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Kohl's corporate office headquarters location, phone number, address and feedback

Please find details for the Kohl's corporate office below. We do our best to keep this information current, but if you are aware of any updates to the Kohl's corporate office headquarters information we have, please feel free to submit an update.

Corporate Office Address:
Kohl's Corporation
N56 W17000 Ridgewood Drive
Menomonee Falls, WI 53051
United States

Phone: 262-703-7000
Fax: 262-703-6143

Kohl's Corporate Office Comments

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Dear Kohls, I was at your Chicago Ridge store in Illinois.I had a purchase of approx.31 .00 dollars.I had a 30 percent coupon and a 10.oo and a 20.00 bonus coupon.The girl told me at the end that she had to take off the two bonus coupons first,so instead of getting almost 9.00 off for the 30 percent coupon,I got a measly .38.That is terribly wrong.My coupon should be used toward my purchase and the bonus coupons should be a plus.If this is how Kohls is going to do business,I will never shop there again.My bonus coupons should not take away from your weekly coupon offers.Please respond to my complaint!Carol Holleman at

Anonymous 3/16/14 2:47PM

I had a bad experience with your Hamden, Connecticut Kohl's Store on February 22,2014. I made a purchase that was clearly marked with the price and a sign with the discount of 30%. When I went to the register the cashier scanned the item and it did not scan the price on the packaging, it scanned a higher price. I told the cashier that the price that was scanned with wrong, according to the sale sign on the merchandise it should have scanned for $2 less. She asked me if this was the correct packaging,She was questioning me like I had changed the package. Instead of her calling a manager to verify pricing she called no one just said she could not give it to me for that price,my take on that was buy it for this price or don't buy it at all, I think that the cashier was in a hurry to leave because her shift was ending. I left the store and decided to come back in to talk to someone els. I went to another cashier and wanted to tell her about the issue. She was not too nice about it. She really did not want to hear what I had to say, her comment to me very rudely was mame I'am giving it to you for the sale price. I have worked in retail for 12 years and I would never be that rude to my customers. I think both cashiers need more customer service training to deal effectively with customers. I left the store not knowing if I would ever come back to shop there again.I have never had that type of experience before while shopping. Are these the type of people that you want representing Kohl's.

Anonymous 2/22/14 6:19PM

I am an ex employee from Kohls in Bethel Park, which has been mistreated from the get go ... 1)assigned to a department then got balled out for not moving around to other departments. 2) had items stolen from me, eye glasses, credit card charged clothing, 3) was smart mouthed by customer service, 4)was screamed at by manger Kathy Gray, 5) and terminated (rescinded job offer) without a reason. Margaret the head manager wouldn't even listen to what I had to say and I did send her a letter but it was disregarded.
I have been a Kohls customer since the store opening and do not appreciate not just the mistreatment of my employment but the non-stop phone calls.
This was after "employee appreciation day" and accrued a bill which I tried to return it less than a month later but was told by Diana (customer service)I couldn't because it was end of season goods.
I have been called non stop for payment, last payment I made was last month ... I bought a pair of tennis shoes and did pay $10 out of $20 and will pay the rest March 2.
The calls are several times a day, customer service reps that call won't even listen to me telling them to stop calling. Isn't there a law against that?

Purple Mary 2/19/14 10:08AM

I am about to close my kohl's account due to excessive and bothersome calls from some number that is left on my phone everyday even though i have told them to quit calling. I have been a kohls customer since 2002 and spent thousands of dollars at this store and don't enjoy being aggravated @ all hours of the day from these telemarketers. When I call back they say it is a survey and the person answering the phone will not know that! What the heck!!! Then they ask for account number and SS#. I am not late on my bill and today when I called back again they said I must be getting called in error because I was not in colletions. What in the heck is wrong with your customer service training? if this is your people calling customers in error, I am assured many others will close their account to. Stop the calls!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous 3/9/13 1:33PM

I enjoy shopping at Kohl's but there are times at the store in Zanesville, Ohio that I find it hard pressed to find any employees other than at the jewelry counter or the checkout. I dislike having to wander around the store trying to find help. My other problem is that I am left-handed and for some strange reason every Kohl's store I go into, be it in GA., OH., MO. or N.Y. the credit card machines are not only unmovable, they are right up against a wall, making it near impossible for me to be able to sign on the darn thing. I have more than once gotten so frustated that I have walked out WITHOUT my purchases. I know I am not the only left-handed person that shops at Kohls and I also know that I do not shop there as often as I once did. Unless I am going specifically to Kohl's I usually do not carry much cash and mostly I shop on the spur of the moment or while just out with my friends so trust me that cuts back on any purchases I make. Please, certainly one of your well paid executives should be able to figure out a way to rectify this poblem. Thank you

Anonymous 2/17/13 7:50AM

Your paperless statements delivery system sucks. I was charged two late fees even though I never received notification. Although the late fees were removed, I still have to pay the interest charge but worst of all, it has been reported to the credit bureau, which now I have to clean up!

NO MORE KOHLS! 1/8/13 1:45PM

I would like to tell you what a pleasurable experience I had today at Kohl's. The help I got from the two employees was over and beyond any service I have ever received in any store. I would like to mention their names Joe and Linda, sorry I don't have their last names because they totally deserve recognition for all their help even though the curtains they were helping me with have been discontinued. They both took every avenue available to try to find this item and I cannot express how polite and helpful they were. Kohl's should be proud and I will not hesitate to shop there first before going elsewhere. Thank You Barb Harter

Barb Harter 9/6/12 1:46PM

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