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Kroger corporate office headquarters location, phone number, address and feedback

Please find details for the Kroger corporate office below. We do our best to keep this information current, but if you are aware of any updates to the Kroger corporate office headquarters information we have, please feel free to submit an update.

Corporate Office Address:
The Kroger Co.
1014 Vine Street
Cincinnati, OH 45202
United States

Phone: 513-762-4000
Fax: 513-762-1160

Kroger Corporate Office Comments

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Greetings your brand new store around the corner beautiful.. But, the deli department really bad,,,,,, find people who know what they are doing ,,,, I've been three times and know skip the deli lost money for you. Go to Vince and Joe's they know how to cut deli product.. Please get your act together before too late. It doesn't take 6 people to work a deli counter are they stupid? Go see and wake up.

Cheryl 3/25/14 4:17PM

I was watching TV and a ad for Kroger came on
IF you want to advertise on a Spanish speaking
IF they want to be here then learn the language!
tired of everywhere I have to stop ad listen to
this kind of stuff to get the information I may
want or need. other nationalities don't
have everyone accommodate them, they make the effort
to learn the language...I respect that. Don't
waste my time putting it on my English speaking

teresa....not mexican 10/22/13 7:17PM

My husband and I were grocery shopping at your Kroger store today.he was unable to walk through the store due SURGURY/HIP/REPLACEMENT....WE arrived at your REYNOLDSBURG MAIN STREET location....we found 4 wheelchair carts....only 1 was plugged in and charged...this one was being driven away by a young girl...who proceeded to follow her friends,playing on the cart...I complained to one of the cashiers who told me there was nothing she could do...YOU HAVE LOST A GOOD CUSTOMER...AND BY THE WAY..THE SHELVES AT THIS STORE ARE VERY SPARCE.......FIRE YOUR MANAGEMENT or VISIT YOUR STORE AND CHECK IT OUT....

OUTRAGED 7/8/13 1:19PM

I am a long time customer at the Kroger that is closing in farmers branch tx and I cant believe the store is closing....... I love that store I have shopped there for 26 years.....And everytime I need help I go to a Cashier named RENEE who always tries to help me in every way that she can she has been with Kroger for a very long time........So I will continue to shop at Kroger the one in Addison so please allow renee long to go to the Kroger in Addison tx ........... I would love seeing her there and it would make me feel right at home cause I know that I can count on her to help me...... I really appreciate it a lot and I hope to see her at 870 the Kroger in Addison.......

Janet hemsley 5/2/13 6:07PM

This is the beginning of a letter that I will be mailing to corp. I was in Kroger at 590 cascade ave atl ga. on 12/27/12. As I was exiting the store a pysco came up and grabbed my shopping cart yelling GIVE ME MY DEODORANT before I have you arrested..first of all I only have two deodorants that I paid for in my shopping cart. He caused a huge humiliating harassing scene. I said sir I do not have your deodorant obviously you have me mistakened for someone else. He continued to yell at me at this point people were gathered around like I really stole some freaking deodorant. I said sir this is harassment and do you really want to go there. After I stated my place of employment and my job title. Letting him know I have no reason what so ever to steal, he had a very dumb founded look on his face. I told him I will allow them to search me as well as I will wait and allow them to look back at their surveillance camera. Well that didn't happen because at that point he knew he was wrong. This guy need to be handled for his false allegations against me. Point blank.

Dea. 12/28/12 6:14AM

i live in norfolk,va. i use to like the kroger store on east little creek rd. ..but i have found out of date products, nasty containers of kozy shack pudding with a dead fly on it and than cameras that were faulty.. the manager has a very condesending attitude and now all my shopping is being done at a food lion or walmart

pgould 11/16/12 5:59AM

WE have been customers of Kroger for many years. Your store in Apex, NC 27502 is very close to our home and we have come to really trust the quality and value of your products. We've always found the staff available and generally helpful and the Butchers in the meat dept. always give us great cuts of meat. With 5 kids we spend a lot of time there.

We have both noticed however over the years the Manager seems to be very hard handed with employees. At a neighborhood cookout a few weeks ago, it was the topic of our conversation as one of the husbands had to go pick up a couple of quick things and came back speaking about a "conversation" he overheard in the produce dept. It sparked a pretty extensive conversation about everyone's various experiences there observing separate times when one of us heard the manager being very critical and rude to her employees.

Today, my sister-in-law was in the store and apparently heard the manager chastising the Starbucks employees. We were all laughing at the stories we told at the cookout, but truthfully, I can't imagine your employees laugh very much. I imagine managing a grocery store is a demanding job but you might want to evaluate the way this manager seems to be managing your store and how you want people to think about kroger. Harris Teeter is a bit further away and generally offer similar value and the few times I've been there, I haven't noticed such tension or apathy there like we have at our local Kroger store.

guido 10/19/12 2:19PM

Hello i was in your kroger store at G-7188 North Saqinaw Street in Mt Morris 48458 and i was being waited on my an employee who was sampling the food in the show case and also put his hand all over the food while blood was coming out of his gloved hand. I was very shocked on the order deal and was wondering while this person also smelled of wine and was drinking it in his water bottle(it was black and a store boughten.) I tryed to get a manager and I was brushed aside. to busy for past customer. i do not know what to do for the people that work there are friends with the person. I figured that if i write this maybe corp will do something about it. And i am surprised that he is till working there when he also complains and talk about customers right in the store to other people. I got his name Jessie (tall heavy set, with redish blonde hair on face and two tone hair that is spiked in the middle with blonde high lights.)He was talking with a person that was5'3 and brown hair and facial hair on faceg(guy)giving him alot of samples because he's never try them before and made me wait 15 to 20 min and i walked a way.

Anonymous 9/8/12 7:04AM

I was at your store at 7101 E 10th street all cashier lines were busy the line for 15 items had one person and she was leaving when Savannah pointed out to me this is a line for fifteen items no one was behind me I explained to her and she then involved Shannon; who then yelled in an in a voice that I am sure she would not talk to her dog or any other person,"Go ahead and wait on her! What in the world ever happen to courtesy and pure customer service, as I remember money is green no matter who's hand it comes from. Not only the bad attitude from the above mention the black hair women at the customer service counter had bad manner when it came to answering question about the address of your office in Ohio; this type of behavior is unexceptable, may be the heat is causing a malfunction in the in the wiring which is being manifested in their action.

Anonymous 8/3/12 7:47PM

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