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Husqvarna corporate office headquarters location, phone number, address and feedback

Please find details for the Husqvarna corporate office below. We do our best to keep this information current, but if you are aware of any updates to the Husqvarna corporate office headquarters information we have, please feel free to submit an update.

Corporate Office Address:
Husqvarna Forest & Garden

Husqvarna Group
9335 Harris Corners Parkway
Suite 500
Charlotte, NC 28269
United States

Phone: 704-597-5000

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I'm disappointed in the regards you people have and have shown to a customer who would spend $1500.00 on a mower. Three months ago I bought a mower and it's been in the shop 2 times now, to have the same problem fixed again. The dealer I bought it from, has refused to fix it. And if I fix it it voids the warranty. Now why should one of your customers be caught in the middle of this? I've never seen a company that didn't stand behind there equipment like you and this dealer. The excuses this man gave me is the most ridiculous things I've ever heard of. Basically saying I use the mower to much.Never in my life have I heard a story like that. Not in the advertisements you people do or the manual does it say how much you can use the mower. I think two yards that are 50x100 is not over using the mower. There is something wrong with it and know one wants to stand good for it.

Anonymous 7/21/14 3:05PM

If you've made it here, chances are you already purchased a piece of Husqvarna equipment. For that, I share your pain.

If you have not already purchased a product from Husqvarna, I would strongly recommend against it. I purchased a hedge trimmer model 122HD45. Here are the reviews from Husqvarna's own site:

My unit suffers from the same fuel problem as all the rest. My unit started having problems about 8 months after I purchased it. Husqavarna's response is simply fuel system problems aren't covered under warranty. I do not understand how as company you can sell a product with an obvious design flaw as described by the numerous reviews and decide the problem is beyond the scope of the warranty.

It's a pity because I used to be a steadfast advocate for their products. They've lost me as a customer and I will do my best through social media and word of mouth to dissuade others from purchasing their products simply because they do not stand behind their products.

Fred Sanders 6/23/14 8:37AM

We purchased our Husqvarna mower May 2013 and have had nothing but problems. Since the time of purchase the blades fell off a couple times, a spindle broke and the battery needed to be replaces twice. Each time the customer service department was contacted, they would send us to a local shop (Pocono Tractor) that has contracts with Husqvarna. Each time we would get our mower back from them, we would still have the same issues occur after a few uses. This local shop now convinced us that the mower we bought was the wrong model for the size of our property. So after purchasing a zero turn for $5500 from them, we had the same exact issues as the one we already owned. The very first day it was delivered, the blade fell off after the guy showed us how to run it. His excuse to us was that the manufacturer must have not tightened the bolts all the way, then told us he had to come back the next day to put it on, since he did not have any tools with him. On the second day of owning the new zero turn mower, we put the key in the mower to start it up and bring it outside so the blade can be put back on, but the battery was dead. We contacted our bank to see if the check was cashed and since it was not, we put a stop on it. We contacted the local shop and told them to come get this expensive piece of crap machine thats in our garage and fix our other Husqvarna and we'll pay the cost. We got our mower back last week, but had to wait and use it since our roof was being replaced. I started cutting my grass today and was able to get the front done, but as soon as I went to cut the back which is on an incline, the mower started making noises like the blades are rubbing against metal. Afraid that something is going to break again, I shut the blades off and took it to my driveway where it looks like the belts are loose and my deck is crooked. I am now waiting for the corporate headquarters to open up at 8am to complain about one of the worst machines we ever owned. I know for a fact that nothing will be done about this matter, but we are still taking the mower to a different shop to be inspected, and will consider taking legal actions if it is discovered that the shop was not fixing our machine the correct way, plus making us dish out tones of money since all the problems were supposedly "not covered" under the extended warranty we paid extra money for. Further updates will be provided.

MadAsHell 6/23/14 4:43AM

I purchased a Husqvarna lawn tractor in June 2012. I am now on my 5th battery and waiting for a pick up date for service the third time. I purchased model# YTH21K46 serial#051712D022030 from Lowes in Lynchburg, Va. A few months later the battery was dead? Alta-Quip picked up the mower for repair and a week later returned it stating the battery is dead? Well duh! Anyway Lowes replaced it however a few months later it was dead again. This time I took it to Lowes per the manager's request and Alta-Quip picked it up for service this time they did replace a couple of part (the stater and something else-it's on file) and returned it to Lowe's for me to pick up. Well when I picked it up the battery was dead so again Lowes replaced the battery per the store manager. Recently I had to buy another battery, this time I purchased one from Advance Auto. Starting okay, but the mower was still not running right and would give me a shock at times when I would sit down. Well anyway the latest adventure with this lemon was yesterday (Thursday June 12th) it sputtered as if out of gas and then when I turned the key "nothing" not a grunt nothing. I'm no mechanic however my neighbor has a Husqvarna and he knows a little bit about the mower. So after examination under the hood it appear that the regulator/rectifier was fried. The mounting bracket broke and the thing had probably been arcing for sometime until it hit metal and stopped everything. It appears to me that you would have had to remove that to get replace the stator? So I'm wondering if it was too loose or too tight either way it fried the part. I have other Husqvarna products and have had not problems. I have two other neighbors that own Husqvarna lawn tractors they too have had no problems I guess I'm the lucky one to get the lemon of the bunch. Live and learn................Thanks John

John-in-Lynchburg Va 6/13/14 5:25PM

I purshased a zero turn in 2012 we spent most of the time take it back and fro to the shop to put belt on at least 20 time the deal said that was the worst zero term that we will con't to bring it back so in 2013 we took it back about 5 times so they gave us another but it was the same model. In 2014 summer just began it been back 6 times as of 6/07/2014. Took it back this morning 6/07/2014 in the am didnot finished the yard and it right back off please help us let us trade for a regular ridingmover please do something saved a year to buy one and this is what we get.

Al 6/7/14 2:29PM

Having to replace this cables on my CZ 4817
Gets very expensive @ the cost of $149-$199.00
They had a recall on this yrs ago. It's not fair to the
Customer for their mistake. Very disappointed
I will NEVER buy from Husqvarana again No
One will return calls or help with cost

Akinds 6/4/14 7:47AM

I purchased a Husqvarna 350 chainsaw in 2007. As a homeowner, I use it very little however the few times I used it, I was very happy with the performance, especially the start-up (which is important for an infrequent user). Two years ago, the muffler loosed and I lost one of the two bolts. I purchased a a new bolt but found the threads were stripped out of the head. I retapped the hole and used a larger bolt. Next time I used the saw the same thing happened to the other bolt. Checking on-line, I see this is somewhat of a common problem with this model and changes were made in subsequent models. I've contacted customer service and have been very disappointed in the lack of support I received.

350 loose muffler 5/28/14 11:40AM

Warning: Buyer-be-wary: Husqvarna very prickly to work with...

I bought a walk behind self propelled lawn mower from Lowe's on 4-10-14 and unboxed, attached the handle, put the oil and gas in and was ready to mow... or so I thought... I went about 50 feet and noticed that only one front wheel was pulling. I immediately stopped the mover and removed the wheel that was not working properly. As soon as I removed the wheel the drive gear fell off. It was missing the axel clip, that holds the drive gear in place, at the end of the axel. Right out of the box from the factory. What a huge disappointment! Lowe's happens to be some distance from my house so I went to Ace Hardware and bought several clips, just to make sure that I had the proper size. Less than $2.00. I returned home and got the mower up and running straight away with no issues.

Now for the insult to injury part II...

I was very disappointed that my brand new mower had some minor damage to the teeth on the inside circumference of the wheel where the drive gear mates. I took the initiative to reach out to Husqvarna to ask for a replacement front left tire. I offered photos of the damage to the front wheel and a copy of my receipt from Lowe's. They indicated my only options were to return the mower to Lowe's or to take it to a service center for assessment and repairs. Both options will cost Husqvarna a significant amount of money not to mention a total inconvenience for me. All I am seeking is a new front wheel for an out of the box failure due to a missing part... Definitely not an unreasonable request.

I will think twice about purchasing another Husqvarna product after this ridiculous experience.

Birdman 5/14/14 2:36PM

I have been trying to buy a polesaw. Tractor Supply in Bardstown,KY. has two in a lockup room the Store,they have been there for about two years. The store manager has told serveral time that he needs to get they out an mark them down,but he hasn't yet.I would try to buy one if he would be reasonably. Is there any way your rep could get them out anreduce it for me.

Anonymous 5/10/14 4:26AM

I have to agree with Mr Horak on his comments. We recently had a ranger455 catch on fire after it was running for a few minutes. Just think I could have lost my house and garage and our son could have been injured if he wasn't watching the chainsaw. Their customer service couldn't help so they said the legal team would be calling us. Yeah right it's been 2 weeks. Letter is on its way to corporate office we will see what happens. Wouldn't a big corporation want to satisfy their customers. I won't even touch our other chainsaw from them it will probably explode and they will say it was our fault.

Dave L 4/28/14 4:59PM


Dear Sirs.

Upon confirming again the unusual fact that HUSQVARNA does not volunteer its contact e-mail address to customers, a conversation with your operator Maria I have recorded both for quality purposes and future references, as before, I am sending you in hard copy my answer to a mail received on March 6, 2014, signed by Richard Haynes.

I trust my position is clear and self-explanatory, although perhaps you may wish to examine our previous correspondence and contacts.

Thank you.

George J. Horak

Recently you requested personal assistance from our on-line support center. Below is a summary of your request and our response. If this issue is not resolved to your satisfaction, you may reopen it within the next days. Thank you for allowing us to be of service to you.

To access your question from our support site, click here


Response By Email (Richard Haynes) (03/06/2014 04:40 PM)

Mr. Horak,

I have read your complaint and would like to offer my response. To the best of my ability I am trying to understand your description of the failure. The problem you describe sounds like the chain brake assembly. (?) Although you give me your opinion on what is proper reinforcement, I can assure you it is properly reinforced. I make this determination because the chain brake assembly is part of the safety features on this saw. They are designed and tested to provide proper function under adverse conditions. They are regulated by the government for operation. Another reason I am certain the assembly operates as designed, we manufactured (in 2007) at least 7 models that shared this assembly. We have no data reporting excessive failures. With these facts I am certain the chain brake was designed and functioned properly.

The bar bolts will fail if they have been overly tightened and pulled through the side of the case. They can also fail if under tightened and the bar is allowed to move or flex. Again, this is the major stress area of the chainsaw. This design is used on a tremendous amount of units we have sold. There are no reports of multiple failures on this part either.

I can only conclude the saw (although with low use) was not operated properly. The failures you have described are not design flaws.

Unfortunately with the age of the saw (minimum 7 years old) I am unable to offer assistance in the repair.

Customer By CSS Web (George Horak) (08/19/2013 12:27 PM


Dear Mr. Haynes.

If your ridiculous conclusions based on unfounded issues represent the official technical response of HUSQVARNA, then there is not much more to be said. Behind the false advertising façade HUSQVARNA is just one more of the numerous gross, unprincipled and above all dishonorable outfits out there after profit only. With no moral or factual responsibility behind the products, HUSQVARNA poses with allegations of traditional Swedish reputation for quality.

Your patronizing response with obviously no technical background qualifications, with which you brush away a serious complaint, is outright offensive. Your personal judgments not only show you are a complete neophyte but in as far the industrial design is concerned all you try to do is dismiss a legitimate protest. You try to evade the specific problem by empty made-up conclusions. You are a hired charlatan who composes nonsense.

When I have sent HUSQVARNA my initial complaint on August 19, 2013, thinking HUSQVARNA would not only understand but feel responsible, I was not looking for an undue advantage but some sort of gentlemanly solution to an obvious problem both HUSQVARNA and I could live with. But of course, in order to reach such an agreement you first have to deal with an honorable outfit to handle such a complaint. Not an arrogant administrative office clerk apparently in charge of the "complaints department", employed to minimize the financial losses caused by defective tools by bouncing off any and all complaints. I no longer look for that solution.

While there are more deserving issues in the world today to be concerned about, I have no alternative than to take the time, the effort, and the expenses of showing to the world what kind of miserable organization HUSQVARNA really is. This is not a future threat, only an intent to correct a gross injustice.

After receiving on March 6, 2014 what you so aptly called a "response to my problem", and please do not miss your own added sarcastic legend "STATUS: SOLVED", my initial discontent has quickly turned into anger. The fact that you took nearly


to send that reply not only indicates the level of customer care HUSQVARNA maintains, but probably also the enormous amount of complaints you have to answer daily.

Your conclusions are intentionally deceptive and misleading lies, based on absolutely no substance, which ultimately makes them offensive not only to me but to all potential HUSQVARNA customers.

".....I can only conclude the saw (although with low use) was not operated properly. The failures you have described are not design flaws.

Unfortunately with the age of the saw (minimum 7 years old) I am unable to offer assistance in the repair....."

Your "personal opinions" are not only objectionable, but are a poor cover-up for defective products. In this regard I want to hear your qualifications in industrial design in order to dare to emit such statements with any kind of authority. According to your local dealer, the chainsaw cannot be repaired. I agree with the diagnosis.

Your conclusion "the saw wasn't operated properly" is a flat-out insult. I have a lifetime experience in operating all kinds of machinery and instruments and I can prove it. It will be your turn to prove you have sufficient technical education to emit such stupid opinion and the expertise to state the tool is properly designed. It is already obvious you have no tact or manners. We will have to see about that, Mr. Haynes.

I own one car that works perfectly for THIRTY SIX YEARS.

I own two cars that work without any problems for TWENTY ONE YEARS.

I own an old SKILL electric drill that works for THIRTY YEARS.

I own a SEIKO Submariner watch that works for THIRTY NINE YEARS.

And your chainsaw broke down after less than TWENTY HOURS of use ? And you are so naïve you are implying this was due to my bad handling ? Based on WHAT - Mr. Haynes ? You don't know me, you haven't even seen the tool, you haven't tested my statement, and yet you simply refuse HUSQVARNA's responsibility because that is the policy, that is what you get paid for. Talk nonsense to get rid of legitimate claims.

So according to your "expert opinion", a tool, a piece of machinery ages simply by sitting on the shelf. Interesting. The fact it has been barely used bothers you none. For public record, please state the life expectancy of a HUSQVARNA product. Besides remitting this information to the respective agencies created for precisely the purpose to avoid deceptive product marketing for in-depth investigation, I will publish it in social media to forewarn potential clients. I will accompany the text with some really revealing close-up photographs. When I stated the chain saw had less than 20 hours of use, I was prepared for the possibility HUSQVARNA would wish to confirm that by having the tool examined by an independent expert named, for example, by the Federal Consumer Protection Agency. So there is no discussion in this sense. Yet you foolishly decide 20 hours is the total expected use of the tool.

"....Although you give me your opinion on what is proper reinforcement, I can assure you it is properly reinforced. I make this determination because the chain brake assembly is part of the safety features on this saw. They are designed and tested to provide proper function under adverse conditions. They are regulated by the government for operation...."

Regarding this statement (and I will sum up at the end my requests to prove and validate your statements), your "assurance" is hardly anything else but an empty word. How can the fact "...the chain brake assembly is a part of safety features..." justify your assurance of "proper reinforcement" ? Where is the logical connection ? You don't even know what am I talking about, since there is NO reinforcement whatsoever in that particular section of the bushing support frame. And that is not a question of "opinion", Mr. Haynes, but a cold fact. Once the tool is examined by a real expert, the fact it is defective will be confirmed. Perhaps you care to elaborate about what are and what are not the "adverse conditions" under which the tool is guaranteed to work, as compared to those I have subjected it to ? And one more point: please indicate where can I find the text you mention of the "government regulations for operation", since I believe you invented that phrase. I could not help noticing the strange safeguard term your response is offered as "to the best of your personal ability". That about sums it up, as the subject is highly questionable, doesn't it, Mr. Haynes ? Thank you for clearing that up for me.

With regards to your additional alleged explanation of the failure and another true gem,

"..The bar bolts will fail if they have been overly tightened and pulled through the side of the case. They can also fail if under tightened and the bar is allowed to move or flex. Again, this is the major stress area of the chainsaw. This design is used on a tremendous amount of units we have sold. There are no reports of multiple failures on this part either....."

I must tell you the only person who touched the bar bolts, after barely a few hours of use, when the silencer nearly fell off by the vibration, just as described on the Internet comment, was your authorized HUSQVARNA representative I had mentioned in my complaint. Thus I cannot tell if they were or not "overly tightened". In conclusion, and you would not lie about this, would you, there are "no reports of failures on this and the part I have complained about." Then - what ARE they about, Mr. Haynes ?

Incidentally, I have found several published comments regarding that particular tool on social media, describing various ailing defects, such as the silencer mount on the cylinder head. With time I shall collect these public comments and attach them to my complaint to the Better Business Bureau and the Federal Consumer Protection Agency with copies to the North Carolina State Attorney's Office and other entities.

Just as a matter of semantic interest, and I understand how deeply concerned you are, that "you cannot offer me assistance in the repair of the tool because of its extreme age of 7 (seven) years" (discarding the estimated actual use of less than about 20 hours), in your expert opinion, how old should a saw be and how many hours of use should it have for HUSQVARNA to actually feel responsible to execute a repair or replacement ?

I will therefore retain an honorable firm to collect and compose all pertinent data, including circumstantial witnesses and detailed photographs, to submit my strongest protest against these shady business practices employed by HUSQVARNA, requesting a government investigation followed by court decision of fitting punishment. To this effect I will remit the chainsaw in question to whichever authority the North Carolina State Attorney's Office or a Federal Agency indicate for a technical analysis of the problem. I will further empower a representative to initiate legal action against HUSQVARNA for fraud and intentional deceit. All procedures and results will be published in social media to forewarn gullible customers.

Govern yourself accordingly. Have a highly profitable day.

George J. Horak

USCG Licensed Captain

Commodore Horak 3/27/14 1:07PM

RE: Very, Very Long Wait for a Replacement Part

Unit: Riding Lawn-Mower Tractor Purchased from Lowe's Home Improvement Center in
I purchased this riding lawn mower tractor from Lowe's with a 3-year warranty from the manufacture, Husqvarna. And it had only 1 1/2 years when in October 2013 a tension pulley plastic cap (part#: 583435501) broke off. I called Husqvarna customer service (1-800-487-5951) for a replacement & repair of the broken part. I was referred to a repair shop of County Line Hardware in Jackson, NJ (USA). I brought the riding lawn mower to the service shop on October 8, 2013. The repair shop could not get the part until mid-January, 2014. In November and December of 2013 I, personally, called Husqvarna customer service about the delay of obtaining that part. I was told that it was not available and it is on back-order. The part cost about $3.00. Customer service gave me some excuse that the transmission on this unit is manufactured by a third party, possibly a Sears transmission.

I'm very disappointed & dismayed about the very long delay of obtaining the replacement part & repair. I cannot in good conscience recommend Husqvarna products based on my terrible experience of support from Husqvarna. I thought Husqvarna was a very reputable company. At the time of purchase I was deciding between John Deere and Husqvarna riding lawn mower tractors.

Very Disappointing Customer

Hi-C46 3/1/14 3:50PM

Please read entire review. Warning to all Smitty's lawn and garden of Olathe Kansas customers, I purchased over $2100 worth of new Husqvarna products from them 3 months ago. Salesman was helpful; although I found it odd they felt compelled to put gas in all 4 items before I could leave with them, even when asked not to. Now, I used snow blower first time last week, belt breaks after 15 minutes use. I took to them for warranty work. They refused to do anything until I pay them a $65.00 "diagnostic fee". I refused because it was under warranty, and purchased through them, otherwise I wouldn't have had a problem with it. Manager became very confrontational. I said I would return my entire purchase for a refund and purchase elsewhere. He told me the equipment is now used since they all had fuel in them. Now understand, I didn't put the gas in them, they did! Manager then told me to leave and not to return. I called Husqvarna customer service, they said this fee is not customary with their dealers, and these snow blowers had a bad batch of belts and would be covered. I further find out most other dealers will not do warranty work on products sold by other dealers. In my opinion, Smitty's is holding Husqvarna's warranty service hostage for $65.00 and is tarnishing Husqvarna's name. Is that worth losing a potential lifetime customer over an already warrantied item? I guess so. I love Husqvarna products and original salesman did good job getting the sale. Please learn from this and purchase your products somewhere else.

DeeH 2/16/14 3:43PM

I have a Viking 1 sewing machine which I love. The stitch length regulator part broke. I was disappointed and surprised to find out it was plastic, in such an expensive machine. Can you either tell me where I can buy this part, or if any current machines use this same part so I get the replacement part?

Melissa 2/3/14 6:34PM

I have 4 husqvarna sewing machines. Last one I bought cost $10,000 and it has been in the shop with the other new one I bought for over 6 weeks. The people that are supposed to fix it are in need of more training. I got it and took it in for repairs to the shop inside JoAnns in Greenwood Indiana. Maybe a word from you would get it done.

Kayem 12/21/13 10:59AM

I purchased a 54 inch cut Husquarna, new from Millers Hardware in Harrison, Ar. in Nov, 2012. I could not wait to get it home and try it out. The first time out the deck fell off1/4 mile from my shop, got that repaired and adjusted as it should be, then began to mow the few acres I have, and the right side blade fell off. Again repaired the mower and got back to my task. Well the next few trips out small repairs were needed, loose bolts, seat nuts falling off.. I took the mower to my shop and went thru it checking all of the nuts and bolts, and it ran great. Then in Oct. of this year, it stopped again, would not move forward and had to pull it back to the shop and run it into the dealer. The repair shop advised it was the fan pull ass. and the belt that had broken. (less than a year old HUMM). They did say that it would be covered by the factory because being less than one year. THREE weeks went by, they could not find the part, and it was not in stock anywhere. The fourth week I went back and asked for the part number, and returned home. I called Husqvarna, they just gave me the run around stating parts were out there. Then called the maker of the rear end again he said the parts were out there, and HE had 250 unit sitting on the line to add to the rear ends that they were making. The contact at Hydro Gear (makers of the unit) told me to call Oscar Wilson at that he would have one. Well called the number he gave me and the lady told me that Mr Wilson does not take calls, and talk on the phone. Re called Hydro Gear and he left a message for Wilson to call me and he did stating once again that there were NO parts to repair the mower in the Loop. Now its 5 weeks in the shop for a 40 dollar repair. I found the part at Sears and its on the way. I will NEVER PURCHASE another Husqvarna product. And if any one would like a copy of the pictures I plan on taking when I place the mower on the trailer, and take it to Branson, MO., Mt Home, Ar, and around my home city please respond.. Nothing but the run around, phone bill over the 40 dollars for the part, and 5 weeks with out a mower that has been problems from the first day. Its not like the repair shop is in town its 33 miles one way.. Stay away from Husqvarna.. For the Price I Paid for the mower I could have purchased TWO Club cadets, and have one on standby if it ever broke. (took 12 years for mine to break. ))))

Rusty 11/13/13 10:42AM

Husqvarna is awful! Will not and have not recommended it to anyone. We purchased a 2246LS Lawn Tractor several years ago, had nothing but trouble out of the front end. Replaced it and it's still no good. You should be ashamed selling this junk. People have to work hard for their money and all you are doing is taking it. Don't see how you sleep at night.

Anonymous 10/18/13 11:47AM

I was widowed four years ago and needed a new riding lawn mower since my husband had always done that job.. I went to Lowe's in New Philadelphia and asked for 'the most powerful lawn tractor' they had; they showed me a Husquvarna - which I bought for around $2,500.00. Powerful? The thing is absolute JUNK! Had I been a bit wiser, I would have returned it within the first week...but I kept thinking 'I' was the one at fault. It gets stuck on the slightest divet and every single time; it struggles and often fails to climb the smallest hill (can you imagine how frightening it is when you're half-way up a hill & the mower refuses to budge? I was TERRIFIED it would roll back down with me ON it!); it also sputters and stops for NO REASON - even immediately after being SERVICED. I am on a limited income & just now am getting it paid off. THANKS A BUNCH for manufacturing CRAP and selling it to idiots like me! IF I can unload it for 1/3rd what I paid, I will do so & buy a mower that actually DOES THE JOB. I used our old Wheelhorse & our old Snapper to drag foundation stones up the same hill your husqvarna refuses to climb without dragging ANYTHING. When I thought about that, I realized the fault was not mine but your product's.

kathy 10/3/13 11:33AM

I bought a new Husqvarna hedger, $250. The blade comes with a cover that is bolted on with a pattern I am not familiar with. Not a wrench, or screw, so I cannot use it. The companies customer service says it does not come with any tools? How am I suppose to use it? I guess I'll be sending it back. What a waste.
Dean Abraham, Senior Vice President, MORGAN STANLEY.

Dean Abraham 9/27/13 2:23PM

I own a 125-L string trimmer that I took to my local repair facility (B&T Small Engines in Tallahassee Fl) to repair the cord pulley that broke. This shop cannot find the proper parts for the repair after searching our entire region. I had to go buy another trimmer (this time a reliable Echo) to keep the weeds cut on my property while I wait on the Husqvarna to be repaired. The repair shop has been very apologetic but is at a loss as to why the part is so hard to find. He's says ownership of this company has changed which may be part of the reason. I do know that Husqvarna has lost me as a customer from buying their products in the future. And I get the feeling they don't really care about customer satisfaction from my experience. There are better brands in the market place.

mikenquincy 9/4/13 6:26AM

had a stihl for 20 years until it finally died. now have a 455 rancher by husqvarna which lasted 11 months. brought it into an authorized service center almost 2 months ago. They stated that it has undergone a catastrophic failure and need authorization to repair from Husqvarna, which they are still waiting for and is unknown if it will be forthcoming. They stated the pin to the piston has broken. I am now almost 2 months without the saw.

Anonymous 8/23/13 8:30AM

I own one of your riding mowers On 7/8/13 I was told by Tuff Torq and Husquarna there was a problem at times with axles breaking in half at the wheel.

Husquarna said this issue would be covered at no charge to me, I had my mower picked up by A1 Service ($50) the next day.

Now 8-2-13 I'm told it is not covered and when I call Husquarna back I was nicely told I may have missed understood.

Very unhappy - Kens

Anonymous 8/2/13 3:58PM

I once owned a Jonsered, wonderful saw, gave it to a friend who coveted it. Today I bought a Husqvarna 240 at Lowes, took home added chain oil and H. premix gas. I followed the quick start instructions to a T. The instructions are all wrong. They must be written for cold weather climate. I'm in Florida. I squeezed the prime button six times per the instructions. No doubt it was already flooded by this. Then I pulled the choke out all the way per instructions and pulled cord waiting for it to fire. I pulled enough to cause damage to rotator cuff, but
it would not fire. I puched choke in half way, Same thing,
would not fire. I pushed in all the way, would not fire.
After waiting about 1/2 hour, the saw started on the first pull. It was flooded. One nut on bar rattled off. I stop and started again a few times, but it was still a pain in the arse, killing my arm and shoulder, good compression though. Maybe it would have settled down and started easier
after time, but with the nut rattling off, and it was not a tight fit to begin with, too sloppy on bolt, I decided to return it for my money.

The reason I'm writing this is that the company ought not write starting instruction if they do not apply to all climates. They should say in hot climates, squeeze primer button four times and do not choke, or something appropriate. If there hadn't been instructions, I may have
used my common sense and not choked it. That's the problem with poorly written information: unless it is accurate for
all conditions, better to not write any at all, and let the
operator use his own discretion.

RockyFjord 8/2/13 2:26PM

I ordered Husqvarna SRD17530 that was supposed to be with Hydrostatic Transmission and wash port. The unit came with neither. Husqvarna reply was sorry we don't produce this with such features. But on there web sight it pictures the unit with these features. In THE END i DID NOT TAKE DELIVERY OF THE LAWN TRACTOR. This company does not comply with what is shown on their web sight.

Anonymous 8/1/13 6:18AM

I purchased Poulon 20 inch Chainsaw on 9/13/2012. I actually wanted to buy a Husqvarna saw but they had no 20" inch saws in stock so I purchased the Poulon Pro saw when the sales person told me that it was a Husqvarna made saw with no differences. I bought the saw and used it about 20 hours total when it started to idle roughly and would not stay running. Since I bought this at Lowes in Kona Hawaii and purchased a 3 year service contract with the saw, I returned the saw for service. The saw was returned with a $50 charge and a note saying that the saw would not be serviced under either warrenty or service contract. After several acrimonious meetings between myself and the lowes personnel during which I was told that I should not have purchased to poulan because it was the Husqvarna cheap, big box store product and would never last. I want to return the saw and get a Husqvarna 20" but after 3 meetings over several days lowes finally agreed to no cost repair but would not exchange the saw for a Husqvarna under any conditions. I offered to pay any difference but I was told that I bought it and it was now my responsibility. The saw is still at Lowes store, I do not want it, I do not trust lowes to honor the service contract. This is a very bad situation that does will hurt Husqvarna. I have 3 other Husqvarna chain saws with no problem.

davew 7/19/13 2:36PM

I have a Husqvarna Lawn Tractor - this machine has given me a continuous problem since it was 3 months old. The dealer J&B Greene of Ronda NC; have tried over the last 2 years to fix this mower and they can't seem to do it. Corporate say the dealer needs to fill out the proper paperwork to get my mower replaced under warranty. But the Dealer wants to keep messing around with it changing out parts. I'm EXTREAMLY FRUSTRATED with the run around I'm getting. I have made videos of what my mower is doing. I can mow for 45 minutes to 1 hour then it starts cutting out, spitting & sputtering and will not run work anything; I can cut the deck off and it clears up, as soon as I turn the deck back on it goes all to pieces again. In order to finish mowing my yard I have to let the mower completely cool off and then I can mow again. I traded a 26 year old Cub Cadet in on this mower and it would mow circles around this mower I have now. I would just like someone from Husqvarna Corporate to contact me. Thing is ALL my neighboros & family sees how this mower runs and nearly all of them say they wouldn't by a Husqvarna due to the run around I have gotten. All of my yard equipment is Husqvarna products and the other things I own couldn't be any better. I ( & my family & neighboros) feel like I'm getting screwed because I'm not a yard service who buys lots of equipment...... any help would be greatly appreciated !!!!

onejeepnc 7/17/13 3:30PM

Own a 2006 Zero-turn, have had to replace front wheel bearing ay least 10 time since purchasing. This is either a design flaw or poor engineering, either way it cost me time and money, will never buy Husqvarna again. Called to talk to someone at district office their is no district office, talk to parts personal they can't even tell you if parts are ordered. Its has been (Z-tun mower) in shop for three weeks and no repair date (pick up) , they tell me parts are back ordered, how long does it take, are parts coming from China, just fix it

bobcuz 7/15/13 11:20AM

Mr. Thompson purchased a 2007 Diesel utility vehicle from a Husqvarna dealer (dealer out of business now). Mr. Thompson is 84 years old and on limited income. He lives in West Virginia and wanted something to ride around in to neighbors. In 2011, he was coming home and heard something that sounded like a stick stuck in the drive chain. He stopped and looked, but saw nothing. When they tore the machine down, the drive belt had came off, hit the transmission and bent the shaft. They want over a $1,000 just for the shaft. Do you know where he can get help getting this repaired. Four years of riding roads at 15-25 mph, isn't a good reference to your product. He lives in the country and rode this to his wifes' grave.
Thank you for any help.

Howard Ed 7/4/13 2:25PM

I bought a new all wheel drive Husqvarna push mower in May of this year, took it home and started it up. The thing made so much noise,the tire shook, and the firt time I mowed the lawn it would not even move. If you would pick it up by the handle,the wheel just hung down.$500.00 and it is a pile of junk!!!!!!!!!!! It was bought at Dubuque Power Equipment,it is a HUS 22AWD/HONDA GCV190/AUTC Serial Number:040913m041898 THE COST WAS $502.89. I THINK THE CORP. OFFICE SHOULD BE BUYING THIS BACK!!!!! I KNOW THAT THIS IS NOT THE FIRST ONE TO BE RETURED !!!!! THANKS FOR YOUR TIME.

Anonymous 6/15/13 5:48PM

Not to Happy, I would think that you product would last more than 2 years My problems started in 2006,when I purchased my fist PE550 Weed Eater Gas Edger, after only using it twice the rope pulled out, returned to Local Fleet Farm, had repaired and used 1 more time, rope pulled out again, Fleet Farm replaced, give me another, didn't use until next year 2007, worked fine that year and 2008,and 2009 but in 2010 first time couldn't pull on rope tight, return back to Fleet Farm, sent in for repairs, they found out that the plastic shaft that holds the recoil assy. had melted and the recoil came all a part. after more then couple weeks, I was told by Fleet Farm, that the had a replacement unit, no paper work, but was told only 30 day warranty toke home and used it for 2010 and the next year 2011, but 2012 started to have problems recoil was hard to pull, would pull out and sometimes was tight, only used twice, then 2013 couldn't pull out recoil tight again, I toke apart and found the same thing, the plastic shaft had melted and recoil came apart, I know it is 6 years, but shouldn't your machine last longer then 2 years, the edger is only used 3 time a year, I have called and sent E-mails to weed eater and it seems that the warranty is only 2 years no matter how many defective machine you have. The 2 Ticket #'s with your escalation department are and both calls your escalation people don't seem to care for all the problems I have had. I can't be the only person. Is this a production problem, I thought you should know. Thank you for letting me get this off my chest, VERY CONFUSED why your customer care people think that a edger should only last 2 years when I only used them only 3 or 4 time a year, Eddie Langenberg

Eddie2 6/14/13 8:31AM

Wow...Just ordered an item and got through to the right person, received great service and got issue well taken care of. Couldn't ask for any better.

darkangel3559 5/23/13 9:14AM

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