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Kenmore corporate office headquarters location, phone number, address and feedback

Please find details for the Kenmore corporate office below. We do our best to keep this information current, but if you are aware of any updates to the Kenmore corporate office headquarters information we have, please feel free to submit an update.

Corporate Office Address:

Sears Holdings Corporation
3333 Beverly Road
Hoffman Estates, IL 60179
United States

Phone: 847-286-2500

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I bought a Kenmore Elite fridge 2 years ago, it failed, defrost heater, can't get the part. I'm out $2100. Buying a new one, I am so disappointed in Sears. They would not help.

Anonymous 7/29/14 4:47PM

Kenmore does NOT stand behind their products and don't care about the consumer at all. They sold me a refrigerator that lasted 18 months and told me they cant fix it and refuse to make good on the product.

madashell 7/29/14 10:32AM

I recently purchashed and recieved a IM-6 icemaker accessory kit. The instruction for installation booklet is 271 pages in four languages. It states tha on the back of my unit to use instructions or T there is no such lable on product. I have spent four hours on the phone with over 14 representatives of Sears and No! resolution! Meaning 14 different phone numbers. I Am on line and did a chat room with a tech and still no result! He refers me to custumer care. Do I really have to start this process all over again?Do SOMETHING! You have people employed that have no clue about your product! Passing phone numbers is all i got! I asked to speak to a manager or supervisor and got another phone number to call. I will never invest again in any product Sears Has to offer. As A Provider of services is my every day life, I request a response from the TOP. Down sizing all the i'll give you another number could be benifical if not imenant to the survival of your company!

Teddy 7/26/14 6:38PM

The glass door on our microwave exploded.
This could cause serious human damage.

Anonymous 7/23/14 8:47AM

I have a stove that keeps going out !!!!! Gas !

I can't even use the oven to clean ! It over heats and goes out !!! And sears tell me not to use it !then how I am going to cook !!! Kenmore pro !!!

You all over there needs to help us not fair to spend $4500 and my stove goes out

3 years old only !!!!!!

Ginnginn 6/30/14 7:04AM

I am very disappointed with my Kenmore washing machine this was purchased July 8 the 2011 and I called to see how much it was going to cost to fix..$$ I don't think a washing machine should only last 3 yrs...the circuit board seems to have gone out.I seriously don't have money to fix or for a new washer.. please help me :( I hope you will stand by your products. I would be very appreciative. Tracey Griffin

jeepcherokee 6/27/14 5:32PM

I bought a Kenmore digital 5-cup coffeemaker that leaks all the water inTO the carafe before I have a chance to turn it on. The manual doesn't have a troubleshooting section and contains no contact info. The contact info I found online keeps telling me I have won a cruise that I don't want. I press the number to indicate I don't want a cruise, I get someone trying to sell me a cruise anyway.
It's bad enough the product is junk, Kenmore is worthless at communications, too, and apparently scamming bogus trips on the side. My last Kenmore product is heading to the trash in the morning.

mike 5/23/14 6:18PM

Just bought a '1954' Kenmore Super Deluxe Stove. I believe
it is missing some parts around the grill/5th burner. Where can I get the information I need to order parts?
Thank you.

Anonymous 5/23/14 5:16PM

I have owed a Kenmore elite grill the outdoor kitchen series. I have this grill for 7 years and cook year around what a super grill. I converted over to ng with no troubles at all. Just wanted to thank you for making a great grill. Only problem is no cover to fit the size so after all these years it is rusting out on inside so have to start looking for a new grill

Anonymous 5/1/14 1:32PM

Purchased a Kenmore elite drawer dishwasher and it leaked water all over hardwood floors. I have about 7,000.00 dollars in damages to floors. Dishwasher is defective and discountinued and keep getting run around on if LG or Kenmore is maker. Sears said can't do anything but give 10%
off a new one. This is 3 years old paid 1300. for it.

Anonymous 4/30/14 10:50AM

our problem kenmore dishwasher this weekend almost seriously hurt my 2 year old when the top rack completely fell out and almost landed on top of her! i tried to make it very clear that i hope it doesn't seriously hurt someone before they decide to recall it! i just spent the morning on the phone telling my story to many i will say well trained customer service people. i guess i know where the money is spent when yo purchase crappy products that fall apart and stop working mysteriously as soon as the warranty is up. i am so unhappy at this point that our year old kenmore dishwasher -expensive-and two year old chest freezer- that just decided to stop working- willb e headed to the dump. honestly i was not even looking for much just wanted to see if we had a defective needed a new motor in the first month should have been a clue. but i refuse to pay more money for agreements or service calls on a product which has been nothing but fall off, it doesn't clean, it runs for hours, its a safety concern. i truly hope that no one else has the same scary situation. i will be pursuing other options to make sure the safety issue is known.

unhappy again 4/24/14 8:08AM

Good morning Representative:

I have an idea that I believe will allow your appliance line to move higher on the list of sellers.


Christine Hofmeyer

Anonymous 3/30/14 7:53AM

Kenmore Elite Dishwasher A BIG, Expensive piece of junk!!

Purchased from Sears 17 months ago. Pricy for a dishwasher, Sears sales rep hyped it up. Circuit board now needs replaced? Hardly been used. Repair/replacement as much as the machine. What an absolute joke. Sears customer care ridiculous and not helpful. How can Kenmore live with the shoddy workmanship they are hocking? An absolute disappointment. Was a loyal Sears and Kenmore owner, NEVER again!! Kenmore and Sears have lost my business, as well as my entire family. Shame on you Kenmore and Sears.

denverpa 3/29/14 1:26PM

This microwave is only out of warranty a shot time and quits! Timer works. Light works. None of the buttons work except except the QuickStart and then only if you stand there and hold down the door opener of all things! It heats if you do that but no other way!
Any suggestions! .?

.? What is this? 3/25/14 11:21AM

I bought a kenmore microwave one and one half years ago an d the thing has quit already! The only way it will heat is to hold the door opener down!!!
The timer works, light comes on, quick start will work if Dorris opener is held on! turntable won't turn or any of the other buttons won't work!
What is wrong with this very inferior piece of workmanship??!
SeArs won't do anything. Repair wants $100 to inspect it! That is with me bringing it to repair shop! I can buy a microwave for that!
Can you all do anything! We are on fixed income!?
Mrs. Claude E Crawford

Anonymous 3/25/14 10:41AM

I promise that I will never purchase another Kenmore product and I'll make sure everyone I know hears about the junk they sell. I purchased a French door refrigerator 1.5 years ago but did not purchase an extended warranty. I expected the quality to be better. The ice maker quit working so I called A & E Service. The service guy told me the a sensor on the bottom of the ice tray wasn't working and the sensor could not be replaced and proceeded to say the entire ice maker had to be replaced. He also said this is a known problem with these ice makers. Explain to me how Sears can sell a product with known issues. The ice maker and service would have cost $373.00 which is highway robbery also. Unbelievable how companies are allowed to sell the public total junk!

FedUp 3/18/14 11:56AM

I purchased a Kenmore elite model in aug 2012. in mar 2014 the bearings went out and the cost to repair/replace is $300+ on a $569 washer. i did not buy the extended warranty and Sears, Kenmore and LG and all telling me it is your loss. Kenmore farmed this out to LG and LG says not our problem. Kenmore says i overloaded washer and washed alot of comforters which we did not. They are not standing behind their product and when you try to find Corporate President or executive you cannot even get secretary or associate to voice your concern over faulty American products. to go out in 20 months is either engineering flaw, manufacturer flaw or a lemon. this is first time unit has had trouble to Kenmore says no lemon but unit has failed and cost is prohibitive to repair. Senseless to pay 239.00 for one year warranty which basically covers cost of material.

Kenmore and Sears have let me down and will not stand behind faulty product and i am very disappointed.

jdej 3/15/14 7:33AM

I brought a Kenmore Elite Bottom Freezer Refrigerator Jan 2013 that cost $2400. The one year warranty ran out 2 Feb 2014. Why would you need to purchase an extended warranty on an item that cost that much money? You would think your would have a good 5 years before something goes wrong. My refrigerator went out February 22, 2014; the compressor went out. I was told that the compressor is still under warranty but I would have to pay the labor. I had not idea that the labor charge would be over $400. Then I was told that they could not come out until Mar 27. I call corporate to let them know how displeased I was with an appointment a month out. I was able to get an appointment for Mar 6 thinking that they would have the compressor with them. No, the part had to be order from overseas and I was given an appointment for Apr 9th. Of course we had to pay the $400 labor charge before the part could be order. How do they expect someone to go 2 months with out a refrigerator; we are not talking about a vacuum cleaner but a item of necessity. Every appliance I have ever brought has been a Kenmore. After this fiasco, I may have second thoughts about Kenmore being my appliance of choice.

Fed up in GA 3/6/14 5:21PM

Calgary, Alberta - Our Kenmore Furnace, only 3 years old broke down a couple of weeks ago - the blower malfunctioned at 11 pm - the temperature outside was -40 Celsius with the wind chill. At home with my two young children, I contacted the first emergency furnace repair person who would come to my house immediately. He discovered the blower malfunctioned, replaced it and alas the furnace was working again, saving me and my young family from a very dangerous situation, subjected to freezing temperatures in our own home. When I contacted Kenmore/Sears Customer Service they told me they could not honor the warranty because a Sears/Kenmore repair person did not fix the furnace... First of all, there is no label on my furnace stating I MUST contact a kenmore technician for repairs in order for a warranty to be valid. I didn't even know this. As a customer who just purchased a $5,000 furnace less than three years ago from Kenmore, wouldn't the company want to do the right thing and honor my warranty given this very situation? Their product broke down, malfunctioned. It shouldn't be this complicated to get a refund on the part that malfunctioned. Bottom line.

Angry customer - furnace warrant 2/20/14 11:47AM

I have a Kenmore elite washer when I purchased it I was told it was the top of the line in washers. As long as you are ready to pay for repair after repair. Then the item that I have paid for in the past is now under a warrantee recall so I have the technician come out to the house to replace for the THIRD TIME a circuit board. After the install I try my machine and it is worse than before I call the technician and he tells me its a FAULTY CIRCUIT BOARD. hmmm Isn't that what I just replaced was my old faulty circuit board for a new one is there such a thing as QUALITY CONTROL ANYMORE PLEASE WAITING ON A REPLY

ts 2/6/14 8:30AM

Kenmore / Sears does not stand behind their products, all they give you is the run around. customer service is a joke they all they you the same thing sorry to hear your having problems. all in all SEARS/KENMORE SUCKS

Anonymous 1/31/14 11:15AM

I know now buying
A warranty is worthless. We have been waiting over a month for Sears
Customer service to send someone to look at our refrigerator. When the first repair man came he moves the plug and hit the side of the refrigerator, gave us his cell phone number to call in two days if it does
Not cool. Of course it did not cool
And we are not able to
Contact him. Once again we had to
The helpless customer service
Again who couldn't help
Us and all they can do is send someone else out. We waited another two weeks for the person not to show. Once again another call, another wait for two weeks. Have an appointment today for 9am and it is now 11am
And no one is here. Placed
Another call and now the repairman is having truck problem.

I have never been so disappointed in a company, product or service in my life.
Three kids (one an infant) and we have been living out of a cooler for over a month. With the money we have been wasting we should have just went with another company. If only We would have known.
When anyone calls customer service they just say hi thanks for calling the best advice we can give is just buy a new one.

I think we have been patient long enough. Something has to be done. This is unethical.

Disappointment 1/22/14 9:01AM

Hello! this email is in reference pertinent to the purchase of KENMORE Laundry Center, that was purchased on 12-2013. Today's date is 01-12-2014, Sunday. From our understanding there is a 60 day guarantee on this unit. We reported this to your sister company Sears, and they are refusing to return it. It has to be repaired, that is not true. I have been a corporated president of our business for 47 years, and I have never been so appaulled in my life. It is like my business putting a floor in your residence and the product is not what u purchased. I am requesting that the President or a CEO, contact us and we can take care of the issue at hand professionally or we can retain a corporate attorney at law and litigate on punitive damages for breech of contract. This is unacceptable, when dealing with a consumer. The laws are here for the consumers. Thank u, for your time.
J & L Foley, President &Vice President
FOLEY'S Flooring

foley's flooring 1/12/14 2:32PM

We own Kenmore pots and pans which are about 4 years old. We my wife was cooking the lid exploded into splinters which got into the food being prepared. We had to throw it out. That was not the main issue, my wife was lucky not hurt. When I contacted the customer service about this safety issue they told me there was nothing they could do. That leads me to you, we would love to have a new glass top that wasn't going to explode for our 2qt pan to allow my wife to use it again. Look forward to hearing from you, Michael Gage

michael gage 1/11/14 1:47PM

The Kenmore product line and customer service is appalling. Customer service is rude, helpless and lackluster at their job. I am so sorry I purchesed a Kenmore Dryer.

Dissapointed 12/19/13 5:10PM

I purchased a Kenmore microwave at Sears in SJ,CA 7 years ago and it was fine 'til a few months ago when it would just start running without being started. Figured that was slightly unsafe and it had run it's course. I went back to Sears 9/20/13 and purchased another Kenmore microwave. At just over two months it started acting up. While running it rapidly switched on and off every second. Called Sears 800# who advised me to call the SJ Sears store. After five calls to different departments (nobody answered their phone) finally reached a human. Said I'd have to take it to the nearest repair shop which is too far for me to travel. Then they would decide if it was defective? And so on and on. I understood when I bought the microwave it would be replaced if there was a problem. Didn't expect this runaround which eventually discouraged me from pursuing the whole thing which is probably their goal. I'll just have to accept the monetary loss and buy another microwave. Certainly not another Kenmore and definitely not from Sears.

fedup 12/6/13 12:31AM

My Kenmore Elite HE5T washer is ONLY 4 years old and now it's ready for the garbage. I spent $3000 on the combo washer and dryer with the pedestals. After calling Sears Service, I shelled out over $800 more for repairs that have yet to be completed. The part W10157911, that I was told is needed, has been on Backorder for 2 months now. The last phone call I had, I was told that it was on backorder indefinitely. How can this be? I was told that they will try to get the part someplace else if they cannot get it directly from Whirlpool. Well, I looked the part up online and found it available at several different places. I called Sears and cancelled everything. This service is NOT like it used to be and you have to pay such a high price for it. I will NEVER buy anything with the Kenmore logo again, nor will I buy any appliance from Sears in the future. Obviously "Customer Satisifaction" is not important to Kenmore or Sears.

EKrowitz 11/22/13 7:33AM

In May of this year I purchased a Kenmore refrigerator with ice-maker (in addition to other purchases totalling over $4,000). I also purchased the extra warranty on all. Both fridge and freezer work well; however, the ice-maker continues to dispense ice after the glass or cup is removed and sprays ice over my hardwood floor. The service rep' arrived yesterday and told me that this is an engineering design flaw in these units and nothing could be done (short of a newly designed door) to fix it. I then contacted Kenmore and asked to return this unit, receive credit for it and pay additional monies to get a fridge with an ice-maker that worked. Tasha, of Kenmore Customer Service told me "We cannot help you." I have always bought Kenmore appliances from Sears. My parents always bought their appliances from Sears. What used to be a good, reliable company that stood behind their products has now succumbed to a bottom dollar line and is no longer in the business of taking care of their customers. Shame on them. I am pursuing other avenues of satisfaction.

Anonymous 11/5/13 1:59PM

I have spent around $20,000 buying Kenmore products or Sears sponsored products. A couple of weeks ago, my ice maker quit dispensing ice. The motor wasn't working. The Kenmore Elite model 795.7205 was only about 2 years old. I called Kenmore service center and asked why with such a new Refrigerator would this happen. I asked what they could to do to take care of it. Their answer? Buy a service policy. WTF? I spoke to Mike Brown with Sears (appliance Manager El Cajon) and he said there was nothing he could do about it. So, I grabbed my screw driver and went to work. I had it working in about an hour. Now I ask you; Why wouldn't you at least send a technician to the house and keep me buying Sears and/or Kenmore? Here's my suggestion to anyone buying from Sears DON'T!!!! They'll set it, but they won't stand behind it unless you buy an expensive warranty policy. Needless to say I won't be buying anything from Sears anymore, not even toilet paper!.

Anonymous 11/2/13 3:50PM

I am constantly having to drain my washer due to lint build up, and in doing so, the knob has snapped. First off, it is extremely hard to twist it on and off, and secondly the plastic that they refer to as "reliable" isn't. Now I can not operate my washer because it leaks, and to replace the simple little lint drain, I have to buy a whole new water pump! This to me is unacceptable, it seems like a part that is removable, should be able to be replaced without being required to buy the whole pump. You can buy single nuts, bolts, springs, tubing, etc...but not a wahing machine lint drain!! can get a whole new lint drawer/tray for your dryer for 20$!!
Furthermore, When I was talking to a Sears representative, who was determined to sell me the whole pump, I asked for Kenmore's Corporate office phone number, she said that they did not have the number!!
This is probably as fruitless as any other attempts to contact Kenmore, but I thought I would try. So Kenmore, if you want to satisfy a customer, you need to respond.
I do know that I will run this washer until it drops, and then will intensely rethink Kenmore products before I ever buy another. I am a working class family of five, thanks to today's economy, we are struggling, and yes, I can not afford a 120$ part at this moment.

DKelly 10/11/13 8:06AM

I have a kenmore glass top stove. It's features are electronic digital face. With digital timer. Last week the timer caught fire and burnt my house. I wish i could sent you a picture but it won't allow me to add it in this comment box. It's too bad for. now i have super expenses and a stov.e to blame it on. Yes made by kenmore

Anonymous 9/26/13 4:57AM

Has anyone at Kenmore or Sears ever taken a shower without soap.Thats what I have to do with my 1 year and 2months old Kenmore dishwasher.I just paid $84 dollars for the service tech to tell me that I need to pruchase a contol board that cost $130 PLUS $142 IN LABOR to fix it.What ever happened to Sears being a place for quality products and backing them up?
YES they tried to sell me a $300 service sgreement that would be used to fix it.I paid $600 for it once and will not be buying the same product a second time.I hope Sears ,Kenmore go out of business.I for one will not buy anything from them in the future.If you are wise you should take your dollars somewhere else.CONSUMERS BEWARE

kEN ASH 8/6/13 3:15PM

I purchased a kenmore ultra dishwasher 1 year and1 month ago.The soap dispenser doesn't open.I called sears and they told me that they don't sell quantity products like they used to. I had a ge profile for 17 years before I had to replace it.
I have been online and have seen lots of customers with the same problem as mine.I don't think that I should have to buy an extended warranty for your product if you are building a quality product and back it up when something go wrong. Sear business is depending on it and so is yours.

Ken 8/3/13 8:19AM

I purchased a Kenmore electric coil top range because I can a lot during the summer. After only one time using the large coils, boiling on high heat, the drip pans scorched through. It seems the metal on the pans isn't very thick and so the metal, once heated, turns a golden scorched color and can't be cleaned. I truly feel Kenmore, although the stove works well, needs to come up with a more substantial drip pan.

Canning 7/31/13 8:42AM

My kenmore washer model417.48102701 is a real waste. since the buy smells musty, the front door does not close properly, sent a "technician" to fix it and let it worse than it was, when calling back they responded that they would send another technician that never came. From the news I found out that these machines smell musty and manufactures does nothing to change or fix them properly, I will never buy a Kenmore product and advise friends not to buy these products because they are complete rubbish

Martha 7/21/13 4:34PM

I also bought a freezer from Kenmore in Oct 2011, I received a letter stating there was a problem with the freezer. that was 6 months ago, right when my warrenty ended. two months ago we finally filled it with beef. come to find out the freezer stops working and we have lost half our meat. I have called three different days with no results. I also will NEVER purchase from Sears or Kenmore again.

disappointed 7/17/13 7:31AM

I live in Chile. I have a Kenmore washing machine that stopped working. The Kenmore Chile Maintenance Service sent me a technician who said the transformer had burned and had to be changed. Two weeks passed by and every time I called they said they did not have transformers in stock. I then called an independent technicias who repaired the connection to the transformer and my machine is now opertating perfectly well. I called Kenmore on Jun 12 to file a complaint and to ask that they reimburse me for the visit (approximately US$ 50)since this amount was to be discounted from the total cost of repair. To date I have not received an apology for their behaviour nor my money back. Kenmore machines are very good but the Kenmore Chile maintenance service is unreliable, dishonest, and lacking respect for their customers.

Luz Maria 6/20/13 2:19PM

My son in law give me a kenmore stove for my birthday 9/2010. since then i have issues with the stove I have change the terminal block 8 times. I am very dis satisfied the the stove at times I had to go a buy lunch because i can't cook. I have call sears several times. they were not willing to do anything. be care full how you but your stove from sears.

amiri898 5/30/13 12:53PM

I bought a coin operated 27182 front loading washer 2 years ago and I have had nothing but trouble with it. The machine stops in the middle of the wash frequently as well as numerous times it will not start. I called Sears and got no help. Not only has this caused an inconvenience for me but also for my tenants which jeopardizes the occupancy of my rented apartment as they are displeased at not receiving continued laundry availability which they were promised when signing the lease. I will never buy a Kenmore product again at this point.

unhappy customer 4/9/13 1:30PM

My husband and I have purchased all of our home appliances in kenmore brand. Absolutely love them all, they are wonderful, thank you for great products. We have the front loading washer and dryer, the biggest refrigerator, biggest microwave you make, the stove and dishwasher, even a charcoal grill lol LOVE them all, but we cant seem to find a good deal or any discounts to purchase the pedalstals for my washer and dryer, I really want them but cant afford 250.00 each for them. I was wondering if you could recommend a cheaper site or place to get a coupon or discount. We are loyal customers and just purchased our appliances in last few months when we bought house and had a new baby. So now we are on a budget, but I would really like to have a those pedalstals to make my washer and dryer taller and wouldnt have to bend over so far. Thank you so much, we are a truly satisfied customers. Rick and Penny Sloan Ardmore, Oklahoma :))

Anonymous 4/7/13 4:03PM

I have a service call out today to fix our Kenmore Ultra Wash Quiet Guard Deluxe 665.13249K900. Exactly 3 years and it has stopped working. Mid cycle, all power goes off and water remained in the bottom. Went through all of the trouble shooting checks in the manual. Nothing changed the status. A call to Sears left us with an "Aw shucks, sucks to be you" type of response. Sears could care less that this piece of crap they sold us does not work. Your manual offers a "one year limited warranty". You are not even sure that your own product will last a year? American made or not, have you no pride in the products you dump on a trusting public. Where is the responsibility for or embarrassment in that your product can not hold together for a family of 4 for three years? Shoddy workmanship, poor quality parts, or incompetence on those that put this machine together? When the service guys gets here, he can charge me up to $230 to fix it or give us a $500 voucher to get a new one, of course I still have to fork over $75 for the service call. I am confident I will have to pay the $230 which is high enough where you/Sears can make a profit and low enough where it is cheaper for me to pay this than purchase a new dishwasher. More than likely I will never hear back from you or if I do it will be a "Caveat emptor" formatted response that was designed with more craftsmanship than the machine we purchased. As with all large business weather I purchase a Kenmore product in the future or not, your bottom line will be just fine. Like so much that has changed in the world, your products are one more thing that the consumer hands over hard earned cash and then hopes that they did not get a machine that was thrown together without a care for the future owners.

PhilD 4/3/13 9:10AM

I purchased a front load Kenmore washer & Dryer in Nov 2009.
Last Oct the Dryer heating element burned out.Cost me over $200 for a 1 year service warranty.I asked about a warrany for the washer and was told there was none available for the washer. Now the washer won't drain or spin,I called Sears and was first told $238 for a 1 yr service warranty for all parts labor and service,I was going to go for that when the rep interrupted me and offered a warranty on my dishwasher for $100.I agreed,after that was set up she transferred me to parts to get the 1 yr service warranty on the washer.When I started to give my information for 3 rd time I was told that being the washer was a front loader the warranty price is higher $338!!!! I cancelled the warranty on the dishwasher and was asked if I wanted to transfer warranty from another Kenmore product.What was he talking about? I was so angry I hung up. I am angry as this washer/dryer was expensive and the repairs should not be this high,and the product should last longer than a couple few years! My old Whirlpool I gave to my son when I bought this pair,is still working! Sears Kenmore used to be a great product.Please give me a better offer!

Betty Boop 2/9/13 6:43PM

We bought the model 587 Energy efficient dish washer machine in 2005 for around 600.00, we have damnn near replaced the entire thing, the main parts keep breaking, a few months ago we dumped another 200.00 into it, thought that would be the end, but no, the door broke recently. the spring gave out and the door came slamming down and hurt my dog, its heavy, they better fix this free or else. I am pretty fed up and doubt I will ever buy Kenmore again. What happened? ANother American icon sold to China.

angela 2/5/13 7:05PM

My wife and I had our house built in 2010 and we moved in towards the end of July 2010. When we moved in, there were brand new Kenmore appliances already in the house.

January 21, 2013 our Kenmore refrigerator stopped cooling, and there was a clicking noise coming from behind the fridge. I called Kenmore to schedule a service, and after a week I never heard anything from anyone. I called a local private technician who came out to look at it, and he said that it was the compressor that went out. I then contacted Kenmore customer service, and they asked me how long I have had the fridge, and I told them 2 yrs and 5 months. I was then told that I no longer have warranty on the fridge, and that it is only good for one year. I then explained to the service rep, that I was informed by our local service tech that it was the compressor that went out. I asked the service rep if my compressor was still under warranty, at which time she told me yes, that it is warrantied for three years. As the conversation continued the service rep changed her answer and told me that the compressor wasn't covered under warranty, and then she later stated that she was not sure if it was covered. I was then transferred to the service department, where I asked them if my compressor was still under warranty, and I was told that yes it was, and that it was warrantied for three years. I then asked them if I could order the compressor myself and have one of our local appliance service technicians fix it, (my reason behind this, is because we live in a remote area of Texas, and Sears technicians only come out every so often). I was informed that we could do that, but the part would have to be ordered by my local technician, the service department even took down his name and business information, and instructed us to have him call (1-800-225-2864) and order the compressor and they would ship it to him. I even asked if he would be charged to order it, and I was informed that there would be no charge since it was still under warranty.

On 01/30/13, my local technician then contacted the number provided to us, and he was told that they (Kenmore) needed to know the exact date that we purchased the refrigerator. The technician was also told that he needed to pay for the compressor, and then charge us for the fee. The thing is, we did not purchase the refrigerator, the refrigerator was already provided by the builder, and we were the first ones in the home. We have had the fridge a total of 2 years and 5 months.

I have called customer service numerous times to try and get this issue resolved, and no one seems to be able to help me. My local technician has even advised me to never go with Kenmore brands again, because of poor service and poor quality.

Who can I contact so that I may order a compressor for my refrigerator? The model # is 01, and the serial number is HR01398139. The manufacture date on the refrigerator says 03/2010, and we moved into our home in 07/2010.

bmramire 1/31/13 3:19PM

Dear Sirs,

My friend of 40 yrs. has told me that his Kemnore stove that's 5 yr. old, Has a faulty insulation problem, which caught on fire[ FIRE DEPT WAS AT SCENE ]. One of your representatives told him it is a warranty issue. This problem has to be resolved.He also has 2 of them. DOUBLE JEAPORDY?

APPAULED 1/24/13 1:36PM

The edge of the lint filter on my Kenmore Elite front loading dryer is notorious for snagging any garment or towel or sheet as it spins, tearing and ruining the cloth. I have tried the repair route, but I'm told that there's no fix for the design. The maching was expensive; so is owning it. Won't make the mistake of buying Kenmore again.

Deply Disappointed 1/24/13 8:38AM

Dear Kenmore

I wanted to drop you a line and tell you About my washer and dryer I have had this set for 30 years maybe more . They are still running All thought I must say they have slowed down quite a bit . I will be looking to buy a second set but

they will be second hand this time I can`t not a ford a new set . Here the numbers on them maybe you can tell me how old they are. as best as I could see them. I wanted to let you not how happy I am . with Kenmore Thank You Joan Bodessa

dessbo 1/15/13 10:22AM

I am having a very difficult time contacting some who knows about faulty Kenmore front loading washers. So far both customer reps I talked to were less than helpful bordering on rude.

Unsatisfied 1/14/13 2:23PM

Will Be Really Surprized If I Get Any Responce From Corperate... Contacted Sears About My Washer Safty Switch. This Washer Was On Recall, Was Totally Re-done With All New Parts, 3-7-11. The Switch Cover Fell Into The Tub Within 2 Weeks. Wrote Sears, No Reply At All. Have Had To Just Keep Moving The Metal Parts Inside The Casing, Then It Runs For A It Has Just Quit. I Called Sears, They Were So Rude, Would Just Say Pay 75.00 For Someone To Come Out. Tried To Explain I'm Disabled, Recieve 816.40 Per Month. Then Got Hung Up On. This Is The Absolute Worst Customer Service Ever. Will Nerver Buy Kenmore Again.

BOBBIE6 1/12/13 5:39PM

My KENMORE electric stove, model 790 9661 2401, litterally blew up yesterday, Jan. 11, '13. It is only eight years old. I turned the oven on and within a minute sparks, fire and smoke poured out of the control panel. Flames were coming out of the top of the stove and my husband quicly grabbed the oven handle and pulled the stove away from the wall. If he hadn't been home, our house would have burned. Anyone owning a similar model Kenmore should be aware of this potential problem.

Richard Bussmann 1/12/13 12:45PM

My washer and dryer is 24 years old and works perfect. I have only had a little maintenance done from time to time. I have raised a family and two boys plus all their friends using this washer and dryer. I have done approximately 8 to 10 loads of laundry every single week since 1991........ With no issues. My boys have played baseball with travel teams which gave us about 80 games each per year. I have washed the uniforms with red clay mud and it still works fine. I have been a hairdresser and washed my own towels in this machine since I bought it. I just throw them in chemicals and all........with no issues. I love my kenmorekenmore and will be so sad when I finally do have to replace them. My son graduate from University of Tennessee next winter and my youngest leaves for college next fall. This washer and dryer has seen us through. Just thought your company may want to know how thankful I am.........

Kim Ottinger 1/7/13 7:20AM

I replaced the (still working) Kenmore stacking washer/dryer combo unit in my condo when I bought it, wanting to be more energy efficient. That one was 18 years old, and never had any problems.

My new washer drum fell off its' center spindle two years in, right after my warranty was up, of course. And here I am, three years later, and the repairman just told me that the spring that holds the drum has snapped completely, and needs to be replaced.

When I called the corporate office I was given a whopping 15% discount off the $280 repair. (Half the price of the entire machine) Wow, how generous of them. I guess my wanting to do the right thing and be energy efficient sure backfired on me. The two Kenmore's my parents owned in their 1950s built home lasted about 20 years each - apparently new Kenmores are pieces of garbage designed with planned obsolescence in mind.

And, of course, I can't just purchase a washer to replace it, because it's a stacking unit and they would make me buy a new dryer also! Even though that works fine. What a scam. I am Thoroughly Disgusted.

I WILL NEVER BUY ANYTHING BY KENMORE AGAIN. NEVER. And I live in a big community and will warn everyone in my Home Owner's Association from doing so as well. Kenmore? It should be Can't-anymore.

J. B. 11/19/12 7:51AM

I purchased a Kenmore washer and dryer at sears 3 years ago. I have had nothing but issues with the washer. No help from sears and the customer service is horrible. Very dissapointing. Pls contact me at the email provided. Thank you.

Aileen 11/17/12 3:31PM

Bought a Kenmore washer 9-30-2011 at Sears Fairfield Commons in Dayton, OH. I still have the receipt and I paid cash for it. It is 1 month past the limited one year warranty. It will not agitate or spin out the water in the clothes. The belt is broken and I went to Sears to purchase another to fix it. They don't even have the part available. They had two different people pull up the info on their parts direct for the model serial and nothing would come up at all. They think it is a recall on this model and I would like to know if this is true. I am very disappointed in this model. I wash only regular clothes in it and there should have been no reason for it to act up this early. These models don't last anytime now before something breaks on them. Are the parts from China or Taiwan or something cheap. I just bought a new dryer and I made sure it was not a Kenmore, and I will be leary of buying your product in future also.

janine39 11/7/12 5:14PM

Bought a Kenmore dishwasher not even 3 years and it's dead. Repair man said it's not worth repairing as the cost of the new controls and labour are enough to buy a new one. The one it replaced we used for 9 years! Was very disappointed. I hope Kenmore people could feel my pain and help in any way they can.

Cece 10/18/12 9:15PM

I have a Kenmore Pro side by side and have had Sears come out over 8 times. This Friday will be the 9th. The freezer will not keep a constant temperature and the ice maker is not working again. We have lost food items 2x and can only be reimbursed once. The techs they send out are not trained on this appliance. When they diagnose the problem I need parts and of course we need to order them. So, you wait another week for the parts and for the tech again. NEVER, NEVER will I purchase a Kenmore product or anything from Sears again. This is a samsung in a Kenmore box.

llpick 9/5/12 1:21PM

I have a kenmore fridge , two years old. second time for it to quit working, can't get anyone out to fix it until sept. 18, well to check it out. i called the first of august. also explained that i take care of my husband with severe health problems and also dementia. doesn't seem to make a difference, i asked for a relpacement, not unless they have to come out at least 3 times. sears doesn't seem to have customers as a priority does it. i am 70 years old and living out of a cooler is not really what i would prefer. any suggestions to get this resolved?

ragreet 8/30/12 10:40AM

I have a Kenmore Elite Dishwasher that I paid over $600 for and have had it for 2 years. It is broken. No one at Sears seems to care. I don't care if I buy another thing at Sears!!!!

Beth Talley 8/17/12 1:35PM

I have had a Kenmore Top Loader for approximately 8 months I bought through Sears in Rindge NH... It has not worked in th last two weeks and the repairman has been here 3 times and cannot repair my machine.. What do you suggest I do I cannot wash my clothes and I have spent over two hundred dollars in the last two weeks at the laundromat.. I have not been helped through sears what will Kenmore do to help my situation get straightened out? Your response will be greatly appreciated.

Diane Charland 8/8/12 3:46PM

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