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Corporate Office Address:
LA Fitness Intl LLC
2600 Michelson Dr.
Suite 300
Irvine, CA 92612
United States

Phone: 770-956-9093

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LA Fitness
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Gresham, OR
May 2, 2014

1. Gresham LA Fitness segregated a pre-existing area to one now designated for trainers only. So do the trainers use this designed area all the time, sometimes or not at all? This order was modified so trainers have top priority at any time for the use of this area, and order people away from using the equipment.

2. This area has been for years, popular with the fee paying members and used on a daily basis sometimes with up to 8 to 10 people at one time.

3. David, the membership manager stated that the loss of that area was a corporate decision, that he and the club had nothing to do with that decision, so live with it. His message was loud and clear, if you don't like the changes I don't need you and I don't need your business.

4. He stated that the area in the back of the room (East end of the building) is now the area for the general membership to use for mats, stretching and exercising. This area "foot print" of available space, is less than 1/2 the area that was used prior, May 2nd. So why the change? What is the driving reason to kick out members from a very popular location?

5. This principle follows the concept that separate is the same as being equal, just different. Huh? It was not equal, and in fact the conditions are worse for the members.

6. This area is less than 1/2 the space as the area used by the membership and about 1/2 of that area has equipment that takes up most of the usable area. It's crowed, congested, limited mobility, and the lighting is not a good. Most of the mirrors are not effective because of the equipment crowded into this space. Not all the walls have mirrors, which is what the people were using.
7. David stated that members here in the Gresham LA Fitness Club pay anywhere from $.50 cents a day, up to $3.00 a day. OK, so what. That's not his concern how or why they got into the Club. Why this was thrown in I have no idea. He further went on to say that this is the best health club in the area and that if I do not like the new corporate policy, to leave. He was saying I don't need you, and if you don't like it just leave. He was not polite about his comments and tone of voice. I don't need you and I don't need your business isn't a good business model. The truth is there were several options available other than LA Fitness, at clubs that are as good. I did not discuss this point with him. I do know that LA Fitness isn't alone and needs customers. There are tell tale signs, such as lot of promotions, deals, passes handed out, etc. that tell me that there is a need for more members and dues. A rock solid business does not operate with that type of reliance. They work on customer relations, checking to see if there are any problems, checking to see what can be improved. I have never been asked if I am a happy client, or for suggestions on how to make improvements. I did however, after this blow up, go on-line to see what complaints LA Fitness has had and how LA Fitness responded to those complaints. That exercise was an "eye opening." LA Fitness has some serious problems and customer relations stands out as a major issue.

8. David stated that members come and go, and most come back. I have no idea if this was a true statement or not. I do know that people come, go and come back, but it's usually not due to extended circumstances not mentioned here.

9. EVERYTIME that I was asking a question or a point of clarification David would interrupt me. Stop me cold, tried to shut me up. I never got to finish one (1) question or make one point. This was just outright rude and not the person who I would want handling the public or my services. I had to tell David that I have not been able to make a statement or ask a question before he would interrupt me and I didn't appreciate that. I had some questions, my demeanor was always calm, cool, while he was in an aggressive raised voice I don't care what you have to say mode.

10. I was told that the area in question was being designed for trainers only. That's the area that has the equipment for the trainers. The other area does not have same floor space, equipment for people to use, and has limited mat space that the fee paying customers being placed into this isolation booth. Today there were 10 people using the "designated" area that were run off. There is no way for 10 people can safely use the exercise and stretching area that they are now are being forced to use.

10. Prior to 8 am on May 2nd there were no trainers on the floor, yet customers were being told to leave this area. Why? Nasty signs were now being posted telling people not to trespass. Restricted areas, such as group classes have a group leader. There were no leaders on May 2nd. Just a "cop" (David) running members off the floor.

11. David was in this area at 8:15 am and several members approached him expressing their discontent and concern with this arrangement. Nobody was rude or obnoxious, except for David. He tried to say that there has been nobody taking issues or making any complaints about this new arrangement. That was a flat out lie. There was no prior notification announcement, etc., just get out of here. I walked over to ask a question. He again was rude and still being obnoxious. There were only two "special" customers in this area at that moment, none of them with trainers. Four people came over with questions. Everyone was talking in a civil manner. David stated very clearly that you must leave this area or there will be consequences. Why are members being threatened? What are the consequences? Are you going to be arrested for trespassing in a health club that your already a member?

12. David is putting the entire responsibility on "corporate" for making this decision. This may or may not be true, as evidenced by what happened. After he ran off members from this newly designated area, there were a number of members that stayed, and were working out. Still there was no trainer in sight. I was told that this space was to be reserved for the six trainers that will be using it all at once. So what about those "special folks using the area?" I knew that his comments were not true, because there has NEVER been six trainers on the floor with clients for ever. Now this raises a concern, will the "trainers" use this area? History says NO, since they have not in the past. Are they using it since May 2nd or are they using something different? Did anyone think this through? Currently the trainers are doing what they have done in the past, and it's working.

13. So what is behind driving these decisions being made that are not in the best interests of the clientele . It's not the trainers, because they mostly use the equipment on the main floor, and the actual floor since there is more space for what they need to do. I can't believe "corporate" would be so naive to believe that with so few employed trainers that this space is critical to the operational needs of this health club. Then it struck me. This has nothing to do with trainers, it was the creation of an elite EXCUTIVE CLUB for those "high rollers" members. A space reserved for those paying higher fees with readily accessible equipment, even if there is no trainer on, in, or near this location. LA Fitness business model is flawed. Without the "ordinary" members, there would be no club. The fact that LA Fitness bought out other clubs for their memberships, has absolutely nothing to do with creating an area for trainers. They already had an area, it worked, was not congested, until the remodel was completed, then problems arose.

14. Nice going, this is about as bad as the politics of the 50's and 60's, except now it's in LA Fitness taking a politically incorrect attitude toward people. The "chosen" ones and those people. Your drinking fountain, and there drinking fountain. You have segregated the LA Fitness population into groups. In the 50's and 60's it was the race wars of the blacks and whites. Pure and simple you have singled out people for unequal and differential treatment, and if you don't like it, go somewhere else, we don't need your business. This resonation was a loud and clear message that was not and is not consumer friendly, and "corporate" should be ashamed of this model.

15. So why are your trainers underemployed? That's the real issue for you to address. Be honest about this. One of the largest deterrents is the hefty rates charged. It equates to about $80 an hour for the services of a personal trainer. That's just flat out expensive, causes a shortage of clients, trainers that not all are fully accredited without work. I can recall only three fitness instructors that have lasted longer than 2 years. For a business where people come and go all the time, that don't have a masters degree in the art of "fitness instruction" that is a problem. That also tells me that a huge chunk of that money goes to corporate, not to the trainers, the trainers are underemployed, and they turn over at a very fast rate. On the good side you have some excellent trainers who give group classes, that are well liked, highly skilled in the classes that they teach, and have a good response by having full classes. These folks have "credentials" and know the business. Not all you floor private trainers fit into this mold.

16. Excuse me for one minute, while I adjust the window in the back of the bus. It's a little stuffy in here, the view isn't as good, some of the equipment is no longer available, since the "rich" people get the reserved seats in the front, where the "money" people ride.

17. So my read on this is and the way it went down, "I don't need you and I don't need your business." That gives me a nice warm and fuzzy feeling. Makes me want to speak highly of LA Fitness and invite friend and family to join a nice friendly club where everyone knows my name and likes me as a client.

dve 5/11/14 9:11PM

I am a member of the Garden City, New York LA fitness gym, I only used the gym 4 times since joining the gym, I have been harassed by the operation manager William Berjou at the gym constantly through my workout. He has a problem with women and apparently I became a victim of his arrogant behavior. From the moment a walk in to use the gym, he follows me around and tries to distract me. Today he went a step further since I ignored him. He walked over to me and in a rude loud voice demanded I clean the floor around the area that I was working out, just like that, so I told him to get out of my face at which point he said that he could get me thrown out of the gym at any point if I don't do as he says. I tell you that this guy is a psychopath. I decided to complain to the corporate office. They were cold and unapologetic. My suggestion is that if any one is deciding to join LA fitness, they should think twice. Any company that hires a mentally ill person and does nothing to correct the situation is bad news. Further more, the company is refusing to refund my membership after a ghastly incident like this and I am seriously considering suing this company.

annonymus 3/12/14 6:29PM

LA Fitness has really disappointed me -- I have had the Same Personal Trainer for 5 years --- at the end of February/first of March - my Master Trainer gave notice that he was leaving the Club -- This is a Master Trainer --- I personally checked the status of my Master Trainer Sessions and noted that I was OK until he left at the end of March -- which he gave notice to the Club for that date -- then last week - they called him and told him not to come back in -- therefore I have Six (6) Master Traiing Sessions remaining -- the club that I belong to is LA Fitness in Fairfield, OH and there is NOT a MASTER TRAINER THERE NOW! I called Corrporate office (949-255-7200) and was told I could not be refunded for Master Trainer Sessions -- that my Club would be getting a Master Trainer in there -- that is NOT TRUE ---and I work out religiously so what am I supposed to stop training until they get a Master Trainer - come on -- LA Fitness - do the right thing. They have a very new person -- I don't have any background on any of two trainers they have .... I would like credintials -- there's is nothing offered and I demanded to have a refund as I paid for Master Training Sessions -- it really stinks -- I belong to the Club for reasons of going to Spinning Classes, etc. ---- but I am so upset that you can't get any answers and there should be a REFUND if you have paid for Master Training sessions and there is no more a Master Trainer at the Club -- I can't get any help --- I belong to the LA Fitness in Fairfield,

Anonymous 3/11/14 12:57PM

I just called the LA fitness location on Beltline
and Plano Road in Richardson TX, and requested
their Corp. Office number in reference to my earlier
Online complaint. I was told no one has the number
to corp. phone number.

Anonymous 1/26/14 3:59PM

Today Jan 26th, around 3:00pm I decided to stop by you
Fitness center in Richardson Texas off Beltline and
Road. I just left Church with my Family and with excitement
told them I wanted to join LA fitness today. Two of my
Cousins agreed that they wanted to join also. We walked in
and stood at the front for a little while, a mature man walked
up to us dressed like a consumer. This person did not greet
asked if we needed something, I wasn't sure if we were speaking
with a staff member. I replied, we want to join and he said have
you been here before? The person had a mad look on his face, so
I replied, no but I saw your sign and we want to join. He started
walking to the desk area. I said Sir I don't feel welcome here
and he immediately turned around an said ok if that's how you
feel that's fine. He escorts us to the door, so I ask him if this how
they normally treat consumers and he said, I'm the General Manager.
He informed me that his location has the best numbers in the company.
This experience left me and my Family feeling hurt, confused, unwanted,
and for the first time in a very long time discriminated against.

Anonymous 1/26/14 3:33PM

Today Jan 26th, around 3:00pm I decided to stop by your
Fitness center in Richardson Texas off Beltline and
Road. I just left Church with my Family and with excitement
told them I wanted to join LA fitness today. Two of my
Cousins agreed that they wanted to join also. We walked in
and stood at the front for a little while, a mature man walked
up to us dressed like a consumer. This person did not greet us, but
asked if we needed something, I wasn't sure if we were speaking
with a staff member. I replied, we want to join and he said have
you been here before? The person had a mad look on his face, so
I replied, no but I saw your sign and we want to join. He started
walking to the desk area. I said Sir I don't feel welcome here
and he immediately turned around an said ok if that's how you
feel that's fine. He escorts us to the door, so I ask him if this how
they normally treat consumers and he said, I'm the General Manager.
He informed me that his location has the best numbers in the company.
This experience left me and my Family feeling hurt, confused, unwanted,
and for the first time in a very long time discriminated against.

Anonymous 1/26/14 3:31PM

my wife and I have been a member for over three years with LA fitness,have truly enjoyed being a member.we have never had a problem until tonight.A young man at our gym in Brooklyn Park Mn.which he claimed to be the on duty manager was sitting at his desk and when he saw us come in shouted all the way across the gym. This was truly unprofessional and truly was uncalled for.everyone that heard his remarks thought that he was being rude.Then because I challenged his comment he threatened to cancel my membership.I do not think this is a good fit for this young man.He needs to leave the customers alone. I am sure that there is something more productive he could be doing rather than harassing my wife and me. I am thinking of consulting legal advice on Monday Dec.23. I Pray that someone will look into this matter on me and my wives behalf. I do not want him to embarrass someone else.

Anonymous 12/21/13 6:36PM

The manager at the Phila. Pa. location does not know what he is doing. Because of a personality problem he transfered the best personal trainer they had there...without having a replacement!! I do am sessions and there is nobody I can train with unless I change my schedule. This is absurd!!! Someone in corporate needs to address this...especially now as the busy season is just beginning. The Grant Ave. location in Northeast Philly and the managers name is Issac. Someone do something, I didn't sign up for this nonsense. Thank you...I will be calling on Monday to follow up.

Frustrated 12/14/13 3:54PM

please we need to ck the pool, bathrooms and all the areas pleaseeeeee soon before someone gets sick is very dirty thank you Miami,fl Hialeah 49 st

Anonymous 10/30/13 4:54AM

The aerobics and spin rooms keep their doors open, the screaming and music can be heard through out the entire gym. Why do all the members have to listen to this everyday at this gym?

Why am I on here complaining? Because your manager doesn't care.

Close the doors, or close my account.

Ric 9/22/13 3:58PM

To whom it may concern,

My relative will move to Beaverton Oregon soon and was interested to join LA fitness club. She wanted to try the facility in We printed a 3 days guess pass request for her and showed to Tyler (LA fitness employee at the desk). He said because my relative is not LOCAL, we must pay $15 for a one day pass. I was very surprise because the guess pass request have no such requirement. What's going on here? Is your employee not informed enough or your guess pass request is not completed?

This incident turn off my relative from joining LA fitness.

By the way Tyler did call Phil (his boss) and Phil didn't even know how I can get the 3 days guess pass request !!! He said that before I can access and print this request from the web I have to declare my relative to be LOCAL and that's NOT TRUE . I wonder why a manager can be so badly trained. Please retrain your employer to make them aware of new policies changes!


Truong Nguyen (a long time member of the club)

Anonymous 9/18/13 4:28PM

I'm been a Bally member all my life in NY since I move to Florida now that LA Fitness acquired Bally in the area that I am which is Pembroke Pines the closer LA Fitness to me is the one in Flamingo I am very disappointing the reason that the coordinator of the classes has 10 Zumba classes and 3 step classes she is change the step class for Zumba class and the most sad thing that I ask for information to who can I refer my concern and nobody can help me there are so many manager in one gym unable to do nothing. I AM VERY FRUSTRATED I ask for a contact information for Joanna boss and it seem nobody can help. There is a way may be in this comment somebody from the corporate will be able to help me. :( :(

Xiomara 9/9/13 8:32PM

I was employed as in the Kids Club at the LA Fitness in McCandless Crossing. I was scheduled to work until 12 pm on a day that I was also scheduled to take a CPR class in Robinson Towhship, 45 minutes away, at 12:30. My manager, Ashley B. was aware of this conflict. I was kept at work until 12:15 to clean up, making it even less possible to make the class and Ashley was aware of this. I loved my job, came early, stayed late, did whatever was asked of me and followed the trikes unlike some of my co-workers who sat wearing flip flops on their phones ignoring the kids. I came back from vacation and worked my shift 9-11;30 but couldn't log in. I called Ashley to tell her this and to say that I wasn't scheduled. After multiple texts she told me I was fired because I didn't take the CPR class which I told her I would take and pay for and which she knew I couldn't make because she scheduled me to work at the same time as the class. She fired me anyway and didn't pay me for the shift I worked. I want my pay for the day I worked for free and I want my job back because I loved the job. My mom sees how upset I am and she's a lawyer and wanted to sue but I told her not to get involved. Now I'm having a hard time finding a job and I decided that what happened to me want fair and I'm willing to let my moms firm file a suit if things aren't fixed.

KNintze 9/7/13 8:22PM

LA Fitness bought Urban Active in Ohio. I tried to renew early before my 5 year membership expired. They told me what it would but said I could not pay until the old membership expired. I tried to pay the amount quoted three times per week for a month and a half after expiration but they said it was not approved each time. After a month and a half, they said it was double what they said. Great customer service.

DAK 8/3/13 11:33AM

Wow! After 11 years of member payments... I got hurt on my job,my would went belly up. when I was discharged from the hospital,I started putting things back in order but when I got to "LA Fitness,they wouldn't allow me to pay a fee of $127.00 to keep my membership after only 4 months. Thats the thanks I get, that SUCKS! I thought this was about helping people live well. I guess "Big Business" has taken over again. Looks like the beginning of the end of "LA Fitness".

West Coast 7/23/13 5:48PM

I am a member at in Frisco Texas manage by the great Maggie, who in attempt to express my concern over patrons being lock out every Saturday Morning almost in the month of June, argued with me to tell me I was lying that the card register showed one thing but her know it all self. didnt know that as a curtisey. the guys went a head and would let us in because they where late. she is an idiot. just come to frisco and take a people poll to find out the truth.also this has got to be the nastiest gym in the world in particular on Saturdays on paper towells trash cans overflowing. every thing is always broke. and all she does Monday thru friday is seat on a beach ball and stare at the computer. useless. I am not paying for filth are none acces on saturdays. if I did my job like her I would be REPLACE. Please dont wait INVESTIGATE. dont lay back and do nothing.

Zoro 7/22/13 1:01PM

Don't join this gym ANYWHERE! The worse gym employees. Rude rude rude is their motto. It is geared toward old people who are out of shape

Gym rat 7/15/13 7:19AM

I've been going to LA Fitness Buford Mall of Georgia. the Sauna is always broken they fix it and it goes back to being cold they fix it goes back to being cold can we please get a new unit.

Anonymous 6/15/13 5:35PM

I've been going to LA Fitness Buford Mall of Georgia. the Sauna is always broken they fix it and it goes back to being cold they fix it goes back to being cold can we please get a new unit.

Anonymous 6/15/13 5:34PM

Extremely poor customer service, with a 0% tolerance. at 7529 n clark st. as a member not being able to use the club since last April went in today to use the club but my membership has expired to try to reestablish my membership i was told by Erica that i could not use the club cuz my membership expired i was with my wife she is a member as well Erica treated me very bed very rude the only thing that she did not do is slap me, she said that i got 2 choices, either pay $49 up, or rejoin at 29.99/month plus a $250.00 joining fee.

What a way to treat a member. she did not let me work out with my wife Erica said this is it take or leave it, this is my member

ahmet 5/10/13 7:31PM

I have been a member at the LA Fit mill creek for years now but I am not sure if I got used to the club but I am so tired of the club front desk clerk they are not so cordial, class instructors they come to class late, the staff says hi but no eye contact. the place is filthy.

mari 4/5/13 12:53PM

I have been a member of LA Fitness since 2010 and have always been happy with the Woodbury Heights, NJ location. Today, I brought my husband, who was considering joining to come try it out with me. He had 1 day off and the kids were in school so this was the perfect time. When I approached the front desk, the manager quickly and arrogantly dismissed us and said my husband could not try it out because we didn't print out a guest pass. My husband left and I later confronted the mgr after watching him sit and twirl in his chair for 40 minutes doing nothing that I was very unhappy. It was pure laziness that he didn't help my husband. He could have easily helped him because his "workers" were not at their desk or asked my husband to wait a few minutes. He just didn't want to be bothered. My husband had brought his license and was ready to fill out any forms necessary. I've watched a few managers come through this location who were very active in helping members, pleasant, and genuinely hard working people. This current manager is an arrogant and lazy representation of la fitness. Needless to say my husband will not be joining and if I was not already paid through the year I would be reevaluating my membership status as well.

Anonymous 4/2/13 7:42AM

I belong to the LA Fitness in NMB Florida on Miami Gardens Dr. The instructor for Sat. morning at 8:30 A.M. is consistently from 10 to 30 minutes late. This is a job like any other and it shows disrespect to all the members and his bosses. I am very fond of Kwaku James but enough is enough.

Anonymous 3/23/13 1:19PM

Joined In December Of 2010, Grand Opening, Highland Park, Il Location
Paid 672 For Me And 2 Guests, $239 Renewal Rate, Figured I Would Be Billed When Due, Never Noticed Not Being Billed, And Kept They Stop Me Checking In On 3-10-13, Say I Am Not A Member, And Wont Honor Thei $239 Now That Club Has More Members, They Want To Treat Me Like New Off!!!!
I Have Been Ripped Off

LARRY 3/12/13 4:53PM

I Am 40 Years Old And I Have Been A Member Of Lafitness Over 5 Years And Yesterday We Had A Trainer Name Jaime A Zumbia Trainer And He Teach The Class So Well I Love It I Never Though I Could Move Like That He Make Me Dance Like I Was 100lb And Over 232lb. I Love Him Please Have Him Work At The 197 Street S Dixie Hwy Location Please. He Work Me Out Very Well We Started The Class With 6 Of Us And By Them He Was Finish We Have A Class Over 30 People And We All Are Requesting Him Please Help Me. With A Teach Like Him I Have No Problem Getting People Coming Through That Door To Sign Up Because While He Work You Out He Make It Fun. Please Look Into It Thank You.


I have about 30 paid trainer sessions available to use. As i have found out the turn-over rate with trainers there is extremely high. I had numerous of trainers. Well, I finally found one that I liked and she was gonna be there for awhile. I was excited, but after 3 or 4 session in, she informs me that she was now a Master's Trainer and that if I would like to continue working with her that I would have to pay an additional $5-$7 per session. I was livid. I was not mad at my trainer but mad at management. They should have told me this before they advised me to work with her because I know they knew she was going to be promoted. What I don't understand is since my sessions are already paid for, then why do I have to pay extra. This new cost should be charged to people who don't already have PAID training sessions. Of course management at the gym is no help. I really just want my money back for them to honor what my contract says when I paid for those sessions. Once LA Fitness get your money, then they don't care about you. If they don't fix this problem, I will go to BBB.

Carlove99 2/22/13 11:49AM

I had bad experience with the front desk manager at LA Fitness Landamark - Alexandria Virginia, and I'd like to share it with the corporate office by phone. Please display the phone number that I should call. Thanks.

Anonymous 2/10/13 1:41PM

How do I speak to someone in the corporate office not a MSM? I have questions and I need answers. No one in the club can answer my question, and I spoke to a MSM, & thought I had a answer, but still the same problem everyday at la fitness. Not going to say club location because some of the staff is great. I just want a answer and a solution

Anonymous 1/26/13 5:03PM

why do have only one machine (treadmill,bikes) down stairs? no real signs to let people know that those machines are for people who have disabilities...i would like to see something on the wall big enough to see let people know why they are there...when they are out of order some people are not able to climb stairs to use the ones upstairs..if a machine breaks why can't they bring one stairs to use until fixed...what about all the wasted space they have and only have one machine each down stairs(treadmillls and bikes)..very upset disable person...indianapolis indiana

Anonymous 1/11/13 2:01PM

I am learning very quickly that LA Fitness is not a very respectable establishment. They obviously do not care about their members in the least which is evident in the fact that you can never reach a human being at corporate or get a response in writing to your concerns.

While working out at the Allen Park, MI facility yesterday I was quite offended by the music the DJ was playing. Never had I heard such filth in a public establishment. I complained to the manager and was told, "I wish I could do something but corporate tells us to use this DJ"? Really, I would prefer not to hear "*igger", "*ussy", "put your *ick in my mouth" in the music that is being played, quite loudly, in a public, supposedly family friendly gym.
I am the verge of cancelling my membership, not that I think anyone would care at corporate, but just thought you should know.
Oh this is funny, while to submit this the first time, it was stopped due to profanity, so let me get this straight, its acceptable for you to play profanity in the gym but I cannot type it here???

Anonymous 11/30/12 7:49AM

I am a member at the Parsippany NJ LA Fitness Club. I just want to give credit to Eric Hall, GM and Rodney for the cleanliness of the club. It is truly outstanding.

karensgoodhart7 11/26/12 9:25AM

I wish I thought you cared about this. Our health club got bought out by LA Fitness and they closed the facility we had gone to for over 20 years. They we were so excited and waited anxiously for them to remodle a larger facility and open up. We went by to visit the "early sign-up place" several times to get news of its progress. As soon as the Totem Lake facility opened I was there several times a week to work out. About the third week into this the person at the front desk said there was a problem with my membership and that I needed to call the main office. I was informed that this had become a Signature Club and that they had extra ammenities. I was informed that to work out in this club it would be $1000 extra each year. I was so disappointed to hear that it was $1000 a year extra and for what? clean towels. I was so looking forward to using the treadmill here. That is just a crazy lot of extra money for our gym membership budget. I just wanted to get some regular walking in without being in bad weather.

CeLinda K 11/4/12 2:07PM

We continue to get unwanted and unwarranted collection calls at our cell phone number for an alleged member of LA Fitness who gave our number to you. We hae been promised any number of times by callers that they would delete the number from their call lists. The calls are for Justin and Taris. At this point, the calls are harrassment, use our minutes, waste our time, and insult us with their false promises to stop.

How can we get these calls to stop? we should not have to change our telephone number because LA Fitness operators refuse/or have no way to comply with federal consumer protection laws.

Thank you. Tisha

Tisha 10/27/12 8:47AM

Hey LA Fitness Corporate People maybe SOMEONE through this email will listen. I am a member of the club in Lindenhurst NY. I had to freeze my account in July 2011, and at the same time made sure my personal training package ended in August- I was told it did. So last week when I noticed my account had been charged an additional 2 months I thought it was a discrepancy. I called the club and found out I was suppose to sign a cancellation form which NO ONE told me back in July when I called. So now they tell me last week that they would email it to me-NEVER got it. So my last call yesterday was that they finally cancelled it (without a form) and then led me to believe I should be refunded. WELL after not hearing back from the Lindenhurst club I called your customer service
#949-255-7200 and was told over and over "NO", that they have no record of my cancellation form and I will not be getting a refund, and that it was my fault that I didn't send in a written request.(So which is it? I send written request or LA fitness sends me a form?)Whichever, NO ONE told me either. PLEASE, SOMEONE call this number 949-258-7200 and ask for Nick "B" who has not been taught that the customer is always right or good customer service at all! Short of calling me a liar he was not understanding at all. Nick "B" never even gave me any feeling that he would do ANYTHING for me. I told him over and over that it was obvious I did contact the club because I froze my acct in July, and that someone dropped the ball by not informing me of needing something in writing to cancel personal training. I know 100% I spoke about the personal training to that club because I would not have been able to afford it it even if I did want it. I knew several months prior that and end date was August 2012 and could not afford even 1 more month of being charged. The fact that LA fitness can not credit me back 2 months of personal training fees of 192.00 is unfair. I asked Nick "B" to have his boss call me Tom "V" but still have not heard from him. I am in customer service in the FINANCIAL industry - if I treated clients this way I would not have a job. So LA corporate headquarters lets see if you guys care how things are being run.

Maureen 10/22/12 1:16PM

kd allen park i wrote about a scam fitness show put on by la fit, its pretty funny when u read other write ups about la fit all bad, wow this company must really not care at all, if were mine i would be reading them an answering them rt on line here for all to read, but if higher up dont care that shows the rest of the company how to do business bad company badly run dirty, smells, wow good place to join hahaha what a joke

k d allen park 10/17/12 7:10AM

sorry to say, scam scam, la fit put on a show a couple of weeks ago, they had several people from la fit, an people from crowd, doing a fitness test, one guy did better then the la fit members, did all stations better then them, but in the end one of the fitness members won,come on sad to say i work at a ford dealer several of us were going to join the club but not now after that what else are they scammin us on

k d allen park mich 10/16/12 5:16AM

After teaching Aerobics faithfully and selling memberships for 12 years, I received a Full-time offer I couldn't refuse, i put in substitute requests and after not successfully reaching my coordinator, I finally got her on the phone. I was surprised to find I was a "too late" calling her. The last two coordinators Renee and Azadeh I had their cell phone numbers, but this one left at 3PM. Last 6 years I was the "go to girl" and Corporate and other managers would call me, sometimes to teach 3 back to back classes, it's funny how if you are loyal...and I gave what I could...but when you have other commitments...they treat you like you are "expendable." Although I quit and have the assurance when I was hired to receive my original membership...will see. New faces.

that girl teaches 10/14/12 6:47AM

A few weeks after getting a membership and getting into a contract with a personal trainer I found out I was pregnant. In order for me to cancel my contract I would have to pay half. So I decided to pay my monthly training sessions and save them to get back in shape after the baby is born. I had to pay $10 a month to freeze my account and $30 for the training sessions which I couldn't use yet. One day I was driving by the gym and realize it was out of business. I never got an email or any type of notice. I have been trying to get a hold of someone to explain to me why the hell I'm paying $40 a month for a gym that is closed. And why I was never notified that this gym was closing and what would happen to my membership.

Anonymous 10/11/12 8:40PM

My name is Dee Chambless I go to LA Fitness, Mission Grove, in Riverside with My Service Dog, Robbie.

I participate in Yoga, Zumba, Water Aerobics and Raquetball. We are well known and greeted by hundreds of people every day.

Many, Many people consider Robbie a mascot in each location.

We have been very, very happy every minute we are there.

Every once in awhile we meet someone who doesn't like having us. But those occasions are very rare.

On Friday the Raquetball courts became full. A personal trainer, Rich Corona, was using one of the courts for personal training. I told him all of the other courts were full and asked if I could use his to play raquetball. He said "yes, as soon as we are finished training." I went to the front and got a Trainer Manager, Mike. Mike came back with me and went into the court and told Rich Corona he would have to leave the court. Rich Corona said "I will when I am finished training". Mike turned around and walked away. I went to the front again. This time I got Niki. She was busy. She was counting a deposit and she could not stop. When she finished she did come. In the mean time, Rich Corona continued training. He had a 25lb metal disk shaped weight on the floor. He had a female client lay on the floor, put her feet in the hole and drag the metal weight across the floor one direction and then the other. We let Niki know what we just saw. She went in and told Rich Corona to leave. Rich Corona told her "I will when I am finished training." Niki said "No. Now." Niki went back to her desk. Rich Corona left the rb court. As he was leaving he said "Get your bar code. I'm gonna put a note on your file." I was on court 1. Rich was on court 3. I got my pass out of my gym bag. As I passed Rich I touched him and showed him my key. And said "Head On". And I started walking for the front desk. When I got there I started telling Niki what had just happened and that Rich had threatened me. He came up behind me and started talking over the top of me. I made eye contact with Niki and asked her if she could hear Rich Corona was talking over the top of me. She nodded "yes". I stopped and let him finish. He said I had touched him. He had witnesses and he wanted me taken out of the gym right now. And he wanted my Membership Revoked. Niki told me to go back to my court and continue my game. I did.
I did not see Rich Corona since then until this morning.
As I was leaving my rb court, I noticed all of the courts were full and Rich Corona was in court 3 doing personal training again. And there were players in front of his window waiting to play. I stopped by Niki's Desk and let her know. I went on to my water aerobics class and swimming. When I finished I check in with Niki again. She had talked with all the managers and assured me Rich Corona would not be in a RB court again. I am not unhappy with this gym or any of it's staff members. Niki has been awesome. I only contacted Corporate because this happened twice.

Dee Chambless
And Robbie

Raquetball Courts r 4 RB 10/8/12 12:43PM

I used to go to the la fitness in capital heights md, a former ballys. The club should be closed down! The equipment is older than i am, nothing works and the smell is horrid! The only thing that kept me going back was the staff and they fired most of them. There was one little guy who was the ops manager who was great and they let him go. And since then its been a mess!! Bring the old staff back and upgrade and i MIGHT come back.

wayne 10/6/12 10:20PM

When I cancelled my training today I went from 18 prepaid trainings to 16. So you are also stealing my money away. Explain how I can go from 18 prepaid training sessions to 16 in less than a one hour time period. Everyone I know is cancelling at League City, Texas. You need new management or close all your gyms. On my cell phone is says 17 and online it says 16. Please explain all of this to me. Thank God for twitter and facebook. I wish I would have looked into your company ahead of time. Maybe I can prevent someone else from having to deal with it.

Anonymous 9/27/12 4:46PM

I joined the gym in League City, Texas so I could swim. I have a bad back. The pool is filthy. It smells like sewer. This is a total waste of money and I have a year to go. Does the health department check the pool and the whirlpool? Maybe I should call them??? The management is lazy and does not care. I have several friends at work that signed up at the same time. We are all disappointed. Does LA Fitness Corp. not check on their gyms? You just need to go out of business.

Anonymous 9/27/12 4:37PM

I have just canceled my training for LA fitness in League City, Texas. They treat their trainers worse than you would treat an animal. I was there for 1 1/2 hours and could not speak to the man that was in charge of canceling my training. He was on the phone the whole time. I spoke with the receptionist that kept looking at him. He was obviously having a personal phone call during this time as I overheard what he was saying. You let the so called "bosses" do absolutely nothing while the poorly treated trainers are working their butts off. How dare you allow this to happen. I will join another gym when my term is up. I will let everyone I know about the poor treatment at this gym.

Anonymous 9/27/12 4:30PM

This gym chain is horrible, they treat their members like crap, and threaten them, and apparently think they can get away with it. They conned me into a Personal Training package, someone to follow me around and count for me, this I can do myself. When you attempt to call and cancel, you get yelled at, belittled, made to feel l'm wrong, what the heck, they sell you a product, you sign a contract, but they do not uphold their end of the contract. They attempt to get you to suspend this but you still have to pay $15.00 a month? What? That's just silly, I am done with giving out free money to people, and it's every gym, I've called around to about 50 of them, and they are all rude, and incomptent.

italianprincess22 9/25/12 5:18AM

I've been a member of the Cypress (Texas) L.A. Fitness club since it opened approximately seven years ago. I'm a swimmer and work out 3-4 times a week for 45 minutes to an hour each time. The pool temperature in the Cypress, TX, facility frequently is not in a range that is safe or comfortable for lap swimming, and at these times poses a serious risk of heat exhaustion or heat stroke, which can lead to serious health consequences, including death. I don't pay monthly fees for a pool which I cannot safely swim in. I've complained to club management about this several times, as have other swimmers (yesterday when I went to complain I had to stand in line because other swimmers were there before me) but it continues to be a problem. Yesterday I was unable to even begin a work out because the pool once again was overheated. I'm complaining to the local management one more time today, and providing them with documentation from the American Red Cross and others about safe pool temperatures and procedures. If nothing is done about this I will be reporting the club to the appropriate health authorities.

Tammi 9/14/12 5:51AM

The Roger's Park location in Chicago has a sound system that is shot. All you can hear is bass beats. Wearing my own headphones doesn't help; it comes through, anyway. It's obnoxious. If we're going to be required to listen to music at the gym, at least it could be projected through a decent sounding speaker system. Frankly, it bugs me that I can't just work out to no music, at all. If I want music, I can wear headphones. I'm going to try a new location, and see if the sound is any less intrusive.

Mike 9/13/12 11:50AM

I was just informed by my Trainer Gloria that she was promoted, which is GREAT for her. She totally deserves it!! But now if I want to train with her I have to pay extra, on top of the fortune that training already costs. Not only is this outrageous, but the fact that they made her do the dirty work and tell me is appalling!! She figured it out for me and it would be an extra $475, charged one time to my card. What happens later if she leaves or I have to work out with someone else when she is on a vacation or something. I used to tell people that LA Fitness was a great place to work out, but now I am considering standing out front of the place and telling people to boycott it. It is just ridiculous. My LA is in Tinley Park, IL and has been going downhill real fast. They got a new manager named Chris who is real nice, but they had so many employees that just stand around doing nothing and now they want to charge me extra to train with who I want. BS!!! On top of that, I tried this morning to schedule a session with someone else and almost all of the remaining 4 trainers (YEP that's all we have now is 4) are booked solid!!! I am seriously looking for another gym. I HAVE HAD IT!!!!

Kris 817 9/11/12 5:56AM

The LA Fitness club formerly Bally in Hampton Mall, Capitol Heights, MD has to be in the worst condition possible. I've been a member of that club since 1985 and it getting worst. The place smells like mildew, non working steam room and whirlpool. Attendance is at an all time low, the place looks like a ghost town when entering. Poor condition, looks like they aiming to shut the club down because of lacking upgrade. They should be ashamed.

Lace 9/8/12 11:17AM

Why is the temperature so messed up in the Berlin CT club? The yoga room should be no more (or less) than 75 degrees with 0 humidity and fresh air circulating. The cardio room should be no more than 70.

The front desk says LA monitors the temp remotely. This seems ridiculous but if so, "HEY LA, it's HUMID in CT."

ytreviso 9/4/12 7:37AM

I had a very unpleasant experience with Customer Service representative (Kate) in LA Fitness of Pottstown, PA 19464. I had an issue with my membership and people on a firnt desk advised I'd talked to manager. After trying to reach her on the phone for 4 days (people on a front desk were promising she would give me a call back, which she never did ) I finally got through to her. She was very rude, inpatient and misleading. I had had a conversation with her a couple of weeks before and she advised me completely different information and when I reached her this time she pretended that she never told me these things before. The manner she hanlded the situation was unacceptable for LA Fitness. I felt like LA Fitness doesn't care for their clients.Such a shame. I am seriously thinking of changing the gym. It's unacceptable for anyone to talk like this escpecialy to customers.

Lana L 8/31/12 8:51AM

August 30, 2012
I joined the LA Fitness at 1731 So Greenfield Rd, Mesa, Az 85206 over 5 years ago. When I first started the facility was pretty clean and personel were friendly. Now the Gym is filthy, the carpets are stained, equipment dirty. I told the front desk the shower head in the womens handicap shower was broken, several times over the past 3 months and they keep saying it will be fixed this week for sure. On August 14th there was a sign on the shower saying it would be fixed by August 16th (I assumed they meant Aug. 2012) and the sign is
still there and the showed is still not fixed. Management is scare when you want to speak to someone. I only continue going to this qym because I meet my family there and it is convenient. My son complains every time we go that the mens shower,locker room and sauna are disgustingly filthy.
The womens handicap shower only needs a new shower head, how difficult can that be.
I don't know if your Corporate office oversees the facilities, but something needs to be done about this LA Fitness.
Sincerely disappointed.

Judy Shields 8/30/12 5:41PM

became a member about two months ago ,because wife insisted that la fitness was a good place to work out. no contract which is good so why should a customer have to submit a credit card , why not let him pay cash, so we were told that we could or led to believe so after the fact were treated very rudly buy the staff members at entry presented a reciept and were not allowed to exercise,also was told unsensitive comments when a staff member wanted sell his training services,if this is a way to run a business, i dont thinkso ,la fitness is more concerned with selling memberships then treat paying customers very unprofessional,bercause of this me and my wife and son refuse to continue to be humilated buy your company, lack of customer service.

Anonymous 8/30/12 1:07AM

your Royal Oak club sucks, the staff shows up late on numerous occasions, the club is dirty and most of the staff is un friendly....thinking of switching to a different club not that you really car

Anonymous 8/28/12 3:43PM

I been A Member with La Fitness for 3 years now. My membership is in robison Pa. I really enjoy this la fitness site. In the last 6 months there"s been somebody who was pooping inthe shower/so what did management do. Well he took down the all the shower curtains for about a month...The the equipment is always breaking I pay money for a servive the just is horriable. Ok,now there's been cars stolen, and lockers been broken into/ even with locks on them.last night after my work out.I went to try to leave,and as I looked for my car keys they was missing. So I went to where I work out and to the front desk and then went to see if my car was in the parking lot and it was. So i figured maybe I dropped them in the locker room. I went back and another man keys were missing. Well both
set of keys where inside of the cars on the dash board. There was 5 other members total this happened to.La- fitness you need to get you sites straight. If not you be loosing a lot of memebers maybe you don't. Something don't get I know the news with eat this up...

jerpitts2012 8/25/12 5:48AM

I had signed up for personal training at the Tucson Pavillions location about 6 weeks ago with Ivan. I absolutely love Ivan as a trainer and he is really fun to work with, however, I was informed today that Ivan was promoted and if I wanted to continue working with him, it was going to cost me between $5-7/session (including my free sessions) to continue working with Ivan. I could hardly believe that they made Ivan relay this information to me. It should be the job of the corporation to tell Ivan's clients and the fact that I signed a contract to work with any available trainer is unbelievable that I would have to pay above and beyond what I currently pay (which is a pretty penny for 25 minute sessions). Not only will Ivan loose clients because of this, LA Fitness will likely loose memberships as well. Not a good transition.

Anonymous 8/23/12 7:29PM

I went to the LA Fitness club near my home in lynnwood,WA after long period of absence do to an illness and I was extremly upset when I saw how dirty everything inside the club was. When I talked to the receptionist about that there were three young employer of the club playing with the computer inside the office. When i ask the girl to tell them to go and check the rest rooms, she said to me that I must go and tell them myself what is wrong. This is unbelievble and I hope that someone will fix that problem as soon as posible.

Anonymous 8/19/12 8:43PM

I could not even finish my workout today because the music was so loud at the Johns Creek, Ga location. I asked them to turn it down only to be yelled at by the staff. UNBELIEVABLE! I highly suggest that La FItness hire new managers at t his location as the present group is rude and unprofessional.

Anonymous 8/9/12 1:28PM

LA Fitness - Az Pavilions, Tucson Az
I was being greeted by a very personable young man, named Ben, at the front desk. One of the only people who seemed to care enough to speak clearly and kindly to me and I was going to work out then speak to him about my recent name change. Unfortunately, after I was cordially checked in by Ben, I noticed some of the trainers giving him a hard time and making unacceptable comments, as in lawsuit material. He stood there amiably and responded that he was busy and couldn't talk since he had work to do but they persisted. Then some woman, Melanie or Melody, came up and started screaming at Ben about how he shouldn't be socializing. She didn't say a word to the "trainers" or even let Ben get a word in edge wise. It was horrible to watch and completely UNACCEPTABLE. I've been to the other fitness center at Shannon and Ina and never witnessed such appalling manangement or any time in my life. It was downright abusive. It was also upsetting that the trainers walked away laughing! The staff here is callous, rude and cruel. I've not felt comfortable being here and now I know I'll either change locations or cancel my membership completely. Ben deserves better as he was one of the VERY few that articulated when he spoke and seemed to be a real nice person. Melanie is a incompetent manager without any heart - APPALLING, ABSOLUTELY APPALLING!!!!!!

Elle 7/19/12 11:09AM

My wife and I are members at your McCormick Branch in Scottsdale,AZ. we are very disappointed with the deterioration of the condition at the gym. Specially the cardio equipment is malfunctioning and several are out of service most of the time.
The cleaning service is not providing a good result neither in the locking rooms or in the work out areas. The air is not fresh any more,already from the late mornings.
In balance this branch is not up to standard any more.Very frequently used equipment have not been replaced for many years. What will the management do to upgrade the conditions ?

Anonymous 7/16/12 9:42PM

To Whom It May Concern:

I have been a member at the Bridgeville (Collier Twp) LAF since its inception. I was a member when the shootings occurred a few years ago. I lost a dear friend, and yet still a member. Initially, the club was spotless. Maintenance and cleaning people took pride in their work. Today, I have seen ONE cleaning MAN. He dusts when people are using the C-V machines, the locker rooms are a disgrace! The club is very unsanitary and frankly filthy! Farther, it is so hot not only in the main workout area, with the free weights, but more so in the C-V area. No ventilation, circulation or air conditioning in 90 plus weather. Very unhealthy to work out in these conditions particularly if a health condition is involved, i.e. cardiac problems.

Next, as a woman, I have made several complaints to the GM regarding massive amounts of weight left on machines while staff members, i.e. personal trainers and the GM himself sit at their desks fraterinizing with each other, or gathering around the water cooler. I was told by the GM to get one of us to take the weights off. I shouldn't have to interrupt my workout to walk all the way across the gym, when there are staff who should be monitoring the weight machines. They should DO THIER JOB by telling the previous user to remove te weight. There are even signs posted...but ignored by all.

Finally, these issues need to be addressed immediately. If not, and I am injured by removing numerous heavy plates, or worse yet catch a skin or medical condition because of unsanitary/filthy surroundings, there will be ramifications.

I hope you look into and resolve these concerns before it get to that point.


Linda Dezack 7/16/12 10:39AM

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