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Honda corporate office headquarters location, phone number, address and feedback

Please find details for the Honda corporate office below. We do our best to keep this information current, but if you are aware of any updates to the Honda corporate office headquarters information we have, please feel free to submit an update.

Corporate Office Address:
American Honda Motor Co., Inc.

Honda Motor Company, Ltd.
1919 Torrance Blvd.
Torrance, CA 90501
United States

Phone: 800-899-1009
Fax: 310-783-3023

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Dear Honda Corporation Friends.

(Question about toy model kit Honda S90 in mid 1960's)

Heartfelt greetings to Japan from Roger Savage, USA.

I have many Honda products including 3 (1965-1967) Classic Honda S90 motorcycles and a terrific lawnmower. Your products are absolutely great.

I am 63 years old and absolutely certain as there was a toy plastic model kit of the Honda S90 motorcycle that was sold in the 1966-1967 timeframe. I've contacted several model companies and they cannot find it as the timeframe is probably an issue. Since the Honda Corporation would have had to approve a Toy Model Company making such a model of the Honda S90 motorcycle using the Honda name/copyrights, etc.; I was hoping you would have a record of it. I would love to have any assistance and would gladly pay you for you help in getting the model or your help in making one. I'm also a member of the Honda S90 Club. Thank you in advance and God Bless all of you...

Roger Savage 3/10/14 12:16PM

I only wish that I had seen this web site before I recently purchased a new 2014 Honda CRV-XL... then I would have known what to expect from Honda in the event of a problem with my car. After researching, talking with others about a new small SUV the unanimous choice was the CRV. I made the purchase on January 16, 2014, from Jack-O-Diamonds Honda in Tyler, TX. I returned about three or four days later because I could hear the brakes rubbing in the rear of the car when backing up as well as often when braking at signal lights, etc., as well as periodically hearing a popping noise. When I returned I was told the "rubbing" was probably due to a film on the brake pads and should stop in a few days.... it didn't. I returned in about a week and a mechanic drove with me, heard the noise and said that the noise was not unusual and the pads could get a build up of rust!!! This is a new car!!! On another visit, I was taken for a drive and the tech said he would show me how to stop the noise because it was a build-up on pads. He put car in reverse and told me to watch him back up with his foot on the gas and the brake at the same time to "remove any build-up" on the pads. I went back a few days later with the same problem, the tech rode with me, could hear the brake noise and eventually heard the popping sound and said that was not normal. I was told that it could possibly be the way the anti-lock brakes re-set themselves. The brake noise was enough that they replaced all four brake pads and turned the rotors. I rode with the tech for a short drive, he backed up a short distance and it seemed to be okay, however, by the next day the rubbing noise had returned along with the periodic popping sound when braking or turning a corner. When I asked about getting another car I was told they would exchange my car using it as a "trade-in" and I would pay an additional $3000 to $4000 because I had driven the car and it had depreciated. Here it is March 3rd and I am still having the same problems and there doesn't seem to be anyone interested in doing what is right for a customer -- another car or a complete refund of my purchase price. I traded in two cars and then paid cash for the balance. I have spoken with the general manager of the dealership but he said that they had addressed the concerns as far as they could and it would be up to a regional office. This is an outrage -- I went in to purchase a nice, quiet car and one to enjoy and now every time I drive it and use the brakes there is a brushing noise as well as the periodic popping. I hope that you will take my concerns to heart and do what is right for the customer who in good faith bought your product and expected quality in all areas.

Cathy 3/3/14 1:46PM

To whom it may concern,
I resently saw on the Internet that you have a vehicle that can become a boat.
I am wondering, if you are going to produce this model and what is the date that it will be available and the cost.
The video was done at Newport Beach Harbor. Please send me information on this vehicle.

Anonymous 2/2/14 1:23PM

I have been trying unsuccessfully to locate parts for a
1981 CM Honda 400 A for several months...all over the USA.
I am looking for the right side and left side intake manifolds for this vehicle. Would you please help me locate these items
in a "realistic" process? This bike is in good shape and needs
to have the manifolds replaced.
Thank you very much.
Response to red words written above...This is the problem no one has helped me find the parts I am looking for. Can you?
2nd response...Are you understanding the help I am requesting in searching for the right and left manifold parts for a
1981 CM Honda 400 A?

saradaleaebly 11/15/13 1:36AM

I want to see Honda give out a news release that it is contributing to the recovery of the Philippines. Sony has committed 15millon yen. The world helped Japan when it was hit by weather. Now it is time for the people corporations of Japan to help others.

Joanne 11/12/13 4:10AM

It is regretted in forwarding you my this complaint regarding Honda Jazz Car bearing Regn. No. DL 4C AV-3492.

1.I had booked a new Honda Jazz with "Ring Road Honda, Peera Garhi" New Delhi in the month of August 2011by paying the required booking amount of Rs.50,000/-. It was promised to me by representative of "Ring Road Honda" that vehicle will be delivered to me by the first week of September, 2011. But they failed to deliver as promised.

2. As they had failed to deliver, therefore, in the second week of September, 2011, I requested them to refund my aforesaid booking amount but they started giving me other options / new schedule of delivery which were not acceptable to me. Finally, the sales executive Mr. Anil Sharma took me to Mr. Mehra, GM of "Auto Terrace" and they showed me one top model of "Honda Jazz". I was told by them that the said "Honda Jazz" was used for test drive only and do not have any major deficiency, therefore, is in excellent condition.

Both Mr. Mehra and Mr. Anil Sharma assured to me rectify any minor defect(s) like scratches, wear and tear of some plastic interiors etc. in the said "Honda Jazz", in order that it may give a feel of new car as the engine and otherwise technically the vehicle was just new. On the basis of their assurances and recommendations, I decided to buy the said "Honda Jazz" at a price of Rs. 4.25 lacs. As asked by them I deposited Rs. 5000/- on 26th September, 2011owards booking of said "Honda Jazz" and also submitted my request for transfer earlier booking amount of Rs. 50000 to "Auto Terrace" . Further I paid the balance amount of Rs. 3.70 lacs on 3rd October, 2011.

3.At the time of very first service of the above "Honda Jazz" in the month of February, I was told by your Service Work Shop staff of "Ring Road Honda" that suspension of the vehicle is not working properly and needs to be changed. I was very much shocked and upset as I was feeling cheated because of aforesaid false promises / assurances by "Auto Terrace" of Honda. My arguments like the aforesaid assurances and very short period of purchase of vehicle, could not get any positive response from them; finally suspension was not changed as I refused to pay for the same, which was basically duty of Auto Terrace / "Ring Road Honda" because the vehicle was purchased two-three months back on the basis of above assurances / promises.

4. At the time of every service of the vehicle, it was pointed out by your Service Work Shop staff about non-functioning of suspension but was not changed as I was refusing to pay because of the reason as explained above.

5. At the time of service of vehicle on 22/07/2012, again on my arguments, they agreed to change the suspension without any charge and finally at the time of presenting the bill, they charged me for suspension to which I refused as in past since the first service. Therefore due to this type of attitude from "Ring Road Honda" I changed the service point to "Auto Max, Mayapuri, New Delhi.

6. At the time of last service in August, 2013at Auto Max, Mayapuri, I was shocked when they pointed out while doing some other job that alignment of body and engine of the vehicle is out and the Vehicle is an "Accidental Car". On my complaint to customer care, Mr. Gulati of Honda visited and inspected the vehicle and admitted that vehicle is an "Accidental Vehicle" and also conveyed same fact to Simmi Manchanda, GM of "Ring Road Honda".

7. In response to above, I got a mail from "Ring Road Honda" assuring me to rectify each and every defect in the Vehicle on sharing basis. As I refused to share any cost to which they asked me to bear Rs. 10000/- only to which I was un-decided, therefore I asked them to exchange the above car with some other new car / model by paying a reasonable differential cost. But they are neither repairing the present car nor providing me any other alternative

8. Till date I have not filed any complaint as otherwise I have a right to file complaint in any court including Consumer Court except my complaint to your helpline. They have forwarded my complaint to Mr. Gulati and Ms. Simmi Manchanda of "Ring Road Honda". But they are not even prepared to set the things right on one pretext or the other (i.e. re-inspection etc.) although they have impliedly admitted the fact that the said faults were present even at the time of purchase / delivery of said vehicle from "Ring Road Honda".

9. From the above, it is very clear that I have been cheated by Honda Staff / Company and my trust / confidence with Honda is badly shattered due to above i.e. sale of accidental car, non-working of suspension etc. this was very much within the knowledge of staff of "Ring Road Honda" / "Auto Terrace" / "Honda Co." and was not disclosed to me for malafide intentions on their part.

I therefore request you to kindly intervene for positive and prompt action in the matter otherwise I will be left with no other alternative but to move to the Consumer Court / other Court including criminal court for fraud & cheating committed by you on me.

Thanking You.

Sanjay Handa,

Sanjay Handa 11/1/13 10:34AM

I have been a Honda owner since 1984 when I purchased an Accord, since then it's only been Honda's I have either bought or leased. I've owned 7 different Hondas . Right now I'm leasing a 2011CRV, which is up in February. I was recently contacted by the dealership who I leased the car from. They explained to me that if I want , I can lease a new CRV with close to the same monthly payments I have now, to only go there and get insulted. They wanted me to pay $70 more a month, which for the lease of the car would be around $2500.00 for the same car I have. The car did not even go up $2500.00.
The people at Morehead Honda in Newburgh NY treat their customers with no respect at all. We are the people that keep these morons in business. I'm a loyal customer, I get my car service there too. That's a lot of money I have spent over the years, and this is how they treat people.
I heard horrible stories about Morehead Honda from friends, and didn't believe till now. I know I won't put Honda out of business, but I will never get another Honda because of the way they insult their customers.
I do not own a business, but I know you don't make sales insulting people like that.

One upset customer 10/27/13 5:17PM

Beware as the honda dealer in my town is selling hail damaged cars as brand new. they even have hail damaged cars in their showroom acting as though there is nothing wrong with them. i bet they got a nice payoff from their insurance company after the hail storm but never reduced the price of the cars for their customers. we took possession of a new car only to find hail damage when we got it home. you must look over your new car with a fine toothed comb before you drive it off the lot, becuase these dealers are SCUM

Hail Damaged Car 10/23/13 7:34AM

I have been a loyal Honda owner since 1985 (first Honda Accord), I have since owned only Honda cars and they have all been serviced at the Honda dealer at which I purchased them...I recently had to give up my 1985 Accord, structurally unsafe, I was told, and I was unable to afford the repair...I was heartbroken the car only had 98,000 miles and I kept it in tip-top mechanical shape...I decided I could only afford to lease another car...I leased a 2013 Civic...mileage to date 3500 miles, purchased it in April 2013...the paint on the hood and front fenders is already chipping away, the car is maintained as if it were mine, I have the greatest respect for all the cars I own or lease...I drive locally, and short trips to PA...the the paint looks as if I had 20,000 miles on the car...The car performs great, I have no problems with it...just the paint...

SeniorCitizen 10/20/13 2:37PM

I have a brand new Honda CRV and when i bought it last year the driver inside door was all scratched,they fixed it,but a year later it is faded and now two tone. A week ago i got a recall on the shifter,so i took it in and they fixed it,however when i picked it up i noticed they cracked my console. Now no one will even return my calls to have it fixed, The customer service is awful...I will never recommend Honda to any one, i don't care hoe reliable and how much value the hold. The hassle you have to put up with is unexceptionable.

midniteangelmar 7/20/13 1:18PM

We have a 2010 Honda Accord which we purchased in April, 2010. The problem we have is that the armrests on both front doors are bubbling and wrinkled. We would like to have them replaced with something more substantial. We already had one replaced last year only to have it do the same thing. Help!

Anonymous 6/19/13 1:25PM

I travel with a motor home towing my 2002 Honda CRV. I have 160 thousand miles on my CRV and that does not count towed miles
My Honda service at home is wonderful however on the road I have had the best experiences with the pleasant and helpful Honda service people. All across the country I have found them to be great.
Today it was Honda in Amarilla TX who put my mind at ease and helped me.
Thank you.

Ann 6/3/13 8:34AM

I have driven Buicks for the last thirty years with not a single complaint. when I decided to buy a new car this time I decided to buy something else, to move out of my comfort zone. after looking at a lot of cars, I chose your Honda Accord. it was so beautiful. I have owned it for about five months. The paint is coming of fit. they told me that something has been sprayed on it and that it was not their problem. I Know that nothing got on it while I have owned it. I am very particular about my car and take very good care of it. At this point I have no confidence in it. I am so afraid that I will be driving a new car with the paint coming off of it. I have been in tears over this. I feel like I would not be having this problem if I had gone with Buick. I want my car fixed. I don't know if this has anything to do with it ,but the day I brought it home, my husband noticed about three dull or greasy looking spots on the hood. He got some wax and rubbed it out. I am meeting with a rep tomorrow. Please help me.

Anonymous 5/21/13 6:13PM

I've been encouraged by several people saying "honda should know about what happened to you!" Does anyone really read these? We have been Honda loyal since 1988. In 2005, my husband surprised me by secretly trading in my 2003 Civic Hybrid for a 2005 Accord Hybrid. We paid TOP dollar - $40K. A few months ago (Feb 2013) it started driving badly and would lose power altogether after driving on the freeway. It had 75000 miles on it and after taking it to service for the second time (check engine light on/TCS light on)they discovered oil on my spark plugs. I was told it was not repairable and I should 'cut my losses' and trade it in - which I did because my commute takes me thru the Caldecott Tunnel and I couldnt afford to be stalled there. This came at a horrible time for us PLUS I loved that car. We are no longer Honda loyal and will look at alternatives when we replace my husband's CRV.

LisaLemony 5/1/13 2:15PM

I am a senior citizen from Canada that has had two Honda Odysseys in the last 10 years. I have had all of my services done on both vehicles at Honda Dealerships. March 6th/2013 I had the A/C connecting lines to the rear of my 2007 vehicle replaced at a Honda Dealership and April 2nd I had to be towed off the road because the rear heater lines were dislodged ( clamps had been moved and lines barely on the input nipples) leaked out all the antifreeeze leading to overheating and a blown head casket. The Honda Dealership suggests no reasonable cause except that they did not move the hoses or clamps and not responsible. What do you suggest?

abmq 4/10/13 7:56AM

To whom it mat concern. This is my second letter to your office regarding the purchase of my 2112 Honda Civic. The first one stated how I felt like I had been cheated and cohearsed into this purchase The blue book value is around 13.000. and I owe 25,000. I also asked for a used vecicle when I entered the store, because I felt like a new one would put a financial strain on me. I just came through bancruptcy and was told that I would qualify for a new but not a used. So I went with the new. @ couple of weeeks later I suffered a life threatning event, was hospitalized,missed 2weeks at one job and lost my other job. I have been unable to make payments on my vehicle and now they are saying that they are going to reposess it very soon. I have owned a Honda for many years and have never been treated as poorly as I have been with this whole experience. I feel I should be able to return the vehicle to the dealership(Coggin Honda of Orlando) with no further loss to me. I also feel like the Sales Reps should be more upfront and honest. I hope this message finds its way to the head of corporation and no other customers have to experience what I havw had to.


Cheryl Wuerz

Anonymous 4/5/13 9:26AM

I have a "completely redesigned" 2013 Accord . Am disappointed that such a basic necessity such as a right arm rest is so small and is so far back, that it is virtually useless unless you take your hand off the wheel. I find it comfortable driving using an armrest and it is impossible in this car. Wish I had noticed it before I signed on the dotted line.

barbara 4/4/13 9:16AM

My wife and I traded our lease 2011 CRV for a 2013 CRV at Scott Clark Honda in Charlotte NC which we are buying. I told the salesman we wanted the 2013 loaded with bluetooth,and GPS,because I did not want my wife holding a cell phone to her ear.So we showed them my wife phone which she bought in DECEMBER 26 or 2012. The phone was a galaxy 2 which they said would work with our new car,well it did not,the car radio was not comparable to her phone,so we had to buy another that cost us another $130.00. I call back and talked to one of their sales managers he told me they did not buy cell phones. They may not but they dont mind telling you anything to sell you a car.

Anonymous 3/12/13 8:29AM

I would just like to let you know that buying a car has never been a great experience for me! I normally think car salesmen are "shady people" but I have dealt with James Harvey at Don Jacobs honda in kentucky twice now and want a nice change! He is a asset to you company in every way a honest, hard working person who will do whatever it takes to help you! I will ONLY buy a car from him in the future and anyone who is looking to buy I will be sending his way for sure!

AdmiralLite 3/7/13 12:39AM

I nearly left this page thinking I was in the wrong place to write about the President's Day commercial until I saw the post belowsince seeing it air for the first time I have intended to write your company & tell how much I enjoy it! It is brilliant & it makes me laugh every time I see it!!!! Never did I think it was disrespectful, insulting or any such thing! I am 46 years old & feel there are more important things in life to get twisted about! Kudos to the marketing department. & thank you for the laughs!

Sandi 3/1/13 1:35PM

Potential loss of decades-long customer:
I have owned & preferred Honda cars since the 1990's, since they have been the most reliable & comfortable cars I've ever driven. Also pleased that Hondas are mostly manufactured in United States. I drive a 10 year old Acura now, & was about to trade it in for a Honda CRV - until the President's Day commercials starting airing.
That commercial is so incredibly offensive, so disrespectful, that it is difficult to believe it was approved for airing on national television. What was the marketing department thinking? Were they intentionally trying to eliminate buyers over the age of 25, and to insult our most revered Presidents at the same time?
I am truly hoping Honda will issue public apology for the commercial (I can't be the only one that felt this way). Meantime, I will hold onto my Acura a bit longer. Thought you should know that this commercial has caused me to reconsider other auto manufacturers, as alternatives to Honda.

Jonne 2/23/13 10:16AM

Honda CRV excessive headlight burnouts are a big issue that honda will not take ownership of it. A proud company will fix any issues with their product if they are a proud company. My daughter purchased brand new a 2006 CRV, and after 3 years the headlights started burning out and the lamp got so hot it melted the socket and needed replacement. After the replacement the lamps still continue to burn out after 6 months. After a couple of calls to their customer service in california 800-999-1009 and 2 different reps. I think they need monkeys to answer their phones and know how to be a customer service rep. I help train management at Lowes home improvement and I use companies that fail or exceed in customer service, and Honda is my newest failure exaple to use. I will continue to mention them to all associates about bad customer service and customers to help keep them away from a bad purchase decision. Try Nissan and enjoy life.

Dan 1/25/13 11:05AM

I brought a brand new 2007 Honda odyssey in 2008. Under the advice of salesman I had a DVD added to the car. I had so any issues ith that DVD I stopped counting. The DVD cost $2500 to be installed. When DVD problems started I decided to google model can you believe it cost only $100 that was for one. I know a big company like Honda would by in bulk. The mark up was outrages. My transmission failed in 2011. I had to dish several grand to have vehicle repaired. For a company that stands by it product to allow a lemon to fall thru the cracks is unacceptable. My previous minivan was a Nissan Quest used at that and gave little issues compared to my "NEW" Honda Odyssey. If you were to look at my history with Honda repair you will see the numerous times I have brought this "NEW" minivan in to service. Wow what a disappointment.

Snoopy 1/23/13 7:09AM

i went in to look at a new car to purchase.. heart set on Ford.wish i went back to Ford. however,the Honda sales man side tracked me really good.. i told him what i wanted, the features my purchase needs to have.. he showed me the car.. then changed it to an accord trying to get me into a lease instead, then went back to a purchase with the accord instead of the car i wanted..
i HATE my car..NONE of the features i requested are on the accord, which was supposed to be the lease car.. unfortunatly, i didnt pay attention to the fact the vin number wasnt changed during the signing of the contract and i bought the accord...
i went in the next day, they said there was nothing they could do to correct this error.. what a horrible deal..
way to go honda..
bad news will travel faster than good news ..
why couldnt they fix this!! now i am stuck in an accord which i absolutly cannot stand...


My Dad bought a brand new 2001 Honda Odyssey. This vehicle is on its FOURTH transmission. At my fathers age he is not going to proceed with a new car and loan. I feel Honda with its reputation should stand behind their products especially when a vehicle is well maintained and driven 12000 per year! Sad Honda, very disappointed!

Denise Henley 1/19/13 9:49AM

Much as I would like to buy a new Honda Accord I have decided against it. It is not because of any issues I have with a Honda automobile rather it is because all the Honda dealers in the Greater Dallas area are the most dishonest people on the planet. I have decided to switch to a Toyota Camry. I hope the Honda management reads this email.

Ex Honda Owner 1/18/13 3:24PM

I do not own a Honda and frankly your latest television commercial is so disgusting that I would NEVER buy one!!!!!

Anonymous 1/2/13 6:51PM

Have 2005 Odyssey, purchased used in 2007. In that time the rear door lifting mechanism has failed 3 times. Twice covered by warranty in place. Last failure was 4/4/12, replaced by warranty. Today, 12/29/12 failed again but because of expir. of warr. in June, 2012, I was charged for replaceing. Tell me why over a 5 yr. period there have been 3 failures. Currently
Only 8 months after replacing?!

Anonymous 12/29/12 6:32PM

Hi coporate honda, I'm a proud owner of the exceptional 1993 honda civic dx, which has surpassed 315,000 miles and counting, the car is in great running condition, very happy with the dependability and reliability of your product, I hope to be able drive this car so it can reach 500,000 plus, thank you honda, sincerely devoted consumer.

Stuart 12/24/12 7:32PM

When will the pink Honda Fit She be available in the US. One of the problems with Honda is that the colors are all so dull. You need to add some pinks, aquas, yellows and lime greens to the options.

citifiedpink 11/28/12 5:06AM

spoke with your reginal case manager who will hopefully speak to the dealer to work this problem out, or replace vehicle. 11/27/12 1:06PM

I don't even know where to start. My daughter and I purchased a used Honda from the Rt 22 dealership in Hillside, NJ. I have purchased many cars and never have I had such a horrible experience. First it should not be a 3 plus hour process to purchase a car. The website stated that with an ideal credit score, financing would be no more than 2.9%. I had over a 870 score and they would only give me 4.34. I explained that we were traveling a long way (over a 1 hour drive) and need to resolve everything that day, since it was a Friday night I had not been able to contact my insurance company to insure the car. Abdel said I could get temporaty insurance thru the dealership to get the car home and that he would contact my insurance company on Saturday. I gave him all the contact information of my agent. By the time I was processed thru multiple departments it was dark when we left. The next morning(during light) I noticed that there was a chip in the windshield, the tire were almost bald and there was something leaking from the engine. I called the dealership back multiple times and leaving messages for the sales person, Abdel Nasser. I finally reached a manager John Pierce who said he would take care of the windshield,he advised I could have a Honda service close to me look at the leak but they would do nothing about the tires. He said they passed the 150 point inspection. He said he would mail me a copy. Monday morning I contact my insurance agent to make sure the Honda was insured, the dealership never contacted my insurance agent as he said he would. A few days later, I received inspection by mail. page one has 1-66 checked off, page 2 has 67-150 and it has no checks, there are carbon marks from page 1. page 2 was never checked off, the 2nd page is not signed, this tells me the certified car was never inspected. After a few days of not hearing from Honda about the chiped windsheild, I called back, John stated "oh the windshield place never called back" so after some back and forth, Honda finally had someone come to the house and fill the chip at no charge to me. We brought the Honda to the Brick, NJ dealership to look at the leak which turned out to be a bad transmission bolt. It was fixed with no charge to me. After a few more days I received a call from Miguel in the service department telling me my tires were ready and I could come up to have them put on. Now mind you, I have already been told by the sales manager, John, the tires were my problem. Apparently tires were ordered before the car was even purchased. That tells me that the dealership knew the tires were not good. Miguel tells me the service department is around the corner from the dealership and to come in. My daughter drove the hour up and is told by Jose that she did not have an appointment and was sent home. I get a call later from Miguel, he stated that my daughter was sent home in error and would need to come back. I asked how long ago did she leave? he says about an hour. I stated she would be close to home by now but gave him her number to ask her. She was unable to turn around and drive another hour back. For the next week I went back and forth yet again leaving messages trying to make an appointment for the tires and straighten out my plates. A few days later I received a call from Ben in financing telling me that because the name on my registration was different from the insurance card they could not get the plates. I faxed him a copy of my court paper showing the name change. I never received a confirmation call letting me know it went thru. A couple more days go by and I am left a message that the plate are are ready(not mailed to me as agreed) I called the dealership(late)I spoke with the receptionist who told me to call tomorrow at 9am and ask for Dave Ventora. I called at 11am today, I asked for Dave and I was transferred right to another voice mail. I hung up and called back, I told the receptionist I do not want a voicemail, I wanted to speak to a manager. She again sent me to voice mail. I hung up again, called back and demanded to speak to a manager, at that time I was advised I would have to speak to Meral who does not come in until 1pm. at exactly 1pm I call back, receptionist says "oh didnt he call you back?" Now if he called, would I be calling you? I told Meral that I wanted my business with Honda done today that I do not want to deal with them any more. He said he would call me right back. Meral called and said he had spoken to Jose and that my daughter could come up and get the plates and tires.My daughter drives the hour back up, the dealership hands her the plates, they dont even put them on for her, she goes around the corner to the what she was told a week earlier was the service department to find the building closed up. My daughter starts to drive home, she calls me, I tell her to pull over(on the parkway) I call the dealership and get voicemail after voicemail, finally I reach Meral, he gives me Jose's number, I give it to my daughter, she trys to call and no answer, so now she is pulled over on the parkway not sure where she is supose to go, she calls me, I call the service, the receptionist says Jose is not picking up "THAT IS THE PROBLEM" I told her. I demanded to speak to someone in the service department so I could get my child of the side of the parkway. I am on hold, finally Jose gets on the phone and I tell him to call my daughter and let he know where to go. Then he tells me that for the last week they have been moving from one place to another. I asked him "dont you think that is something you should have let us know?" she finally gets there, gets the tires on and they still did not put her plates on. now after hours of driving back and forth and the wasted gas and the aggrevation, I have to tell you I will never use that dealership, I will never tell anyone else to go there, infact I would discourage anyone from going there and go thru what I went thru. I do have to say that the Brick,NJ dealership could not have been more polite and helpful during the repair of the car. I would go back there and would incourage other as well.

Upset Mom 10/12/12 3:43PM


Anonymous 10/12/12 8:08AM

To Whom It May Concern: I bought a Honda Pilot 2012 and traded in 2012 CRV since it wasn't large enough for the family. This is my third car to buy from Honda Clear Lake. I signed the papers on the dotted line thinking everything is done deal. They call me three weeks later to say I owe them right at $2000.00 dollars since the bank looked at the wrong payoff. I had to get more money out of my IRA and pay taxes on this for the end of the year. Due to their mistake, I feel Honda Clear Lake should at least pay the taxes I owe on the amt. pulled from my IRA. They could at leat compensate me due to hassel they have given me. I'm on fixed income and have always paided my cars off early. First the finance department should be talked to and the General Manager was very rude. Mr. Harvey Bishop. This is bad for them since I love the Honda cars and SUV. Guess I will have to go back to Toyta cars. Please RSVP on my issue. Thank you very much. Ms. Sharon Singleton

CJMQ 10/3/12 6:10AM

I own a Honda Ridgeline, Element, generator and lawnmower. The Element is a great dog mobile and camping vehicle. My suggestion is to continue porduction of the Element with your diesel engine and lighter metals using the new manufacturing process. Also advertise the Element for camping and as a dog mobile; it will sell! Please manufacture the Ridgeline with a diesel using lighter metals with your new manufacturing process you have discussed.

William Taylor 10/2/12 4:42PM

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