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LG corporate office headquarters location, phone number, address and feedback

Please find details for the LG corporate office below. We do our best to keep this information current, but if you are aware of any updates to the LG corporate office headquarters information we have, please feel free to submit an update.

Corporate Office Address:
LG Corp.
Lg Twin Towers, 20 Yeouido-Dong
Seoul, 150-721
Korea, Republic Of

Phone: +82 2-3773-5114
Fax: +82 2-3773-2292

LG Corporate Office Comments

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Never people never buy lg. I have had 10 washers and dryers in my lifetime. I have been treated very well. Till lg they talk down to me. Wouldn't even listen to me. I was on hold for 35 minutes for a manager after talking to 3 people.
I then read reviews and everyone has the same complaint. I wish so bad I would of read before. I would not feel so helpless with a 9 month old washer and dryers not working right. No one cares. Please buy anything but an lg. I don't want you to have the problems I am.

ann 2/11/14 10:41AM

HORRIBLE HORRIBLE HORRIBLE Customer Service. Will NEVER buy another LG product and will advise anyone who will listen to steer clear of LG products.

Susan 1/14/14 6:44PM

Will not purchase anything else from LG because customer service will not help or transfer us to someone who can.
Very, very dissatisfied customer from North Carolina, USA

Anonymous 11/14/13 11:18AM

Hi Sir,

My Name is Deepak Batra and I am from India.
I am writing this as I am not getting any solution here. I bought a window ac this year in June but after several complaints it is still not working. I talked to Anuj Gupta, Mr Wadhwa who were not all helpful. I even asked for somebody higher but they refused to transfer my calls. I even told them that I will be filing a legal complain but still no action has been taken.

Please look into this on priority as this is not only about the item I bought but these people have ruined the image of LG as well.

I also want if you can take any serious action against these people as they were not all customer friendly.

Thanks in advance.

Deepak 10/28/13 2:52AM

thought by buying LG appliances in Aug. of 2012 we were getting the best. "Wrong"! The refrigerator we bought model # LFX31925ST/00 is a LEMON! It quit working twice completely two months after we bought it and the freezer has a coating of ice always and looks like it needs to be defrosted. The freezer will completely defrost and quit working after about 2 months of this which ruins everything in my freezer. The company we bought the appliances from called a repairman and he replaced a few things twice but its still doing the same thing! Hate,hate,hate this refrigerator! Also hate my washer and dryer! The clothes I wash come out stinky from the smell of the washer. I use a machine cleaner but it doesn't help

Anonymous 10/27/13 4:41PM

I have been a long time customer of LG with products in my home and pocket ranging from cellphones, to computer monitors, washer dryer and refrigerator. I purchased my first LG TV for my daughter's room this week. Based on research from the LG website we selected the 32LN530B. One of the main reasons was my daughter needed the ability to play mpeg movies through the USB port for school VA projects. After setting the TV up and testing features we found that the TV did not support any video files as the website showed it did. It appeared it was an error. So we packed it back up and went to return it for a model that did support movie files on the USB port. Once we arrived and explained what the issue was the store would not take the TV back without a 30% re-stocking fee. They suggested we contact LG directly to help resolve the issue. So I called LG on Saturday going through many times of please hold while I check something. After about 30 minutes I was told I would need to contact an executive team member on Monday. OK, it's the weekend. I understand. So, I called on Tuesday and reached an executive team member who in no uncertain manner simply stated there is nothing she could do. She went on to say that all specs listed on the website are subject to change without notice. So if a feature is no longer available or was never available as printed there is nothing she could do. Not even a sorry about that, just tuff luck. Well just so other LG customers know going forward this is a 2013 model TV. I guess that means if they misprint warranty information you are also out of luck. So I have now returned the TV and ate a $80.00 restocking fee out of pocket because LG will not stand behind their Website information. While this may be a small issue to some, to me it is a matter of principle. I am in sales, and if I misrepresent a product by mistake to a customer, I make it right because it was my error! Needless to say LG, you have lost a customer that has been a lifetime customer from when you were called Lucky Goldstar making cell phones. It was a very sad moment for me, as I NEVER would have believed a story like this from a company the size of LG.

Executive team member out of Alabama USA.

GuessItsSamsungFromHere 8/20/13 10:11AM

We purchased three major appliances for our kitchen and have had problems with all three.
Our dishwasher is less than 4 years old and just died. The rep on the phone said there is nothing that can be done because it is out of warranty. It would cost more to fix it than to buy a new one.
Is that the normal life span of an LG kitchen appliance? This is ridiculous!!! I have always enjoyed LG electronics but I have to say that your kitchen appliances are terrible.
I will never buy an LG item again if this isn't resolved and believe me EVERYONE will know how awful both your products and customer service are.

carbocopy 8/9/13 11:57AM

Your front-load clothes washer's door drain does notDRAIN water out of seal ring of door,causing MOLD and water to pool under its rim seal. The stench smell after awhile is discustiing,and we should not have to clean this out. Your design is all wrong. Your service rep., said we must pay for them to come out and look at problem? Really, all these complaints and YOU STILL DON'T SEE A PROBLEM??

Anonymous 8/6/13 10:51AM

This company is no good bought a new LFX28978ST Refrigerator, had it almost 6 months, has been worked on 3 different times, finally it totally broke down water in electrical panel. Got it RA and was told it would be 5 to 6 days for review. What a crock.They think we live in the Flintstones era. Got to live out of a cooler. They should be ashamed of themselves. I'm sure if it happened to somebody in corporate they would not have to go through this. I will never but junk from LG again....

Xavier 4/9/13 1:07PM

I have bought a LG Refrigerator (GR-M602YVQ) two years ago. The documents or the attached warranty mentioned it is covered for five years. Currently, the door of the refrigerator came off the body. I have contacted the customer service to investigate , they mentioned (without a professional inspection) that the door is not covered by the warranty!!!!!. Obviously the customer service is denying customer rights and escaping their duties. Of course not adequate ater-sales service may hurt the company's reputation. What should I do to protect and claim my rights as a customer

mimo 3/18/13 12:05PM

Based on the comments currently left, LG SUCKS! That is my experience as well. All I want is for my LG Smart TV to be repaired, replaced or to receive a full refund. My television is only 4 months old. I'm getting the run around from your customer service dept. and your RA dept. I will tell all I come in contact with that Life is not Good! Please respond as soon as possible. Please and thank you.

n/a 2/22/13 11:17AM

My husband and I purchased, stove, tv, refridgerator and microwave June of 2011 just before the manufactory warranty was about to expire the refridgerator had to repaired three times .French door fridge should be avoided there's a major problem with the Ice Maker, the ice constantly clumps inside the chute.

careydelight 2/4/13 4:53PM

What a joke LG is. I received a brand new, sealed 47" LED LG TV for Christmas 2012, today is January 11, 2013. I've contacted LG numerous times over this issue, sent them pictures, and they "finally" sent a tech out yesterday. The tech was here for 15 seconds, once he saw the issue, he immediately said they wouldn't cover it and if he replaced the board, he'd get in trouble because of it. I showed him numerous examples, and his mind was made up almost immediately, so I escorted him out. After a dozen emails back and forth, pictures with rules next to this black spot (in the middle of the TV) and still no love from LG.

This company's a joke and I would steer very clear of them. I've got 3 other flatscreens, even a Pioneer Elite that's over 11 years old now without an issue! I also have a 58" Samsung plasma that was actually almost 2 year out of warranty and I had an issue with it, Samsung replaced the entire unit within a week with very little argument from me.

I was accused of enlarging images emailed to LG, also accused of showing the tech something "recorded" to show the black spot, when in reality, all I did was re-wind live TV because the image on the picture at the time as something with a night scene.

These people are a joke and if you buy an LG after reading everything I've said, or the hundreds of others on this page, you deserve all the BS you're most likely going to go through, days, weeks, months later and are very foolish...

I want my TV replaced! If you have nay interest in saving face with what appears to be a growing number of angry customers, you'll contact me and replace my TV, and with an upgrade at this point!

Pstang 1/12/13 6:50AM

We purchased 4 LG appliances for our kitchen remodel and within 4 years of owning them 3 out of the 4 have issues requiring repair (at our expense) and we will NEVER buy an LG appliance again!!! We paid a lot of money for the higher end appliances and it was a waste of money. We get conflicting information from the customer service we were told by 2 reps that the parts AND labor would be covered on the refridgerators compressor and the 3rd told us we have to pay and that the others gave us wrong information and even though the calls are recorded they still won't stand behind what they told us. We are currently without a refridgerator and all the food in both the freezer and refidgerator are spoiled, again costing us a lot of money to replace everything. The earliest that they can get a repairman out to fix it is 10 days from now. Here's the problems with our other LG appliance.

LG Stainless Dishwasher - repaired within 1 year of owning, leaked and now has grinding sound inside door.

LG Stainless Convection Oven - self cleaned 1 time and it caused the board to short out. F1 Error - this is known problem with this stove, blogs and posts all over internet about it.

LG Stainless Microwave - only item that is still working correctly.

Anonymous 1/4/13 11:01AM

The service people do not was and when they preset the water level there is no water to wash in just damp clothes bouncing around and the wash cycle is only 4 minutes. Even my mother never did that by hand in the old wringer washer. Who programs these machines? Men who don't know anything about washing clothes or it is a monkey in the back room that inserts the chip and tell everyone it is okay because I know for a fact I would like to know how are they keeping their ISO number with all the complaints in Asia and North America?

examiner 11/11/12 5:07AM

To whomever is in charge of washing machine problems, my waveforce wsher has had issues from day 1. They have been sending repairmen from the start. The goverment engineering of regulations on this product causes the washer not to proform properly. You purchase a washing machine to wash soil out. It is impossible to do that with this machine unless you stay with it throughout the whole cycle to stop the knots it makes in the jeans during the cycles. Things never get pulled down through the water properly. I have photos. No repairman can just stand and watch it with no articles in it and say there is no problems. You have to actually live with it. It constantly goes uneven causing it to stop and fill up with water constantly!!! Very exspensive!!! WATER BILL!! It takes alot longer for the cycles than it says its going to take!! The brain to this machine is nutts! LG promised to take care of my problem after the fourth repairman visit but still wont do anything but send another repairman. Not good to have a new machine with all these cycles but they are useless cause they dont function properly!!USELESS for me. I will never buy another LG product of any kind ever again!! NEVER

Anonymous 10/21/12 5:59PM

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