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Hyundai corporate office headquarters location, phone number, address and feedback

Please find details for the Hyundai corporate office below. We do our best to keep this information current, but if you are aware of any updates to the Hyundai corporate office headquarters information we have, please feel free to submit an update.

Corporate Office Address:
Hyundai Motor America

Hyundai Motor Company
10550 Talbert Avenue
Fountain Valley, CA 92708
United States

Phone: 714-965-3000
Fax: 714-965-3149

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I purchased a Hyundai Sonata a year ago, although it's a 2011. I had been told good things about the vehicle so I decided to take a chance. Recently the switch to start the car hasn't worked properly, which has left me stranded a few times. Initially when this occurred, I took it to the dealer and they said there was no problem to fix. The day after I took it home, I was out and got stranded again! I was livid. I took it back and now they are saying it's the battery. However, just before I took it to them, I stopped by autozone and had the battery checked. They didn't try to sell me a battery so now I was upset about the fact that the dealership is saying I need to purchase a battery from them. They are such liars. I checked the multipoint inspection paper they filled out from my first visit and they'd written that the battery was not a problem. So, why is it that a week later they're trying to sell me one. I had them do an alignment on that first visit. However, as I drove the car, it continued to veer to the left. On this second visit, they're saying it's because the tires need to be rotated. Again, why didn't they discover that a week ago? I'm so disgusted and disappointed. And I'd planned to upgrade, but... this has become a nightmare. The paint on the steering wheel had started peeling so I asked them about that. They asked me if I use hand sanitizer because that could potentially be the problem. The also said it could be a cleaner that had been used on it. Well, I'd only had it cleaned by auto bell car wash so... I venture to say, they're rationale was probably another in what has become a long string of lies. I had an online chat with a customer service provider last night but no one has contacted me since then. I was told I'd be contacted during regular business hours, which is fine, but in the meantime, the dealership is asking me what I want them to do. Calling the corporate headquarters number as soon as I can this morning. They're 3 hrs behind because of the time zone. I hope someone, anyone, can help me resolve this problem. I want the dealership to solve the problem, not force me to pay for a possible SYMPTOM of the problem. If I get resolution, I'll be sure to post that also.

mb 8/1/14 8:02AM

I have a 2004 Hyundai Sante Fe and the paint is coming off. I also have a coworker with the same issue. I have noticed other 2004's with the same issue. What to do!

Connie Price 7/28/14 10:48AM

Last Saturday July 5, we purchased an Elantra Sports at the Hyundai Serramonte dealership in Daly City, CA. Prior to going we were in communication via chat with one of your representatives (Carey Kniskern) from Hyundai HQ in Florida (321-244-4023) to confirm regarding the Military rebate. Carey informed us that the rebate was in the amount of $750 nationwide. Upon finalizing the purchase of the car, we were told by the Finance Manager of Serramonte that the Military rebate is $500 only. At this time we contacted Carey and only then did he/she verify with his/her local manager that the $750 Military rebate is regional only. We ask that Hyundai HQ honor the original, quoted rebate by Carey of $750 and send us a rebate check of $250.

antonio 7/8/14 11:26AM

I bough a 2011 hyundai sonata in November 2013 and since I bought it so far nothing but problems it's been back to the dealer 9 times they still can't figure out what's wrong with it.Today I took it back again for the 10th time and they were so rude and told me it's a figure of my imagination when the engine light has been on for the past 2 weeks and they told me they will not give me a trade unless I leave it for couple days again.This has been the worst car experience and rudest dealer I have ever felt with never again a hyundai

Anonymous 5/20/14 9:38AM

I bought a new 2014 Santa Fe Sport and have been having problems from day one. On the drive home, I noticed the engine was making a strange noise and called the dealership, Fairfax Hyundai, to ask about it. They said the noise was normal and to ignore it. A month later, I returned to the dealership to pick up my license plates and asked the sales rep to actually listen to the noise. Again, he said the noise was normal and to ignore it. One month later I returned to the dealership again for an oil change. I asked the service tech about the noise and he too said it was normal. Then while changing the oil, they found metal filings in the oil pan. Fairfax Hyundai said they were going to replace the engine with a brand new one to solve my problems. One week later, I had a remanufactured (i.e. "used") engine in my two month old Santa Fe. Now my gas mileage is worse and they're telling me to go to arbitration if I don't like it. Talk about a HASSLE! That's not what I call good customer service.

David L 4/21/14 1:00PM

Good evening. I am writing because a few things bother me. I did my research for 8 weeks on deciding what car I was looking for. And I found it. The 2013 Hyundai Tucson. I knew what I wanted , and my color of choice was black. When I finally decided to make a purchase I visit the Hyundai dealer in Plymouth meet, Conicilli. The only thing that bothers me to this day is the salesman never took me on the lot to see the inventory. He brought out a white GLS 2013 Tucson and I test drove it. Had to leave to pick up my daughter and was able to use that car to pick up my and return to finish paper work. Not use to the noise it makes, and also the brakes sound loud at stops. I mention to the salesman about the noise. I just want to know should I have been able tom walk the lot to see what was available instead of just having one choice of car to chooses from. This bothers me. Still having a un easy feeling of the choice I made. Thank you

Too eager to buy 10/28/13 7:26PM


I get these news flashes monthly and I DO NOT own or lease this car. It was turned in Nov 2012

Oct 19 (3 days ago)

to me

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Anonymous 10/22/13 7:06AM

Had new engine installed in 2012 Genesis three days after noticed the trunk did not close right,it was sprung. When back to dealer they sent it to the body shop and one of the employees said they will repair it and eat the cost. have been calling every day no one with authority will talk to me. This is the third Genesis we have leased, not very good treatment for a loyal customer.

Willroy 10/15/13 3:55PM

To whom it may concern:

It seems like the problems that I have been dealing with my car is related to the transmission area, see below. I have the Gold coverage (10 years/100,000 miles). I sent extra money for the Gold coverage, things like sensors that are in the related area should be covered. I was not cover for the last transmission sensor that malfunctioned. I think there is something wrong in the transmission to cause the problems that I have been dealing with. There is something big that has not pop up yet.

18JUN2011 - I stated vehicle will not shift out of park without using the shift lock override. Shop was unable to verify concern. Scanned system for codes and found no codes present or in history. Tested the shifter operation and verified gear selector is operating as designed.

28APR2012 - I stated the check engine light has been coming on and the transmission shift irregularly. Shop inspected and verified concern, traced to code P0711 for transmission temperature sensor out of parameters. Removed and replaced the temperature sensor and transmission fluid, erased code and road tested.

22JUN2013 - I stated transmission seems to hesitate when shifting, when accelerating the vehicle it doesn't want to go. Shop road tested vehicle and was unable to verify concern. Inspected for error codes, no codes present, but found TCM update 231YFATCM logic improvement performed. Reset A/T valves.

05OCT2013 - I stated at times the gear gauge did not indicate when it's in park, drive, and etc. Shop verified concern, found code P0705 for transmission range sensor malfunction. Removed and replaced range sensor.


Sokheng Chheng

Kaine 10/6/13 11:15AM

I decided to change my 2012 Hyundai Elantra to a 2013 Elantra Gt. I thought it would be a good idea after looking into the assurance price that Hyundai advertised on tv all the time, also had a copy of what I should be getting...unfortunately assurance price did not work on my behalf , I ended up losing over 1,000.00 trading to a new car, because I got tricked by the dealer about some stupid rebate at the only question is why is it you advertised that so call assurance price then most dealer have an issue with it? and trick you on top of that... I purchase my car tru Autofair Huyndai in Manchester New Hamshire...I am a very unhappy customer at this time..i did complaint already and was told I should have negotiated it , before signing the agreement..this is UNFAIR!! your dealers are taking advantage of the public all the time..I just wish someone would wake up to that fact"" sincerely to whoever....martial paradis

martial 9/18/13 8:30AM

Yesterday had body assy-throttle and/or Gasket, ETC-Actuator, replaced on my 2011 Hyundai Santa FE from my local dealer. Engine shut off when makeing a turn from a STOP SIGN, and almost ran into a car due to engine motor shutdown.
Rather a scary situation especially had I been going 65 miles a hour!

Anonymous 9/5/13 9:54AM

Dont suggest ANYONE to go to Hoagland Hyundai in Winter Haven Florida (down the road from Legoland)I was seriously thinking of buying a Hyundai till i went to Hoagland in Winter Haven. First time i went there not happy with saleman didnt have time for me obviously had ablsolutly no information for to give me, wasnt even interest in giving me any. He did however send me off with business card with a website to tell me how to configure payments including dollars down, tradein etc. Never offered to look at my car and see how much they would give me for it. Friend suggested i go back and ask for the owners son Justin. Thought I would give it one more try maybe, the other was just a bad apple in the bunch. Asked for him and they went to get him but he didnt have time it would be a while b4 he could get to me he was with his dad. Im sorry BUT what happened to customers come first or where are all the good salemen these day. The joke from the other sales guys were they are in their counting their millions. So I guess they don't need your money folks.

Glo 9/3/13 12:21PM

We had a bad leasing experience at Jenkins Hyundai in Ocala, Fl. I wrote a letter to Tom Formanek, who is in charge of all Jenkins dealerships, and John Krafcik, Pres. and CEO of Hyundai Motors America - NO REPLY. Received a call from one of the managers and a separate call from the
Customer Service lady. Both wanted to know what they could do to correct the situation. I asked both of them to tell me what they could do. They said, "I'll get back to you". That was months ago. I AM STILL WAITING. Buyer beware at Jenkins Automotive.

Jim & Pat Cole
Ocala, Fl.

Anonymous 9/3/13 10:28AM

From: Samuel Rosado-Rodriguez

To: Hyundai Corporate Office

I wish to complain about a letter received from your finance reference my account (Samuel Rodriguez Rosado)my car that I purchased 2 years ago, at Malloy Hyundai.

I am complaining because back on July 17th I mistakenly made two payments of $426.25 for a total of $825.50. When I realized the mistake I called your finance department and was told my bank would have to send documents showing the electronic payments which my bank did. I went back and forward between your finance department and my bank for a month. By that time the August payment was due. Your finance department kept telling me that they were working on it but I never saw results. Tired of dealing with this issue I decided that your company keep the extra payment and I would not have to send an August payment. I received a bill from your company for $5.00. I received a letter dated August 23rd 2013 subject: Account Past Due Notification. I immediately called the finance department questioning this letter. Was told that on August the 2nd automated transfer for the overpayment was send to my bank. Checked my account no such transaction. Explained to the customer rep and was then told a check was send out. Never received a check. Was on the phone with the customer rep with no result. Ask to speak to the supervisor. Spoke to the supervisor who gave me his frist name as Jonathan and employee no. 4413. Mr. Jonathan also provided me with a different date of August 12th that supposedly this check was cut and send through the mail. Never providing me with the address on file so that I can verify if the address was correctly. I asked that the check that he claimed was send out be put a stop payment and put it toward my payment and please remove the late fee. I don't feel that was not much to ask. He continued to get loud with me and when I asked for his supervisor he told me there was no one higher then him and hung up on me. Sir I am a supervisor and everyday I deal with the public and in all my years of work I can tell you I have never disrespected or verbally mistreated a customer in my line of work. For two years I have been making my payments to your company on time not missing a payment. My mistake was sending two payments. Iam reaching out to you because I need To resolve this problem, I would like you to please stop payment on this check and use those funds to bring my account current and waive all late charges.

I believe that this response is unfair because I did everything and followed all instructions given by your finance department I am requesting a written statement explaining your company�s position and what you will do about my complaint.

I look forward to hearing from you as soon as possible to resolve this problem. If I do not hear from you within 5 days, I will file complaints with the appropriate consumer agencies and consider my legal alternatives.


Samuel Rosado-Rodriguez

Anonymous 8/28/13 6:34PM

Biggest piece of crap ever owned, cant even trade it in due to owe more than worth! Have toddler with cerebral palsey and major health issues, travel more than 4 hours frequently to primary childrens hospital and never know if going to make it safely or even at all!!!! Should have to buy iur 2008 santa fe back at purchase price and let us buy different brand that we can rest assured and have piece of mind!!!!

Sperry10 5/30/13 10:14PM

I am so disgusted with Hyundai right now! I first took my 2012 tuscon in to the dealership in September because it has a foul smell coming from the vents, the cabin filter was completely molded. They changed it, cleaned the system, was better for a while, well now I've had it back in the dealership 3 more times for the same problem. The first two times they tried to tell me it was my air freshner now they're trying to tell me it's a mouse but they can't find the mouse but for $600 they can take out the motor disconnect AC then recharge AC to find the so called mouse well I have the 100,000 mile Warranty on it but they tell me it's not covered!! I read on line where at least 110 other people are having this same exact problem so I will not let Hyundai not fix this issue my families health is at risk!! Calling my LAWYER!! Superior Toyota/Hyundai Parkersburg WV

Klj6500 5/3/13 6:30PM

Completely disgusted. Purchased a 2013 Hyundai elantra in February and had a flat tire this past week. Contacted roadside assistance and was given an ETA of 99 minutes. I explained that I was literally 6 blocks away from a wrecker service and as a home health nurse I needed to get back on the road as soon as possible. I was told that I would have to pay for the wrecker service if I chose to contact one nearer to me. I contacted Carter County Hyundai in Ardmore Ok and they were unable to assist me due to this being a corporate matter. My husband had to drive to my location on his lunch break and repair my tire himself. The "bicycle pump" in the trunk that the company uses instead of a spare tire was an absolute joke. The roadside assistance feature was presented to us at the time of purchase as a wonderful thing and an insurance that I would be in good hands if something were to go wrong during my work day. Far from the truth. Be warned people, roadside assistance is a total joke.

angry 4/26/13 10:50PM

I am leasing a 2012 veloster . First hyundia I've ever had and will not have another !! The costumer service awful !!!!!

Anonymous 4/25/13 4:35PM

I will never deal with Kerry Hyundai, Florence Ky again. I leased a 2013 Sonata on Saturday, April 6 and signed all the paperwork. It was a done deal (or so I thought). I traded in my car - 2011 Elantra purchased on January 19, 2011 - which only had 11,900 miles on it. I brought the Sonata back on Tuesday, April 9 because part of the lease agreement was they would put in a sunroof and a remote starter. They were to have a loaner car ready for me. When I got there, there was no loaner car ready so the salesman had to run around and find one for me. He brought me a 2012 Elantara which had 41,000 miles on it already and the gaslight was on in the car. I had 30 miles to go before I ran out of gas. I purchased $15 worth of gas so that I could get home. On Monday, April 15 I received a call from the sales manager, Ryan Johnson, saying he needed to talk to me about the lease deal if I could come in and talk. I went there the evening of Tuesday, April 16 and was told that the lease deal didn't go through but if I wanted to I could purchase the car which is not what I wanted to do. The payments would have been twice as much and I didn't want that. So they said there was nothing they could do. I said what if you would have sold my 2011 Elantra and his response was "we would have to go back and get it from the customer." Yeah right. So they would have had 2 lawsuits instead of 1. I proceeded to tell the sales manager that I wanted the general manager to give me a call as soon as he got in on Wednesday, April 17. His name is Lane Taylor. He got in at 10:00 am. Neededles to say I never received a phone call from him so I called him at 1:00 pm. He was extremely rude and arrogant and told me that my attorney and the company's attorney can meet and have lunch. I had also given them a letter I received from Hyundai regarding the mileage that Hyundai had lost a lawsuit and the consumers were to receive so much per mile for what they advertised and what the consumer really got. It was 2 miles difference. I have until this November to turn this in. They have conveniently lost this letter and cannot find it. Lane told me he would try and find it and mail it back to me. This is the worst experience I have ever had with a car dealer and I will never, ever deal with Kerry Hyundai Florence again.

April 4/17/13 11:42AM

Brad Benson worst dealership I have ever dealt with. Would not reccomed this place to anyone! The dealers out right lie. After signing a bill of sale they whited out numbers and changed the numbers making the price higher. The staff in very unprofessional and rude. This was after being a return customer thinking we would get a better deal. Do not go to Brad Benson they are thieves.

Anonymous 4/2/13 7:15AM

Just wanted to update every one on how bad BRAD BENSON Hyundai is, I wrote before about how bad I was treated at this dealership! I didn't think it could get any worste, But they out did themselves today, got a phone call from Jason ostroski I think thats how you spell his name, anyway
he basiclly demanded i come down with a check, (I had borrowed money) and called to say if they could fix, everything wrong with truck(new remote start dosen't work,
and they scratched mirror when the put it in) i could come right down with new check,They lost first one waiting for my taxes to come in so I stopped it, (Who would trust them after every thing they have put me through) I was told they couldn't fix every thing yet but i "HAD TO COME DOWN WITH A CHECK" now I still don't have plates or basically i have a very expensive driveway ornamant, I also
got a call from Tom Mastro (Customer sevice) saying I HAD TO COME IN WITH CHECK)
So even though they couldn't fix every thing wrong, and i'd have to come back again. I went back with a new check!
they dump me on a different person named Eric(very nice man)but still couldn't help me. Because when i went to give them the check to get plates & Reg. they totally humiliated me with about 6 other customers standing there, they said they couldn't take another check, because 1st one bounced! But it didn't they never deposited it, because they lost check, i put stop on it(no trust here) then they found ck but stop was already on. again was never told they needed a cashiers check, even though i spoke with 2 different people. who by they way said just come to my office give me check I'll have plates. i'd be in and out. Well we know that didn't happen! Jason was no where to be found. so again got bounced all around, told to wait, and still no plates, needless to say i left very pissed off after waisting another 2 1/2 hours and getting no where, truck is now at my attorneys, they will have to pick it up from him, cause they are not getting a dime from me they can have the truck back. I have an appt at ford in the am.
PLEASE, PLEASE DO YOURSELF AND EVERYONE YOU KNOW A FAVOR, PASS MY STORY ON! so no one ever shops there again, they really need to know they can't treat people like this!
I really feel sorry for my salesman he was very nice! and BRAD BENSON himself, no one will tell me how to get in touch with him, But as a businss person I don't think he would want his customers treated like this and his business ruined, because his employees, don't have a clue whats going on, OR lie like hell!


I have never been treated so badley in my life, I bought a hyndai tuscan at Brad Benson hyndai in NJ worst dealership ever! I needed to put cash down to keep my payments to where i could afford them, but waiting to get tax check, was willing to not take truck till i got my check, sales manager said no worry, take truck and pay when ck comes in. but they were only suppose to get reg.& trans my personalized plates (R USMC)here is where problem comes in, I took truck back to get remote start I paid extra for put in. asked about reg. was told not in yet you'll get a postcard when in. i go home post card is in my mailbox,no problem i need to go back to pick up truck, so i call service ask them to put my plates on, that are in back of truck, call EZ pass to reg truck with MY plates on, alls good. Till i get to Brad Benson dealership, they won't give me my reg. till tax check clears(never told this) and they also got me new plates, now i have to go to motor vehicle to fix MY plates. service thru out my temp, plate cause they put MY plates on, that are illigal, that can't give me a second temp. because that is illigal, but they still won't give me my plates and reg, so now I have a brand new truck I can't drive Leagally!, the remote start that I paid extra for dosen't work, they scratched my mirror, and the illigal 2nd temp they gave me runs out in 3 days. EZ pass cancelled my transponder because of changing plates twice & stll not correct, they were suppose to give me a loner car when they put in remote start, they needed a credit card on file because it was a rental, I told them I only had $100. on card, they put thru $100.01 that put me over and I got charged $75. over limit fee for something that i should have never been charged for. I have talked to several people at Dealership
and can't get any satisfaction or help. I Love my truck, even though I really haven't driven it. but I would never
recommend Hyndai, Because of they way I have been treated,
I have even spoken to people at Corporate level and even though they are so sorry, I had to go thru this. they are doing nothing to help me. so now I have a very expensive drive way decoration, and have to beg people for rides to work and to food shop. Very pitiful!! don't ever shop Hyundai. I have never been so disapointed in my life!
next phone call is better business & an attorney!!!!!

Very Disapointed 3/6/13 9:25PM

My sun visors both failed after driving 30,000 miles. They won't stay up and it's a safety factor. I had to hold the visor up for overy 100 miles. They first said that it was recall-but only in "sun" and western states. I live in VA so they said it's not covered there but would be in Texas where I bought it.So after learning that I tried to order the parts and just kept being put on hold. Not my idea of good customer service. They know that the visors are faulty-they just won't issue a recall.

dmorgan 3/4/13 12:12PM

My experience buying a car was the worst experience in my life...they used my 18 year old daughter as a co-owner and she has never had a job...i wan't my payments to be around 300 and they got me at 580. they said i would have free maintence for 3 years, and come to find out i am only getting oil changes which was included in the payments. I only make 17,000 a year , how could they justify a 580 dollar payment on that amount....I was in that office trying to get out for 5 hours that day...I felt like i was being interrigated until I signed the papers. When I called the next day saying it was i could not afford this car they said oh well there is nothing they could do for me. I feel so trapped and my daughters future as well as credit is on the line if I default on my payments. Not to say we are just about broke and starving each month. I forgot to say that they charged me full price for a car that had been a user car and had 1,700 miles on it. I believe I was raked over the coals...Please Justify this for me! Leslie

Anonymous 2/16/13 9:47AM

I bought a 2011 Hyundai Sonata Hybrid in June of 2011. Also have had issues with the actual gas mileage vs. the advertised mpg, but that is the least of our issues. Have had several visits to the service center since purchasing my new car just 18 months ago. Primary reason for buying a new car was to avoid time consuming, costly and inconvenient hassels with car repairs that were coming due on my previous vehicle. Have since spent more time with my "new" car in the shop than in previous 6 years of vehicle ownership comibined!! And the most recent (12 day long) visit to the shop - after my car started flashing battery & service lights, a warning message on my display screen AND an ALARM during my morning commute!! And after their 12 days of "diagnostics", they determined that I needed a new TRANSMISSION!! I only had 33,000 miles on my 18 month old car!! Yes, it was still covered under warranty, but this does NOT make me feel good about what repairs, expenses and time consuming hassels I have to look foward when my car actually starts to get some real wear on it.... NOT HAPPY WITH HYUNDAI!!! :( Is it any wonder that Hyundai increased their 100,000 mile warranty on the 2011 Sonata Hybrid (my model) to a LIFETIME WARRANTY on the 2012 model??? Clearly all the years they spent researching this Hybrid model didn't do them much good.... *SMH*

beth.taylor17 1/21/13 8:59AM

I am writing to tell you about my service at the Odessa,Tx dealership. I took my car in for it's first oil change at 7:40am on November 8, 2012. I spoke to the manager about getting my car detailed because they did a poor job washing the car when I purchased it. It was not very clean and they said they would redo it. I no this location is poorly staffed. They took my car to a local car wash for an external wash without my knowlege. I thought that they were cleaning it on site. I only notice because my car was not vaccumed inside. I was told that they only washed the outsde. It once again was not clean. I was given the receipt and told to have it rewashed. Car guy called local carwash to tell them I was coming back to get my car rewashed. I then drove to the carwash to have the outside rewashed. I had my tint redone at this same dealership because they did a poor/quick job. I did not let them redo it a third time. My car should have been detailed and cleaned inside. I would have never known that they took my car to a local car wash. This is my third Hyundai. I have a 2013 Sonata fully loaded. I want a free detail/car wash for my car; the inside should be done also. No problem with my oil change a young man helped me with my bluetooth and I was pleased with that; helping me set up my phone. Please address the dealership. I should have been told tha they could not wash my car at that time and they were driving it to a local carwash. It's just unprofessional poor servce management should have told me.. I will call custermer service in the morning.

N/A 11/9/12 12:53AM

Planet Hyundai in Las Vegas is the WORST dealership I've EVER been in. A MANAGER came out of his office CUSSING at the top of his lungs in front of a full showroom and an 8 year old boy because I ripped is precious piece of paper in half and sent it back with the salesman with the first ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS offer. Real professional. Do NOT go here . . .

Anonymous 11/3/12 7:19PM

I am writing to extend my issues that I had at the Hyundai dealer in Florence, Ky. I purchased a 2013 Hyundai Santa Fe and in doing so I had all kinds of issues and felt I got a lemon when going back to the dealers after 5 days I was told that they would do there best to fix it unless I wanted to trade it in on something else but I would lose money because it is now a used car after 5 days. I told them that they should take it back because I was lied to but the big guy that was over ther dealership more or less told me I was stuck with it. I got a little upset so I told then that the survey that I was going to fill out would certainly not have all tens on it and then big boss spoke up and said all thats great the boy is trying to work he way thru college and your going to give him a bad survey and then said I am done talking to you and walked out of the office and left me setting there. I felt that was real unprofessional coming for the man that runs the dealership. I walked out without saying anything to the big cheese but I did say to the boy that sold me the car that it was ok it was not his fault. So beware when buying a Hyundai in Florence because they do not talk the truth or at least I found that with my experience. The young gentelman that I bought the car off of was very nice but I know his hands were tied. I also think they need to send the top dog there for some professional classes because he is very unprofessional in speaking with the public. Does not know how to handle issues without getting rude and walking out. I paid 32,000,00 for a car that has problems that they wanted to pacify me with I guess it was because I was a women.

bear 11/3/12 4:44PM

This is the company that keeps on giving .Giving people like me the run around.About 6 Months ago I went to Paramus Hyundai to lease a vehicle .After an hour of nonsense the Sales Manager Eric came Over and asked me If I could leave $100 Deposit so they could hold the car and search for credit.The next day I was informed that my credit was not up to snuff , so I simply told Eric to mail me a check covering the cash deposit I left there.Well that was 6 Months ago and I've heard every excuse you can think of.After talking to Corporate they informed me that they spoke to Eric and he had the check in front of him and was having someone deliver it.That's the 2nd time I heard that BS from Eric.I asked the Case Manager Anthony WTF the check was still doing in front of this thief after 6 Months.Please don't do business with this company at any cost.Apparently stealing is not only accepted it sounds to me like it might even be encouraged.The cars are cheap crap anyway.Drop the extra dough and get yourself a Toyota .

hac1962 10/5/12 2:40PM

My husband and I are in the market to buy the 2013 Hyundai Santa Fe. When we met with Kris at Stew Hanson Hyundai in West Des Moines, IA, we put together the package that we wanted. It included the leather package and the popular package, the remote control starter, all weather floor mats and mud flaps. At that time, nothing was disclosed to us that there was an issue with any of these extra items. But then Kris contacted my husband to let him know that the remote starter that was offered for $350 would not work correctly and recommended that we buy the after market remote starter, one was $595 and the other was $695! In doing my research I found out that neither of those starters would work with the smart key!!! Stew Hanson even had the $695 starter installed in one of the 2013 Santa Fe's and it would not work!!!
Their recommendation is that we get a smart phone (which we neither have or are interested in) and then buy the service that is $180 a year so we can remotely start our car with the smart phone! And with that being said if we did get a smart phone our wireless bill would go up $40 a month and we would have to have that service for 2 years or pay a penalty of $350 for early cancellation. The other issues that have now come up are 1) the all weather floor mats are not available 2) the mud flaps are not available. My issue here is you are falsely selling products that your car does not have! Nor do they know when these products are going to be available! On the floor mats and mud flaps we were told that Hyundai is still looking for vendors that can produce them cheap enough! I do want to buy this car, I need the remote starter as I am disabled and live in the Iowa where we have cold winters.
Please look into these issues and let me know how you can help!
Bobbi Tarlton

BTarlton 9/24/12 7:56AM

i had the worst experience at the thorton road hyundai store in lithia springs, ga. the salesperson anthony williams was very rude, unprofessional, and very inconsiderate. the customer service i received at this location, i want no one to ever endure.

y hassell 9/19/12 8:30PM

I am writing this letter to tell you how disappointed I am in our new 2012 Hyundai Elantra. It is advertised that it will get 40 mpg. The window sticker fine print says it will get between 33 and 47 mpg which in its self is a 14 mpg spread and quite ridiculous. The manager on Duty Karl Haas, who has since been fired for promising the moon and his salesman Dave Perry, both promised it would average 40 and could make up to 45mpg. My Elantra has averaged 31.6 mpg and yes that is highway miles. The only reason I traded my 2010 Lincoln MKX was the 40 mpg gas mileage. I took a beating trading into my Elantra and justified it by 20 mpg more in fuel economy. I have had the Elantra to the dealer several times about the gas mileage. We did a 5000 mile fuel test burning only Conoco and Phillips gasoline, the service department has went through and through it telling us you need to break the engine in and donâ??t worry it will start performing at 5,000 miles. Then they said 10,000â?¦.The conclusion of the matter is 40 mpg is false advertising and I would never recommend any Hyundai product because you donâ??t stand behind your false advertising. I tell everyone who will listen what a bunch of unjust false liars runs this car company.

hatehyundai 9/4/12 8:32PM

I have a sales brochure from Serra Hyundai advertising $25.00 free gas card for driving test driving a new Hyundai.
On arriving at the Dealership I was advised that no more free gas cards available. Was on first come, first served. Nothing on the brochure says such.
Let me say that I have bought a new 02 mitsubishi and a 11 nissan sentra plus a used 94 eagle vision from Serra Dealerships over the years. Serra has become a very good dealership.
Thing is I was considering the Sonota and trading my Mitsubishi. Not today perhaps, but soon. I will not say I won't buy a Sonota, but I will say not from this dealership. Its very easy to lose credibility over something so simple, but Serra Hyundai lost it on my first visit.
I will copy this to the Better Business Bureau and to Anthony Serra, owner of the Serra dealerships name.

joebhoward 8/29/12 9:27AM

Giuffre Hyundai on 5th avenue in brooklyn, has totally changed my mind about the whole Hyundai brand. On June 11, 2012 I drove up to this dealership with the interest in purchasing a new vehicle. I informed the sales person (Cedric) and his manager that I could not come in, because I could not find a place to park. So the manager told me it was safe to park at the hydrant out front because he would watch it as I browsed the showroom. When I left the showroom, I noticed a $115. parking ticket on my vehicle. The manager took the ticket from me and said not to worry because they would pay for it. Needless to say, it went unpaid. After two days of being placed on hold, "give me your number and I'll get back to yous" and even being hung up on, I decided to go in to fix this issue. Initially, the manager acted as if he didn't know what I was talking about. Then he told me that he wasn't paying for the ticket unless I had purchased a car. I reminded him that he told me to park there, so he said "If I told you to jump off of a bridge would you do it?" He then told me "get out of my face." Well, one thing is for sure, I will not take their advice any more as he instructed. Especially when it comes to buying the Hyundai/Kia brand. If this is how you treat potential customers, then heaven help those who return with car issues. Maybe Fiat,Mazda or a Smart Car will do.

needsacar 7/21/12 10:29AM

I am writing to express my dissatisfaction with the attitude of the management at South Shore Hyundai. They have difficulty with the truth, to put it mildly.
When I ordered my 2012 Santa Fe in May I specified accessories:
1- a cargo screen
2-Remote start
3-backup camera
Car was delivered with no cargo screen. a backup camera with a "fish eye lens" and remote start

In insisted on the screen and was told that it would be available shortly. Week after week passed , no cargo screen
I located one in stock at another dealer. No attempt was made to obtain it from them. Every time I asked about when it was available, I received some other excuse. I finally demanded that they get the screen from the other dealer since he had it in stock. The manager foisted me off on the parts manager. The manager called the other dealership, and then ordered th e screen which arrived within 72 hours. That manager lied to me for about a month, giveing me one excuse after another.

My backup camera fish eye lens is unsatisfactory and really dangerous to use. It is impossible to tell the distance behind my car of an individual or other object. I tries to get used to it during may and most of june. It is not safe I tole service department and management that I wanted the camera changed The manager "reggie" refused. Said it would cost me over $250 or $350 to (I forget which) to change. That the camera alone could not be changed. Another lie. the camera is a relatively inexpensice "cube" camera, not proprietary and could be easily changed to a 90 or 120 degree camera. Another lie.
One of the options offered in the manual for my remote start was "starter kill" and also "horn beep". Since my Santa Fe did not, surprisingly, have "chip in key" technology I though the next best thing would be to install the optional starter kill. I asked about the cost and was told that installation of a complete alarm system($350) was required. I went to a local shop that installed alarms etc. They just happened to be a distributer of the same company remote start that I have. They installed the optional starter kill and horn beep for slightly over $100 - no need for a complete alarm system. Now I am trying to get satisfaction on the backup camera issue. So far with no success. Can you help me? Thanks for you attention.

Stuart Rooder 1547 208 Street Bayside NY 11360
[email protected] 718 428 3062

jpstua 7/20/12 11:36AM

Really?!! Hyundai, my battery dies 13 days after the 2 year mark of purchasing a 2010 Santa Fe new? I have to pay for a new battery. I thought you were better than that. I am disappointed.

Anonymous 7/19/12 2:42PM

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