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Kentucky Fried Chicken corporate office headquarters location, phone number, address and feedback

Please find details for the Kentucky Fried Chicken corporate office below. We do our best to keep this information current, but if you are aware of any updates to the Kentucky Fried Chicken corporate office headquarters information we have, please feel free to submit an update.

Corporate Office Address:
KFC Corporation

YUM! Brands
1441 Gardiner Lane
Louisville, KY 40213
United States

Phone: 502-874-8300

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I live in Hayward, CA and would like to know why when I go to Manteca ,CA the Chicken I receive at the KFC on Patrick/ Tennyson Rd is always a good size smaller in size. My other complaint are the pot pies are not juicy and lack filling. Should have never got rid of the corn bread!

griff607 7/9/14 1:00PM

hi hope u fine.i need to ask serious complaint about kfc staff mangment in lahore pakistan i prefer kfc and give order many times on this phone number .your dilvery time 30min but kfc mall road branch dilver order after 45min or 1 hour.i call everytime and register complaint.i give order 20june 10 pm i recive my order 10.45 pm in between i call but they said after 5min you recive your order.dear sir i call 111-532-532 11pm and talk duty manager they said you recive your order 10.24pm but kfc rider use this phone number 03244322645 he call me on my phone number 03067124447 10.45pm and he said sir i m out side your door plz take your order i ask kfc rider why you come late he said some cooking problem.your staff and call center manager miss guide kfc costumer and distory kfc name.kfc is one of the best food chain in world please take action against kfc lahore managment and ask me clear i give order next time my phone number

talal 6/22/14 5:18AM

I have been working for kfc for years in n c cornelius , the whole time I have had to be talked down to over work make me do prep and drive thru daily yet no one else ever has to work two jobs I'm not a manager yet I do more then managers over my years witnessed stealing bad management unfair treatments I tell the g.m and d.m yet nothing ever done have been thretenened called bad names haressed yet nothing management is so bad I'm considering geting a lawyer and sue for all the the stress and everything I have went thru . People do drugs on kfc property stealing yet I work my butt off to be treated so bad. I would not recomend kfc to anyone I know no one washes there hands like they suppose to only me and one other . Kfc is suppose to be a nice place to go they don't care about customers or employees

danielle44 3/30/14 3:36PM

I went to Kentucky Fried Chicken in Ruskin, FL. I have never received such a bad experience in all of my life. The car before me left after the person at the window talked to them. I wanted 10 grilled chicken breasts, mashed potatoes, green beans and biscuits. When I asked him what happened to the family meal deals. He was rude and told me that he didn't need to service me and that I could leave. It makes me wonder what he told the car before me. If he is turning customers away that is not good for their business.

Anonymous 3/27/14 5:19PM

on march 22, 2014 I placed an order for six chicken wings, one large cole slaw and one large mashed potatoes with a biscuit. When we arrived home there were only three whole wings and three half wings either this was done on purpose or there was a shortage of wings. (the store is located on Dix Hwy in Lincoln Park (1721 Dix) I believe. I deserved to be compensated for the order I paid for. the order was was three elderly ladies in their nineties. they order from this store at least twice a week, we will be shopping for another chicken restaurant because the orders have minor problems all the time and your service leaves a lot to be desired

aaron 3/22/14 7:17PM

My Husband and I stopped in a KFC in Kentucky ..We placed and order and asked for a senior drink,,,, (which most places do) and was rudely told we do not do senior drinks..
KFC needs to get with the program..what does it hurt to give seniors a little break. A drink or senior discount..

AnnRunae 3/18/14 3:40PM

I'm writing,regarding a store at Last night I went to dine in with my son and husband and your store was full of flies. The walls were covered with them,like a plague. While eating these flies are all over the walls above us and getting stuck on our sodas. For a restaurant very disgusting site. imagine these flies carrying germs all over our food. I took several photos and would like to show you how disgusting it is to eat in a place like this one. It its obvious that cleanliness is not their priority. If this is the front of the store I don't want to imagine the working area.

Anonymous 2/27/14 8:17PM

I have kept track, and this makes 14 times that I haven't been able to get my order of grilled chicken !The location is here in La Vista, Ne. (Omaha) I tried to order ahead by phoning in an order and the Harrison St location however they do not answer the phone either. My normal order is a 12pc bucket,so you do the math 14 12 piece buckets adds up.I can only imagine how much money your Co. is loosing!
I will not go back and will strongly suggest anyone I know avoids KFC, POOR management !!
Kevin Boyle
P.S. It's a shame it is great chicken..., if you could actually GET IT .

Anonymous 2/19/14 3:16PM

I am very disappointed, depressed and angry with the KFC on Cerrillos Road in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

My husband and I went to eat and there was five employees standing on the front counter, One of them screamed at us regarding our entry about their front door that was broken. They said we should have use their side door which we did not even see and they did not have any directions to it.

This is not the first bad experience at KFC so I will never go to KFC again and will mention this to alot of people and family.

Anonymous 2/17/14 7:05PM

I am very disappointed with KFC, I printed a coupon online after I signed up on website. When I went to redeem coupon I was told they didn't accept coupons. I PLAN TO CALL THE CORPORATE OFFICE ALSO TO TALK WITH SOMEONE IN PERSON.

Disappointed 1/24/14 7:15PM

I work at the one in greenville,Illinois. They have very bad management. There is a girl named Carley and she called me a bad word for no reason. I'm going to contact a lawyer and I'm going to proceed with legal action. There is food being stolen out of the store. The manager john knows this. The employees sit out in there cars and get high. I'm going to take this as far as possible. I'm going to put this I'm the Greenville advocate. The employees do not wear gloves when handling food. I really did enjoy my job but I will not be working there any longer. They r very nasty employees. U have one employee that works there that has admitted to taking Vicodin regularly on a daily bases. Donna is the employer that has sticky fingers.

Charmaine 1/19/14 3:52AM

Visited KFC store 109 and received the mo9 and received the most unprofesional customer service ever. One of the employees by the name of Ojwanee handled the return of my cold order very unprosessionaly. First of all, she took the order back as if the number of chicken strips sold earned her pay. Second of all, she asked how much we ate with a disgusting look on her face as if, she had to make fresh chicken strips by hand. Thirdly, with approval of shift leader the employee decided to give me fresh chicken strips with cold fries and biscuit. Whats wrong with this picture? Well, Im a paying customer paying for a hot meal and got a cold meal replaced with a cold meal instead of a hot meal which we paid for totaling our ticket $22+. Im not trying to be disreapectful or judge anyones authority or position. I just think this situation could have been handled in a professional manner especially because a shift leader and manager were on duty at the time if incident. Even after the manger spoke to the employee she continued to giggle and become sacrastic regarding the procedures of handling food. To the employee it was a joke.

Took out cold tenders from box and set them on counter and in front of shift leader put hot tenders with cold food. She couldnt remake the whole meal.

Then left cold tenders exposed to front counter. Then slid my meal over to me with no apology.

Therafter, she made sarcastic remarks when my daughter went up to the counter to purchase 2 fresh sandwiches. Her remark was "make sure you wear your sanitary gloves. Some of the employees were very disrespectful and if I were the mangager on duty, I would have been embarassed. My opinion is if you dont have customer service skills then you have no business working with them.

Anonymous 12/20/13 8:24PM

To whom it may concern, I have been a Kentucky Fried Chicken Lover from the time I was a teenager. I am now 50 years old. I am actually writing to complain about the 75th Stony Island location in Chicago, IL. I live just a few blocks away from this location and EVERY time I request a chicken pot pie, I am told that there aren't any potpies. Are potpies not a part of the menu anymore at this location and is this an official Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant or is it a franchise? I would like to go to this location because it is in the neighborhood and not have to go to another location which is much further away. Could you advise? Thanks in advance for all of your assistance in this matter.

Unhappy Customer 11/25/13 8:06PM

Looks like I'm not the only one having some issues with KFC these days. I always loved KFC food, but rarely can afford to include it in my lunch routine. I decided to visit your Rifle, Colorado restaurant one evening with my husband and we ordered a two-piece meal to split, as we weren't overly hungry, just craving some KFC. We ordered all white meat, which is an additional $4!! only to leave, get to the park and open the box to find a breast and a wing. Really? A week or two later, I decided I deserved a really good lunch, so I treated myself to KFC, same restaurant. I ordered my two piece meal, all white meat, paid $9 for my lunch, only to find a breast and a wing inside. Come on. I used to love this place, now I dread going there. I almost feel like they're doing this on purpose to line their pockets at this store! that was until I read other peoples comments. And serving the back still attached to the breast to make it look larger...come on. I gotta say, if I don't hear back from y'all, I don't see me trying KFC again anytime soon! Please, please, get your stores together. This is frustrating!

Feelin frustrated 10/25/13 3:39PM

We have been going to the KFC on Clayton Rd, Concord, CA for a very long time and had a very bad experience about 5:00 pm PDT today 10/22/13. My friends and us have been eating and taking food out for as long as anyone can remember. It has always been one of our favorite places in Concord to eat. Upon arriving at the KFC counter, there were two absolutely uninterested young ladies standing behind the counter. The usual manner of being treated by this particular KRC wasn't there. These two acted as if they didn't either not know what to do or were bored. As the ordering progressed, their atitude was horrible. One of the orders we always got was the two or three piece dinner and in each dinner in the past, the cole slaw was left out. One of them said this mean didn't include the cole slaw anymore but was basically the same price. I asked to see the manager (who those of us who eat there dearly love as he is a really nice guy and a friend to many of us). My complaint is that the customer service necessary in any business was gone. In the eyes of these two young ladies, it would have been just as good as we hadn't stopped by to order our dinner. It actually hurt my feelings and even though I love KFC food and this particular manager, we probably won't be back. We know literally hundreds of people in Concord who we know eat there and have met there. My suggestion, please help this wonderful manager by providing better prices, training for the new emplyees and not hiring someone who doesn't even care for people. It may be time to contact Undercover Boxx and have the corporate person come out and get this straightened out. I won't cry about the episode but it made me feel really bad and yes, sad as this may be the end of a wonderful food place for so many of us Concord people.

Rosette 10/22/13 5:50PM

I went to the KFC in Haverhill ma on October 13 2013 ordered a 2 Piece meal white meat for $8.19 what I got for chicken was a small breast white me and the other piece was about 1" in size. I told them I ordered a 2 piece meal they said that was there 2 piece meal What a rip off for 8.19 I will never go to KFC again. Also this store was filthy Try cleaning

hungry 10/13/13 4:40PM

I went to KFC in North Little Rock, Ark on Camp Robinson on Monday Aug 26th,2013 to get the 6 pc for $9.99 and they told me to pull up to the window for my total and when we got to the window they told me the total was $16.00 I was like it should be around $11 and the manager said they didn't have that special at their store. So I went ahead and paid for our meal and went home and showed my husband and we checked the website and saw the 8 pc meal was just a little bit more. He called the magager and said that special started at that store the next day. To my opinion if its all over the website and all over TV. This is the 2nd time we had trouble with that store.

lilfiesty 8/28/13 8:53AM

My husband and I visited he KFC restaurant in on 8/23/2013 at 8:06 pm. We have visited this store several times in the past,but on this particular visit we had a very bad experience. We dined in,so we received the meals with drinks. We finished our meals and I ws going to refill our drinks we both drank sweet tea,I had a lid on mine so I removed my lid and had my drink in one hand and his in the other,I kept them separated by the straw in his. When I looked in mine I had a fly in my tea,I proceeded to tell the manager and all he said was I'm sorry. No refund on the tea??? I work in a restaurant and the first thing that should have been done was an apology then a refund!! I asked for corporates phone number and they looked it up and complied,so I suppose they didn't mind me calling to complain...instead of just simply refunding my tea??!!??

Anonymous 8/26/13 3:53PM

My wife and I stopped in at the Somerset, Pa. Kentucky Fried Chicken on thursday 8/22/13 and we ordered 2 Chicken tenders combo meal! When we got our meal the fries were gummy, the chicken tenders were about 3 Inches long X 3/4 wide and tought as hell! We could hardly chew it! I will be the last time I get taken with a meal like this! This Really Sucked!

KBT 8/26/13 11:03AM

Just want to let you know about the Keokuk, Iowa KFC franchise of your business. Thursday we went for lunch,2piece boneless Chicken dinners. Paid 6.09 for them. Friday we had the same meal at Quincy,Illinois and it cost 4.99. We could not even chew the tough chicken at Keokuk and it had no flavor what so ever. Friday in Quincy it was very tender and tasty. If this place in Keokuk continues to do as now they are sure to cause your company to go bankrupt. Better take a look at who is using your name. Thanks Janis and Howard Carter

AJNX 8/25/13 12:21PM

I have filed a comment on the webmaster and have not received any reply, so thought I would share on here. On Sunday Aug. 18,2013 I visited the KFC in Great Bend, Ks. we like to go there when we are in Great Bend, like the buffet. We entered the store between 5 and 5:30 that evening,we wanted to get there before the crowd started to arrive and were greeted very politely. Then the diaster starts. We went to the Buffet and there was not enough food on the buffet, there was no chicken other than the roasted and I don't care for that, there was no squash or okra on the buffet table, we got other items and went and ate them, the chicken finally did come, but still no okra or squash, asked and they said they had some, did not go and get it, when they finally got some it was a very small amount, but only okra. After shopping decided that we would run through the drive in since we didn't want to back track across town to get drinks somewhere else, we ordered 4 medium drinks and we waited and we waited and we waited for approx 15 min. and never did get them so we drove off.We did drive back to another resturant got right through and the drinks were cheaper there. We were very disappointed in this service we do like to do there, but not for sure now if we will return.

normar 8/20/13 9:04PM

Has the Original Recipe been changed in anyway? When the Original Recipe is ordered it looks like the Extra Crispy! I have complained about this and even had staff get new chicken. The chicken is just not the same, it's very bland and too crispy! I do not want just any fried chicken, I want the Original KFC!! If this is as good as it gets, count me out! I am deeply sorry KFC cannot get it right! I live in Big Spring, Texas 79720.

Diane 8/20/13 4:28PM

I am very disappointed in the managers at my locate kfc. There's a girl that works there, and she is always on her phone, kissing her boyfriend in front of costumers, rude, and very disrespecting and the managers won't do anything about it because her dad is a cop. Please do something.

luvyu28 8/2/13 4:27PM

Like to know why you discontinued popcorn chicken? That was a favorite of so many please bring it back I am sorry to say but the chicken bites are not very good at all and it's costly eating there anymore my visits there are not so often there are no value meals at reasonable prices and now here in paintsville ky they won't give u anymore than one pack of honey not even if you ask for it!

Carolyn 7/22/13 5:34PM

I am disgusted by the new advertisement.The one where you have signs by KFC with a person saying I ate the bones! that just makes me want to throw up!My co-worker and I were going to go to KFC one day for lunch,and when we saw that sign it disgusted us so much we went to McDonalds!I have to drive by it at least 3 times day and it has really just turned me off!I have loved KFC since I was a child,and my Mom would take me there for our special treat.But lately I can't even stand to look at the building!I think somehow you could have come up with a better slogan than this. Very dissapointed !

shari 7/19/13 4:01AM

I have nothing nice to say about KFC. The simple fact is that they serve cold food and the restaurant is always dirty makes me regret giving them another chance. I've never been in a dinning room of a restaurant that leaks not in one spot but two also as I was sitting there watching what what going on it was plain to see that the cleanliness of the restaurant was of no concern to the employees or either of the two managers there. Here is a list of some of the things that could have been cleaned during some point in the 45 min I was there, the tables, bathrooms, beverage station, counter tops, floors, and I'm sure if I went to the back of the restaurant I would be able to list many more items. Now get this in what food establishment is it OK for a cook to have a beard and goat tee? Also didn't health class teach people that if your handling money don't handle food unless you wash your hands in-between. Well this cashier didn't retain that important piece of advice because I witnessed her go from taking orders to assembling orders many times without her ever washing her hands. I am so dissatisfied with KFC that it makes me want to go work there and show them how it'd done. It doesn't take much to get people sick and its very possible that many will end up sick after leaving this restaurant. I can guarantee I will never visit this place again. We paid 28+ for our food and frankly my husband was the only one that ate because I gave my portion of food to my dog. Before leaving I asked for the general managers name and they told me her name is Pat Miller. Well Pat I really hope you can fix all the issues at your store in Corpus Christi, on leopard St & Violet road. , on leopard St & Violet road.

Anonymous 7/18/13 5:33PM

over a month ago i had a problem with a kfc in newton new jersey i have called the corporate office once a week and no one has gotten back to me. i have notified the better business bureau and today i am going to contact the consumer protection department and consumer fraud as the manager of the newton new jersey store lied to me.
i keep calling and i am being told that my problem has been submitted to the department and someone will get back to me and no one does.
now i will take further steps to get my refund of l5.00 back. i am very upset and will never go to another kfc again. if this is how they treat their loyal customers i want no part of this company

bugsync 7/15/13 6:52AM

I have been going to Kentucky Fried Chicken for quite a few years. I really enjoy the meals very much. My only complaint is that you all got rid of the delious "strawberry flavored dessert" in the white cup. I just don't understand it. What are we suppose to have for dessert after all that good chicken. Anyplace can have chocolate whatever, but the strawberry flavored cup is so special. Can you please bring it BACK?

Anonymous 7/12/13 1:08PM

I order alot at this place location manchester,n.h. Found a hair in my coleslaw when I arrived home to eat. Called the location and manager was not nice or understanding bascially called me a lier said we wear hairnets.This I know but there was a hair in my cold slaw.Have not eaten there and will not eat there ever.

Anonymous 7/11/13 8:54AM

I ordered a 12 piece boneless chicken meal approx. 3p.m. Ill time, we had company from out of town and I thought I would try the new boneless chicken....well we are all done eating and most of it is left, it was extremely dry and hard to chew, I don't know if this is how it was suppose to taste but needless to say it was horrible, I would never recommend the boneless to anyone....very disappointed, the store we went to was in Danville Ill on Bowman Street and they were not busy at all, I am really wondering if the chicken had been cooked and dried out !

Connie Gore

Anonymous 7/10/13 2:38PM

My husband and I like to go to KFC in Boone Iowa because they have a buffett for a reasonable price. The last 2 times we went there we had nothing but trouble. I cant believe how KFC has gone downhill. The first time we went around supper time and they got very busy. We asked them if they would put out more chicken and they said it would be about 10 minutes. The lobby got full of people waiting for food and the drive thru started to get busy. We waited and waited at least 1/2 hour and no chicken. I went up again and asked if they were going to put out more chicken and they said they were filling orders to go. So the people eating inside were left out. After an hour we finally gave up and left. I guess if you eat inside you don't get any more food. Yesterday we decided to give it one more try and decided to go around 4:30 to beat the supper rush hopping there would be more chicken out to eat. First the mashed potatoes were could. We asked for 2 chicken breasts and he gave us 2 fresh hot right out of the fryer. There were only 3 pieces of chicken out. There is never more than 4 pieces of chicken out at a time. This time the supper hour had very few people in the store. I went up to the counter to ask for more chicken. One of the workers looked right at me and then backed out of my sight and kept talking to the other worker. Finally the other worker say me and came around and apologized and ask if he could help me. I asked if he would put more chicken out and he said it was cooking. We waited a 1/2 hour again and no more chicken was ever put out. We got up and walked out again. My husband said he would never go there again. I doubt KFC will be in business if they keep up this type of service. We are so fed up with them that we will probably go to Pizza Ranch which has better chicken anyway. From all the complaints I doubt anything will be done which is a shame. I would hope that Wendy Thomas would see some of these complaints and find out what is going on. From the 500 complaints that I have seen on another website, I would say KFC is going downhill fast. I didn't see any compliments yet. I doubt I will get a reply which shows that KFC could care less about their customers. Just thought you would like to know another reason your business is going downhill. Between the bad service, cold food and never getting anything you ask for there isn't much left to keep KFC going.

sampaula 7/10/13 2:06PM

I went to the KFC on Wren Ave. in Gilroy, CA 95020 on June 25, 2013 around 4:00 pm. The Asst.Manager/co-owner (or so her badge said) was counting money at the register. So while waiting, the person who had been running the register took her very long hair out of her pony tail, turned her head upside down, ran her fingers thru her hair and then put the hair back in a bun. Never washing her hands after doing this and proceeded right on to do the register. Thank goodness when she then got my food (after also handling her hair and my money) she did us the tongs. I would have "lost it" if she had used her hands. All in all, still very unsanitary!!!!!! We have been paying the extra 25 cents per piece for boneless because it has been good. Yesterdays chicken (6 pieces of dark meat total) was a little chicken and a whole, whole lot of fried breading. And some of the pieces had hard grizzle strips that were unedible (might as well have been a bone). I have been disappointed in KFC and have complained to you before. But the boneless was (up until yesterday) good and had me returning to KFC. Will not be going back now.

Linda 6/26/13 9:47AM

I challenge KFC to do an undercover boss. Please, please go undercover and go to the KFC at zip code 75142 and just for instance, order the 10 piece combination and ask for all white. I did. What I got was a greasy, salty mess and of course, instead of all white, I first bit into a boneless, stringy mass of unidentifiable stuff that I think was a thigh. The food went in the trash. I will never go to KFC again. The brand is suffering as the food is now terrible, the service (what service) is bad ... try it for yourself ... in the restaurant ... or get a to-go order and just see if what you ordered is what you get! I have found if you go to KFC you can count on getting little teeny pieces of chicken that are dried out and dripping in grease. I used to love KFC, but no more. Your brand is suffering, your stores are losing customers. Please fix before it's too late ... Have you searched online lately and seen all the complaints? Shame on you, management, shame on you.

Carol 6/23/13 4:25PM

When I pulled up to the drive thru and asked for a twenty piece wing the person told me she only had thirteen is that ok. I agreed and went to the window and asked for honey mustard sauce and she told me it was twenty cents extra for each pack. Why are they free when you go inside to eat? I will never go there again! I will tell everyone about my expirience.

Bad Day 6/6/13 1:31PM

I want chicken in boxes and buckets and with bones. KFC would rather sell one leg, instant potatoes, a syrup drink, a biscuit and a thimble half full of slaw for $7.50 than sell chicken. I refuse to patronize this lunacy.

rcncman 6/3/13 1:01PM

Why isn't there a KFC in Lehigh Acres, Fl.? HAVE TO DRIVE 10 MI IS DUMB.

HBRUCE408 5/31/13 5:46PM

KFC should be shut down... How many more reviews of lousy food.service & rude employees!!!!! Here in Mesa AZ I have gone to KFC 3 times. Last time was over a year ago. Said I wouldn't go again.. Woops! I did it again.... aweful food. old & rubbery. BLAAAA!!!! Albertsons Grocery store has better fried chicken & its 8pieces for 5.99 Delcious!!!! byebye KFC>>>> going to get my money back.

mustangcory 4/16/13 11:10AM

On April 15th i visited the Kentucky Fried Chicken on 335 Neltnor blvd at 5:45 Pm. I ordered a 10 piece all original dinner, they informed me they did not have any original ready they did offer to give me a refund but being a BIG KFC fan i told them i would wait the 20 mjnutes. after 45 minutes I asked to speak to a manager because the cashier was talking very rude to me , when the manager arrived i explained that ive been waiting 45 minutes way past the 20 minutes they told me it would be.he spoke very rude to me and said the girl told me i would have to wait . i asked him what did i do that he was being so rude yo me , he and the cashier started speaking very loudly in spanish and e few words that i did know anyway when he gave me my order 48 minutes later i asked for hot sauce which he threw 7 packets at me so i just left , when i got home and opened the bucket i had 5 pieces of chicken on one side and a bunch of little pieces of bites or strips they looked like scrap pieces to me, by now i was so upset i threw it away not wanting to go back for confrontation.IS THIS THE WAY KFC IS TREATING THEYR LOYAL CUSTOMERS OF 54 YEARS. I think they should make some seious changes before they lose all their good loyal customers.This is the 1st time I ever complained to any company but i was just so upset i had to let it be known how i was treated THANK YOU FOR LISTENING

rick 4/15/13 6:16PM

KFC has always been known as having the best fried chicken.You are considering of offering boneless chicken. One word: DON'T, IF you are going to use the "melted together with chemicals". I have tried several brands of this type of skinless, boneless chicken breast and they are all terrible. The texture is different with tough, stringy grissle. When preparing bone-in drumsticks, part of the great flavor comes from the bones. Take that away and you alter the flavor of your product and that would be a shame! New isn't always better.

Carol 4/5/13 6:52PM

You know we have always been a big fan of KFC but it makes it pretty hard to keep going back when you want the buffet and they never keep hardly any food out in it. You go up and ask them for some chicken they tell you that they will be right out with it and then you let them know you are out of green beans bisqits coleslaw and so on and they just look at you and say ok. As we sat there waiting for some food to be put out so we could get started we watch 9 people get there money back because they didn't get there orders right or they didn't come up with the food said it was frozen. On the last time you had a so called manager saying it was his first night there and he would fix things I have to say if you are a true manager you would be managing the place not hiding in the back trying to fill orders you should be letting all the people know what there responsibility is during there shift and make sure that they are doing it. Not once did we here him or any one say go fill the buffet bar or even check it. This is the fourth time we tried to eat there and every time it is the same so we are done We will go to our Pizza Ranch in town they know how to run a pizza/ chicken restraunt. The KFC in Council Bluffs, Ia. @ 1751 Madison Ave should be worried because the way they run there business the other places will put them out of business. And that is too bad. But they act like they don't even care. What a loss.

Penny K. of Council Bluffs 3/13/13 6:37PM

Our family gets a large order every sunday from the KFC on Middlesex St in Lowell, Ma. This has been a ritual for about 10 years or longer now. We get together as a family and look forward to out take out meals from KFC. I am in charge of the ordering and my son or myself will pick up the order every sunday. I have had some small problems here and there with the orders in the past, and usually call or stop by if it is not too major and the manager I speak to will always take care of the problem to our satisfaction and I for one appreciate that type of management. I always save the receipts at the time of ordering to help them find receipt numbers over the phone, or produce the food and or receipt to prove my case. Tonight my son made 2 trips back and forth for large orders, and those two orders were perfectly fine. The problem I have right now is with an order that had taco bell and kfc combined for myself and my son along with 2 young children and a 2 year old baby. Because of conflicting work schedules we had to pick up this add'l food well after the first 2 larger orders today. Now that you have all the back ground on this, I will tell you what was wrong with the order. The Taco bell food was perfectly fine. We also ordered a 6 piece chix strip meal with cole slaw, and mashed as the two sides. We also ordered a small side of mac and cheese for the baby. The kfc meal was ice cold, but the taco bell was perfectly hot. Three to four of the chix strips were half the size of the other very nice pieces. As I started to split this meal for the 2 small boys I noticed some of the strips were hard and too crispy to eat safely. I tried a little piece and the taste was very smokey and a bad greasey flavor. I had to remove it from my mouth. 2 of the strips looked and tasted great as we usually receive our food. It appears that someone added fresh strips to an older possible bad grease cooked order. Next I opened the mashed with gravy side. The container was half full and it looked like someone had stirred the gravy into the potatoes that were just beige to light brown in color. I then looked in the bag for the small side of mac and cheese, to discover that they had not put it in with the order. The receipt shows we were charged for it. In the past I have let similar problems go such as this, as we always over order, and have plenty to go around. Today, the different shifts we had to order for and the times we ate left us unable to do this. I called the restaurant and asked to speak to someone in charge. The male person that answered asked me to tell him the problem, which I did. He then asked me to give him the receipt number, which is in the car that is now gone with my son to work. I called him to get the number, and he said he would have to call me back at break in a few hrs with the number on it. I advised the male worker, and he said he did need it, and would have to transfer me to the manager. I thought I was talking to someone in charge. The male manager answered the phone in haste, and their was so much customer chatter going on, that I had to yell over this in order for him to hear me. I told him exactly what I have told you here. He asked if I could bring the food and the receipt back now, and he would replace the strips that were not good and potatoes would be evaluated and replaced or refunded if I was not satisfied. Here is my problem, I paid for food I did not get, 2 or 3 of the chix strips were good and were eaten by the small children with half a biscuit each and some cole slaw. I had to feed them something under the circumstances to hold them over for now. I explained this and the inconvenience of the missing mac and cheese that was ordered for the almost 2 year old with just a few teeth. I had no edible mashed potatoes with gravy, no mac and cheese, and only a few strips that could be consumed safely. Now, I was asked to come back across town in traffic with the food and receipt that is in my sons car at work. I explained that I did not feel that this was fair for my time and gas, along with the problem of trying to find something in the house to feed 3 visiting small children, to have him merely replace missing food I already paid for, and replace the food once returned that was not edible. I felt he should take my info and at very least replace the entire order the next week when we ordered again. He very rudely told me that this would not be happening, and I told him I would just file a complaint with the KFC home office then. He again rudely told me that I could find the info to do that on the back of the receipt and that this conversation was over. I asked him for his name, and he slammed down the phone with no further reply. I was appalled and shocked that a manager for a long standing food establishment would ever handle a problem in this unacceptable manner. I feel that we contribute quite a bit of our income weekly, and to satisfy a long standing customer with a very legit complaint should not have warranted that type of rude response and behavior. Especially when I explained that this happens on different scales at least once a month and I have only complained one other time in over 10 years. The manager at that time was overly nice and only to happy to replace our much larger order in full at the time for our trouble. I declined his offer and asked him to just replace a strip meal only and we left happy. I decided to follow through with my complaint when this unknown male person advised me to do so if I was not happy with his remedy and slammed down the phone. I have owned a restaurant in the past, and have been in many different aspects of customer service over the past 30 years, and if I had ever treated anyone so rudely with similar circumstances, I would have been reprimanded at very least, if not terminated immediately. I advise my employee's that something this small is not worth possible loosing a steady flow of business and income, as well as the fact of not knowing exactly who you might be rudely speaking to at any time in business. For all this manager knew, I could be the owners wife or daughter. Morals and Ethics are an important quality of business and customer service in todays economical market. It does not cost anything to smile and speak nicely to the person on the other end of the phone in order to keep whom ever a happy repeat customer. I guess I have overly stated my case at this point, and I would appreciate a response to this email. It has been about 2 hours since this problem occurred. The time without looking at the receipt was approximately 7-7:30 std. eastern mass. time. The KFC store is located on Middlesex street in Lowell, Ma. 01854 Thank you for taking the time to read this lengthy email, and I look forward to your response with this matter. Have a wonderful day! Cindy A.

cindah18 1/13/13 7:45PM

I went to the kfc/taco bell in atlantic city and was not happy with the food so i brought it to the managers attention (MS. Roberts) this person was absolutely rude and nasty to me. She called me foul names and made comments about me being a drug addict. Im very disturbed by my treatment of this woman and i need to speak with someone about this issue.

Anonymous 12/8/12 10:53AM

bad experience at kentucky fried chicken no cole slaw in my dinner greasy fried chicken that was soaked in grease that was left to soak in it

Rosy42 11/20/12 2:24PM

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