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Please find details for the Kmart corporate office below. We do our best to keep this information current, but if you are aware of any updates to the Kmart corporate office headquarters information we have, please feel free to submit an update.

Corporate Office Address:
Kmart Corporation

Sears Holdings Corporation
3333 Beverly Road
Hoffman Estates, IL 60179
United States

Phone: 847-286-2500
Fax: 847-286-5500

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Kmart in Maui is horrible ..the manager Ipo and a customer service rep wouldn't give me store credit on a 60.00 toy that broke with in a mom visited me from the mainland a bought my son the broke I had the reciet.. it was 2 weeks that had past before the 30 days but they told me I could only put the money back on the credit card and I wouldn't able to get store credit..she told me they couldn't do it because the computers were updated...I told her well I will call the main store and tell them to update the computers in the Maui store and then she said not to worry just come back and she will give me entire store credit...mind u she only said that after I asked her name and said I will call the main store and make sure she's telling me the right procedure of returns or exchange....I will never ever shop there again..even if its the only one in the island...stick with Longs or Walmart... thank goodness we have a Walmart:))

Maui 8/15/14 1:09AM

so ive decided to leave working at kmart so much has happen to me there first i get hurt wich ive never seen a paycheck for. workers comp says they send it out funny thing is i havent received it and everytime i call its straight to voice mail i then get called a spick by a intern thats rite not even an employee i then report the it to my manager who tells me they were just playing...sad sad..well thank you kmart for being worst company ive ever work for....

john doe 7/23/14 1:16PM

Went to norfolk virginia store tried to redeem my sears point which has money and treated very bad because they dont know how to redeem the money.that store needs to be shut down now i know why the store never has customers

tired of ignorance 7/20/14 11:36AM

Kmart is a sorry place to work. They treat workers like crap, they barely give you hours and always hire new people but give like 10 hrs a week. They do not know how to talk to customers or employees. I work there and was harassed on my day off via text message. And they are expensive. I will never work for sears holding ever again.

Live-laugh-love 7/5/14 9:54AM

I agree with everything I read so far. I sadly work at a Kmart, it's not quite as bad as some of the other described below, but as a couponer and price matcher I would NEVER shop at Kmart. I don't. Besides all the crappy service and the way shoppers are treated the employees are treated almost as bad. On a regular basis I only get 1 day (one), 1 day notice to my next weeks schedule. I am suppose to get 2 weeks notice, I can never make any plans, EVER because I don't know when I work. Well I just sound like a complainer now. I've only worked there for 2 months and am now looking for a new job. Wish me luck. I can not work at a place who treats people the way Kmart does.

TheKraken 6/19/14 11:48AM

I am saddened, I saw on the news today that my store will be closing it's doors. I have a family, and with the job market, I am scared I wont be able to take care of my children. I have been with your company almost 2 years, AND I love working there.. Drop prices, have better deals, train our cashiers to be better.. Please, I am begging you not to take our jobs away from us.. When you are a single mom, you don't want to hear, that you won't have a job in a few months.. I am in tears, cause I am scared, please don't do this..

Fancy 6/12/14 2:07PM

Very Upset I Went To Kmart In Lorain Ohio For My Lunch Break 30 Mins.. Spent Almost 20 Waiting In Line.. Its 100pm Why Is There Only 4 Lines Available All I Had Were 4 Items.. You Guys Have 30 Registers And It Doesnt Matter What Time It Is You Guys Only Have 4 Open.. You Guys Should Knock Down 10 And Make 4 Self Pay Machines Because It Is Getting Rediculous To Go To Kmart To By Bread And Wait 20 Mins To Pay For One Item.. Hire More People Do Something Because Alot Of People Go To Walmart Because Of This Issue.. And Its Only Down The Street!! Very Unhappy With The Service At Kmart .. No One Ever Helps You At This Store And Lines Are Insane.. And Also ""no The 1 Fast" Lane In The Store Wasnt Even Open.. And There Soultion Is Go To Customer Service.. There.. Is 5 People In Line At Customer Service.. That Isnt How You Guys Should Treat Your Paying Customers.. This Is Getting Very Annoying


I went to your store in Elwood Indiana and a patio set and had a price tag for a 6piece set for a hundred dollars but wouldn't sale it to me for the price it said what kind of buesness are you running I thoughtfully you had to sale for what the sign says I'm not the only one there is an other couple also and me and my family always shops there until this and won't ever go back unless you make this right

Kodiakes 6/3/14 7:04PM

my friends boughta bbq and they gave them bropain and it was empty need to get in trouble not right

mandy castro 5/31/14 2:47PM

My Husband and I went to Kmart to purchase JUST a table for our patio set. When we got there it took us awhile to find someone in that dept and when we did they were NOT at all helpful. The table that we wanted was sold out besides the floor model and they wouldn't sell us that one so we asked if one could be brought from another local store and they said no. Why? Where is the customer service?

DelVecchio 5/26/14 3:58PM

Kmart Sucks I understand now why they are struggling financially I bought a defective piece of furniture I used 2 gift cards and my mastercard debit their stupid manager told me she could not give me my money I used a credit card I showed this idiot proof with my online banking that it was a debit card and she still refused to give me my money the item was 3 days old. I will be contacting the attorney general fraud department and Contacting my bank to dispute the transaction Im not keeping defective merchandise

BRANDY ARVIA 4/20/14 8:51AM

04/12/14 at 3 pm I entered the store with my friend and our daughters. During the shopping I had a headache and decided to take a Advil from MY bag, at 3:47 pm we paid at the register. Walking out I get attacked by a man dressed regular asking me what did I take from the store. Without asking me he grabbed my purse from my caradge. I had no idea who he was he didn't have security guard clothing. He checked my bag and of course found nothing. Our daughters are crying scared not knowing what's going on. And he still continued to question me loudly like I'm a theif. I spend $158.62 in your store I am blessed to provide for my family I was not raised nor am I raising my kids to steal. I was embarrassed in front of others, my kids were friten and the rude man in which you hired didn't have the nerve to apoligize after he found nothing in my bag. I will file a law suit as well as contact the news. My kids and I didn't deserve to be mistreated.

Anonymous 4/13/14 12:26PM

I went to my local Kmart to purchase the floor mats. But, the price was $11.99 not $5.99. I pulled up the website with the $5.99 price. I was told by store manager that stores do not honor online prices. I asked even though it clearly marked on the website. I could get them today from his store? Yes. Is really worth to loose a customer over this. He rather me go home and purchase it on the internet and wait for it to be delivered to the store to pick it up. That is poor customer service! I would of made more purchases today instead I just left the store without purchasing anything! And I won't be back!

stlcardsfan111 4/6/14 10:51AM

Order # 644751692, I have purchased 3 mattresses and they have still not arrived, I have called daily and been told to wait 5-8 MORE days. Online these same mattresses are being offered for delivery in TWO DAYS. Every time I call there is no one who can really address my issues. I was supposed to have these by the 28 of March- my sister and her children are sleeping on the floor while we wait for these. I have paid for all my items in full and deserve to get my items when I am stated to receive them. The location for delivery of the items is less than 1 mile from a KMART- this issue needs to be resolved today or I need to cancel my order, be reimbursed and I will pick another vendor who can deliver these mattresses tomorrow. I am so let down by this whole process, I have been told every time I call or email that my problem gets put to the last of the line. I cannot wait for these mattresses any longer; I need a manager or someone who can make things happen to call me a.s.a.p.

Irene 4/2/14 12:47PM

I am a regular customer in the HP location, store 7278.
Max, I do believe is the manager of this store, I hear him all the time yelling at his employees to get the store cleaned, and straighten up, due to company coming in. I have heard him, being rude to a lot of his workers over the past few months. I am about ready to stop shopping in this store. I believe there is a way to do things as a manager, and yelling is not one of them. I always see him walking around, looking mad, or with a store or cell phone up to his ear. When I have smiled or tried to great him, he just keeps walking. I have in my understanding that he treats his employees like they are trash, and I have seen it myself. I am not saying the names of the persons, I have seen this happen to, but, I however would like to see that this store be investigated.

hexgirl 3/25/14 1:34PM

Shopping at Kmart out Online Is a Very Bad Idea any one Can do, The online support IS Clearly a waste of tiMe They ship thing Out and its Not The whole order Plus Then they forget it and make up excuses then say give us 48 hrs to find it. Well now i got an email saying 7 to 10 bus. Day and its growing from there. If anyone wants more info pls call me at 6about Kmart: one more thing. I will have no choice but get to my attourny involved.

losing my niceness 3/22/14 12:50AM

On several two occasions I overheard the Manager "Cindy" screaming and yelling at the associates in front of customers.

This is the is the Lodi, New Jersey Store # 3414.
I find this unprofessional and disrespectful. Hopefully someone in Corporate will read this.

Marsha Brown

Marsha Brown 3/17/14 12:08PM

Today 7.30pm approximate. Cashier number 6 of Kmart 7177 belleville town , had a big argument with a customer , because she didn't want to buy a product , change her mind tho , during the argument I heard out loud :
Cashier#6: u must have to buy it because I did already the sale.
customer: could u void it because I changed my mind
Cashier#6: yes but why u take it if u are not going to buy it .
Customer: show me some respect, I'm a customer
Cashier#6: son of a ( sob ) customer.
Customer: ( sob ) to. don't be rude with me , just do the void .
They had a big argument and finally
Cashier#6 call the manager to do the void
Manager came ,she opened the register and did the void .
After of that the customer payed with her card .the cashier gave to the customer the receipt and the customer told her that she will report her about this and the cashier answered , take the receipt and shovel it up to your grand mother x the ( sob )

After that I was behind and I heard everything , the cashier told me to go ahead and I told her not, I went to customer service and make to call the manager and I spoke to her about it.
I'm a regular Kmart customer and I don't like to be treated that way

Carlos 3/16/14 6:16PM

Kmart is the worst, called customer service(joke) 10 minutes after placing online order to have order shipped to another address...well that was 5 calls and 6 days ago, kmart says they emailed their vendor but have not heard back each time I request update. Now I get an email saying order has shipped, but the tracking info I was given is false,even Kmart agrees to that, so how could it have shipped? Today I get handed over to a case manager who tells me the same thing " we have waiting for our vendor to email us back" so I ask why no one has picked up the phone and called their vendor, I was then put on hold to have someone called Frank tell me he just called vendor and left a message. I have a few problems with that...1) you would think their vendor would answer the phone for them.2)why did I have to tell them how to do their job after 6 days and 5 calls. Now Frank(no last name)(case manager says we have to wait 2 business days for an answer(same answer the last 5 calls), problem with that, the order shows being delivered to the wrong address on that date. It takes a lot to get a customer and maybe just a little real service could have saved this one for Kmart

Wesleyp1 2/20/14 4:56PM

Big disappointment with Kmart! I purchased a refurbished dell computer online. When I got it, I was so excited to put it together. It turns out, window 7 software that was installed in the computer is not authentic, meaning it's illegal. There was a 1800# for customer service. I called the #, I man from India claiming his name was Steve came on the phone. I couldn't understand him at all, then he had the nerve to ask me for my charge card. He tells me for $329.99 he can put a good software on my computer. Kmart are you kidding me right now? I used to be a huge kmart shopper but after this experience, never again. Walmart, best buy here I come good bye kmart. You fooled me once, I promise you, you will never still from me again.

Pissed off 2014 2/18/14 8:39PM

Who do I report an employee to about sharing a situation that happened in the loss prevention department? She went around town telling everyone how a person got caught stealing. I thought that was against HIPPA. This employee should not be employed if she is talking about these situations out of work.

Anonymous 2/5/14 3:11PM

I was a your store in Las Vegas on 1/16/2014 was treated very badly by a store manager named al store is a Nellie and bonanza. I had trouble with shoes that I bought for my son. This is the 3rd time that I had to return shoes to this store. Al told me not to shop at this store. All I wanted was the shoes replaced I truly believe that for a manager he should be in tune with the customers that come to Kmart. He does not do your company justice.. If there is management course that u provide maybe be he should go bavk to this class

Skipsha 1/16/14 7:17PM

I was disgusted by the Joe Boxer ads before Christmas. Who were you marketing to? Disrespectful to men, women, and children. I will not shop at KMart again.

BR 1/3/14 7:19PM

I wrote yesterday and gave my wrong e mail address. The correct one is I was asking about the lack of Navy & Black knit pants. I am in Fl and have checked 8 stores within a 50 mile area with no luck. I even looked to order on line and no Black or navy available. These are the most popular colors and apparently stores only get a very few in and when clerks are asked when more will be available you get a dumb answer of "I don't know". It is no wonder K mart can not keep customers coming back as there is no customer service and if you are given a Rain Check you never get a reply that the item is in. I live in Mi and it is the same there.We do not have a K Mart in our town. The nearest is 12 miles away. Do you have an answer to my problem of where I could find Navy & Black knit pants ? Caroline Swyers

Caroline 1/3/14 10:27AM

The rudeness of your employees goes well with the recent boycott many people are doing with jo boxer commercials ..the company USED to uphold strong family values.... icwas treated with the worst disrespect ever on NEW YEARS day becauseI ddidn't have a receipt and wanted MY MONEY BACK...THIS COMPANY STOLE MY MONEY A LOUSY 25 TO 40 DOLLARS...REALLY IM AM GOING TO RAGE A MEDIA WAR AGAINST KMART ON GBP.YOU GODLESS HYPOCRITES WILL CALL ME BOSS AFTER ITS OVER WITH... BANK ON THAT!

karlyn 1/2/14 5:55AM

I was shopping today only to find out that 50% off items were rung up at regular price. It seemed as if the staff didn't care to rectify the situation and just said that they were sorry. The store in Randolph NJ seems to be very poorly managed! It's no wonder that a number of Kmart stores are closing and can't compete with Walmart and Target.

drmikey 12/26/13 6:52PM

I think the Joe Boxer commercial is inappropriate and quite offensive. Take it off the air. What kind of example are you setting for our kids. The commercial is very sexual in content and the bells don't help one bit. I will definately think twice before I make a K Mart purchase in the future.

lovelady51 12/25/13 1:21PM

I agree with most of these comments. The Joe Boxer ad is terriable, The men would have looked better in tuxes and ringing bells and stating that Joe Boxers makes any suit look good,slim and trim. Poor taste,who wants to see men shanking their pravents. I hope you will stop this advertisement. Thank you N.H.

Anonymous 12/23/13 11:25PM

K-Mart has hit an all time low. I will not shop there again. No morals and anti-Christ. You won't say Merry Christmas, but you will take our Christmas money won't you. The Joe Boxer commercial is disgusting and immoral. Children watch commercials also. I don't find your as amusing or funny. I am at a loss of words as to how far our country has dropped itself into the gutter. Wake up America. Is this really what you want your country, founded on God to stand for. Not me. I will no longer shop at your store. It is garbage and not another cent to you.

Anonymous 12/23/13 9:08PM

The Joe Boxer ad is absolutely filthy, and I can't believe K-Mart would run an ad like that anytime, but especially at the Christmas season. They really hit an all-time low with this.

Diane 12/23/13 5:32AM

First of all I think your commercial of the boxer bell ringers utterly disgusting & I may not shop at a K mart store again. Also I do not like being greeted by Happy holidays instead of merry Christmas. Even more so when I say merry Christmas first I expect to have your employees say Merry Christmas back & not happy Holidays. It is because of Corporations like you and Obama that are country is in such a mess. You will loose a lot of customers with this attitude. Wake up!

annonymous 12/23/13 2:25AM

I'm just one of many posting a complaint to this site about your offensive commercial. The Joe Boxer ad is so very inappropriate.
Do you really feel that the commercial will increase sales? Here in the south KMart struggles to hang on against Walmart and that commercial was the final straw for me. I won't shop there again. Your ad convinced me that yours is a business I will not support.

Anonymous 12/22/13 6:11PM

Kmart Has Lost My Business Forever With The Nasty Joe Boxer Add. If Your Sales Are That Bad. Close Your Crudy, Filthy Stores. I Hate To Walk Ih The Stores Lately, They Are Always Filthy, Any Would Not Walk Into The Bathroom For Any Reason. Shut Your Doors And Let Wal=mart Take You Over.

MAMMY 12/22/13 2:17PM

Absolutely disgusted by the Joe Boxer add on tv. Really? The happy smiley face boxers covering the guys genitals, lower than low. What's that supposed to infer like we all don't know. Not shopping at Sear's or Kmart anymore.

Michele 12/22/13 5:55AM

what a shame K-Mart don't pull the JOE BOXER commercial. All my Christmas money went to WAL-MART & JCP. a lot OF PEOPLE did this. What poor management K-Mart & SEARS have. Also, has a date been set for going out of business sale for the K-MART chain.

jm 12/21/13 2:08PM

It's disgusting and so very sad that Kmart has to resort to crude sex ads to sell its products. Of course it's the boxer ad that is shown on TV. Do you not realize that children watch TV too. It's like letting them look at porn. Shame on Kmart. I feel this ad should be pulled and the idiot who thought it up should go to AA. He must have been drunk when he thought it up. I've always felt that Kmart was concerned about family value, bit that sure when into the toilet. I'm definitely rethinking where I want to shop and so are many of my family and friends.

Anonymous 12/21/13 9:19AM

Special thanks to Kmart for the "bell ringing" Joe Boxer commercial. I was totally appalled that it would be okay with you to something like this. Remember that kids watch television too. Total smut.

kmorr66 12/20/13 8:27PM

To Whom It May Concern,

May I ask what in the world were you guys thinking, when you allowed that Joe Boxer commercial to be aired? And evidently you're still thinking it, because it was just on TV again. Because of that commercial, 90% of my Christmas budget ($1,000) went to Walmart. And I'm not that crazy about Walmart! Whose idea was it, for that commercial? Who ok'd it? They'd be getting the boot for Christmas, if I were in charge.

Unhappy grandma 12/20/13 4:17PM

I watched your Joe Boxers Christmas advertisement on TV and I was totally outraged. I can't believe that Kmart executives would think that this commercial is appropriate for viewing. I did not find it funny, cute or entertaining. After reading the other comments, I see I am not the only person that was disgusted by this ad. You have lost yet another Kmart shopper.

Ex Kmart Shopper 12/20/13 9:29AM

Did any of your executives see the Joe Boxer ccommercials before they were allowed to be aired on television? They are offensive to say the least! You have lost yet another Kmart customer in me!

Joe Boxer commercial 12/20/13 8:47AM

I will no longer shop at kmart, sears or for any joe Boxer items. im discusted with your lack of integrity and filth just to make money. I have 3 adult men under my roof who just threw away all their joe boxer items and I cut up my kmart credit card. you offend your customers just to cater to a few who enjoy lewd exhibitions of distaste. you lost a family of customers and THAT is what you can take to the bank. don't reply.

woman of integrity 12/20/13 8:04AM

I am a mother and the joe boxer comercial is completely inappropriate. Thanks for just another reason to hate kmart.....just gross

tasha 12/19/13 6:48PM

I Am Completely Outraged With The Joe Boxer Commercial. I Have Young Children That I Have To Explain Things To. KMart You WeRe Completely Wrong In This Advertisement. At Least Victoria Secrets Puts Their Commercial At Night When. Young Children Should Be Asleep. I Will No Longer Be A KMart Shopper.

aew 12/19/13 5:12PM

I love the new ad with JOE BOXER !! that was brilliant!! I laughed so hard and now when I hear that song I remember KMART!! koo-doos to the ad department.

deb 12/19/13 7:20AM

Christmas is a season to remember Christ to be happy and kind to all. Which Kmart is lacking the understanding of customer service. It sad to see that the stores are closing, they have been around for year. What I experience today at the Waterloo Ia store on University Ave, I see why they are closing. I had a return, I actually was going to exchange it, but you didn't have the right size. I also asked if she would check me out with an item I wanted to buy. At this time I was the only one at the counter. The lady that helped me, very rude, she was so concerned about her co workers than the customer. Some employee are lacking in the area of customer service. They don't understand where their paycheck comes from. Sad thing about this picture, she was either a manager/assist manager. I highly recommend a visit with this employee, If not place her in another area.

Thank you

Anonymous 12/18/13 1:42PM

We will no longer shop at Kmart or Sears after viewing the distasteful ad on the television this Christmas season showing grown men in Christmas boxers shaking their genitalia to the song Jingle Bells. What a tacky method their marketing department is using to sell merchandise!

TexasMom 12/18/13 7:46AM

I see I'm not the only one offended by your Joe Boxer commercial. How is this piece of advertising going to encourage people to buy the product? I think you probably drove more people away instead of generating additional sales. Must you sexualize everything?

Anonymous 12/15/13 7:46PM

Just want to say that Kmart was a wonderful family store. I loved the clothing line. Last years Christmas commercial and this years "Joe Boxer" is in very poor taste as well as disgusting. Mr. Aylwin Lewis why not set a higher standard for your company as well as other companies. Get rid of this type of commercial and go back to catering to those family friendly type.

Anonymous 12/13/13 10:51PM

The commercial with the men in boxers is one of the most disgusting, repulsive things on the face of the earth!!! I have thankfully never seen more than the first couple of seconds by switching the channel quickly. Seriously, people, what is wrong with you!!!! The other Christmas commercials you have playing this year are just plain annoying. I agree with everybody else, last year's were soooooooo annoying, But this year's are even worse and on a whole new level of bad taste!!! You need to get new people to do your ads.

Anonymous 12/13/13 1:23AM

I have seen your Christmas advertisement for Joe Boxers on TV recently and I feel it is inappropriate. I always thought K-Mart was a family store and was surprised that the corporate office would approve of this type of advertisement. I think common sense should be brought back into our society so no one is offended.

Anonymous 12/12/13 9:31PM

I thought last years commercial was awful,but this years is do know small kids see this?I love shopping K-Mart,But may have to reconcider.

wanda 12/12/13 7:16AM

K-Mart has hit an all time disgusting Low: I was appalled when seeing a commercial on TV while watcing TV with my young granddaughter when the tasteless Joe Boxer Commercial came on with the idiots in their underwear pretending to find bells to a Christmas song shaking their privates How Dare you putting filth like this on TV for all to see including little children there should be a nation wide boycott against your store since we now know where your upper management morals are someone should be fired for approving this add and it should be removed promptly from TV and there should be a sign of remorse! Do the right and moral thing

[email protected] 12/10/13 5:32PM

My family and I were eating dinner, when we saw the absolutely inappropriate Joe Boxer commercial. It is appalling and I can not understand the necessity to use such an offensive advertisement to sell Joe Boxers. The apparel sells well without the offensive commercial. The other disappointment is that you had previous complaints and you have not pulled it. I suppose you don't care that you offended many, if you can make money. Wow!!!

Anonymous 12/10/13 3:57PM

What a disappointment. K-Mart has just demonstrated, through its recent Christmas ad, that they are nothing more than a cheap harlot with absolutely no class. Your ad, K-Mart, demonstrates the little value you place on our children and society. You sold out your values for a buck, something like a whore. My family, parents, brothers, and sisters will not only ever set foot in your stores again, but will also do what we can to discourage others from doing the same.

disappointed 12/9/13 9:13PM

What is the purpose of on line shopping/layaway if you can't be confident that your items will be there after paying or completing placing items on layaway. I AM VERY DISAPPOINTED, and after THESE EXPERIENCES I WIL NOT BE SHOPPING WITH KMART ANYMORE. I spend entirely toooo much money with Kmart being that it's across the street from my home. This holiday season has been a mess. I initially tried to place an order online the morning of Black Friday. It was ridiculous and due to issues with the website I spent several hours trying to just provide my debit card. After finally speaking with a representative, I come to find that at that point I couldn't even get my items because it was then out of stock. Of course being upset and angry I asked to speak with a Supervisor. My sister even made a purchase on line and when she got to the store to pick up her items, it was no longer in stock and the money had already been debited out of her acct. WHAT KIND OF FOOLERY IS THAT...???
Well needless to say, I decided to place another online order#90000179. It allowed me to place my order COMPLETELY. I went online over the weekend in order to pay my layaway off to come to find that two of my dolls Baby Alive were cancelled from my order due to them not being in stock. I didn't receive any notification of any sort. The only emails that I have received from Kmart was to inform me that the mask from my order had been shipped. I received nothing stating that my order was not longer in stock. I SIMPLY DON'T UNDERSTAND THAT... I AM OVER HEATED ABOUT THIS. What kind of business is this. Why are you advertising but yet can't deliver. If the items were out of stock, it should have never allowed me to place my order on layaway. Now dolls that I THOUGHT were on layawy for $16.98 is now going to cost me almost $40.00. So it takes me back to my initial question. WHAT IS THE POINT OF HAVING ON LINE ORDERING AND ON LINE LAYAWAY WHEN YOU CAN'T BE CONFIDENT THAT YOU WILL RECEIVE WHAT YOU HAVE PURCHASED AND OR PLACED ON LINE FOR LAYAWAY. I'm sure that I have missed several deals dealing with this nonsense and a total waste of time. At this point I am ready to return all of the items I have purchased thus far AND NEVER EVER GIVING MY MONEY TO KMART AGAIN... I can't shop with a company that is not trust worthy. My father retired from Sears, and I am embarrassed for him. I would rather spend the money for quality items and customer service than settle for unprofessional MESS.

Anonymous 12/9/13 9:49AM

I, facetiously, want to thank Kmart and all of the other companies for making China rich and for destroying our country. It appears, for the present, that the only thing not made in China is China! I am tired of buying clothes and other products made in China, where they don't work properly, the zipper does not work properly, or the material lasts not as long as we were used to. I hope corporate does not choke on its profits.

ArleneFrancesPT 12/8/13 10:52AM

Really Kmart? The Joe Boxer commercial is pure trash, as are Victoria's Secret and others like these two. Shame on all of you advertisers who can't quite make a decent sale without throwing in a sexually geared commercial. Good grief. Anybody remember the "seductive" popcorn commercial or the current shampoo commercial that doesn't leave me gasping except to switch channels as soon as I can. It's pretty sad that this seems to be the trend.

grmn8tor 12/5/13 4:51PM

To whom it may concern: Your commercial of men in boxer shorts is disgusting. Have you lost all sense of what is appropriate? Because of this commercial I will not shop at Kmart. I will actively lobby people not to shop at Kmart.

PDM 12/5/13 9:22AM

I was in the Trussville, AL Kmart on Thanksgiving day and while looking around the electronics dept. I heard a conversation between what I assumed was a manager and a employee. The employee was covering for another employee (I heard her tell the manager this) and this manager got in her face and called her a worthless piece of crap. I thought I had heard him wrong. She said excuse me and he said you heard me your a worthless piece of crap. There were other customers and employees around and even though they tried to act like they didn't hear him their facial expressions gave them away. The employee looked like she was about to cry and I got even madder. I point blank asked a employee standing by who that person was that was so rude and she said his name is Dan. I asked if he was a manager and she said no he is a key holder. I have heard from other friends who shop at this location that they have heard employees being spoken to in a very unprofessional and down right rude manner also. I just didn't believe it until I heard it myself. That female employee held her head high and did better then I would have. She didn't respond back to him. I am appalled that a company would allow their employees to be spoken to in such a manner. I don't think I will be coming back to that store anytime in the near future. I will also make sure that my friends know how the employees are treated. It was downright disgraceful.

BamaGirl 12/1/13 4:48PM

Just wanted to let you know that Kyle at your big bear store provided excellent customer service to us! We purchased a tv that was defective and he wen out of his way to test the exchange tv for us! Refreshing to find a young man who had the initiative to test the tv before we even arrived to exchange the bad tv! Thank you!

Anonymous 11/30/13 12:35AM

Wanting to get a message to kmart corporate/advertising- The commercials about 'giffing out' are at the top of the list for 'most annoying and irritating' commercials. They are so awful that I have to change the channel or mute the tv. They are so annoying- I did not shop at Kmart this year for Christmas. Not even to look. The commercial gets your initial attention, however, totally turns you away from shopping there.

Tinacnp 11/30/13 12:01AM

I went to your store tonight as I frequently do. Parked my car got out took one step and flew in the air because I slid on ice as plong and as wide as a parking space. I layed there for a few minutes and then slowly got up. Hit the side of my face my shoulder and the whole side of my body. I went into your store in Poughkeepsie to speak to a manager. I told him what happened and he went to ask someone else what to do because he didn't know. Came back after a few minutes and told me that Kmart was not responsible for what happens . I told him that someone else was doing to fall. He said he would check it out. I then went outside and waited half an hour and no one came out to check it out. I never heard of Such a thing! Never took my name or asked me if I needed help. I am appalled at the customer service I received which was none. They should be ashamed. I am in terrible pain and I don't even know how I drove myself home. If that's how things are handled at Kmart I will not be shopping in your stores.

[email protected] 11/24/13 8:20PM

November 21, 2013

Attention: Mr. Ron Boire

Dear Mr. Boire:

As a consumer whose family has shopped at Kmart for many years, I write to protest your recent Joe Boxer Christmas advertisement (the "Show Your Joe" ad) which features men without pants wearing boxer underwear and shaking their mid-section (and everything there in), gyrating and thrusting, as they ring a bell inside their boxers. I find this ad very offensive, disgusting, blatantly obscene and pornographic.

I ask that Kmart please discontinue this advertisement on every outlet and that you please do so immediately. Shame on Kmart if they don't.

Thank you,

Sincerely yours,

Shame on Kmart 11/22/13 4:55PM

Glad to see I'm not the only one upset with Kmart and the use of sex sells. Your corporation was always know as a family discount store. Well I think you need to check out the last few ad campaigns They are truly not family prime time appropriate Your back to school commercials were bad enough but your Christmas commercials. They were something I looked forward to watching in the past but not this year.
I don't expect a response and I doubt if you'll pull the commercial but you should get coal in your stocking this year because your not just naughty you've been bad.

Anonymous 11/21/13 9:12PM

What an obscene commercial my daughter had to witness on a Christmas channel on TV. My daughter saw that and asked me where the bells were. I have contacted council concerning such an obscene commercial. Although some perverts and others might find this type of thing funny I found it foul especially where my daughter is concerned.

SS 11/21/13 5:56PM

I saw your OBSCENE Christmas tv commercial showing men in boxers with the inuendo of ringing Their bells. I case you don't know what I mean watch your own commercial thru the eyes of a young teen. Maybe your teenager.Way to sexy for our home. We won't be shopping at Kmart for CHRISTMAS unless this commercial is removed and a sensible commercial with an apology for the bad taste in your prior commercial.!

Wa 11/20/13 8:02PM

LOW CLASS KMART, AGAIN. Our family will not be shopping at kmart all
winter due to the tasteless commercial kmart and joeboxer have displayed.
It is not sexy, cute or attractive. The only people who would think that is funny is gay men. Is that your target audience kmart? No woman thinks a visual of men shaking their testicles is sexy. Its gross.
Bad move Kmart. You, godaddy, and Carls Jr. have lost our business. We will go to Walmart, Costco, or JC penny to shop. LA California

LB 11/20/13 3:10PM

I am boycotting Kmart until the joe boxer commercial is taken off the air. It is disturbing and obscene. In this day of crimes against a human being, why display such a suggestive ad?

Anonymous 11/20/13 2:58PM

The JB ad is absolutely UNSUITABLE and I can't believe that you allowed such trash on TV. What is wrong with you people?!!! You advertise as a "family" store and then stoop to such lows as this? Wake up! You just lost my business and Sears too since you are related. I will shop at Target and Menards from now until the day I die.

Ticked Off in Michigan 11/20/13 2:34PM

The Joe Boxer Christmas ad is not family appropriate. It does not make me want to shop at Kmart. Do any companies know the meaning of Christmas? I really don't think men shaking their stuff is something children should see as OK behavior to celebrate the Christmas holiday or any other holiday that I can think of. Gentlemen, please reconsider running this ad.

Anonymous 11/20/13 2:00PM

Well done KMART. For years women have pranced around in their underwear on our TV's. Nobody says anything about that. The men are fully clothed! All you holier than thou people need to get out more and get a sense of humor! There is nothing wrong with the Joe Boxer ad. It is tastefully done and very clever. Good job KMART for staying on the cutting edge. Love it and so do all my co-workers!

Nana Banana 11/20/13 1:28PM

I believe the biggest victim in this country now-a-days is TRUTH and honesty. That is why we have a government runamuck with lies and obfuscation.

I am NOT a regular kmart customer. And after seeing your CHRISTMAS boxer shorts ad, not only am I glad, but it has reaffirmed my reasons why I'm not. I am a Christian but not a religious fanatic. I strongly believe in what used to be termed, 'the TRUE' meaning of Christmas. Now, according to kmart, instead of 'keeping Christ in Christmas,' we can say, 'keep your genitals in Christmas.'

YOU ARE CLASSLESS! JUMP ON THAT 'SEX' SELLS BANDWAGON! Have you made any correlation between the more liberal this society acts, the more 'down the drain' it goes? We have a government that cannot be trusted ON ANY LEVEL, and all you socially progressive people, organizations and companies follow each other right in the toilet!

To be an 'empowered' woman now you have to demand someone else pay for your abortion and contraceptives. Just ask nan pelosi. Why both? If you use one, you don't need the other. Interesting how it takes 'a village' to RAISE a child, but only one woman to kill one. EMPOWERED.... hardly. Selfish? Greedy? Entitled? Absolutely. What does all that have to do with kmart? It all stems from the same mindset. Get away with as much and whatever you can.

Well, I hope your insensitive, classless ad takes you further down the bankruptcy trail. You can go down the gutter where your ad is!

American Patriot 11/20/13 12:40PM

The new Joe Boxer commercial is very offensive. As a mother of two children, one a pre-teen, I do not approve of such of tv. I am well aware that my opinion probably won't matter to this company, but it's my right as a consumer to express my feelings. I am a regular shopper at our kcal Kmart store, but am having second thoughts about it now! There is enough vulgarity in the world with out a trusted company putting in my living room. Now it's circulating the Internet. Call me old fashion, or whatever you will, I'm just protecting my family's best interest. In the grand scheme of things, losing my business probably won't matter, but at least I took a stand on what I believe. God bless!

Ace 11/20/13 8:35AM

Isn't it reasonable and common courtesy to expect employees to have a schedule at least 8 days in advance ? especially before a Holiday. At the Big Bear City store we still do not have a schedule for next week !!!! Our Manager is too busy to bother with us and our families !!!! And totally uncaring !!

an employee 11/19/13 7:11PM

Congratulations to the executives at Kmart, you have outdone yourselves again! The "K" must stand for "klass". Not closing on Thanksgiving, and now the boxer shorts ad! You people are a disgrace! Is the money worth it to you?Are your children proud of you? Is vulgarity the language of love in your home. SHAME on you for putting your crudeness in MY home by placing such an ad on TV. Be certain that I nor anyone I can influence will ever again shop at Kmart!

Embarrassed4U 11/19/13 9:03AM

I am really offended by the christmas Joe Boxer commercial on the NBC news this morning. REALLY. It is disgraceful. And disgusting watching men jingle their balls on public tv.

cdelo 11/19/13 5:57AM

I generated a online lay-a-way and bought outright a 24' television purchase on October 23rd. I was called on October 30th, to pick-up the television set. The store representive proceeded to tell me where to pick the television up in Tennessess. I advised the store representive that I live in Prattville, Alabama and I did not make authorization for the television to be shipped to the store for pick-up. The store representive looked within their systems and noted their were oversights on their behalf. The representive advised " I will need to get with the district manager to get the item rerouted". The representive also advised "someone will contact me on that day or the following day". I never recieved a call regarding my purchase. I followed up with the next week. I explained what occurred and the representives assured me the televison will be available for pick-up shortly, and I was refunded 10% of the television purchase back to my card the next business day. I made contact with K-Mart because I still have not recieved any information regarding my purchase again. I called K-Mart and the representive advised a message was sent to my email to pick the item up. I explained to the representives on a number of occassions that am easy to contact via telephone. However, at that time, I was not in position to pick the television up, during the week. On Sunday, November 10th, I visited the Prattville, Alabama, K-Mart and waited over an hour plus, to be told the television has not shipped to the store per Store Manager. I then contact via their computers in the store to advise my television have not arrived. The representive kept telling me the television was located in the store. I had to get the store manager to call to confirm that a television have not arrived. I was given another 10% off to keep my business. I cancelled my order with K-Mart quickly, after this incident. I was advised my refund will take between 24-48 hours during the business week to process. I was advised it should post no later than friday. On Friday, November 15th, I called regarding my refund. I was now advised my cancellation was placed on Thursday, November 14th.(NEGATIVE). On November 18th, I still have not recieved my refund. I have lost all control waiting.. I will never shop at K-MART again.

Going 2 Wal-Mart 11/18/13 6:31AM

I will never shop at Kmart again, give your team members Thanksgiving off! Bet most corporate staff are off, shame on you. Treat your people better & maybe the world would treat Kmart better.

Bill Jewell 11/8/13 10:01AM

How Greedy And Selfish Can Kmart Get??????? Working At 6am Thanksgiving Day. I Have No Respect For The Corporate Officers Making Such Stupid Decisions. Here Is A Solution For Your All Out Greed. All Corporate Officers Man The Stores On Thanksgiving Day. Since Everyone Is Salaried, You Won't Have To Pay Any Employees, Thus Saving More Money. I Will Never Shop At Kmart Again. Who Needs You????? You Will Lose Far More By Being Open On Thanksgiving Then Being Considerate Of Your Employees.

Anonymous 11/5/13 6:57PM

Putting corporate greed above your low wage employees enjoying Thanksgiving is shows a complete lack of corporate conscious. There is no amount of profit you could make that day that will stem the ill will you have created with the public.

This is going over as well as New Coke. I won't be shipping there or Sears, not that I ever do.

Somebody whose brilliant idea this was should be fired and all of the executives, and managers should be working on Thanksgiving. You can stock shelves and clean the restrooms.

Shame on you.

Jennifer Abbott

[email protected] 11/5/13 4:09PM

I Dont Like There Layaway Program At The Kingman Location.. I Dont Recommend Any Unless They Start Using Clear Plastic Bags To Place The Cloting Items , And Everything Inanimate On Lay Away.. They Use Dirty Boxes That Are Laying Ont He Floor Which Are Demonized With Elemnt Spirits To Haunt Your Family , With I Wonder Why, And Clean There Spirits,,, You Really Dont Know What I Am Saying., But, The Fact The Boxes Seem Used And Dirty, Is Not A Good Thing To Place Clean Clothes In Off The Racks. Unless You Place Them In Clear Clean Plastic Bags. ( Clothes ) They Use Dirty Boxes Laying On The Floor.... Think Twice... About Making Layaways...but Most Of All It Is For The Safty Of The People / Patron And The Complany... Dont They Think... I Thought I Was Clueless....i Am Filing A Grievenc With This Company...


I think a manager should make out a schedule for there managers and empoyess the one in southgate,michigan does not and people that work there are tired of not having a schedule do to the manager goes on a day to day basis that's wrong.they would like this issue resolved but cant tell know one to afraid they will get in trouble

shirley 10/27/13 5:59AM

I am looking for your Department that heads up Donations. I am looking for a donation from K-Mart for a fundraiser to build our new church. I would appreciate any amount of help you can give me on this. I can provide you with the Church letter head and letter for the fundraiser and tax information.

Thank You Very Much

Doug Godbehere

Anonymous 10/16/13 5:33PM

My complaint is: I feel I wasn't treated with good customer service, regarding a stove delivery! Sunday, 09/15/2013, I was shopping at the Kmart, Roosevelt in Forest Park. I purchased a stove. The day of delivery I waited, it was never delivered. I contacted the delivery company, and they said the stove was not in storage. mornng . Which I was told the day of purchase that it was a stove in stock. So then I contacted Kmart asked to speak to the manager, never talked to the because he steped out. So I spoke with the assitant which I forgot his name, but the manager's name is Jason. After talking to Jason's Assitant there was no resolution. I asked a refund and he said it was a process. So I have receipt as proof of purchase and no stove. I've filed a claim thru the credit card dept. to ensure that I get a my total refund. When I spent my money with Kmart it wasnt a process that they had to wait. I feel it should have been reciprocated, only for the one reason they had no reciept my stove was delivered. It I had been outside of cook county this would have been handled differently!

MsMel 9/21/13 2:22PM

Just recently (9/16/2013) I purchased 2 pair of basic edition relaxed jeans & a pair of Riders jeans. All of these were ordered in 14 petite SHORT. None of them were delivered in the SHORT length. I had to return all of them. Do you hire people who can't read or just don't care and think the person will keep the product regardless. Your customer service was very nice,but this doesn't compensate me for the inconvenience of having to return them let alone the money. If you would carry the sizes in the store, as you use to. I wouldn't have to order on line. I am only 5'1'' tall and I cant wear average length.

PookaPower 9/20/13 4:54PM

I find the K-Mart ads extremely offensive! I will never shop at K-Mart or Sears again. Children aren't going to school to learn to rap!! What is the matter with you people?

Alfie 9/8/13 9:23PM

Wow. I thought I was the only mother who disapproved of these commercials. I find them gross. I have always shopped at Kmart, for my kids clothing 5 now grown and 1 ready for middle school. They have always had a nice selection and the clothing were appropriate.. But after seeing these commercials and the idea of thug like children. I am no longer spending my money at Kmart. I grew up with Kmart. and I am so disappointed in your advertising team.
Even my son is offended, with out me commenting to him. He asked me not to buy his clothes there anymore.
Im sorry Kmart/ sears. Your advertising team have lost me as a customer..

mom of 6 8/15/13 1:37PM

I think the entire advertising team should be fired. I hate the new commercials, I cannot understand one word the kids are singing. Tell the advertising department to watch the clever ads Target has.

Horselover 8/8/13 12:49PM

I cannot believe the new back to school ads. They are so racist. I am appalled at them every time one comes on. They are an outrage. Someone needs to re-think the employment status of the person that came up with them. And believe me I am not the only one that thinks this way. There are sites all over the internet from others just as disgusted as I am. Someone at Kmart needs to read them.

Anonymous 8/5/13 6:52AM

I would be more than pleased with your corporation after you've FIRED your entire advertising team on the back to school very offensive racist ad campaign. If you continue to produce such garbage I will NEVER again shop at KMart, Sear, or Lands End. My nine year old daughter asked "Do you see how the girl is acting?". The parents of the children on the commercials should have CPS called on them. Not even almost cute. Just so that you're certain which ones I'm referring to the "yo momma" and the children rapping on the bus commercials. It's 2013 not 1913!!

Parent in IN 8/4/13 4:14PM

Apparently I am not the only one who is extremely offended by the back to school commercials portraying children in the school yard as ebonics speaking, rapping, dozen playing hoodlums. How disrespectful of blacks and Hispanics. I cannot imagine who this commercial is aimed at. Surely the blacks and Hispanics are offended and whites must find this ghetto behavior equally distasteful. Does Kmart really think this is going to appeal to anyone? I think they need a new public relations firm. This is just downright disgusting!

old sundancer 8/2/13 10:30AM

Your Back-to-school "Yo Mama" ad is HIGHLY offensive and overly stereotypical. There is a way to tap into the culture of African-Americans, Hispanics, Asians, women, or any other group without the use of stereotypes or profiling. Bottom line, there is always a way to market your store to a particular market segment---but KMart---you need to remember, the goal is to "attract" the market, not "repel" them.

Keep your lay-a-way and your stereotypes. I'm taking my business elsewhere.

Tina in Texas 7/31/13 7:42PM

Had a scheduled delivery of a patio table on Fri July 27 and when the truck arrived,our table was not on it.Tomorrow will be day 5 since the non delivery and despite spending a combined 3 hrs talking to every Kmart/Sears office and service number I could find,not one person has attempted to contact me.I called the Kmart 4U,Customer Care,Sears Home Delivery and others.They couldnt help me but in each case had the nerve to try to offer me some other service.Where is my table and when will I get it?No answers!!!I am now writing the president of the company.I have never been so completely ignored.Its like going to the office of some fly by night company to find that the door is locked and the space empty as if they left town in a hurry.I am so disappointed and shocked as a Sears faithful customer for the past 35 years.I was planning to buy a large screen tv at my local Sears but now I'm afraid to.

Anonymous 7/30/13 4:40PM

I am a frequent customer, and on 6/14/2013 I purchased a carry-on bag that was discounted because one of the pieces was missing for $15.00. Along with a 2 year service plan at $4.99. Well flying from Tennessee to Chicago Sunday 6/23/13 the luggage broke, and the airport would not allow me to bring the broken luggage onto the flight.

I had to place my items into plastic bags and missed my flight. On Thursday 7/25/ 13 I went to K-mart and asked about how to get another bag and informed that I had to contact the # on the receipt in order to get assistance, wasted trip. So Friday June 2 6, I called K-mart and spoke to a representative and she told me w/o the bag they could not do anything. She let me speak to a manager and he pretty much stated the representative was correct. I asked if I could get my $5.00 back since I have no luggage, and purchase another he stated yes I could. I specifically asked are you sure, since I have no luggage, because what is the sense of having a two year plan and you have nothing. After calling back the store of purchase, the supervisor said she could not reimburse me because it was over 30 days. This is outrageous to be bounced all around and no help.

It is not my fault the airport took the luggage. I will never shop here again and don't appreciate that you train these cashier's into tricking customers to purchase these ridiculous plans because ya'll know the crap is cheap and then when the customer has a problem ya'll find an excuse not to live up to your name, or find some so call valid reason for Stealing the customer's money for some bogus crap!

I will never step place into another K-mart again. You can bet your bottom dollar on that.

Lisa Lowman

Anonymous 7/26/13 9:49AM

Kudos To Kmart, The Back To School Commercial Is One Of The Funniest Commercials I've Ever Seen. Hats Off To Kmart's Advertisement Department. The Back To School Playground Commercial Ranks As One Of The All Time Best Commercial Shown. Outstanding Job Kmart Keep Up The Great Work. That Commercial Was An I Catcher For Everyone, Even The Highly Educated, Politically What To Be Correct Haters. Some People Need To Really Take A Self Check. By The Way I Will Patronize Kmart Even More In The Near Future. Loved The Commercial!!!

REAL 7/23/13 5:27PM

I just wrote a long letter concerning the horrible "back to school" commercial before finding this site. So, again....

Seriously, if you spent 15 min on any school ground, saw and heard the things we deal with everyday, you would be shocked that an old favorite store like K-Mart would stoop so low to sell children's clothing. This commercial is not an example of a cool mama that finds great deals at K-Mart. The words aren't even noticed because of the body language, and disrespect the kids are displaying to each other. This would never be tolerated. With all the ugly things of this world, and much of it happening in schools. It would be nice to think K-Mart would be in support of the act of talking respectfully to one another, no matter the issue. Please consider the message this add sends and pull it!!!!

From A Teacher.

TEACHER 7/22/13 3:10PM

My comment is regarding your new back to school ad. I know that I am not the only one to comment on this vile commercial. Ads like these continue to reduce civility within our society. What kind of example does this poor grammar set for
Our young people?

Mj 7/20/13 12:37PM

I could not believe my ears when I heard your Back to School ad on TV. OMG! What were you thinking. So help me, if I heard my grandson who's 8 talk like that I would give him a good talking to. Having these school CHILDREN sound like they are FROM THE HOOD OR STREET TALK is embarrassing and stereotypical and wrong on so many levels. I don't care if you're from the BRONX or INDIANA. You should not accept this type of using children to sell items. For those who don't see it or hear it there' s also a Caucasian boy who speaks the same way. So, YO K-MART get this horrible abomination of a commercial off the air. I'm done with K-Mart as far as shopping until it's off the air.

Mojo 7/15/13 10:25AM

I would like to complain on your new back to school commercially. I find it stereotypical. In lieu of the recent events portraying AFrican American and LAtino children telling"yo mama" jokes and using slang only continues to give views of negative images of our children. Please reconsider this commerical.

Jam 7/15/13 9:35AM

I witnessed the worst in customer service today in our local Kmart store. An employee was standing near the shoe department using absolutely foul language. I was there with my elderly mother and my 2 yr old grand daughter. A gentleman with his daughter aboiut 8-10 asked the employee to please not use that type of language in front of his daughter. The employee attacked this man verbally. Screaming obscenities at the top of her lungs. Making the excuse she "was not on the clock". Clearly this is a poor excuse since she was dressed in her Kmart Polo and obviously standing in the aisle of the store. several other employees surrounded the customer and this out of control employee. purely instigating the chaos. Twice I witnessed this employee trying to attack the customer and being held off by her fellow team-mates. I have been in customer service for 20 plus years and have never witness such a display of unprofessionalism. When the man asked the employee to not use that language in front of children particulary his, she screamed your child, as that child was standing there. I watched the other employees and clearly none of them acted as Managers, Noone apologized to any of us customers who witness this barage of vulgarites and potential violence. Several of us had to call the police to intervene. I will NEVER step foot into that Kmart store again and I will think twice about ever shopping at another outside my area. Customer service is NOT important to Kmart corp.

Deb 7/13/13 2:49PM

So much for a reply within 72 hours its been 5 days now and have not heard a reply yet. This is how corprate is run know wonder you have such bad store managers if you dont care why should they. You are going down the drain so upset with Kmart and Sears.

Anonymous 7/13/13 12:49PM

Are your supportive of or disinterested in an educated citizenry? Your ad showing kids talking smack encourages a ghetto culture.

Larry S 7/12/13 8:31PM



"Good Morning Rachel,
Thank you for contacting I am sorry to know that you have not received your order yet. I understand that you would like us to resend the missing items.
Please be advised that the local store you have mentioned does sell the item you are trying to place an order for. Hence, it is not getting pulled up from the records on selecting ship to store option.
The feedback that you have provided today regarding the local store not being pulled up on trying to place an order with ship to store option will be taken into consideration as we continue to enhance our services to meet the needs of our customers going forward."


Winfred S. (asheak)
Kmart Customer Care
[email protected]


Anonymous 7/10/13 4:39PM

I am from St. Joseph, MO and we have 2 K-Marts in our town.. Both of which are miserable to be in for lack of AIR-Conditioning in their stores!!! It's worse than being out in the 109* weather we're having!!! I try to support the store with my thousands dollars of prescriptions and shopping!!! I come out drenched in sweat!! Can't go anywhere after until I reshowet and change and make up and hair!!! Getting to the point I am having all my prescriptions transferred to CVS... Of it costs more... Oh well... I'm not having a heat stroke in their store!!!

Anonymous 7/10/13 3:59PM

I went to my local Kmart in Pineville,NC and noticed they had a big sale on EverBloom Growers fish garden. I thought this was great and I was going to purchase one. When I went over to look closer, there were no fish at all. I asked "What happen to the fish." I was told I did not want to know. When I pushed further about the fish, I found out that they had not been feed and many died. They flushed the rest of them down the toilet. There were over 30 vases for sale with no fish. I was very disappointed that the fish where treated this way.

Anonymous 7/8/13 5:11PM

I was shopping at the Kmart in springdale ar and I inadvertantly overheard the store manager chastising an employee when the employee asked her for help from her. The employee seemed to be embarrassed and she looked like she was going to cry. If this is the way management treats employees I certainly do not want to shop in that environment. Poor girl. By the way I stopped shopping when I saw that and left the store.

Anonymous 7/8/13 4:29PM

I ordered an umbrella base online with the pay in store option which stated bring order ready email to the store with you and take it to any cashier. Well the cashier said I needed to take it to electronics. Have waiting in line for about 15 minutes I was waited on and Margret (cashier) went to look for my order and returned saying she did not see it. She then call Jessie (someone who works in that department) after six calls he showed up. He checked in the back and was unable to locate it and said it is not back there so I don't know what to tell you (REALLY) my husband and I located it on the floor and took it back to the cashier (Margret) she then tried to charge me more than the paper stated. She called a manager and explained she did not know how to make it the price it should have been. The manager said well tell the customer she can either pay the amount coming up or she can leave it. Well we just walked out of the store. I do not know where they get the people they have working in the Kmart stores.Most of them have no common sense and know nothing about good customer service and the managers are worthless. I would not be unhappy if they went out of business. I will tell everyone I know to not shop at any Kmart store.

Anonymous 7/8/13 9:12AM

I Have Tried Many Times To Shop At Kmart And Sears Stores On Line. I Use My Wells Fargo Visa Which Is Up To Date And Always Has Plenty Of Cash On It To Make Purchases. Every Time I Try To Place An Order With Kmart Of Sears, They Decline My Visa, Without Explanation. I Am Really Tired Of This Prejudice And Very Poor Way Of Refusing To Accept An Order. So I Am Going To Sue!! Has Anyone Else Ever Had This Issue With Kmart Or Sears Online Shopping?

LADYLACE 7/4/13 6:23PM

I recently bought a portable garage from K-mart and took out a 3 year extended warranty with it. It collapsed this spring and when I called to inquire about a new one, I was told that the extended warranty doesn't cover any damages caused by "weather related" incidents. What good is a 3 year extended warranty on a product that is clearly only used outdoors. In other words the warranty is bogus and just another way to suck money out of you. I will never take out another extended warranty for any outdoor product for K-mart. Not happy with products K-mart is now selling. Bought a paper shredder and had to return it because 2 pieces of paper jammed in it so bad we couldn't use it. Bought an EZ up canopy tent and the pins wouldn't pop out to hold the roof up. Poor quality of merchandise. I agree with others that the managers at the stores are worthless. When I asked to talk to a manager about my portable garage, she flatly refused to come up to the counter and hung up on the sales clerk. Customer service is no longer a service at K-mart.

Tinamae15 6/13/13 9:02AM

Your decision to air an ad with such disgusting implications leaves the impression that those in charge of making decisions have extremely poor taste and a low vibration. But of course, if you want people who find this sort of trashy language appealing to be your customer base, I do well imagine that is exactly what you will get. I, for one, would like to have smut like this removed from public viewing/hearing.

sbspeer 6/11/13 8:39PM

Just to let you know, I have shopped at K-mart for a long time.But I will no longer have anything to do with your store if you start carrying the clothing line of Nicki Minaj. I think she is the last person to be influencing anybody on what to wear.

Anonymous 6/11/13 5:02PM

I strongly take issue with your recent radio & TV commercial using very crude language refering to body a funcion. You should be promoting good choices in words as well as shopping choices. Ths add is disgusting. I will not be shopping at Kmart until this add is off the radio & TV. Thank you for reviewing thiw request

bmbgeorge 6/11/13 9:51AM

I called my Moosic Pa store to speak with a manager. I was put on hold for over 30 minutes without ever having my call answered. I was called to inquire about a phone I received while my husband was shopping at this store. The caller identified himself as a KMart manager and he said my husband who just made a purchase won $1000.00. I asked him to repeat his message and he did. Then he turned away form the phone and spoke to someone else and then disconnected abruptly. When my husband came home, I related this conversation to him. I then called the store to relate the phone call I received. However, the manager did not even have the common curtesy to come to the phone.

JC 6/2/13 12:57PM

I am so mad and disgusted about store #3512 on dale blvd woodbridge Va. About a month ago Kmart had 52inch RCA Led TV's on sale and also an option to put it on layaway and I did just that, so today 5/31/13 I went to pay off the balance and pick up the TV only to find out that the TV was nowhere to be found in the store. The store manager does not even know what is going on in his own store and I wonder what kind of customer service that is. That Kmart store is really a mess and something must be done.

Anonymous 5/31/13 7:21PM

Ship your pants ad proves what it low tacky company you are. I would never shop there. You have dug yourself a new hole. Unbelievable.

Nleit 5/26/13 8:10PM

Today, a morning news show previewed the new K-Mart ad about gas reward points. The actors repeatedly referred to the "big ass" savings. This included several child actors . At the end of the ad, we are led to bealive that they were saying "big gas" instead of "big ass". Sorry, K-Mart---The ad is disgusting and in extremely poor taste. I try to buy a lot from K-Mart and Sears because I don't want to see them fail. This type of ad is doing harm to the brand and a lot of people will be offended by it.

anne 5/24/13 7:22AM

Woodman store 4179 , little ceasars manager Adam Rhodes is very rude , the pizza is nit at all good since he's been there ,he has cut back on the cheese for the pizzas he tells the employees only use 6oz instead of 8oz or you will be fired ! That's cheating the customer's I don't buy my pizzas there anymore , and this crap about harrassing customers to sign up for a rewards card we just want our food !!! The employee's are told they have to sign people up or be fired ! What kind of business are you running here !!!!

Anonymous 5/22/13 4:56AM

We do not have a K Mart in Simpsonville S C, We need one on this side of 385 because all the shopping areas are on the other side of 385 which makes it difficult to get on thatbusy busy Road.

Head Man Ed 5/20/13 1:41PM

I would like to express my concern about u're store in the Brandon area store # 4311 i was in the layaway dept laying away some things as i heard one of the managers disrespecting one of u're employees that works in K-mart, i feel that u need to speak with this manager and other managers about how they treat these young employees, it was unprofessional and i know the person who was being talked down to had to feel awful, i know these young kids have to take this abuse only because they need there job. but i feel it's wrong and it doesn't show a good example for the store. i'm going to post this on face book so everyone can see how managers in K-mart treat there employees. shame on these managers thats why they can't keep help.managers need to go to a class to learn respect and how to treat an employee with respect and open communication. isn't that u're policy. please talk to the managers in this store. 4311
Thank You a concerned customer.

Chucha 4/29/13 4:43PM

Kmart in Great Falls MT is refusing to validate their warranty on a tablet I bought there and was told to purchase the extended warranty incase anything happened. I asked about accidents broken, broken screens, water damage etc and was assured everything and anything us covered. Well my son took tablet to school and somehow the screen got broke and I took it in and they said I have to call the 800 #. I did that that and they said that they do not cover accidents and to bribg it back to the store. I did that and again was told there was nothing they fould do. Really! I'm a single mom and disabled veteran on a fixed inckme u do not have exta cash first off to be driving back and forth to no avail and to be ou ost of the tablet plus the extra for the warranty is unacceptable customer service. The error of the sales rep in misrepresenting the coverage should ot be my loss! This needs to be corrected!

disappointed 4/29/13 2:47PM

I would like to tell u about store #4048 very bad custormer service I waited 15min to get a western union there was 1 person in the store that can do the western union she was on break when she did come to the desk she had an attitude told me she still has 5 min then left then came back said she still has 2min an left took her 5 more min to come she still had an attitude as I was leavin the other staff want to be sarcastic tellin me to have a nice day when it took a total of 20min to get it finally done I'm very upset with the way I was treated I feel like they need to train more people for the job or stop doin western union period an unsastified custormer

Anonymous 4/20/13 3:29PM

I went to Kmart on Fayetteville Rd in Garner NC to their layaway departnet and I onserved a manager talking to an employee. The manager was ruded and snappy for no reason. I go there often and always look for this employee because they are friendly, courteous helpful and tries always says see you next time. The mamager name is Michelle. This is the second time I have noticed her bad behavior with an employee. I am surprised employees work there long with a manaegr like her. I will go back but I will wait until she is not around to handle my transactions because I am going to say something to her the next time this occurs.

mad about this 4/9/13 6:45AM

Williamsport PA: Attention Kmart Associates:
There has been a lot of issues between the store associates & the restaurant workers. We are ALL Kmart employees & have jobs to do. But it's been brought to my attention that the store associates do indeedly treat the restaurant crew with no respect. Nathan's is not a fast food establishment altho everyone seems to treat it as if it is one & then they get angry that their breaks are over within minutes of getting their food. At Nathan's your burgers, fries, chicken & hotdogs are cooked freshed the moment the order is received. As everyone who cooks knows; it takes time for food to be cooked fully & properly. Our food is not precooked as you all assume. As a restaurant worker I've seen how some associates treat us with such disrespect; giving us a lot of attitude, leaving messes for us to clean up after them (trays, garbage, drinks etc) they know how frustrating it is when someone messes with their department so why do it to us? What ever happened to treating others how you'd like to be treated. The other night I was training one of the new workers on how to use the register & a large family came in at the end of our lunch rush & just like we all did when we began working here; they messed up & needed help. As it took a little longer to void out everything & to type in everything correctly to ensure that the customers order was correct an associate that was in line behind them grew impatient. The cashier was being trained; it's only human to make mistakes. As the impatient associate stepped forward to give their order they rudely said, " that only took ten years. I only want a hotdog with relish & mustard, can you handle that?" I've never been so appalled by the way an associate treated another associate. We understand you only get a 15min break or a 30min lunch; we follow the same rules. We may be wearing hair nets, yellow shirts, green aprons & visors but we are Kmart employees too. We should all be treated equally. My manager is never even around, she's too busy doing her own job to run her own resturant. Her idea of being a manager is posting new signs all over the dang place and not telling anyone about them & before you can read the note she takes them down but you are expected to remember that sign & obey it. The policy is a big joke! My manager tells everyone everybody's business; everyone knows when and why someone's being fired/written up & who said what to cause it. There's no such thing as a warning either; they just call you back and write you up my co-workers have been written up for not smiling enough (we had just switch over to Nathan's & were learning everything; it was frustrating & she was 9months pregnant & wasn't getting any breaks. She was put on bed rest because of the lack of help.) not wearing black shoes when the dress code clearly states black or brown is allowed. We are constantly asked to sign new papers but never receive copies of anything we sign like we are supposed to get. Kmart is such a damn joke. I will never work for another Kmart as long as I live.

sanders.devinn1093 3/26/13 9:12AM

I received a Kmart coupon from the register when I made my last purchase with Kmart ($5.00 off when you spend $35.00). I decided to come back and use the coupon that was given to me but when I went to check out the lady at the register told me that I could not use the coupon because it was for select members only. It is very frustrating that Kmart would give me a coupon that I could not use. You would think that if the coupons are for select members that the registers would be programed to print the coupon when a select member is checking out.
Very disappointed customer
South Carolina

Disappointed customer 3/26/13 8:21AM

Kmart-can you carry All Black sock package of 6 pairs.
In crew for ladies.
Would greatly appreciate it.

Nellbee 3/18/13 9:16AM

Went and got somethings from kmart on 107th at and biscayne blvd. In Miami flavour and they gave me FAKE MONEY!!! I'm so upset trues to contact the stores manager and no one will come to the phone now I'm calling the police

Anonymous 3/11/13 7:38AM

Today I was in my local K Mart in Menominee, MI with my son. This is the second time that the security codes came across the loud speaker. Then the manager said over his microphone that he was watching my son in case he was taking something. I was horrified. I went over to the area where my son was. He was obviously not taking anything an then another K Mart worker asked my son if he needed help and he said, "no." Then another worker came up to me and stated do you need help? I said what is going on? They did not answer and walked away. I was furious, because my son and I have never stolen anything in our lives and I am a K Mart gold member!!! I went to the store manager who was also involved in this situation and indicated to him that he was my son and obvious neither of us are stealing anything so he could call off the security. I explained to him that from now on I will be going to Walmart. I have never been so insulted in my life!! I own my own business in Menominee and I will be sure to share my experience with everyone that I know! The manager indicated that I was mistaken and they were only to help. I have never heard the security codes over the PA system other than last week and it was obvious what was going on and they were not trying to help. My spouse buys his monthly prescriptions at K Mart and I have been a loyal customer for several years until now. I used to be concerned that the Menominee, Michigan K Mart that I shopped in weekly would go out of business, now I am hoping that it does! I will never step foot in that store again!

dispaded 3/10/13 3:26PM

I have purchased so many cases of smart water at my local k-mart and have had no complaints. Recently in the last 5 cases of the 16 oz bottles, at least 1 or 2 bottles in every case leaks. The bottles do not leak from the cap, it leaks from a small hole or crack in the bottle itself. This has resulted in wet gym bag, wet clothing, wet car seat, and other things that become soaked before I catch the problem.This could result from poor handling, or severe weather changes.

nanny05 3/4/13 7:30AM

It's been a month to the day that they picked up their damaged TV they sold me and I still have yet to receive my refund back. I'ts sad that a large brand such as Kmart steals from its' customers and then lie to prevent refunding money.

Taylor 2/21/13 9:00AM

Worst sales associates his name his Charles k mart collegetow, Glassboro New Jersey .i am also I retail business our chain is biggest in America and all we do the best customer service. Now I decided I will never go to any k mart store.
Store no 3393.

Mir 2/4/13 7:41PM

I visited the KMart in Decatur, AL yesterday, 1/15/2013 to purchase an item I couldn't find anywhere else. When going to the checkout, there was only the customer service lane open with four people ahead of me. Another clerk was not even looking at the line and was straightening up a shelf nearby. After a few minutes, a male employee instructed her to open up another lane. When it came my turn to check out, the bar code tag was incomplete. I told her how much the item was but she ignored me and sent another employee to check it out. (It is always something like this in the check out lanes at this store.) She started to wait on another customer that was behind me and I told her I was going to be late for an appointment. The male employee told her to ring up the department number and the price I told them. When finishing checking out the clerk asked me if I had a Rewards Card. I told her no and the male employee began immediately harrassing me about the values of the card. I told him no, I knew how it worked. They send your receipt to your home computer so if there are any errors on it, you won't find out until you get home and then have to go back to the store to correct them. He kept on harrassing me about signing up for the card (I already have one but told him I didn't) and I finally told him no once again. This store is a complete mess and I won't ever go in it again. There are other KMarts in the area and if I need something from one of them, I will go there. I have always had problems with either the check out or finding someone to help me with layaways. Yesterday was the day the straw broke the camel's back. No, means no....... By the way, remove my e-mail from your list - I don't want your Rewards Card.

Becke 1/16/13 6:16AM

I bought a watch from a kmart liquidation store in Lombard IL. around Christmas. The watch was defective the pins on the band kept coming out. I took it back for an exchange and was told to take it to another kmart they would exchange it. I was willing to make up the difference in price if I had to choose another watch, well I took it over to the kmart in willowbrook the lady in customer service said they would exchange it only if I found one exactly like the one that I had. Of course they didn't but I found one a little more expensive the the manager somehow became involved and told me because I bought it from a liquidation sale it was no longer kmart's problem it was the liquidators problem. She was so cold and unconcerned with my problem she basically told me that I had to bite the bullet on this one, and it was nothing she could do for me while looking at me as if I was annoying her and taking up to much of her time. I asked her who this liquidator was and she gave me the name and number to a man named Howard at the Lombard store. I immediately called him while still in the store in Willowbrook Howard told me to come back to the store in Lombard and when I get there to ask for store manager Debbie when I got there Debbie was very polite,kind and understanding to the situation I was allowed to choose another watch and she also gave me a $10 dollar gift card and a sincere apology for my troubles.(NOW THAT'S THE WAY YOU TREAT A CUSTOMER WILLOWBROOK!!!!!!)and because of this kind of treatment from your willowbrook store I will no longer be shopping at KMART. Sorry Lombard but as the saying goes it only takes ONE BAD APPLE TO SPOIL THE WHOLE BUNCH!!!!


Worst place to shop....and what is really sad they don't care. They have so many negative comments but never change their service. The rewards program is a BIG SCAM. I have tried three times to get the money they say I have earned. Twice they said their system was down and once they said the pin number i provided was invalid (I had just had it textd to my phone before I went to the store) everyone should boycott the store and maybe then they would try to fix all their problems....
Worst store EVER

Anonymous 1/5/13 5:24PM

Oh...I forgot to mention that when I talked to the lady an the corporate office in regards to the rechargeable lantern that my husband bought that was defective to try to get an exchange from the store and they wouldn't give me one. I said to her, so if a person bought a TV at the closing store and it was deffective the person would be stuck with it! She says, well..why would you by something like that at a store that is having a liquidation sale! My answer to that is why would you sell defective products and we trusted the store to be honest in a case like this. It isn't like we wanted our money back, we just wanted to replace it with a good one!

Not Happy At All! 1/2/13 10:14AM

Warning not to buy products at Kmart at a liquidation sale when store is closing, as they will not accept exchanges or returns even if a product is "DEFFECTIVE"! Freeport IL store is closing and all kinds of merchandise was shipped in in large lots. My husband bought a rechargeable lantern that the battery won't charge at all and an exchange for one that works would not be allowed. I even called the corporate office and they wouldn't make the store replace it with one that works. They don't care if they sell deffective merchandise to a customer as long as they got rid of it! Shows how honest Kmart is!

Not Happy At All! 1/2/13 10:07AM

Just a warning. If you buy a gift card to KMart you may not return it. I bought one for $50 on 12-20-12 and then realized it was not needed. I took it back on 12-21-12 for a refund on my Visa account. The assistant manager John (will not give last name) said they do not give refunds on gift cards even though I am the one that bought it. There is nothing in the store, on the gift card or the store recipt which says that this purchase is not refundable. Neither the assistant manager John or the manager Sandra will give their last name. I have called the complaint number on the internet and was told to call another number. I called the second number to be told that that is the store policy and that it should have been on the recipt. It is not. I am currently waiting for a supervisor to return my call. I don't have $50 extra to waste on a gift card that I don't want. If my money is not refunded on my Visa I will never shop at Kmart again. This in not the way to treat customers.

Olathe,KS 12/21/12 3:41PM

Somerville Massachusetts Kmart is the worst!!!! The employees are rude the cashiers are slow and the place is a mess!!!! How it's still in business is beyond me!!!!! There are never enough lanes open because the employees are to busy talking the cashiers are rude and slow because what do they care it's not the business and when the manager needs to step in and help they are no where to be found I witnessed tonight December 8th a cashier named Monet give this lady such a hard time making a payment thru her debit account because she couldn't figure out how to do it she told the customer that the transaction couldn't be processed and Kmart lost a 650$ sale because of this cashier. I had a couple items I left them in the closest bin and went to Walmart not only did I get my items cheaper but people were nicer the lines went super quick and the store was clean Kmart is going to lose a lot of business with ignorant employees like that. The cashiers are the last people that the customer sees and if they are not satisfied they won't be back..... There are lots of retail businesses out there and in order to succeed in today's economy the customer should enjoy going to your store and spending money knowing they are getting the most for there money pleasant helpful employees clean easy excess able items and a quick pleasant check out...... I will not give another dollar to Kmart until they "clean house" on the bad employees!!!!!!! 1 more thing some people on fixed incomes choose to put items on lay a way They get slow service ignorance and a hard time for it. Why should we deal with that bs... Kmart should be happy because Walmart now has lay a way.

Displeased 12/8/12 7:16PM

I have a layway at K-mart store #3043 and I have never been to a store where I was treated so badly everytime I have been in there to make a payment. The employees here either need some customer service training or need to find a new job because when you go in there you do not see one happy employee nor do you get greeted. Its like the store hired all the rejects that other companies didnt want.After I get my layway out I will never go back to kmart again.

Anonymous 12/3/12 10:39AM

Kmart customer representatives and online services is a SCAM!!! I made an online lay-a-way purchase Thanksgiving evening. I was told the items were in stock at a store that was close to me. I was able to complete the transaction, make the down payment and everything. I got an email from the next day saying that per my request, my order was cancelled. I DID NOT CANCEL my order! I called the customer care and explained the situation. I was told that the item I purchased online was cancelled due to them not being in stock. When I asked how could that be because I was able to go through the order and everything and was told that I needed to contact the Kmart store for answers. I called Kmart headquarters today and was told by the first representative that she did not know why the order was cancelled. I asked her why did the email state that per my request the order was cancelled and was told that it was just jargon that Kmart uses in their emails; that it was not actually cancelled per my request and transferred me to EVON, who told me that there was no one higher that I could speak to, she was the highest person that I could go through. EVON pretty much told me that online customers do not matter and the information provided online to customers is not accurate because if their is a person in store who is trying to make a purchase at the same time the online order is going through, the person in the store gets priority and the person online, their order gets cancelled. She tells me that someone put in the notes that I called to cancel the order on 11/23 but the email that I got showing where my order cancelled was received on 11/22/12. This is completely not fair to customers who use the online service. Your order gets cancelled by the Kmart representative and to cover it up they tell you that you cancel your order and don't give you any other explanation or offer any guidance or assistance other than, "I'm sorry that your order got cancelled."

Anonymous 11/26/12 8:59AM

Let me start by saying I am not a K-Mart shopper due to past experiences. My 84 year old Mother wanted to go to K-Mart Sunday 11/25/12 and 99% of the time this is something my sister-in-law would do, but I thought ok how bad could it be I'll take her. Mom said they opened at 7am we didn't get there until 9:45am and guess what they were not open yet. I asked Mom if she had the flyer and took it from here. Sure enough it did say Open at 7am. The store opened at 10 and when I asked and employee her response was "Oh that's a national flyer" my response was " and we are to know that how?" So we shop, I pick up a few things and then it's time to check out. This is the good part. ONE register open the line went down the isle. Now there is nothing I need or want that bad. I thew my stuff in a nearby bin and went to the customer service desk where 4 employeers were standing. I said " I don't know if you have noiticed but you have 1 register open and the line is very long. Do you realise the economy is bad and every retailer wants our money so I think I'll give mine to one who at least pretends to give a crap about me. I then WALKED OUT to NEVER RETURN south hill mall poughkeepsie NY

mycraptop 11/26/12 5:54AM

I did a layaway with Kmart with in store pick-up, I payed off the layaway then Sandy hit the store that I were to pick up my item. Getting a major run around for my money back. No one at Kmart can help me. I WILL NEVER BUY FROM THIS PLACE EVER AGAIN.

Troy Narine 11/13/12 10:09PM

I got me a ring in nov. of o11 and the diamon came of of the top and he gave 800.00for the ring they said here ia serbing fla. that it was not covered just the bouttom part was , I HAVE BEEN SHOPPING WITH YOU.R STORE ANY WHERE I WAS AT JUST GOT MARRIED IN augest of 0.11 and this was the seckon ring he has got me and the stone came . so you see why i am so up set & don,t think i will ever suope with you all again i have all way,s like the thing i got . but nowi am so upset with kmark .s going to go own fase book and tell ever one how you.ll have done me , i am 73years old and i have never been done this way thank you Iona Serino,

IONA 10/13/12 3:18PM

I recently had open heart surgery and was just released from the hospital. About a month ago I put some clothes in lay-away at the K-mart in Newport Ky. Today I sent my granddaughter there to pay off the layaway and take it out but she was refused service because they said I put it in and I had to be the one to take it out. I could not believe this when she said she told them how ill I am. I called there and spoke to the manager and was told the same thing. I told him "I'm not able to get out of bed let alone drive there and walk clear across the store if I were well enough to do so we would not even be having that conversation". When I told him my son-in-law works for them he told me "well why didnt u say so I will talk to him and then everything will be ok if he verifys who you are". All I could do was shake my head at that comment. What about the people who dont have a relative working there. Something needs to be done about this store policy so I decided to call the corporate office and they told me they would take care of this immediately if not they will be getting a call back.

Madder than a hornet 10/3/12 3:21PM

I recently had a less than good experience with the store in Brandon,Fl. Its the only one in Brandon. Customer service is the root of the problem with K Mart. I'm sorry to say that if it don't improve, then K Mart has not seen the last of there problems. The solution is very simple. Treat your customers like your family. Make them feel extra special.Smile,make eye contact and ask them if you can help them find what they are looking for. After all, you need them more than they need you.

Kevin Killian 9/27/12 9:39PM

You should start with your empoyees to make k-mart come back. I went to two different stores in my area and was so disappointed at both stores with the help. Today I went to Mcintyre sq. 15237 and ask the lady behind customer service if she would check my lottery tickets for me. She turned the machine around to me and said that I could do it. I said I don't know how to and ask again if she would. I said the lady that works during the weeks checks for the customer. She said then come back and have her do it.

The second store I went too was the one in West View 15229 again the girl behind custoner service was rude. I went to exchange a blouse for a different size and ask if I could pay for the second one with her. She said she could not do it that I would have to go to the regular register to do that. I said o.k. so she ask me if I wanted a printed receipt I said yes so she turned the machine around to me and said press the button I said I did't have glasses with me to see and she just shrug her shoulders and let me try to make out the screen. Both time no one else was in line so they were not busy. I am so darn mad about these so call help you have working.

Nean 8/19/12 5:24PM

Kmart fell in to problems not of their own making. We need a strong Kmart back in business and competitive for the good the the country. I have managed in retail and I beleive the time now is ripe for Kmart to make a comback "Do-Over". Stores need to be fresh and look new. Some department needs some overhaul both in looks and stocking choices. But, people are not getting tired of Walmart. Shoppers like some change and now they basically have one choice and Walmart is not that great, it is just big. Come on Kmart...make your move!!!

bookertl 8/19/12 12:23PM

This comment goes out to store#3507 in Blue Ash, Ohio. I am a former employee of this store,and I try to keep my feelings about how this store has changed to myself...but now, and hearing complaints from other customers standing in line behind me...well, it's time. Two cashiers..moving slowly as possible. Never apologizing to the customer. Turning off their reg. light to warn customers that they are planning to shut down.
Where is all the help? Rule of retail: if more than 3 customers in up another register. Dept.mgrs., HR., Store mgr. - hop on a register. Better yet...hire some people. I've tried several times to get rehired - no luck. Another thing with the cashiers - count the change back to the customer; check inside purses and trash cans. I'm still in retail after my 13 yrs. with Kmart & on personal 3507 cashiers need to be retrained in so many facets of the positions of being a top-notch cashier. They are the last person the customer sees...make that customer "want" to come back...otherwise you've just lost your business to your competitor. Is that what you really want?


Someone who cares.

sppsangel 8/16/12 1:25PM

I recently applied at the Puyallup Washington KMart store #7143 and had an awfull experience with the Human Resouces person named Amy. I was attempting to join the KMart fsmily since I have beenunemployed for sometime now. I was treated with disrespect by Amy due to my persistence in securing a job with KMart. Amy stated that I was a pest and was in the yellow section without any explaination of why I was in the yellow and o feedback on how to achieve a green status. Amy was exceptional rude and extremely non profesional in her dealings with me and I felt you need to know how your HR representatives treat people. Very poor experience on my part.

Lisa 8/1/12 10:27AM

I just love shopping at our Kmart store in Fajardo,Puerto Rico.I prefer it to Walmart.
My only complaint is the customer service counter.It's not the employee working there for they can only do their best with what they have to work with.They only have one and sometimes two employees working that counter,They have to handle refunds,rainchecks,gift cards,loto tickets,and on top of that Western Union.Just one customer for Western Union can take up to an half an hour.Imagine being in line with three of these customers before you.Yes, there is only one line for this counter.I just wish corporate would look into this matter.Is Western Union that profitable to the company?Then have it placed somewhere else in the store or have an assigned employee for that task.
I written this because the Manager Tomas Cruz is never available for comment.

Anonymous 7/5/12 2:37PM

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