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JCPenney corporate office headquarters location, phone number, address and feedback

Please find details for the JCPenney corporate office below. We do our best to keep this information current, but if you are aware of any updates to the JCPenney corporate office headquarters information we have, please feel free to submit an update.

Corporate Office Address:
J. C. Penney Company, Inc.
6501 Legacy Drive
Plano, TX 75024
United States

Phone: 972-431-1000
Fax: 972-431-1362

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On January 01-29-13, I visited the J Penney store in the Hilltop Mall, (store 0370) Richmond, California at 4:46PM. I wanted to see what stock you might have and perhapsbuy perhaps one pair of jeans. I have not shopped at the store too many times and did not know where the petite women's section would be. I was immediately approached by a JCP employee, Junie, who walked me to the section and then answered some questions I had. Her professionalism and courtesy was very much appreciated. In turn, instead of window shopping or buying one pair of jeans, I bought three pair. My transaction number is 9602. Of note, after my purchase, I visited other departments and although there were JCP employees on the floor, they never came over to ask me whether they could help me or any other customer when I was there. Certainly, I can buy jeans at many stores but with a JCP like Janie, I am more likely to visit your store rather than go elsewhere. Janie not only helped me but she did it with a warm smile and a friendly manner. You could not have a better JCP representative than her.

Marlene Furtado

PS Tried to fill out the survey but was unable to get onto the site so I decided to send a note to your corporate offices. Courtesy and professionalism should be qualities that every employee should had but sadly, it is not that common.

DMF 1/30/14 3:30PM

I received a JCPenney ad in my newspaper this a.m. It was something I was very interested in purchasing. I went to one
of my nearest Penney's store and was told they did not stock that ad item and had never heard of it....perhaps I could find it online. I commented it would have been nice to know that.....guess I should have phoned ahead! All things in the ads are not handled by all stores I was informed. Since this special four page ad just came by mail in my San Diego newspaper, I expected it to be at my closest stores. I went home and went on line and searched to no avail....I called Customer service and reached a very nice person named Connie
(employee number 6280) in Columbus, Ohio. She proceeded to search with me on line which took another considerable amount of time. She was determined to find the item for me....finally together we located college football items which
the ad did not reference. The only reference in the ad was "college 2 pk. tees 558-4053". Connie found the item which is "no longer available". Since the ad just came out and was only for the next two days....Sunday and Monday..
December 1 & 2. WHY would you put something in a special 2 day ad that is no longer available??????? I wasted a considerable amount of time looking for this item as did your
customer servcie rep. Very upsetting! My son-in-law is an alumni of Alabama and the ad even depicted "Alabama Crimson Tide" on the tee shirts, which was why I spent so much time on the search. I won't bother to read your ads in the future.

Anonymous 12/1/13 10:23PM

November 8, 2013

Corporate Customer Service Department:

I have a huge problem with the furniture I bought on August 11th. Here is the letter that I just sent to Michelle Suarez, the lead expert at JCPenney Store in Tucson, Arizona which has been in contact with my order number.

Please read it so you can have all the information required to give a solution to this big issue.

Michelle Suarez
Dear Mrs.Suarez,

My name is Luz Marìa Camarena. I am writing in order to complain about the excesive time is taking your company to deliver the furniture I bought with Mrs Sue Lerts, at the JC.PenneyFurniture Store #00901 in Tucson.
On August 11, 2013 I purchased a Possibilities Counter Height 54"Rectangular Dining table, a Possibilities Buffet and four pairs of Possibilities Counter Height Upholstered Chairs, all in Mocha. Supposedly, and according to what Mrs. Sue Lerts (assoc. 0422) the saleslady who sold me the furniture told me, I could pick the furniture up just at the precise moment I was buying the furniture, that was 5:39 pm on that August 11th, but after almost two hours of waiting in the store for the buying process and waiting for the order entry to be done, which was finally done at 7:13 pm, almost two hours later, (I have those two times recorder on my customer copy and my order entry), Mrs. Lerts checked the system on the computer, and told me, at that moment that there was a big problem, that there was nothing but four chairs, and that the furniture would be arriving in Tucson from California until the 6th of November, which it seemed to me like an eternity to wait for! ¡Three long months! " I thought" , that is a lot of time to wait for just a dining set, but I had no choice but wait, and it was something that bothered me because I would have to make another trip to Tucson just to pick the furniture up, instead of taking them the same day that I bought it. For me that is paying extra gas, paying insurance for my car to get into the states again,paying for a hotel, which at least is 50 dlls a night, (I am attaching theinvoice of the hotel rate I was given in my last visit to Tucson, so you can see that 75 plus tax is the rate we are paying for a descent hotel, not the best one)

Trying to be patient and understanding the situation, I thought that I could make and effort and wait until November 6, since my parents 52th anniversary, for whom I bought the dining set was on November 16, so I could barely make it for that date and for the guests coming home for the celebration who will be arriving home nest week.

I patiently waited for the first day of November to arrive and sent an e mail asking you the status of my order, but I didn`t get any reply from you until Tuesday, November 5th, you told me you were off three days, which I understand.

I was extremely glad to recieve your reply when I saw my inbox, becuase I thought I was receiving good news, but when I read your e mail I was in shock. You were telling me that my pieces are still on back order 'til January 1st, 2014. Is this a very bad joke you want to play on me ? Are you kidding me? This is impossible to believe! Five months to deliver a dining set from California to Arizona? What am I going to do! What about my gift to my parents, and what about my parents celebration with all the guests coming over? What about Thanksgiving? What about Christmas! I think I bought the furniture with a lot of time in advanced, taking my time, giving you a lot of time to deliver this furniture to your store (August 11, 2013) ,to have it ready for this year. So what is this? I thought with those meonths I gave you to prepare my order was enough to have the furniture with me by November. What do you want me to do? What do you want me to think? Do you know what am I feeling? And how am I feeling? I am completely frustrated! I am desperated, I am totally dissapointed for buying the furniture at your store. This is the first time I buy furniture at your store and I think it is going to be the last one. I should have never done that, what a big mistake I made trusting JCPenney. I thought that buying furniture at your store was going to be a marvellous experience, but it turnet to be an a terrible one. I don`t know what to do!

I don`t want my money back I want my furniture. I need the furniture.

You should have told me before about this situation. Few weeks ago I could have done something to solve this problem, I coud cancel my order and buy them in Mexico, but with less than a week to buy something here, they take at least a week to deliver something from the store to your house, so I wouldn't have made it anyway, you had my e mail, you replied one of my e mails before. It wasn't until I sent you an e mail till you replied. I know that you didn't sell it to me but Mrs. Lerts was, Why wasn't anyone aware of the orders about to expire and that were not going to be ready? Do you think that I will wait till next year for my furniture? Five months waiting for a dining set?

This is unacceptable, and do you think that I am just going to accept your "Sorry for the inconvenience? Tha t is not enough to calm my anger, my despair, my desperation, my disgust, my irritation with the problem and the sadness I feel for my parents, they loved their old dining set, they didn`t have any problem with that, but, I had the great idea of giving them a great present. What an stupid idea! Do you think that Sorry for the inconvenience is enough? Did I look for a type of sandwich that Circle K didn't have at the moment? Did I buy a cup of coffee at Mc Donald's that was just cold at the moment that I just bought and that I just can go next door and buy another one? I am in Mexico, what do you want me to do? Is this the only thing that you can tell a customer that has been patiently waiting for three months for her furniture to arrive in your store and that's just because your bad service did something very wrong and made an enourmous mistake giving wrong dates for the delivery? Do you think that I will wait for two more months? No way, I am not going to wait anymore. I need my furniture. The due date arrived, three months were more than enough for you to have my order ready.

I'm deeply insatisfied with the way you want to solve the problem with just a "Sorry for the inconvenience" No way! You store is in a big problem and I need you to solve it right now. I don`t know what you need to do but I need my furniture in November, and I would like this to occur in a week at most. You are causing me a huge problem. You have already caused me trouble by asking me to go back to Tucson to pick for the furniture that supposedly you had in stock early in the morning when I first visited the store on that August 11th.

My parents will have guests coming home an I made them sell their old dining set because I promised them I was going to bring a new one from Tucson the day that Mrs

Lerts told me that every piece of furniture was there in your store.

They sold their dining set and they are eating on a folding table and plastic chairs bought at Costco since then, I am also attaching a picture of their current dining set so you can see what we got now, and so you can imagine if we can have a celebration with that table. Would you? Would you be very happy with JCPenney if they gave you a pick up date for your furniture and after three months they tell you to wait two more months until next year, but sorry for the inconvenience?

I hope you can understand my position and please assist me with this matter. I don`t feel that my requests are "unreasonable" so I need a reply as soon as possible.

Please contact me to inform me which actions are going to be taken to solve this huge problem you are into. I am anxious to resolve this issue quickly.

I am also attaching all the documents that prove all what I am stating here, so you don't have to take time to look for additional information, everything is attached to this e mail.

I look forward to receiving your reply.

Luz Marìa Camarena 11/8/13 1:20PM

Bring back the St Johns Active wear cuffed sweat pants. These were far the best that were on the market for style, fit, shrinkage and overall quality. Several friends are also disappointed that these are no longer available. I find it hard to believe that they weren't selling - see comments by others.

Julie 10/31/13 1:57PM

Hello; I'm writing this to let you know I'm extremely bothered about a cashier at providence place mall I went to return an item of 60 dollars bought 2 weeks before and has never been worn tag on it and everything I did not have my receipt but I bought it with my husbands jcpenny card. She didn't want to do the return because my name wasn't on the card my husband added me 2 weeks previous to that and before going to the jcpenny I called customer service and asked if I could use his card, they said I could to just show my id well she told me with out my receipt my 60 dollar dress would be dropped to 20. But she didn't return it as I finish my conversation I asked for a bag and she said I couldn't have one I said its a bag! She said she couldn't give me one I walked away extremely annoyed well her name was Linda working at the women's section on the 2nd floor . A few days pass I call customer service again and ask if I could use his card because my card has yet to come in the said yes once again to the jcpenny in providence place mall when after 2 hours of shopping I go to pay they told me I couldn't pay with card, I tell them I'm waiting for my card and I called customer service at that location and they asked there boss and they said it was okay, I go and she denies it too. Whatever I jcpenny in emerald square mall in mass went to buy a blouse I seen thought they'd be different well I was wrong they didn't let me use it either ! I'm extremely upset on jcpennys service so as soon as my husband pays off that card we are canceling it . Jcpennys services is pushing your customers away!
Signed an angry customer

Upsetjcpcustomer 10/19/13 8:12PM

The following employees deserve recognition for their service to me on 10/12 Asso. a super Rep. for JCPenney's store a On 10/13 store fits the category. On 10/13 at both stores mentioned Assoc. were accommodating and pleasant. These attitudes definitely will aid JCPenney's to its potential****

Anonymous 10/15/13 5:57PM

Stopped at Bullhead City, AZ store today Oct. 11, 2013 at approx. 1:20pm. walked around the store saw 6 people working or pretending to work. I stood in the shoe dept. with 2 pair of running shoes in my hand waiting for someone to assist me or at least ask if they could help me. 1 female employee was ringing up 1 customer near the shoe dept. she looked at me several time finished with her custom that was it. 1 male employee wandering around with a cart pasted me after talking to a slender dark haired woman running around with a sport coat/shirt/tie on a hanger going into the back room area and still not one employee offered to assist me. I put the running shoes on a chair walked to the front of the store no ask if they could assist me. 1 woman working front cash register, 2 working jewelry, (1 was assisting a customer the other was looking around. So guess what J.C Penney's my favorite store just lost at least $100.00 sale. Please tell me how the company plans to stay in business with service like this. Very Very Disappointing. I am a long time FAITHFUL customer and this really upsets me. Especially in light of the what seems to be bad publicity concerning JCP ability to compete in the market place. NOW PLEASE DO NOT HAVE THE STORE MANAGER CONTACT ME IT IS NOT WORTH MY TIME TO LISTEN TO EXCUSES. I have heard them all from New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Georgia. I just want good customer service when I walk into the store. I don't care is someone says WELCOME TO JCP. Just wait on me when you see me looking around especially with merchandise in my hand and haven't headed to cashier. Usually that indicate the customer needs assistance or at least it was in years past. Has there been a change in policy? thank you Mr. Young PS: I knows you have 1 opening in that store for service special as of Oct 8, 2013 so that still is not an excuse to say we are short handed.

flashrtp 10/11/13 2:29PM

I have always had a positive experience at JC Penney whether online or in store. Today I was helped by a lovely young women in lingerie her name was Lourdes B. She deserves recognition for her wonderful customer service skills. I'm in retail and truly appreciate an employee who goes the extra mile.

Karen U. 9/22/13 4:21PM

Order placed 8-12-13. I tried to track my order and found out from customer service that as of today it still has not been shipped. I emailed customer service. The response was we will send you an email once your order has been shipped and then it will be 5-7 days before you receive your order. This is unacceptable. When placing the order on 8-12-13 it stated I would receive the order in 4-7 days and now 8-15-13 was told it has not even been shipped as of yet and they do not know when it will be.

shippingnightmare 8/15/13 6:51PM

How is it your corp hires only part timers and works them hard.think you are using these poor workers like slaves! Just so your Corp doesn't want to pay benefits! That's really sad no wonder it has a bad reputation to work for you use these people who need jobs for a few hours a day when you want them at your beck in call should be reported to labor board!

someone who cares 8/12/13 6:22PM

Today in your JC penny's store in Santa Ana main place mall I have been a customer for years and I was really uncomfortable overhearing a store mgr talking to other associates about another employee out loud! This was very unprofessional! And those young employees are trying hard they have always been kind and plesant this happend bout 6 pm Aug 11 she did not have her name on tag but it was in shoes when I asked a rep her name its something like Effiemia? She really had an attitude I was really astonished you allow these managers to opening discuss and talk about other employees! Won't go back there again! Need better mgmt!!

Anonymous 8/11/13 8:41PM

Having seen the clean colorful advertising that JC Penny has was a surprise to me. Here in Winchester, Va the store has taken on the same clean and wonderful look of the ads. Wow, I'm impressed with the looks of the store, actually refreshing to go in. Even more impressed was the way all the clerks spoke and offered any assistance. I certainly hope this store makes it through the hard times because there has been a lot of effort put into this business. Nice job to all who are making those tough corporate decisions.

Anonymous 8/9/13 7:58AM

I am a long time customer of jcp. Since recently the remodeling in the in Tyron Mall in St. Petersburg Fl. I do less shopping. First reason being discontinuing of coupons second is they removed Jones of New York, Small space for St Johns wear and most everything is geared to the very the very young. Also we were in New York City and went to Jcp in the mall. We noticed many items that were on sale the original price was less than sale price. example an item that was marked $14.00 original price was $8.00. Is this a scam or what?

what is that 7/23/13 7:01AM

Iam a loyal customer of JCP for years and I'm not quite happy with the resolutions I received today.Evidently I have a balance of $87.34 that is due now and I was shocked , and after looking into my account it looks like my balance of $24.17 becomes $87.34 due to late charge of two months which is incredibly high. Honestly this is not intentional on my part, I always pay my bills on time ,my credit report will prove that and why would I rather pay the late charge than my balance that does not make sense I believe the issue was I have two different accounts and the $24.17 that I owed was paid on my old account which I tried to explain this to Joan and Molly and I don't think they understood . I was told only one late charge can be taken off not both which I was thankful for that but I feel like both late charges should be taken off.

I do appreciate any feedback on this matter.

Anonymous 7/22/13 7:35AM

I live in Arizona. People in Az. get up early because no time change and it gets light by 5.30. Also school starts at 8am. JC Penney does not open until 10am.BIG MISTAKE Kohls Target and Walmart and other stores in the neighborhood all open by 8am. When I drop off the children at school I often go shopping before I go home. So where do I go -to a store open by 8am. Also Az has a lot of senior citizens who get up and out early. My sister works nights and shops at stores on the way home -the ones that open at 8am. She is home and asleep by 10am. Think about it. I know your store is making changes-this should be one of them. Open earlier. Especially in sunshine states like Arizona California and Florida.
And please bring back your old brands of clothing. And keep having sales.
Thank You

early riser 7/1/13 1:37PM

I'm very disappointed in your recent decision to drop Paula Deen. It seems suddenly everyone is quick to judge without all the facts and apparently some people can get away with continuous offensive acts but one person's act 30 years ago can cause such an uproar! It would be different is she had a pattern of offensive behavior but she does not. I don't shop J C Penney very much but now I know I will not be shopping there anymore with this nonsense.

Anonymous 6/28/13 7:19PM

On April 8 2013 we placed an order for a treadmill on 4/15/13 our jcp account was charged for the treadmill on 4/17/13 our treadmill was shipped so they say today is 5/6/13 and still waiting on our treadmill we have had 6 calls about our no show treadmill and we made 5 of thoes calls, no one cares the answer we get is we don't know where it is??????? if jcpenney cared about me as a customer they whould ship me another treadmill and look for the one they lost on their own dime!!!! never have been treated like we were with the "CUSTOMER CARE" it is a joke

BLD in ohio 5/6/13 1:55PM

Please bring back St. John's Bay Bi-Stretch Pants in ULTRA TALLS! I BEG YOU. I am 6 feet tall and these were all I wore! They had GREAT reviews!

Joy 5/2/13 6:11AM

I have had the worst experience with JC Penney on line ordering department. Today I have spent 45 minutes on my cell phone to try to resolve this issue. My order was not resolved nor was it handled properly. If I hear therd is nothing I can do or I sorry I will explode. My order was done onlineApril 7, 2013. My anniversary date is 22 Apr 13. I received notice that the ring I had order for my husband had arrived. When I went to pickup the ring its was the wrong ring. The correct ring was ordered that day. Checking with the store here it has not arrived. I went back to the internet and found phons number to call. I spoke with a representive an shd stated she had research and done all she could do. I askednto speak with a supervisor and she came on line and I explained my situation to her and she stated let me check with ups She left the and I was placed on hold for the 3rd time when the person return to the phone it wafye original person I had been talking to. I asked where ye supervisor went and she didnt know . I then spoke to another supervisor whom could not resolve the issue. Facts are poor customer service. Fact ring Will not be here until Monday or Tuesday. My anniversary is monday 22 Apr 2013 I havs no gift thanks to unacceptable delivery. ? It this was your anniversary and this what your spouse wanted how would you feel
I m sad and hear broken I do not have enough time to order anywhere else and jcp do not care.

mommabel 4/18/13 12:36PM

To whom this may concern, your online shipping is the worse I've ever had to deal with. You all need to do a lot better. Your customer service is horrible also and needs improvement. My family and I will never ever shop at your store again especially online. I'm going to make sure I let the military know that this is not a great place to shop. The people are very rude especially your suppose to be supervisor. As a customer I should not have gotten treated the way I did. Please don't accept the customers money if you can't get the shipping information correct and most of all say I don't know where your order is. How rude?? Come on now JCP, you all have to do much better. I'm going to let it be known that your service and customer service is the worst ever and very rude.

Ann2501 3/22/13 2:34PM

To Whom It May Concern:

I can tell you some very good reasons why you're losing money & customers. Your catalogs and stores have absolutely no CLASSIC CLOTHES. You have NO ONE who has gray hair anywhere. Who do you think took those of us to the Penny Store while WE were growing up...and yes, like it or not, we do get older. My suggestion is that you get new designers for EVERY AGE group who can come up with something many people will actually wear & have your models, those cutesy skinny very young women, even the young & very young girls in your catalogs plant their feet the way they should be, not pointed at each other to make them look like sexy provocative bimbos. We older people are the ones who used to shop at your stores, but I wouldn't be caught dead in anything you display right now...even when I was young. A 74+ year old woman with graying hair. Thank you, Kay McCormick

Anonymous 3/18/13 7:14PM

Experienced A Truly Disappointment Visit At The Store In The Gulfview Store Mall In Port Richey Florida Today. My Daughter And I Would Have Purchased About $299.00 In The Housewares Dept Unfortunately Recvd No Customer Service Help 22minutes We Walked Out,even The Restroom Was Disgusting Shame On You Mr Ron Johnson,store Mgr, All The Recent Bad Press Is 100 Percent True. Glad To Say We Will Not Visit A Jcp ,maybe Never Again. Ps Our Money Went To Macy's

Anonymous 3/8/13 1:53PM

Cheated out of my REWARDS. ( REWARDS IS A SCAM)Going to call CEO's Office, Ron Johnson.
Employees are liars and scammers.
NO Wonder JCP is going BANKRUPT.

Disappointed 3/5/13 6:05AM

No more St. John's Bay clothing and shoes, what a mistake! The quality of the St. John's Bay line, from the fit to the styles, were terrific. I used to shop at Penney's all the time. You have lost me as a regular cutomer as your new lines are less than perfect. Please bring back St. John's Bay.

sjl 3/2/13 10:44AM

I went to JCPenny Barboursville, WV Jewelry Store. A nice lady Linda Thomson took care of my customer needs so much that I bought jewelry worth $2,645 on 1/20/2013. She gave a flier with exact wordings, "JCP Fine Jewelry Save Event: When: February 1st - 14th. Save an EXTRA 20% off fine jewelry Prices! You can pre-select your purchases now while supplies are good. See any fine jewelry associate for details." She guaranteed that I can bring the receipt and jewelry from Feb. 1 to 14th in any store and get the promised 20% off. I also applied for the JCP credit card to get 10% off (so that the final amount came to $2380).
However, terrible experience when I went to JCP in Baltimore, MD 21236 on Feb 13, 2013 at 7:00 pm. Store associate #0928 called the store Manager Jane Gannon to ask how to handle the sale. Ms. Gannon rudely denied the 20% off deal for the pre-selected items. When we showed the flier, she flatly refused to give the promised discount without any logical explanation. When we gave the business card of the lady at WV store to check with that lady (Ms. Thomson), Ms. Gannon asked us to go back to that store (which was 400 miles away) and talk to her! We returned all the jewelry pieces except for a $50 item that my wife was emotionally attached to. We returned this item back and re-purchased so we received the 20% off (on going jewelry deal from 1-14 Feb.) on it but we lost the 10% off that we had received on the day we opened the JCP card (1/20/2013).
Because of the very rude manager, her denial to honor the WRITTEN promise, it was a lose-lose deal for us and JCP, which lost $2,595 worth sales. We are in the process of cancelling the JCP credit card also.

Dr. Patel 2/24/13 11:40AM

I used to be a regular JC Penney shopper. The catalog was my go-to for everything and the Worthington dress pants I wore for work were perfect. I liked many of their other brands, like Arizona and St. John's bay, and shopped in almost every department there, including furniture. They have really messed it up now. No offense to the creative person in the advertising department, but the junk they print and send to my house is really AWFUL. And quality has taken a dive -- I haven't been to Penneys since the last time I bought several pairs of dress pants and all the hems fell down in the first month. Sorry Ron, but it just isn't working.

Barbara 1/31/13 7:21AM

Worked for my local JC Penneys here in Valdosta Ga. I was hired approx. 7 months ago in the shoe department. My fellow associates were paid 9.50 a hour or more. They started me off at $7.50 a hour. My job was to do theirs , my department manager (Pam) and my job as well. I was never acknowledge, offered a pay increase, or offered a promotion. I was actually let go today because of that very same reason. I was yeld at by the Store Manager (Mr. Bynum) and told I wasn't doing my job because I asked my department manager to speak with employees who weren't doing theirs or for a pay increase. It is beyond me how companies treat their employees. The ones who work the hardest , get degraded and the lazy , unreliable ones get rewarded. Theres's no fair and square treatment of any kind here!

Melo75 1/30/13 10:27AM

My husband placed an order online with Penney's on November 23,2012. When we received the order, 1 item was missing from our order. I checked my order online and realized that one item was back ordered.The busy holiday season came upon us and before we knew it, January 2013 was here and still no word on our missing item. I called customer service and inquired about the back ordered item (London Calling T-Shirt) on January 4,2013. The young man I spoke with informed me that the T-Shirt should have already been shipped out. He was puzzled and said he would have someone call me. Well, that call never came and neither did the T-Shirt. I called customer service again on January 18, 2013. I inquired yet again as to the whereabouts of the missing T-Shirt. The rep informed me that my order was cancelled. Cancelled?! Are you kidding me??!! No one ever informed me that my order had been cancelled! We needed this tee to complete an outfit for one of our daughters! I felt as if I should have gotten a replacement tee free of charge, for if anything, the inconvenience! The rep spoke with her supervisor "ASHLEY", and was told to tell me they could only give me 10% off! I asked for ASHLEY'S last name and was told she did not know it. Really? I am so done with shopping at JC Penney's! The stores barely have any Juniors apparel to choose from and now on-line orders are getting screwed up! No Thanks!

Former JC Penney Customer 1/22/13 2:52PM

I went to Penneys in Canton Ohio today. I could not believe my eyes. Not one sweater in the store on Jan 22. No underware in my size, and hardly any at all. Is this a joke, or is someone trying to see how fast they can run a company under? I had money to spend, and nothing to buy. I have been a Penny's customer for nearly 50 years, and I am appalled at the condition, and the products in your store. From what I witnessed, this store won't be open in another year. I am deeply sadened by what has happened to Penney's. Thank You, Joe Couch

Anonymous 1/22/13 10:12AM

I do not usually write to a company, however, I felt I had to have my say about how one of your supervisors is bulling your sales associates.
I was having my usual hair appointment on January 17Th. All of a sudden a gasp then a hush came over the shop. I heard someone say, "Oh no, so & so is here." I didn't get her name.
She was acting like she was the Queen and making the associates cower to her.
I have seen this before, when the narcissist boss comes in and throws their weight around. No one can respect them because of their rude behavior.
This is NO WAY to run a business. Especially when the narcissist is acting out their awful poison.
E. C. Wolfe

@-->-->---- 1/20/13 9:59PM

I Am An Older Woman Who Has Shopped Jcp All My Life For Myself And My Family. Myself And All My Friends Do Not Like The New Approach Nor The New Pricing. Also You Keep Dropping Lines Of Clothing That Were A Staple In Our Lives. They Are Being Replaced With Clothing Suitable For Teenagers But Not Families And Older People. Also,in The Smaller Stores You Took Out Housewares With Smaller Areas Available In The Larger Stores. Plus Sizes Are For The Most Part Ignored In Lingerie, Nightgowns, Robes, Etc. We All Agree We Miss Our Old Jcpenney Stores And For The Lines Of Clothing Jcp No Longer Has; We Now Go To Other Stores To Purchase.

iNDIANASUSIE 1/10/13 8:26PM

Just came back from shopping my local J.C. Penney Store. Found out you quit selling the St. John's Bay Performance Pocket Tees.
Very disappointed. Are they available from other sources?
I was always satisfied with the St. John's Bay products!

Guy 1/5/13 3:36PM

What makes a great Company Great? People? Enviorment? Pricing? They all do and more..... but without Vision and Culture it will fail in time. I think this Company will turn around, but must not forget the people in the stores working...through the change in Penny's culture abroad, they need to have someone changing the belief system inside the stores with there employees...they must become "Self Aware" "Self Directed", "Self Responsible" there are to many (1) store great comments and 2-3 stores with bad comments....Change and build the Vision, execute the vision and communicate the vision....listen to customers outside the building we will tell what we want and will and can help make penny's a place to shop that our kids also will remember as we did when we were younger...Change with time but never forget the vision and culture that brought you to the dance......You can change the face of building but its harder to change what's inside!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dave 12/26/12 1:57PM

I think the merry christmas america little button was a joke. I received my with my gift on x-mas with my gift. The people at the store did not mention you have to do it by Dec. 24 with everything going on they should have allowed it to go on for 3 or 4 days after x-mas. Plus they expect you to sign up with your e-mail address plus your phone number what a scam.

Anonymous 12/26/12 7:23AM

just got to say thank u for the help i recived from a lady in youre laurel store her name was joyce stringer she has always got a smile and goes out of her way to help had a wonderful time shoping in your store thank you and thank you mrs. Stringer

tim 12/22/12 12:14PM

I won two $10 certificates via the buttons and one $5 certificate; however, I can't seem to get them. I have contacted customer service numerous times and all I get is the same email every time. I have done everything they said and still have not gotten them. I feel Penneys has cheated me out of my $25!! I will no longer shop at Penneys and will pass the word along via Facebook, etc.!!

Janis 12/21/12 10:22AM

I just visited my local JCP at Alton Square Mall in Alton Illinois over the weekend. I was extremely upset to see the manicans in the middle of the entrance isleway. I work for IMPACT Center for Independent Living where we advocate for issues that effect the disability community. The manicans clearly were a barrier for those trying to navigate the isle in a wheelchair. When I spoke with the Manager Aimmii Simms about this she stated that there was enough clearance on each side of the manicans and those in wheelchairs would just have to go partly on the carpet on each side of the manicans to pass around. She also said that there was enough clearance according to ADA law and that this was how Corporate wanted placement. Clearly Ms. Simms and Corporate do not understand that having to navigate half of your wheelchair on a different surface from the other is not always easy if the chair is a manual one. I propossed that perhaps this store should go beyond just what is required by ADA and make things easier for the customers by moving the manicans out of the isle. She did not seem to understand the problem nor care much about my opinion. With many of our servicepeople coming home with injuries and more and more Baby Boomers facing these issues you would think that JCP would be more sensative to these problems.

Dricha6065 12/18/12 9:06AM

I called the JC penny at the 5th ave mall in Alaska about a product....normaly this time of year you get put on hold and never get your question answered...however MR JACK RAGAN who works there needs a raise...he went way beond your normal sales person he emailed me pictures and called me back. you dont see employees like this any more he was so nice and helpful.

from wasilla 12/17/12 1:53AM

Ellen EdGeneres is an excellent entertainer, a kind and generous person and is an asset to your ad campaign. I am a Christian and I am not offended in the least by her appearance in your ads.

Anonymous 12/14/12 11:53AM

On 12-12-12 I phoned customer service in Milwaukee, WI and spoke to Chiquita Brown. Not only was she polite and knowledgeable but she seemed more than happy to solve my problem. I know she was busy; it is the Holiday season, but she made me feel like I was the only customer she had.
I would very much appreciate Miss Brown being recognized for a job well done. Too often customer service reps hear the negative all day long. She should be commended for her professional demeanor. Thank you and I will shop again.

Anonymous 12/13/12 4:49PM

I am registering a complaint and am not sure if this will finally get to the correct party. I have already written a couple of emails on my home computer and on my work; with the addresses of I Guess I need to leave this blank and this blank as well and to no avail. I also placed a call to no avail. I had not gone shopping until this past Sunday when I went to JCPenny at the Shenango Valley Mall, Hermitage, PA and received the BUTTONS. All that I have entered except for 2 this AM and have not been given credit for yet by email and the other 4 that I entered this AM indicates that there must be a mistake in the 7 digit code that I entered. Well there is no mistake NOR was there a mistake in the ones that I referred to earlier in my emails. I would like a response. I have made copies of the #'s which are 13rwzs4, uaspq1a, gws9rp4, z4s943z. I do not have the #'s that I previously entered that this message was received with me at this time but they have been forwarded to you in prior email messages. The #'s that indicated that I won today are zyngbjg and 3msm3xh and I have not gotten a response back in my email regarding these two #'s. Please write to me at either email account today and after today to my home account.

dottie268 12/12/12 8:55AM

I am very disappointed in this company for giving into one million moms christian group and pulling the ellen degeneres commercials. i too, will be showing my disapproval with my wallet and never shop at jcpenney again! how non christian of them and you at christmas time. i am a gay advocate and will be informing everyone i know of this situation, ensuring they too, will not shop your company either.

marreebeth-gayadvocate 12/7/12 11:42AM

What has JC Penney done???? I'm not a big shopper but when I shop, I shop. I was mortified when I walked into 2 different JC Penney stores to shop. The changes that you have made are not for the good I can promise you that. The quality of what is in the stores now stinks. It seems to me that the overall feel and appearance of the store has shifted and to me the change that has been made is not welcome. Not only am I complaining but everyone of my friends that i have spoken to about the changes all agree, BRING BACK THE OLD JC PENNEY PLEASE! Until you bring back the old Penneys, you have lost my business as well as quite a few others that I know. Are you close to bankruptcy? That is the feel I get when I am now in one of your stores. Simply dreadful!

Former Penney Shopper 11/18/12 6:01PM

I placed a 3 pc. crib set with a hutch on October 25, 2012. I checked the status of the order on the 3rd of November and they told me they should be contacting my son by the 8th of November for a delivery date for it to be delivered. I went on today since he never heard from anyone and the order was canceled. I called the furniture deparment and spoke with a CS rep named Suzie. She told me the order was canceled since the dresser was on back order. I never received a call about the order and to be advised the order was canceled. Suzie went in and made a order for each individual piece at the same price and waved the shipping charge. She was very helpful, but I am not a very happy customer of JCP. I think if an item is being canceled due to someone on backorder then we should be notified. Our new grandson is due on the 15th of November and now he will not have his crib set in his room. I feel their needs to be better CS with someone checking the orders just not canceling them and not contacting that customer.

NANAD 11/8/12 5:50PM

I was told one price on the phone about eye glasses and then they did not honor it for me. Not only once but two times I called them about the price and each time was told the same but then charged diff. It did no good to tell them about this. either the store manager or that deapt. or customer service.

May 11/7/12 1:44PM

Have had a JCP card since I was 20; more than 25 years and have always been a good customer and paid my bills. Yesterday I received a notice that JCP was increasing my interest rate by 4 percentage points because of the 2009 credit card act! I thought that act was to protect consumers? I now have other choices where I live and will be shopping elsewhere. From the review of these comments I can only come to the conclusion that JCP is in deep troulbe and will be closing its' doors in the not too distant future.

John 11/1/12 10:07PM

'Shipping to the store' option is one big joke and nobody in JCPenny Customer Service or stores cares. Good luck in getting your order. They have NO way of tracking the order unless you place your order choosing shipping via UPS directly to your door. JCPenny has really bad problem.

Anonymous 10/29/12 1:19PM

I worked for JCP in Kennewick, WA for about 1 1/2 months in the fine jewelry department. The training was horrible, the area was huge we had to cover and in all their wisdom they put the STORE phone system in our department and expected us to answer each & ever phone call no matter what. The management was sacastic and belittling to you. I worked such few hours I could not learn the different things I needed to know on the cash register. I was expected to close fine jewelry by my self, closing out cash registers and I had never even seen it done. It was very common to not get your break or lunch. I asked for a transfer and also let the store manager know how screwed up it was and they then did not schedule me any hours for the following week..... I resigned on line and within a week one of my granddaughers, who was doing well and had never been talked to about doing anything wrong was interagated for three hours and then fired and escorted to her car. She was also told they were going to talk to her sister who also worked there. Jasmine quit before they could fire her. You talk about RETALIATION!!!!! In the short time I was there I saw many many unhappy customers because there was no one around to help them or ring them out. Jewelry also had to ring up everything the customer brought to us and this did not go towards the jewelry goal you had. Our lead would scream at up when we were doing recovery if we was like a prison!!!!!NO FUN. If this is what RON JOHNSON HAD IN MIND FOR HIS NEW VISION FOR JCP HE IS INSANE. THE CUSTOMER IS TOTALLY UNHAPPY AND EVERY ONE I TALKED TO THAT WORKED THERE WANTED OUT.... NOW THEY ARE GOING TO START USING AN IPAD.....HOW IS THAT GOING TO MAKE ANYTHING BETTER? ONE CUSTOMER I TALKED TO SAID THE PRODUCT WAS NOT WHAT IT USED TO BE....IT WAS GARBAGE. Well, I guess it would have to be cheap junk if you are going to sell it cheaper. MANAGEMENT IN THE KENNEWICK STORE ----AMY, CAMILLE AND THE LEAD MARK ARE THE BIGGEST JOKES I HAVE EVER SEEN TO RUN A STORE.....SOMEONE SHOULD TEACH THEM THAT KINDNESS GOES WAY FARTHER THAN PUT DOWNS AND SARCASUM. I AM SO GLAD TO BE OUT OF THERE. I CANCELLED MY CREDIT CARD AND SHREDDED IT. IT WILL BE A FINE DAY WHEN THEY CLOSE THEIR DOORS FOREVER! GET RID OF MANAGEMENT.............THEY ARE HORRIBLE.

[email protected] 10/28/12 2:58PM

I was a faithful shopper for years. They use to run excellent sales and give awesome coupons until this year. I cannot believe the awful changes they made. I often go to the mall and pass by JCPenney now. If you had a good thing, why would you change it? They need to get the people back who ran the store more effectively.

Anonymous 10/24/12 7:43AM

Please bring back the Just My Size active wear. It was the only line that I could wear. I could just pick up my size and know it would fit my mature body. The brand you have now is for the collage kids, they have many stores to find items in, but not me. I did like the new pricing on them too.

mp52 10/19/12 3:49PM

The new changes suck!!! Thye are carrying things you can get at Macy's and dillards--most of it is for young skinny girls--well most women dont wear the hoochie mama clothes

who 10/13/12 9:58AM

I am so thoroughly disappointed in JCP's makeover. I have been a loyal customer for years and actually did every bit of my Christmas shopping there which was a considerable amount. Most of my clothes and shoes in my closet are from JCP years past. If you look at my charge which has not been used since the changeover and the personal charges I supplemented buying with, you will not see JCP anywhere now. I have tried several times to go back and give it another try but I have yet to walk out with a purchase. That NEVER happened in past years. The clothing is atrocious. The shoes are ridiculous. It seems you want to compete with "forever 21" and capture the teens/young adults (or hookers) who would surely appreciate the new "trend". Unfortunately, that population does not have "spendable money". They are the ones who can't find jobs or money for anything. Those of us who are more situated in life and have expendable assets seems to me to be your target group. I looked around the store in Langhorne during my last visit and realized I could count on my fingers the number of people in the store. Your new low pricing is not near as competitive as your coupon discounts. But, that being said, I couldn't even find one thing that I would buy regardless. I have now placed my shopping loyalty to Boscov's and even Macy's who have better choices. I am only one customer so I realize my opinion will not chang things, but I felt betrayed for my loyalty over many many years, and wanted to let someone there know. Has anyone even bothered to check the demographics in the area to see where the target customer should be????

tab2you 10/10/12 8:47AM

I have been a customer for 40 years and am really disappointed with the Brain Surgeon that discontinued Cabin Creek Twill Flat Front Women's pants. I use them for work, along with many other persons that have commented on line. They are cool and durable
and hold up so well for working women. The weight is perfect. I have tried others, both yours and other companies and they don't compare. Didn't even give consumers a chance to stock up.
Only ones available are either too skimpy or fit is terrible.

Chele 10/3/12 9:38PM

I have shopped at JC Penney for's been my store.
What has happened to the classic clothes for young women
and just women?? I can always find clothes for my husband
nothing has changed for men. I see racks and racks of
clothes for women and young women that never sell. The
patterns are too bold, too big, too many ruffles. Send
your buyer's to Kohl's to check over the still available
basic styles that women and young women love to wear.
The Liz line just isn't what it use to be either? I'm
just seeing to many racks of clothes that aren't selling.
Bring back the basic warm sweaters, nice tee's, 3/4 sleeve
tees, too. JC Penney is a great store in all other areas.
What happened to pretty fall zippered sweat shirts? Why
is it that men still have classic clothes and women's
have changed so drastically? Sales have to be down.
I really like JC Penny...and have had an account for
years...and am just offering my point of view.

Anonymous 10/3/12 5:20AM

My friends and I do not like when you have to return something you go to the red wall which also is where people who are purchasing clothes also are in line, this makes my wait much longer in returning or exchanging things.
Who ever this new CEO is he has some dumb idea's.

Also people want to have contact with clerks, we are getting tired of things like the phone where you can't contact a human being.

My friends and I have said to each other that no more shopping at J.C. Penney's due to just these two changes of taking clerks away and the red wall waiting is frustrating.

It is much better the way it was. It's always the case you get some CEO that doesn't know about what people want, they sure don't want more frustrations.

Jerry Farkas

[email protected] 9/23/12 3:14AM

On tax free weekend, we decided to make a run to jc penney for my daughter some new clothes for her senior year of college. I was so embarrased when I realized my bank credit card had expired. I rarely use it and hadn't noticed. I handed my bank debit card to the sales representative and told him that I would have to transfer money from my savings as soon as I got home. Well, you guessed it. My purchase wouldn't go through. He scanned it and told me my available balance. How that happened, I still haven't figured out. I have discussed it with my bank, as well as this entire saga.
I did not receive a receipt and didn't ask for one as I thought nothing had gone through. My best friend handed him her debit card and told me to just pay her back on Monday, which of course I have. At that point, little did we know, a portion of the purchase ($36.70) had been charged to my debit card and the rest ($74.30) was charged to hers. Now here is where it gets tricky. The full amount for $111.00 was also charged to her debit card. She did get a receipt for the full amount. As we proceeded to exit the store, it dawned on her that, had she used her JCPenney credit card, she would get a $10.00 dollar coupon or something like that. She was a regular shopper there and knew that she could go back and ask the sales rep to void the debit card transaction and apply the amount to her JCPenney card, which he kindly did.
We have made several calls and one trip back to the store. We both have online banking and found out about those partial charges a few days later. We spent way over an hour talking to a young male manager. I think his name was Kyle. He took our information and said he must go through their "call center". I think that is what he called it. He made several trips between us and the opposite side of the store. I think finally even he saw the two partial charges had not been refunded, and of course we had no receipts for those. Just our bank statements that showed them coming out of our accounts. Everything done for the full amount had been done correctly. He basically said the call center said "it had not happened". My goodness, it was in black and white. I have been in customer service for my entire thirty-four year working career and am good at it. This wasn't the way it should have been handled. I passed this same employee later in the store and spoke, he ignored me. I have been nothing but nice and professional dealing with him.
We have since given up on any refund from JCPenney and both filed disputes with our bank. I know this is a long comment, however I feel the need to make it as clear as possible. JCPenny or an employee somewhere has $111.00 dollars that belongs to my friend and I. Needless to say we have no desire to shop there again.

Debbie R. 8/29/12 6:16PM

It truly pains me to do this,but I must,me family has been long Time JCP costumers,both my grandparents on my mothers side worked for the company in the 40's,50's,and 60's,in fact my grandparents met and fell in love while working for this company,so I hate to have to complain,but I feel this deserves to be heard. I was recently "back to school" shopping with my 2 nieces,and great-nephew,while shopping,my nieces boy needed to use the restroom(he is 3) so his mother took him in the ladies room,she then met up with myself and my younger niece just as we were making our purchases,which,by the way,were in excess of $200.00. We decided to head out to the mall,when my older niece,the one who had taken her son to the restroom,realized she had forgotten her pocket book in the restroom,so we waited while she ran back to retrieve it. After a long time had passed,I decided to go into the store to look for my niece, I was beginning to worry,I met her on her way out of the store,she was in tears,she said when she went back to the restroom she noticed someone was in the stall she had been in,she peeped through the crack in the stall wall and saw the store cleaning lady reifeling through her pocket book,she politely knocked on the door and asked if there was a wallet in the stall,she watched as the cleaning lady put her wallet in a trash bag and replied " no,I didn't see any wallet", well,my niece went immediately to management,who would not presue the cleaning lady,they allowed her to leave the scene,never asking her to open her trash bag on her utility cart,they took my nieces name,and number and said if it turned up,they would call. I searched the store for this cleaning lady myself,but she got out of site pretty quickly. We were very upset,but continued to go to the mall,because my younger niece was starting school in 2 days,and really needed to finish shopping,but we were all in a poor mood by that point. A bit later we received a phone call from JCP's manager,they had found her wallet in the trash bin where the stores trash was all dumped,her money was gone,and a bank card,but everything else was there,we were offered no apologies,and when I asked if the woman responsible would be terminated,they basically said they couldn't do that because we had no proof,other than my nieces eye witness account. I am very displeased,I will not be returning to JCP again,I cannot believe how non-sympathetic they were to the situation. I'm disgusted by this situation,and it has been weighing on my mind since that day,my niece is a young mother,who works hard to provide for her son,she is an honest person and didn't deserve to be basically robbed right in front of her face. So thanks JCP,I will now be taking my business elsewhere,with honest employees,and management who gives a damn about their customers happiness.

JCPeed off 8/23/12 8:53PM

I went to have my hair highlighted and cut on Aug. 10. After 3 hours when the foil was taken off, there was a big spot on top of my head. The hairdresser did fix it by putting a lightener on, but I did not have the trust to get the haircut. I could tell when I got home that my hair was lighter, but no one else could tell I got highlights. The manager said I could come back for a cut. I paid $85.00 for the lightening. I tried to call several times to schedule a cut but no one would answer the phone. I went by and made an appt. for Wed. evening 8/22/12 since I was going to a wedding on the 24th. When I arrived, I was told that the stylist had left. I asked for someone else and was told that there was only one person and she was booked. I have a card with the appt. on it. No one called to cancel the appointment. I will not go back even with the card for the "free" haircut. (the one I already paid for) I feel cheated and disrespected.

Deb 8/22/12 6:02PM

I am extremely dissatisfied with my furniture order placed on-line on 11 Aug. I was told that the table I ordered would be shipped out in 7 to 14 days and was given a confirmation number. After 10n days , when I didn't hear anything from them, I checked my order on line and was very surprised to see that they had cancelled my order. When I called the customer service, I was put on hold for about 15 minutes and then told that the item was on back order until Nov, and since they didn't want me to wait till then, they just dropped my order!! They should have had courtesy to inform me about this, and a good company would perhaps offered me an alternative to keep the customer happy!
When I talked to the supervisor to complain, she told me that they were very busy and did not have time to get in touch with me. Readers tell me what you think of the way JCP handles their customers? I shall never bother to waste my time on their site.

Anonymous 8/21/12 6:44PM

I am very dissatisfied with my online furniture delivery experience and will never again order furniture from JC Penney. On 6/17/12 I ordered 2 dressers and a queen-size bed (headboard, footboard, rails) with free delivery. 1 dresser (over 70#) was delivered via UPS on 7/10/12. A delivery company (that only delivered between 9:30a-1:30p on Mondays & Wednesdays: not convenient for customers who work) delivered the headboard & footboard on 7/11/12. The rails were delivered on 7/18/12. Why wasn't the ENTIRE order delivered TOGETHER, expediently and by a delivery company that has evening and weekend hours? I voiced my dissatisfaction to Customer Service, which was a waste of time.

Fed Up 8/12/12 11:33AM

To whom it may concern your JCPenny's Salon 067 Leihigh Vally Mall manager is planning real soon to take 13 hairdress and moving to another salon thats what she does bad for business :-(

bad as hell 8/11/12 5:42AM

I am unable to find St. John Bay Performance and active wear apparel in my area JC Penney stores. Plese get this merchandise back on the racks in your stores or tell me how to find it.

Bobbisue 7/30/12 1:19PM

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