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Jeep corporate office headquarters location, phone number, address and feedback

Please find details for the Jeep corporate office below. We do our best to keep this information current, but if you are aware of any updates to the Jeep corporate office headquarters information we have, please feel free to submit an update.

Corporate Office Address:

Fiat S.p.A.
1000 Chrysler Drive
Auburn Hills, MI 48326
United States

Phone: 248-576-5741

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we are family of jeeps. My husband and I on a Grand Cherokee my youngest son owns wrangler Jeeps that's a special efition ourmy oldest son owns same thing and our grandson owns a Jeep Patriot and I'm gonna make a Christmas card with a picture of each family around their jeeps that says jeepers it's Christmas
Any comnent

Sheri 7/17/14 7:34AM

I recently bought a 2007 jeep liberty and having problems with tire pressure sensors, they replace one, after a month it started going bad again, along with others. I called the dealer where I purchased the jeep and they said it was not covered. I think with the problems that I had when I purchased the jeep it should be covered. That dealer is nothing but giving me problems. I am calling the corporate dealer.

Happymom 7/10/14 10:19AM

I Have A 2009 Sport Jeep Liberty, My Engine Light Was Coming On, I Took My Jeep To The Dealership On Stateline, And Was Told That I Needed A Tune Up, After I Told The Service Department That I Was Not Getting Any Power. Too Make A Long Story Short I Spent Over $4,000 Because I Was Told That I Had A Busted Heads Gasket. The Same Day That I Paid For A Busted Head Gasket, My Jeep Was Smoking And My Temperature Gage Was Constantly Moving, I Took My Jeep Back To The Dealership, And Was Told : Oh They Forgot To Put Antifreeze In Your Jeep". A Few Days Later Engine Light Came Back On, Took It Back The Dealership And Was Told That My Other Head Gasket Busted!!! Really....i Gave Over $4,000.00 To Get My Jeep Repaired And Having The Same Problems. I Called The Corporate Office, And Was Treated Sooooo Bad. How Can You Just Take Someones Money For Repairs, And The Repairs Have Not Been Repaired. I Felt I Was Taken Advantage Of Because I Am A Woman, I Will Not Let This Fly, I Will Go Through Every Extreme To Let The World See How I Was Treated And Taken Advantage Of, Between Working Everyday, I Don't Have The Time And Speak How I Was Treated, But As Of Today I'm Going To Make Time, I've Never Seen Such Mean Disrespectful People In My Life. I Spent My Hard Working Money, Because I Love My Jeep, And It Felt That I Was Getting Smacked In The Face, Each Time I Spoke Wiht The Dealership, To The Corprate Office, Assigning A Case Manager, How Rediculous, Ms. Elizabeth, Spoke With Her Once, Called Her Several Times, Never Returned My Call. I Am Going To Get To The Bottom Of This, If It Takes Me This Time Next Year....i Have Every Documentation, Every Invoice, That Was Uncaused Repairs.

CRESCENT88 6/12/14 1:45PM

I have Family who bought a jeep,the came in to Pa. to visit.They needed it checked while they were here, but were told that it couldn't be seen for a week! They came in from Colorado"HELLO" why couldn't it be checked sooner? My Husband said something was wrong with the rear differential, it didn't sound right. So they left for N.C., but broke down in Va.. Rear differential blew, caught fire and now"YOU" people think they set it on fire on purpose! You won't help them out at all, in my book that's not right. My Cousin was on the front line of Desert Storm, that's right he is a veteran. Step up and do the right thing, he's 100% AMERICAN. Disappointed in this company. Disgruntled relative in Pa..

mommabird63 6/4/14 5:15PM

Hi, my husband and I just recently bought a used and what seemed like a very clean and taken care 02 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited with 104,000 miles from a dealer. The carfax on it was great and brought the value up on it which made our decision to buy but in the past 5 months of owning it, we've done nothing but repair after repair on it. Here are a list of problems we've ran into and had fixed... The oil thermostat started leaking and was replaced, the oil temperature sensor went bad and was replaced, the heated seats now no longer work(haven't fixed these yet), the hood struts are bad(a very common problem-haven't fixed yet), the rear pinion oil seal started leaking so that was repaired, and now we have a check engine light coming on for what used to be a small emissions leak that we thought was because of the gas cap but now is coded as a large leak. So after taking it into a auto shop to get looked at, the plastic fuel tank was dropped and found that the fuel tank had warped at the top and that's why we were smelling gas fumes every time we filled up on fuel. How scary is that if we had a spark of some sort!! Not only that, but after further research online, because of the gas tank location on the Jeep, if we were in a rear end collision there could be a possible explosion which is most likely to cause death of anyone in the vehicle. I am a mom of a two year old and currently 8 months pregnant. This is our main vehicle, so reading up on this scares me to not want to drive it. Apparently Chrysler recalled Jeeps because of this issue but only did for the years 93-98 even though the problem exists in the years from 93-04s. And the only thing they are repairing in the 93-98s is installing a rear hitch which is suppose to help protect the tank in a collision but doesn't really solve the issue. I am very disappointed in our decision to buy this Jeep. We cannot afford to keep dumping money into repairs and to know that our Jeep is a possible death trap just turns my stomach. I cannot believe that Chrysler won't do more to protect their customers from possible death. How are we going to afford getting another vehicle at this point with a baby on the way? The total cost of repairs alone that we've done are nearing $1500. The cost of the Jeep $8900. So do I think it was worth the buy, absolutely not!!! Will Chrysler help us out, NO! They just don't care.

jennie49031 4/22/14 9:35AM

Last Jeep I bought Grand Cherokee 1998. The last REAL Jeep. Chrysler has made the Jeep effeminate. . From rugged and rough to a car for teenaged girls. SUCKS!!! Go back to old shape and size!!

dedeco 4/6/14 6:13PM

my daughter has a 2008 jeep liberty with the sky rider r oof it whistles when you would go over 50mph two weeks ago driving down I95 going 65mph the entire roof blew off flapping in the breeze she went to a jeep dealer in her area and was told that she was liable and that it would cost at least $3,500.00 without labor costs the person waiting on her that he wouldn't pay to have it fix and to get rid of her car. I went on line and found out a lot of people are having the same problems as my daughter and jeep won't back up their product . this is my daughter's second jeep that she has bought . I 've found a site that is getting a class action suit together everyone is very disgusted how jeep is handling this situation you know that this product is poor and you don't want to own up to it because your talking serious money there won't be anymore jeeps bought in this household

Anonymous 3/30/14 7:00PM

My daughter has a 2011 Jeep Liberty that was brought to a Jeep dealer in Latham, NY. First of all they gave her a hard time about fixing it and then they charged her for a solunoid and never replaced it. She needs a vehicle for work. When we went back to the dealer to see why there were 2 different bills and why the part was not changed they told us to leave that we were thrown out and this was not so. They were so nasty and rotten about all of this but never once gave us our money back or fixed the vehicle. This will be the last Jeep she will buy. I have a Compass and have brought it to the same dealer 3 times for a part to be replaced and just found out they took the money but never once replaced the parts after I sat there each time for over 4 hours. They do not fix the vehicles just take the money. They are very bitter people and due to their action that will be the end of a purchase in that dealership.

anonymous 3/11/14 6:12AM

To Jeep Chairman and Board:We are asking that you'se at Jeep Corporation will expand your market and manufacturing in Australia the Land down under.
Because you'se will have greater access to the Asian/Pacific markets of your competitors in Japan and South Korea.
Because of distace you will not have far to ship your cars to these markets especially to the bamboo country as well(China).

As well you'se can pass this onto Ford your parent company for there making of 4 cylinder Mustangs as well.God willing!

On Jeep vehicles I am a Friend of The P.M and the Federal Government; We Welcome your expansion in Australia Down Under.
Australia is a vast and rough country and the only way to get around is either Fly or by car and 4 cylinder 4 wheel drives
Hope to see you'se at Jeep for you'se have been with Australia for a while from WW11 on and We The People like having Jeep here and looking forward to your expansion .God willing!

Archie Lea 3/3/14 4:05AM

I puchased a used 2007 Jeep Commander last april. It has the Hemi engine, poor gas mileage, but still loved it. My battery light comes on and then goes off and then comes on again.. Last week i was driving it and the battery light came back on, then the skid control light came on , then the radio went off, then i got really hot in the cab. I was about two miles from my destination, so I kept driving. After about two minutes everything went back to normal. As i stopped at a red light i saw some smoke, but just assumed it was exhaust from the vehicle in front of me. So finishes on to my destination and pulled in. Then i did see smoke, I raised the hood and BAM...engine was on fire....tried spraying it with a fire extinguisher.. but the fire was under the cover on the engine. Needless to say..My Jeep burned to the ground....Thanks Jeep..this was my second jeep and my i supposed to report this to someone?????

Tim 2/18/14 8:21AM

I recently recieved a notice in the mail that i had to get a required powertrain inspection on my 2008 jeep compass which the notice states in order to keep my powertrain warranty i have to take it to a jeep dealer. It also states it is a five year inspection but my jeep is six years old. Is this correct.

Anonymous 2/3/14 8:33AM

This is our view of our experience. It is only what we believe.
My domestic partner has owned three jeeps. All new, all paid for in cash. 25 years of jeep loyalty. She went in for a tire rotation and oil change, based upon an invite from a licensed Jeep dealer, Napleton, in Chicago Metro.

The mechanic pulled the first tire and (must have clipped the brake line, I assume by accident, though we did not see him do it. Read on and make your own decision). He came out in a frantic manner and told my partner (50+ year old woman) "the last mechanic, who did your brakes, kinked the line. "It leaked into your tire" and "the fluid is all over the floor." The brakes were repaired 6 months earlier by a qualified and licensed shop. If there were a broken brake line, the Jeep Liberty, or any vehicle, would go about three blocks before the brakes would fail completely, the brake fluid would pump out like a severed artery - crash-boom.

No way could the line have been broken for 6 months. All the fluid was on the floor of the bay at Napleton's, where the car was up on a lift. In addition, how can brake fluid enter a pressurized tire? WTH? The manager of Napelton's, along with the mechanic, told my partner the most incredible series of fantastical stories about brakes. They made up a new set of physics, where fluid under pressure, will not leak out of a hole or tear in a metal brake line, until 6 months later, when the mechanic takes off the exact tire where the line was "kinked (mechanics word)" six months ago.

4 1/2 hours of her sitting in the shop, for a 25 minute tire rotation and oil change...and yes, Napleton charged my partner for the work to fix the brakes, which they broke. I called Jeep headquarters in Auburn Hills, MI. They said that they had sent a letter to Naptleton's manager and the area Jeep Manager 10 weeks earlier. "We are so sorry for your experience, they said". 10 weeks later, still no word. Today, Jeep says this is all they are required to do, but won't let us see the letter, or give the full name of the person who wrote it (Terry HF491), nor the persons it was sent to.

The subtext of message seems to be: Jeep is a good product, but they have at least one rip-off dealer who (In our opinion) cheated a woman and will not step up and fix their mistakes. Napleton's held our Jeep and would not allow my partner to leave, until they had effected a repair. If it was so dangerous to drive, how did she get there? How is it that 2 pints of brake fluid only leaked out at the dealership, and not a single drop on the garage floor, during 6 months? Really? Seems like extortion to me. I am not a lawyer, but I know how we feel about this experience.

It was not a terribly large amount of money. They could have been courteous, apologized and we would be buying a new Jeep next year. We will not buy from Napleton's, and maybe not a Jeep.

I asked who currently owns Jeep? Fiat. Go figure.

Jeep Strangler 1/28/14 9:44AM

On October 7, 2013 I purchased a new Jeep Grand Cherokee Summit from Holt Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram, 1111 Interstate 20 East, Arlington, Texas. On October 19, I contacted the GM Shawn Andrus and informed him that it seems like there is no way to contact their service department. I tried online and the only contact I had is a salesman trying to sell me a new vehicle even though I repeatedly told him that I just purchased a new vehicle and to stop calling me. No one from service contacted me. I also tried calling but no answer, so I left messages, no return calls. I was contacted the next day and given the excuse that there were problems with their voicemail.
On November 22, I contacted Shawn again but also copied the owner. On November 8, I brought my Jeep in because I was having problems with my Navigation system, it reroutes me when I'm on the right road and tells me I'm on one road when I'm on another and other problems. So they did a recall update which did nothing. I was told to be there on November 18 at 8:30, since there is only one guy there that can download new software to see if it fixes the problem, when I got there they called him and he said he was 20 minutes out, so I waited. So finally I talked to Lisa at 10:30 and she said he never came in and they could not reach him. So again I wasted gas and took vacation time. Lisa told me that she expects to have a loaner by Wednesday and then I could just drop off the Jeep. Well never received a call, so I contacted Shawn on the 22nd. I was contacted the next day and was told they could get me a rental. So on the Friday before Thanksgiving week I brought in my Jeep, they provided me a rental, I informed them that I was going out of town on Thanksgiving and needed my Jeep back by Wednesday. I got a call on Wednesday to pick it up and Lisa informed me that they had to order a new radio; I informed her that I would be back on December 14. On the Thursday before I was coming back Lisa called and told me she needed a number off the radio so they order the right one, I told her I was surprised that they did not get it when they had my Jeep. So it had been about 3 weeks and they had not even order my new radio. She said she would call when it came in, today is January 18 and I am still waiting for my call.
So on January 13, I contacted Shawn, the owner and another manager explaining the above item. They have ignored my complaint and do not even have any common courtesy to respond to me. This is the worse dealership that I have ever had to deal with I hope it is only this dealership and not the way Chrysler/Jeep treat their customers. Maybe I was spoiled I had a Toyota for 6 years and their service department, three different ones in three states, I received nothing but get service, they responded promptly and got me in and out promptly and provided a rental whenever I needed it.
I will complain to whoever I have to until this is resolved.

mariondfw 1/18/14 5:06PM

I recently bought my used 2003 jeep grand Cherokee from a dealer and the air bag light was on... I figured it was probably a sensor or something small and that I could just get it fixed, I googled it and found out this was a recall problem! So I made an appointment with my nearest Chrysler dealership and they informed me that the part has not been made yet.... So I get to drive my jeep around not knowing when or if my airbags are just going to randomly deploy!!! I'm not complaining about a recall on something small, I could hurt someone or myself if the airbags go off while I'm driving down the road!!!! This is insane the recall is a year old and nobody has the part for it?!? Then put us jeep owners in a rental or replace the whole damn system!!!! Chrysler is going to loose a lot of valued customers by making them feel like their safety isn't important!

Cortney 12/6/13 12:04PM

We bought a new 2011 Jeep Wrangler Saharain January 2011. After a few months we began hearing a noise I describe as a windy sound from the door. We brought our Jeep to Mark's Casa Chrysler Jeep (from whom we had purchased the vehicle.) After inspection we were told that they fixed the problem. We were told that the door latch was too narrow for the door lock and that a strip of tape was used to thicken the width of the latch. The service man laughed and joked that he used genuine MOPAR elec tape. We were also told that this method of repair was memoed to Jeep delers. When questioned about how soon there would be a permanent fix, we were then told they would advise. Every few months we have to wrap tape. When we paid over $36,000 for a vehicle, tape is not acceptable. We would appreciate a response!!! We have made several calls to the dealer who have failed to respond and a few trips to this Albuquerque dealership has brought no results.

Anonymous 11/15/13 8:35PM

Hello, I also have a Jeep issue.I bought a used Jeep two years ago from a Jeep dealer in Tawas Michigan that showed me a carfax and told me nothing was wrong with the Jeep.For the first year I had to keep returning it because the front floorboards would fill up with water everytime it rained. Now I am told that the rear differential has burned up and ruined my driveshaft and trans and other components at a price of $3500 and that they wouldn't do anything to help me because of the age (2007) and mileage (75,000). My husband has a Ford Expedition with 150,000 miles on it and has never had this kind of problem.I was told that the problem has been going on for years and should have been caught with regular oil changes. Funny, for years?! I have only had it for two and I was told when I dropped it off for repairs that there were no leaks. Feeling pretty ripped off right now.I will never buy another Jeep product.My husband is disabled and I am a full time student in nursing school with no car to get there right now without leaving my husband stranded with no ride to Dr. appts or anywhere else. sometimes life really sucks and so does Jeep!

Sandy Madden 10/29/13 3:44PM

In 2010 I purchased a 2008 Jeep Liberty used because I had a friend who had owned jeeps before and had no repair issues with them at all. In the 3 years I have owned this vehicle, I have had to replace the radiator and water pump, the drive shaft, and the ENGINE! I now still owe more on the vehicle than its Blue Book value. I feel like I have the worst lemon on earth and will never purchase another Jeep!

TBIsing 10/17/13 4:02PM

Hello Want To Buy A Jeep Compass. Well I Don't Know.
The Other Day I Looked At One . The Door Post Section That
Has Black Tape Had Bubble Blisters . Don't Any One Check
The Jeeps When They Go Out The Door. I May Buy One ....
I Am Thinking Long And Hard. Jeep People Get With The Program.

BUY AMERICAN ? 10/17/13 4:29AM

I own a 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee, I ordered and received a set of manuals for the vehicle. The manuals dealt with things like GPS, Blue Tooth and other bells and whistles. I had a fog light burn out and opened the owners manual to get the type of bulb needed and directions on how to replace it. No such information existed in the manual. I contacted the dealer for information and was told to bring it in and they could change the bulb for me at a cost of $75.00 (seventy five dollars per bulb). When customer service was contacted at I was told to take the vehicle to a dealer to have the bulb replaced that they had no technical knowledge. I then requested a phone number of someone who had "Technical Knowledge" and was told they did not have such a number and said I should take the vehicle to a dealer to replace the bulb. The dealer service was no help, except for replacing the bulb at a cost of $75.00, Customer care was no help except to direct me to a dealer to have the bulb changed and apparently Jeep has no technicians with the knowledge of how to change a light bulb. Additionally, the bulb number PSX24W, listed in the user guide for the vehicle could not be cross referenced by any auto parts store. This means I could not even purchase a new bulb if I wanted to replace it myself. I've owned two other Jeeps besides my current vehicle. I doubt that I will buy another and know I will not recommend the vehicle to others.

Anonymous 10/11/13 11:31AM

purchased a Jeep Compass on May 25,2013 and have had nothing but a huge headache and what seems to be like never ending problems with the vehicle.
The car has been in the shop 4 times in the short time I've owned the car. Taking care of the issues with the vehicle, has cause me trouble at my place of employment because I am constantly on the phone dealing with this on company time and my boss is now upset. I have been late to work 5 times since I purchased the vehicle because it needed to get repaired.

I am a single mom and feel like I was sold a lemon and fear for the safety of my child and myself. they have tightened the torque and subframe, replaced the gear rack and pinion. The car has less than 5,000 miles and I do not feel that I should have this aggravation and nightmare with a car that I paid over $20,000.

Liz 9/30/13 9:01AM

We are so angry we just want to publisize this matter so everyone knows what jeep is making here.

jeanice strength 9/11/13 4:18PM

Hello, my name Ryan,a dodge lover.Like most americans today,we are lucky to purchase a new vehical.My wife Jeanice Strength,2 years ago,purchased her first new ride,2011 jeep liberty,she was very proud.she is 42years of age.We mantain this jeep like we should.We are a hard working big family that needed a good vehical.We are not pleased.Since weve had it the seals have come off the doors,electrical problems with the back hatch door,electrical problems with the pasenger window,the plastic crome mirror cover has fallen off,the worst thing is,the front driver wheel bearing is going out.Let me remind you,we maintain this jeep well.Its proving to be hard to maintane when the dam thing is falling apart.its 2 years old.We are paying 2400,00 for this. This is crazy!Are older vehicals are better built than this.I think maintnence is a must.Expecaily this jeep.Trying to keep it together.We are a family with limited funds,and yes are worenty is out.But 2 years,and falling apart! Come on people!We honestly feel ripped off.This cant happen.Im letting everyone I come in contact with,that the jeep we purchased are no good,jeep is no longer jeep anymore.We are very unhappy people about this,and like most americans,once you buy a new ride its probably the last.Because we cant afford another.So we are stuck with it.So thanks so much for the headake we are buying from you.

jeanice strength 9/11/13 4:15PM

I have 2003 Jeep Grand Cherokee, I always liked the way they looked and bought this one from a dealer in Sarasota Florida. Dealer was great Vehical is not. I bought it in 2004 with 13,000 miles on it. Great SUV at first but have had nothing but problems with it after the first year. 1st both front window lift cables broke, then a small and large vacuum leak, mirror on drivers side flops around like a dogs ear. Rear strut needed replacement A/C switch is stuck on defrost. And I'm sure I forgot other things the Jeep now has 77,000 miles on it and can't wait to sell it. I am a veteran of Iraq and I'm sue most americans are glad we did not produce or perform in the same way this Jeep does. I will say I have been told the V6 motor in these Jeeps are great but not willing to pay the cost to repair all the other items to find out how long it will last. I will never but a Jepp or Crysler product again nor will I advise anyone I know. Thanks for listening to my complaint.

Airborne 9/9/13 5:49PM

At the Butler Dealership in NJ I bought a 2008 Jeep Sarah in on April 1, 2013. I went in for a tire rotation and oil change on 8/30/13. I used the coupon for $9.95 for oil change The Bill was $36.27. I guess that wasn't good enough. I went to leave and put the car in reverse to leave then into drive to leave , the car kept rolling backwards ,put it in reverse and drive again the same thing. Place it into park it continued to roll backwards. Couldn't get it out of park just kept on rolling back. I called Brian Pangione the service manager for help & asked what happened, he said it was a coincidence. now he wants to charge me 600.00 for an instrument cluster. I went for another opinion they said the transmission fluid was low, which should have been checked in the first place. Not sure of the cluster thing .I called up Brian and told him I was skeptical & became on the defense and started yelling. I told him to stop getting excited. He said ok. As fast as he turned it on he turned it off. Sounded like he does this all the time. I was told they work on commission . NICE. I got my car worked on at another place. There is more but this is getting too long.

[email protected] 8/31/13 8:30AM

Ladies and/or Gentlemen,
We are a seven time Jeep owner family. Most recent addition to the family was a 2012 Jeep Liberty. The vehicle itself is great with exception of some minor flaws, the tire pressure light keeps coming on (worst idea yet fellas), and the door seal rubber keeps falling off.
But, that is not the complaint. The complaint is that people representing the Jeep Chrysler Corp. are insulting my wife. Namely the "MARTIN SWANTY" Chry-Dodge-Jeep-Kia dealership located at 2640 E. Andy Deving Ave., Kingman, Az. 86401 Tele: 928-753-3131, with a second location in Bullhead City, Az.
THAT gentlemen is not going to fly.
TWICE my spouse set appointments for door repair, due to the rubber door deals falling off. TWICE they could not find the problem and had to be SHOWN what loose door seal looks like! TWICE they failed to contact us to let us know the "PARTS" had ARRIVED. My souse had to call them BOTH times, after a THREE week wait, to confirm the parts had arrived.
This last event, my souse also scheduled an oil and filter change with tire rotation, since it was going to be in shop for the rubber repair anyway.
They don't pick up or drop off vehicles, they don't call when the vehicle is ready, they LIE about what has been done and FAIL to complete the work. The oil and filter was NOT changed, the TIRES were NOT rotated.
Is THIS the best you can provide or offer to the public?!. OR, is this just a simple case of sexual discrimination?! Due to my spouse, and others, being a female she is treated LESS than cordial or professional?! I damn think NOT. AND, if I can prove this treatment of women is an ongoing event, I can see a lawsuit on the horizon!
Thank you for your time in this matter, though I am sure NOTHING will be done, no investigation or follow-up. After all, ANYONE who can afford a "dealership" can afford to be rude, ignorant, crass, and discriminate by sex, race, creed etc. We'll see.
Unlike others I am NOT fearful of attaching my name.
Roland St. Germain Jr.

Discrimination in Arizona 5/9/13 8:15AM

On 1/24/2012, I bought a 2012 Jeep Patriot from Joh Heister dealership in Lillington. I took possession on 1/25/2012 after it was driven from Wilmington. No one ever told me that I have them bring it here on a truck. Since that date:
1) The tire pressure light comes on despite not being able to find a tire that has low pressure.
2) I tried to tell them for over a year that there was a problem with the right front rotor but they kept telling me they could not find it. They found it in 1/13 while rotating the tires. To this day, I can still feel the scrub and scrap under my foot.
3) The front door panels had to be replaced because of "bubbles" resembling air bags. During this there was a LARGE guy swinging on my driver's door. Since that time the door doesn't lock at times at 20mph like it is suppose has to be manually locked and unlocked at times, the window scraps and scratches on that door when going up or down, the window is sluggish and whines.
4) The radio/stereo system had to be replaced because of deafening feedback when trying to use the auxillary feature.
5) The car will go into neutral when traveling down the have to pull off, put it in P then back into D and proceed.
6) The clock has lost 9 mins since setting it on 3/10/13 for daylight savings time.
7) The driver's side seatbelt gets hung causing you to have to winggle out and under..looks really funny but not fun.
8) When starting the car the other day, it made a "pop"..then when turning the key to start hung and continued to sound like it was starting even though my hand was not on the key.
After that, I contacted Jeep Corporation and have been working with a case manager. She has been very nice and has contacted the dealership with her recommendation of a "replacement". They do not feel that I should get one... All I was asking for was to be given what I have been paying for and will continue to pay for during the next 3 years. As I said to the service dept manager when they founf the rotor problem after treating me like a stupid female for a year.."I bought a new car, but did I get one?".
This vehicle has 6361 miles as I type..has never been parked beside another car. The solution the dealership owner gave was to give me a free "next maintenance" I have full, extended coverage so does this sound as stupid to you as it does to me?
In accordance with the "Lemon law of my state (NC)..the rotor problem and their "untimely" attempt to fix it will qualify this vehicle.

Dissatisfied customer 3/23/13 10:25AM

I somehow misplaced my 2008 Jeep Liberty Manual.
I need to change the clock - minutes and hour.
I changed the hour - but can't get the minutes to

Anonymous 3/18/13 10:10AM

I have a 2009 Compass (4th jeep). I have had to replace control arms twice with less than 80000 miles. Local repair shop says these are first thing they look at when these vehicles come in for service because they go bad so often. Local salvage yard won't even sell parts used because of failure rate, and can't believe there hasn't been a recall. Lowest milage on my other Jeeps was 180000 and never had control arm issues. Compass is a poorly engineered product and Jeep should be ashamed.

Anonymous 3/8/13 12:19PM

Completely disgusted with my recent purchase of my 2012 jeep Cherokee back in march of 2012. Since I've had the jeep I've been back and forth from the dealership around 9 or 10 times due to a check engine light. Absolutely fed up with how they handle business at their Hempstead ny dealership service.

Disappointed 2/25/13 6:30AM

Please bring back a new version of the Jeep Gladiator Pickup Truck. And Please make it an extended cab and give it the original Gladiator front end look. A jeep conversion just won't due. Saw a Skunk Works pic on the Internet and it looked awesome.

WantaGladiator 11/26/12 9:41PM

I am on my 4th Jeep. I would have gone to number 5. However, Jeep has done absolutely nothing for fuel economy. While other car companies have invested in hybrid technology and fuel efficiency, it appears that if I want to continue my live for the Jeep Cherokee, I am going to pay for it in gas. This I can not do anymore.

David 11/7/12 10:15PM

I recently purchased a 2012 Grand Cherokee Jeep Overland. I must say it is very nice. Although there are things I don't feel were handled appropriately. When it came time to sit down and finalize the deal, I did not like how the entire transaction was handled by the finance gentleman, Mark. He was pushy, abrupt, and made me feel like I was wasting his time Things that should have been gone through, WEREN'T. I asked for the courtesy of going through things the same way ALL other dealerships did in the past. Didn't happen. He was too pressed for time. Believe or not, I think of this experience EVERY DAY! I've purchased plenty of new vehicles prior, 2 jeeps included, I might add. And I have NEVER experienced what went on during this last purchase. I wish everyday I could rewind the finance portion of my transaction and redo. I don't want to feel the way I do, resentful. Wishing I had never purchased my Jeep. None of my questions were answered and I ended up wth a finance rate that was higher than their competitors. *My initial quote from Mark was 3.74%, I told he that was NOT what Janesville nor Kenosha Jeep disclosed...They both were at 2.24%. Then he asked a fellow finance collegue for some coupon and said, ok you're at 2.99%. Then he stated if I purchased a maintance agreement he would give me 2.74%. I asked him several times, How can you offer 2.99, then 2.74 from 3.74 but you can't give me the same 2.24 as the other dealerships? He NEVER answered my question. I repeated my question over and over again! I got nothing. I'm sick to my stomach to think for the next 5 years I'm going to think of how I purchased my Jeep!
The next thing that I experienced, the jeep was in my garage and I walked around the front of it to throw something away in the garbage contatiner and noticed a huge space on the hood, between the hood and fender. I thought the hood was not shut somehow. But then found out it was. I called my boyfriend over to look at the same thing I seen. We looked over the entire jeep and noticed it had gapping spaces not only between the hood and right fender, but in the back, life gate on the left side it has a gapping space too! I don't know what to do. My stomach is in knots. to think I invested my hard earned money in a Jeep of this calibur and got nothing but a headache. Please could you help me?
Concerned Consumer,
Kathy Bailey

dissapointedconsumer 9/23/12 4:10PM

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