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Lenovo corporate office headquarters location, phone number, address and feedback

Please find details for the Lenovo corporate office below. We do our best to keep this information current, but if you are aware of any updates to the Lenovo corporate office headquarters information we have, please feel free to submit an update.

Corporate Office Address:
Lenovo Group Limited
1009 Think Place
Building One
Morrisville, NC 27560
United States

Phone: 919-294-2500

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I have a Yoga 13 Idea Pad, which is 1 1/2 years old. I called and spoke to a Tech, Kara, and explained what was going on with my battery, it was not charging. She said that she could do a one time tech call for free and after I gave her permission to control my computer she said she thought the problem lies in that fact that at the time of purchase, I had windows 8.0 and now upgraded to windows 8.1. She recommended that I back up my computer and then call her back and she would guide me through the process. I did that and called back and reached Kara again, my husband and I both asked her repeatedly that doing this Refresh to my computer would not put it back as a factory reset and that I would absolutely NOT lose Anything! She prompted me through to the point where it said it was starting and stated it would take a couple of hours to finish. We hung up and in less than 10 minutes, my computer was logging on again? so I signed on and saw all my software was gone! The Outlook I use strictly for my Real Estate Business was completely GONE!! I called back and OF COURSE Kara was no where to be found???? I spent over 4 hours off and on the phone between their Technicians and software department, to only be told I Did something wrong and that since Outlook was put on after I bought this laptop, it was definitely not a program they could help me with!! I should call Microsoft to see if they can help me!! I was and am Livid! why do they have people working there that don't know their jobs and give out incorrect information? I am not tech savvy, I expected that after I reiterated more than 3 times that I would not be in jeopardy of losing any of my software/pictures/work that this would be true! She should be Fired for causing this huge problem and now they say oh well??? such unprofessional customer service! Now I need a battery and have to pay over $160.00 to get it shipped to me? Are you kidding me? they should send it for free after creating this huge problem for me and my loss of contracts and emails and documentation I need incase I were to get sued! Lenovo is the worst company and I like all of you will make sure Everyone I know and sell homes to will not EVER purchase a Lenovo Product! Its really disgusting that no one has a conscious anymore and quality care and making customers happy no longer matters. This is Just Not Right nor Fair and Lenovo should send me this battery for free!

Irritated Customer 8/11/14 2:01PM

I bought a Lenovo ideapad new from best buy in Nov 2012
at that time the internal battery was already 2 years old according to the manufactures date. Then 2 months out of warranty I tried to turn the computer on but the battery quit working. 14 months on a new battery is unheard of and their Tech. Spt. offered nothing.
I didn't notice when I bought it that the battery was already 2 years old, you would think a new computer would have a battery at least during the year it is purchased.

I also own a think pad and thebattery is over 5 years old and works fine. I probably have sold many Lenovo telling everyone who good my think pad was.

That is history, In the future I will not give Lenovo a good recommendation and will talk anyone thinking about it,
not to buy a Lenovo.

Joe from York Pa.

joe 2/11/14 8:39AM

This Is Bs This Company Is The Worst Won't Give Any Help Don't Speak ---english--- You Buy Software And Then They Won't Help Won't Give You The Corporate Number

Anonymous 2/7/14 10:57AM

I'm stuck with a nonfunctional IdeaPad. There is NO customer support at all...the offshore customer service reps merely send us to a nonexistent stateside rep. There is nobody answering the phone, it's all voicemail with no return calls. I've been leaving messages for 10 days for someone named Doris Smith. Was even given a bogus email address.

Maryhinton1 2/3/14 12:56PM

I too am disappointed in the service. As an IBM veteran of over 28 years, now retired, I have felt some personal loyalty to the IBM product line.

But my Thinkpad Tablet II first failed in September, sent back & fixed, then failed again on Christmas day. The repair depot has had it since January 2, 2014, now 19 days with no end in sight.

Though escalated, nothing is happening. Since my August, 201 purchase, the unit has been in the shop a total of some 27 days. Seems as though they have a high field failure rate on the motherboards and cannot find a way to eliminate the underlying causes.

Anonymous 1/21/14 1:53PM

I bought a computer for school and after 3 months the screen was completely messed up so I called to get it taken care of cuz it's under warranty right. Well first it cost me $63.00 to mail it back to them then about a week later I get a call that they don't have the part will take about 2 weeks plus the repair time. I was given the option to get a replacement computer. I really need this computer for school so I took them up on the offer in a week my new computer arrived. This "new" computer was not comparable in any way possible to what I sent them. So I call the guy I had been dealing with with no answer or ability to leave a message and no reply to an email I sent. So I call the so called customer service and I am told it is out of our hands. Well give me the general number for customer relations so they can help me and I am told they don't have those numbers. I ask for a manager and I get she is on another call so she will call you back. I have never been so disappointed in a purchase in my life and I will also contact best buy on the selling practices of these unworthy products. I will never buy a lenovo product and I will advise anyone I meet to avoid them too.

Anonymous 1/16/14 4:28PM

This message was sent through FB to the head of their legal dept.Please hear me out about this before you pass this off. The Lenovo Pro 2 which I bought less than a week ago has a known issue with the color yellow (looks like mustard or yellow green) and a sluggish wifi connection (an ap that came with it will not work and says slow connection--my connection at home is very fast I can even watch Netflix in my bedroom on my cell phone).This issue is known by everyone at Best Buy and is all over the internet though the Yoga Pros initially was getting great reviews. It seems from what Best Buy's tech support could get from Lenovo, after doing all the fixes possible and doing the latest upgrade on the Bios, is that you have an issue between the screen and color panels (screen made by Samsung). Supposedly, they are attempting to create some kind of software fix, but though on the Internet it said by one of the Lenovo staff on a forum (don't remember his name)it would be done by 11/15, it is no where in sight. For me this was a hard hit, I do photography and was going to put photoshop on the Yoga. If yellow is off, that means so is green and possibly anything that has yellow within the color. AS I AM SURE YOU KNOW, within the Lenovo warranty it says that anything which can not be fixed must be replaced. MEAT AND POTATOES OF SITUATION: Best Buy asked me to contact Lenovo. I had bought it on Black Friday on line and picked it up at the store last week. Right after I bought it my eye caught a list of reviews and saw the issue. I did a search and it was all over the Internet (when I saw what a Lenovo staff person said). I called Lenovo and they said they had to have the serial number to know if the fix was done. Best Buy could not give me that until it was in the store where I picked it up. There are normal upgrades one does on a new machine. They could not get they could not fix the color issue and though they put the latest drivers for wifi an ap you have as one of the tiles which tests your speed first, will not work for anything which is video and not just sound though Netflix and UTube does. HOW YOUR STAFF HANDLED THIS: I call IT and Jerry ID#159139 has a hard time being told about a known issue he knows nothing about, especially with the amount of detail I could provide. He finally says he was going to talk with someone. There is dead air for over five minutes then music for over five minutes and then beep beep beep and call is disconnected. I try and explain to your customer service and after talking to her supervisor who I asked to speak with I get the shuffle and slide and I have to talk to IT. Jay, I am sure you will agree that heads of companies are not the only ones busy these days, especially when things go on like this which really Jay are from not testing out products properly before they go on the market and the expense of the customer as Microsoft is so good at doing. But do you want Lenovo to have that kind of rep. Already people feel that way about this situation. If this problem is not solved, Lenovo will suffer. If I did not want a quality product that I could put photoshop on, I could have gotten an Asus Transformer for less than $400. You should know I am in a Masters program and I am a writer. I don't have time for this kind of nonsense. Please contact me at XXXXXXXXThank you in advance!

bobbi 12/10/13 9:36AM

I Have A Broken Part On My Out Of Warranty Laptop. I paid almost $1200.00 to purchase it. I Wasted Almost 90 Minutes On The Phone With Your Folks In The Philippines It Is Absolute And Total NONSENSE That You Have The Part I Need But Refuse To Sell It To Me, Telling Me I Have To Waste Up To Two Weeks And Unnecessary Extra Expense To Send The Computer To Your Place In Texas. I Cannot Afford To Not Have My Computer For Two Weeks I Want To Purchase The Part And Have It Sent To Me. There Is An Old Rule Of Business Which Your Company Has Clearly Forgot "a Happy Customer Tells Ten Of His Friends While An Unhappy One Tells 100" I Will Tell The World Just Before Christmas To Avoid Buying Your Products As Today You Showed What An Absolute Joke Your Customer Service Is. I Demand The CEO Of Your Company Call Me Immediately To Discuss This Total Ignorant Policy And Total Piss Poor Customer Service My Phone Number Is 702 561-6043. I Will Also File A Formal Complaint With The Better Business Bureau. This Will Be In Addition To Warning Millions Of People World Wide Not To Buy From Your Company

? 12/2/13 5:46PM

I agree with every post on here. This company has the worst customer service ever. I sent my computer, which was under warranty, for repair. It was a windows 7 when I sent it and it was return to me as a Windows 8, which I can not use for my homebased business. I contacted them and as of today I have no resolution to the matter. I am loosing money by the day wasiting on them. The Customer Relations Department is no help at all, has nothing to offer, and has poor customer service as well. The corporate number is a voicemail and getting someone to respond is like getting a rock to talk. I will never support this company in anyway and will be using every form of Social Media to let everyone no not to use them.

Kris 10/16/13 11:38AM

DON"T be WARE just do "ONE" thing for your-self! ------Do not buy anything this company makes. You will be farther ahead to give your money to the first stranger you pass by. If you have purchased one of there "NO WORK lap JACKS. like me you have "ONLY" yourself to blame------ you wanted cheep and you like myself got ripped off. I guess some day we'll learn------THERE ARE NO FREE LUNCHES....... And there is NO LENOVO!!!!!!!

MAD as HELL 10/6/13 2:48PM

Ordered laptop on Sept. 14. Was to be shipped out Sept. 17. Then was to be shipped out Sept 18. Now today I get the run around that it can take an estimated 5 days to ship. Can not get a ship date but there is a pending charge on my credit card. What does a person do, in order to get an answer? Is this all just a scam to try to get a person to order an extremely expensive laptop. This is a gift for a homebound person who is terminally ill and I don't have the luxury of waiting weeks or months for this order to be filled. I need some help on this--any advice would be greatly appreciated.

BH Long 9/19/13 6:32AM

Can some one help me with warranty repair
My computer is in Depot for warranty repair
The part is not available and I cannot get an answer straight

My case is escalated to Lenovo Customer Service Manager and it takes 3 days for him/her to get back to me
Does this post even exist and why it takes three days to reply?. They will not give phone number or name of the person.

I wonder if this position exist. A reputable company would have provided a name of some one for a customer to talk to. Next time I will buy computer from a US COMPANY

mukesh_t 9/18/13 5:53PM

My A 2109 tablet stopped working after nine months. The touch screen does not work. I sent it in over two weeks ago under warranty and have been told that it is "on hold" for parts. Whenever I call customer service nobody can tell me when I'm going to get it back. This may not be the worst company I have ever dealt with, but it is close. I would strongly suggest that if you are considering a Lenovo product to buy something else.

Joe 9/10/13 2:32PM

NOT GOOD!!!!! Have wasted hours on the phone with your lack of costumer service. If and when it ever arrived I'm of the mind to send it back and take my business else where. If I was happy I was going to order them for my kids and recommend to my friends but no matter how good your product is it is not worth the grief of dealing with your poorly trained staff and Unser friendly

Shelley 6/25/13 11:21AM

I haven't even received my Lenovo but I already regret ordering it. It is delayed by at least 30 days, which I found out two days before it was to be delivered. By that time, it was too late to change my merchant account to a MAC, or I assure you, I'd be in my car driving to the APPLE store right now. I have a summer business which starts up now and I won't have my computer in time to start the season with it. I have had countless phone calls trying to get the mailing address changed. I have spent HOURS on hold, cannot get put thru to the correct person, cannot get information, cannot get resolution. Absolutely the worst big bucks purchase I've ever made! I can only hope that once I receive the computer I feel it was worth the wait.

Anonymous 6/10/13 8:22AM

Lenovo circulates online coupon codes that they do no accept. Is this a scam to get you to their site?

Anonymous 4/23/13 5:33PM

I'm sorry that we made the mistake to purchase another Lenovo product;IdeaPad Y560. Our son is in his last semester of college and of course at a critical point (reports and projects due soon) His Lenovo laptop has crashed again. This is the third time. The last time it was sent back for repair the whole insides were replaced including the motherboard. The support person said "you should have no more problems because the laptop is just about new-Well seems like the hard drive crashed and of course we'll send you a FedEx lable to send the product in for repair. I called a member of the Public Relations Management team and left 3-4 messages and of course there have been no return calls her name is Janis-thank you for your no response! I have left a message at the corporate number (I won't hold my breath for a return phone call)We have a lemon of a laptop that has had issues since it was purchased and really should be replaced. I also found out that Lenovos are known for the problem of overheating and Lenovo is aware of this problem. I will make sure to spread the word about the poor customer relations and the poor quality of the product.

Anonymous 4/16/13 3:59PM

OMG someone please do something my daughter and i have been for 4 months trying to handle the warranty and replacement of her computer, this is the worst customer service ever. They have given us the rub around and i am so feed up im ready to lose it. Dont not buy a computer from these people.

J. Jones 4/12/13 6:08AM

This company makes it awfully hard, if not impossible to get in touch with someone who can help you with a problem. They have apparently built in barriers to good service.

DW4D 4/11/13 12:37PM

This is the worst company I have ever dealt with!!! They never return phone calls after they promise to call back. I purchased a contract and they have no record of it even though I sent them a copy of the $169.00 charge on my visa. They never sent me anything They keep asking for the number of my extended warranty which I DO NOT have. They tell me oh well!! I will be calling corporate headquarters tomorrow!!! Take my advice buy a dell they respect their customers!!!!

Anonymous 3/28/13 3:59PM

I called in with a simple request. All I asked for was a box to ship my computer around. I wasted 2 hours on the phone and did not receive an help. I was planning on purchasing 3 more of their computers but have changed my mind.

Upset Customer 2/14/13 9:19AM

I've just run through 7 pages of complaints on this same issue. Yet

nothing has been solved by Lenovo. I too have a G580. The reason is

that I previously had another Lenovo which was sent for warranty

repair and after over 1 month of excuses, Lenovo admitted the laptop

had been lost somewhere and I was given the G580 as a replacement. I

had constant problems with maintaining wifi connection and sent it in

for warranty repair. This time they took over 3 weeks and they

replaced the card. Now I have no problem with connectivity but my

speed is atrociousy slow.

I get between 2-8Mbps on wifi and 34-37 when hard wired. I have 2

older laptops and a 8yr old desktop that get 30Mbps on Wifi. I've

tried the Lenovo tech people who haven't resolved anything under my

warranty. Then I was told to use their software people to fix the

problem but they insisted I pay for their services since that isn't

under the warranty..

I insisted on escalating to a supervisor. He called me in a few days

and left his return phone number. I have returned his initial call 6

times and left a message for him on his phone. His message promises to

return calls within 24 hours. To date he hasn't had the courtesy to

call back even once. His name is Greg and his number is

trharr 1/24/13 10:45PM

Lenovo evidently do not care about customer service, it appears they only care about the sales. I have had a horrible experience dealing with Lenovo's customer service. It took me four days to place a sales order because I could not get a diffinitive answer from their sales reps. My two week experience with Lenovo has been as follows:

I ordered and customized a thinkpad X230t convertible, but as I proceeded to customize the item in my cart it was showing a Thinkpad 230. It took talking to four customer reps in India(after 6pm) to try to get an answer as to whether my order was matching what I wanted. For whatever reason I could not get a definite answer. I then decided to call during normal business hours. Spoke with a rep to get an answer and still could not get a definitive answer.

Called the next day and spoke with another rep, got a definitive answer from her that "yes she can order and customize a Thinkpad X230T convertible. She then told me that she would send me a quote to verify the order before it was processed. I received an email later on that afternoon of the supposed quote and it was a cut and paste of their website, unbelievable!!! Two days later I received an email that my order was being shipped. I called the following day and asked to speak to a supervisor. They put me on hold for 15 minutes, after fifteen minutes I hung up. I then redialed and again asked to speak to a supervisor again I was put on hold for 20 minutes (they were proabably hoping I would get tired of waiting and hung up). When they figured out I was not going to hang up, they hung up on me. I then found a Thinkpad S230U at my local MicroCenter. I really wanted try this product out. Once I charged the battery, the battery was showing 2hrs of battery time. It stated in the specs that it was a 8 cell lithium battery. There is no way that this battery should be showing 2hours. I spoke with a representative at MicroCenter to let them know I needed an exchange. He informed me that they were out of stock and they will be receiving their next shipment in, maybe sometime next week. I am sending both of these laptops/tablet back and Lenovo will not ever have to worry about me spending my money with them ever again, and I will ensure I copy and paste this review at other websites where they sell their products.

faith53 1/9/13 12:15PM

Wow this Lenovo company, really do not want customers, I purchased a All-In-One in October, 2012, it lost it's Mother board or something in that field, will they sent out a tech who was unable to fix it after waiting for two weeks for a part, so I sent it to the Lenovo center and it's been in there for about two months and each time I ask to speak to a Supervisor, they say they will have to call me back and know on has done so to this date. I am a little upset the PC was less then a month old, how could it just go out like that, and why not just send out a new one, it's going on two months and all I am getting is later dates, is anyone else having the same problem.

CC1965 1/8/13 2:33PM

I contacted Lenovo on 12/26/12 about a problem with my Thinkpad regarding a BIOS password.

I was told there was nothing they would do.

I asked for the name of her supervisor.

She said "There is no supervisor."

Is this how you treat customers ?

Best regards,
Andrew Kennedy

Anonymous 12/26/12 2:18PM

I purchased a Lenovo ThinkPad E-530 and was mischarged at $581.00 (complete with all requested upgrades) INSTEAD OF THE CORRECT PRICING OF $526.10. ADDITIONALLY, I HAD CALLED IN TO THEIR CORPORATE UNITED STATE OFFICE and verified that a !0% coupon code was also valid to be used on this purchase. BY MY CALCULATIONS AND ACCCORDING TO THEIR WEBSITE ADVERTISING and the 10% coupon code, I BELIEVE THAT I SHOULD HAVE BEEN CHARGED $ 473.49 -- A DIFFERENCE OF $ 107.51. I HAVE VERBALLY AND IN EMAIL FORMAT COMMUNICATED WITH LENOVO REPRESENTATIVES A TOTAL OF EIGHT TIMES AND SENT NUMBEROUS "SNAP SHOTS" TO VERIFY ON THREE SEPARATE OCCASSIONS. I HAVE BEEN WAITING ABOUT 4 WEEKS FOR THEIR RESOLUTION AND STILL HAVE NOT RECEIVED ANY COMMUNICATIONS ON THE RESOLUTION TO THIS PROBLEM. My first phonecall to their billing adjusters was on the day of my purchase order submission WHEN I DISCOVERED THESE MISTAKES. I have received the computer and left it unopened until this matter is resolved, but my patience is wearing thin.

REDWING30 9/27/12 2:59PM

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