM

Why is management allowing an employee to traffic large amounts of drugs through the hotel in Barboursville West Virginia.This is a very unproffesional business practice.If a drug deal went bad it would endanger innocent lives at the hotel.Every time he gets arrested the owner of that particular franchise bails him out and continues to employ him.HMM!!!Kind of makes you wonder just who all is in volved in the drug deals while in the mean time they are ruining the corporate name .

Charles j Adams Jr. 10/19/12 9:51PM

i stayed at the holiday inn on friday the 12th of oct for 2 hours to i coulndt take no more in went to stay at a near by hotel i was treated rudely by the manager deanna in the woman kristian that checked me in they both made me feel uncomfortable in not wanted i think it was a raciest thing i will never ever go back there suggest that hotel to anybody i know it was my 5 year old daughters birthday in she loves swimming so thats why i came there in they was plan rude about my stay accused me of having a birthday party just because they saw 1 other person come to drop off balloons i was at east syr wideswaters park loction

billie 10/15/12 11:00AM

**PLEASE READ BEFORE STAYING @ A HOLIDAY INN & GET SCREWED LIKE WE DID!!!!** My husband and I and another couple stayed @ holiday inn in orange beach Alabama. I would recommend to never ever stay at a holiday inn again anywhere. The worst company I have ever dealt with. It was August 28th this year we rented a condo in Gulf Shores Alabama for a week. The hurricane came in during our stay @ the condo we rented on West Lagoon dr in Gulf shores. The city of Gulf shores called for a MANDITORY evacuation so we left on Tues August 28th. The Gulf shores police department had a road block set up. We asked how long it would be up they told us they could take it down tonight or tomorrow. So we went back later that night and the road block was still up the officer told us we needed a resident pass to get back in Gulf Shores since we were just renting for a week and didn't live there we did not have one. We turned around and went 5 miles down the road to Holiday Inn @ Orange Beach Alabama. We told them we needed a room for 1 night until the lifted the road block tomorrow. I gave them my debit card and they charged us $100. For one night that is what I signed for anyway! The next day the road block was gone we went to check 1st just in case it was still up. We then went back to the holiday inn got our stuff i went to the front desk gave the girl working there my cards/keys told them we could go back to our condo now and here's the cards asked her if I needed anything else she said NO! When we got back & I got my bank statement the beginning of Sept and come to find out they charged us for 2 nights $221.90 not $100.00! It has taken over a month to get Victoria the hotel manager to call me back I left at least 3 messages on her voicemail and my husband left one. I called back again and finally reached Victoria and with her wonderful customer service skill told me that is not what she heard. She had never spoke with me she got the story from her employees that I had to tell the story to at least 2 or 3 times before they gave me her voicemail. Understand my frustration yet? Then I posted on their facebook page for anyone & everyone to NOT stay here and posted my whole story. The next day I got a reply on facebook oh we are so sorry that this has happened to you here is the general managers email address please let her know what happened the same day this past Sunday Victoria the hotel manager called and left a message that they would refund the day they charged us for and we did not stay. Also an email from Christine Gale the GM of that holiday Inn stating how sorry they were and they were in the process of refunding that day for us. Soo I called my bank today to see if they had credited yet and guess what they took out another $109.00 and now my checking account has a hold on it! Left screaming voicemails for both Victoria who should not be a manager anywhere and on Christine Gales voice mail I left another screaming message. Then I called Holiday Inn corp customer service and put in a complaint w/Sharon who said they will have 48hrs to resolve this! I cannot believe how this corporation is run and I will NEVER stay at a Holiday Inn again! They suck! I am going to smear there name in feces and tell anyone & everyone I know what they did to me! Unbelievable!

Melissa 10/10/12 11:55AM

My home burned down on 9/27/12 and State Farm arranged for me to stay at the Holiday Inn Express in Huguley, AL. Kim (Mgr) showed no compassion or consideration for my devastating circumstances and the most problematic of all is that I feel that there was racial bias with her concerning the suite(s) that was arranged for us to be housed in. Going forward, I tried to communicate with her because I work to pay for accomodations that should be there in times of an emergency (Insurance)... She did everything in her power to make an already stressful situation worse and this includes sleeping in a room riddled with bedbugs (316). During a one on one conversation with an accusation of racism involved she not once defended the notion or accusation of showing racial bias or just simply being racist but only went on to defend her position on us not being housed in a suite that was being paid for with the same type of currency that everybody else that stays in the hotel has to use. I'm aware that this employee (Kim) has had multiple complaints at the hotel but I don't know if they've ever been followed up in a formal fashion. With that being said, I will follow up on my complaint because I firmly believe she's racist and I caught the "business end" of how she feels about blacks in some form or another and I dont appreciate the treatment we had to suffer through behind someone with that kind of personality and character. Legal action will be taken against the Hotel and her. This is in no way an attack on the hotel but an attack on the character of an individual that makes the hotel look bad. I have evidence that supports all that I'm alleging so at some point in the future I'll be looking forward to talking to someone about making this right. Thanks.

Reggie2176 10/6/12 2:36PM

I am handling a not friendly issue with Holiday Inn Medica Sur at Mexico City. They are charging me for international calls to my cell although I proved that they were income calls.
Wat can I do to force management to revise my case?

Marco 10/2/12 6:35PM

I stayed at Holiday Inn Newark Airport for 2 nights- 8/16-8/17/2012.

When I checked-in, front desk boy told me that i will only be charged for international call, calling inside the U.S. will be free- I confirmed twice with him to avoid misunderstanding. But when I checked-out on 8/18/2012 morning, I was informed that I need to pay for long distance calls- the bill is about $31.

I'm not satisfied with the bill and complained, front desk girl told me that the morning manager will deal with this issue and then the manager on duty called me when I was at Newark airport before boarding. She told me that they will only charge me half bill and the money will be put back to my credit card. I was ok with this answer because I did call from the room.

Till now I didn't receive my money back from Holiday Inn Newark Airport and the credit card center also didn't have any information about this.

I know this is small money, but still-- Is there anybody will let me know what's going on now?

Thanks for your time!

Jenny 9/26/12 11:45PM

I stayed at the Holliday Inn at Pendleton, OR. My stay was so horrible, I will never stay again! The pool and spa had so much chlorine in it that as soon as you entered your eyes would burn. Our room was dusty. We had hair in the shower and no toilet paper. I kept my mouth shut and never complained or said anything. Then, to top off our stay the next morning I asked if we could stay an hour later then the normal check out time and the lady at the front counter "Rianne", looked me up and down then responded let me think about know. I was completely shocked by her answer. I will never return to A Holliday Inn!!!

Anonymous 9/25/12 1:46PM

I stay at the Holiday Inn in Shelbyville, Ky. I wasn't impress with there services. Someone greeted us that couldn't speak English. Usually, I can understand people from different country. This was the worse I ever seem.
There was hair in the shower. There was no coffee and other condients in the room. We like to never got check in because the India guy couldn't speak English. The air was out of our room and had to change rooms. My room wasn't clean everyday. Also the scramble eggs were spoil. The girl Dana that work that morning went and made more scramble eggs. I have stay at a lot of Hoilday Inn all over the country. This is far the worse one
and will never stay there again. I ask to speak to the manager and it was the
guy that couldn't speak English. If it wasn't for the girls that work there
and there kindness and helpfulness. I don't know what my family and I would of done in the death of our our beloved mother. Dana that work in the mornings was so helpful with directions and
making sure everything was taking care of. Her kindness was greatly
appreciated. The girls on the afternoons and night shift were really nice.
I never seem the owner the whole time I was there. I wanted to talk to him. I should of got some adjustment on my bill. They would not give me his or her number. The girl on night shift
dry my clothes because the dryer wasn't working on the second floor. I hope if I stay at another Holiday Inn. I don't have this experience again. I
have told my friends and family at the funeral home not to ever stay at this hotel. The wifi wasn't working in the room and there was no air in the
hall ways and out front in hotel and dinning room. Un Happy Customers 9/16/12 12:42AM

The week of Sept.1st I ( we) had the pleasure of staying at Holiday Inn Express & Suites in Davie Florida well anyway we had an issue that was addressed RIGHT away and We have to say that the staff there VERY PROFFESSIONAL. I ( we) are looking forward to returning. While I am at it I have to add comments for the Holiday Express Inn & Suites in Sanford the staff there was / is AWESOME TOO.

Mr. and Mrs. Mahdee Sabir

jusfor2 9/14/12 11:02AM

Stayed at Walnut Creek, California HI Express. Never again will we stay at any Holiday Inn Express. No safety bath mat or saftey strips were in the bath tub at this installation. While taking a shower here in room NUMBER 140 my husband slipped and fellon his hip in the bathtub. He bruised his shoulder, cut his elbow and bumped his head on the fixtures (i.e. faucet handle). Didn't think he needed medical help at this time. He is a disabled vet and will check with the VA Medical Center at Fort Harrison, Helena, Montana upon return home. He did land on his hip. Fortunately it does not seem broken, but bruised.

Called the front desk and asked for the manager. Spoke with someone, did not get his name. He said the guest has to "ASK" for a bath mat for the tub and that the motel was not required to furnish one. I asked for the Holiday Inn Express Corporate Offices address and he said he did not have one. I asked for his bosses name and it was "STEVE" who was in a meeting but his ext was 307. Have not heard from him. I found corporate offices number on line and called them. Evidently the desk manager does not know how to use Internet to get such information.

We have lodged a report of this at the Front Desk to make a record of this incident. WE WILL NEVER STAY AT ANOTHER HOLIDAY INN EXPRESS AND WOULD ADVICE OTHERS TO DO THE SAME.

Charged a rate that a guest would expect safety features installed in a guest room for their safety, not have to "ASK" for a rubber bath mat. Bad customer service also. Really no concern for customer safety!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

UpsetinCalifornia 9/14/12 10:37AM

I'm a flight attendant, i stay in hotels 4 days out of the week, every week. I'm currently stating at your property in Queretaro Mexico. Km not impressed at all. But the reason for this complaint is, Holiday Inn had they absolute worst pillows in the industry. Everytime I stay asst a Holiday Inn, i wake up in the middle of the night with a headache and the worst neck and shoulder pain. Right now its 117am, I have a wake up call at 4am and I'm no where near falling back to sleep. I have a full day of work today, 12 hr day. To a flight attendant getting proper sleep is the most important element we look for. I dread coming to your hotels when i see them on my schedule. I try very hard to drop any trip that I'm staying in your hotels. Please consider changing you're pillows, for all the hard working crew members who stay at your properties every night. Also the ventilation in your hotels is horrible. I wake up stuffy, eyes puffy, due to a lack of proper ventilation. Think about your customers, and spend the money to upgrade your properties. You put new signs up across the country, that gave the public the impression you upgraded in insides. When i walk into you're rooms, I'm extremely disappointed by the decor and how basic the rooms are.

angelkiss 9/7/12 11:29PM

Staying at the holiday Inn Express at 18 Western Drive Westhampton NJ 08060 from August 22 to August 28 2012 was not a plesane experiance but a lesson in poor houskeeping and management.
First noticable was the smoke on the 2nd floor level, smokeing in any establishment these days is not acceptable, against the law in many states. Staff moved us to another room at the opposate end of the second floor and it still stank. The GM indicated that he had six smoking rooms on the 3rd level, this is not acceptable. They moved us to the 1st level, ok but not entirely free of smoke odor.
The next most noticable complaint was no light bulb in the floor lamp in the far corner. The cord was neatley rolled at the base. How can house keeping see what they are vacuuming?
The next item was the "chad" in the hallway, all along its legnth past our room. House keeping had walked up and down this hallway, in and out of rooms and never bothered to vacuume the hallway, every day of our stay. The "chad" while resempling shreaded toilet paper was more than likley from the towels and bath mats that were fraying on the seams and ends. They need replacemant.
Happening to look a second time at the corner of the hallway inset by our door (that house keeping walks in and out of every day) there was a coffee stirer. Another look revealed a grungey mess from a spilled coffee now turning to mold. Nuf said.
The parling lot was a trash pit. Fast food bags and cups blowing around, broken cd's and paper trasn laying around. Cigerate butts everywhere around the entrey. The only thing missing from compleating the look of a class B motel was condem wrappers. Weeds in one flower bed were higher and more numerous than the low ground cover shrubery.
A patron droped a chicken dinner leftover in the drive right in front of the entry. The night shift desk guy said the day shift would get it. What an entryway.

Our next stay in New Jersey will not be at this Holiday Inn Express, priority member or not. There is another motel named the "Worst Worstern" that I refuse to stay with because of poor housekeeping and management at several locations. Previous stays with Holiday Inn have been pleasent experiances and hope they remain so.

roygies 9/6/12 12:28PM

August 21, 2012

To: Holiday Inn Patriot, Williamsburg, Virginia
Fm: Brenda Rogers
Cc: Corporate Office
Regional Manager
Better Business Bureau
Subj: Complaint Regarding Roger's Family Reunion, July 27 - 29, 2012
On Friday, July 27, 2012, the Large conference room was reserved for our meet and greet family reunion. In this room the air conditioner was not working properly, we contacted the front desk and they called maintenance. No one from maintenance ever showed up and the room remained hot. This was the beginning of our ordeal at this five star hotel.
Our contract agreement with the Sales Coordinator (Melinda Tench) was that our party would pay $105.00 per room including breakfast for up to five people and the conference room for Friday and Saturday night. The banquet would be catered by the hotel staff .
Late Friday night early Saturday morning, we started receiving telephone calls from our family regarding breakfast for the rooms. The front desk informed members that breakfast was not included in their package. Our contract as stated above was that the unit price of $105.00 would include breakfast.
The Chairman and Co-Chairman of our reunion both called the front desk to get the issue resolved and they were told there was nothing they could do. Once we called the Corporate office we received a call back from the hotel and the problem was resolved. On Saturday July 28, 2012 we arrived to set up the conference room and the room temperature was 79 and increased to 85. We asked for a fan and we never received one. The large conference room was split into two sections and we shared it with another party in the smaller section. The other event members had to use part of our room to get to their function. This interfered with our speakers and it was not professional. We asked the front desk to take care of the problem and they finally opened another access from the outside until the rain began.
The food for our banquet was lousy. The only thing that was good was the salad. We had two certified culinary expertise in our family and they stated that the fish was not whiting as we requested. The roast beef was sliced real thin and tasted like something you buy from a deli. The remainder of our food was cold. The desert which was supposed to be cobbler was doughy.
Our event at your hotel was overall rated one. This is listed as a five star hotel with a half of star rating. We spoke with other guest not from our party and they said their rooms were hot and their food was cold. After further review we discovered that all the family reunions were black and they all had similar experience. This is on the border of discrimination.
We were offered $110 back of our room deposit for all that we endured. We were told we would have gotten it all back if we had not called corporate with our complaints., It was said to us that their corporate office charged them for every time we called and that the manager would not allow us to get but half of our deposit back. Truly, I fill that the Holiday Inn Patriot breached their contract by not providing all that they promised.
In conclusion, this is the worst experience we have ever had from a hotel. We would like a written apologize and the reassurance that this does not happen to any other family or individuals who spend their hard earned money to stay at your hotel. Put yourself in our place and ask yourself would I have enjoyed my stay.


Brenda 9/4/12 7:54AM

Recently we had a bereavement luncheon at the Holiday Inn on McKnight Rd, Pgh. Pa 15237. It was a nightmare. 9 years ago, we had a luncheon for my dad and it was perfect. Quests had no idea where to go when they arrived. There was only 1 server for 38 people. ( Reservations were for up to 40 people. No dishes on buffet table. Only drink available was ice tea which one server couldn't keep up refilling glasses..Food was luke warm. I was told Chicken or Beef would be served...chicken and pork that you could not cut into was served..constantly out of food. no salad dishes. no coffee until we asked for it...pies were set on table without cutting utensils. I felt sorry for the server. He stayed pleasant and did the best job he could. I talked to both the chef who gave no explanation of why menu was changed or any apologies. I called the general manager the next day and he just said sorry for the inconvenience...Really $878.00 and that was all he could do to satisfy a customer...I guess I will not be using the holiday inn for any future gatherings.

Linda 8/30/12 6:27PM

Hi, we are an American family living in Dubai,UAE.
We are working on relocating to San Diego to be with my daughter who is admitting in one of the university in the area.
when we arrived on August 25, 2012 to San Diego airport ,we took a taxi directly to Holiday Inn 800 parkway Dr.,La Mesa.
My daughter who was staying in the same room on separate bed was eaten by bed bugs over night. when we complained to front desk, one of the receptionist apologized and mentioned that in the same room given to us there was a dog with blind man, just before our arrival ,it could be from the dog.
Later, she called us, She mentioned that we will get 4 nights free(out of 8 nights ) and we will be moved to a nicer room.

Second day, after we move to another room ,We asked to see the manger Ms. Brianne Nolte in her office, she asked us to wait for a while,then she get her staff (an African American Gentlemen ) out of her office, first before the meeting.
And while in meeting â??about 10 to 15 min -she let Mr. john Mersino- the front desk supervisor- to stand up facing us with his back blocking the closed door to her office!!!
she knows we are leaving to New York after few days, so she took advantage of us and did a good job in out smarting us .
without an apology ,she said I get a report from our pest control guys that the bed bugs was not from us may be you get it with you.
And when we ask her about the four free nights ,she said it was just verbal in case we find bugs in the room.
My Daughter ,who lived most of her life overseas, was frighten of her, she said I do not want any problem with this lady she knows how to protect her job.i felt that she was totally unprofessional ,she was far away from the American Art of hospitality.
By the way, my daughter did travel more than 20 countries around the world ,and never get a bad experience like that.
We send a complaint on line to :Al Reingold -Director, Brand Management .but no answer to our compliant.

Thanks & Regards ,
A. Ashmawi
Cel. +971-50 6242751
Tel. +971-4 3514 774

A. Ashmawi 8/29/12 3:18PM

I do not know if anyone will read this or care about the problem, in the last month I have stayed in 2 different Holiday Inn Express & Suites and both time I have been overcharged by at least $1000.00 at the Williston, N.D. branch and now almost $1300.00 at the Cheyenne, Wyoming branch.Willison fixed the problem but it took almost a week to get my money back when it only took a second to take it out. I am not a rich man so every dollar in my account has a purpose and when I can not pay a bill or feed my kids because of a mistake on your part it makes me wonder why I spend thousands of dollars on your hotel just to get ripped off every time. I WILL NOT BE SPENDING ANOTHER DIME AT ANY HOLIDAY INN UNTIL SOMETHING IS DONE ABOUT THIS SITUATION. I spend alot of time on the road and would like to have somewhere to relax without having to worry about being overcharged.

not happy 8/27/12 9:49PM

You should close your resort at half-moon bay in Khobar Saudi Arabia due to the lousy management you have there. Just take a look at customers comments about there stay sadly at beautiful location.

Anonymous 8/27/12 8:59AM

First let me start by saying 90 % of the staff were very apologetic about the situation. I checked into the Holiday inn express in Brandon Fl on 7/28/2012, my reservation was prepaid before I arrived so all I needed to do was sign the document and retrieve my keys. Nope not what happened, first I was double charged, instead of the young lady paying attention and just taking my CC number in case there were any additional charges at check out she charged my card. Then of course she realized that she made a boo boo but because it was a debit card my money was held my whole vacation. When we first pulled into the parking lot I noticed a cherry picker parked in the middle of the lot along with garbage, paint cans, and empty cardboard boxes. After the billing fiasco the young lady apologizes and says that they are under renovations. Funny there was nothing on the website about it. If I had known I would have stayed down the street at Quintana. Any way I checked in and went to my room. Well when I got off the elevator the was the wall paper hanging over a lit light fixture almost covering it, as well as paint cans just sitting in the middle of the vestibule. I entered my room and it was nice but the bed sucked, there was a spring poking me in my back all night which caused me to have a crappy nights sleep. The next morning I asked to be switched from my room and made a second and third implant about the wall paper if it had caught on fire we all would have been dead, and not one person cared the night manager and elderly woman was rude and told me she would get to it later. Obviously later never happened. I was moved to another floor where there were no light bulbs in the lamps , no phone in the room and no alarm clock. I called to the front desk and all I got was light blues and a clock still no phone. Later that night I wanted a cold drink, so I followed the signs to the ice and vending machines. When I got to the end of the corridor I found no vending machine and no ice machine just an empty room. So I went to another floor where I found the same thing. I went down to the front desk and asked if there were any other vending machines and I was told the only working ones were on the second floor where all the construction was going on and we were not allowed on that floor due to insurance purposes. So I got no water no soda no nothing.monday morning comes and 8:30 I am awakened by my bed shaking, banging on the walls and ceiling. This went on my entire stay finally the third day I got my phone installed thank god for cell phones and alarms. I had to do my own wake up call, however after Monday I didn't need anything or anyone waking me because I had the trusty renovation crew. 8:30 every morning like clock work, finally I had enough and I called guest services, twice finally on the third try I got a person whom gave me a reference number # 29437334. The rep whom I spoke with on the third go round was very nice and assured me that she would have the guest services manager Jay call me back. And he did he also apologized and told me for the inconvience he would open a priority club account for me and would deposit 25,000 points so that when I come back in A few months I would at least have 1 free night. He told me that he would leave the package along with the card and the membership number at the front desk for me to retrieve when I returned to the hotel that evening. When I returned I picked up the package thanked him and went to my room, dealing with the noise until I checked out on Friday. Well it's August 23rd and I still have yet to have those point deposited into the account that Jay created. When I called customer service the first time on the 7th I was told give it until the 9th. I called back on th 10 still no points and I was told some nonsense story about how it's manually entered in the far east and there had been some flood which caused it to not be credited. She assured me that it would be done in 5 business days . Ha to this day I still have no points, really I the crown plaza holiday inn should be ashamed of there crappy customer service. How do you expect to have customer retention. The hotel is in a perfect location and after renovations are complete I have no doubt that it will be beautiful. But what I had to endure and still have to endure almost a month later is despicable. Crown plaza corp holiday inn needs to give me a free 6 night stay, this will show me that they are 1 sorry for the BS they put me through and 2 it will make me have enough confidence to stay at another one of their properties in another location. The end result of my stay at Brandon was a flat tire on my way to the air port, because the construction crew was sloppy and left there garbage all over the parking lot causing me to roll over a 4 inch screw. Bang up job there guys

Chula4you 8/24/12 2:05PM

My wife and I stayed for three nights at the Holiday Inn Express in West Long Branch, NJ from a Tuesday through a Friday. We had no problem the first day. However, on Thursday morning, my wife woke up with bites all over her body which itched her terribly. After showing the bites to a pharmacist, we were told that they were definitely insect bites but not necessarily bed bug bites. After some research, we were told that bed bugs normally bite females and bite in a straight line which matched my wife's bites perfectly. We were advised to buy cortizone and Benedryl and move immediately out of the room. After complaining to the person at the desk, we were switched to another room, i.e. from #231 to #229. Bitten again the second day, my wife spoke to the manager-on-duty who dismissed it as bed bugs telling us the bites should be more red and we should find blood and feces in the bed. We went to an emergency clinic on Saturday and my wife was told that it definitely was insect bites and, since I was not bitten, they probably were bed bugs. He also prescribed an anitbiotic to take care of any infection caused by scratching the bites. We immediately went home, washed and dried our clothes at high temperatures and threw away two suitcases. I need reimbursement for my nights spent at the hotel and for the medications and luggage.

Arthur Schlesinger 8/22/12 10:43AM

I am not a guess or an employee but Our Holiday Inn here in Niagara Falls Is a nice place to stay the staff make sure the beds are made, The rooms are clean and you have nothing to worry about. Unless you are an employee here at the Holiday Inn on 114 BUFFALO AVENUE NIAGARA FALLS, NEW YORK 14303 UNITED STATES 1-716-285-2521 where the employer are all family the new laundry room manager came with her daughter and her daughters boyfriend the daughter was getting pained for being the bosses daughter well she was not doing anything else until her mom put her as a room inspector but that only lasted for a wile now she is back to flowing mommy around and now she has brought in a another daughter and she manage the kitchen buy what happen to employing within I am sure there is someone who may qualify if she had check there resumes if they had one this is a place if you look it up there is a lot of Black people likeness use in the Holiday page but not one of them employee still work there. Here there has been a number of employee let go , For what you say well here at the Holiday Inn everyone seems to think for being BLACK yes their race one employee was told by another to pick up and fold the sheets like he use to in the cotton field so the next time the employee came back to work he told the man look I donâ??t want you to say nothing to me I donâ??t want you to joke around with me or nothing else because if you disrespect me again I will beat your *** that was it he went on to do his work But the other employee tells his girlfriend who tells her mother witch is the boss the Laundry room Manager they call everyone in the office and ask what happen what started this they told her that her son in law or daughterâ??s boyfriend used racial slur for no reason and she FIRED the man that was disrespect ed. they called it Insubordination who was he being insubordinate with a Co-worker NO the bosses daughter boyfriend but did he get a write up before this NO did he get Suspended before NO and THIS is not the only one, another employee came work and one of the employee stoled a camera out of the rooms this employee said he did it and where he put it but they could not find it the Laundry manger once again she pulls up the cams and say I see it looks like this Black employee may have it raped up and left with it BUT the next day or so it was found and this Black employee was not in or around the Holiday Inn HMMMMMMMMM was he called back NO instead she changed her number and answered none of his calls and another employee was let go because he whet in to work and turned on 93.7 and the boos there who is still related to the other bosses told him look I don't wont to here none of that rap stuff 93.7 is the people station it is something for everyone sooooo you know he no longer works here never had a wright up or nothing so HERE at the Holiday Inn the Blacks can clean your rooms ,wash your dishes, and do your laundry but don't think you will see any running or in charge of anything so should we Stay there Nope but you can choose now that you have all the facts

afriend 8/18/12 8:42AM

July 14th had to stay at a Holiday Inn Express in Raton, NM due to a family illness. Their rates were very high, no hanging hook in bathroom, no kleenex, no hand soap, power and volume control on tv remote did not work. My husband had a Priority Club number but it didn't get us anything even though he has used it many times on business. Give me La Quinta anytime.

anonymous 8/13/12 7:46AM

I Stayed at the holiday inn riverwalk san antonio ,texas,had a flyer under door for donatello's pizzeria,ordered food,after 1 and ahalf hrs they showed up with my food, or at least i thought it was when i opened it ,it was shrimp not chicken i am highly alergic to shrimp called them they said they would make it right,never did ,and they were rude to me.i feel holiday inn should have done something since they let this horrible pizza joint inn.unbeleivable!!!

Anonymous 8/5/12 5:17PM

I recently had 3 rooms reserved at a Holiday Inn Express in Ridgeland, MS and that was a big mistake. This location only had one elevator working and the hallways were at least 80 degrees, while you were having to wait. I have 3 rooms reserved and all were not very clean. The room they set up for me, was trashed with bottles and trash left on tables and in restroom. Let's just say the room was a total dump. They moved us to another room and it was ok, other than the bathroom door would not shut and it looked like someone tried to break in the room with a tire tool. The other 2 rooms for my family were some what clean, they were not as clean as most major chain hotels. Very disappointed in my stay and will find a different hotel chain from this point. I only used Hampton and other hotels when I did not have a choice of a Holiday Inn, but from this point I will change that.

Anonymous 7/30/12 8:24AM

This what happen to me at the Holiday Inn Express Tappahannock VA., in which I am going to the press with this information so it can be telecast to help other consumers. Dear _Mr. Patel or to whom it may concerns:
In speaking with you today, I see you are very un-cooperative, so I will go through with my next steps. Instead of me arguing back and forth with you. As I stated to you I have a witness because my husband was with me. You denied that you call me, in which I can have my phone records pulled to show you called me in regards, to my complaint I made to your desk clerk.
My visit to your hotel on February 18, 2012 was unfortunately a horrible experience. I am certain that once you are aware of what transpired, you will be as appalled as I am.
Here's what happened: When I awaked the morning I was leaving your hotel, I notice a small bug in the bed and a bite on my right thigh. I complained at the front desk to the desk clerk and showed her the bug; she stated she would have the hotel manager contact me at . Unfortunately my phone broke and when you attempt to contact me, I lost your the contact information..
Since that stay at your hotel I have spotted the same type of bugs, I found in my bed at your hotel. I am experiencing the same type of bites on body in my home. Recently I had an expert exterminator to come and check my home, to see what type of bug that I had spotted that had bitten me, and was told it was a bedbug that had bitten me, and my home is infested with bedbugs, he charged $350 to start a treatment in my bedroom room, but he stated it will cost $2500 to treat each room to get completely rid of the bed bugs. I have not been able to sleep or feel comfortable in my own home. I am requesting your establishment to cover the expenses to get rid of the bedbugs in my home. was a customer at your hotel, I hope you will try to cooperate with my schedule so we can speak and resolve this issue.

As you can imagine, the horrifying experience fell far short of my expectations, and -- considering the great deal of money I have spent staying in Holiday Inn Hotels.. I also frequently recommend your accommodations to other travelers.
I am not certain at this time if I will ever feel comfortable returning to your establishment. To be honest, because of your your response to my concerns. I know I will not stay at another hotel even affiliated with Holiday Inns. When I finally spoke to Mr Patel he was screaming yelling, would not let me talk. I verified with the desk clerk that I used my Discovery Credit card , she stated yes, and confirmed the date I stayed at the hotel, so he is trying to use dates to justify he dont have to compensate for the damages.

rena 7/26/12 1:21PM

I recently stayed at the Holiday Inn Conference Center Lehigh Valley in Breinigsville, PA for my nephews wedding. I brought a photo album to the event to show my family and was mistakenly left at the hotel. I called the director of housekeeping, Eric Gonzalez, to find and return the album. He found it but said that I would have to pay the $11.10 shipping cost C.O.D. It's a very special album so I payed the $11.10. I stay at your hotels often and feel offended that that I had to pay for the return of my album. I expect to have my $11.10 refunded to me as soon as possible.

William Zuber

Anonymous 7/24/12 9:16AM

my husband and I stayed in your hotel in tampa on dale mabry blvd.our grandson was in tampa general hospital. although we were at the hospital most of the time when we returned at night exhausted to find no one had left clean towels or made the bed.we thought maybe we would try to do a workout before bed to find your equiptment in the workout room did not work. 1 machine out of 5.and the swimming pool was dirty and had a light hanging out of the side for 2 days still hanging on the wire and laying up on the side of the pool.we had to ask for service to clean our room on the second day in which case they did do that.we tried to take advantage of your breakfast bar before leaving for the hospital. but looked like a convention or something. couldnt even get to the coffee pot on our last day there let alone get some food. three days 6/28 6/29 6/30. we did complain at the desk but thought you should know how its being ran. it made us feel like we were unimportant to your company. the worst stay i have ever had. and i am not even that picky.just need basic stuff while staying $299.04.worst money i ever spent

Anonymous 7/15/12 7:17AM

I was thrown out of the hotel in front of guests and employees by the manager name Robert, he commented that I had lied about my stay in March of 2012, I had voiced concerns about mold and dust in my room to 4 hotel employees. In june when I was checking in he had walked up and thrown me out. He has commented he had offered accomadation and I refused. Guest services are also not a help, I have a right to sleep in a clean room. I was not relocated to a different hotel by his comment I was thrown out like an animal, in a strange town. I suffer from a disease that mold and dust can put in such distress that I can stop breathing, they are telling me case is closed, and they had not even spoken to me. I have witnesses with numbers, names, I have a recorded cell phone tape of the incident. Holiday inn has no regards about guest safety, when people call to voice concern they retaliate. Do not stay there. I am going to escalate this matter. The recording will be going to the media, and I have every intention to make sure this does not hapen to another guest .What is sad is they think I wanted money, all Iwanted was a letter, a call , even if they didn't mean it. Now I am upset and now I will do all in my power to make sure justice is done. They did not have the courtesy to call me with their investigation. they did not cal to get my side. But all is well, because recording does not lie

Angry 6/30/12 1:34PM

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